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Nico Rosberg is ready to work constantly in the paddock

Nico Rosberg is ready to work constantly in the paddock

This year's defending champion Nico Rosberg a few times turned into a commentator. The Germans liked this role, and he is ready to consider proposals of the broadcasters.Martin Brandl, former drinking Formula 1, and now TV commentator "Nico is a treasure for any broadcaster. He knows these hybrid cars just thoroughly, he knows all the drivers, all the tracks, he is also a world champion, defending champion".Nico Rosberg "I think that can give the role of TV expert new level. If I like it, I'll be back. Maybe this year. But I'm not affiliated with any broadcaster in the contract".

2017-06-16 13:44:04

Jacques Villeneuve Vandorn still not good enough

Jacques Villeneuve Vandorn still not good enough

The season champion-1997 Jacques Villeneuve believes that Stoffel Vandorn not yet ready for Formula 1.Jacques Villeneuve "His performances are disappointing. He was never ahead of Alonso. And if he beats Alonso, then it cannot be called a great or even good enough for Formula 1.When I debuted in 1996, it immediately began to fight with Damon hill became champion. I managed to get Williams on pole position in his first Grand Prix.In Formula 1 must be plank, high plank for pilots-beginners".However, another ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl believes that such criticism is unfair.Martin Brandl "the First six races nothing to say. You need to give the guy time, he is still young, and to criticize it unfairly, because he has no good cars. I continue to believe in Stoffele, and I am sure that McLaren, too, will soon add".

2017-05-09 20:54:06

Martin Brundle Verstappen disappointed

Martin Brundle Verstappen disappointed

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl believes that Max Verstappen disappointed with his inability to fight for victory this year.Martin Brundle "He's so smart, and I don't think he needed advice. But he mustn't be too upset by the fact that his car is not able to fight for victory. I can just see the disappointment on his face.The battle between Mercedes and Ferrari will continue throughout the season. Two teams of excellent pilots. And Red Bull will have to just wait in the wings".

2017-03-29 09:24:06

Martin Brundle View that will show the team in the rain

Martin Brundle View that will show the team in the rain

The ex-pilot of Formula 1, and now television commentator, Martin Brundle said that he wants to see how to manifest itself the new cars in the rain Grand Prix.Martin Brandl "We know that rain race are often very exciting, as cars are faced with a limited grip. They're 20 seconds slower on the same lap. We know that in MotoGP racing in the rain exciting, though they are turned almost half a minute slower. It's not speed, and that car looks fast when fighting wheel to wheel.The team with the new rules worked in the mainstream, because the cars have become too heavy, too quiet, too complicated, too expensive, too dependent on aerodynamics.We have spent billions of dollars on this white holiday. I was pleased to watch the fight to Ferrari and Mercedes. But I'm waiting for the new Formula-1, which is due to begin in 2021".

2017-03-19 15:34:02

Martin Brundle McLaren will not go away from Honda

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl believes that McLaren can't afford to terminate the contract with Honda.Martin Brundle, "They can't leave Honda. Ross brown at the time was very lucky with Honda, but this is different. McLaren very highly integrated technically, with Honda financial, so they can only work with them.We all want to see McLaren back in the fight. As far as I know, the problems are really huge. They now do not think about the attack or the midfield. They re at the bottom of the peloton".Martin Brundle drove for McLaren in 1994.

2017-01-25 11:34:02

Martin Brundle, the New leadership will change this world

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl believes that the new leadership of the championship will help the Royal race to ascend to a new level of popularity.Martin Brandl "I think Formula 1 up to this point relied only on their own history and the legacy of the past. But that impulse passed, and the championship went down the wrong path in several key moments. So I think with new media and many other aspects of the championship will be able to access new opportunities and achieve new heights of popularity.Bernie Ecclestone has done a lot right, made a lot of money and popularity for the sport. But when he came to new technology and a new era of technology, he just hid his head in the sand. You can't do that, because we live in a different technological and information world that does not see Ecclestone".

2017-01-13 14:54:05

Martin Brundle does Not know, will the changes have effect

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl admitted that he did not know that will bring new rules to the Royal race.Martin Brandl "of Course, the cars and the racing will definitely be different from last year, but how much The championship has come a long way, full of mistakes to make racing better. I remember the days of blown diffusers when Red Bull could take almost any turn, sinking the gas pedal to the floor.Then there are new hybrid engines, which do not sound as good as I would like.New cars will have more downforce and tyres that are 25 percent wider than their predecessors. The car will also be wider and slightly longer. It will be a monster on wheels. But give us an interesting race - we'll see.The braking distance will be shorter. More traction means that drivers can slow down on four or five meters later. It also means that pilots will have fewer opportunities for overtaking.View, perhaps the race will turn into the drive one after another for one and a half hours".

2016-09-21 10:44:04

Martin Brundle next year starts can become even more decisive

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl believes that this year starts can pre-determine the winner, but next season things can still get worse.Martin Brandl "I Think starts have become too decisive in the fight for victory. Moreover, not only for victory, for many around the peloton starts to play an important role. Who manages to break above, he has a chance to achieve a finish in the points zone.Next year the rules will be different, but they will not change the approach to the start and fight on the track. Things can get even harder. And it bothers me".

2016-09-20 10:24:03

Martin Brandl I believe in the championship Rosberg

Martin Brandl I believe in the championship Rosberg

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl believes that Nico Rosberg this year can become a champion.Martin Brandl "I don't know how he and Niko considers whether he believes in the possibility of becoming a champion, but my personal opinion and my confidence is growing. It's good that Niko continues to treat Lewis as the opponent, which should be ahead. That's right. Perhaps that is what gives him the motivation and strength to win the qualifying and to fight in the race. The last race in his performance is simply magnificent. I am pleased to see how he leads".Rosberg won the last three races and took the lead of the championship with an advantage of 8 points.

2016-09-07 11:14:05

Martin Brundle, Bernie doesn't love anyone

Martin Brundle, Bernie doesn't love anyone

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl believes that changes are coming in Formula 1, and they will happen very soon.Martin Brundle, Bernie Ecclestone is a dictator and Formula 1 need such a person. Bernie loves no one, and this despite the fact that I've seen hundreds of people who believe that they are under the special protection of Ecclestone. Many people think that he values them more than others. But the game is Bernie, he does this in order to disarm needed in his business people. No emotions to people he does not feel.The only problem with dictators - they have no continuity. There is no one to replace him, there's nobody to pass the whole business. Rapid changes are coming in Formula 1, and they will be very painful".

2016-06-27 15:04:02

Martin Brundle Formula 1 is constantly evolyutsioniruet

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl believes that the permanent progress in Formula 1 is good, but next year it will hardly solve the basic problems of the championship.Martin Brundle Formula 1 is in constant motion, in development. This process of technology evolution. I like the Brawn car in 2009, but the modern front wings are much harder than the race car Ross Brawn. The championship has been committed to high velocities, for a constant development of their machines, we see that from year to year.As it should be, and soon the engines will be powerful, and 1000 L.S. But I don't think that all changes next year will save the championship from its basic problems".

2016-06-07 12:34:03

Statistics 100 starts without a victory

Statistics 100 starts without a victory

For hlkenberg start in Monaco became 100-m in his career, Sergio Perez - ' 99. And by this measure, the pilots Force India are the leaders among active pilots, has never won the race.In the history of Formula 1 only 12 pilots were able to spend more than a hundred races and thus never stood on the top step of the podium. While Adrian Sutil, Pierluigi Martini and Philippe Allio never hit the top three. As, however, and Hulkenberg.The number of starts in races1. Andre de Cesaris - 2082. Nick Heidfeld - 1833. Martin Brandl - 1584. Derek Warwick - 1465. Jean-Pierre Gare - 1346. Eddie Cheever - 1327. Adrian Sutil - 1288. Pierluigi Martini - 1189. Philip ALLO 10910. Mika Salo - 10911. Jos Verstappen - 10612. Pedro de La Rosa - 10413. Nico - 10014. Sergio Perez - 99 - active pilots.

2016-05-17 11:44:06

Martin Brundle Verstappen soon can hate

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl believes that the success of max Verstappen have to enjoy now because soon it can strongly disliking.Martin Brandl "I came to Yeosu after the race and said that his son's success should be enjoyed now because in a few years he can do that at the time did Schumacher. Max can blame the fact that he destroys the Formula-1 of his victories. So it was with Schumacher when he was winning everything, so it can happen now".

2016-05-05 13:44:05

Martin Brundle returns to endurance racing

Martin Brundle returns to endurance racing

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl has previously competed in endurance races and now in its 57 years, is preparing once again to sit behind the wheel of a superfast machine.Martin Brandl "For me it was a wonderful opportunity and honor to ride on a fast sports prototype at the legendary track of Le Mans. Drive here is always great and exciting, so I was pleased to accept the invitation of United Autosports and will sit behind the wheel of the car Ligier. Special thanks to my sponsor Richard Mille, which was done in my 57 years such a gift".

2016-04-19 16:14:03

Martin Brundle Vettel and Raikkonen will fight for the title

Martin Brundle Vettel and Raikkonen will fight for the title

Ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl believes that Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen this year will still be able to compete for the title.Martin Brundle "We do not see between the two Mercedes drivers equal competition within the team. We don't see at all for a victory wrestled only two pilots. Joined a battle of the Ferrari drivers, and I'm sure a couple of races Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen will compete for victory. To do this, the Scuderia just need to solve their problems with reliability. When this period is over, the pilots will regularly fight for points and to select them at Mercedes".

2016-03-02 16:14:16

Martin Brundle Lewis has three weaknesses

Martin Brundle Lewis has three weaknesses

Ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl said that could ruin this year is Lewis Hamilton.Martin Brundle "Lewis is able to achieve a fourth title, but in his way are three stumbling block. This is his major weakness that will have to fight the guy.The first weakness is the own concentration on the championship, the second - Nico Rosberg third - Sebastian Vettel. These guys have an appetite for the fight and the title, therefore, to attack Hamilton at the limit".

2015-10-02 10:14:03

Martin Brundle button is well

Martin Brundle button is well

Ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl was one of the opponents of the withdrawal from racing, Jenson Button, and now he welcomed with joy the news that the world champion remains.Martin Brundle "that's fine, as for the world of Formula 1, and for the huge army of fans of Button. I couldn't believe that Jenson will retire, because if this decision is made personally by the pilot, nothing would stop him.I know the button very fast, it very much looks against Alonso this year. The only thing that kept the McLaren of Button and from the signing of the contract - financial games and politics. Everyone had to agree, and, as it happens in Formula 1, a lot happens in the last moment".

2015-09-24 10:44:06

Martin Brundle the Hamilton is very lucky

Ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl believes that Lewis Hamilton's exceptionally lucky to go the distance in the race Grand Prix of Singapore.Martin Brundle "I think the Hamilton is very lucky to go the distance in Singapore. Because on that day the Germans had a very bad for a race, and if it was their day, Nico Rosberg would be able at once to win 25 points. However, the gap is still huge, and given the fact that Ferrari are unlikely to be able to fight for the championship, Lewis DNF in that race was a very lucky coincidence.Ferrari, of course, already very close, and Hamilton will have to work on the remaining six stages, but still, he's in good position at the moment".

2015-08-03 09:14:06

Martin Brundle Kvyat became calmer

Ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl believes that Daniil Kvyat has become more stable compared to the beginning of the season.Martin Brundle "it's obvious that Kvyat is progressing. This is evident not only on its result in Hungary. In the first half of the season, he was acting nervously, but this is understandable, because the guy only came in Formula 1 - and in the top-team.Now Daniel became calmer, having dealt with all in the team. His failure behind".

2015-07-19 18:44:05

Martin Brundle Jules had the potential to become a champion

Martin Brundle Jules had the potential to become a champion

Ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl believes that Jules Bianchi could be a world champion, because a properly worked over his career.Martin Brundle "Jules was a very positive young man, he went for a great future in Formula 1. I am very sad that the guy died so early. Motorsport remained without great talent, and his relatives and friends have lost a kind, loyal and good person.I am sure that all went to the fact that the guy had to sit behind the wheel of fast cars, it is clearly prepared to transition into a Ferrari. Bianchi correctly built his career, so he could become a champion - the potential for that he obviously was. It is a pity that it didn't happen".

2015-05-26 16:04:04

Martin Brundle At some point, Hamilton surrendered

Martin Brundle At some point, Hamilton surrendered

Ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl believes that in trying to overtake Sebastian Vettel in the race, the Monaco Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton has lost faith in himself.Martin Brundle "I think that Hamilton could overtake Vettel in the fight for the victory, as his partner. But in countless attempts to overtake he lost faith in himself. He took the victory, and it just pissed the guy off balance.I know that I had to persuade him to participate in the conference and awards ceremony. It was a complete collapse of self-love Lewis".

2015-04-24 12:24:03

Martin Brundle I'm a spark

Ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl admitted that performs an ardent fan of return to the Royal race of sparks.Martin Brundle "I have been reading the critics, that the plates have been introduced artificially, and that the good of it there is no saying, it looks willfully. But I'm glad I returned those times, which once successfully fought the former head of the FIA, Jean-Marie Balestra.I advocate the return of sparks, it added entertainment races. Now I can not erase from memory the moment when Hamilton went on around the bend, and behind him, striking sparks, Rosberg attacked Vettel in the fight for second place".

2015-04-15 12:44:04

Martin Brundle Lewis can do what it wants

Ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl believes that Lewis Hamilton was right in a dispute with Nico Rosberg.Martin Brundle "Hamilton was the leader, he won the qualification, and so did the race everything I wanted. If Rosberg ahead of Lewis, it could somehow claim a right in this dispute. Now, however, he should keep quiet".

2015-04-14 12:14:07

Martin Brandl believes in star max Verstappen

Martin Brandl believes in star max Verstappen

Ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl sure of max Verstappen get a super-pilot.Martin Brundle "We live in interesting time, because everyone can see how rising star max Verstappen. He feels the car is incredibly thin. I am sure that before its 20th anniversary, he'll be in the top team. It is likely, the guy will become as great as Senna or Schumacher.Max is still young, but he is by nature incredibly fast, and this compensates for the error. He is very young, calm and reasonable. He has yet to come".

2015-03-06 13:24:14

Martin Brandl Magnussen should thank fate

Martin Brandl Magnussen should thank fate

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl believes that Kevin Magnussen very lucky to replace Fernando Alonso in Australia, because it is not yet clear what the whole story with the Spaniard will end.Martin Brandl "While Kevin doesn't realize that, speaking different raving about the Manor. The guy had the chance, which could not be, he should thank fate for the accident Alonso. I am sure that guy will do their job, because a year ago he showed good speed and made the podium in Australia. He has a good chance".

2014-10-16 00:04:02

David Coulthard on the fight for the title and the future Alonso

David Coulthard on the fight for the title and the future Alonso

In the author column for BBC Sport's David Coulthard was talking about the results of the Grand Prix of Russia, the fight for the title and the future of Fernando Alonso.

Still every racer who won during the season four Grand Prix in a row, was in that year the world champion. Lewis Hamilton in 2014've done it twice already. Yes, critics will say that this is only statistics, but Hamilton is more than just a successful series.

His teammate Nico Rosberg demonstrates the speed and professionalism, but remains one big question - he needs to win the battle wheel to wheel with Lewis on the track. However, this has nothing to do with the title. The Rosberg won the qualifying and the race, and it happened that and fewer victories was enough for the title of his father Keke won in 1982, winning only one race.

In the last three Grand Prix Nico need to catch up, but with double points in Abu Dhabi title is still achievable. However, the actions of the Hamilton felt confident he even defended, when Rosberg attacked on the inside radius at the start of the Grand Prix of Russia.

It was very unusual - a lot of riders are very aggressive act on the start defending the position. Me is impressed. As if he carelessly threw companion "Well, overtake, I will still play - I've got 53 lap in order to do it."

Perhaps he felt confident in the brakes, because during the whole weekend had an advantage over Rosberg in turn, and thought, "Well, let's see what you'll do in the zone of inhibition". Lewis is very much held the weekend, he was one step ahead.

Error Rosberg locking rubber and passed directly into the first corner, was another in a series of mistakes made in recent races. Lewis also did not avoid the mistakes this year, but they were in an earlier stage of the season, when there is an opportunity to win.

Niko allows more errors than Lewis, but he is wrong when it is ahead. We will wait to conclusions, but if Rosberg once again make a mistake in such a situation, it will be possible to agree with those who believe that he it affects the pressure.

To watch them struggle very interesting, and while Lewis calm as Buddha, in comparison with myself still.

Honorary title

In the last two races fight for the title were only Hamilton and Rosberg. Daniel Riccardo behaved bravely, but now almost dropped out of the fight, giving Lewis 92 points in the situation, when left to play STO.

Early victory for Mercedes in the Cup of designers, in fact, for the four race to the end of the season - if we consider the double points in Abu Dhabi - it demonstrates the dominance of teams in the new Formula 1 turbo engines. We have not seen.

The fact that Red Bull Racing occupies the second place in the Cup of designers, indicates the high efficiency of their machines and the strength of the team, but in the role of supplier power plants in Mercedes exceptionally well coped with their work, and this should be recognized.

Reflections on Bianchi

Me for many years. I survived the Imola 1994 and the death of Ayrton Senna, when events in the Formula 1 developed in a worse scenario than in the case of accident Jules Bianchi in Suzuka.

When I write these lines, Jules is in critical condition in the intensive care unit of the Japanese hospital. All United to support Jules, his family and the Marussia team during this difficult time.

In the FIA made the right decision, at the special press conference during the Grand Prix of Russia, where he was voiced by all available information about the accident. I don't think anyone can blame that, although the mixture of emotions and shock sometimes causes the disputed assessments.

Four-time world champion Alain Prost openly expressed their indignation that the tractor was on the highway at that moment, when he could crash. This is understandable, but we must admit that in the last twenty years, the evacuation of cars was exactly what Martin Brandl almost crashed into a tractor in the same rotation Suzuki, but seriously wounded Marshal.

Last year one of the marshals was killed during the evacuation of the machine in Canada.

Change is inevitable, the FIA will do everything possible to minimize risks in the disaster area, slowing the car to the same speed or more using the safety car. You may ask why this has not been done before It is important to understand that everything in the Formula 1 racers, marshals or mechanics, are aware of the degree of risk is part of our work.

Alonso has driven itself into a corner

I don't know all the details of the situation, which led to the fact that Fernando Alonso has decided to leave Ferrari, where he will probably replace Sebastian Vettel. Official confirmation of these transitions have not been, but it looks that way. Fernando was freed from the contract, without the other, although it would like to sign a contract at McLaren.

What will happen to Alonso He will miss the season Spend it in racing sports cars Will sign a contract with McLaren Say, he really wants to play for Mercedes in 2016, but it is unlikely that there will be a vacancy.

In an interview with the BBC after the race in Sochi Lewis Hamilton talked about the cycles in his career. He went through several cycles in a McLaren, now would like to pass them in the Mercedes. Please refrain until the predictions, but it seems to me that shortly after the end of the championship we will see the application for the renewal of his contract with Mercedes.

The Rosberg contract until the end of 2016, so that Alonso will be only one obvious option with McLaren. I read the comments of Fernando that the application will soon be made, but it seems that he has a choice between only those to skip the season, and the contract with McLaren.


2014-10-14 14:54:03

Martin Brandl about their impressions of the Grand Prix of Russia

Martin Brandl about their impressions of the Grand Prix of Russia

Former F1 driver Martin Brandl now says race on SkySports - traditional blog on the website of the channel, he told about his impressions from the Grand Prix of Russia.

Martin Brandl "It was a strange and very emotional weekend. The sad events of the last minutes of the race in Suzuka remained in our heads and hearts. Now, when I write this stuff, I still can't believe what happened there. There is something wrong with what we have left Jules in Japan. I couldn't sympathize with him, Jules - not my son, but I have paternal feelings, I love this charming and fast guy.

With these emotions I arrived in Sochi, apparently, so expectations were pessimistic. What he saw seemed too new, too rectangular, too ridiculous. But then I noticed, I walked along under a cloudless sky, and enjoyed the stunning point deceleration in the second rotation, high-speed 180-degree third turning many racers on Friday said that the actual route was much more interesting than the version on the simulator.

After two years of criticism Pirelli very conservatively approached the selection of compounds for the race in Sochi, so on Sunday morning, many said that with a minimum number of pit stops, the race is unlikely to succeed spectacular. In part, they were right, but perhaps that is what we needed in this weekend.

After what happened in Suzuka in the FIA were ready to release the safety car in case of any incident, the team took into account this factor when choosing a strategy, but it did not work.

All were confident that they will be able to go the distance with one pit stop, but Nico Rosberg drove the entire distance on one set of tyres. Honestly, I didn't believe it would ever happen.

In addition, the DRS zone was not particularly effective. We have not seen heavy fighting for position, but riders often traveled outside of the track with all four wheels. I don't know why new tracks this problem cannot be solved. Need to find some solution, not allowing riders to easily return to the trajectory after departure, but without excessively high curbs and gravel zones security.

The Sochi Circuit will never be the nature Spa, Monza, Monaco and Silverstone, but not most of the new tracks, except that in the circuit in Istanbul, but now there is no Grand Prix.

Error Rosberg in the first zone of inhibition reduced the severity of the fight, but to watch his breakthrough was interesting. Congratulations to Mercedes with a confident and well-deserved victory in the Cup of designers. During the weekend many spoke about the high fuel consumption. Honestly, I expected more influence of this factor in 2014, but it was secondary. Valtteri Bottas once again featured prominently in the race. It was nice to see Jenson Button all weekend in good shape.

We are perfectly accepted in Sochi, all corresponded to the highest level. In a more daring choice of rubber compounds and without the sad emotions of the previous Grand Prix next race in Russia will leave a better impression. But the beginning was very solid".

text Dmitry Bukharov


2014-10-07 17:44:03

Will the accident Bianchi revising the rules

Will the accident Bianchi revising the rules

After the accident, Jules Bianchi in the Grand Prix of Japan began a discussion about whether acted Directorate of the race Not whether it was necessary to release the safety car immediately after the departure of Adrian Sutil Respected British journalist James Allen talks about whether to change the rules

James Allen "After a dramatic incident with Jules Bianchi in Suzuka have any questions about the role of vehicle safety in modern Formula 1. Opinions are divided. Someone thinks that because of the deteriorating weather conditions, the safety car had to release onto the 43rd round, when the marshals were evacuated wrecked car Adrian Sutil. Some believe that the mere fact of being in the relegation zone heavy tractor should automatically lead to driving safety.

The problem with the regime yellow flags is that it is not said, to what speed racer is set to slow in the area of their actions. The Formula 1 engineers tell us that, in practice, pilots to share a moment let go of the gas pedal, and then dispersed again. While the safety car, racers must travel at a given speed, which is determined at the beginning of the weekend.

As in the case of any accident, FIA began the investigation of the incident. There were many arguments in favour of that issue at the moment on the track the safety car the weather conditions deteriorated, decreased visibility, and some riders, such as Bianchi and Sutil, on the intermediate shank drove more than 20 laps, they were badly worn. The engineers say that in such conditions, when it rains, worn intermediate tyres very quickly, on each round, losing temperature, and then the level of clutches drops sharply. In addition, the marshals worked in the relegation zone on a very wet part of the track.

In our days, the race direction has very sophisticated equipment to track any situation on the road this radio communication with the marshals at every turn, service and television cameras, sophisticated software that analyzes data from sensors, GPS and so on. The race direction control signal system that displays on the wheel and on the scoreboard to track information about yellow flags. In addition, there are marshals with flags. In the twilight it was hard not to notice this light indication. In this case, the usual flags - is secondary.

This season we have seen several controversial episodes. For example, in Hockenheim car safety does not appear on the track after machine adriana Stila blocked directly opposite the pit lane. And in Singapore, as it is considered a safety car for a very long time remained on the track, while the marshals were removed from the road debris machines Sergio Perez.

So it is necessary to revise the rules about where on the track the safety car after what happened in Suzuka World champion 1997 Jacques Villeneuve says Yes.

"Rules governing the operation of safety car must be changed, - says Villeneuve. When I participated in the race and got into an accident, every time it was disturbing, does not crash if me someone else. Even if the route yellow flags, even if the riders are dropping speed, still something can happen, for example, puncture or breakage of the suspension. The accident occurred on the highway came the safety car. Everything is simple, as it should be. American racing has always been like this".

Former F1 driver and now a television commentator Martin Brandl got into a similar accident at Suzuka in 1994 he nearly crashed into a tow truck, but was hit by one of the marshals.

"I almost lost my life, but I managed to avoid a collision with a tractor, although I knocked the Marshal, " says Martin Brandl. The tractors are too high and the driver is in the car too low. I have spent many years talking about it. If you are flying in for the turn, then crash into the barrier. The racer is no possibility to change the situation, because this place is a very high speed.

Having studied Amateur video of the crash Bianchi, it becomes clear that he is lucky if the trajectory of the machine took place at five meters to the left, he would hit the Marshal, and then would have flown under the tractor. However, even if there was no tractor accident still could be very serious, because the impact of the barrier of the tire would happen at a very high speed.

It is difficult to eliminate all risks, but the question is, what is the direction of Formula 1 should work to reduce the likelihood of similar accidents Obviously, the emphasis should be shifted towards the clarification of the rules of the yellow flags. In Formula 1 should respond to the events, but it is important to avoid over-reaction.

If you accept the change that stands Jacques Villeneuve, Formula 1 will be completely different, because the safety car will appear on the track more often. This will lead to the reduction of lead in the peloton that can help in those years, when one of the teams has a dominant advantage. The race will become more unpredictable, especially if the safety car will appear on the track at an awkward moment for the leader, when his opponent has just made a pit-stop.

Usually four or five cars't get to finish, although at the end of the era of V8 engines due to the increased security number descended was less. With the development of hybrid power plants in the coming years, the reliability will return to the previous level. Sometimes, after detecting a technical problem, the pilots returned to the boxes, and do not stop on the track. Some modern tracks so large security zone that seems pointless to release the safety car after each flight, because the marshals are far from the path. In addition, the need to review the new rule restarts from the place after leaving highway vehicle safety, and to increase the time limit of the race.

From the point of view of their influence on the course of the race, the emergence in the mid-distance car safety always complicates the work of strategists commands, because you need to quickly decide whether to stay in boxes or to stay on track. Of course, there are cases that the pilot on the strategy of one pit stop and still did not stop, then there is no problem of choice, but these days such races not so much.

Excluding severe weather conditions, it is usually now the safety car appears on the track in the area of open pit-stops", because before and immediately after stops in boxes pilots were attacking in full force. Considering the difference in the effectiveness of the rubber near the cars on the track, this leads to clashes. A good example is the emergence of the safety car in Singapore because of an accident Sergio Perez".


2014-10-02 13:54:02

Martin Brandl In Japan, the rain is raining heavily

Martin Brandl In Japan, the rain is raining heavily

Typhoon Phanfone approaching Japan, the forecasts of meteorologists still disappointing. According to the latest data, the Typhoon may be in close proximity to the track on Saturday and Sunday, which jeopardizes the carrying out of the race. If it is to move the race on Monday not possible due to logistic requirements on Monday morning the team needs to go to Sochi in time to prepare for the Grand Prix of Russia.

But even if the Typhoon will bypass road side and all limited to simple rain, this may seriously complicate the situation for the teams, because on the weekend every pilot is only provided four sets of intermediate tyres and three - rain, reminded the ex-pilot of Formula 1 Martin Brandl.

Martin Brandl "When in Suzuka it's raining, it's raining heavily, so the situation is not ordinary. In the past on this line we have available special tires for heavy rain, because the element here becomes almost biblical scale. Once something similar happened. The circuit is located in the coastal zone, but we were warned in advance so we have time to prepare.

If Friday session will be announced rain, the teams will provide an extra set of intermediate tyres, but they will not have enough sets of wet tyres. If the track will be filled with water, during exercise, few will work".

Over the last 10 years, the weather has an impact on the schedule for the Grand Prix of Japan twice. In 2004, due to the Typhoon Ma-on, and in 2010 due to heavy rain qualification had to endure on Sunday morning.