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Mark Webber - the Australian rider, was born in 1976 on 27 August in Kuinbyan, Australia. Webber began his career with motocross. Mark's passion for motorcycles easy to obyasnyaema because he son of a motorcycle. In adolescence, Webber became interested in karting, and at first he did not take seriously to this task and tried his hand at various sports. It is with great pleasure watching Formula 1 championships, but the idea is to pay great attention to auto racing will come to him only in 1993, it was then that he won the championship of New South Wales. The following year, Mark moved to Formula Ford, and in 1995 he moved to Europe, where he immediately received an offer to participate in the competitions of Formula Ford. After successful performances he was noticed by Ralph firman, which offered a contract to Mark Webber in 1996, however, become the champion he was unable, in spite of this he showed a high level of professionalism of team work. Then Mark was asked by Alan Hawking, and participated in a series of British Formula 3 race. Despite many challenges, including financial Webber won at Brands - Hatch motor racing stage. This victory could not fail to attract the attention of sports managers, and Webber asked the head of department Norbert Haug Mercedes with a proposal to attach it to the German team in racing sports prototypes. Interventions for Mercedes helped Mark Webber to gain invaluable experience, but the race at Le Mans changed everything, because that's when, in 1999, Mark has broken out - due to problems with the aerodynamics of the car. In 2005 an Australian team spent a season at Frank Williams. Unfortunately, Williams summed up the form, but Webber was able to climb the podium in Monaco, taking third place. In 2006, Mark has been obtained the status of the team leader, and at the end of the year a contract was signed Red Bull, Mark Webber thus returned to his home team, which several years ago had the name Jaguar. 2008 was the year of the continuation of Mark in the team Red Bull, ahead of an Australian permanent David Coulthard - team mate, and performance in the British Grand Prix was the extension of the contract with Red Bull. The best season in his career Mark was in 2009, where he Th 6-times on the podium, winning with two victories. Of course, it goes a significant head start in the career of Mark.
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Formula 1

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Mark Webber I don't miss Formula 1

Mark Webber I don't miss Formula 1

Ex-pilot of Formula 1 mark Webber admitted that he doesn't miss the Royal race, who he left over a year ago.Mark Webber "I do not miss. I was lucky to play in the best League times, I was lucky to work with Adrian Newey, who helped me to reach its maximum.I watch the race on TV, do not miss the latest news. I like to watch race, but now I don't spend my life on it. Even I watch only the race, not practice, and skills".

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Mark Webber about the best pilots of Formula 1

Mark Webber about the best pilots of Formula 1

Ex-Formula 1 driver mark Webber told about the pilots, whom he considers best.Mark Webber "In the years of my youth for me, the best drivers were Nelson Piquet, Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, Nigel Mansell. These pilots were on top in every race.I like how Jean Alesi constantly attacked the track at the limit, even, at times, too risky. They were pilots, which were being monitored by the whole world. These are my favorite pilots.But among all the pilots, especially among my peers, was allocated only one - Michael Schumacher. He doesn't look like anyone else, this is a special driver and man.

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Mark Webber does not believe in the championship Nico Rosberg

Ex-Formula 1 driver mark Webber has admitted that his belief in the championship Nico Rosberg melts with every race.Mark Webber "It would be great if Nico will win it this year, but the problem is that Hamilton is simply phenomenal. This year there are no double points in the final race, so his title Lewis will be able to get ahead of schedule.Can happen a lot, and the problems in Italy on the car, Niko showed it very clearly, and Ferrari can fight for a couple wins. In General, the chances of Nico is very small, I don't believe in his title".

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Mark Webber Red Bull will switch to Ferrari engines

Mark Webber Red Bull will switch to Ferrari engines

Ex-Formula 1 driver mark Webber is already not bound by contracts or any obligation with Royal races, so allows himself to say what he wants. It concerned the question of the engines of his former team.Mark Webber "Be sure Red Bull will soon break up with Renault and will switch to Ferrari engines. This is the best option for this team. With these engines we can already burst into action and win races. In addition, no one has forgotten connection Red Bull for Ferrari, because it is on these engines Vettel first won in a Toro Rosso".

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Mark Webber In Formula 1 must be the talents, not the rich

Mark Webber In Formula 1 must be the talents, not the rich

Ex-Formula 1 driver mark Webber believes that in today's Russian Grand Prix is less talented drivers.Mark Webber "In the 1990s and early 2000s in the race was much more talented guys. Even those who came with money, you still have proved very quick in the Junior series. I'm glad now leaders in the really fast drivers, but they are less and less.I am sorry that in racing there are pilots like Pastor Maldonado, who with their money just to decide where and how much will be performing. It hasn't happened in other sports. There, if you don't show the result, you expose the door".

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Mark Webber again calling Jenson Button in the WEC

Mark Webber again calling Jenson Button in the WEC

Ex-pilot of Formula 1 mark Webber last year was the name of his friend Jenson Button in the championship WEC. The Aussie is again inviting the British in an endurance race.Mark Webber "I want the button thought over the proposal. He's a great pilot, very strong and quick, hard-working and experienced. His career in Formula 1 is coming to its end, so it's time to make a decision for the future.In endurance racing pilots have a high status, we are engaged in important business, besides, more and more companies are high-level eyeing the championship. Only one fact an extension of the contract with Porsche to 2018 says a lot".

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Mark Webber With tires gotta go deal

Mark Webber With tires gotta go deal

Ex-Formula 1 driver mark Webber believes that the urgent need to deal with exploding tires at the Royal races, because the situation is getting so out of control.Mark Webber "Criticism of Vettel justified, and there are no arguments that burst a tyre on his car was associated with excessive tire wear. The pilot and the team must be confident in the tyres - it is an axiom. I agree that the speed on the waste rubber is expected to decline, but confidence in the reliability of the tires should be.If you find that Pirelli has informed the team about the opportunity to be 40 laps, the fact of the explosion after 28 looks suspicious. While Pirelli was lucky with criticism, but their account is already quite a lot of these blunders. Need something urgently to solve, otherwise one of the pilots can get an accident with severe consequences on Pirelli's fault".

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Mark Webber I'm just a small fry

Mark Webber I'm just a small fry

Ex-Formula 1 driver mark Webber believes that it is not worthy to stand in one row with the great pilots of the Royal race.Mark Webber "to Compare pilots is very difficult, especially different generations. I don't know how to show themselves Schumacher in the 1970s. Michael often went beyond the limits of the possible, and the car was not always capable of it. In those days the racing was much more dangerous, and the search limit might fail.Jackie Stewart, Jim Clark and Fangio were more cautious. Now we can afford to make a mistake and get in an accident with virtually no consequences. I have identified five pilots, the best of the best Senna, Fangio, Stewart, Schumacher and Simple. And I would have no place. I'm just a pilot, and I admit that I was very pleased to compete with Schumacher on one track".

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Mark Webber Now I have no anger towards SEB

Ex-Formula 1 driver mark Webber said that already does not hold a grudge against Sebastian Vettel, with whom he worked for a long time and vied for the lead in the Red Bull.Mark Webber "act now Vettel in the Red Bull or not, my attitude towards him a little would have changed. More precisely, it would not become worse, as time goes on, all experienced a situation I now see in a different light. At Red Bull we were fighting for leadership in a team, now we're on different fronts.I ended my career, and at SEB it is in full swing. I don't consider him my enemy, I don't have any enemies - I would like to believe in it. I have for Vettel there is only a sense of deep respect, and with age it only gets bigger. I respected him before, but now I just learned a lot".

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Mark Webber Riccardo, do not rush to get upset

Mark Webber Riccardo, do not rush to get upset

Ex-pilot of Formula 1 mark Webber hastened to comfort his countryman Daniel Ricardo, to whom he handed a place in the Red Bull. The Aussie believes that there is no point in blaming the team and seek refuge in other stables.Mark Webber "First of all, Riccardo copes with his work. He should know that. This season is hard for everybody, but Red Bull worst of all, given its stellar past.I suggest ricciardo just wait out this rough patch, because it will soon pass. The fight for the title soon. Wait until next year and see what happens".

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Mark Webber Alonso asked me to become his partner

Mark Webber Alonso asked me to become his partner

Ex-pilot of Formula 1 mark Webber in his autobiography talked about what was in the 2012 season to compete in the Ferrari.Mark Webber "I met with the head of Ferrari Stefano Domenicali on the yacht Flavio Briatore in Monaco. Flavio, Stefano and Fernando Alonso asked me about my move to Ferrari. The contracts were ready, but they gave me only one year with the vague option for renewal. Then I did, and said I wanted to work with me all year. I refused, as it required a two-year contract.At that moment I felt that this contract is not for me. It was tempting, but not for me".

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Fernando Alonso eyeing WEC

Recently Fernando Alonso more comments on an endurance race, where he failed to perform last year because of the accident Mark Webber on one of the championship round of the WEC. Guide McLaren afraid to let his fighting pilot at the start of the race for another championship.Fernando Alonso "it is a pity that last year I couldn't participate in the race. But I was the guest of honour, gave the start of the race and I must say that the atmosphere on the track and in the stands, just fantastic People even more than in the stands during a Formula 1 race.I like the race itself, where each segment need to drive at the maximum, attacking each circle. In Formula 1 we've already forgotten how it. I hope that I will be able soon to speak in WEC.This weekend in Le Mans is held by the activist, and a leading position is the reigning Formula 1 pilot Nico hlkenberg.

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Mark Webber the New rules allowed us to relax

Ex-Formula 1 driver mark Webber believes that the new regulations allowed the pilots to become more relaxed, which led to reduced interest in the sport.Mark Webber "When they changed the rules, and came into the championship Pirelli tires, overload was gone. It turned out that the pilots could become a third weaker, relax.It's easy for me to compare, because I remember the year 2005, the most difficult in all plans. Then there were high speed, strong overload, hard braking. But public interest was high because the cars looked very nice, and the sound was so loud and disturbing that people came only for him. It is a pity that now all was not right.Season-2005, which remembered Webber, was the last in the championship, when used V10 engines.

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Mark Webber will release an autobiography

Ex-Formula 1 driver mark Webber will release his autobiography titled Mark Webber Aussie Grit mark Webber, the Australian Grit. In the sale of the book will arrive on 1 July in Australia and in the world in mid-September. Probably the book will reveal some of the mysteries of the life of a pilot in the Red Bull, where his relationship with Sebastian Vettel was not entirely smooth.Mark Webber "It's my own book. I spent a lot of strength when they wrote it".

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Mark Webber has hinted at a departure from Red Bull Formula 1

Ex-pilot of Formula 1 mark Webber had the reputation of a good friend of the owner of Red Bull Dietrich Mateschitz, so the Aussie versed in the latest cases of the Austrian team.Mark Webber "Mateschitz appears very rarely the people who very rarely gives interviews, but when it does this, his opinion is worth listening to. He owns a huge company, and his word is law. I know he's thinking about decommissioning program in Formula 1, but he'll do it or not - I don't know yet. Everyone's on edge, just have to wait".

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Mark Webber Vettel was on the verge of collapse

Mark Webber Vettel was on the verge of collapse

Ex-Formula 1 driver mark Webber said that Sebastian Vettel in the last two years was under strong emotional pressure.Mark Webber "SEB was strongly influenced by the incident with Schumacher, it's a crippled guy on the inside. They were very close friends. In addition, Vettel had a child, and it is also affected mentally. Everything accumulated inside SEB and accumulate. He was on the verge of collapse, because at the fore other classes - not a race. And he soon moved to Ferrari, although Red Bull for sure there was nothing to do".While Webber has admitted that he is already again normally deals with Vettel.Mark Webber "I remember after the Grand Prix of Australia together flew to Dubai. We had a few hour to spend together, and we talked Yes, Yes, talking And it is normal. I agree that we previously had a very strained relationship, obviously unfriendly, but now everything has changed. We re friends, and it was worth it just to stop being mates".

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Mark Webber Formula 1 should return to the classics

Pilot Red Bull's mark Webber believes that Formula 1 should aspire to the classics in its history to raise the interest in racing.Mark Webber "the Last six years were terrible for Formula 1. Racing has changed so much that steel is not very interesting to the public. Now with all this talk about tires, and this bug is already moving to GP3 and GP2. And I am totally against the rule change, and at this rate.In other sports so no major changes, for example, in football or tennis. Why in football don't make the gate wider Because goals will be moreOvertaking when their 20 per race, and they are all jewelry professionals, is enough. They look nice, and you know that they rightfully and skillfully. Pilots are not to blame. Blame the rules that everyone must follow".

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Mark Webber Vettel not just gone from Red Bull

Mark Webber Vettel not just gone from Red Bull

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 mark Webber believes that Sebastian Vettel is not just decided to leave the Austrian stable - it was a calculated step.Mark Webber "Vettel is a very clever guy, otherwise in Formula 1 will not survive. He understood not only the fact that he needed a new stimulus and challenge, he realized that because Red Bull is time to run. Now how Red Bull can do without such a talented pilot, not very clear, but we'll see during the season.Red Bull is not the same team that was before. There is no stability, competitiveness declined. Perhaps Riccardo and be able to compete with Hamilton and Rosberg, but ahead of them will not be released to anyone".

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Race in Abu Dhabi will be the last for.

For someone race in Abu Dhabi will not only final this season, but the last in his career. For some it will last only as part of a specific command.So, the race in Abu Dhabi may be the last in the career for- Jenson Buttonpage, McLaren has already signed a contract with Fernando Alonso, and this means that the team will leave one of the pilots. The greatest probability that the third extra is exactly Jenson. Obviously, in this case, the 34-year-old Briton will leave Formula 1. Mark Webber has already invited the Button in the endurance race.- Adrian Sauber refused services 31-year-old German in favor of younger and monetary pilots. Options for a career in Formula 1 at Hadrian's simply no.- Jean-Eric Vernakalant Toro Rosso has already been refused the services of a Frenchman, when he signed a contract with max Verstappen. But then Daniel Quat went on increasing in the Red Bull, and Verna chance. However, the second place in the Toro Rosso can still take Carlos Sainz and Alex Lynn. Then Jean-Eric will probably remain without a place in Formula 1.- Kamui Kabachitare got a place in Caterham due to sponsorship. Still unknown, will survive if the team before the start of next season. In any case, the Japanese will be a lot of money your competitors to get a seat behind the wheel of one of the cars. So, most likely, Kobayashi last time will appear at the start of the race in Formula 1.- Will Stevensoni in Abu Dhabi will be the first in the career of Stevens. It is not excluded that last. All will depend on the survivability of the network and the availability of sponsors.In the offseason, a lot of pilots will change commands. So race in Abu Dhabi will be the last- for Sebastian Vettel in Red Bull next year, the German will partner Kimi Raikkonen at Ferrari. for Fernando Alonso in Ferrari already said that he was leaving the Scuderia. It is expected that he will appear in a McLaren.- for Kevin Magnussen in McLaren is a small chance that Magnussen will be useful in the composition McLaren, where, most likely, will come Alonso. But the 22-year-old Dane has all the chances to pursue a career in Formula 1. Perhaps in time he will be back by the pilot.- for Esteban Gutierrez in Sauber it is known that the Mexican next season will not sit behind the wheel of a fighting machine Sauber. 23-year-old Esteban admitted that expects to get a spot test driver for next season with an opportunity to return to the race in 2016 Quite realistic goal, given the presence of rich sponsors.

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Mark Webber I'm ashamed of the Formula 1

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 mark Webber admitted that he was ashamed of modern Formula 1 is turned from the sport for real men a laughing stock.Mark Webber "I'm a little strange to see that in the Formula 1 began to gain almost children. Young pilots were before, but these were a few of the hundreds. Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso came early in the sport, but they are unique and strong from the physical point of view. I don't think people will flock to throw into the stands to see performances by max Verstappen. Now everyone knows that the flying car has become more straightforward than twenty or fifteen years ago.Modern Formula 1 gradually burns out the traditions in which she lived in the past. Now it has become slow as GP2, and its rules is silly and not enough sport".

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Mark Webber invited Jenson Button in WEC

Mark Webber invited Jenson Button in WEC

Mark Webber after finishing his career at Red Bull moved into the championship endurance racing, where is the factory Porsche team, and now welcomes back of Jenson Button.Mark Webber "Jenson, my friend Rather sign a contract with the WEC I'll be happy to fight against you next year. It will be cool".

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Mercedes on the threshold of the record number of the winning doubles

Mercedes on the threshold of the record number of the winning doubles

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg has won the 2014 13 Grand Prix and nine times earned for Mercedes AMG winning the doubles. But according to this indicator, the team from Brackley has not yet reached the record McLaren, installed in 1988 Then Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost won for two 15 victories in 16 races, earning ten doubles.

However, Mercedes have the ability to set the bar at a new height, because until the end of season three Grand Prix. By the way, winning nine doubles was also on account of the racers Ferrari Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello at the end of 2012.

Double-six clones were earned racers Williams in 1992 through the efforts of Nigel, Mansell and Ricardo Patrese, and in 1996 - Damon hill and Jacques Villeneuve. While Red Bull Racing, the winners of the four previous Championships, can boast of a maximum of four such achievements over the season.

The number of duplicates Hamilton and Rosberg are 5-th place in the rating of the most successful racing duets in the history of Formula 1. 1st place belongs to Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello 24, 2nd - Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber 16, 3-e - Ayrton Senna and Alain Simply 14, 4th - ly Hakkinen and David Coulthard 13.


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Mark Webber Performance with Schumacher helped Rosberg

Mark Webber Performance with Schumacher helped Rosberg

Mark Webber believes that three years of performances in a team with Michael Schumacher helped Niko to Rosberg. Former Formula 1 driver'm sure Niko learned a lot from seven-time champion, and now it helps him in the fight for the title.

Mark Webber "Niko became different, it's not so much has changed - Rosberg has always been aggressive, but he is now fighting for the title, so it should pay particular attention.

Niko three years acted as one team with Michael Schumacher, saw how he works, and tried to use this experience. Despite the fact that the team didn't win anything, Rosberg over the years, become stronger, working together with Schumacher has accelerated its development.

What will happen after this championship The season will start in 2015, and pilots Mercedes will have to learn to work together again".


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Mark Webber enough signal display on pit lane

Mark Webber enough signal display on pit lane

Restrictions on communication has become one of the main topics for discussion in Singapore, especially when the FIA softened his stance, putting off the main limitations until the next season. Former Formula 1 driver mark Webber does not see anything amazing.

Mark Webber "this week everyone is talking about limiting radpanelbar, and the following will appear some other topic for discussion. Everything, as usual.

Actually, quite enough signal display on the pit lane, but due to the increasing volume of information in modern Formula 1 on the radio a lot of data. Teams want to optimize, constantly give some directions. Ten years ago there was no such information flow. Having so much data at their disposal, the team want to transfer driver.

If the FIA slightly restricting the radio, you did this so that Newspapers could about something to write. Want to stay in the theme.



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Jean-Eric Verne Red Bull I no longer help

Jean-Eric Verne Red Bull I no longer help

A year ago, the Red Bull Racing have preferred Daniel Riccardo when looking for a replacement for Mark Webber, and more recently Jean-Eric Verny had to come to terms with the fact that Toro Rosso will replace the Dutch teenager Max Verstappen. In an interview with the official website Frenchman told how he copes with unpleasant news.

Question Jean-Eric, you still find it difficult to accept the fact that you have to leave the Toro Rosso

Jean-Eric Verne It was never easy, but such is life. Toro Rosso - Formula 1 team, whose main goal is to promote young riders from the program of Red Bull, and after three years you are no longer considered a newcomer or a young racer. It didn't matter if I had won the race - my place wouldn't be in this team.

Question was the impression that Toro Rosso will abandon its role of test team for beginners" and become serious contenders from the middle of the peloton. At least, that was the beginning of the season. Why has the situation changed

Jean-Eric Verne I Think that Toro Rosso has no choice. I have a great relationship with all team members, we have invested a lot of effort in working with the new machine, but decisions are made in the Red Bull. They have a youth program that you want to promote. So.

Question the team Manager Franz Toast always very good of you responded, gave to understand that he wants to keep the squad in 2015.

Jean-Eric Verne Yes. My departure is not related with my results. Take the Grand Prix of Hungary half of the race I took second place, ahead of Nico Rosberg, and he was not able to overtake me. And then they called me and said that next year I will not act in the Toro Rosso. This is the life.

Question Up to what point you believe that you have a future in the Toro Rosso Were there any signs that you will leave the team

Jean-Eric Verne I didn't believe anything, you never know what can happen in the Red Bull.

Question But you had the hope that you will stay in the team From outside there was no sign that you have to leave.

Jean-Eric Verne I was hoping to stay because they do not see any real signs. The team became my family, I wanted to continue working with them and move on, because this season was very difficult for us due to frequent failures.

Question is Fair to say that the machine Toro Rosso not competitive. Because of this, gave up the idea to keep experienced riders and try to play multiple positions

Jean-Eric Verne No. Toro Rosso is one of the teams, which puts more funds into research and development of machine this year and a new chassis for next season. Unfortunately, the results do not reflect our efforts. We should occupy a much higher position than it actually is.

Question next year in Formula 1 will be a very young rider - max Verstappen celebrates 17 years. Many complain that the Formula 1 is not enough vivid personalities, but how can they take, if the sport will debut at such a young age What do you think about this

Jean-Eric Verne All the way there. I'm afraid my opinion about this is incorrect. Do I have to talk about what is bad and what is good.

Question Isn't it forces the driver of your age to look "old"and someone for 30 - retired

Jean-Eric Verne Funny, isn't it Now it is obvious that we don't need all these youth series before debut in Formula 1. And start carting better up to 6 years.

Question Now you need a plan C. As it looks

Jean-Eric Verne I hope to stay in Formula 1. If you compare me with Daniel Riccardo, the results were always very close. He is better played in qualifying, but I have made significant progress in this area. In addition, I always looked okay in the race, many times finished ahead of him, so I can say that driving is equal to the machines again, we would have fought for the podium.

I hope I get the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to believe all that I can do. I completely trained to successfully complete this season.

Question Red Bull supports career racers youth programs, as they entered. But when riders fall out of this scheme, it may be difficult to negotiate about the new features. You now have encountered such a problem

Jean-Eric Verne Really, I have no Manager. I try to understand what are the options. I know that perhaps I need to find someone, but I'm 99 self-sufficient. The way it is.

Question a few weeks most places in the teams next year will be distributed. You go to the paddock and talk to the teams

Jean-Eric Verne Yes, but I don't want to talk about it. But Red Bull helps me not. Now my main task is to successfully finish the season.

Question What are your chances to achieve this

Jean-Eric Verne In the last two races have problems, but I think a car should be competitive. In addition, we looked okay in Monaco. So, we should finish in the top ten this weekend, regardless of the restrictions on communication. In the end, we racers.

Question of Course I want to succeed in the remaining races - this is your chance to contract in the future. You will be treated the same as Daniel Quato

Jean-Eric Verne I Think, Yes. I have a great relationship with the team, and I'm sure they will help me to finish the season.

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How it will affect the race restriction of communication

How it will affect the race restriction of communication

Adopted last week to limit radio traffic has caused a mixed reaction teams, racers and journalists. In his column a British expert James Allen discusses the impact of these amendments to the sporting regulations for the Singapore Grand Prix.

James Allen "Released last week the FIA Directive that prohibits radio communication between the pit lane and racer important for the final result information, aroused great interest.

Today, the FIA has issued clarifications regarding prohibitions and permits, and the former chief operating engineer Force India and Williams Dominic Harlow gave a few comments about how the team will plan the work, to cope with the new rules.

Among the key areas covered by the ban - information about the urban fuel consumption, the settings of the engine, transmission, differential, clutch, balance, brakes and so on. Teams cannot share with riders coded messages and answer direct questions racer, for example "I use the correct torque adjustment" In addition, there is a hard limit on messages on the signal tables.

Allowed to give the driver information about the strategy, the details of circle time sectors, results and lagging rivals, as well as advise to attack and report the rivals with whom to fight. You can also give some information about security, in particular, to warn about the puncture, yellow flags, failure to comply with the boundaries of the track, the problems with the machine and DRS.

Rules apply to all racing this weekend and apply to stay the cars on the track.

So, how will this affect the first race in Singapore


Starts can be a controversial area. During the warm up lap is very clear preparation of a Formula 1 car to start, and the driver is constantly feeding information back, while he is engaged in the settings. It should be determined from the activation of the clutch and accordingly select the operation mode. If the rider forgets to do so or makes a mistake, the start will be so, what before were often starts Mark Webber, or as Lewis Hamilton in Monza. In the end, might work mode, preventing the engine is switched off, and Gondek will not touch with a vengeance.

Since before the first corner in Singapore 500 meters, this can lead to different efficiency starts on Sunday riders not only will constantly change positions, but there is a possibility that will be chaos when they have to Dodge slow opponents, who started ahead.


Some information about brakes allowed, and basic prohibitions in this area will come into force on the Grand Prix of Japan. Smoking messages on the settings of the balance of the brakes, so that engineers will not be able to advise riders to make changes based on the state data of the front and rear brakes, which you can see on the monitors.

On a track like Singapore, where brakes are used 16 times on the range and work on 21 of its length. this could create an interesting situation. Brakes overheat and cool them almost no chance. Earlier when the problem occurs, the engineer could ask the driver to adjust the brake balance to compensate, but may come a time when it will result in reliability problems.

Working with rubber

Again, the basic restrictions will come into force in Japan.

One of the most important areas of modern Formula 1 car - control of work and tyre wear. Some racers, in particular, Valtteri Bottas, great feel and can accurately predict when the rubber will lose its effectiveness. He can still report this information either verbally, or with a switch on the steering wheel, which operates in five modes, where 1 signifies that the tyres are in order, and 5 - it's time to change them.

Teams are forbidden to answer direct questions riders, but they can ask them questions under new rules, this point is of particular importance.

These things will play into the hands of the rider, which from the cockpit predicts the development of the situation, knows what he expects from the team at one time or another, and prefer to guide decision making. He may say, for example "I don't think this rubber will withstand as much laps left before the planned pit stop", and engineers can confirm this.

So, this will benefit the riders level of Jenson Button, especially in a difficult situation when on the road is a car security, or the weather changes.

Who loses in this situation

Obviously, this will complicate the task of the young and less experienced riders. 17-year-old Max Verstappen will be upset by the fact that in a difficult debut season next year he will have to deal with everything without the help command. This will increase the load on the Toro Rosso, which will have to spend more time on preparation than before the advent of this Directive.

In addition, it will upset the engineers who had previously received little airtime and were represented on television and radio commentaries Grand Prix. Now they play a less prominent role, at least until the cars on the track. However, their work with riders on the briefings has not lost its importance.

The new rule aims to give viewers increased opinion about the riders, but it is unlikely that it will attract a new audience. Moreover, those who follow the championship, will become less interesting. It will reduce the amount of information about what is happening on the track, which would be accessible to spectators and commentators whose job is to explain to them the race.

As is often the case in Formula 1, the radio was a good idea, which was allowed to go too far, and it diminishes the role of the racers, creating the notion that they cannot act independently. But these corrections can make the race less spectacular and certainly less informative, because the living story would lack detail, though in terms of starts, brakes and tires, the situation can become more interesting for the reasons listed above".

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How much can cost a helmet racer Formula 1

How much can cost a helmet racer Formula 1

British journalist James Allen asked what the auction price on the helmets of the drivers of Formula 1, which are periodically offered for sale and are of great interest to collectors.

James Allen "how Much can cost a helmet racer Formula 1 A lot, judging by the fact that for a helmet Sebastian Vettel, in which four-time world champion won last year's Grand Prix of Germany, recently paid at auction 72 thousand pounds.

Interesting article about helmets and their auction prices appeared in the autumn issue of the magazine, the leading auction house Bonhams, who last month sold the most expensive car in the world Ferrari 250 GTO 1962, was sold for 22.8 million pounds.

According to Toby Wilson, head of the automotive Department at Bonhams, purchase helmets famous racers is risky, as there are many copies. So when it comes to assessing the helmet, you need to be armed with the basic information.

What kind of racer who wore it, where and when, what results have been achieved, and how important were these results in the context of the world Cup All this should be taken into account when assessing the helmet, " explained Wilson. - It must be accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity issued by the team.

The helmet, in which the only time Vettel has won a home Grand Prix, was bought by a German collector, who understood how important it was for Sebastian that victory. Helmet Vettel, which he used in Monaco, where he won the race, was sold for 20 thousand pounds. For comparison, helmet 1950, owned by five-time world champion Juan Manuel Fangio, also went for 20 thousand pounds.

Agree, someone might think that the value of such historical helmet or helmet Graham hill, sold over 6.5 thousand, logically, should be still higher than helmet Vettel, completely covered with logos of sponsors.

According to Mark Webber, the ex-partner Vettel at Red Bull Racing, racers and teams are constantly arguing about what is more important - commercial considerations or the opportunity to emphasize the individuality of gonska.

Business partners always want their logo was painted on the helmet, but you must preserve their individuality, " said Webber. For example, in the Red Bull didn't want my helmet was a green color, because it is too close to the range, which uses one of their competitors. But over the years the value of helmets, like red wine, is only growing. After 30 years, looking at the shelf, you'll think "Cool, what I have"".

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Mark Webber I want to win in Le Mans

Mark Webber I want to win in Le Mans

In an interview to the press service of the Red Bull Racing mark Webber told about how his career after retiring from Formula 1.

Question mark, what was your first Le Mans in the role of a racer Porsche

Mark Webber We gave a great show in Le Mans, but it's a long race - 24 hours at work While we were leading, but the car did not survive until the end of the race, and Audi won deservedly. I enjoyed the race. For Porsche, the program is still in the very beginning, but we are making progress and will try to win Le Mans next year

Question How difficult Le Mans

Mark Webber In the race many different aspects. There are teams likely to win - Porsche, Audi and Toyota. Their machines are very fast, develop at direct 330 to 340 km/H. There are pilots other category, fighting for the first place in his category, and we must pass by a large number of professional and Amateur racers. Then comes the night, might rain. You must be good in all conditions, and I really like this part of the work.

Question What race you can be called the best in your life

Mark Webber I have pleasant memories associated with performances in the Junior series Formula Ford, Formula 3, but on the first place for me, for many reasons, the first victory in Monaco. It was one of those days when I could easily come off from the rest and even thought, "What are they all doing". This was not often in my career. There is no better route than in Monaco, for optimal control of the situation in the race.

Question do You miss the days when I could just drive on the highway without having to to you was riveted everyone's attention

Mark Webber Those days are long gone. I too long at a high level competed in the Formula 1, so people have high expectations, and they believe that I should show results in any category on any machine. However, I still love to fly, love racing, so sometimes we're going on the road with friends, to just race for fun.

Question After retiring from Formula 1, you still see the Grand Prix

Mark Webber Look, when there is such a possibility. However, I have no religious needs to watch the Grand Prix every weekend. However, sometimes it's nice to sit down with a beer in a chair in front of the TV and watch the broadcast.

Question are You satisfied with the performances of Daniel Riccardo, who succeeded you in the Red Bull Racing

Mark Webber It's just incredible. No one waited for him to of such results. Daniel is piloting a clean and fast, practically does not allow mistakes, very quiet, excellent job - no wonder he has such a big smile I never get tired of listening to the national anthem of Australia. It is very difficult to achieve results at this level, so his victory is simply brilliant

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James Allen about another "conspiracy theory"

James Allen about another

British expert James Allen analyzes the situation in Monza, where Nico Rosberg twice made a mistake on the brake, losing in the end position, Lewis Hamilton.

James Allen "the Internet is a great medium for communication between people all over the world, but sometimes she finds justify the ridiculous rumors and theories.

A good example is talking about the fact that Nico Rosberg intentionally made a mistake in the first corner Monza to concede victory to Lewis Hamilton, offsetting the consequences of the incident that occurred two weeks earlier in the Spa. According to this theory, his actions were part of a plan developed by the leadership team Toto Wolff, Paddy Lowe and Nicky Loudou.

He Rosberg has denied any suspicion. "Why I had to deliberately concede For this there is no reason. Only if your team tells you to skip mate, you can do it. People talk about the incident at Spa, but there I made a mistake, and brought an apology. We have discussed this situation within the team and left her behind. I didn't have to return, and mistakes happen."

Could the team really take such a decision One can imagine that after the events of recent months, when Hamilton refused to pass Rosberg in Hungary, which may cost Rosberg's victory, and then clashes in Spa, deprived the team of reserves, and increased their advantage Rosberg in the individual standings on 18 points.

Theoretically, it is possible to imagine an agreement that who on Saturday will win a pole position, and he will gain an advantage in the race. The pole was won by Hamilton and Rosberg could take your word that it will not interfere with the win mate. If this was true, then everything went according to the script from the very beginning - car Hamilton refused electronics start, he fell back to fourth place, while Rosberg was leading the race.

In this scenario, when Hamilton played, restoring its second position, and began pressing Rosberg, from everything looked so that he made a mistake on the brake, and in the end, Lewis stepped forward. But would he do it their way, risking to kill the tires or crash into the barriers

No, if all this was planned in advance, it was possible to do, as, apparently, entered the Red Bull in Brazil'11, when a mysterious problem with the gearbox Vettel gave the victory to Mark Webber in the final race of the season. The Rosberg just suddenly would all have lost speed on any sector, having heard the encoded message is a command, like "change settings" or "mode 5", and everything looked very natural. Any racer will never give victory as it happened on the 29th lap from Rosberg. It just doesn't make sense.

So was there a plan

Only one thing can be said with certainty. Whatever happened, whatever measures Mercedes not accepted for Rosberg after the incident in Spa, they in no case could not sacrifice the result - as in qualifying, and the race team could only be configured on a winning double. No doubt about it. This is the only goal in the Mercedes will be put in front of him until you win the Cup of designers.

We will never know whether there was agreement that Hamilton should win the race, in order to stabilize the situation in the team, but from the point of view of Lewis seven points, which he played from Rosberg in Monza, can not compensate for 18 points, lost them due to the incident at Spa. On its part, Rosberg could say that he lost 13 points due to the fact that Hamilton had not missed it in Hungary. And even Hamilton could recall the error Rosberg qualifying in Monaco, which cost him seven points. Count yourself

In the past teams have not once used a cunning plans, but I think in this case, Niko just made a mistake under pressure.

The turning point for Hamilton

As Hamilton several times was wrong this year, for example - during qualifying in Canada and Austria, and Rosberg is not always withstood the pressure. Last time it happened at Spa, where he made several mistakes.

Before the first corner at Monza racers brake from 350 to 80 km/h at a distance of 139 metres in about 2.6 seconds. At this speed, the automobile can make one hundred meters per second, so if you are late with braking at least one-tenth, it is already ten meters further, it is enough for the incident, which we have seen with Rosberg.

Why he went straight, but not locked wheels For five laps before Niko was replaced by rubber, and if he blocked the bus, I would not be able to drive the remaining 24 circle with propleshiny. In the end, had to spend another pit stop, losing several positions. Remember the recent painful experience Rosberg at Spa, where he blocked the rubber on the brake, the team had to change the strategy, and the victory eventually went to Riccardo.

This is another reason why, if he wanted to give the Hamilton victory, he would have made it different than the error in the area of braking for the first turn.

On Saturday I spoke to in motorhome Mercedes with Damon hill, who said that the team can control the situation only as long as it suits the riders, for whom the most important is their career. A chance to win the title eclipses for riders of all, in this situation, they can act in the best interests of the team only as long as it does not interfere with their personal interests.

Let's summarize. Could the team to develop a plan, by prohibiting Rosberg to attack Hamilton Yes, they could.

Was it to implement this plan at any cost, despite what happened at the start It is unlikely.

Six races are separated Nico Rosberg from the title. He had the advantage in 29 points, now left 22. Anyone who thinks that in this situation, the driver can intentionally make a mistake at the point of the most severe braking during the season, losing nearest rival not only leadership, but also a psychological advantage, does not understand the very essence of how the riders".