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2015-09-11 13:44:04

Honda will test your engines in cars Super Formula

Italian publication Autosprint reports that in the near future minders Honda will test their hybrid cars Japanese Super Formula.Tests will be held at the Suzuka track where traditionally held the Grand Prix of Japan. The they will participate in team Mugen and Nakajima.Italian journalists believe that the planned tests are designed to answer the question of who is to blame for the failed season of Formula 1 Honda engines or chassis McLaren.

2015-08-28 16:34:03

Max Verstappen will become the pilot of Ferrari in 2017

In 2017 Max Verstappen will replace Kimi Raikkonen in the composition of the Ferrari. With that statement came the next edition of La Gazzetta Dello Sport. For this reason, the contract with the Finn was signed only for one season.Italian journalists believe that this will be possible thanks to a change of engine supplier Toro Rosso. Now she, like the senior team Red Bull, Renault uses the product. However, due to the expected breakup Toro Rosso might return to Ferrari engines. Management Scuderie ready to provide a substantial discount in exchange for Verstappen.

2015-08-03 08:54:02

As the rest of the championship

The pilots and leaders of teams of Formula 1 described how, where going to spend the summer holidays.Pilot Sauber Marcus Ericsson "I will travel to a couple of days in Croatia. They say there great"The pilot of McLaren Fernando Alonso "I will Not say this is my secret to not bother with journalists".Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff "I Will lie on the beach, turning off the phone."Technical consultant at Red Bull Adrian Newey "Your holidays in Seychelles".Ferrari reserve driver Esteban Gutierrez "I will participate in the demonstration races Ferrari in Mexico.The pilot Toro Rosso Max Verstappen "I want to ride on karts with friends all leave".Pilot Red Bull Daniel ricciardo "I'll be in Monaco. Maybe go for a couple of days in Saint-Tropez - it should be fun. But nothing, just the beach."Technical Director of Mercedes Paddy Lowe "I Have no lords. My wife no vacation, so you'll spend your whole vacation at home."Pilot Red Bull's Daniil Kvyat "going to the beach, and the people less. Want peace".Race engineer Williams Rob Smedley "I will Go with the kids to Disneyland."Deputy head Williams Claire Williams "I will go to Italy, but not in a Ferrari I'm already tortured by these questions"Williams driver Valtteri Bottas "I'm going home to Finland. I'll just stay home."Pilot Lotus Roman Grosjean "no Plans, I'll go home to my family, I will be trained".Deputy head of Lotus Frederico Gastaldi "My plans - house. All good fun".

2015-06-14 10:44:03

Daniil Kvyat I'm Now in a different status

Pilot Red Bull's Daniil Kvyat said that he arrived in Austria for a home for the team Grand Prix, which leads to more pressure.Daniil Kvyat "last year I was there, behind the wheel of a Toro Rosso, so the pressure was much less. This time I must pay more attention to the press, journalists and sponsors. This is our home stage, our route, so the level of work is very different.The circuit itself is cool, and Red Bull holds a real show and not a race. I will try not to pay attention to the additional passions,and just to do my job.

2015-05-30 10:44:02

Max Prestamped I'm not hurt

Max Prestamped I'm not hurt

The pilot Toro Rosso Max Verstappen after the race in Monaco didn't contact with journalists, and many have decided that the guy feels bad because of the accident with Romain Grosjean had a hit.Max Verstappen "After Monaco, where a failed race, I went home. But don't feel bad, I'm all in order. After the race I even spent the whole day at the karting track.Now I'm preparing to race in Canada, where for the first time hitting the track name Gilles Villeneuve. I've heard good things about this ring, would rather race weekend".

2015-05-04 17:04:04

Honda We are not going to use the tokens

Honda We are not going to use the tokens

The head of Honda's Yasuhisa Arai said his company is not going to spend tokens on completion of its engine.Yasuhisa Arai "At this stage of the championship we have no plans to use tokens. It is clear that soon it will have to do, but we can do without it. A specific schedule we have.We increase the capacity from race to race, and in Canada we will be much faster than in Spain. Trust us, in our best interest not to lie to my fans".Arai told attacking reporters that to increase the power the engine will be equipped with additional cylinders.Yasuhisa Arai "questions about the engine I'm a little tortured. So jokingly already meet the journalists that we will have two more cylinders than the other teams This is a joke, this will not happen, but we really are always working for the benefit of McLaren to make the cars stronger, faster".

2015-04-22 19:44:03

David Coulthard Lewis became similar to kkinen

Ex-pilot of Formula 1, former teammate Mickey kkinen, David Coulthard believes that Lewis Hamilton has changed a lot compared to last year.David Coulthard "I today Lewis was strongly reminiscent of Miku kkinen. He, too, was still, what happens outside the track, in the press, in the media, saying journalists and critics.Now Lewis has become more purposeful, more Mature and collected. He became so different that I even thought that he will have to re-learn. It seems that such approach gives the result. He felt comfortable in the Mercedes, in their closed world".

2015-04-15 16:34:03

The head of McLaren Alonso happy at McLaren

The head of McLaren Alonso happy at McLaren

In 2007 Fernando Alonso with scandal left McLaren. A few years later the Spanish returned, but journalists are looking for a reason to write about another schism within the team, and the flames poured a strange accident on the tests in Barcelona.Race Director McLaren Eric Buje once again told that Alonso is happy with his position in the team.Eric Buje in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport "Fernando is happy at McLaren. I don't even know how many times I need this to repeat. Many people want to find the problems between us, but they simply do not.He's already played in this team eight years ago, but now there are different people. And I am pleased with the atmosphere that prevails in the team. As for the results, as the season progresses we will add".Previously, Alonso said McLaren will most likely be his last team in Formula 1.

2015-04-13 15:08:10

Mercedes supplies the customers are all the other engines

The Mercedes engines, which accrue to client teams, are markedly different from those that gets factory team. So according to journalists of the Spanish publication El Pais.Mercedes three clients Williams, Lotus and Force India. All they pay 25 million euros per year, while receiving various characteristics of the power plant, making the German company can manipulate the results. So, Mercedes is interested in the Williams team forced the fight to Ferrari, so in China they got the last modification of the engine. Lotus, according to El Pais, a step behind, and Force India and even gets all the updates in the last turn.Earlier, Felipe Massa, representing Williams, said that the engine in his car is markedly different from those used by the works drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.In El Pais sure that team customers know about such things, but silent, as it is written in their contract.Not by chance the McLaren team with their championship ambitions chose to terminate a client contract with Mercedes and start from scratch with minders Honda.

2015-04-10 11:54:07

Fernando Alonso I'm tired of being second

Fernando Alonso I'm tired of being second

The pilot of McLaren's Fernando Alonso found the answer to the question of journalists about the victory of Sebastian Vettel in Malaysia.Fernando Alonso "I waited so long for this question, and here it came. But now listen to me. Yes, Ferrari won in the second race of the season, and I couldn't even open the second round of qualifying. But I three times in five years was second at the end of the season. Three times Believe me, it's tiring, I'm tired of this. If Ferrari can win this year, I'll take your hat off to. If you're still second, then what's the point And my move to McLaren will be justified.

2015-04-09 11:44:05

All pending tests Schumacher Jr.

All pending tests Schumacher Jr.

According to information published in the newspaper Die Welt, very many journalists seeking accreditation to participate in the coverage tests Mick Schumacher, this year, debuting in the championship of Formula-4.Interestingly, these tests never before in its history did not collect so many journalists, however, concessions for such popularity is the son of seven championship will not receive from the team and the organizers of the tests.

2015-04-04 12:44:03

Mick on the work of Duane steward Nothing complicated

Racer-legend Mick Duane in Malaysia worked as a steward of the Grand Prix of Formula 1, and their experiences briefly told journalists.Mick Duane "I last year spoke with Jean Todt on this subject, and Charlie whiting constantly reminded me about this thread. And after much persuasion I thought, why not Why not try your hand at a new role, especially before I was a judge on karting competition, and experience so you can't take away.I was always curious to see the pitfalls of Formula 1, how everything works and what built this world from the inside. Now I can tell you that there is nothing difficult in judging is not at all".Recall that during the race in Malaysia three pilot received penalties for various violations, and after finish all three accrued penalty points. From the point of view of punishments weekend turned out very rich.

2015-04-04 12:44:03

Helmut Marko opened Red Bull goal for this season

Sports Red Bull consultant Helmut Marko was forced to answer journalists to the question, what are your goals for the season, have set themselves the Red Bull and Toro Rosso.Helmut Marko "When you consider all the features of this season and those positions which we are now occupied in the first two races, Red Bull goal for the season in third place and for Toro Rosso - fifth. It is quite achievable goals that will strive with all his forces.Currently Toro Rosso takes in the constructors ' championship fifth place, ahead one position Red Bull.

2015-04-02 19:54:02

Marco admitted that there were problems with Red Bull chassis

Marco admitted that there were problems with Red Bull chassis

The Red Bull Advisor Helmut Marko has admitted that a bad start in the season-2015 Austrian team is associated not only with motors Renault, but also with problems in the chassis.GP of Malaysia, according to Marco, demonstrated that the base staff in Milton Keynes have to work.The result in Sepang was unfortunate for Red Bull, but it didn't hurt, showed only need to Wake up the team in England. There are some things in the chassis, not working optimally, said Marco Austrian journalists.Let's hope that Red Bull will take shape in the very near future and we will be able to rejoice in the victories of the team and , of course, the success of the Tribute Kvyat.

2015-03-24 11:44:03

The cause of the accident Alonso became jammed the wheel

The cause of the accident Alonso became jammed the wheel

Newspaper Marca has put forward a new version of what happened with Fernando Alonso on the tests in Barcelona. According to Spanish journalists, the cause of the accident was jammed wheel.They analyzed the photos of the car in the turn before and after the accident. Before collision the steering wheel was turned to the right, and in this position he remained after the impact.In addition, Alonso himself said recently that before departure routes the steering wheel became very stiff.

2015-03-23 15:44:02

FIA to strengthen control over fuel consumption

Still for controlling the flow of fuel was used only one sensor. FIA plans to strengthen the monitoring of fuel consumption, for which the Chinese Grand Prix will be used for additional sensors.As writes the edition Omniscore, FIA suspects that some of the minders and the team found a way to bypass the limitation of 100 kg/h by increasing the pressure in the power system where it is not controlled by sensors. Suspicion fell customers of Mercedes and Ferrari, have made the most progress over the offseason.Italian journalists argue that the above minders have developed a new injection system that operates under pressure 500 bar, while the pressure from Renault remained at the level of 250 bar. In addition, the Honda engine is also capable of operating pressure 500 bar, but while its power is artificially restricted in the interests of reliability.

2015-02-17 18:34:04

Lewis Hamilton is already "away" from Nicole Scherzinger

Lewis Hamilton is already

Short music played, a short pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton was mourning for the departed from him, Nicole Scherzinger, because British journalists spotted the two-time champion with another girl. It was on Valentine's Day in one of night clubs of new York.As soon as the publication is from a photo entered in print, the management of Hamilton stated that Lewis did not know that beside him there's someone at the moment. Who knows, maybe this will put an end to the never ending story of Lewis and Nicole.

2015-02-16 16:44:04

Pilot SMP Racing Mikhail Aleshin - Racer of the year 2014

Pilot SMP Racing Mikhail Aleshin - Racer of the year 2014

According to the results of a traditional survey, which was conducted by a reputable car magazine "Behind the wheel" among Russian journalists Mikhail Aleshin was recognized as a "Racer 2014". Pilot SMP Racing for the first time won the title, gaining the highest number of votes of the Russian media community.The award for "Racer of the year 2014" Mikhail Aleshin will be awarded on February 23 at the Central Moscow Hippodrome in the framework of "the Race of stars "za rulem", where Michael will take part in the team Ruso Motorsport. Companion Michael is a famous racer Paul Sorochinskiy, acting rally-cross competitions.I am honored that the journalistic community has recognized me Racer of the year, - said Mikhail Aleshin. Special thanks I want to Express my program SMP Racing, part of which I represent. This major award our common success. And of course I want to thank the magazine "Behind the wheel", the team and the organizers of the same "Race stars for the opportunity to participate in this exciting competition.In 2014 Mikhail Aleshin the first of Russians took part in the North American IndyCar series. During the season Michael made it to the podium in Houston, and was recognized as one of the best newcomers to the series in 2014.In the season-2015 Aleshin will take part in the prestigious European championship European Le Mans Series in part one of the two teams SMP Racing in the LMP2 category. Russian will be flying the prototype BR01 developed by the Russian company Engineering BR. Also both prototype SMP Racing will take part in the daily marathon "24 hours of Le Mans".

2015-02-10 17:14:06

Team McLaren-Honda held a press conference in Tokyo

Team McLaren-Honda held a press conference in Tokyo

In Tokyo held a press conference McLaren-Honda, which was attended by Ron Dennis, Jenson button and Fernando Alonso. Contrary to rumors, the team has not presented any new colors or a new title sponsor.Ron Dennis, the head of the McLaren Technology Group "Honda is very committed to its business, but we seriously challenged. Our opponents had a whole year in reserve, which significantly complicates our life. With the approach of the first stage increases, and the pressure and expectations of our fans, sponsors and journalists. My colleagues from Honda is ready to accept this challenge.We know how to achieve success, we did it in the late 1980 X. Our goal is to win the Grand Prix. With regard to race in Australia, it will try to show the best possible result."Jenson button "the Test is to resolve problems and on the development machine. We have made significant progress and are clearly on the right track. I already feel the car as a whole, and not as the chassis separately. Looking forward to the following tests, where we need to improve".Fernando Alonso "Our team is doing everything possible to project a McLaren-Honda was successful. I am glad to be a part of it. Hopefully soon we will be able to compete for the victory.

2015-02-03 17:44:03

Mercedes the Engines were not louder

Managing Director of Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains Andy Cowell believes that the new engines not become louder as they say journalists.Andy Cowell "Our engines have not become louder in comparison with the previous year. Yes, measure the sound we were not, but believe me, the louder they become simply nowhere. Obviously, all already missed the Formula 1, because everyone seems to be nicer and louder.Our goal was to make the engines more powerful, and fireballs faster. Fuel consumption is limited, the speed is limited within 10500 rpm. The increase in speed will lead to a high level of friction, but together with Petronas, the problem is partly solved".

2015-01-31 17:44:07

Daniel Quat wish on the track

Daniel Quat wish on the track

All pilots have already arrived in Jerez, where it will be the first tests of Formula 1. And journalists have the opportunity to ask them, where are the pilots of the Royal race spent his vacation and what did you do during the holidays.Daniel Kwiat, pilot Red Bull "It was an ordinary winter, I almost did not rest only on Christmas and New year with family, giving yourself will. Then got down to serious training, which is still going on. I must be in perfect physical shape to meet the challenges of the upcoming season in the Red Bull. There was a very important moment in my career, now it is important not to miss it".Daniel admitted that he very much looking forward to getting out on the track behind the wheel of a new car.Daniel Kvyat "Every pilot will understand me, because the moment of acquaintance with the machine always exciting So cool that I'm going to try the new Red Bull car Moreover, it will be my debut in the Austrian championship team. This is a great opportunity to Express themselves and show their skills. Rather be on the track".

2015-01-12 16:14:02

McLaren will not test a new car to Jerez

The Spanish newspaper El Mundo said that the team McLaren before the official presentation will test a new car, the MP4-30 at Silverstone in the framework of the shooting day. In Woking hurried refutation.Presentation MP4-30 will be held on January 29 in Woking. A few days before the event, according to Spanish journalists, the new product will be tested at Silverstone. Main objective to ensure that problems encountered with the software during testing in Abu Dhabi, is completely solved.But McLaren spokesperson said "We do not plan to test the MP4-30 to test in Jerez".

2014-12-15 14:44:04

Bernie Ecclestone We are not going to go on Youtube

The head of Formula 1, Bernie Ecclestone announced that the Royal race are not going to go out on the Youtube space.Bernie Ecclestone "We are not going to go on Youtube in the official key. If journalists want to upload videos, please. We don't exactly hurt, but officially doing this we are not going. Information about us and so quickly travel around the world".

2014-10-24 20:14:02

The bankruptcy Trustee Caterham F1 on the situation with the team

The bankruptcy Trustee Caterham F1 on the situation with the team

Today Caterham F1 Team officially handed over leadership of the team to the bankruptcy Trustee Finbarr O Conello assigned law firm Smith Williamson on behalf of the creditors Caterham Sports Ltd.

Commenting on the difficult situation for journalists, O Connell said - it makes everything so the team continued existence, but confidence in it.

Finbarr O Connell "this command Has no money. We were approached by people interested in the return of their funds, and my immediate goal is to make someone with serious financial support, bought the team.

In fact, now I am its leader. On Thursday I went to the previous leadership with a proposal to transfer my powers, so I can conduct an audit to find a new financial backer, and they responded to my request.

I don't know whether the command to be in Austin, but don't rule out anything. I know about the technical problems with the machine, that Kamui Kobayashi was worried for their safety. We study this question, it is obvious that the machine must be safe before they can fly. Now this is the main problem.

When the database is opened again I will discuss with lenders, sponsors, shareholders, and then will inform all employees of the team.

Our goal is to make this team could play again, having adequate financial support. We hope that if such funds exist, the team will be able to speak. There is hope that this will happen."


2014-10-24 19:24:04

Gastaldi We hope soon to confirm Grogan

Gastaldi We hope soon to confirm Grogan

Before the weekend in Austin, Deputy Director of Lotus F1 Team Federico Gastaldi answered the questions of journalists, the press service of the team.

Question you Recently announced the transition to the power plant of Mercedes next season. This is the beginning of the revival team

Federico Gastaldi Yes, that's our plan. We decided that we needed some changes and are very pleased to confirm this move officially. Propulsion Mercedes has proven effective, we believe that they will be a key component of our future success.

This year it became obvious that their decisions are the most competitive. Together with our ideas in 2015 they will form a powerful Union - E23 Hybrid. In addition, this partnership is very important for the long-term future of Lotus F1 Team.

Question Who will sit behind the wheel E23 Hybrid next season

Federico Gastaldi you Can say that Roman Grosjean on the pole, if we talk about the contenders for a place at the wheel of the second car, but need to clarify a few more details. We hope to make an announcement in the near future. Working on a new project continues, the team has good prospects.

Question Tests Esteban Okona confirm commitment to team work with young talents

Federico Gastaldi it is. We have a rich tradition in this respect - in commands from Enstone got a chance Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso and romance.

Esteban is a member of our youth program, a very talented driver that has proved once again this year, having won a record number of victories. In the debut season of Euroseries F3 he won 15 races and won the championship title - a unique achievement given the strength of his opponents - one of them was Max Verstappen. We recognized his achievements, providing the first opportunity to get behind the wheel of a Formula 1 this week in Valencia, where he made an excellent impression on the tests.

We hope to work with him further, as he makes his way to the top. This proves that the youth program Lotus F1 is one of the best in motorsports.

Question Ahead of the third race on the circuit in Austin. How do you assess the track and towards the Formula 1 in the United States

Federico Gastaldi Great track, fantastic fans - mainly from the United States and Mexico, but not only. Configuration is very interesting, the track like the racers and fans, in addition, the USA is the main, but not yet used market for Formula 1. This goes a long Grand Prix in the United States to be fully covered, but the Lotus F1 Team have something to offer to American fans of racing. We hope for a great show in Austin next weekend.

Question What do you think about the preliminary version of the calendar Next year's Formula 1 will return to Mexico.

Federico Gastaldi Mexico - racing country. Since the days of the brothers Rodriguez and racing Carrera Panamericana sport in their blood. I'm sure the Mexican stage of Formula 1 will take place with a fantastic atmosphere, because Mexicans love to race. Many of them we see in Austin, where they very clearly manifest themselves.

In Mexico, a strong economy, in Formula 1 there is a good economic base. I think. this race will be one of the main points the next season.

Question in Front of the three final races all thoughts are still associated with Jules Bianchi.

Federico Gastaldi Yes, all Enstone, as in the world of Formula 1, are praying for him. Recently, we received the terrible news about the death of Christophe de Margerie, a close friend of the team. We condole with his family members and relatives of other victims of the plane crash that took place on Monday.

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2014-10-24 13:14:02

Jacques Villeneuve Thanks father, I realized that this race

Jacques Villeneuve Thanks father, I realized that this race

At different periods in the Formula 1 was made by the sons of the famous riders what does a loud name This is the key to many doors or extra pressure About this in an interview with German magazine Auto Bild Motorsport says Jacques Villeneuve, world champion in 1997.

Question Nico Rosberg for the first time fighting for the title and can emulate the feat of his father, Keke Rosberg, winner of the 1982 world. You have achieved even more than your father, Gilles Villeneuve. How big is the pressure, if you are the son of the famous and successful racer

Jacques Villeneuve the Difference between me and Rosberg in that when I began to speak in the race, my father was no longer alive. It helped me become an independent person. The problem could be that my father was too much energy, he would have had on me overwhelming influence. I think Keke same approach, and this is related to the difficulties Niko. The Rosberg-senior - very strong personality, and Nico always involuntarily feels protected. So the cake is not at all the races.

Question Loud surname helps to open the doors or only creates additional pressure

Jacques Villeneuve I Personally felt a strong pressure. People tried to see me in my father, because he was not in the world. This created some difficulties, but also helped to gain speed. The pressure may be harmed, and can make you better me he did better.

Question You came in Motorsport thanks to the father, and Nico Rosberg

Jacques Villeneuve I always wanted to become a racer. From the age of five my favourite toys were red racing cars. Of course, this desire to go racing was due to the fact that I learned from my father. I didn't copy it, but precisely because he understood what the race. Before the others, I realized that this risk because I was influenced by lifestyle homes. And that was my advantage. You can say that my father almost made me a world champion.

Question Nico Rosberg avoids questions about his similarities with the cake. You know, what is that

Jacques Villeneuve I also try to stay away from such conversations. These topics cannot openly discuss or journalists or fans. They don't want to hear the truth. Everyone always wants to compare, and I wanted to see a copy of his father. When I told them that this is not so, they were offended. So I stopped to talk on these topics, and can understand Niko.

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2014-10-23 14:14:02

Gene Haas I Have no doubt that we will succeed

Gene Haas I Have no doubt that we will succeed

The debut of the new team in Formula 1 is an achievement, but success is much more difficult. The owner of Haas F1 gene Haas has learned from experience Caterham, Marussia and HRT, in an interview with CNN he spoke about his ambitions.

Gene Haas Haas Automation - a company with billions of capital, which seeks to earn two billion a year. If I will be able to increase sales by one billion, it's worth it to invest in the team of the Formula 1 as much money as you need.

In fact, I believe it is a continuation of NASCAR racing in the sense that we are now running in the US, but if you want to compete on a global level, then the only option is Formula 1.

Question What is the place debut in the Formula 1 among your other projects

Gene Haas This is the most serious challenge, but we have not the slightest doubt that we will succeed. All we predict failure, but I think this is one of the tasks that must be solved.

Question Why did you decide to build relations with Ferrari This is an important brand in Motorsport, but the last time this team was plagued with problems. Why did you choose this partner

Gene Haas Ferrari suits us the best. They will not be limited by the supply of engines and will help us in the operation of the machine.

Question HRT, Caterham and Marussia have been fighting with opponents, and for survival. Why do you believe that Haas F1 will be successful

Gene Haas I Think the main problem debutants 2010 - they are too slow to start. They wanted to enlist the partnership, which may not have been carefully thought out, and as a result made a lot of mistakes. Inevitably they lacked resources, and machines were not properly prepared, they were in a hurry.

Question How would you define successful performance in Formula 1

Gene Haas In the first five years our goal is to survive. I don't expect we will come and will immediately win the championship. If during those five years, we can at least win a single race, it will become a huge success.

One Association with performance in Formula 1 will raise the rating of our brand. We will move forward. I don't expect we'll pass, unless, perhaps, the competitors from the end of the peloton.

Question do You feel that you are the flag of your country

Gene Haas We present the USA and proud of it. It would be great to support us ordinary Americans.

Question is it important for You to invite American riders

Gene Haas From the point of view of the interest of journalists, the American team with American racer, that would be great. We will strive for this.



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2014-10-19 14:14:02

Ferrari will announce the contract with Vettel to race in Austin

Ferrari will announce the contract with Vettel to race in Austin

German tabloid Bild, without naming its sources, writes that Ferrari will confirm the contract with Sebastian Vettel before the American stage of the championship, which will be held in Austin in two weeks. The arrangement is designed for three seasons, but provide the option for another two years. Companion to German next season will be, as expected, Kimi Raikkonen.

This leaves open the question, what will you do in 2015 Fernando Alonso. In most of the top teams in there, and it is hard to imagine that two-time world champion is ready to play for the team second tier.

There are two options return to McLaren, where he with the scandal left in late 2007, and pass at least one season, because in 2016, his chances to get into one of the best teams of the championship should be much higher.

Former Formula 1 driver, commentator television channel RTL Christian Danner believes that neither of these two scenarios are not excluded "I Think that Fernando doesn't know what to do. Sadly, if the best racer of the Formula 1 next season will be in the role of the spectator".

Homeland Alonso, Spain, are inclined to believe that he will still be behind the wheel of a McLaren. already talked about that Fernando can sign a contract with the team from Woking, and with the concern of Honda, which next season will put McLaren its new power plant. This version adheres to the Madrid newspaper El Pais, not doubting the ability Alonso to achieve very favorable agreements with employers. But Spanish journalists pay attention to a characteristic pattern the parting Alonso commands is always painful.

His departure from McLaren was accompanied by grandiose "spy scandal", his last two season in the Renault F1 took place against the backdrop of the history of rigging the results of the Singapore Grand Prix in 2008, and now before parting with Ferrari Alonso managed to seriously fell out with the new leadership team.

"Another striking example was the way he arranged his departure from Ferrari, where six months ago, loved it, and now pointed to the door. And this despite the fact that within five years, Alonso has made remarkable achievements he was regularly ahead of teammates, finishing ahead of them in 75 of 93 Grand Prix and earning at 627 points more. In addition, twice, in 2010 and 2012, he lost the title only in the last race of the season," recalls El Pais.


2014-10-17 13:24:02

Fernando Alonso is close to signing a deal with Lotus

Fernando Alonso is close to signing a deal with Lotus

The most likely option for a career Alonso, many believe the transition in the McLaren, but the French edition F1i writes that Fernando is close to signing a contract with Lotus.

According to journalists, the negotiations between Alonso and co-owner of the Lotus F1 Gerard Lopez are going well, you have to agree on financial terms. Together with Alonso in the team in the role of a sponsor will come the Spanish telecommunications company MoviStar.

Earlier in the German press has been suggested that Fernando will continue his career in the Lotus allegedly Flavio Briatore for taking this action. Given that recently, Lotus announced the transition to the power plant of Mercedes, with the option of return Alonso in the team of their Enstone, with whom he won two League titles, it doesn't seem that incredible.