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January nomeromania 27 - Jean Alesi, 1995

January nomeromania 27 - Jean Alesi, 1995

In the season 1995 the only victory Ferrari brought the Frenchman Jean Alesi, who under the number "27".Alesi debuted in Formula 1 in 1989 and proved himself a fighter, despite the fact that in his possession had weak car Tyrrell. Before the 1991 season, Jean has received offers from Williams and Ferrari, and the Frenchman chose the Scuderia. However, the team from Maranello in that period was not in the best shape. The situation began to change for the better when at the helm of Ferrari in 1993 got up by Jean Todt. But until 1995, Alesi never managed to win the race. Several times he was close to success, but every time there were technical problems.Season 1995 was the best for Alesi at Ferrari. In the beginning of the year he finished second in Argentina and San Marino, and then finally won in Canada, thanks to which came in third place in the championship. In the remaining races was consistently denied equipment, and to the finish managed to get only five times. Eventually Jean fell to fifth place in the championship.

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Pierre went Out hoping for opportunities Honda

Pierre went Out hoping for opportunities Honda

The French pilot of the Toro Rosso Pierre went Out hoping the Honda engine in 2018 will help him to fight for points in every race.Pierre went Out "I Hope we will have the potential to fight for points almost every weekend. But with the arrival of Honda is changing a lot, so today it is difficult to understand the potential that we will have during the season. We have to wait for the February tests.I was able to talk to Alain Prost and Jean Alesi, and they told me that the home Grand Prix will be a special moment that will need to savor, because this race is held only once a year.With the Renault engine went Out and has not earned any points.

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Jean Alesi Paul Ricard will be the reference track

Jean Alesi Paul Ricard will be the reference track

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Jean Alesi believes that the French circuit Paul Ricard will be for the pilots of the championship a real challenge and a benchmark for other tracks.There have been suggestions that the organizers of the Grand Prix of France can leave a long section of Mistral without chicanes, so the pilots were able to develop great speed. But in the end it was decided to split the Mistral Chicane.Despite this, Alesi said "the Track will be a real benchmark for pilots, because it has all kinds of twists and turns. I'm sure all pilots will be very fun.

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Jean Alesi advises Vettel to sign a contract with Ferrari

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Jean Alesi believes that Sebastian Vettel is simply obliged to sign a contract with Scuderia to keep the harmonious atmosphere of the team.Jean Alesi "I am pleased the contract with Kimi. He is the beloved pilot for Ferrari.We're talking about a guy who really loves to drive and is a real fulcrum for the whole environment in a Ferrari. Ferrari has made giant steps this year and now has a quick car. There are also team spirit, which is a credit to Maurizio Arrivabene and Sergio Marchionne. The decision to keep Kimi strengthens this atmosphere, as neither Vettel nor Kimi are not fighting each other.I think Vettel will sign the contract. The house is built around it, but if Vettel refuses, then the new pilot still will not have problems with Kimi".Blanc played for Ferrari, 1991-1995.

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Jean Alesi the Ferrari can win this year

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Jean Alesi believes that Ferrari can win the title in the season 2017.Jean Alesi "Ferrari is the history of Formula 1, and they're spending all their time in the League.Canada is a high speed track with special characteristics, and I think Ferrari will be strong here. Change the direction in shikan and hard braking is a very strong side of their car.Are they the favorites for the title If we are only talking about the facts until they win they will be second, so I hope this year we are waiting for the Grand finale.As for Kimi Raikkonen, he will continue to attack and will win this year".

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Jean Alesi Vettel won fairly

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Jean Alesi joined the debate around the debate about whether it fair was won by Sebastian Vettel in Monaco.Jean Alesi "I can understand the frustration of Kimi - he had a great weekend.But Vettel won with a clear advantage. The team did nothing for Vettel - then I have nothing to add".

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Jean Alesi Expect and in China Ferrari won again

Jean Alesi Expect and in China Ferrari won again

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Jean Alesi believes that Shanghai is at the top of the podium again ascend the pilot of the Scuderia.Jean Alesi "the New rules and the beginning of the season was not very clear. There were thousands of doubts in that can show the Mercedes or Red Bull.But after Australia I'm now waiting for Ferrari to confirm his power in China. The ease with which Vettel followed Hamilton in the race, was amazing, while the Hamilton had no chance to chase Vettel.When the car good from the beginning, its modernization is also easier.Alesi himself played for Ferrari, 1991-1995.

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Jean Alesi, Felipe Massa was very wrong

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Jean Alesi believes that Felipe Massa made a big mistake, deciding to withdraw from Motorsport.Jean Alesi "Honestly, for me this is a wrong decision. Felipe stopped, he turned the page. What if he's wrong What if you left too early from WilliamsNow Rosberg. At first I thought the same as Lauda, I was surprised and angry by the decision Nico to leave the championship in the same week when he became the champion. But then I thought about it some more, and I thought about Sienna. Remembered how he said he will do everything to Williams was quick. It is incredibly worked a lot and died. Maybe Nico just wanted to go racing".Recall that Felipe Massa could return to the race, Valtteri Bottas will replace Nico Rosberg in the Mercedes.

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Giuliano Alesi Father helps me in all

Giuliano Alesi Father helps me in all

Giuliano Alesi, son of the ex-pilot of Formula 1 Jean Alesi told that the father actively helps him on the way to the top of avtosporta.Giuliano Alesi "the Father is always watching all of my performances. If he doesn't come to the track then it legit me on TV. He tells me how to get faster in a particular place, helps to cope with difficulties. Can't I be like my father, I can not copy his style of piloting, because modern tires GP3 does not allow you to attack in full force.I'm glad we have a father of a beautiful relationship. Sometimes I don't take into account his advice, but I understand that he just wants to help me. And one day he will help me come into Formula 1".In 1991-1995 Alesi, Sr. played for Ferrari. At the Grand Prix of Canada 1995, he won the only career victory.

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Roman Grosjean admitted that he wants in Ferrari

Roman Grosjean admitted that he wants in Ferrari

Frenchman Romain Grosjean has hinted that he accepted the invitation of the Haas team, which collaborates with Ferrari, only to get a chance to become a pilot of the Scuderia.Roman Grosjean "If I go the chosen way that the chance will be. But the solution doesn't depend on me, although I would really like to become a pilot Ferrari. But now I think about how to bring Haas at a competitive level.To be the pilot of Ferrari - to me it means a lot. When I was about 18-19, I spoke with Jean Alesi. Then he said that the first was just a pilot of Formula 1, and then became a pilot Ferrari".

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The track in Canada in numbers

The track in Canada in numbers

The upcoming race in Montreal will be the 37th in a row. The first race was held in 1978, and the layout of the circuit, which is used now, appeared in 2002.Lap length 4361 kolichestvo of turns 14 6 left and 8 rightNumber of laps race 70 305,270 cdrecord lap 112.275 Rubens Barrichello, Ferrari, pole 2004Best lap in race 113.622 Rubens Barrichello, Ferrari, 2004Pole 2015 114.393 Lewis Hamilton, Mercedesfastest lap in the race in 2015 1'16.987 Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrarithe speed Limit in the pit lane 80 km/maksimalnaya speed 347,1 km/h Felipe Massa, Williams, 2014the Pedal "gas" in gender 56 krovoprolitiya gear 91 times for one brugnatella overload 3,4 g in the fifth panoramashot fuel 1.43 kg in one brugairolles the number of wins in Canada, pilots1. Michael Schumacher - 72. Lewis Hamilton - 43. Nelson Piquet - 3 the number of wins in Canada, commands1. McLaren - 132. Ferrari - 113. Williams - 7Highest number of pole positions in Canada, the pilots1. Michael Schumacher - 62. Lewis Hamilton - 43. Nelson Piquet - 3 Ayrton Senna - 3 Sebastian Vettel - 3the Greatest number of pole positions in Canada, the team1. McLaren - 112. Williams - 83. Ferrari - 6the Highest number of podiums in Canada, pilots1. Michael Schumacher - 122. Nelson Piquet - 5 Alain Prost - 5 Jean Alesi - 5 Rubens Barrichello - 5 Lewis Hamilton - 5the Highest number of podiums in Canada, commands1. Ferrari - 322. McLaren - 293. Williams - 19.

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Jean Alesi the Pilots themselves must decide when to return to the pits

Ex-pilot of Formula 1 Jean Alesi believes that the championship rules should be more strict in relation to the pilots.Jean Alesi "that is, a little. The rules should be more strict. Now, pilots say, when you need to get back to the pits. I think it's too much. The pilot should respond to the situation and decide when to call in the boxes. The only way we will be able to see the true power of the pilot. Negotiations are now significantly limited, but they need to minimize".

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Jean Alesi the return of the Renault is good for France

French ex-pilot of Formula 1 Jean Alesi believes that the return of Renault in the championship will have a positive impact on the image of France.Jean Alesi "the return of the Renault is good news. There were times when our country took the national Grand Prix. Therefore, the return of the national team will have a positive impact on the image of the state.It is a pity that in 2016 the Renault has no chance at the podium. This season will be the Foundation for the struggle for victory in the future".

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Jean Alesi the Ferrari can fight for the title next year

Jean Alesi the Ferrari can fight for the title next year

Ex-pilot of Formula 1 Jean Alesi believes that next year Ferrari will fight for the title.Jean Alesi "I don't know what will help them to fight for the title next year. The past season was successful for them. Little to say about the possibility to fight for victory, but the Ferrari was three success. And how many podiums Next year Ferrari will fight for the title".Alesi played for Ferrari in 1991-1995 In 1995, Jean won the Grand Prix of Canada, and that win remains the only one in the career of the French pilot.

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Mark Webber about the best pilots of Formula 1

Mark Webber about the best pilots of Formula 1

Ex-Formula 1 driver mark Webber told about the pilots, whom he considers best.Mark Webber "In the years of my youth for me, the best drivers were Nelson Piquet, Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, Nigel Mansell. These pilots were on top in every race.I like how Jean Alesi constantly attacked the track at the limit, even, at times, too risky. They were pilots, which were being monitored by the whole world. These are my favorite pilots.But among all the pilots, especially among my peers, was allocated only one - Michael Schumacher. He doesn't look like anyone else, this is a special driver and man.

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Ferrari is preparing for a new record

Ferrari is preparing for a new record

At Ferrari there is a chance of repeating his record of twenty years ago, when in the mid-1990s, the team was unable 59 times in a row to start the race from pole position.At this time, if the driver of the Scuderia will not achieve victory in qualifying in Belgium, then record again, and in Monza will be delivered new.In 1994 a series of setbacks interrupted Gerhard Berger and Jean Alesi on the classic Hockenheim, taking up the entire first row of the starting field. Ibid., at Hockenheim, Fernando Alonso in 2012, won the pole position for Ferrari.

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Jean Alesi I just don't believe in the incident

Ex-Formula 1 driver Jean Alesi has admitted that he is incredibly hard when he learned of the death of Jules Bianchi.Jean Alesi "For me it's a shock, I can't believe this happened. I knew Jules and knew he always fought to the end, for everything in his life. We all believed in miracles, but it did not happen.Bianchi was a very nice guy, straight and strong, in life and on the track. This was the case when the talent, beauty, intelligence and strong character were combined in a single pilot.After the death of Senna and Ratzenberger this is the first death in Formula 1 over the past 21 years. Even the FIA will say that it's not, but we all know that Jules died in the accident.So much has been done in the name of security of the pilots on the track, so it is even more difficult to believe what happened".

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Jean Alesi Vettel Vettel remained

Ex-Formula 1 driver Jean Alesi believes that Sebastian Vettel in the race Grand Prix of Malaysia showed their best side.Jean Alesi "Vettel once again proved himself in the last race in Malaysia. It was Vettel that he won here a couple of years ago. Last year he was unlucky with the car, but this time it will be to catch up on what was missed during the year."Win in Malaysia was Vettel's 40th career.

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Jean Alesi I had to speak in Williams

Jean Alesi I had to speak in Williams

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Jean Alesi told that in the early 1990s was to speak in Williams. But, as we know, he signed a contract with Ferrari.Jean Alesi "I had to speak to Williams in the season of 1991. I had worked out a plan with my management. In the season-1990 I drove for Tyrrell, and then had to go to Williams. Everything was of course, no tension, just perfect. I already had almost signed a contract for three seasons, and it had to declare in Paul-Ricard. But this did not happen. Then I began to tell Williams that if the contract does not declare Silverstone, I will go to Ferrari. So what happened".In 1991, the Williams team was represented by Nigel Mansell and Ricardo Patrese. Mansell became the Vice-champion, and a year later won the championship. Dominirovanie Williams continued until 1997. The Alesi during this time won only one Grand Prix of Canada in 1995.

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News from Pirelli a Preliminary review of the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi

News from Pirelli a Preliminary review of the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi

The last Grand Prix of the season will be held in Abu Dhabi using soft and super soft tyres. This combination is one step softer than used in the past year soft tyres and tyres of medium hardness.Specialists of the company Pirelli familiar with the route Yas Marina they implemented here part of the test program before the company's return to Formula 1 in 2011. In addition, this route often conducted formal tests of the championship. This year is no exception the last two-day test session of the season will be held here after the Grand Prix on Tuesday and Wednesday.The asphalt of the track is quite smooth, and the configuration includes a variety of 90-degree turns. Difficulties on the race circuit should include the fact that, as in Bahrain, race day begins and ends in the evening, that is, the temperature decreased, exerting a certain influence on the strategy.In the current season on last stage points will be awarded twice the size, so the stakes are high, as never before. Therefore, the team will focus on strategies and will give priority to reliable finish.The weather should be dry and warm. The best of this track suit is soft and super soft tyres, the fastest in formula line of Pirelli.Paul Hembery, business unit Director, Pirelli Motorsport "it's Always nice to come back to Abu Dhabi, and this year the Grand Prix is special it will play for double points and will determine the fate of the title. The strategy is usually largely determined by unusual changes in the characteristics of the route the temperature drop due to the late start day. It was in Bahrain, which made the race one of the most exciting and unpredictable during the season. Therefore, training races will take on special significance, as the team will try to gather as much information as possible about the car tires of different types, not only for a different number of fuel in the tanks, but when the asphalt temperature. Points played a lot that opens up great opportunities for those teams, which can be enough to lose, but you can try to win a lot due to unexpected strategy.Jean Alesi, Consultant Pirelli "I never went on a Formula 1 car on the track in Abu Dhabi, but this track I really like high security and long straight, which give the opportunity to overtake, including through the DRS zones. Race starts at five o'clock, and then the temperature of the air and asphalt gradually fall, therefore, it is very important to adapt to the situation. Changing environmental conditions affect the air pressure in the tires. This year, the main difficulty for pilots is to award points in a double size. Even the current leader of the championship, with a significant points advantage, may be left with nothing because of a simple mistake."The route from the point of view of tyressuper Soft tyres have a low operating temperature range, therefore, they can demonstrate optimal performance even in a wide range of low temperatures. For soft tyres in the typical range of high operating temperatures. In terms of use of the two softest compounds of the formula line and smooth asphalt track warming up the tyres should not cause problems.We assume some reduction characteristics of the tire under the action of high temperatures that may have an impact on strategy and tuning cars. The first and third sessions of free races are usually held in conditions that are not typical for either qualifying or race due to much higher temperatures during the day.The first part of the route is a combination of successive turns, the overcoming of which the temperature of the tire reaches high values. Then the tires a chance to cool down when driving the car on a long straight for approximately 15 seconds pilots hold the gas pedal down until it stops. The car acts downforce equal to about 800 kg To maximize grip on the race circuit Abu Dhabi suspension rear part of the car is quite mild, but it can also lead to increased wear of the rear tires. If the back part is adjusted too tightly, there is the opposite problem excessive slipping of the wheels can shorten the life of the tyres in the race.Last year the winning two-in boxes. Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull started on the soft tyres on 14-lap came into the pits for a set of tires medium hardness, and then changed it to another set of tires of the same type on the 37th lap.

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The Alesi, Coulthard and Hamilton will visit the DTM season finale

The Alesi, Coulthard and Hamilton will visit the DTM season finale

Jean Alesi, David Coulthard and Lewis Hamilton this weekend to visit the final stage of the DTM season in Hockenheim.

Lewis Hamilton "I recall with great pleasure the stages of the DTM, after two years I participated in the race support this series, speaking in Euroseries Formula 3, waiting for a new meeting with old friends and acquaintances. Last year, Mercedes-Benz gave me the chance to test a DTM car - I got the pleasure of driving this powerful machine, even on a wet track.


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Kimi Raikkonen In Japan we need a good result

Kimi Raikkonen In Japan we need a good result

On the eve of the Grand Prix of Japan pilot Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen failed short the results of the last race in Singapore and shared expectations from the stage in Suzuka.

Kimi Raikkonen "Finally in Singapore we were quick enough to show good speed in qualifying. The car behaved the way I wanted. It is a pity that failed to achieve most of the small problems before beginning a fast lap. As a result, the race was little I could do, because you're stuck in traffic, and I was not able to show their pace. However, the positive outcome of the weekend was that I finally was comfortable in the car - I have long been waiting for.

In Suzuka important output of the power unit, and from a technical point of view this is a difficult track. Let's see how will look our machine compared to the leaders. I really like Suzuka. This track is old school and I prefer this track. My favorite track is Spa, but in my rating Suzuka is very close to it.

I finished all the races in Japan, in which he took part, except for the very first time in Suzuka, he was at Sauber and went down after a collision with Jean Alesi. I was able to show good results and win in 2005 I think one of the best. Performance in Suzuka is one of the highlights of the season. I also like to meet with Japanese fans - they are passionate and always support you, no matter what the season.

Ferrari need a good result because the team is leading the fight for third place in the Cup of designers. Hopefully the weekend will take place without problems, that will help to keep a positive attitude. In Suzuka we want to achieve maximum".


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Susie Wolff I am Now better prepared for the Formula 1

Susie Wolff I am Now better prepared for the Formula 1

Susie Wolff has in history as the first for 22 years, female, participated in the official session of the race weekend of the Formula 1. In an interview with the official website of the championship she talked about what inspired her career.

Question Suzie, to pilot the car of Formula 1 is really better than any other technology in the world As I look at this woman

Susie Wolff I don't think there is a male and female perspective on driving a Formula 1 car - only view of the racer. This is the most scientifically advanced machine. It is necessary very quickly to adapt, because everything happens for a split second, and the speed is higher than you can imagine. Once you have mastered this, you experience incredible emotions behind the wheel.

Question How were you able to understand the technology Modern Formula 1 car is more complicated than ever before.

Susie Wolff I started racing on four wheels in eight years, and with the motorcycle met in two, so that the necessary high-speed coordination skills began to develop quite early. So, I began to participate in races in the same age as the rest of the guys on the grill. At that age you don't think about a career, and just want to have fun and, of course, to succeed. Looking back, I realize that I am lucky to do what I love to do hobby career.

As a child I never thought that doing something unusual for the girl. Parents surely did not become to convince me that I'm doing something unusual, so I was able to do what I love without worrying about the problems of boys and girls. At the age of 13 I decided that I can make a career in motorsports, ended up in the Formula 1.

Question as a young woman you fought in the race with racers, Hamilton, Kubica, Raikkonen or Nico Rosberg, have you thought about the gender issue in the senior race series They managed to break into Formula 1 for about twenty years, and you are still without a contract.

Susie Wolff of Course, there were funny moments. I remember the world Cup in Portugal, when I took the 15-th line and was very pleased with this, because the last race was difficult, but I got a good result. There was a ceremony when, suddenly said "Susie Stoddart, please go to the ceremony". I thought that was strange, because I didn't finish in the top three, but the team leader told me to hurry up. Then I realized that this is no accident.

Question Then why Formula 1 team are so skeptical when it comes to pilotasso

Susie Wolff I would not say that they are skeptical. For them, first of all, an important result, and reached the desired level girls which could be given a chance, is not enough. In addition, in the paddock there are a few people who would be against this. However, they can remain in the opposition, but sooner or later have to accept.

Question In that case, aren't you glad you showed in free practice, especially in Hockenheim that can compete with these guys and beat them

Susie Wolff I did not seek to occupy a good position in the Protocol, but focused on the partner.

Question But in sports is an important result in the Protocol.

Susie Wolff Yes. I have a very high opinion of Felipe, and therefore knew that from the point of view of the team must perform four tasks to cope successfully with their work, not to break the machine, collect a lot of data and as close to its result. I managed to do all this

I am very happy with my performance. I always said that I would not do that if I was not sure that is a good deal. I actually look at things, and if I thought I can do it, then I wouldn't be in this situation. I prepared a lot for free runs. And it was really good speech.

Question in theory it can give you the chance to sign the main contract rider. Is there any chance to see you at the start of the Grand Prix in 2015

Susie Wolff Williams two great racer, so I would be hard.

Question But in the eleven Formula 1 teams and 22 of the machine.

Susie Wolff I am proud to work at Williams. They gave me the chance to work on the tests driving Formula 1, although no one else wasn't interested in, because I have not achieved great success in the DTM. I am proud that I was in the Williams, and see what changes happen in the team I want to stay here. Let's see, will I have a chance. I know that you must fight.

Question it is Strange that Williams gave you a chance, because this is a conservative team, focused on driving were real racers.

Susie Wolff It's nice to hear, because many people think that working with me is conventional marketing. But Frank Williams never invited behind the wheel of a person, if doubted his abilities.

Frank came up to me after the session and said that he was happy with my performance. Frank and Claire is a real racing team I know that becoming competitive enough, I will leave the team, because my results are more important than my floor. They gave me a chance, and we can be proud that together we have achieved something special.

Question Does the man unusual to want more When a rare opportunity to work on training you feel inadequate

Susie Wolff I must fight for more and hope that will do the trick. I firmly believe that if you long to knock at the door, it will open, and then I should be ready for a possible chance.

Question In recent years, women have taken strong positions in many areas that were considered masculine. Why this has not happened in Formula 1 Why this process takes so much time

Susie Wolff first, I must say that there is no model of behavior for girls who want to get into Formula 1. This leads to the second problem if the girls in the go-kart is not enough, the best of them will not be able to climb to the top. But I am sure that this problem will solve itself Claire Williams became the benchmark - we proved that it is possible, and it should inspire those who decided to go this route. Not enough to be just a girl need to be a professional

Question You are upset that your career, it seems, begins only 31, but many will debut as teenagers

Susie Wolff I can honestly admit that I was not ready for this possibility, say, 19 years. I spent seven wonderful years with Mercedes in the DTM - it has made me a very strong opponent. I could not achieve the desired success and must recognize that performance in the DTM were a difficult time for me. I never managed to sign a contract with a leading team to get a real chance to fight for podiums, but it made me stronger.

I had wonderful companions, from whom I could learn - Mika Hakkinen, Jean Alesi, Ralf Schumacher - this experience helped me to be here. If not for him, I truly believe that my debut behind the wheel of a Formula 1 test in 2012 would not have been so successful, and I wouldn't get the chance now. Those tests were rather the exception to the rule, it was assumed that all of this ends, but since everything went well, I was able to participate in the youth tests. They too have gone well, and as a result I got the chance in Barcelona this year, and so on. If not successful at each stage, I would have immediately lost his place in the team.

You can say that is a little sad that I'm over 30, but as I said, I was not ready for it at the age of 19.

At one dinner I sat next to an Olympic champion cyclist sir Chris Hoiem, and he said his 28-years of age were asked about retirement. But he said he has achieved the greatest success, when he was 30, but the experience helped him to win the gold medal. I am inspired by this idea and I have no doubt that I'll understand when my time is up. As soon as I feel I can't continue, I was the first to admit it.

Question You have achieved the first success behind the wheel of a Formula 1. Do you think that there is still a lot of things

Susie Wolff Yes, I believe I can do better.

Question What factors should be combined together, so that you can achieve your potential

Susie Wolff In essence, it all boils down to one thing the amount of time behind the wheel. And this is a difficult thing, because the tests are limited, and the main drivers it is important to reach the maximum distance. How can I set to work again on the track This is the biggest obstacle I have to overcome.

Question Modern racers have a small height and weight. You will ideally come.

Susie Wolff I meet all the requirements I was talking with a couple of riders who are long in the Formula 1 is all said that in 2006, the machine was very difficult to fly, but today the progress in my direction. To pilot becomes easier. I will not say that driving a Formula 1 easy, but easier than before.

Question What advice would you give to girls who want to follow in your footsteps

Susie Wolff Go For It Don't let anything stop you. In life it is not easy to succeed, but if you really want it, do it, no matter how many difficulties have to be overcome. Catch a wave in a world that is changing in favour of women.

Question How do you feel about the fact that the hair deteriorates under the helmet

Susie Wolff Yes, the hair always look bad when I take off the helmet. I can see how bad things are, when you look at the engineer if he shakes his head, so I need to wear a hat.


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Luigi Mazzola I Hope Allison will cope with its role

Luigi Mazzola I Hope Allison will cope with its role

Luigi Mazzola began his career in 1988 as a race engineer and for many years was the head of the test team Ferrari, and in 2009 he left Formula 1 and now works in GP2, assisting the technical Director of the Lazarus Team Alessandro Baldo.

Together with Ferrari Italian engineer won eight titles and worked with Alain Simple, Nigel Manzella, Gerhard Berger, Jean Alesi, Michael Schumacher, Eddie Irvine, Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa. In an interview with Italian F1Sport he outlined his vision of the situation in the team from Maranello and described with respect to Formula 1 in General.

Question Some believe that because of the ban on FRIC advantage Mercedes over the other teams considerably decreased. Do you agree Or do you think that Mercedes continues to dominate

Luigi Mazzola you Can do anything you want, but I think that the balance of power will not change.

Question what is the strongest side of Mercedes and the main drawback of a Ferrari

Luigi Mazzola Mercedes many competent and experienced engineers, each one takes its place. In Ferrari, on the contrary, quite good engineers engaged in those areas in which their lack of experience.

Question We will see progress Ferrari, if James Ellison will be able to reach their potential

Luigi Mazzola James is a great engineer. When he worked in the test team, he had an amazing ability to analyze the data of aerodynamics. He is now technical Director of Ferrari, and I hope that over time he acquired the necessary experience to cope with such a challenging role in a team that has to win.

Question In Hungary, the head of the Red Bull Racing Christian Horner tried to determine how it will change the weather, and the McLaren has relied entirely on data". What do you think, better less dependent on technology and to rely on your own experience

Luigi Mazzola On the first plan must always be a man. Intuition, emotion, the ability to adapt it's beyond technique. Those who rely solely on technique, loses the most important human abilities.

Question You held a key position in the test team Ferrari, when the team was the most successful. What do you think about the current rules What advice would you give to former colleagues, so Ferrari could emerge from the crisis

Luigi Mazzola the Rules are the same for all, though I never liked the rule of private Park - he takes the slightest opportunity to modify the car.

As for Ferrari, I don't think that you are entitled to give advice, because I'm five years do not participate in the championship, and during this time much has changed. I'm sure the team is able to understand what needs to be changed again to win.


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Died physiotherapist Roman Grogan

Died physiotherapist Roman Grogan

The sad news came from France on Wednesday passed away Jean-Pierre Frizon, physiotherapist Roman Grogan. French specialist worked with Lotus F1 racer from 2012, and in its time was a physiotherapist Jean Alesi.

"Farewell, my Jean-Pierre, - wrote the novel Grosjean on his page on Facebook. - To me you will be very missed. You always supported me, always able to find the right words, but I was for you as a son.

You know, you wouldn't like that I was upset. I will always remember you, and as before, we will be together."


2014-07-22 11:04:05

News Pirelli a Preliminary review of the Grand Prix of Hungary

News Pirelli a Preliminary review of the Grand Prix of Hungary

The specialists of the company Pirelli and Formula 1 team will make 800-km transfer from Hockenheim in Budapest to participate in the stage, which is held on the next weekend after the previous one, which is the only case among European stages in the calendar of Formula thrissa the Hungaroring, the first line of Formula 1, built behind the "Iron curtain" in 1986, is stationary, but it is characterized by many features of street circuits a large number of narrow twists and low level of cohesion, which are at the forefront of mechanical grip. In previous years the race were often held in hot weather, but the rains are not a rare event. The Pirelli will bring on this stage of the P Zero tyres White medium hardness white-labeling and mild P Zero tyres marked with yellow colour. This combination represents the best compromise between speed and resistance to high temperatures. Track the Hungaroring does not make any exceptional requirements to the tires, but a series of consecutive turns, gives the tyre the ability kladutsey Hembery, Director of the division of Pirelli Motorsport "the Hungarian motorway known for its insidious configuration it is very difficult to overtake, and no less difficult to find the perfect settings for all of the racing wheel. In the result of the important role of purchasing strategy, as it provides a rare opportunity for regaining positions. In Hungary, the weather is usually a topic of conversation, but seeing as our bus did on progresses to a high temperature asphalt track in Hockenheim, we're sure there are no problems with that party. For Hungary we chose one step more hard tyres, which must cope with high loads, so we expect the implementation usual strategy with two stop strategy, but the best overview of the possible options, we will be only after Friday free-race".Jean Alesi, Consultant Pirelli "in recent years Hungaroring track has changed for the better. For this track required car setup for maximum downforce, since there are many low-speed turns and dispersals in the low gears, but it has several areas where you can be your best. The transmission of tractive effort continues to be the principal technical problem. The most careful attention to the rear tires otherwise you can be no clutch and to experience difficulties with braking. There are some very important facts about this track. The second turning after the pit-lane, for example, is the left and is located on the descent. It seems, but it is not high speed to correctly enter the next right turn, you must adhere to the inner side of this second turn. The realization that each of the previous turn affects the next passage, is the key to track the Hungaroring. In my opinion, this year the pilots have more complicated in all the corners should be very attentive to the accelerator pedal. Increased torque motors current cars complicates this task, so pilots are not always able to follow the ideal racing line"Trassa from the point of view of tyresMotorway Hungaroring has an optimal balance of traction, braking force and transverse load. Fireballs are configured for maximum downforce to provide the necessary mechanical traction when passing slow pavarotebshi average rigidity have a low operating temperature range, therefore, they can demonstrate optimal performance even in a wide range of low temperatures. Soft tyres, on the contrary, those high operating temperature range, that is better suited for operation at higher temperatures. Asphalt temperature the Hungaroring is usually one of the highest within sezanna Hungaroring track tires are exposed to different efforts. The development of this model thrust on bus operates vertical load, and at the same time they experience the transverse load when cornering, as well as the longitudinal load from acceleration and deceleration. All these efforts load frame SINV 2013 victory turned out to be a strategy with three stop strategy then Lewis Hamilton used the soft tyres and tyres of medium hardness and won its first victory for the team of Mercedes. Kimi Raikkonen, who performed last year for the team Lotus, saw the checkered flag second, but visited it in boxes only twice.

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Has ended the Moscow City Racing show

Has ended the Moscow City Racing show

In Moscow ended races Motorsport Moscow City Racing show, held at the walls of the Kremlin. Throughout the day many spectators were pleased with the good weather, allowing riders on the various techniques to demonstrate their skills.

At this time there were no serious accidents. On the road again appeared historical Surtees TS14 and Surtees TS16, cars, Formula 1 Ferrari and Caterham under Mark Wife and Robin Freins. The winner of the rally-RAID "Dakar-2013" Eduard Nikolaev brought onto the multi-ton truck team "KAMAZ-Master".

Sebastien Chardonnay demonstrated skills in a rally car Citroen WRC, and although Chardonnay - racer, and no expert on the stunts, he looked okay, even against the background of aerobatics professional drifters and stuntmen, speaking before and after it.

Brilliantly acted and Russian metacommand Lazzari-Motorsport team, headed the sixfold champion of Russia Sergei Krapukhina. And Jean Alesi drove several audiences at Ferrari.

The show featured all three German manufacturer of body DTM championship. At the wheel of a BMW M4 villages Jens Klingman, Mercedes AMG C-Coupe ruled Bernd Maylander and Audi RS 5 DTM - Roman Rusinov.

Roman Rusinov "Great atmosphere, nice to be in Moscow, to watch that show, to be photographed, to podymal tyres Audi RS5 DTM. Yesterday was cold and seemed, might rain, but today the weather was great."

text Elmir Valeev


2014-07-12 12:04:03

Held a press-conference of participants of Moscow City Racing

Held a press-conference of participants of Moscow City Racing

On Saturday morning in the hotel "Baltschug" held a press conference Moscow City Racing show hosted a press-conference participants. In addition to the show organizers, officials and sponsors of the event, the journalists ' questions were answered by the pilots mark Wife, Robin Trains, Vladimir Chagin, the driver of the car security Formula 1 Bernd Milder and promoter of the Grand Prix of Russia Sergey Vorobyov.

Mark his Wife "I am very happy to be in the center of Moscow, on red square, and I have no doubt that we will have a great show.160 the Ferrari Team, you will truly make viewers - we came here".

Robin Trains "it is Great to be in such a big city and be able to pass on his center driving a Formula 1. Not every day is possible. The weather is perfect, so I think we will be a lot of noise and a lot of smoke from rubber".

Sergey Vorobyov "right now we certainly have a reason to smile. Tickets diverge very good, so if you want to come to the Grand Prix, should hurry. The construction of the track progresses and will soon be completed. I hope that soon we will see you at the Grand Prix of Russia Formula 1".

Jean Alesi "I Just cannot believe that this famous square will be a holiday that there will be roaring engines. Today I will not sit behind the wheel of a racing car, but will go with a few bold spectators at the other car. Formula 1 in Russia is gaining momentum. You have racer, Daniel Quat, will take place in autumn Grand Prix of Russia, and I am very happy to be in your country in such a landmark moment".

Bernd Maylander "I am here for the second time, but for the first time will pass through this scenic route - I will sit behind the wheel of the machine DTM. Everything will be will drift will be "donuts", so I'll try to amuse the audience Of course, this weekend passes another important event - DTM race at the Moscow Raceway. And in October in Sochi will host the first Grand Prix of Russia. This suggests that the popularity of motor sports in Russia is growing, so I am more than happy to be in Moscow, on Moscow City Racing".


2014-07-07 17:24:03

Three days before the start of the Moscow City Racing 2014

Three days before the start of the Moscow City Racing 2014

Few days remain before the start of the Moscow City Racing show For three days, from 10 to 12 July, the heart of Moscow will become a platform of real race festival

You will be able to enjoy not only the performance of teams of Formula 1, DTM and the world rally championship WRC, heroes of the rally-RAID "DAKAR" - the team "KAMAZ-master"extreme show Terry Grant - one of the best stunts in the world and record holder of the Guinness Book of records, but also to visit the area paddocks favorite teams and get autographs of famous racers

While Moscow City Racing you have a chance to buy tickets for the Grand Prix of Russia on face value, and to get all the details in the pavilion "Sochi Circuit".

Fans will have a unique chance to touch the history of Formula 1 and see a demonstration race historical machines 70-ies of the last century. For the first time in the center of Moscow will sweep the representatives of the "Golden age" of Formula 1 - Surtees TS14 and Surtess TS16.

Performance of the Russian drifters, and motor shows from Lazzari-motosport, the parade of Ferrari supercars and special guest of the event - the legend of Formula 1 and one of the most striking pilots 90 - Jean Alesi

The roar of engines, star parties, interactive sites, delicious food. in any weather Moscow City Racing show will be the hottest event of the summer

The event is held with the support of the Government,Moscow.