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2018-02-19 18:37:09

Nicholas Latifi ready to practice the Grand Prix of Canada

Reserve pilot Force India Nicholas Latifi preparing for the fact that his first Friday practice he will hold during his home Grand Prix of Canada.Nicholas Latifi "I have never played and don't even raced on this track, so this will be my first opportunity to experience the amazing track.I'm very worried that I will be able to pilot the car in front of canadian fans, but I'm sure it will be a highlight of the season. I will try to enjoy the moment, although it is well know that the priority is simply to work on a given program, giving the team the necessary information.

2018-01-05 20:04:04

Nicholas Latifi - reserve pilot Force India

Nicholas Latifi - reserve pilot Force India

Team Force India announced the signing of the contract backup pilot with 22-year-old canadian Nicholas Latifi.Under the contract, Latifi will take part in several Friday practice, including in Canada, and spend a couple of days on the tests.Vijay Malia, head of the team "Nicolas became a member of our youth program after a successful season in Formula 2. In the new season he will work on our simulator, as well as conduct a few Friday's practice. We have extensive experience of work with young pilots - Nicholas will learn a lot and prepare for the debut in Formula 1".In 2017 Latifi played in Formula 2, won one race at Silverstone and took the 5th final place.

2017-08-02 11:14:03

Nicholas Latifi the Heat was strong

Nicholas Latifi the Heat was strong

Test-pilot of Renault Nicholas Latifi on the results of the tests in Hungary was on 7-th position.Nicholas Latifi "it's Cool that I managed to get behind the wheel of cars of Formula 1. Yes, it was very hot, but after testing for Pirelli in Barcelona I really wanted to get back behind the wheel.The car has excellent handling, I was able to give the team good feedback. Sorry for the lost time due to the replacement of the engine, but the mechanics coped with the task, and I returned to the track at the end of the day.Sorry that I missed you so much, but the rest of the day was rich".

2017-08-01 10:54:03

In Hungary started the tests of the Formula 1

After the Hungarian Grand Prix of Formula 1 team remained in Budapest, what to hold a two-day series of tests. Today started the first day, behind the wheel of cars sit mostly young pilots.One additional machine was allocated by the Mercedes team for the tests rubber Pirelli. In her cockpit sits Valtteri Bottas.The teams, August 1Mercedes George Ferrari Charles Williams - lance Red Bull - Max Force India - Nikita Mazepin and Lucas Renault Nicholas Latifiah Rosso - Sean McLaren - Stoffel Sauber - Gustav Malaya - Santino Pirelli - Valtteri Bottas Mercedes.

2016-03-15 11:04:03

Nicholas Latifi - test driver for Renault

Nicholas Latifi - test driver for Renault

The Renault team has announced the signing of a contract test-pilot with Nicholas Latifi. It is expected that 20-year-old canadian will take part in some test sessions, and occasionally will run during Friday practice.In 2015 Latifi acted in the Formula Renault 3.5, where he took 11th place. In addition, on account of his seven races in GP2, however, never managed to finish in the top ten. In the new season, Nicholas will continue to conquer GP2 team DAMS.Frederick Wasser, the head of the team Renault "Nicholas is a talented pilot who was already performing in various Junior series. We are determined to prepare him for a debut in Formula 1.GP2 series - great units vary for young pilots to gain experience. In our team he will be working on a special program, which will allow him to get a Superlicense and to work at least one Friday practice".

2016-01-15 16:04:03

Chief designer of the Ferrari became the aerodynamicist Manor

Chief designer of the Ferrari became the aerodynamicist Manor

Nicholas Tombazis, the former chief designer of Ferrari, has signed a contract with the team Manor. At the new location the 47-year-old engineer heads the Department of aerodynamics.John Mcwilliam, technical Director of Manor "We are pleased to announce that Nicholas Tombazis will lead our Department of aerodynamics. His arrival will strengthen our team of engineers who have in recent years not had the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities.Sure, the power plant of Mercedes, gearbox Williams and the new structure of the Department of aerodynamics will allow us to create competitive machines. Because of this, we can achieve our goals."Nicholas Tombazis "I am delighted to join the Manor during this period of team development. We have serious plans, and the team is ready to invest heavily in new projects. I'm glad to take part in this.This team of experienced professionals and I'll be happy to work with them. We will do everything necessary to make serious progress in the coming years."Tombazis came into Formula 1 in 1992 as aerodynamics Benetton. Two years later he headed the Department of aerodynamics. Three years later, Nicholas went to Ferrari after Michael Schumacher, Ross brown and Rory Birnam. He spent several years at the Scuderia in a similar position, and in 2004 signed a contract with McLaren. Two years later Tombazis returned to Ferrari, but this time as chief designer. In late 2014 he was fired, a new team leader Maurizio Arrivabene.

2015-07-17 14:04:03

Italian media Ferrari wants to get rid of James Ellison

Italian media Ferrari wants to get rid of James Ellison

Italian media believe that Ferrari is not very happy with the new creation, James Ellison, which, however, has already achieved one victory in Malaysia, so wants to get rid of a talented engineer.Italian media "there are three races that will be for Ellison key career in Ferrari. On highways the probability to win is, therefore, James is required to do everything to achieve first place.It is clear that James Ellison worked after not the best of the inheritance left by Nicholas Tombazis, but Ferrari have invested a lot of money, was launched a new wind tunnel, have created new test stands, therefore investors require a return. But the main attack takes on Ellison.Allison moved from Lotus to Ferrari in the middle of 2013. Current car SF15-T was his first independent development in the camp of the Scuderia.

2015-01-12 12:54:04

Da Costa won the fourth stage of the Formula E

Da Costa won the fourth stage of the Formula E

The pilot team Aguri Antonio Felix da Costa won the fourth stage of the electric formula, held in Buenos Aires. Winners of the Argentine race also became Nicholas Simple and Nelson Piquet.In the beginning of the race struggles led Sebastian Buemi, Lucas di Grassi and Nick Heidfeld. On the 16th round in the wall flew Karun Chandhok, and on the track appeared machine security. Many took advantage of the situation to conduct pit-stops.Only over the road to a green flags, as in the same 10-m turn damaged the suspension, the leader of the race, Buemi. After a couple of laps left and di Grassi. The peloton was led by Heidfeld and Sam bird, but both were fined. The first is for speeding on pit lane, the second exit on the highway under a red light.After that, the leader of the race was suddenly da Costa, who won the first victory in Formula E. the Remaining place on the podium went Simply and Piquet Jr.After four stages of the championship leader remains di Grassi. Next race will be held on 14 March in Miami.

2014-12-17 16:34:02

In Ferrari Grand reshuffle

Maurizio Arrivabene, the new head of Ferrari, has announced a major restructuring of the team. Technical Director chassis Pat fry and chief designer Nicholas Tombazis leave the Scuderia.Chief designer appointed Simone Resta, Director of the division of power plants - Mattia Binotto. Both will report to James Allison, technical Director of Ferrari.The new sporting Director of Scuderia became Massimo Rivola. Unit Corsa Clienti, which is responsible for different "rides" will be headed by Antonio Coletta. He will also oversee the GT program. At the head of the Racing Academy Ferrari will remain Onion Baldisseri.Press service of the team will be headed by Alberto Antonini, who previously worked commentator for Sky Italia.Why the Scuderia left the fray and Tombazis, the team said.Recall that over the past year changed twice a leader of a team. In addition, it left the chief engineer Luca Marmorini and leading pilot Fernando Alonso. A couple of months ago as President of Ferrari left Luca di Montezemolo.

2014-12-12 13:14:04

Ferrari continues mass cleaning

Ferrari continues mass cleaning

The Ferrari team can't stop the impulse to bring order to his slender ranks of the best specialists in technical areas. Despite massive layoffs during the season of 2014, this process is not yet completed.According to information obtained from El Mundo Deportivo, technical Director chassis Pat fry and chief designer Nicholas Tombazis already have not done their duty and sent on indefinite leave.

2014-10-22 21:04:02

WSR Maxifier best on the second day of testing in Jerez

WSR Maxifier best on the second day of testing in Jerez

The speaker for Lotus Matthieu Maxifier showed the best time in both sessions postseason test Formula Renault 3.5 on Wednesday. In the morning the Frenchman drove a lap around the track in Jerez 127.074, which is almost a second faster than the best time Tuesday. The second time was shown by another racer, who sat behind the steering wheel of the Lotus Nicholas Latifi.

In the second half of the day the best was also Maxifier, but the speed on the track dropped and none of the pilots have not improved my morning result. The second was Oscar Tunjo, third - Russian Egor Orujov. The fourth time champion of the Formula Renault 2.0 nick de Vries was later cancelled because his car was easier than required by the regulations.

The results of the morning session



Time - Difference - Circles

1. Maxifier - Lotus - 127.074 - -


2. Nltype - Lotus - 127.456 - 0"382


3. Plantin - International Draco Racing - 127.502 - 0"428


4. Djafar - Fortec Motorsports - 127.560 - 0"486


5. Nde Vries - DAMS - 127.792 - 0"718


6. Mr. king - Arden International 127.811 - 0"737


7. Buesser - AVF - 127.899 - 0"825


8. Lyoto - Fortec Motorsports - 127.911 - 0"837


9. Dolsen - Strakka Racing - 127.945 - 0"871


10. Rhonda - Tech 1 Racing - 128.012 - 0"938


11. Dstone - Pons Racing - 128.032 - 0"958


12. Derickson - DAMS - 128.065 - 0"991


13. Otunga - Pons Racing - 128.071 - 0"997


14. Eurojet - Arden International 128.102 - 1"028


15. Gala - ISR - 128.222 - 1"148


16. Abyssicola - ISR - 128.595 - 1"521


17. Brodifaco - International Draco Racing - 129.177 - 2"103


18. Dhodges - Strakka Racing - 130.186 - 3"112


The results of the evening session



Time - Difference - Circles

1. Maxifier - Lotus - 127.952 - -


2. Otunga - Pons Racing - 129.007 - 1"055


3. Eurojet - Arden International 129.064 - 1"112


4. Dstone - Pons Racing - 129.151 - 1"199


5. Gala - ISR - 129.220 - 1"268


6. Lyoto - Fortec Motorsports - 129.240 - 1"288


7. Abyssicola - ISR - 129.389 - 1"437


8. Rhonda - Tech 1 Racing - 129.405 - 1"453


9. Djafar - Fortec Motorsports - 129.459 - 1"507


10. Nde Vries - DAMS - 129.531 - 1"579


11. Mr. king - Arden International 129.598 - 1"646


12. Derickson - DAMS - 129.694 - 1"742


13. Dhodges - Strakka Racing - 129.697 - 1"745


14. Nltype - Lotus - 129.734 - 1"782


15. Buesser - AVF - 130.195 - 2"243


16. Dolsen - Strakka Racing - 130.243 - 2"291


17. Plantin - International Draco Racing - 130.785 - 2"833


18. Brodifaco - International Draco Racing - 131.302 - 3"350


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2014-10-19 17:34:02

WSR the Race was won by Rowland, Extinguished became the Vice-champion series

WSR the Race was won by Rowland, Extinguished became the Vice-champion series

After qualification Roberto Mary was fined for creating interference rivals, lost two positions and started the third. Thus, the pole inherited Oliver Rowland and perfectly ordered them Briton confident start and was able to repel the attacks of the Pierre Gazli, who immediately rushed to the attack. Mary kept close behind them, and took quite a risky maneuver, trying on the first lap ahead of the Frenchman, by the outer radius, but it failed.

On the opposite end of the peloton has been a contact between machines of the Novel Mavlanov and Luke, Giotto, in the Draco Italian veered across the track and the Russian racer went on. However, soon he found himself in the gravel trap - probably the result of their own mistakes.

After a few laps I started pit-stops, but the leaders were in no hurry to go in the boxes. Interestingly, series champion, Carlos Sainz Jr., leaving the pit lane, entered the fight with Beitske Visser 14-th position, but the Dutch rider was well protected and was not going to surrender.

Meanwhile, will Stevens, the winner of yesterday's race, and Jazzman Jafar received fines for speeding in the pit lane.

Probably this weekend good luck finally turned away from Roberto Mary on the 7th lap he came in boxes at the mandatory replacement of rubber, but the car stalled, with the result that he lost the chance to defend the 2nd place in the individual standings, while his rival, Pierre went out, spent his mandatory pit stop without problems.

Mechanics after some time was able to start the engine, Mary went to the track, but it was obvious that he has an obvious problem the engine on his Fortec not developed the power, the car was driving very slowly, and the Spaniard had to go back in the boxes.

After the pit-stops of the leaders of the race was headed by Marlon Stockinger, Rowland went second, and went out dropped to the 5th position, but actively pursued Nicholas Latifi. But Sergey Sirotkin, who started 11th, 13th circle broke already on the 6-th position.

Stokinger finally turned into the boxes, and leadership returned to Rowland, which gave Fortec hope of victory in the team competition, if Sirotkin will be able to score enough points.

15-lap Jafar and Matthias Laine collided, resulting in both cars finished in the gravel, and in dangerous proximity to the highway, so I left the safety car. Theoretically, this situation gave Sirotkina additional chances to win at least a couple of positions.

After restart Sergey really walked Pietro Fantin and moved into 5th place. Latifi ahead will Buller and went to the second position, Extinguished went fourth. Sainz could still overtake Visser and rode the eleventh.

It seemed that Sirotkin was gradually reduced its backlog from Fading, while the French pressing of bullera and 20-lap went on the attack, but to no avail. In this situation, the Russian racer crept close to the opponent, but closer to the finish line of the race, the interval between machines increased again - apparently, he has parted with the hope to anticipate the future Vice-champion of the series, which, in turn, did not allow Fortec to become a leader of his team.

In the end the victory went to Oliver Rowland, ahead of nearest rival by almost 8 seconds. Went out finished fourth, taking second place in the season because Mary in Jerez dropped out of the race in both races, Pierre has earned 9 points more.

If we talk about the team standings, DAMS established in the first place, scored 316 points Fortec just three points less.


2014-10-15 14:24:02

WSR Comtec Racing missed the season finale in Jerez

WSR Comtec Racing missed the season finale in Jerez

Unfortunate is the season in the Formula Renault 3.5 for Comtec Racing - after care Nikolay Martsenko the team was forced to skip stages in the Spa and at the Moscow Raceway, and now will not come on the final stage in Jerez, which will be held in the coming weekend.

One racer - winner of the title in the Formula 3 Esteban Windows will spend this weekend in Euroseries, and the second Camera Twynham suddenly refused to participate.

Phil blow, team Manager "New challenges great distress, as in the case with Nicholas in the Spa, we can't find a replacement - it's a complete surprise".


text Dmitry Bukharov


2014-10-11 10:44:02

GP3 DIN Stoneman won the pole in Sochi

GP3 DIN Stoneman won the pole in Sochi

Racer series GP3 DIN Stoneman, who spent the season at Marussia Manor, but was forced to move in Koiranen GP in connection with failure of the team from participating in the Russian stage, won the pole in qualifying at the track in Sochi. He rode the range of 151.715, ahead of Alex Fountain and Marvin Kirchhofer.

The championship leader Alex Lynn from Carlin in his last attempt after two sectors exceeded the time of Storman, but made a mistake in the 13th turn and ended up only eighth.

In the Russian weekend GP3 participates and Nikolay martsenko - he, again, as on the stage in Austria, sat behind the wheel of the machine Hilmer Motorsport. However, so far the weekend has been a not too well - and in Friday's training, and in today's qualification Nicholas was the last.

The results are being prepared.

text Elmir Valeev


2014-09-03 21:14:02

WSR Nicholas Latifi will perform for Tech 1 Racing

WSR Nicholas Latifi will perform for Tech 1 Racing

Nicholas Latifi will be playing for team Tech 1 Racing in the next two stages Formula Renault 3.5. He will replace Alfonso Selisa, who got behind the wheel of the second car team only in the last race at the nrburgring. Before that Tech 1 exhibited at the start only one car.

Recently one of the most titled teams in the series is experiencing not the best times. From 2007 to 2012 she was four times winner in the team event, but last year was unsuccessful, finishing only fifth place, and this has problems with financing. During the first five stages of the season Marco Sorensen defended the colors of Tech 1 alone, and at the moment she is only 11-th place among 12 teams.

Invitation to 19-year-old Latifi, as I hope in the team, will help her to add, however, earlier canadian never acted on this technique. The last two years he spent in the European Formula 3 championship - currently he occupies the 10th place.

Simon Abadie, team Manager "We are delighted to welcome Latifi in our team. In Nicolas cage not much time to get used to the car and learn how to use the DRS system, to learn the starting procedure and the technique of pit-stops, but we are quite sure that he is able to learn quickly. He will use every second to it."

The contract is for two weekend. Who will sit behind the wheel of the second car Tech 1 at the last stage in Spain is still unknown.

text Elmir Valeev


2014-08-23 19:24:03

Moscow international automobile salon 2014

Moscow international automobile salon 2014

From August 29 to everyone in the IEC "Crocus Expo" will open the door leading automotive events of the year - the Moscow international automobile salon.

The organizers of MIAS 2014 traditionally NP "Association of Russian automakers" and "Crocus Expo" with the support of the Association of European businesses in Russia AEB.

Long before the Moscow motor show, many leading brands have announced an increase in its exhibition space, therefore, the organizers have added exposure to another room. For the first time for the event, held under the auspices of the International organization of motor vehicle manufacturers OICA, will be allocated 8 rooms two exhibition halls. And the open space in front of "Crocus Expo" will be the area of large-scale test drives a Land Rover, Jeep, HAVAL and AVTOVAZ.

The total area of MIAS 2014 will exceed 120 000 square meters, and the number of brands almost all existing in the world at the moment - the mark of fifty. At the exhibition you will see the following brands Acura, Alfa Romeo, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Brabus, Brilliance, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chery, Chrysler, Citroen, Ducati, FAW, Fiat, Ford, Geely, Great Wall, Haima, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, LADA, Land Rover, Lexus, Lifan, Maserati, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, SEAT, Skoda, smart, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen. First time participants will receive PGO Automobiles, HAVAL, DFM, Changan, Datsun and HTM Hawtai Motor. Also in the same room with brands, on the rights of the sponsor, will be the stand of the world's leading tire manufacturer Bridgestone Corporation.

Moscow international automobile salon will once again become the country's main platform for showcasing the latest innovations of domestic and global automotive industry. According to preliminary estimates, the project will be over 1 000 000 people.

Future motor show will be a record number of Premier. To save the intrigue many exhibitors will announce his "debut" not before the first day of the exhibition, but today the company manufacturers speak openly about 9 world Audi, Datsun, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Renault, Toyota, 9 European Acura, Chevrolet, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Volkswagen, 43 Russian premieres Audi, Bentley, Cadillac, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, HAVAL, Infiniti, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, SEAT, Skoda, Volkswagen and 16 concept cars Acura, Chevrolet, Citroen, Hyundai, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Opel, Peugeot, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota.

In the 12th hall of the third pavilion Crocus Expo visitors expect a specially organized by the radio station Kommersant FM" track for electric vehicles, as well as the stands of the companies original design and tuning of cars, motorbikes, motorcycles, tires and wheels, automotive electronics, and much more. In the same hall will present their new products such well-known market players, as ABIX Technology, Avtohimiya-Invest, Pandora Trade, BOOM-TRIKES ENG, Eberspcher Climate Control Systems, Federal Corporation, Hankook Tire Rus, LARTE Design, LUKOIL, Mega-F, Firma MMS, NPP ITELMA, SPA StarLine, This Oy/Apollo Vredestein B.V., Vossen Wheels, YOKOHAMA RUS and others.

on 28 August a Business day waiting for rich business program, which will be the international automotive Assembly MAA-2014, combining the II international forum of local automotive suppliers and forum Autosphere sales, service, innovation".

Moscow motor show will not get much attention and such an important part of the automotive world, as security on the roads. on August 28, the center of expertise "drive safely" will gather to participate in thematic round table of representatives of brands, government departments and agencies, experts and public figures to draw attention to the issues of road safety in Russia, to build a dialogue between business and government and to call for social responsibility of manufacturers.

The exhibition will be held the ceremony of awarding the winners of the 10th anniversary of the national award "Car of the year 2014"organized by the magazine "auto". As the jury will perform professional experts from around the world.

August 27, in the framework of the show will be a competition in which the famous Dexter will appreciate exhibitors in five categories, including "For the originality of presentation", "Best speaker", "For the design of exhibition stand and others. Their participation in the jury already confirmed such respected media representatives Alexander Mikulenka, Alexander Dobin, Alexey Grammatikov, Alexey slashes, Eugene Shipilov, Igor Margaretta, Nicholas Whistler, Pavel Fedorov, Sergey Aslanian and Yuri Geiko.

The real sensation of the exhibition promises to be an exposition of the unique examples of civil and military equipment of the last century from the Museum, "Engines of war" and "Motomeru Vyacheslav Sayanova", dedicated to the upcoming celebration of the 70th anniversary of the victory in the great Patriotic war. The organizers say that "against the background of the brilliant perfection of machines of modernity visitors to the motor show will most clearly enjoy the aesthetics and spirit of the great twentieth century, each selected for the MIAS 2014 rarities reflected the technical genius of mankind in the most vivid manifestations".

September 5, with the support of the Association of Russian automakers and leading universities of the country will be the "Day of education", in which the manufacturers will tell the students about the activities of the companies, products, internship and employment opportunities, working conditions and prospects for professional growth. This socially-significant idea is already supported by "BMW Russland trading", "Hyundai Motor CIS", "Reno Russia", "Ford Sollers holding", "Mercedes-Benz RUS", "KAMAZ", "Avtotor holding", "Volvo Vostok"SSC RF FGUP "NAMI", "Nissan Motor RUS", "VOLKSWAGEN group Rus" and others. The importance of this event emphasized in his address to the organizers of the exhibition, the Chairman of Russian Government Dmitry Medvedev.

The official ceremony opening ceremony is scheduled for August 28 1400. This event will be combined with the start of the 10-th anniversary international exhibition of automotive industry Interauto, which is part of MIAS 2014.

One of the novelties of the Moscow motor show this year will be recruiting volunteers to coordinate the separate parts of the workflow, ensure compliance with established rules and provide comprehensive assistance to visitors.

Moscow international automobile salon will be another landmark event for the development of the automotive industry in our country and will serve as an additional incentive for filling up of the Russian market of modern and high quality cars.

Moscow, IEC "Crocus Expo"

II hall halls 5, 6, 7, 8, pavilion halls 12, 13, 14, 15, outdoor area

27 August - 7 September 2014

27-28 August 0700 to 2000 Press day only for press.

28 August 1200 to 2000 Business day only for the press and for tickets on the Business day.

August 28 1400 opening ceremony Showroom

and exhibition "Interauto 2014".

The open days visit 29 August - 6 September from 1000 to 2000,

7 September from 1000 to 1800.


2014-08-15 23:24:03

Marmorini a Guide to Ferrari instructed inexperienced people

Marmorini a Guide to Ferrari instructed inexperienced people

In late July it was confirmed parting with Ferrari chief engineer Luca Marmorini. He joined Scuderia in 1990, he was leaving the team received an invitation from Toyota, and now was dismissed because of insufficient efficiency of the power plant. However, Marmorini says that he was forced to sacrifice.

Luca Marmorini "All problems F14T the team was blamed on the power unit, as if I forgot how to make good engines. I am ready to accept any accusation, but it's not just me.

I created the power plant of certain size is smaller than the Mercedes and Renault-insisted on it, chief designer of the chassis Nicholas Tombazis. He said that he needed a very compact power unit with small radiators to optimize aerodynamics and gain an advantage over cars with engines of Mercedes and Renault. All this happened only aerodynamics could not compensate for the lower power.

Honestly, with the new team Manager Marco Mattiacci three months we exchanged only a few words, and has met twice, the first time I congratulated him, the second he gave me a letter in which he confirmed his departure from the company. I don't want to blame anybody, but the leadership race of the Department entrusted to inexperienced people.

In Ferrari risk damaging the Foundation on which was based the previous achievements. I'm not talking about myself - I am no longer part of the company, but I feel sorry for the engineers who are left are good people, but they demoralized".


2014-08-13 13:14:02

Martsenko tested the Lotus sportpalace

Martsenko tested the Lotus sportpalace

Forced to finish the season in GP3 due to financial problems, Russian Nikolay Martsenko this week made his debut behind the wheel sportprototipa German team Lotus, serving in world championship races on endurance.

Racer from Krasnoyarsk tested chassis T129 on the track Lausitzring, helping Lotus in preparing new items for the September round of the championship in the American Austin. Nicholas worked in tandem with the famous French rider Christophe Busy, which almost immediately went to one pace.

Nikolay martsenko "I am happy for the first time to try out on the highway sportpalace world championship races on endurance. The machine has a high downforce, and the engine produces more power, so it took me some time to get used to the new technique.

Racing endurance speed on a fast circle is not important - it is important to act consistently and to fly smoothly, avoiding any errors. However, I showed good pace and completed all the tasks. I hope that my work was useful".

Nikolay martsenko not exclude that in the future can return to the cockpit sportprototipa world championship races on endurance.


2014-08-06 14:04:02

Aldo Costa Ferrari all decisions are made by one person

Aldo Costa Ferrari all decisions are made by one person

In the spring of 2011, after a bad start to the season with a post of technical Director of Ferrari was dismissed Aldo Costa, but after a few months he went to work in Mercedes, where he headed the engineering Department. This season machine, built in Brackley, including, and under his leadership, won nine of eleven races, while Ferrari is in crisis. In an interview with an authoritative Italian journalist Leo Turini,Aldo Costa talks about the situation in this season and the causes of the problems faced by the Ferrari team.

Aldo Costa "Now I have a vacation that I spend in Italy, in Langhirano. From a professional point of view I am experiencing an amazing time, and I would say the truth if I denied that I feel satisfaction from the work done. In Mercedes work twelve Italian engineers. I hired them when I was offered to work in a team. Someone moved from Ferrari, someone joined us immediately after graduation.

I can assure you that in a Mercedes does not rely on a single pilot, it's not in our interests. In fact, we have a very strict policy if two pilots are on one level and compete for victory in every race, we are obliged to provide equal conditions. As for the radio in Hungary is ready to admit that it all looked not in the best way. However, please Lewis was logical Niko was soon pit stop, he was faster, so it is logical that the team suggested that miss Lewis partner. But believe me, in our actions had no hidden motives.

Now I am already working on a project cars for 2015, so not going to come to the race this season. At best, I still can be seen in the Spa or in Monza, now I have other priorities.

I'm sorry, when I see what is happening with Ferrari. I'm from Emilia-Romagna and worked in a team, which in Italy is considered a legend. Can't say that they get pleasure from the fact that Ferrari has dropped to a level although they broke up with me is not the most elegant way. I know how stress are all working in Maranello, and it hurts me that they are in a difficult situation. I have many friends in a Ferrari, so how can I rejoice in their problems

I do not think that in 2015 Ferrari will pose a threat Mercedes, rather we will deliver Red Bull, because this team is very quick to respond if faced with problems. What are the causes of decline Ferrari I do not pretend to the truth and can Express only a personal opinion. They made a very serious strategic error. And, of course, staffing decisions were not always correct.

Here is an example. In 2008, we approached with a request to build a new wind tunnel, as he considered it an important step in order to remain competitive. In response we heard that this is not necessary. In Ferrari all strategic and personnel alone receives President Luca di Montezemolo. He took them when the team won, and he continues to take them when the team loses. Everything is simple.

I don't believe in 2011 after the Grand Prix of Spain Fernando Alonso has insisted on my dismissal. Fernando simply magnificent driving, but I could never understand that he is the man for me machine. For me it remains a mystery. Now there are rumors that he may go into a Mercedes, but I don't understand why Lewis Hamilton should leave our team.

James Ellison I met him when he worked in the Department of aerodynamics. He is a great expert in this area, but I don't know how good it is as a technical Director. I hope it all turns out.

Nicholas Tombazis After my dismissal from Ferrari, said I had restricted his creative work. Now granted him freedom, but, judging by the results, which we see now, that did not help him.

Stefano Domenicali I don't mind him, sometimes we even exchanged text messages. Our common past is connected with Ferrari, as well as past Luca Marmorini and many others. Will I go back in Ferrari Actually, I am fully satisfied with the current work".


2014-08-01 15:04:08

Ferrari confirmed Luca Marmorini gone

Ferrari confirmed Luca Marmorini gone

A month ago there appeared the assumption that minder Ferrari Luca Marmorini will leave the team. And here's the press service of skuderii this is officially confirmed."We announce that the head of Department on work with motor and electronics Luca Marmorini laid off, " the press service informs. - At the moment, his position will take Mattie Binotto. As for the work on the car this year and next, for this work is responsible James Ellison. Nicholas Tombazis and Lorenzo Sassi responsible for the development of technologies related to the chassis and power plant".

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Official Luca Marmorini left Ferrari

Official Luca Marmorini left Ferrari

Even at Silverstone appeared rumors that Ferrari left the main minder Luca Marmorini, who led the development of a turbo engine, but then the team Manager Marco Mattiacci refused to comment. Today the Italian team confirmed Marmorini no longer work for the company.

"Ferrari announces that today the head of Department on work with motor and electronics Luca Marmorini leaves the company, - stated in the common statement. - The restructuring of the Department of work with the power plant as chief operating officer, will take Mattia Binotto.

Technical Director James Ellison is still responsible for the whole project to work with the machine, with the support of the chief designer of the chassis Nicholas Tombazis and chief designer of the power plant Lorenzo Sassi".


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Fernando Alonso Le Mans beckons our team

Fernando Alonso Le Mans beckons our team

Fernando Alonso admitted that he was ready to act in Le Mans, if will return to the factory team Ferrari."I still under the impression from what he saw at Le Mans, " said Alonso. Is something special, incredible, indescribable in words. Our team strives for the race 24 hours of Le Mans, the trail beckons Ferrari. And I had to talk to di Montezemolo that would like to be there when the Scuderia will return to the championship WEC".THE last weekend Audi has made a victorious double in Le Mans. The marathon was won by the crew of Benoit Treluyer, Marcel Fassler and Adra of Lotterer, the second place at a repeated winner of Le Mans Tom Christensen, a company which amounted to two ex-pilot of the Formula 1 Lucas di Grassi and mark's Wife. Third place went to the team Toyota, which was introduced two former pilot of the Formula 1 Anthony Davidson and Sebastian Buemi and Nicholas Lapierre Porsche, which was mark Webber, took the lead in the three hours before the end of the marathon. However, an hour later faced technical problems, and race ended prematurely in boxes.

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WSR Comtec Racing will miss the stage in Spa

WSR Comtec Racing will miss the stage in Spa

This week it was announced that Nicholas Martsenko will miss the remainder of the season Formula Renault 3.5 because of financial problems. This year Russia was the only pilot team Comtec Racing, which has withdrawn from participation in the series until, until you find the other pilots.

Phil blow, team Manager "It is surprising and sad news. The day before we got it, I discussed with Nikolai stage in the Spa, it has been very focused on the upcoming race after taking the stage in Monaco because of the loss of a close friend. I must say that the performances of Nikolai exceeded our expectations, he started the season well and we had high expectations from the race in Spa.

We will do everything to return to the championship at the first opportunity and spend the remainder of the season together with our friends and rivals by the Formula Renault 3.5".

text Dmitry Bukharov


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WSR Sainz won in Aragon, Martsenko took 2-nd place

WSR Sainz won in Aragon, Martsenko took 2-nd place

Saturday's race of the Formula Renault 3.5 ended with the victory of Carlos Sainz Jr., but Russian racer Nikolay martsenko made very confident, finishing in 2nd place - unless it was his best result in the World series.

At the start of the pilot team DAMS managed to hold the first position, but on the second place got Nikolay martsenko and immediately began to put pressure leader.

Sirotkin also had a good start, immediately after playing two positions, and already after the first turn drove 7 His partner on Fortec Oliver Rowland dropped to 4th place. Mavlanova managed to move on 14-th position, in particular due to the fact that in the first turn arose crowd, and several cars were outside of the track. The machine will Buller was damaged, he returned to the boxes and could not continue. Soon due to technical problems came another Briton, Oliver Webb.

Martsenko failed to keep close behind Sainz, he began to lag, while the Spaniard has increased the speed and stamped the fastest laps.

Sirotkin tried to get closer to going 6th Roberto Meri took place sector faster, but the gap is still exceeded second. Meanwhile, his partner Rowland, unsuccessfully launched, seeking to recoup, has approached Coaly the Amberg and began to settle on the Swiss in the fight for the 3rd place. Rubber car Amberg worse kept track, and Rowland tried to use any opportunity to attack.

Sainz calmly controlled the course of the race, and when half the distance was already behind, ahead of Martsenko already in 6.5 seconds. However, Amberg, forced to defend ourselves from Roland was behind the Russian racer about the same.

Finally, on the 14th round of Rowland spent a beautiful maneuver and due later braking was able to stay ahead of Amberg, but took advantage of the situation and even Marlon of Stockinger, edging Swiss on the 5-th position.

But Sirotkina seems clearly lacked the speed ahead Matthieu Vacciner and immediately began to attack Mary, while Sergei was behind this couple more, and it already thronged Pierre Gali team Arden, although by car Frenchman even at the start was damaged nose cone.

Sainz and Martsenko, of course, was the fastest on Spanish highway only they were able to pass circles faster than 1 minute 44 seconds, and they are farther away from the rest of the peloton.

In the second ten, too, was its struggle for a few laps before the finish Norman NATO ahead of Jasmina Jafar and was released on the 13-th position.

Towards the end of Stockinger actively attacked Roland, but racer Fortec was able to hold the 3-rd place.

In the end, with a convincing advantage won Carlos Sainz, Martsenko finished in second place, also showing a very good speed and becoming the best of Russian pilots, and Rowland rounded out the top three. The Spaniard led the personal credit of the series, but Nicholas after Saturday's race in Aragon took second place.

Sergey Sirotkin finished 8th, Roman Mavlanov - 17 on Sunday held a second race in the Spanish weekend World series by Renault.




1. Csync Jr. - DAMS - 43m14.984

2. Nemertina - Comtec - +14.335

3. Around - Fortec - +24.291

4. Mseckinger - Lotus - +24.488

5. Camberg - AVF - +33.825

6. Rmere - Zeta Corse - +34.652

7. MacIver - Lotus - +34.942

8. Skaredin - Fortec - +37.387

9. Pali - Arden - +38.622

10. Plantin - Draco - +42.885

11. NATO - DAMS - +43.309

12. Stevens - Strakka - +46.232

13. Djafar - ISR - +48.853

14. Man Buren - Pons - +49.922

15. Maransin - Tech 1 - +51.361

16. Gotta - Draco - +54.250

17. Rmalara - Zeta Corse - +57.127

18. Buysser - AVF - +59.760

19. Mline - Strakka - +105.335

160 - 160 - 160

Not classified- 160 - 160

Awebb - Pons - 1 lap

Boller - Arden - 1 lap


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WSR Before the start of the season 2014

WSR Before the start of the season 2014

This weekend, on April 12-13, in Monza starts a new season of the World series Renault 2014. In the most prestigious category in the Formula Renault 3.5, again will perform several Russian drivers.

Notable technical change, this time not happened. At the disposal of the pilots all the same Dallara chassis with engines Zytek V8 capacity of 530 PS As before, cars equipped with 6-speed gearbox, by the DRS and vented carbon brakes Carbone Industries. Unlike GP2, in WSR are much more durable tyres Michelin.

Among the teams participating in the championship, there were some changes. So, the command P1 Motorsport, changed owners in the last year, will be renamed the Strakka Racing, and AV Formula turned into AVF. Team last year bore the name of the SMP Racing, returned to its original name Comtec, as the contract with the Russian program ended. But the other team Zeta Corse, although they kept the name, is in fact a whole new team, and will act under the Russian license was bought by representatives of the Russian RMD Racing Academy.

As a year ago, the first three of the pilots last year's championship left the series Kevin Magnussen switched to Formula 1, Stoffel Vandorn - in GP2, and Antonio Felix da Costa - in the DTM. However, they were replaced by some strong young pilots, so the level of competition will again be extremely high.

Among the obvious favorites include Carlos Sainz, Oliver Rowland, Sergey Sirotkin, Pierre Gali. Able to show good results Norman NATO, Pietro Fantin, will Stevens and some of the other pilots. Of course, we expect good performances of Nikolai Martsenko and representatives Zeta Corse.

This year the participants of the series are faced with serious financial problems a few days before the start of the championship vacancies remain in the four teams, and the famous British band Carlin far refused from participation in the first stage of the season, as he was unable to find pilots with a sufficient budget.


Last year the team, which was once headed by Eric bulge, of a strong middle peasant has become a leader in the series, winning titles in both tests. It largely owes this Kevin Magnussen, which has proved to be extremely stable during the whole season, finishing in all races 2013, and the ending of the championship held just exemplary. His companion, Norman NATO, were much weaker than by typing in a season total of 33 points.

The 2014 championship team starts as favourites. NATO has maintained a place in the team, but a year ago he was a beginner, now gained experience, and DAMS are waiting for results. The leader of the team, however, must become a member of the youth program of Red Bull Carlos Sainz Jr.

Last season the Spaniard spoke on the part of all stages WSR for Zeta Corse, sometimes demonstrating good lap time, but to some tangible results at the finish it did not. However, to retreat Carlos nowhere after the victory in the Nordic Formula Renault 2.0 in 2011 special success he has achieved, especially on the background of the impressive results of the same age and eternal rival Daniel cveta. Last year they performed in a series GP3 one team, but Quat became the champion and switched to Formula 1, and Sainz not won a single victory and took the 10th place. Now Carlos just 19, but to retain the support of Red Bull he must finish the season of Formula Renault 3.5 at least in the top three.

Fortec Motorsports

In recent years, Fortec has become one of the best teams of the championship - however, this usually applies to only one machine. In 2012, there were Junior champion of Formula Renault 2.0 Robin Trains, and won the series. In 2013 it was replaced by the next champion FR2.0 Stoffel Wandern, and almost did the same thing. In 2014 to get another winner FR2.0 the team was unable, however, the composition of the team is the strongest in the series.

Great attention will certainly be chained to Sergey Sirotkin. Russia last year has received wide popularity due to a contract with Sauber, but even before that drew the attention of specialists strong results in pre-season tests and the first stages FR3.5, 2013. Unfortunately, in the second half of the championship he has failed, and the season he finished only in ninth place. In winter Sirotkin moved from ISR in Fortec, and pre-season tests again proved to be one of the best, and only, entered the top five in all sessions. Sergei only 18 years old, he is very young even by the standards of WSR, but now he's got enough experience, it's fast, cool, confident, and in his hands a great machine. It would be strange if with all this, he will not be able to intervene in the fight for the title.

His partner, Oliver Rowland last year became the Vice-champion of the Formula Renault 2.0. The title was decided in the last race of the season, so with the speed he's all right. However, in the Formula Renault 3.5 he debutant, and the Englishman three years older than Sirotkina. However, he will certainly form the Russian worthy competition. But in minor series traumatic.

International Draco Racing

After several difficult years last season Draco Racing, finally able partly to return the lost positions, having won several victories and took third place in the team standings. The lion's share of points earned talented Swiss Niko Muller, but his partner Andre Negro once managed to reach the podium.

Unfortunately, count on success in 2014, the Italian team will be difficult to change in a fast and experienced nick Mueller came not enough stars in heaven Brazilian Pietro Fantin. Last season he spent in Arden Caterham and took 21 th place in the championship, while the team leader Antonio Felix da Costa was third.

This year the companion Fantina will become the young Italian Luca Giotto. In 2013, he competed in Formula Renault 2.0, and became the ninth European Vice-champion - Alpine series. The team hope that the mixture of youth and experience will bring them success, although, of course, to count on a place in the top five.

Arden Motorsport

In the offseason, the team, in recent years called Arden Caterham, returned to the traditional name, strengthened and its relation to Red Bull Racing - because founded in 1990-ies Christian Horner. That is why it turned out to be the winner of the Formula Renault 2.0 Pierre Gali, in the winter part of the program of support of the Red Bull Junior.

The Frenchman in recent years has made a lot of noise in the Junior series in 2011, making his debut in formula categories, he took third place in the French championship Formula 4, in 2012 twice climbed the podium in the European Formula Renault 2.0, and last season was able to surpass the battle for the title of much more experienced Rowland.

Gali recently turned 18, he is the most young racer series, but also one of the most promising.

The second pilot of the team, William Buller, three years older than Gali, and in recent years has had time to act not less than ten series. Last year he remembered impressive debut in the Formula Renault 3.5 for Zeta Corse, which was held at the Moscow stage. In his first skill he showed the fourth time, and the race became the fifth. By the end of the season after missing the first half of the championship Buller took 11th place, so it should be able to do more.

Tech 1 Racing

After double victory in the championship of 2007 the results of the French team became a series regular UPS and downs. Moreover, the UPS will inevitably fall on even-numbered years the victory in the team event in 2008, 2010 and 2012, and drop - odd fourth and two-fifths of the seats. In this sense, we are right to expect from the team success, after all, came the even-numbered year. But who is this success the team will still not clear to the end.

So far known only one pilot team - it was Marco Sorensen. Last season, the Dutchman played for Lotus, and his finest hour was the stage in Austria, on the track Red Bull Ring. Marco dominated in the course of the weekend and won both races. But on the other tracks such forms, he did not show, and on the podium was raised only once - in Monaco. In General Sorensen racer, of course, is fast but can fight for the title is a big question.

Strakka Racing

Before this season, this team was named P1 Motorsport, and regularly alternated in a strong championship outright failures. A year ago it was bought by the famous British racing team Strakka Racing, the name changed, but the team was the only one in the championship, which has preserved the pilots.

Last year will Stevens became the "best of the rest", behind three favorites - Magnussen, Vandorn and da Costa. Briton not won a single victory, but was very stable, five time to the podium ahead and won two races Muller. Stability is the main advantage Stevens, but in order to make a step forward, they need to start winning.

Mathias Laine 2013, in contrast, failed to impress. After good performances in GP3 in 2012, his debut at the World series Renault was extremely unsuccessful. For the whole season Finn scored a total of 9 points - against 148-and your partner. Season 2014 will become Matthias determining at the age of 24 to be wrong he has no right.


"Junior" team Lotus traditionally not put a Grand sports activities, the main purpose is training of drivers of the youth program Junior Lotus. The team this season has been updated half-Filipino Marlon Stockinger will continue their performances, and replaced the Sorensen came the young Frenchman Mathieu Vacciner.

Last year Stockinger debuted the Formula Renault 3.5, but nothing to prove himself failed unlike his companion, he not only scored a single victory, but never even been close to the podium. This season Marlon will try to rehabilitate themselves, but within the team he will again be quite strong opponent, which, moreover, have something to prove.

Vacciner - the same team that won the French championship Formula 4 in 2011, when Pierre Ghali became the third. But after this career two Frenchmen were different, and if Ghali last year became the champion of European Cup FR2.0, Mathieu, literally defeated all rivals in the first phase of the season, eventually held only the 10 th place. What are the reasons for such UPS and downs, probably, does not know even Vacciner. Help to find the answer to this question should the current season.


The team of Igor Shalakany in 2013 very beginning of the championship, but to keep this form, unfortunately, failed. This affected not only Sergey Sirotkin, but his partner Christopher Zanelli the first three races of the season he scored 25 points, and then to the end of the championship could not get points in no time.

In 2014 for the ISR will perform the Malaysian Jasmin Jafar, over the last several years, performing in different Championships for Carlin. It is for this command in one of the races last season he managed to reach the podium. More, however, was not achieved. Who will be the partner Jafar is still unknown.


The best of the two Spanish teams can hardly count on good results in the championship. Last year Arthur Peak was able to bring her one podium, but in General, the level of performances AV Formula was low. In command offset she barely managed to beat the debutant of the championship, the team Zeta Corse, in the struggle for the ninth line of the tournament table.

In 2014, not the fact that it will succeed, and this change in Peak came the Swiss Coal Amberg, last year's former companion Nicholas Martsenko in Pons. In the internal team confrontation Russian Amberg just defeated, and if not good luck in the last weekend of the season, Coal could stay even without points.

However, some attention to the team, of course, will be on due to his companion. Place the second car AVF took the Dutch pilot of Beitske Visser. She's only two years ago moved to racing formulas, and managed to win more victories in the German Formula Masters. Until this year Visser even included in the program of support of the Red Bull Junior, but in winter Helmut Marko decided contract with her not to renew. In 2014, Beisde will be a great opportunity to prove that he was wrong.

Zeta Corse

The team, only last year debuted in the championship, this has changed its owners, base and practically all technical staff. In fact, we are talking about an entirely new team, this time in Russian. Pilots, of course, is also new racers Zeta steel Roberto Mary and Roman Mavlanov.

Roberto Mary few years ago were among the most promising young drivers. In 2011, he has won two prestigious championship, Evrostroy Formula 3 and FIA F3 Trophy. He was only 20 years old and appeared before him open all the roads in the European Motorsport, but lack of funds forced him to leave formula and go in the German touring the DTM championship. Held there for two years for the Mercedes team, he still managed to return to racing machines for open-wheel, thanks to the Russian Zeta Corse. Of course, some time will be spent on adaptation, return of lost two years of skills, but performances Mary is one of the most interesting intrigue of the World series this year.

Partner Mary will become Roman Mavlanov, which we have already described in detail in the results of the previous season for Russian pilots. In recent years Mavlanova literally was closely machines in Formula Renault 2.0, and the transition in the older series is an important step for him. The contract with Zeta - to some extent, an advance for 19-year-old Muscovite, and now he must make every effort for him to pay.


One of the most famous teams in the European Motorsport forced to skip the first stage of the championship, as it could not find the necessary funding, that is actually - pilots with money. Will it start in the subsequent stages - is unknown, but in any case she was in a difficult position, because now she would have to fight with rivals with two races less than they.

Pons Racing

Thanks to the efforts of Nicholas Martsenko, last year Pons has managed to rise from the last lines of the championship, but only in order to take the penultimate. The team is known only half - driving one of the cars will sit Meindert van Buren. On account of the 19-year-old Dutchman has no outstanding achievements, and last season he spent in the series Auto GP, taking the championship in 9th place. However, he was able to find the necessary budget to sign a contract with the team WSR.

In Monza companion van were closed will be experienced Oliver Webb, who performed last year for Fortec. Then he was in the shadow of the leader of the team of Stoffele of Vandorn, but experience 23-year-old Briton not hold. However, it is unlikely that he will hold for Pons all season - because the basic place of work for him command Signatech-Alpine European series, the Le Mans ELMS.

Comtec Racing

Last year Comtec was called SMP Racing, as had a contract with the same Russian support program riders. However, it was a team Comtec, with UK engineers and specialists. In 2014 it returned to its traditional name, as the contract had finished his action, but still retains links with Russia - as one of the pilots of the team will be Nikolay martsenko. Who will take place in the second car, is still unknown.

Martsenko - a young, tech-savvy and very talented pilot, whose career, however, is very strange way. In 2012 Nicholas played for the team BVM Target that second last in the series, leaving behind only Pons Racing. And it is in Pons Russians moved in 2013 Now the Spanish team took the last place, being ahead of Comtec. Amazingly, with Comtec signed a contract Martsenko for 2014. I wish this vicious circle was finally broken, and the potential for that Ron has last year he had a brilliant start and a good aerobatics during the race. His weak point were qualification, than he Martsenko knew. If he can make progress in this component - the results can go to a whole different level.

Calendar of the World series Renault at the 2014 season

Date - Route - Country - Participants

12-13/04 - Milan - Italy - only FR3.5

26-27/04 - Motorland Aragon - Spain - FR3.5, Eurocup FR2.0, Eurocup Clio

24-25/05 - Monaco - Monaco - only FR3.5

31-01/06 - Spa - Belgium - FR3.5, Eurocup FR2.0

28-29/06 - Moscow Raceway - Russia - FR3.5, Eurocup FR2.0

12-13/07 - Nurburgring - Germany - FR3.5, Eurocup FR2.0, Eurocup Clio

12-14/09 - Silverstone - Hungary - FR3.5, Eurocup FR2.0

27-28/09 - Paul Ricard - France - FR3.5, Eurocup FR2.0, Eurocup Clio

18-19/10 - Jerez - Spain - FR3.5, Eurocup FR2.0, Eurocup Clio

text Elmir Valeev


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The Evolution Of The Ferrari F10, 2010

The Evolution Of The Ferrari F10, 2010


History of Ferrari is inseparably linked with the history of Formula1601 is the only team, who participated in all seasons of the world championship, and the first single in Maranello racing machine was built for Formula1601.

In the traditional winter historical project, together with the authoritative Italian expert, author of books about the history of Ferrari Paolo D'alessio, we decided to tell to the readers about the peculiarities of all the machines , showing them the example of the evolution of the Formula 1.

Realizing that not be able to catch up with the leaders, in 2009 Ferrari very early switched to work with the machine, 2010, losing McLaren third place in the Cup of designers. In 2010, this choice paid off. The new F10, the title of which was traditional for the last decade, a reference to the year of release, was one of the best machines for the championship.

In many ways F10 was the development of F60, but the design was reworked to maximally use the updated diffuser. For this it was necessary to redesign the aerodynamics, and rear suspension support of the engine and gearbox. The front of the machine was significantly higher, and the side pontoons were more pronounced bend to optimize the flow of air.

In 2010, the FIA banned the refueling tanks machine should hold much more fuel. Minimum permissible weight machines increased from 605 to 620 kg, and the wheels have become more narrow. These changes made the designers optimize braking system cooling. Updated been wheel nuts, as the rate of change of tires played a decisive role for the time of the pit stop. In addition, the team agreed not to use KERS system in this season to return to him in the 2011-meters

Team Brawn, having won both titles in his only season in Formula 1 in 2010 became the factory team Mercedes, and behind the wheel of one of the machines villages Michael Schumacher. However, all these changes took Ross Brawn too much time, and in the new season the team is already not fighting for the title. Ferrari has been struggling with McLaren and Red Bull Racing.

Ferrari F10

After a frustrating season 2009 Ferrari refused from the services of lost motivation Kimi , replacing it by Fernando Alonso. The Spaniard won his first race in the composition of and fought for the title until the last race of the season. Unfortunately, in Abu Dhabi team missed a great opportunity to win the championship.

From a technical point of view a brief look at F10 to understand two things despite the failures of 2009, in Maranello have not abandoned the ideas embodied in the F60, the new machine was harder and better prepared, than the last year's. So, although some components, such as the nose fairing and side pontoons, repeated the shape of 2009, largely F10 changed. For example, pontoons become more rounded and tapering to the rear for a better aerodynamics.

Another feature F10 - increased at once for a dozen of centimeters wheelbase, and a new transmission, rejected ago by 3-4 degrees, to increase the flow of air entering the diffuser. Aerodynamic benefits derived from this compensated for the slight increase of the center of gravity, as well as the technical difficulties that entails such a decision.

Alas, all the efforts of designers shattered on the idea of Adrian Newey, introduced "blow cone", making Aldo Costa and Nicholas revise the draft F10, creating a version of «B» in a vain attempt to prevent the domination of Red Bull Racing, which will continue for several years.

The results of performances Ferrari F10 Formula 1 races

In 2010, received a serious trauma in the previous season, Felipe Massa returned to the team, but its results were much worse than Fernando Alonso. However, from the point of view of the fight in the individual competition is even benefit - Ferrari was the only one of the three top teams, where the partners are not claimed points from each other.

In the first half of the championship had a clear advantage pilots McLaren's Jenson button and Lewis Hamilton, but their results significantly fell. Middle of the season better than the rest spent racer Red Bull's mark Webber, who, however, had to wage a bitter struggle with his partner Sebastian Vettel.

In the end of 2010, it seemed, Ferrari managed to achieve the advantages and the main favourite became Alonso. After a series of victories Spaniard confidently led the championship, for the race to the finish line ahead of Mark Webber 11 points, Hamilton on 21 and Vettel - 25. But in Brazil Fernando outperformed both the pilot of Red Bull, and the gap was reduced.

All had to decide the final Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, where the chances of winning the championship kept at once four riders. However, the probability of victory Hamilton and Vettel was small, but steady performance by a German, and a very unfortunate Alonso and Webber, who are stuck for Vitaly Petrov at Renault, did not allow them to win the title. A champion for the first time in his career, became Vettel.


Grand Prix

Launches in



Best result








Winter project 2013-2014, «the Evolution of cars of Formula 1 on the example of the Ferrari».

copy and Paolo d39'alessio. Managing editor Elmir Valeev.


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The Evolution Of The Ferrari F2007, 2007

The Evolution Of The Ferrari F2007, 2007


History of Ferrari is inseparably linked with the history of Formula1601 is the only team, who participated in all seasons of the world championship, and the first single in Maranello racing machine was built for Formula1601.

In the traditional winter historical project, together with the authoritative Italian expert, author of books about the history of Ferrari Paolo D'alessio, we decided to tell to the readers about the peculiarities of all the machines , showing them the example of the evolution of the Formula 1.

In 2007 for the Ferrari came a time of great change. Michael Schumacher finished his career, his position was Kimi Raikkonen, for several years unsuccessfully tried to win the title in the McLaren. After Schumacher's gone and technical Director Ross brown - he became a leader of the team Honda.

The new machine, F2007, quite different from the last year. The main surprise was that unlike rivals, the designers have not reduced, but even slightly lengthened the base of the machine - 85 mm Is slightly worsened handling, but has resulted in progress in aerodynamics.

Again changed the configuration of the side pontoons and air intake of the engine. After rivals, designers moved from on scheme of the front suspension. This change is largely due to changes in the design headquarters - Rory Byrne used suspension not only throughout their work in the Ferrari, but even earlier in Benetton. New designers, Aldo Costa and Nicholas , preferred to go to the scheme, designed by Adrian Newey two years earlier. The concept suspension, with no major advantages in terms of kinematics, but gave more opportunities on organization of air flow under the machine.

For F2007 developed a new carbon transmission, system of high-speed switching. Thanks to its compactness, the back of the machine could do much more narrow, which also favorably impacted on aerodynamics. In addition, the new box was lighter than the previous, and in 2007 due to new requirements to safety systems, chassis weight increased by almost 10 kg

Among other things, in 2007, all teams used tyres Bridgestone - the company Michelin has left the championship. To reduce the speed and reduce the risks of puncture, FIA asked Bridgestone make rubber tougher. Development of engines was frozen with the final race of the 2006, changes in the design it was possible only with the permission of the FIA, and only to improve the reliability or improve motor efficiency.

Ferrari F2007

In 2007, after three years of failure, the world of Formula 1 again painted in red colours thanks to the F2007. Unlike other teams Formula 1, Ferrari made a bet on a long base, and this choice is successful, except for speeches on tracks like Monaco and the Hungaroring. But this is not the only advantage of the F2007. Differences from the previous model, so much that in this case one can speak about the machine of new generation.

The machine has a different aerodynamics, front suspension, attached directly to the bottom of the body, changed the shape and location of the radiator and, in particular, weight distribution, to adapt to the tires Bridgestone. In addition, during the season design F2007 seriously changed.

For example, in Hungary for example, the machines Felipe Mass and Kimi there is a new rear suspension, with the third lateral damper. This system ensured to control the clearance allowed to achieve significant progress in the final part of the season. That, ultimately, led to winning the title Kimi and Ferrari.

The results of performances of the Ferrari F2007 in Formula 1 races

Season 2007 was unusual for Formula 1. Almost all the top teams were replaced leaders or even the entire composition of the pilots for example, in McLaren's Fernando Alonso moved and made his debut Lewis Hamilton, changed the technical and sporting regulations. Besides, construction headquarters has undergone changes not only in a Ferrari for the first time since 1997 build the car McLaren did not participate Adrian Newey, who joined in the Red Bull Racing.

It was believed that the leader of the McLaren was to become the double world champion Fernando Alonso and Ferrari - knowledgeable team Felipe Massa, but in the first race of the season won Kimi Raikkonen and McLaren serious struggle Alonso imposed young Hamilton.

Confrontation between Alonso and Hamilton had unexpected consequences. Dissatisfied with the state of Affairs in the team, Alonso told the FIA about his correspondence with test driver Pedro de La Rosa, from which it followed that McLaren receives technical information from the Director of the development Department Nigel Stepney. This information caused Federation to conduct an investigation, its result was fined 100 million and the exclusion of British command from the Cup of designers.

But more importantly, due to the confrontation between and Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen was able to perform almost impossible task giving the two stages until the end of the championship Hamilton 17 points, he played behind and won the title. Before the final race of the season Finn held in the championship only the third place, but in the end a winner. Before this could only once, in 1950, when the champion was Nino Farina.


Grand Prix

Launches in



Best result







Winter project 2013-2014, «the Evolution of cars of Formula 1 on the example of the Ferrari».

copy and Paolo d39'alessio. Managing editor Elmir Valeev.


2014-02-12 13:54:02

WSR Nikolay Martsenko changed teams

WSR Nikolay Martsenko changed teams

Nikolai Martsenko in 2014 will continue career in the World series by Renault 3.5, but will replace command - 20-year old Russian will advocate for Comtec Racing.

Nikolai Martsenko «I'm glad to be a pilot Comtec Racing in the upcoming season of the World series by Renault. In 2014 I will spend the third year in this competitive championship, where young pilots receive all that is necessary for the development of professional skills.

In the offseason, I communicated with many teams of World series, and the choice in favor of Comtec Racing - well-thought-out decision. My goal will be to hit the top five in the season. I will do my best to perform this task and make the next step in my career».

Pierre moncheaux Golf, head of Comtec Racing «Nicholas became for our team a great purchase. The tests he has already demonstrated a good speed. After two years of performing in World series by Renault he is ready together with Comtec make another step forward and become one of the leaders».

Last season Nikolai Martsenko earned 20 points occupying the 20th position in the individual championship.

Confirmed by the pilots of Formula Renault 3.5 in 2014160




DAMS Carlos Sainz Jr - Norman NATO

Fortec Motorsports - Oliver Rowland - Sergei Sirotkin

Draco - Pietro - 160

Arden Motorsport - Pierre Gali Will

Tech 1 Racing- 160 - 160

Strakka Racing Racing - Will Stevens - Matthias Laine

Lotus - Mathieu - 160

ISR - Jafar - 160

AV Formula- 160 - 160

Zeta Corse- 160 - 160

Carlin- 160 - 160

Pons Racing- 160 - 160

Comtec Racing - Nikolay Martsenko - 160


2013-07-20 12:24:03

MCR Held the first press-conference participants

MCR Held the first press-conference participants

On Saturday morning, the first day of the two-day Moscow City Racing show held a press-conference participants. In addition to the organizers, officials and sponsors of the questions were answered by pilots David Vitaly Petrov Dani Sordo Eduard Nikolaev. It was expected that at the press-conference will come and the racer of the basic structure of Lotus F1 Roman Grozhan. However, on the way to the airport Novel reported that his wife while on the ninth month of pregnancy was delivered to the hospital. However at the press conference gathered many representatives of the press.

Nicholas Buturlakin Vice-Governor of Krasnodar region Russia is only beginning its journey to the great victories in races it is important for us that are regularly held in Moscow such events. This wonderfully well-organized show. Taking this opportunity I invite all the debut Grand Prix of Russia in Sochi in October 2014.

Dani Sordo Citroen WRCC I am delighted to arrival to Moscow. Earlier I was not in your city I really liked it. Looking forward to the opportunity to demonstrate to the fans the possibility of a rally car.

David Lotus F11 thank you very Much for the invitation to this event. I am very pleased to arrival to Moscow - I for the first time in Russia, and I had an incredible experience. I have already examined the track - it is magnificent. I think I can accelerate to 300 km/H. I am Sure everyone will love our show.»

Eduard Nikolaev, KAMAZ Master «Our team is not the first time participate in this show. I wish the next year organizers have come up with something special, because I would like to show the capabilities of our machines.

Vitaly Petrov I very much like to participate in the Moscow City Racing. I will be coming on the show until I was invited by the organizers. I believe it is very important that the fans have the opportunity to see and hear a Formula 1 car. Us racers, it is interesting to not only participate in races, but also to please the audience. I hope everyone will enjoy it. Tomorrow I'll sit behind the wheel of the machine DTM. Besides, I want to open a small secret in the framework of the Moscow City Racing I have to sit behind the wheel of E-Mobility».