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January nomeromania 9 - Olivier Panis, 1996

January nomeromania 9 - Olivier Panis, 1996

Since its appearance in Formula 1 in the mid-1970s, Ligier used the numbers "25" and "26". But in 1996, under the new rules, the French team got "9" and "10". "Nine," was happy for Olivier Panis.In late 1994, Flavio Briatore, then head of Benetton, for a nominal sum bought Ligier, find themselves in a difficult financial situation. However, the Italian was most interested in the contract for the supply of motors Renault, which he immediately copied by Benetton. Instead Ligier got the engine Mugen-Honda and the access to the development of a championship team. Naturally, the new Ligier cars was like two peas similar to Benetton.If in the season 1995 the case Ligier bit went up the hill, the 1996 results has dropped significantly. For the season, the team earned only 15 points, and 10 of them Olivier received an unexpected victory in the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix.

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Statistics Only the first three can expect to win in Monaco

To overtake on the narrow streets of Monaco is almost impossible, so start with the first line almost guarantees a victory. Over the last 20 years on this route, won only the pilots standing on the starting grid in the top three.Victory in 1997-2016. 1. Starting from pole position - 11 2 times. Start with the second position - 5 times3. Starting from third position - 4 Raza in 1996 Olivier Panis won the Monaco Grand Prix after starting from 14th position. However, then the checkered flag saw only three pilots.

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Statistics the Starting position of the winners of the race in Monaco

In 1996 Olivier Panis managed to win the race in Monaco after starting from 14th position. Since to repeat the feat of the Frenchman no one has succeeded - the winners for the pilots, launched exclusively from the first three.To overtake in the narrow streets of Monaco is very difficult. Therefore, this route is a very important result in qualifying. Judge for yourself over the last 20 years in 11 cases, the winner was the owner of the pole, in five cases, the race winner is the one who started the second, and three times became the best pilot, who was at the start of the third position.The starting position of the winners1996 - 14-1997 - 2-1998 - 1-1999 - 2-2000 - 3-2001 - 2-2002 - 2-2003 - 3-2004 - 1-2005 - 1-2006 - 1-2007 - 1-2008 - 3-2009 - 1-2010 - 1-2011 - 1-2012 - 1-2013 - 1-2014 - 1-2015 - 2-I.

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Olivier Panis I believe in miracles

Ex-Formula 1 driver Olivier Panis has admitted that believed to the last that Jules Bianchi will be all right.Olivier Panis "I am shocked. We all just not herself from what happened. Each of us believed in the miracle. I waited for a miracle.I have been watching this guy, even with karting. He even then showed his immense talent and speed. But in real life he was very humble and positive.It is a pity that we never saw the full realization of his talent. Before it opened all the doors. It would be really great if the Frenchman played in Ferrari".

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Oliva Panis Christian Horner insolent

Ex-pilot of Formula 1 Oliva Panis believes that the head of the Red Bull has no right to blame their problems Renault.Olivier Panis "I understand the discontent of Helmut Marko and Christian Horner. Very easy to blame everything on Renault. But Horner just insolent Four years, when his team won all of the races and achieved four titles in a row, no one complained, and now the criticism poured from the horn of plentySo it is impossible. Let them sort out the problems within his team, and then dares to criticize the whole world. It is clear that the difficulties nobody likes, but they must rally the team and not to tear it to shreds negative.

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Aurelien Panis took the next step

Aurelien Panis took the next step

Another son of a former pilot of the Formula 1 appears on the threshold of the world Cup. Aurelien Panis, the son of the winner of the Monaco Grand Prix 1996 Olivier Panis, signed a contract with the team Tech 1 championship Formula Renault 3.5.Aurelien Panis "It will be a new experience for me and a new step to Formula 1. I was lucky enough to sign a contract with Tech 1, because this will help me to realize their potential and achieve success".

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Race weekend with the team World Series by Renault

Race weekend with the team World Series by Renault

At the end of September correspondent nonf1.ru upon the invitation Zeta Corse, went on stage Formula Renault 3.5 on the track Paul Ricard and spent a full weekend with the Russian team, which at that time led the battle for the title in the individual competition.

Step on the track Paul Ricard was for Zeta Corse unusual is the second pilot of the team, Roman Mavlanov missed the weekend, as performed in the GT Open race, where he fought for the title. As a result, all of the team's efforts were focused on a single pilot, Roberto Mary, who fought for the victory in the championship with Carlos Sainz Jr. However, despite the fact that the pilot this time was the only one on the track came the entire technical team of 11 people, not counting the guide and the driver.

Five work directly with the machine Roberto Mary. Chief among them is the race engineer Spaniard, Humphrey Corbett is one of the most respected professionals in the paddock for the World series. He has experience of working in Formula 1 with Olivier Panicum in Toyota, as well as in GP2 and GP3. Right hand Humphrey - telemetry Miguel Jose Clara, he receives and processes data from the machine, providing Humphrey necessary information. Directly with the machine work mechanics Sebastian Sandina, Salva Navarro and Peter Hayes Peter Hungarian, but the whole team calls him Pedro.

In General this structure is typical for most teams in the series, but there is Zeta Corse and differences. For example, the team is racing coach Felix Porteiro. Felix not so long ago was a racer himself, played in the World series by Renault, GP2 and WTCC, and now helps Mary and Mavlanov. In addition, he played a major role in the formation of the team in the past season.

Another five people typically worked with Roman Mavlanov, but this time helped the engineers and mechanics Mary. Among them race engineer, Australian Marcus Koch. For Koch this is not the first season of cooperation with Russian pilots Marcus was an engineer Mikhail Aleshin in 2010, when he became the first Russian champion of the Formula Renault 3.5. Also in the team Mavlanov - telemetry Jaume Jimenez and mechanics Miguel angel Aragon, Home Check and Marco Lozano. In both cases, the third mechanics Peter Hayes and Marco Lozano - and even truck drivers team.

Trucks at Zeta Corse two in one motorhome, together with kitchen and rest room pilots, the second - machines, parts and everything you need for equipment boxes. In Le Castellet trucks came directly from Budapest - so it was easier from a logistical point of view, than to return to Spain, and thence again to go to France. Most of the mechanics and team Manager Marco Rodriguez and logistics specialist Jose Luis Sinister arrived at the track on Thursday morning at the vans - they are the team also two. Roberto Mary and the team leader Roman Novikov - the evening of the same day from Valencia.


Unlike Formula 1, not only the operation of the machine, but even the procedure of Assembly boxes in the World series strictly regulated. On all routes to start these activities can be no earlier than eight o'clock Thursday. "To be honest, at one point we flew great from the organizers for what we have collected the boxes and motorhome too early - before the rest started assembling, laughs Roman Novikov. "Now try not to break.

Motorhom Zeta Corse - the largest in the paddock for the World series however, half of the teams tent-motorhome not at all. He is joined directly to the truck with kitchen and lounge, and is separated from the rest of transparent panes of acrylic glass, not plastic like some other teams. Going plastic floor, equipped with tables, chairs, sofas and a large TV - here will be to watch the races guests of the team.

The arrangement of the boxes is not only unload all tools and equipment. Before beginning work boxes - it's just an empty concrete box. To turn them into the area where the work will be done with machines, it is necessary to build a special frame supporting structure frame principle allows to make the design foldable and very compact, to bring electricity to hang monitors. On the floor of the orange paint are applied with special tags for the wheels, then to accurately adjust the ground clearance, suspension settings and stabilizer.

Finally, the boxes appear on the machine. The first thing after installation on a label to them is connected electricity - own battery with the engine off Formula Renault 3.5 only enough for 2-3 minutes offline. Then comes a series of checks.

"First of all we check the machine settings and the engine try to start the engine, test the operability of the transmission, radio communication, " explains Miguel Jose Clara. Then the car inspected by representatives of Renault Sport. In the future, we Refine the angles of attack spoiler and so forth." To check the settings, Miguel connects his laptop to the car - wireless data transmission, except for the telemetry is prohibited.

On Thursday held the first training pit-stops - in the future, the team performs them regularly, two to three times a day. Pilots, meanwhile, go for a walk on the highway. In Zeta Corse to the racers always attached and Felix Porteiro. The main objects of attention - bumps, the height of the curbs, the adhesion to the asphalt. All this information can significantly affect the trajectory chosen by the pilot, and the braking points. Then walk turns into a fitness workout - Mary ran along the four circles in a very decent pace.


If Thursday can be considered a relatively calm day, then Friday is one of the most stressful. All employees Zeta Corse, regardless of their status, he lived in the same hotel, a few tens of kilometers from the road. On the track the entire technical staff and management went quite early, at 7 am. An hour later he left and Roberto Mary before him on the track to do nothing. Together with Mary in the location of the team arrives and another member of the team chef Zeta Corse Elena Ramsden. She is from Russia, but have many years of living in Spain, Nerja, where she and her husband own a restaurant. Not so long ago, Elena became a member of the first season of the Russian version of the TV program Gordon Ramsay MasterShef.

Meanwhile mechanics started up the motor and checked the gearbox. 1050 begins the first session of the free races. In a team everyone is pumped to the traditional excitement that is present at any event, added concerns about this particular track. Zeta Corse is in fact a new team, and therefore largely forced to rely on the expertise of its engineers. However, Paul Ricard - not the most popular place for racing, although the tests are held here often. As later admitted engineer Humphrey Corbett, the last time he worked on the race here. 1972.

In the first session of the pilots don't get new tires. During the first exit on the machine are tires that have already passed in a previous step from 40 to 100 km 10-20 circles. These tires engineers classified as "used". During the session, they are usually brought to the stage of the "old" tires, past 100-160 km Many youth series tires with the same resource can still put on the car, but in the Formula Renault 3.5 speed is too high, so they are sent for recycling.

In the second half of the session on the machine is equipped with the so-called "fresh" tires - break of not more than 40 km less than 10 laps. On these tyres pilots start in the second free practice. And only at the end of the evening session, they finally get new tires in order to evaluate the maximum speed and prepare for qualification.

After the first session begins working with telemetry. Miguel takes the data and discusses the change settings with Humphrey. Recommendations and gives Marcus Koch - the final decision, however, still Humphrey. Mechanics meanwhile, remove the fairing and carefully study the status of each node of the machine. Making sure everything is in order, collect the car and refuel. For the filling use a special mobile refueling machine. E, the mechanics have the ability internally to measure not only the quantity flowing into the tank, but also its temperature.

Roberto Mary, meanwhile working with Felix Porteiro. Felix compares telemetry best lap Meri data machines William Buller and Carlos Sainz. This might seem surprising, but the solution is simple - in fact it is last year's data, because a year ago at this track for Zeta Corse in Paul-Ricard spoke exactly the Buller and science, and Porteiro worked with them. The machine since then has not changed climatic conditions close, so that the results are quite comparable.

Roberto had already acted on this route, but the last time was a few years ago, in the Formula 3. It is much more powerful machines of the Formula Renault 3.5 this experience is hardly applicable, so that he will actually have to learn the track again. When comparing the graphs, Felix found several weaknesses in aerobatics Mary relatively Sainz and especially Buller. In the second session Roberto tried to make adjustments in their technique, and the results gradually grew.

Between sessions of all members of the team were waiting for lunch in motorhome. Thanks chef Elena Ramsden, the menu is very refined that "mobile kitchen" racing team rare. However, as admitted by Elena, after the previous stage in the selection of food they had to make adjustments and found that the Spanish mechanics unaccustomed to spicy foods, although she really liked engineers, Markus Koch and Humphrey to Corbett. Roberto Mary eats with the rest, a special diet. Of course, it monitors the amount of calories, but not as hard as some of the other pilots. However, compensates for this very serious exercise - trained Roberto is also more than other riders.

After the second session of the engineers for a long time discussing the matter, trying to find the optimal settings for the next day. Mechanics again check all the elements of the machine, and then restoring order in the boxes. Gradually darkens, after completion of all works on the track team in an organized manner is sent to the hotel, where ten minutes after arrival all gather again for dinner. In the same hotel and mechanics of some other teams, but sitting at different tables, little talking among themselves. In Zeta Corse not all tables are combined and dinner turns into a noisy gatherings, with an endless stream of jokes in English and Spanish.


The first race day also begins at seven in the morning. Qualification starts at 940, but until then we have to make adjustments to the settings. Like most other tracks, the qualification data is different from racing. Paul-Ricard requires medium or high clamping force, and in the qualification of the angle of attack spoiler increase. This allows for greater speed on the same lap, but the race will lead to increased tire wear. Therefore, the aerodynamic configuration is closer to the average values.

In addition spoiler, changing the value of the ground clearance and adjustment of the stabilizer bar. As the product in the Formula Renault 3.5 Smoking, and to warm up the tires, it takes time, usually in the qualification of pilots passing two long series of circles. In both pilots use the new rubber. The first attempt is rarely perfect - pilots, as a rule, are very cautious, trying to show160 basic result. The fight for pole position takes place in the second series, when all racers receive a set of new rubber and attack at the limit.

Changes in settings are bearing fruit if on, check Mary showed fairly average results for the circle, the qualification has risen to fourth place. However, his main rival, Carlos Sainz, was on the pole. In the boxes Roberto returned on foot machine at the entrance to the pit lane took the inspectors WSR for thorough review. As Mary contender for the title, his car check with enviable regularity.

At this point in the team have mixed feelings - on the one hand, the progress from session to session obvious, the other for title Challenger fourth place at the start can hardly be considered a good result, and the advantage of science is large enough. Roberto studied with Felix Porteiro telemetry his circle, goes into the rest room to focus before the race. Then, like many other pilots, going to the workout. Here the riders approach is different - some, like Carlos Sainz or will Stevens, are right near motorhome and talk ball with the coach. Mary prefers together with the coach to get as far away from the eyes, and generally performs stretching exercises and warm-up of muscles.

For half an hour before the race pilots are starting to travel on the track, trying the car and back in the boxes. Then they go on the starting grid. In Zeta Corse traditionally release their pilots were one of the last, though much work with the machine no leads - to make changes to the settings already too late. In order to be in direct start-finish line, you need to make a circle. During this time, mechanics and engineers are moving there from the boxes through a special gate in the pit wall, which will be closed before the start of the race. When Mary reaches its starting position, the telemetry Miguel Jose Clara connects to the car to spend the last check. Roberto discusses with him and Humphrey Corbett last detail, making sure that all systems are functioning properly.

A few minutes before the start of the race everyone is being asked to leave the starting grid. Humphrey Corbett and team Manager Marco Rodriguez is sent to the command post on the pit wall. Here is the same mechanic that shows the pilot information displays during the race. The command post is equipped with monitors timing and technical information. The same monitors are in boxes, so the engineers do not need to be present on the pit-wall information mechanics can be transferred and on the radio. But sometimes you need to act quickly, and direct contact is more reliable. The other members of the team returned to the pit in order to keep track of what is happening there.

In the race pilots will start on one of the sets of tyres used in qualifying. The second "fresh" set postponed for tomorrow - it will be placed in the first qualifying series. The racing itself, oddly enough, one of the most peaceful moments of the weekend for the team. Internal tension, of course, great, but at this point it all depends on Mary or mechanics or engineers may not affect the result. However, emotions enough - due to an overheated clutch Roberto started poorly, conceding Sergey Sirotkin. He was a little lost in the pace of the leaders, losing at the finish of the Sines 17 seconds.

Immediately after the race begins "debriefing". Although no particular problems with the machine not in the team decide to replace the clutch and go through the gearbox to 100 guarantee the performance on Sunday. Roberto frankly upset - not so much the victory of science and the increased gap in the championship, but about the lack of pace. It is a long time telemetry studies with Felix Porteiro, Miguel Jose and Clara Humphrey Corbett. Those, in turn, are looking for a solution, hoping to win tomorrow. Eventually coming to the conclusion that it is necessary to soften the settings.


At first glance, the schedule for the race weekend on Sunday is almost identical to the Sabbath. Some differences, however, are still there. They begin already in qualification during the first series of circles riders use the bus, which has already worked one attempt a day ago. This means that you can show them a really good time is almost impossible, and the whole struggle unfolds in the second attempt. Here, however, Roberto little unlucky - he was gradually added with each circle, but the session was completed ahead of time, because of the departure of Coele Amberg. In the result, Mary was the fifth and science second.

In the boxes Roberto returned without a car inspectors WSR made another test. The Spaniard admitted that changing the settings did not like Saturday's version was closer to him. However, the pole was Fading leaves Roberto chance to compete with Sainz - usually Carlos is not too great holds races in which he is forced to fight for position. Before the start of the race mechanics wear helmets during the race Sunday there is a mandatory pit stop. It also gives the team some hope - there is a possibility something to play when using the strategies.

Depending on the flow of rubber and other circumstances, the scheme of the pit stop may vary significantly. Most often, the car changing either the rear wheels or all four. In these cases, mechanics occupy different positions - all the options are processed, and as schematically represented in the figures displayed on the stand. By the way, these schemes are applied regardless of the pilots who spends a pit-stop. The most complex circuit - replacing all four wheels and nose fairing. In this pit stop participating at least eight people - all mechanics and both telemetry.

Before the race, already at the start line, the settings have changed - they have become a little softer. The launch was held for Mary good - he was ahead of Sirotkina Sergey faced the same problem with the clutch that Roberto - Saturday, and after a couple of laps and Jazz Jafar. To try to win, the team decided to change only the rear tyres - as, however, did most of the rest. Pit stop went rather well, but the comparison has shown that only on this was lost second. A couple of seconds lost due to the fact that Roberto called for one or two laps later than necessary. As a result, he lost two positions.

Command to change anything already could not, but could Mary. Roberto has done everything that is possible - he was again ahead of Jafar very bold maneuver in a long arc. To achieve more was hardly possible. Sainz again won easily, beating Faded even at the start. Chance at the title is not lost yet, but very much reduced. And Roberto, and engineers, and mechanics are upset by the results of the weekend, but not suppressed. After the mandatory analysis telemetry, we talked with Humphrey Corbett about how passed this weekend. "Honestly, if I had the opportunity to go back to the beginning of the weekend, I would have gone the other way, " said Humphrey. I would choose other, more rigid configuration. And, of course, prevented what we worked here with only one machine. If we had a second pilot, the progress would be much faster."

However, sad team once. Almost immediately after the finish begins assembling equipment and boxes, and in this work involved everything - including engineers and telemetries. Team leader Roman Novikov, meanwhile, helps to collect motorhome. All work quickly and smoothly, increasingly heard jokes, and laughter. The mood rises.

To load the machine, they have to manually roll through the pit lane to gate out to the highway - in boxes passage is too narrow. Then through the paddock - up trucks. Here the car rolled onto the platform-lift and raise to the top tier. After one machine and there goes the second. Meanwhile, Miguel Jose Clara is a list replacement parts - give it to the World series by Renault. In another list describes the work that will be held at the base.

The sun is on the wane, trucks collected, the teams are starting to disperse. Employees Zeta Corse, including Roman Novikov, immediately go to Valencia, others go back to the hotel. In the evening, with the remaining members of the team we're going to the restaurant. Despite not the best weekend, everyone's mood is quite positive.

The telemetry Miguel comes in a little dispute with engineers, Humphrey and Marcus. Humphrey argues that the decision to bring Marcus to help him was wrong. "Possible ways of selecting settings always a lot, and the information that gave Marcus was already too much, it only complicated choice," said Humphrey. The same opinion is Marcus. "Not in vain in Motorsport there is a rule one rider - one engineer, " he said. Miguel a different opinion on his opinion, the benefit of that decision was. However, the dispute is difficult to call hot - rather, it is a friendly discussion.

Soon the conversation flows smoothly on abstract themes. Marcus talks about his homeland Australia Adelaide, where once was the Grand Prix of Formula 1, as well as his passion for surfing. Humphrey no end of jokes and parades knowledge of the French language in the French provinces, where Paul Ricard, this is a great advantage, even the waiters here don't know English.

We, meanwhile, talk with Miguel - he is one of only three people including Marcus Koch and Felix Porteiro in the team, who worked at Zeta Corse year ago, when she belonged to other people and was registered in Italy. According to him, the change is very serious. "The difference is very great, " says Miguel. - Now we really are a team. I don't want anything bad to say about those people that worked in Zeta year ago - this is a great assistants. But they just came, did his job and went. This year it is exactly the opposite - we are together all the time, all help each other, the relationship is very good. This is a single United team.

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Interview readers Jean-Eric Verne

Interview readers Jean-Eric Verne

This year in category "Interview with readers you can ask questions to the racers. In Melbourne they replied Daniel Quat, in Barcelona, Niko Hulkenberg, Monaco - Kamui Kobayashi, Silverstone - Valtteri Bottas in Germany, Jenson button, in Hungary - Daniel Riccardo, in Milwaukee - Mikhail Aleshin.

The Spa at the readers ' questions nonf1.ru said Jean-Eric Verne. A few days before the interview with Jean-Eric learned that at the end of the season will leave Toro Rosso, and was not ready to discuss this topic - he himself had to think about, so we decided not to ask about contracts.

Question Goltsev Constantine, Moscow Jean-Eric, a few years ago, after the departure of Olivier Panis, in the Formula 1 remained riders from France. What positive changes in your opinion has led to the fact that now you and two of your compatriots are in the championship

Jean-Eric Verne It is the merit of the French Federation. They have helped many young pilots, given the chance to prove that they are fast, helped them on the way to Formula 1. The Federation has done a lot. They have created something like the youth program, collected the necessary funds. Due to this, many were able to prove myself and move on.

Question John, Verbilki What memories do you have about the training camp for French pilots in Chamonix

Jean-Eric Verne Excellent I trained there for several years before the beginning of the season. We went there with other young pilots from France. We all have a certain character, we love to compete. And I would say that each of us is forced to give everything in training without a trace - because we all wanted to be the best. There I met many people who are now my friends.

Question Igor, Yaroslavl have You ever tried the dishes prepared by the Roman Grahanam

Jean-Eric Verne No.

Question Oleg, Tyumen your father still has a go-kart track

Jean-Eric Verne Yes, the circuit still works. I got behind the wheel of a kart for the first time it was there when I was five, and still come back sometimes. The last time was a couple of months ago.

Question Eugene Udalova, Bryansk Jean-Eric, what of French wines you can advise

Jean-Eric Verne Oh, this is a very difficult question. They are so numerous. For me the best is Romanee-Conti.

Question Eugene, Ryazan Who, in your opinion, the most underrated pilot from among those against whom you have ever run

Jean-Eric Verne Robert Wickens. Without any doubt.

Question Alena, Kaliningrad the Most memorable gift from your fans

Jean-Eric Verne a Gift I can't remember. I once was asked to sign on the hand of the baby, who was at that time just a few days.

Question Julia, Moscow Your the best party for my birthday.

Jean-Eric Verne I actually never had a birthday party for real, not rolled parties. I don't like birthdays. Parents did not give me anything, what would lay in memory.

Question Oleg, Togliatti Who is the most famous person in the address book of your phone

Jean-Eric Verne several of Them. Former President of France, for example laughs. Pilots who became world Champions.

Question Stanislav, Moscow Hello Please tell me how you feel about the "new" F1 tracks Not whether they seem to you to be too boring

Jean-Eric Verne I Have no favorite or least favorite tracks. I like Formula 1 in General, this world. I can say that I do not like modern cars. They are too slow.

Question Alexander Buslaev, Novopolotsk, Belarus When combat pilots F1 you do the same with all or is there someone with whom you have to be careful

Jean-Eric Verne Yes, obviously, these pilots are. I will not call you names, but there are a few guys whose brain isn't connected to the rest of the nervous system. With them you are much more cautious. I wouldn't say that a lot of them, but they are.

Question Sergey, Nizhny Novgorod how Much does it weigh dumbbells with which you train

Jean-Eric Verne I don't deal with dumbbells or other glands. During training, we use only your own body weight.

Question Eugene, Vyborg Why many pilots of Formula 1 trainers from Finland

Jean-Eric Verne Finns suitable mentality to work in Formula 1. They are not parasurgical, very professional. Moreover, almost all of them work for one company, which has long established itself in the Formula 1.

Question Andrew, Lipetsk What do you think about the new racing series Fomula E Whether it is you as a spectator or as a rider

Jean-Eric Verne It's not the question I now ask yourself. I had not thought about it.

Question Ilya, Kharkov What music do you prefer

Jean-Eric Verne I listen to house.

Question Ignat, Rostov-on-don the Most unusual place you've ever had the pleasure to visit.

Jean-Eric Verne This is in Bali. But it is not a tourist place - we went to a small lake - I went there with a few guys whom I met shortly before. There was a cemetery, but the dead were not buried under the ground and just lay around.

Question Alexander Tikhomirov Your most crazy dream.

Jean-Eric Verne I Have crazy dreams. I'm a realist, not a dreamer. If I want something, I try to do my best to get it.

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Roman Rusinov We did the right thing

Roman Rusinov We did the right thing

After the race "24 hours of Le Mans in the world championship on races on endurance FIA WEC has come a long break, which will be completed only 20 of September, when Austin starts the next stage of the series.

For the Russian team G-Drive Racing championship there will actually begin anew because pilots will sit behind the wheel of a new chassis from the company's Ligier. In an exclusive interview nonf1.ru pilot G-Drive Racing by Roman Rusinov told about how the preparation for this event, and why the beginning of the season the team played on the chassis Morgan.

Question a novel, what have you been doing all this time

Roman Rusinov actually the last time I had a busy schedule. I participated in the race Blancpain Sprint Series Audi, came on demonstration activities. In addition, as I have already told the rest of the championship G-Drive Racing will be conducted on new machines, Ligier, and we tried. Now G-Drive Racing does everything that we successfully performed on the remaining stages.

Question Looking back - maybe it was worth to spend on these chassis and race "24 hours of Le Mans, as your second crew

Roman Rusinov No, we did the right thing. During the race Ligier broke three times, and we knew that it would. As for what happened with us - we were just unlucky. In the beginning of the race, when the first safety car, we were in the boxes, and as a result have not been able to leave the pit lane due to a red traffic light, losing three minutes. But before nightfall we climbed to second place, having played for two minutes. So we was all right, we knew that we have a reliable machine, and that it will reach the end.

Yes and tempo, in fact, was the chassis Morgan slightly below the straight-line speed, because we knew that at the start will lose, but time round we came out on top. But then, when driving was Olivier PLA, we crashed a Ferrari. So, I guess you could say that we had all the chances, but Le Mans is Le Mans. All were confident that we would win, but there is always something might happen. Take, for example, Mark's Wife, who at the last moment suddenly appeared instead in LMP2 LMP1 and became the winner. And for the first time Le Mans was won by a machine that spent 25 minutes in the boxes. So, I think, if not for this, our accident, we could finish in fourth place in the overall standings.

Question However, the potential Ligier cars higher than Oreca and Morgan They were leading most of the race.

Roman Rusinov They were ahead, because we have several strong teams left the competition. Yes, Ligier fast chassis, but you cannot say that they are head and shoulders above the rest. This is a good machine, but for Le Mans chassis Morgan came more. And I proved it already on the tests, showing the best time, when the level of grip was very low. Machine Ligier were second from us. So our choice was correct.

Question However, for the remainder of the season you chose Ligier cars.

Roman Rusinov Yes, this decision was based on a serious analysis of the situation. But I don't want to talk about some specific advantages chassis Ligier. Anyway, we in the G-Drive Racing took this decision.

Question Until 24 hours of Le Mans is the only race that you didn't win. For the remaining steps, you will get a new chassis. What are you aiming for now

Roman Rusinov one Goal - victory. All the chances we certainly have, but we cannot say that it will happen. And Le Mans is once again demonstrated.

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Roman Grosjean I miss the fight for podiums

Roman Grosjean I miss the fight for podiums

In the first eight races Roman Grosjean only twice was able to earn points, but the French racer hopes to fight for getting into the top ten at Silverstone. In addition, Grosjean commented on for nonf1.ru the rumors about the possible departure from Lotus at the end of the season.

Question At Silverstone you hope to achieve more than in the previous stage

Roman Grosjean Yes, the whole team hopes so. The last race was really difficult, but features Silverstone theoretically better fit our machine. There are more high-speed turns, and this track is similar to Barcelona, where we played rather well.

Before the race in Canada we knew that it would be difficult. If to speak about the stage in Austria, it was obvious that there are important maximum speed. Look at Williams - two weeks ago they were incredibly fast, which cannot be said about our team. Previous stages showed the areas in which we must add, the team is working on it.

Question are You sad that almost the middle of the season, and the problems with the power plant is still not solved

Roman Grosjean Yes, because of this, we are falling behind competitors. Even in Barcelona, where the maximum speed is not important, we had problems. The situation is not perfect, but we are hard at work, doing the utmost to rectify the situation. It is not normal that the machine is not fast enough because of the engine, and it would be great if our power plant was 50 HP more powerful and have high reliability. As I said, everyone is trying to correct the situation.

Question There are rumors that in the next season Lotus can go to the power plant of Mercedes. Can you comment on that

Roman Grosjean I would like to understand the capabilities of these motors, because it seems that cars with engines of Mercedes manage very nice laughs

Of course, the commands are looking for the best options. When there were several suppliers of tires, all trying to get the best tires, now everything depends on the power plant, all trying to negotiate with the best producer. Pilots are looking for an opportunity to pilot the best cars. Such is the nature of the Formula 1 - are you looking for the best options.

Question Problems this season are only related to power plants

Roman Grosjean this year we have not so much competitive machine, as in the past. One of the problems associated with the power plant. However, such engines are on machines Toro Rosso, Red Bull, and we must strive to show similar results and beat them.

Question do you Have a good relationship with Eric bulge, and in the next season with the arrival of Honda in the history of McLaren will begin a new Chapter. It is not excluded that they will want to invite new pilots. As you evaluate your prospects

Roman Grosjean You always ask about the future. It is true that I know quite well, Eric. Possible all variants, but it is not necessary to link my acquaintance with Eric with the transition of his team.

Question You have support Total, but if Lotus go on a power plant Mercedes, are you not afraid that the company will cease cooperation with the team, and your career will be threatened

Roman Grosjean I think me with associates Total more than advertising stickers. Yes, they have played an important role in my racing career, but I have already said that the team are looking to get the best components, so that in the future there any options.

Question But if the Total will refuse to cooperate with Lotus, the team can find you a replacement in the person of the racer with sponsorship.

Roman Grosjean it is No secret that teams need money, and they have riders. However, I believe that he did enough to earn a place in the team.

Question Home Grand Prix means a lot for the riders, however stage in France for a long time already not in the calendar. What race do you think a home for yourself

Roman Grosjean Home I can think of several stages in Monaco, Montreal and Spa. I live in the UK, so the race at Silverstone home for me too laughs of Course, the spectators in the stands more will cheer for Lewes and Jenson, but other pilots here also support.

Q last Saturday your compatriot Olivier Panis said that in the next season you can change the team. He knows something that I don't know the others

Roman Grosjean he knows what you do not know me laughs I don't think this topic is going to go up before the summer recess.

Question If the team will go to the power plant Mercedes next year, it will become more attractive as a career

Roman Grosjean Perhaps, but it's too early to say. I want to win the race, try to fight for the title. I know that the team of experienced professionals who do their best so that we returned to the level at which we can fight, and this should help. 'll see.

Question are You considering the possibility of leaving the team

Roman Grosjean No, but I miss the fight for podiums, the taste of champagne Sunday afternoon. These are the results I want to fight, we all want that. Once you try it, you want it repeated again and again.

Question I Think, at the end of this year will happen many changes in the team

Roman Grosjean there Can be many, and maybe everything will remain as is. If in leading teams will begin permutations, this will lead to a Domino effect.

Question Earlier you were in one team with Fernando Alonso. Don't want to try again

Roman Grosjean Why not Then I was young and at the initial stage career, I had no experience of playing in the Formula 1. Today, things would be different. I know Fernando, and perhaps could complicate his life.

Question What do you think about the possible exception of the Grand Prix of Italy from the calendar of the championship

Roman Grosjean I like to come in Monza. This is a special route with amazing fans and rich history in Formula 1. If the Italian stage will exclude from the calendar, I will be on him to miss, but I don't make the decisions.

Question at Monza is your favorite season

Roman Grosjean If we talk about the atmosphere, then Yes. If it comes to configuration, then I like the Suzuka, no questions asked. I liked and race in Austria thanks to fans. For example, in China, few of the spectators, and to us the atmosphere.

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2014-07-01 10:34:04

Aurelien Panis of Course I want to Formula-1

Aurelien Panis of Course I want to Formula-1

Arilen Panis, the son of the ex-pilot of the Formula 1 Olivier Panis, admitted, that very much wants to get into the Formula-1. The other day the Frenchman Moscow Raceway has achieved a pole-position and victory in the series Formula Renault. 2.0"only When you get in the Formula Renault, then automatically dream of Formula-1, " said Panis. - This is my goal, my dream, striving with all his might. But there is still a long way, and at first I have to get in the Formula Renault 3.5. My father also diligently looking for sponsors, which in France afternoon with fire not find, however, some partners have. So all is not lost for me".

2014-06-30 11:04:04

Olivier Panis In Formula 1, there are some positive changes

Olivier Panis In Formula 1, there are some positive changes

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Olivier Panis believes that all is not so bad in modern Formula 1."I agree with those who said that now the sound is quieter, which again is dominated by one team Mercedes, however such situations and previously was the place to be in Formula 1, " said Panis. - But we should not forget that changes in these races should be carried out continuously. The FIA did everything correctly, completely reformed rules and regulations, a lot of things they did it correctly. To criticize is very easy, but to praise Federation for successful change no one wants. My opinion - you just need to calm down and see what will happen next".

2014-06-28 22:04:02

Olivier Panis I look forward to the success of the son

Olivier Panis I look forward to the success of the son

Olivier Panis, a former Formula 1 driver, is now engaged in careers of several young pilots, one of whom was his son, Aurelien, acting in the Formula Renault 2.0. On the first day of the Russian stage of World series by Renault Panis-Junior pleased the father - has won qualification, and then Saturday's race.

Question You and your son should be congratulated for the excellent result

Olivier Panis laughs to be honest, I'm very happy for him And just two weeks ago he won the series Renault 2.0 NEC, so the command ART Junior from the beginning of the season works just fine. It is already five times started from the first row, but, unfortunately, some times got in the accident. But today issued just fine won the pole position and the race. It was the most long 25 minutes in my life, but of course I'm very happy

Question last year here, at the Moscow Raceway, you said that you were not too happy with the fact that your son chose the profession of a driver. Now you changed your opinion

Olivier Panis of Course, my opinion is gradually changing I look forward to the success of the son, he was also satisfied and continues to work on ourselves to be among the best, and now I have no choice but to support him. I have no other choice

Of course, Aurelien dreams of the Formula 1, but he is still young. My wife did not want to Motorsport, but, frankly, the way he conducts qualification, gives me a very strong impression. And in the race today he showed real maturity, it was incredible Actually, I think if the son will continue to achieve success, it is better for me. I know how he works, how skillfully drawn with speed, so I think he has a very good future. Formula Renault 2.0 is a difficult series, and if you win a race, it says a lot. However, the championship is long, so we should fight to the last race. Every weekend he must give 100, and now we are preparing for tomorrow.

Question a Few questions about the Formula 1 where your son. The changes that occurred in the sport this year, not everyone likes, what do you say

Olivier Panis Yes, changes this year a lot, but very easy to criticize. I agree, the sound of the engines so loud, Yes, Mercedes dominates, but in the past it used to be that an overwhelming advantage was on the side of Ferrari, McLaren or Williams - this is the Formula 1. Reforms are necessary, and it seems to me that the FIA have worked well, many things are made right. If something happened - that means we need to give to estimate it at its true worth. And easy to criticize. I ask you all to calm down, another year not to change the rules of the game, but we'll see what happens.

Of course, the weak point is sound. I belong to the riders of the older generation and I remember well how was the sound in our time. But we live in the past, and when I talk about the sound of new power units with my son, he just shrugs - for it is the normal Formula 1. So now the technical regulations. For example, if we recall the "24 hours of Le Mans, there and diesel engines, hybrid, and cars with all-wheel drive is present and the future of Motorsport, and these changes should be taken. The main thing is that the race was very interesting, and on the slopes there was a sharp struggle.

Question Obviously, you have contacts with people from Renault Sport, and you know what happens now in this organization. What can you say about the situation in which Renault F1 Sport was this year because of their problematic power plants

Olivier Panis I Think now Renault is going through a difficult period, but I think that in this company are excellent specialists, whose engines won many Championships. Yes, now not the best times, but I know these people and I have no doubt that they will catch up.

Question You're still working with Charles Peak, but it now, little is heard was it the correct decision to transition into a Lotus on the role of test-pilot

Olivier Panis See, now he is back racer Lotus and Caterham last year has requested that kind of money for a contract extension that this was unacceptable. I think we made the right choice and see how the situation is closer to the next season. For example, Roman Grosjean can go from Lotus another team, " I think he's a very good racer. So Charles, you may receive the chance to return to Formula 1 - I have no doubt that he is a talented guy. He deserves another chance.

Question Finally during your career you four times acted in Le Mans, and now comment on this famous race on television. Were you surprised at the results this year Many bet to win Toyota, and hoped for a successful return Porsche endurance race.

Olivier Panis Yes, I commented Le Mans for Eurosport and spent the whole week. Of course, no one expected that Toyota will miss the victory, as this team dominated for much of the race, but I was pleasantly surprised Porsche - returning to Le Mans after a long break, they immediately showed its worth. But Audi is Audi, they are always very much. Although I am very pleased that among the winners was again the French racer Benoit Treluyer. However, all of the crew are my good friends.

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2014-06-28 12:54:03

Aurelien Panis We found a great approach to qualifications

Aurelien Panis We found a great approach to qualifications

Last year on the days of the Russian stage of World series by Renault in Moscow Raceway Olivier Panis, speaking about his son Orellana, in an interview with nonf1.ru said literally the following "Frankly speaking, I don't want my son became a professional racer, his classes are very costly, however, he is truly passionate about and combat configured, so I had to agree".

But Panis Jr. is not going to deviate from the chosen path, and already, as all young riders, dreams of a career in Formula 1. As if in confirmation of their seriousness, Moscow weekend, the young racer 2.0 started from pole position.

Question Your father is not delighted not from what you are racing, but it looks like you have an opinion

Aurelien Panis It perfectly, literally in every detail, knows this sport, 10 years he competed in Formula 1 and understands how it is. In fact, he's glad I'm doing, so no problem

Question Perhaps, knowing this sport, it is perfectly all the difficulties and problems that you are guaranteed, like any other young racer.

Aurelien Panis Yes, this is a very difficult sport, but I like the race, I want to do and are constantly working to improve their skills.

Question Today you have achieved a great result, won the pole at Moscow Raceway, and in the Saturday race, starting from the first position

Aurelien Panis last year was very familiar to me this track, but there are many other racers, who knows. The main thing is that from the beginning of the season with the team Art Junior Team we have found the right rhythm and different approach to qualifications. In the race we have more complicated, but today I will try to show a good result.

Question What do you hope to achieve this year

Aurelien Panis this season every weekend I intend to fight for the victory, but each race should be perceived separately, and at the end of the year will see what we can achieve.

Question Moscow track consists mainly of curves, straight lines are short. Judging from today's pole, you like these tracks

Aurelien Panis Since the beginning of the season we are doing well on roads of all types, but in Moscow I like too, although it is quite difficult.

Question of Course, all young riders dream of Formula 1. Apparently, you are not the exception

Aurelien Panis Of Course When you are in the Formula Renault, you're beginning to dream of Formula 1. I understand that it is hard to break, but we will gradually move in this direction. The next step will probably be the Formula Renault 3.5, I don't know yet, but hope so. Now in France is very difficult to find sponsors, but my father works a lot to find the budget, and we already have good partners.

Question does famous racing name

Aurelien Panis of Course, because the father knows many people in the world of Motorsport, so that's good


2014-06-15 10:04:02

Le Mans Audi and Porsche lead for 8 hours before the finish

Le Mans Audi and Porsche lead for 8 hours before the finish

The crew Audi 1 di Grassi/Wife/Christensen leading in the "24 hours of Le Mans" after 16 hours of the race. About two minutes, they lose the crew Porsche 20 Bernhard/Webber/Hartley.

In Le Mans destiny of the race is often resolved at night. This time the main event of the marathon occurred shortly before dawn. By the middle of the race favorites, machine 7 team Toyota, have won the nearest competitor whole circle, but at 15 o'clock suddenly stopped on the track due to technical problems. As it turned out, there was a problem with electrics, which the crew Wurz/Sarrazin/Nakajima had to quit.

Leadership inherited a machine 2 Audi, which is operated by Fassler/Lotterer/Trebuie who won at Le Mans in 2011 and 2012. They are with a big lead in the race ahead of his others-especially in three circles.

It seemed that the victory they already have in your pocket, but exactly 8 hours to finish on a regular scheduled pit stop discovered a problem with the power plant, and the machine had to throw in the boxes for repair. Mechanics Audi was able to repair the car and back on track, but now she loses the competition two circles.

The gap could be great, but it was during this protracted pit stop pilot SMP Racing categories GTE Am Victor Shaitar crashed his Ferrari, damaging the bumper, which led to the appearance on the track of vehicle safety. Not escaped the problems and Porsche, where the pilot machine 14 Dumas novel flew off the track, losing around the circle.

In the category LMP2 was forced to stop fighting crew of G-Drive Racing Rusyns/PLA/canal. During his cut Olivier PLA faced with one of the cars Ferrari, which led to a descent of the Russian team. But the other crew of G-Drive, where is mark Shulzycki, a leader in its class, ahead of Signatech Alpine already in the circle.

In GTE Pro active fight for the victory lead Turner/Mcke/Senna from Aston Martin and Bruni/Wilander/Fisichella from AF Corse. In the lead until the representatives of the Aston Martin Racing, but the gap does not exceed half a minute.

In GTE Am well as the race headed by machine Aston Martin, at the wheel which vystoyat Poulsen/Heinemeier-Hanson/Tim. Despite a great number of pit-stops, they have two laps ahead of rid/Bachler/al-Kubaisi Proton Competition, speakers at Porsche.

The results are preparing.


2014-06-14 17:44:02

Started marathon "24 hours of Le Mans"

Started marathon

France started the famous race "24 hours of Le Mans. The go-ahead French flag pilots gave Fernando Alonso.

In Le Mans cloudy, but sometimes the sun Peeps and unlike last year, rain yet. Start passed without accidents and crashes. Leadership saved Alex Wurz, started the race crew 7 team Toyota. The second place initially kept Neel Jani Porsche 14, but after a couple of laps missed the second Toyota running Nicolas Lapierre.

The second machine Porsche, which currently manages Timo Bernhard, under obvious problems with speed, on the first two rounds are behind all three crew Audi.

In the category LMP2 became the top-machine 38 Jota Sport, which is managed by Harry Tincknell. The owner of the pole Christian Gommendy of TDS Racing second, the machine G-Drive 35 while the third position. The crew of the Roman Rusinov dropped to sixth position in the class - driving machine 26 currently Olivier PLA.

On machine 27 teams SMP Racing, which was launched Mika Salo, already on the first circles have problems and Finn had to go back in the boxes. The second machine team, under 37, took 10 th place in the class.

In the category of GTE Pro leader supports child priority Bruni from AF Corse, it pursues Jan Magnussen on a Corvette. In GTE Am the first place saves Sam bird, also participated for AF Corse. Serving no contest experimental machine Nissan ZEOD RC stopped on the track already in the sixth round because of technical problems.

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2014-06-14 17:04:02

Roman Rusinov we have a chance to win

Roman Rusinov we have a chance to win

Before the start of the famous marathon "24 hours of Le Mans in an exclusive interview nonf1.ru Roman Rusinov told about prospects of the G-Drive Racing in the race.

Question Richard, how did the car this morning

Roman Rusinov I never sat behind the wheel of the machine was piloted by my companion Olivier PLA. 24 hours is a long race. Actually, weekend actually has been going on for two weeks, and now the beginning of the main event. 300 000 people at the track. You can see what's going on here. How long did it take you to come to the track How much time you will spend in order to go from here I think more, than in Moscow in the days when covered the entire city. Here is more complicated.

The machine is fast, we have competitive crew. I think Ligier bit faster than we, but we knew it, because this machine will be used at all stages of the championship after the race in Le Mans.

Question are You satisfied with the results of the qualification

Roman Rusinov we Cannot say that the team is satisfied, because in the first qualifying we were the leaders, while the second has worked with the settings for the race, and the third was expected to show a good time, but it had a large number of accidents, many red flags. In the end, we failed lap and show time.

Question What do you expect from the race

Roman Rusinov let's be realistic view of things. To start, we will try to finish. If we finish, I think we have a chance to win or to come to the podium.

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2014-06-13 13:44:02

Le Mans Toyota will start from pole position

Le Mans Toyota will start from pole position

Team Toyota has won qualification in Le Mans - the crew at number 7 in Kazuki the Nakajima, Alex Wurz and Stefan Sarrasine will begin 24-hour marathon from pole position.

Two cars commands Porsche from the very beginning the training took the lead. 45 minutes after the beginning of the session because of an accident James Callado stewards had to post on the track red flags. The session was suspended for 25 minutes, but soon after its renewal was wrong, the Audi driver Lucas di Grassi - Brazilian launched between turns Indianapolis and Arnage, after which he damaged the car slowly returned to the boxes. Near the entrance to the pit lane young driver Leo Russell Morgan Nissan number 29, trying to avoid collision with di Grassi, has not coped with management, flew over the track and crashed the car. At the same time, in turn Dunlop flew Porsche at number 79, so the session was stopped red flags for another twelve minutes.

Fifteen minutes before the interval between qualifying sessions Kazuki Nakajima drove in 322.589, three tenths ahead of Timo Bernhard from Porsche. In the second qualifying session, Toyota continued to dominate the best time again managed to show the crew at number 7 - 321.789 seconds. For comparison, last year's pole position for Audi was 322.349 seconds.

The second place to start in the LMP1 category was won by the crew of Porsche as part of Mark Liba, Nile Jani and Dumas Novel with the result 322.146 seconds. The best of crews Audi part Filipe Albuquerque, Marco Bonanomi and Oliver Jarvis showed the fifth time.

In the category LMP2 fastest crew was at number 46 of the team TDS Racing Pierre Tire, Louis Badi, Christian Gommendy - 337.609 seconds. The best of Russian pilots was the newcomer Le Mans mark Shulzycki. Along with teammates Alex Brandl and Anna Matebore he qualified third in its class. The fourth result in this class showed the crew at number 26 in the composition of the Novel Rusinova, Olivier PLA and Julien, Kanala. Two cars SMP Racing qualified on the eleventh Kirill Ladygin, Nicolas Minassian, Maurizio Mediani and twelfth Sergey Zlobin, Mika Salo, Antonio Ladygin places in its class.

In the category of GTE Pro fastest was the Ferrari team AF Corse at number 51, at the wheel which act supports child priority Bruni, Tony Wilander and Giancarlo Fisichella - 353.700 seconds. In the category of GTE Am the advantage was on the side of pilots Italian team - pole won the crew at number 81 in the composition of Stephen Witte, Michel Rugolo and Sam Byrd. The team SMP Racing as part Andrea Bertolini, Victor Shaitar and Alexey Basov qualified fifth in GTE Am.

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2014-06-12 15:14:03

Le Mans Porsche led the Protocol of the first qualification

Le Mans Porsche led the Protocol of the first qualification

On the famous ring of Carte hosted the first night qualification ahead of the race "24 hours of Le Mans", which will take place on weekends. Because of the numerous red flags session instead of two hours fakticheski lasted only 46 minutes.

In the main category LMP1 best time unexpectedly showed representatives of Porsche. Brandon Hartley, acting in one crew with Timo Bernhard and mark Webber, passed in 323.157. The second time also showed racer Porsche - Neel Jani lost Hartley seven-tenths of a second.

Best representatives of Toyota, Stefan Sarazzin, showed the third time, behind the leader more than two seconds. Representatives of Audi was only on the fifth and sixth places. The machine 1, broken Loc by Duval on the free practice session was not accepted.

In the category LMP2 best time showed the G-Drive - mate Rusinova Olivier PLA half a second ahead of Pol-Lu dark brown from Signatech Alpine. The second crew of G-Drive, which is mark Shulzycki, showed the fourth time. Here is another Russian team in this category, SMP Racing, was less lucky - crew Zlobin-Fat-A.Ladygin was only 11th and machine 37 and it appeared to be broken after the accident Nicolas Minassian.

In the category of GTE Pro best crew became Bruni-Wilander-Fisichella Ferrari 458 Italia. Quite a bit he gave Stefan Mcke of Aston Martin Racing. The second crew Holzer-Makovetsky-Persons Porsche, and the fourth representatives Corvette Racing Magnussen-Garcia-Taylor.

In the Amateur GTE Am the leader of the Russian SMP Racing, where the crew of Bertolini-Shaitar-Bass managed to show the best time before he appeared in the gravel trap. Only a couple of tenths of them lost representatives AF Corse Peres Company-Cioci-Venturi. The second crew Patrick Dempsey.

Tonight in Le Mans will be the second and the third qualification, which will be formed the starting grid race

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2014-05-26 20:54:02

Fernando Alonso invited to the "24 hours of Le Mans"

Fernando Alonso invited to the

Fernando Alonso will be a special guest of the legendary race "24 hours of Le Mans, which will be held from 14 to 15 June. He will give a start - marathon, and it is not the first representative of the family Ferrari who are responsible to implement this honourable mission. In 1968 start in Le Mans gave Gianni Agnelli, the head of Fiat, and in 2009 - Luca di Montezemolo, President of Ferrari.

Fernando Alonso "I am very glad that I was asked to start, because the "24 hours of Le Mans" is one of the few races that defined the history of motor racing.

I look forward to the opportunity to study in detail the machines that will participate in the races of endurance. In Formula 1, the era of hybrid technology, so I want to learn more about the techniques and technologies used in this series.

Of course, it is pleasant to meet my good friend Mark Webber. We miss him in the Formula 1. In addition, I would like to be informed of how he acts in the races of endurance".

Also Fernando Alonso is going to root for the other racers Ferrari - Jimmy Bruni, Giancarlo the Fisichella and Tony Wilander and David Rigoni, James Calado and Olivier Beretta, who will try to fight for the victory in Le Mans. Last time racers from Maranello won on this route in 2012.


2014-05-21 08:14:03

Roman Rusinov Task - to win everywhere

Roman Rusinov Task - to win everywhere

Last year Roman Rusinov and his team G-Drive Racing spent the end of the season world Cup WEC in the category LMP2 just amazing, winning five of six races the only exception was actually nesostojavshajasja race . In the offseason Russians changed chassis technical support command and crew, but the results it did not affect both the first race of the season the Russian pilot G-Drive easily won. In addition, this year he will also play a full season in Blancpain Sprint Series, where he drive the Audi R8.

In an exclusive interview nonf1.EN novel is told about what had changed for him this year, he expects in the future, and what endurance race today.

Question Richard, in the off season you moved from the chassis Oreca on Morgan. How big is the difference between them

Roman Rusinov there isn't much difference. Initially, and in fact, and in another case it was chassis Courage, the development of which went under the different scenarios. The fact that there are two different concepts - priority clamping force, with priority given maximum speed. Chassis Morgan, unlike Oreca, more designed for maximum speed. But I cannot say that it is easier to manage or better - they are both quite competitive.

Question last year, you have managed to find a very good setup, which allowed to dominate in the second half of the championship. You were afraid to repeat this success in the current year, you will not succeed. Now you have another machine, but, nevertheless, the results have not deteriorated.

Roman Rusinov Yes, during the winter tests we managed to do the work that we did last year with Delta. In addition, I brought the information that allowed us to progress.

Question finally, are you happy with the choice of chassis, teams, pilots

Roman Rusinov we Have a good crew and a good machine. Had the opportunity this year with the start of the season to use the machine Ligier, but we refused. It was my decision is the fact that although we have tested it and overcame more than eight thousand kilometers, I personally am more than three thousand, but go to start in Le Mans on a machine that has not yet passed the 24-hour race is a big risk for us.

We are fighting for the heavyweight championship of the world, and to risk, speaking at the wheel of a new car, it is wrong. So we decided that the second crew of G-Drive Racing, machine number 25, will travel to Le Mans on Ligier, and we are on Morgan. But after Le Mans we will re on Ligier.

Question Your crew you selected. Everything turned out the way you wanted

Roman Rusinov Yes, racers I picked up, but we also took into account the wishes of the sponsors and partners. At the same time it was important for us to gather the crew, which will fight for the title, with the experience of playing in Le Mans. Therefore, Julien canal we were ideally suited as a pilot, who has won the Le Mans three times already, and Olivier PLA is a pilot OAK Racing, a company that also supports us.

Question Is that in the races of endurance is very important to control tyres, fuel consumption, and so on. You're not going as fast as we can, and with a certain time on a circle, and go beyond that time cannot in any of the sides. It turns out that the speed does not count

Roman Rusinov No, it's not. The thing is that now endurance race not as difficult as it were in the 1950s. By and large, no endurance racing no more - now it is essentially a permanent sprint. Because from the first circles you actually go to 100. Of course, you need to follow the tire, but now in any form of Motorsport, even in GP2 if you are too quick to pass the first two rounds, then just kill rubber and lose. We have the same thing.

You're always going to 100, just need to go with your head. And this is the most difficult in our series - it happens that the first three circles show you the best time of the race, and the last 10 go with the worst. So your task is to go quickly, but without demolition machine. You don't allow the car to slide, to avoid overloading the bus.

Question in Addition to tires, influence and fuel consumption

Roman Rusinov of Course, it is also very important. Depending on your class, you can take the circle or less on a circle anymore. I am hindering the left leg, so consume a little more fuel than, for example, Julien, which inhibits the right. Sometimes you have to change the settings of the engine to reduce consumption.

Question Representatives of "Gazprom Neft" was said that in the future do not exclude your transition in the DTM. You yourself how interesting

Roman Rusinov I certainly would have preferred to go to the main category of the championship WEC - in LMP1. But we understand that in this case there is no sense to come in a team. Have to agree with one of the teams, and it is not so simple.

Question so, considering your connection with Audi, you can imagine that one day you can get a seat in one of their crews factory team LMP1

Roman Rusinov It would be great, but here still it is important to do this to show in the end, a good result. Now I don't know how it is right to organize. At this moment we have a certain strategy, and we are evaluating various options.

Question so this variant is not excluded, and in the following season

Roman Rusinov I don't think about it. I am a realist, and prefer to focus on what to expect really.

Question Now you are in two Championships - FIA WEC on the prototype category LMP2 and Blancpain Sprint Series on the Audi R8. Not too great a burden

Roman Rusinov of Course, the schedule was hard this year I will spend 19 races. But thanks to this I keep in good shape.

Question What is the championship priority for you now

Roman Rusinov I Think this year our main championship - WEC. As for the performances with Audi, it is the main goal - race "24 hours of Nurburgring". But, of course, if we participate in two series, then both should show a good result.

Question In which of the series above the competition

Roman Rusinov In General, the level of competition is the same. Here at the Nurburgring will have a much harder because there's a great role for a tactical game - all will try to conceal its shape, not to show ahead of time good times on the circle. In addition, there are so many different chassis - Porsche, McLaren, BMW, Audi, and so on - each has its own characteristics and advantages, so that will be very difficult.

Question But on the "24 hours of Nurburgring" also seeks to win

Roman Rusinov the Task of winning at us everywhere, but at the Nurburgring it will be very difficult. I think this is the most difficult race among all. Not only because of the tactics is due to the configuration of the track, for example. A circle with a length of 24 kilometers, very complex, and go for 100 here is dangerous, because in some rotation may be oil, or something. So you should always have a supply, not to send the car into the wall.

Question This race itself you like

Roman Rusinov Yes. It is difficult, as the track is fast, long, weather conditions are constantly changing. There's not easy to pass, as the machines involved very much. But because of this victory there, or even finish on the podium even more valuable.

Question do You feel about why the road was called the "Green hell"

Roman Rusinov Certainly. My first race was held there last year night. There was rain, fog, nothing is visible, and on each circle are you several times take a risk, which can easily fly off the track. This is a real "Green hell".

text Elmir Valeev


2014-05-21 00:24:02

At the Monaco Grand Prix the Preview stage

At the Monaco Grand Prix the Preview stage

On the last Sunday of may is traditionally held At the Monaco Grand Prix. Race through the streets of the Principality is one of the symbols of Formula 1, its visit card. First race in Monte Carlo was held in 1929, since the shape of the track remained practically unchanged.

The leader of the championship for the first time this year on the stage will come Lewis Hamilton. Four wins in a row allowed the British to eliminate the consequences of gathering in Melbourne, but its advantage over the companion Mercedes AMG, Nico Rosberg is only three points. In Monte Carlo German hopes to strike back - a year ago it Rosberg won here first win for the team in the season, and Hamilton finished only fourth.

Peter Nygard recalls At the Monaco Grand Prix 1996

At the Monaco Grand Prix is the epitome of glamour. In the calendar, there is no more prestigious race, here come the stars, members of Royal families, the richest and most influential people of the world, but if we talk about journalists and photographers, all the calendar to work no place worse. Now press center is located in a former school building, but 20 years ago, we were forced to work on-site Parking. Agree, even this sounds not too glamorous.

Since then much has changed. Paddock was moved, he became more spacious, the pit lane expanded by more competent location of temporary garages, but even now for photographers is the hardest stage of the world championship. To move from one camera angle to another, it is necessary to spend eternity. Many points were blocked, and streets in Monte Carlo are a maze. However, all efforts pay off a great staff. Pictures from Monaco cannot be confused with any other.

Race 1996 most memorable because of the victory Olivier Panis - the first and only for himself in the Formula 1 and last for Ligier, and also due to the fact that before the finish got only three of the pilot. But for photographers Formula 1 this weekend memorable not only so.

At the weekend the weather was bad, the rain began, then stopped, but through free arrivals on Thursday it was still Sunny. It was the year when we first discovered the point from which you can shoot sunbathing girls on the background of speeding cars - I think almost all the fans of Formula 1 saw such frames. Since every good photographer must have in your archive is at least one frame.

For a long time I worked not only a photographer and a reporter, but also commented on the race for Danish television. We showed not all Grand Prix live, only selective. Regular broadcasting began in 1997, when Jan Magnussen has signed a contract with Stewart, but until then we showed only some of the stages. Naturally, At the Monaco Grand Prix was one of them.

I was paired with another commentator, acted as an expert, because by that time worked in the Formula 1 has almost 15 years. But this weekend to comment on what was happening was very difficult - especially the person who is called an expert. If in Monaco there is rain, race becomes a lottery. It is enough to remember what happened here in 2008, but in 1996 Grand Prix was even more unpredictable. I was forced to answer questions, give expert evaluation, though often he simply did not understand what was happening.

All the leaders gone. Michael Schumacher started from pole position, the Italian press had expected him to win, but he crashed the car on the first lap. At Damon hill dead engine, and the fastest on the highway driving reason Olivier. Conditions were constantly changing, the pilots were on different rubber, constantly got into an accident is more confusing race is hard to imagine. To top it off David Coulthard, who eventually finished second in the race passed in the helmet Michael. He himself with a helmet something happened, and Schumacher lent him one of their own.

The situation was complicated by the fact that at that time all the commentators were sitting in the same room. The teams were divided by thin walls. We liked the location close to the Finns. They are usually quiet, but the problem was that my colleague, that is an expert on Finnish TV station, was Keke Rosberg. He's a great guy, I have never had a problem with him, but he loves cigars. Ending one, he immediately lit another, and by the end of ether cigars smelled already the whole room. I am nothing, but my colleague over the air was not good. We kept telling Keke stop Smoking, but he just waved.

Grand Prix of Monaco with Marussia F1 Team

Chief race engineer Dave Greenwood about the features of the configuration of the machines "the Race in Monaco is unique from all points of view of the stage. Here we are always custom machines for maximum clamping force. Nowhere else angle of attack spoiler is not so large. Plus a special suspension settings, since coverage in Monaco uneven".

The circle on the highway in Monaco with max Chilton

Monaco - track for riders, very technical and very narrow, but if you can gather a circle, you feel the real satisfaction is probably on any other route is a good range does not give such pleasure.82328232About the wall in Monaco I always say that they should be treated to friends, to have as close as possible, but you keep your distance. This is a great track, breathing story - I always liked the historical route, but Monaco is a unique place.

On the route there are several key turns and one of them first. For city route is a very fast turn, and in Monaco seems that the rate is even higher. The main thing here is not to block the wheels and not to leave turning wider than necessary, because no "wider" is not there.

Another key turning the entrance to the " Casino" after lifting. Two completely blind turn in a row. After this section, you need to immediately shift to the right in order to avoid a huge bump. On a television picture it significantly not as good, but if to ride it in the next turn fit to be very difficult.

Another key rotation is hairpin. It is very important at the entrance to move as far right as possible, otherwise you will not be able to fit in the rotation at the output, even on the lowest speed.

The tunnel is an incredible place. Very fast, very close to the walls. We go through it at full throttle, but actually this turn. In previous years due to the fact that this is a closed space, there was very loud.

Another exciting section two Chicane poolside. Very quickly at the entrance, and then the machine begins, as I always say, to dance on the curb. One of the most spectacular places in the entire calendar.

The last turn is also very interesting. The road here with reverse bias, so that the machine how would fall on the external wall. Very easy to make mistakes. But this statement is true about almost every turn in Monaco".


2014-05-20 18:54:02

G-Drive Racing held a presentation of a new season

G-Drive Racing held a presentation of a new season

On Tuesday, may 20, in Moscow was held the presentation of the new season of Russian Motorsport G-Drive Racing project, sponsored by the company "Gazprom oil". Project Manager G-Drive Racing, Director of regional sales "Gazprom oil" Alexander Krylov, head of Audi Russia Elena Smirnova and also the driver of the G-Drive Racing Roman Rusinov told about cooperation and tasks for the season.

In 2014, the G-Drive Racing participates under the Russian flag in two large GT-series. On the FIA WEC group LMP2 team G-Drive Racing is the third consecutive year at the head of the Russian Roman Rusinov, with the support of the French team OAK Racing. Also the crew is comprised of experienced Olivier PLA and Julien canal. In the first two stages of the championship team have won two, and the next launch will be the legendary 24 hours of Le Mans.


In addition, the G-Drive Racing this year will take part sprint races categories GT3 Blancpain Sprint Series on the Audi R8. The crew are Roman Rusinov Stefan Ortelli, factory pilot Audi, multiple champion of the international series of endurance racing. Technical support team provides WRT Team.

In the first race of the season-2014 in the championship Blancpain Sprint Series on French track Nogaro April 21, Russian team won the second place. The stage in the UK has been less successful. Ahead of talks in the Netherlands, Slovakia, Portugal, Belgium and Baku. In addition, the G-Drive Racing Audi R8 LMS Ultra will take part in the famous race "24 hours of Nurburgring" 19-22 June.


In the summer of 2014 second time G-Drive Show will take place on the Central streets of the four Russian cities Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Nizhniy Novgorod. The main event of all the show will be a demonstration race Roman Rusinov by car category LMP2 and speeches of famous drifters and stuntmen. In addition, Alexander Krylov did not rule out participation in this project Red Bull with a demo version of a Formula 1 car Red Bull RB7.


"The new season for the G-Drive Racing started well said Krylov. - We set the highest goals and we will fight for the podium in both racing series. Each new victory of the team contributes to the development of the Russian motor sport and strengthens its authority at the international level".


2014-05-14 14:04:02

Four gamer will pass the "24 hours of Le Mans"

Four gamer will pass the

In 2011, the company Nissan has proved to the world that you can take a normal gamer, skip through training programmes, to send to race in Le Mans and then to see how, after 24 hours after the start he will get on the podium. The story of Lucas Ordonez Lucas Ordonez, passed the way from the gamer to the winner real racing is an excellent proof of this. Today, new gamers go in his footsteps, to take part in the prestigious race.

In 2014, the company Nissan has announced on start "24 hours of Le Mans four gamers two in LMP2 and two in the crew Nissan ZEOD RC - revolutionary racing electric car, got in the race thanks to the program of " Garage 56'.

The crew 35 prototype Ligier JS P2 Nissan team Onroak Automotive two winners of the project GT Academy will make the company a permanent racer Nissan Alex Brandl.

Yann Matebore already made its debut in Le Mans last year and now sets the tone for his teammates. Acting now in the race series GP3 Yann seeks to return to the track, with which it all started.

"Le Mans is always something special for me, " said Matebore. - I was taken here as a finalist of the project GT Academy of 2011, when debuted Lucas, and in 2013, I returned as a rider. Last year we finished fourth, now expect to reach the podium. It will be nice to return to Le Mans and go with the Cup in his hands".

Makes its debut in Le Mans and the winner of the project GT Academy Russia 2012 mark Shulzycki. In his debut race in the category LM P2 on the stage FIA WEC in Shanghai last year, he worked together with the team Onroak Automotive on prototype Ligier JS P2.

"I am very glad for his role as test driver Ligier JS P2, - says Shulzycki. - Work with engineers Onroak Automotive and Olivier PLA became for me an incredible experience. Now everything is even better, because I start in Le Mans. This is the dream of every GT Academy winner. I hope that will show the result is not worse than the previous winners".

Alex Brandl representative of Nissan in the races. The most memorable was the year 2012, when in Le Mans, he has performed in one crew with his father Martin and Lucas Ordonez on the prototype Greaves Zytek-Nissan. This year his team-mates will be two winners of the project GT Academy.

"I'm glad Oak invited for this race Desription and Brand, " said Alex. - They are both extremely talented, have experience racing prototypes, so a big thanks to Nissan for what they will be in our team. I am pleased to present the Nissan racing at the highest level. It will be an incredible day for Onroak Automotive, Ligier, Nissan and all riders".

Nissan ZEOD RC in the race lead international trio pilots. To the first in the history of the GT Academy winner Lucas Ordonez will join Belgian Wolfgang Rap GT Academy winner Europe 2012 and Japanese Satoshi Motoyama. Ordonez and Motoyama this year are in Japanese Super GT championship, and wolfs who' tested ZEOD RC.

In recent years, the Nissan GT Academy has achieved great success. Performance at Le Mans four gamers emphasizes the quality of the program for finding and training new racers. Another very successful project Nissan became the engine for the category LM P2. Prepared NISMO Nissan VK45DE for several years already choose the most commands LM P2. This year, 14 of the 18 prototypes LM P2 Le Mans equipped with engines Nissan.

"What started six years ago as a member of the project was real expensive in the world of motor sports of high achievements, " says Darren Cox, head NISMO responsible for the policy of the brand, sales and marketing. - Project GT Academy continues to grow, and now it includes India, Australia, Mexico and Thailand. We continue to look real racing talent, without which we would have remained in the virtual world. Today Lucas, Wolfgang, Yann and mark are in a race around the world, in such series as Super GT and GP3. It is great that we again gathered them together to advocate for Nissan in Le Mans".


2014-05-04 16:34:03

WEC Rusyns and G-Drive won Spa in the LMP2 class

WEC Rusyns and G-Drive won Spa in the LMP2 class

Russian team G-Drive Racing, playing in the world championship on races on endurance WEC, which comprise Roman Rusinov, took first place in the LMP2 class up to 6-hour race in Spa.

In the qualification of the crew of G-Drive was the third in class, but due to the correct settings and competent choice of tactics was able to beat them.

Roman Rusinov "a High growth rate, accurate analysis of the situation and the specific purpose - the first place - it is the basis of our strategy. Starting from the third place in the classroom and to become leaders was not easy, but we all understand that to keep this position even more difficult. We again managed, although it could have been otherwise, because at the first seconds of the race we were simply forced out of the track. Fortunately, an experienced pilot Olivier PLA has kept the situation under control.

Two stages of the championship of the world - and we already have two victories - a perfect start to the season This is the sixth victory of the G-Drive Racing in the last seven races WEC. Now we can say that we are ready to Les-Manu."

The next stage of the world championship on races on endurance - famous marathon "24 hours of Le Mans", which will take place 14 - 15 June in French ring Circuit de la Sarthe.


2014-03-26 16:24:03

Olivier Panis I was shocked by the sound of engines

Olivier Panis I was shocked by the sound of engines

After the Grand Prix of Australia and many were unhappy with the sound of new power plants. Among critics and former Formula 1 driver Olivier Panis, who believes that the Formula 1 has chosen a wrong way of development.

Question are You disappointed by the first race of the season in Australia

Olivier Panis Honestly, Yes. The new engines are too quiet. They say, it may take three or four months, and we learn, but I was shocked the first time hearing the sound of a new power plant. I think the audience was shocked. I think the sound of the engine is one of the charms of the Formula 1 because it was possible to feel the power of these machines. Now it is not.

Question How do you feel about the fact that when the mode is activated, fuel economy, on the machine starts blinking red light warning about the rivals

Olivier Panis don't remind me about it. Formula 1 has ceased to be what we knew before, when was the maximum speed, and the race was a sprint, not a marathon. Now everything has changed in the championship of other tyres, machine complex and difficult to manage, it is necessary to monitor fuel consumption and battery life. Formula 1 became endurance race.

Question is There a solution that will satisfy everyone, but it will stay the course on the care about the environment

Olivier Panis they Say that electric cars - the car of the future, but I can't imagine that they will be able to transplant the entire world. The transition to electric vehicles will lead to the emergence of new problems, such as the recycling of rechargeable batteries. I consider such plans utopia and not believe that electricity will become a new type of fuel for vehicles. Formula 1 was never environmentally friendly. Formula 1 is the speed, and fans love it.

Question it turns Out, people who have changed the Formula 1, we made a mistake

Olivier Panis After Grand Prix Australia, we have seen a negative reaction from the audience and even promoters. Now we see attempts to find a solution that will make the motors louder.

lyrics Mikhail Smirnov


2014-03-22 18:54:02

Olivier Panis will comment WTCC on Eurosport

Olivier Panis will comment WTCC on Eurosport

A former pilot of the Formula 1 Olivier Panis, speaking in Formula 1 since 1994 and 2004, will try themselves in the role of commentator this season he'll be talking about races of the world touring WTCC on French television channel Eurosport.

Interest in WTCC in France is growing not by accident in 2014 in this championship debuts famous Sebastien Loeb, nine-time champion of the world rally championship. Loeb went in the ring races, probably permanently changing roles, and now we'll see him behind the wheel of a racing saloon Citroen C-Elys233e WTCC. At yesterday's tests in Valencia circuit name of Ricardo Tormo he showed the best time, by the way, ahead of the two former pilots of Formula 1 Gabriele Tarquini and Thiago Monteiro, has been successfully performing in the WTCC.

The first race of the season will run through the month of April 21 on urban routes in Marrakech.


2014-02-22 16:04:01

BBC Olivier becomes the head of the Lotus

BBC Olivier  becomes the head of the Lotus

In the first half of February, there were rumors that the new head of the Lotus F1 Team will be the former boss of the sports programs of Peugeot and Citroen Olivier . A week and a half ago, a British expert Joe Savar, wrote about this, as the accomplished fact.

However, for the last time this information was never confirmed, and talks about the appearance died down. The presentation of new machines on Thursday, 20 February, it was team was represented by Executive Director Matthew Carter.

As journalists of the BBC, the Lotus F1 divided between Carter and owner of the team Gerard Lopez, and although this scheme is considered temporary, specific candidacy to replace the dismissed Eric has not yet been found. But even if it eventually will be chosen, as writes British newspaper, «this man will not ».


2014-02-13 23:14:02

WEC Roman Rusinov called companions season 2014

WEC Roman Rusinov called companions season 2014

Racer world championship endurance race WEC Roman Rusinov named the new members of its crew season 2014. In addition, although Russian continues to play for the team G-Drive Racing and 26 saves room on your car, it will use chassis to another manufacturer.

In the upcoming season of Rusyns will work with new partners - OAK Racing. As a result, instead of a chassis Oreca he will use Morgan and his team-mates to become the French Olivier PLA and Julien canal.

Roman Rusinov «I look at the development of the event with optimism. We are very dynamic and rather sooner opened the season, and the race "24 hours of Daytona" I managed to perfectly work together with Olivier. Now actively preparing for the new season of the championship of the world. Before him, I put the most high goals and I think that we can fight for the championship in 2014.

In the near future we will conduct a pre-season tests in , and this will allow us to more precisely understand the bigger picture. But already today it is possible to objectively estimate our chances a strong team, a fast machine and the will to win - all ingredients for success we have. In addition, we remained a reliable partner - fuel G-Drive.

Of course, the beginning of a new season is formally working with a clean slate. Now it is difficult to accurately predict the balance of power in the championship came the new drivers and constructors. But the more interesting promises to be a season»