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Chapter McLaren Everything goes according to plan

Chapter McLaren Everything goes according to plan

The first day of the tests McLaren with engines Honda was not very successful. Stoffel Vandorn drove all three circles. But the head of the team of Ron Dennis says that everything is going according to plan.Ron Dennis "this year the contestants will begin tests of new cars in February. We started with Honda engines before the start of the winter tests. We, as a team, and Honda are well aware of what the test is waiting for us. But I can confidently say that we will be strong".Last season, McLaren have not won any race. According to Dennis, the last time the team was invited 20 new engineers, among whom the chief aerodynamicist red Bull Peter Prodromou.Ron Dennis "Car 2015 develops a completely different group of engineers. We are confident that we asked the right direction, which will allow you to start the new season to get in shape".

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In McLaren tested a new front spoiler

In McLaren tested a new front spoiler

On the eve of the weekend in Abu Dhabi race Director Eric McLaren Buje talked about that on Friday, the team will test a new concept of aerodynamics. Indeed, during the first practice on the machine Kevin Magnussen has a lot of aerodynamic innovations, hung sensors. The most notable innovation is the front spoiler.Quite complex wing designed in the style of Red Bull. It is easy to guess that hand to the new concept of aerodynamics made Peter Prodromou, not so long ago fallen into the McLaren from Red Bull.It is still unknown whether the new product be used in qualifying and the race.Kevin Magnussen "This brand new philosophy. This is the future of the team".With the new wing Dane showed the third result.I wonder why McLaren to test new products chose Magnussen This indirectly proves that Jenson button command at the end of the year will still leave.

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McLaren will bring in Abu Dhabi a new version of the machine

For the final Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, which will be awarded double points, team McLaren is preparing a new version of the machine. Part of the news is intended for season 2015 and will be verified during the practice, the other pack will be used during the race.Eric Buje, race Director, McLaren "we are just going to check something during Friday practice. Prepared a completely new machine concept, which according to the results of the tests in the wind tunnel is superior to the current version of the machine".Obviously, the new concept is the result of the work of Peter Prodromou, former chief aerodynamics Red Bull, who joined McLaren this season.After the race in Abu Dhabi there will be a two-day tests. It is possible that McLaren them for the first time will test the operation of the power plant Honda.

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Niko Hulkenberg I Have not many options

Niko Hulkenberg I Have not many options

Last week Niko Hulkenberg extended his contract with Force India for 2015. In an interview with Peter Windsor German rider spoke about his decision and tasks for the next season.

Q Nico, in 2015 you will continue to advocate for Force India. How difficult was this decision

Niko Hulkenberg to be honest, not very complicated. I don't have many options and I'm glad I don't have to change the team and start from the beginning. From this point of view, the decision was easy.

Question Many people are surprised that you are not in one of the leading teams. How do you estimate this stage in your career That gives motivation

Niko Hulkenberg I often ask similar questions, but I've always said how important it is for me stability and understanding of how things will develop career. Of course, everyone wants to win, but we need a better machine. Speaking about the results, I don't think I've reached the maximum for themselves level, and yet the time will come when I will play in leading the team. Now I try to do my job and get pleasure from racing.

Question you need to actively engage in self-promotion that leaders pay attention to you

Niko Hulkenberg I agree that in some moments need can speak out, but primarily for the racer must say his results on the track. We are always learning and moving forward. Look, but to be honest, I don't think this year for me, something could be otherwise.

Q Force India consistently earns points, but the second half of the championship is for the team is not as successful as the first. You can you comment

Niko Hulkenberg We strongly started the season, we have a very fast machine. Of course, in many ways helped the power plant of Mercedes, but then, as happens every season, much was to depend on the speed of modernization of the machine. Opponents have done better and faster modernized their equipment. Unfortunately, some teams managed to be ahead of us. However, in view of the above, if on the day of the race we are able to put together all the components, we can fight for a good result and earn points that can be considered a positive result.

Question what are the results of the Force India can claim in Austin and Brazil

Niko Hulkenberg the Team will put a few new parts - we'll see how effective they will be. Of course, we want them to be allowed to make progress. Overall, Austin is a great track, I like there to fly. Race in Brazil - special. I think no need to explain much that binds me to this track. If the fight will take place in conditions of changeable weather, it can give us an extra chance.

Question How do you assess the prospects of the team next season

Niko Hulkenberg I'm positive about our chances. While we retreated slightly backward from the beginning of the season, in a team of different specialists, we have a fantastic team spirit, so I'm pretty sure we will be able to recoup. I'm not saying that we will start to win, but, I think, will be able to return to the positions that he held at the beginning of the year, will vie with leading teams and will attract attention to themselves.

Question Double points at the season finale can make significant adjustments in your fight with McLaren for fifth place in the Cup of designers. Force India is preparing a special version of the machine to the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi

Niko Hulkenberg No, I think not. smiles Not so easy to create a machine for one particular race. Now we are lagging behind, so double points rather play into the hands of Force India than McLaren, because when you are playing catch-up, in any case, you almost have nothing to lose. To the stage in Abu Dhabi will spend two races that can have a big impact on this fight, but double points will only add interest.

Question Some believe that the head of Mercedes Motorsport Toto Wolff is a huge fan of your talent.

Niko Hulkenberg I don't know, you better ask him laughs

Q Nico, tell us about your plans for the next few days

Niko Hulkenberg in the Morning I will fly to Austin. We have planned an extensive media activity, meetings with sponsors and partners, so I will have something to do. For Sergio upcoming Grand Prix can be considered domesticated, so it will be a lot of Mexican sponsors. A lot of work, but, as I said, I love Austin, and look forward to this weekend.

Question changing the time zone does not cause problems

Niko Hulkenberg Usually I have no problem with this when we head West. I can sleep on the plane and arriving feel relatively normal. In the evening you feel more tired than usual, but it helps to fall asleep.

Question you Have to understand, you fly first class

Niko Hulkenberg Seriously I don't think laughs

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Race weekend with the team World Series by Renault

Race weekend with the team World Series by Renault

At the end of September correspondent upon the invitation Zeta Corse, went on stage Formula Renault 3.5 on the track Paul Ricard and spent a full weekend with the Russian team, which at that time led the battle for the title in the individual competition.

Step on the track Paul Ricard was for Zeta Corse unusual is the second pilot of the team, Roman Mavlanov missed the weekend, as performed in the GT Open race, where he fought for the title. As a result, all of the team's efforts were focused on a single pilot, Roberto Mary, who fought for the victory in the championship with Carlos Sainz Jr. However, despite the fact that the pilot this time was the only one on the track came the entire technical team of 11 people, not counting the guide and the driver.

Five work directly with the machine Roberto Mary. Chief among them is the race engineer Spaniard, Humphrey Corbett is one of the most respected professionals in the paddock for the World series. He has experience of working in Formula 1 with Olivier Panicum in Toyota, as well as in GP2 and GP3. Right hand Humphrey - telemetry Miguel Jose Clara, he receives and processes data from the machine, providing Humphrey necessary information. Directly with the machine work mechanics Sebastian Sandina, Salva Navarro and Peter Hayes Peter Hungarian, but the whole team calls him Pedro.

In General this structure is typical for most teams in the series, but there is Zeta Corse and differences. For example, the team is racing coach Felix Porteiro. Felix not so long ago was a racer himself, played in the World series by Renault, GP2 and WTCC, and now helps Mary and Mavlanov. In addition, he played a major role in the formation of the team in the past season.

Another five people typically worked with Roman Mavlanov, but this time helped the engineers and mechanics Mary. Among them race engineer, Australian Marcus Koch. For Koch this is not the first season of cooperation with Russian pilots Marcus was an engineer Mikhail Aleshin in 2010, when he became the first Russian champion of the Formula Renault 3.5. Also in the team Mavlanov - telemetry Jaume Jimenez and mechanics Miguel angel Aragon, Home Check and Marco Lozano. In both cases, the third mechanics Peter Hayes and Marco Lozano - and even truck drivers team.

Trucks at Zeta Corse two in one motorhome, together with kitchen and rest room pilots, the second - machines, parts and everything you need for equipment boxes. In Le Castellet trucks came directly from Budapest - so it was easier from a logistical point of view, than to return to Spain, and thence again to go to France. Most of the mechanics and team Manager Marco Rodriguez and logistics specialist Jose Luis Sinister arrived at the track on Thursday morning at the vans - they are the team also two. Roberto Mary and the team leader Roman Novikov - the evening of the same day from Valencia.


Unlike Formula 1, not only the operation of the machine, but even the procedure of Assembly boxes in the World series strictly regulated. On all routes to start these activities can be no earlier than eight o'clock Thursday. "To be honest, at one point we flew great from the organizers for what we have collected the boxes and motorhome too early - before the rest started assembling, laughs Roman Novikov. "Now try not to break.

Motorhom Zeta Corse - the largest in the paddock for the World series however, half of the teams tent-motorhome not at all. He is joined directly to the truck with kitchen and lounge, and is separated from the rest of transparent panes of acrylic glass, not plastic like some other teams. Going plastic floor, equipped with tables, chairs, sofas and a large TV - here will be to watch the races guests of the team.

The arrangement of the boxes is not only unload all tools and equipment. Before beginning work boxes - it's just an empty concrete box. To turn them into the area where the work will be done with machines, it is necessary to build a special frame supporting structure frame principle allows to make the design foldable and very compact, to bring electricity to hang monitors. On the floor of the orange paint are applied with special tags for the wheels, then to accurately adjust the ground clearance, suspension settings and stabilizer.

Finally, the boxes appear on the machine. The first thing after installation on a label to them is connected electricity - own battery with the engine off Formula Renault 3.5 only enough for 2-3 minutes offline. Then comes a series of checks.

"First of all we check the machine settings and the engine try to start the engine, test the operability of the transmission, radio communication, " explains Miguel Jose Clara. Then the car inspected by representatives of Renault Sport. In the future, we Refine the angles of attack spoiler and so forth." To check the settings, Miguel connects his laptop to the car - wireless data transmission, except for the telemetry is prohibited.

On Thursday held the first training pit-stops - in the future, the team performs them regularly, two to three times a day. Pilots, meanwhile, go for a walk on the highway. In Zeta Corse to the racers always attached and Felix Porteiro. The main objects of attention - bumps, the height of the curbs, the adhesion to the asphalt. All this information can significantly affect the trajectory chosen by the pilot, and the braking points. Then walk turns into a fitness workout - Mary ran along the four circles in a very decent pace.


If Thursday can be considered a relatively calm day, then Friday is one of the most stressful. All employees Zeta Corse, regardless of their status, he lived in the same hotel, a few tens of kilometers from the road. On the track the entire technical staff and management went quite early, at 7 am. An hour later he left and Roberto Mary before him on the track to do nothing. Together with Mary in the location of the team arrives and another member of the team chef Zeta Corse Elena Ramsden. She is from Russia, but have many years of living in Spain, Nerja, where she and her husband own a restaurant. Not so long ago, Elena became a member of the first season of the Russian version of the TV program Gordon Ramsay MasterShef.

Meanwhile mechanics started up the motor and checked the gearbox. 1050 begins the first session of the free races. In a team everyone is pumped to the traditional excitement that is present at any event, added concerns about this particular track. Zeta Corse is in fact a new team, and therefore largely forced to rely on the expertise of its engineers. However, Paul Ricard - not the most popular place for racing, although the tests are held here often. As later admitted engineer Humphrey Corbett, the last time he worked on the race here. 1972.

In the first session of the pilots don't get new tires. During the first exit on the machine are tires that have already passed in a previous step from 40 to 100 km 10-20 circles. These tires engineers classified as "used". During the session, they are usually brought to the stage of the "old" tires, past 100-160 km Many youth series tires with the same resource can still put on the car, but in the Formula Renault 3.5 speed is too high, so they are sent for recycling.

In the second half of the session on the machine is equipped with the so-called "fresh" tires - break of not more than 40 km less than 10 laps. On these tyres pilots start in the second free practice. And only at the end of the evening session, they finally get new tires in order to evaluate the maximum speed and prepare for qualification.

After the first session begins working with telemetry. Miguel takes the data and discusses the change settings with Humphrey. Recommendations and gives Marcus Koch - the final decision, however, still Humphrey. Mechanics meanwhile, remove the fairing and carefully study the status of each node of the machine. Making sure everything is in order, collect the car and refuel. For the filling use a special mobile refueling machine. E, the mechanics have the ability internally to measure not only the quantity flowing into the tank, but also its temperature.

Roberto Mary, meanwhile working with Felix Porteiro. Felix compares telemetry best lap Meri data machines William Buller and Carlos Sainz. This might seem surprising, but the solution is simple - in fact it is last year's data, because a year ago at this track for Zeta Corse in Paul-Ricard spoke exactly the Buller and science, and Porteiro worked with them. The machine since then has not changed climatic conditions close, so that the results are quite comparable.

Roberto had already acted on this route, but the last time was a few years ago, in the Formula 3. It is much more powerful machines of the Formula Renault 3.5 this experience is hardly applicable, so that he will actually have to learn the track again. When comparing the graphs, Felix found several weaknesses in aerobatics Mary relatively Sainz and especially Buller. In the second session Roberto tried to make adjustments in their technique, and the results gradually grew.

Between sessions of all members of the team were waiting for lunch in motorhome. Thanks chef Elena Ramsden, the menu is very refined that "mobile kitchen" racing team rare. However, as admitted by Elena, after the previous stage in the selection of food they had to make adjustments and found that the Spanish mechanics unaccustomed to spicy foods, although she really liked engineers, Markus Koch and Humphrey to Corbett. Roberto Mary eats with the rest, a special diet. Of course, it monitors the amount of calories, but not as hard as some of the other pilots. However, compensates for this very serious exercise - trained Roberto is also more than other riders.

After the second session of the engineers for a long time discussing the matter, trying to find the optimal settings for the next day. Mechanics again check all the elements of the machine, and then restoring order in the boxes. Gradually darkens, after completion of all works on the track team in an organized manner is sent to the hotel, where ten minutes after arrival all gather again for dinner. In the same hotel and mechanics of some other teams, but sitting at different tables, little talking among themselves. In Zeta Corse not all tables are combined and dinner turns into a noisy gatherings, with an endless stream of jokes in English and Spanish.


The first race day also begins at seven in the morning. Qualification starts at 940, but until then we have to make adjustments to the settings. Like most other tracks, the qualification data is different from racing. Paul-Ricard requires medium or high clamping force, and in the qualification of the angle of attack spoiler increase. This allows for greater speed on the same lap, but the race will lead to increased tire wear. Therefore, the aerodynamic configuration is closer to the average values.

In addition spoiler, changing the value of the ground clearance and adjustment of the stabilizer bar. As the product in the Formula Renault 3.5 Smoking, and to warm up the tires, it takes time, usually in the qualification of pilots passing two long series of circles. In both pilots use the new rubber. The first attempt is rarely perfect - pilots, as a rule, are very cautious, trying to show160 basic result. The fight for pole position takes place in the second series, when all racers receive a set of new rubber and attack at the limit.

Changes in settings are bearing fruit if on, check Mary showed fairly average results for the circle, the qualification has risen to fourth place. However, his main rival, Carlos Sainz, was on the pole. In the boxes Roberto returned on foot machine at the entrance to the pit lane took the inspectors WSR for thorough review. As Mary contender for the title, his car check with enviable regularity.

At this point in the team have mixed feelings - on the one hand, the progress from session to session obvious, the other for title Challenger fourth place at the start can hardly be considered a good result, and the advantage of science is large enough. Roberto studied with Felix Porteiro telemetry his circle, goes into the rest room to focus before the race. Then, like many other pilots, going to the workout. Here the riders approach is different - some, like Carlos Sainz or will Stevens, are right near motorhome and talk ball with the coach. Mary prefers together with the coach to get as far away from the eyes, and generally performs stretching exercises and warm-up of muscles.

For half an hour before the race pilots are starting to travel on the track, trying the car and back in the boxes. Then they go on the starting grid. In Zeta Corse traditionally release their pilots were one of the last, though much work with the machine no leads - to make changes to the settings already too late. In order to be in direct start-finish line, you need to make a circle. During this time, mechanics and engineers are moving there from the boxes through a special gate in the pit wall, which will be closed before the start of the race. When Mary reaches its starting position, the telemetry Miguel Jose Clara connects to the car to spend the last check. Roberto discusses with him and Humphrey Corbett last detail, making sure that all systems are functioning properly.

A few minutes before the start of the race everyone is being asked to leave the starting grid. Humphrey Corbett and team Manager Marco Rodriguez is sent to the command post on the pit wall. Here is the same mechanic that shows the pilot information displays during the race. The command post is equipped with monitors timing and technical information. The same monitors are in boxes, so the engineers do not need to be present on the pit-wall information mechanics can be transferred and on the radio. But sometimes you need to act quickly, and direct contact is more reliable. The other members of the team returned to the pit in order to keep track of what is happening there.

In the race pilots will start on one of the sets of tyres used in qualifying. The second "fresh" set postponed for tomorrow - it will be placed in the first qualifying series. The racing itself, oddly enough, one of the most peaceful moments of the weekend for the team. Internal tension, of course, great, but at this point it all depends on Mary or mechanics or engineers may not affect the result. However, emotions enough - due to an overheated clutch Roberto started poorly, conceding Sergey Sirotkin. He was a little lost in the pace of the leaders, losing at the finish of the Sines 17 seconds.

Immediately after the race begins "debriefing". Although no particular problems with the machine not in the team decide to replace the clutch and go through the gearbox to 100 guarantee the performance on Sunday. Roberto frankly upset - not so much the victory of science and the increased gap in the championship, but about the lack of pace. It is a long time telemetry studies with Felix Porteiro, Miguel Jose and Clara Humphrey Corbett. Those, in turn, are looking for a solution, hoping to win tomorrow. Eventually coming to the conclusion that it is necessary to soften the settings.


At first glance, the schedule for the race weekend on Sunday is almost identical to the Sabbath. Some differences, however, are still there. They begin already in qualification during the first series of circles riders use the bus, which has already worked one attempt a day ago. This means that you can show them a really good time is almost impossible, and the whole struggle unfolds in the second attempt. Here, however, Roberto little unlucky - he was gradually added with each circle, but the session was completed ahead of time, because of the departure of Coele Amberg. In the result, Mary was the fifth and science second.

In the boxes Roberto returned without a car inspectors WSR made another test. The Spaniard admitted that changing the settings did not like Saturday's version was closer to him. However, the pole was Fading leaves Roberto chance to compete with Sainz - usually Carlos is not too great holds races in which he is forced to fight for position. Before the start of the race mechanics wear helmets during the race Sunday there is a mandatory pit stop. It also gives the team some hope - there is a possibility something to play when using the strategies.

Depending on the flow of rubber and other circumstances, the scheme of the pit stop may vary significantly. Most often, the car changing either the rear wheels or all four. In these cases, mechanics occupy different positions - all the options are processed, and as schematically represented in the figures displayed on the stand. By the way, these schemes are applied regardless of the pilots who spends a pit-stop. The most complex circuit - replacing all four wheels and nose fairing. In this pit stop participating at least eight people - all mechanics and both telemetry.

Before the race, already at the start line, the settings have changed - they have become a little softer. The launch was held for Mary good - he was ahead of Sirotkina Sergey faced the same problem with the clutch that Roberto - Saturday, and after a couple of laps and Jazz Jafar. To try to win, the team decided to change only the rear tyres - as, however, did most of the rest. Pit stop went rather well, but the comparison has shown that only on this was lost second. A couple of seconds lost due to the fact that Roberto called for one or two laps later than necessary. As a result, he lost two positions.

Command to change anything already could not, but could Mary. Roberto has done everything that is possible - he was again ahead of Jafar very bold maneuver in a long arc. To achieve more was hardly possible. Sainz again won easily, beating Faded even at the start. Chance at the title is not lost yet, but very much reduced. And Roberto, and engineers, and mechanics are upset by the results of the weekend, but not suppressed. After the mandatory analysis telemetry, we talked with Humphrey Corbett about how passed this weekend. "Honestly, if I had the opportunity to go back to the beginning of the weekend, I would have gone the other way, " said Humphrey. I would choose other, more rigid configuration. And, of course, prevented what we worked here with only one machine. If we had a second pilot, the progress would be much faster."

However, sad team once. Almost immediately after the finish begins assembling equipment and boxes, and in this work involved everything - including engineers and telemetries. Team leader Roman Novikov, meanwhile, helps to collect motorhome. All work quickly and smoothly, increasingly heard jokes, and laughter. The mood rises.

To load the machine, they have to manually roll through the pit lane to gate out to the highway - in boxes passage is too narrow. Then through the paddock - up trucks. Here the car rolled onto the platform-lift and raise to the top tier. After one machine and there goes the second. Meanwhile, Miguel Jose Clara is a list replacement parts - give it to the World series by Renault. In another list describes the work that will be held at the base.

The sun is on the wane, trucks collected, the teams are starting to disperse. Employees Zeta Corse, including Roman Novikov, immediately go to Valencia, others go back to the hotel. In the evening, with the remaining members of the team we're going to the restaurant. Despite not the best weekend, everyone's mood is quite positive.

The telemetry Miguel comes in a little dispute with engineers, Humphrey and Marcus. Humphrey argues that the decision to bring Marcus to help him was wrong. "Possible ways of selecting settings always a lot, and the information that gave Marcus was already too much, it only complicated choice," said Humphrey. The same opinion is Marcus. "Not in vain in Motorsport there is a rule one rider - one engineer, " he said. Miguel a different opinion on his opinion, the benefit of that decision was. However, the dispute is difficult to call hot - rather, it is a friendly discussion.

Soon the conversation flows smoothly on abstract themes. Marcus talks about his homeland Australia Adelaide, where once was the Grand Prix of Formula 1, as well as his passion for surfing. Humphrey no end of jokes and parades knowledge of the French language in the French provinces, where Paul Ricard, this is a great advantage, even the waiters here don't know English.

We, meanwhile, talk with Miguel - he is one of only three people including Marcus Koch and Felix Porteiro in the team, who worked at Zeta Corse year ago, when she belonged to other people and was registered in Italy. According to him, the change is very serious. "The difference is very great, " says Miguel. - Now we really are a team. I don't want anything bad to say about those people that worked in Zeta year ago - this is a great assistants. But they just came, did his job and went. This year it is exactly the opposite - we are together all the time, all help each other, the relationship is very good. This is a single United team.

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The FIA has announced the composition of the Board to investigate the accident Bianchi

The FIA has announced the composition of the Board to investigate the accident Bianchi

In Sochi was confirmed by the creation of a special expert Council under the leadership of Peter Wright, head of the security Commission of the FIA, to investigate the circumstances of a serious accident Jules Bianchi in Suzuka. Today, the press service of the FIA has published the list of participants of this Board - it has ten people.

"The Council will carry out a full analysis of the accident to better understand the causes of the incident, and will propose measures to improve safety circuits, which will be presented to the FIA President Jean Todt, said in a published message. The Council will begin work this week, and the results and conclusions about the reasons must be presented at the next meeting of the world Council of Motorsport, which will be held December 3, 2014 in Qatar".

The list of members of the Board to investigate the accident Jules Bianchi

Peter Wright, President, head of the security Commission of the FIA

Ross brown, the former head of commands Mercedes, Brawn GP, former technical Director of Ferrari

Stefano Domenicali, the former head of Ferrari

Gerd Ennser, the representative of the chief stewards

Emerson, Fittipaldi, President of the Commission racers, steward

Eduardo de Freitas, race Director of the WEC series

Roger Peart, President of the Commission of the FIA by highways and automobile club of Canada, steward

Antonio Rigozzi, attorney, judge of the International court of appeal of the FIA, the selected commands

Gerard Sayan, President of the FIA Institute and the medical Commission

Alex Wurz, Chairman of the Association of pilots GPDA.


2014-10-20 20:44:02

Jean Todt Absolutely safe our sport will never be

Jean Todt Absolutely safe our sport will never be

In an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport FIA President Jean Todt told about the accident Jules Bianchi and security of Formula 1, the change in regulations, the objectives of the Federation, as well as his relationship with Michael Schumacher, Luca di Montezemolo and Ferrari.

Jean Todt We should never take everything for granted, must never give up the fight for security. I've said it before the accident, Jules, and I repeat now. People seen for many years the most terrible catastrophe without consequences. They began to think, what to fly off the track at speeds over 200 km/h and get hurt - this is normal. But it was not normal. And not even a miracle. Behind all this was crazy. But 100safety in our sport will never be, unfortunately.

Question what happened in Suzuka, the result of carelessness or a coincidence

Jean Todt This is the result of a combination of factors that ultimately led to the accident. All may seem simple, but the consequences were dramatic. We studied in detail the incident. I have appointed a Commission of inquiry under the chairmanship of Peter Wright. I'm waiting for their detention, to form an opinion. Until then, the comments better to contact race Director Charlie Whiting.

Question But actually explaining Charlie Whiting, who has not claimed responsibility, several puzzling, to say the least.

Jean Todt 200 countries In the world, and each has their own ideas. Italian media are against him, but the tone of the German press other than English. However, as I said, we look forward to the results of the investigation Commission.

Question Accident Jules touched your son Nicolas Manager Bianchi, as well as you - the incident with Michael Schumacher. What do you feel

Jean Todt I have to split his duties as President of the FIA and their feelings. I see that my son is devastated as to what happened to one whom he considered his brother.

Question How's Michael

Jean Todt I saw him three days ago. He has a wife and unusual family. The battle continues.

Question Who's Michael for you Son Brother

Jean Todt Our relationship with Michael is friendship, affection. We have suffered so much together before I was able to overcome that only strengthened the attachment. Challenges bring. I'm close to their family, to Corinna. And they would have done the same for me.

Question do You believe in God

Jean Todt I believe in courage. Unfortunately, I don't believe in God, but lately I began to pray.

Question How much time do you devote to the Formula 1

Jean Todt The FIA has two activities. One of them sports, other, less well - known motoring. We encourage motorists through the clubs. One of our priorities is the fight against accidents, which annually kill nearly 1.3 million people and 50 million more are injured. And in developing countries the number of accidents is increasing. In most countries the car is in circulation from 30 to 60 years.

Question How healthy now Formula 1

Jean Todt Formula 1 is the most important discipline of Motorsport, and this year we introduced new rules. We could not ignore what is happening around them. The choice in favor of hybrid motors was inevitable. Look at the motor show in Paris - create all motors of this type. The problem Formula 1 that she did not like it. We have reduced energy consumption by 25. And this Formula 1 in which there is a search for technologies that are useful for conventional machines - exactly the kind of Formula 1, which we need. Without these changes, for example, Honda would never come in the championship.

Question the Role of pilot increases

Jean Todt From my point of view - Yes. I don't think there is to pilot the car of Formula 1 is easier than before.

Question Perhaps it would be better to say otherwise.

Jean Todt pilots more information - perhaps too much. They have a lot of switches on the steering wheel and power steering. But in any machines now it isn't To fly is easier, but if all this is removed, then the pilots will not be able to trust the car.

Question Some say that to fly so simple that it is now in Formula 1 are even children without a license.

Jean Todt We may revise criteria for the provision of superlicense. The first requirement is to have a driver's license.

Question the Third machine is output in the event of a crisis in small teams

Jean Todt Yes, but he will be disappointed. I like tradition. In Formula 1 has always stood 10-12 teams with two machines. Legendary teams such as Ferrari, Williams, McLaren and others, albeit a small one.

Question In Beijing held the first race of the Formula E.

Jean Todt it Seemed that we were rather at the disco, than on the racetrack. Formula E championship, which was forced to talk about themselves, we set a record for contacts in social networks. We still need to work on this, but it seems to me that there is interest.

Question Not long ago started your second term as FIA President. At the next election you will nominate

Jean Todt I have 39 months in order to think about this. I'm not so young.

Question Ferrari retired Montezemolo.

Jean Todt Ends a good cycle. For 16 years at Ferrari, I wrote the most important Chapter in his life.

Question Why after that Ferrari did not win

Jean Todt When I came in a Ferrari, I would say it is impossible. Even Simple said to me "You are beautifully worked in the Peugeot, but in a Ferrari you can't do it". And at first it was very difficult. But we managed to build a fantastic team. We wrote the story. Now the cycle is complete.

Question Michael, you were able to win the title in five years. In the case of Alonso, this has not happened.

Jean Todt These situations are difficult to compare. The first Ferrari Michael was much worse than the first Ferrari Alonso. When I joined the team on a 10-point scale we had two. In 2009 they started with seven.

Question If Marchionne asked you for advice, what would you advise him in the first place

Jean Todt React calmly and pragmatically. When faced with failure, as happened in Monza, it should be remembered that up to this point, Alonso was the only pilot, gaining points in every race. This suggests that in the early season reliability problems experienced by many.

Question Marchionne, Mattiacci ought to keep Alonso

Jean Todt each person Has their own responsibilities.

Question if you were asked to come back

Jean Todt In my life I have always wanted to move forward. It is what gives me strength. And it also means that you need to enjoy what I love.

Question Who for you Montezemolo

Jean Todt He was my President. Together we went through difficult days. The most difficult in my life. We became friends, and these relations are preserved. For 16 years Montezemolo called me from one to five times a day. At least one call a day for 16 years.

Question Who will win the world Cup

Jean Todt Rosberg or Hamilton. All will solve the reliability, in this sense they are on equal terms.

Question it's Nice that Mercedes allow pilots to fight against each other. Remembering your approach in the Dakar rally in a Ferrari, you would like not allowed.

Jean Todt we were under huge pressure from the top, we were afraid to lose. Because they tried to use all the features. It forced me sometimes to make decisions - not always perfect. But today the situation is different.

Question do You like double points

Jean Todt No, I don't like them. But they will not change the course of the championship. If you need to cancel, we will cancel. But in the end will win the most daring and successful pilot on the best machine.

text Elmir Valeev


2014-10-15 17:14:04

FIA will attract a team to investigate the accident Bianchi

FIA will attract a team to investigate the accident Bianchi

On Friday in Sochi was confirmed by the creation of the expert Council under the leadership of the head of the security Commission of the FIA Peter Wright to investigate a serious accident Jules Bianchi in Suzuka.

The Secretary-General of the FIA, Jean-Louis valence sent the team a letter, which asked them to provide all information concerning the accident. We are talking about documents, testimony and other information that may be of interest to the expert Council.

"After the accident, Jules Bianchi in Japan in the FIA decided to create a Committee to investigate its circumstances, " the letter says. His goal is to understand what happened and, if possible, to propose additional measures to ensure security.


2014-10-10 23:34:02

Briefing FIA in Sochi on the incident with Bianchi

Briefing FIA in Sochi on the incident with Bianchi

On Friday evening the representatives of FIA President Jean Todt, race Director Charlie whiting, senior medical officer Jean-Charles Drinks and coordinator of a team of rescuers Jan Roberts - held a press conference dedicated to the accident Jules Bianchi in Suzuka.

The press conference lasted for almost an hour and a half. The journalists were shown the footage of the cameras in the seventh rotation, which shows that Sutil and Bianchi flew off the track in one place, but Jules was not deployed, he tried to catch the car - in the end it made straight with locked wheels directly to the tractor. Filming in the hall is strictly prohibited, and those who still tried to shoot lost their cameras and phones.

Representatives of the FIA commented on the actions of the administration of the race and marshals on the track, but the first to press asked Jean Todt.

Jean Todt of Course, all still overwhelmed with emotion. We wanted to hold this meeting with you, to comment on the tragedy that occurred this past weekend in Suzuka. You know its consequences Jules Bianchi at the moment continues to battle for his life in hospital near Suzuka, mie province. We feel that it would be appropriate to share information with you, to answer your questions.

To start with I would like to give some explanation, then my people will be able to answer your questions. I asked Charlie Whiting, the race Director of the FIA, to make a detailed report about what happened last weekend. I got it this morning. He will comment on it for you. I also asked the Chairman of the security Commission to establish an expert group to comment on the report and make suggestions to similar to what happened last Sunday, is never repeated.

We know that motor sport is dangerous. Thanks to the huge efforts in recent years, there were no serious incidents, except for what happened with Felipe Massa in Budapest in 2009. What happened with Jules last Sunday, perhaps the most difficult in recent years the incident.

To the left of me sat Professor Jean-Charles Drinking and Dr. Jan Roberts. As you know, they were involved in the decision making process before the race. Ian Roberts, when the accident occurred, was with Jules in the car on the way to the hospital. They both remained in the hospital until Tuesday. Tuesday Gerard Sayan, President of the FIA Institute, arrived in Suzuka and worked closely with Japanese doctors, along with another Italian Professor, who helped to coordinate efforts with the family Jules. This is the situation today.

Now I would like to give the floor to Charlie Whiting that will acquaint you with various aspects of what happened.

Charlie whiting showing members of the press on the screen shots from fixed cameras on the track in Suzuka we have a couple of videos that we would like to show. We ask you to postpone mobile phones, not to shoot. We want to show you the record from stationary cameras.

The first camera 11, this is the first part of the seventh rotation, which can be seen as went off the track Adrian Sutil. You can see that the trajectory drier than the rest of the painting, but due to the increased rain water begins to flow and trajectory. When the cars drove a little wider in this place. You see that Adrian came to this part of the canvas and lost control of the machine. It hurt a little more wet part of the track. At this moment he is behind Jules - he loses control on machine and it expands.

If we flash a picture on a lap later, we will see that Jules happened something very similar.

You can see that Jules loses control of the machine. He arrives on the same wet area, but it does not expand as Adrian. It begins to slide, but it adjusts the machine, and then the car moves along a slightly different trajectory.

This video shows the beginning of two incidents. You see how the machine Jules starts to go sideways, and then he corrects.

With this camera we will show both the incident. You saw the beginning of the departure of Adrian, you will now see an accident. We scroll through the video, you will see the tractor. Let's see all the videos. In the background you can see fluttering flag and yellow. At the moment we haven't replaced him on a double yellow.

When the tractor starts to move, we changed the light on "double yellow" on the scoreboard. Now you can see and actually double yellow flags. As the tractor and the machine Sauber is on this side of the post 12, the yellow flags. Because the incident occurred after it. But, as you can see, as soon as they lift the car, move back, and he passes the post, the signal changes from yellow to green.

Now you see the green flags, because the post is already after the incident site. Now you will see a machine Jules.

This is the video that was available to us. I thought it would be constructive if you will see him. Now I can answer your questions, but first I wanted you to see it.

Question Charlie, can you explain what is the difference between the conditions when you decide that enough double yellow flags, and those in which you release the car security Because much has been said about the fact that it could appear on the track.

Charlie whiting We put double yellow flags, because they thought that with the consequences of an incident could cope without the use of machine safety. The next step is, of course, the issue onto the machine security, but because the machine Adrian Sutil was away from the road, this was a natural decision on our part in similar circumstances. We did not see the need to release the track car security at the moment.

Question have you ever Seen a telemetry with this machine Dropped if he speed under double yellow flags on this sector, in the area of the double yellow flags What was his speed, when he flew off the track

Charlie whiting I know what speed he flew off the track. We have seen data from all machines.

A lot of cars drove through the sector with double yellow flags, but not all slowed down so. Some slowed down quite a bit, some slowed down much. I don't think we will go into detail how much slowed Jules compared with others. We have these data. He slowed down. There is a matter of degree.

Question do we Know how fast he crashed into a tractor

Charlie whiting it is Impossible to get accurate data when the machine is flying through the gravel. You can only use the GPS data, but to count on them really hard. This is not a good idea to analyze such datauntil until a full investigation into the incident, a detailed analysis of the video as well as GPS data. So far we are not able to speak with confidence about what was the speed at the moment of collision with a tractor. It would be too early for us to tell you the exact figures.

Question it is Clear that retroactively make decisions much easier, but in retrospect, do you feel you could have done something differently And knowing what you know now, what lessons you can learn

Charlie whiting Yes, I think there are some conclusions that we need to do. We want to involve all teams and all pilots to ensure that it will be a good, well-designed and realized during many years of ideas. I think one of the most important aspects is that it might be better to pick up the pilots the right to determine how much they need to slow down in the event of such incidents.

It is better to create a system that is understandable for all, which would determine the extent to which the machine is set to slow in such conditions. On this we are now working. Tomorrow morning will be a meeting with all teams to discuss this possibility and method of use a kind of speed limit. Most likely, it will not be a specific limit, but, as I see it, a way of controlling the speed of pilots with clear rules and boundaries.

Question Charlie, if you manage to develop a system that could control the speed of vehicles, does it mean that the safety car will leave the track much less

Charlie whiting Yes, I think it's possible. But it would have the same effect. If you force all drivers to slow down to a certain temp, they will retain their positions relative to each other - so that would be about the same as the first two rounds at the check-out safety car. If Directorate of race requires "a short intervention, then perhaps in such cases, you can get by without car security.

However, in some situations, the safety car will be necessary. Sometimes it is necessary to control the speed of vehicles in certain areas of the track.

Question In a situation like in Suzuka, when the rain is getting stronger, how difficult is it to determine whether pilots react to signals in a changing environment

Charlie whiting This is harder, but not impossible. The system that we have, uses data from previous circles, comparing them. She "knows"how the tempo slows down or speeds up. We try to analyze the last few laps, the system can detect and show us pilots who, perhaps not enough has slowed in the current circumstances. We can then explore the situation in more detail. If the race is dry, you can trust this data with greater confidence. But because the conditions Suzuka has changed, we would have to analyze the data after the race in any case.

Question Who decided to send a tractor on the highway, and who decided to post a green flag

Charlie whiting the Tractor was sent to the scene by the race direction. If the machine is stuck in the gravel, obviously it should be taken therefrom. This was done immediately. The marshals were instructed to enter the ring and begin to evacuate the car.

The solution for the green flag was made by the Marshal on duty. As soon as the tractor with the machine Sauber was behind this point, the correct signal is green. He was yellow until, as the tractor was still ahead of the post, and changed to green when he was behind. These decisions are always taken by the flag marshals.

Question Charlie, two questions. The first is why it was decided to hold the race, if you knew about the approaching Typhoon Second - Felipe Massa said that was screaming on the radio that the race was stopped. Did you hear that

Charlie whiting For a start. The start time of the race is not a matter of discussion by the FIA. I suggested to the organizers to consider moving the start to an earlier time in order still to hold her, because the forecast was worse than the weather turned out to be actually. They didn't want to do that. I warned them that we will not hold the race if the conditions are unsafe, and that the probability that they will not race. They said, "No, we want to leave the start time at three o'clock". For me, the start time of the race in no way connected with the incident we are discussing.

The second question was about Felipe Massa. No, we have not heard that he was screaming on the radio. We now have pereslushala all that Felipe said. I think what he said to you, not entirely true. I have not heard that he was screaming on the radio. He mentioned only that "conditions on the road worse." It was the only thing he said on the radio. I don't think it means "to shout on the radio". He said that conditions were deteriorating, but we usually.

We don't listen to all the messages on the radio that the pilots pass - it's just impossible, so we rely on team who are informed if their pilots have something important to tell us. I'm sure they give us isn't all that said pilots For example some pilots have any concerns about visibility, after he had left the safety car and before the race was stopped, but only two teams told us that the visibility of their pilots have serious problems.

Question One Williams

Charlie whiting Yes, one of them is Williams. But, as far as I know, Felipe said that conditions deteriorate even before the appearance on the track machine security, and treated his comments rather to the fact that increased rain. The message about the poor visibility was later.

Question On various roads you use the tow truck of different manufacturers, some of them large balances that are just at the level of the head of the racer. You are not going now to change the approach For example, to only use cranes

Charlie whiting this is not so simple. As you know, the wrecker - in this case, the tractor must be heavy enough to lift the machine, it should be high enough ground clearance. He has opposed or not depends on the design. Such tractors we have successfully used for over 20 years, or even longer, and I don't think they should be changed urgently.

We had an hour discussion with riders, but we've discussed this issue, and one option that was suggested - this equipment evacuators kind of protective skirts. This option is worth considering, and we will do it.

As for the cranes, their range is limited. For example, in the 7th rotation Suzuki we'd need four or five taps are guaranteed to cover the entire area. If you remember Montreal, there is a crane in the area of exit of the 4th turn. But he can act only 50 metres from the wall, so sometimes you have to manually push in the area of his reach. For example, on the track in Monaco a lot of taps, but there and marshals a lot, and there is a danger that someone could be hit by a car. So the complexity is, therefore, we believe that all these issues require detailed discussion.

Question do You think that show a green flag was a mistake

Charlie whiting No, it was absolutely the right signal, since this flag was found after the accident. You must understand it does not mean that as soon as you see the green signal, you should start to attack in full force. You can do that at the moment when at head with a green flag. The same applies to yellow flags if on the first turn yellow flags, it does not mean that you should drop the speed, while with them, not at head. So you can prabhavati speed and begin to overtake only when it reaches the green flags.

Question please Explain the situation with the delivery of Jules medical center. We saw the helicopter rose into the air, but the driver was taken by ambulance.

Jean-Charles Drinks Usually on the road should be two helicopters. In the first two days of the week-end problems with the helicopters was not, but on Saturday night we were informed that the helicopter could not stay on the track at night in connection with a potential risk of damage due to the approaching Typhoon. The helicopter flew to Nagoya.

Early Sunday morning we received news that he was unable to return due to bad weather conditions. In accordance with our rules, we held a meeting and decided to make a major medical center hospital mie Prefecture, which is located 15 km from the road. Under normal conditions this way can be done in 25 minutes. This decision was taken on Sunday before 10am.

Closer to 11.30 helicopter was able to get back on track. But it was the decision to hold the race, even if the helicopter is not. All this is fully in line with our policies.

Such cases have already been earlier, for example, in 2009 and 2010 When the accident happened with Bianca, it was found that the helicopter can fly up from the road, but to land near the hospital does not allow the weather conditions. Therefore, we used the original plan, which was adopted early in the morning, and the driver was taken to medical center by ambulance. In those specific circumstances, it took 32 minutes.

Question I'd Like to hear your expert opinion did this delay on the state of Jules Bianchi

Ian Roberts the Total time spent on transportation racer, was 37 minutes, during this period was carried out detailed monitoring of his condition, and he was taken to hospital in absolutely the same physiological condition as it was at the time of shipment from the highway.

Question When FIA was last discussed the revision of safety standards, and how often you return to this theme

Charlie whiting I don't remember when the last time it was discussed protective skirts for tractors, but it was a long time ago. Subject head protection rider, the use of closed cockpits has recently been discussed and this discussion continues. As you know, it was after the incident with Felipe Massa and Henry Certicom. We spent quite in-depth study of this topic, a lot of experimenting, and the study is not completed.

It is very difficult to find a solution that would provide sufficient strength, but at the same time not interfere with the driver to work in the cockpit that the presence of such a system is not reflected. It is not easy. Meeting on security issues will be held next Thursday, and the solver will continue.

Question it was Not possible to postpone the start of the race at an earlier time, primarily to ensure that it is finished when it was still relatively light

Charlie whiting From my point of view, it would be useful. The organizers of the race was able to move it to an earlier time, but I don't think we are faced with a situation more complex than it could be. I do not think that the visibility was in serious trouble. I have already said that the race was conducted in strict accordance with the schedule, which we usually adhere to. This does not affect security. If it is too wet, we would simply not have it to spend.

Q You presented to the President of the FIA preliminary or final report, and whether it is in the public domain

Charlie whiting I would say that this version is close to the final. Need to add some information, but we are not yet fully decided who will be available this document. When reporting, we wanted to gather as much information, and must first submit it to the Commission on security, and it will select the group of experts who will examine all the issues raised. But I can't yet say who will have access to this report.

Question Tomorrow you will be meeting with teams on security issues. Is there any chance that in this weekend will be introduced some adjustments in the mode yellow flags and speed limits

Charlie Whiting It Is Unlikely. I have no doubt that we will be able to negotiate, but the machine consists of a huge number of different systems, it is very difficult to quickly achieve operability of such decision. Moreover, it is extremely important that the new system worked exactly the same on all machines. I think we should not rush to implement any changes as early as this weekend.

Question You talked about testing some solutions aimed at protecting the head of the racer. You know the results of these experiments. If to speak about the incident at Suzuka how you think, whether in the foreseeable future to appear a solution that can withstand such a blow

Charlie whiting I Think a clear answer to this question to give yet. But as I said, we had a solution to protect the rider from impact without wheels. There are preliminary signs that the forces acting on the car when hitting the fence route, or as was the case with the machine Jules, much larger than those with which we dealt in the course of the tests. We try to accurately estimate the impact energy, but I suspect that in this case, under these particular circumstances, it would be extremely difficult to find a solution that would protect the head of the racer.

Question Given the consequences of the accident, you are not going to make any special crash tests, which simulated the collision of the machine with an obstacle, like the tow truck

Charlie whiting This depends on the results of the analysis of injuries machine Jules, I do not exclude that it is necessary to consider the possibility of giving additional strength to the existing security structures. Again, I think it would be inappropriate to attempt to consider the circumstances of this particular accident. We try, whenever possible, to take into account the experience of all incidents, for example, a few years ago in Suzuka accident in which Timo Glock has hurt her leg, and then we had to deal with injuries of the chassis, which did not work. On the experience of similar accidents we learn. So shall it be in this case.

Question Charlie, could you tell me when will the changes made to the rules governing the appearance on the track tractors This will happen at the beginning of the next season

Charlie whiting Actually, if we are talking about such changes, at the beginning of next season, Yes.

Question According to Adrian Sutil, he was not asked about what happened, about what he saw from his point. You spoke with him

Charlie whiting No, not yet.

Question But will it

Charlie whiting Yes, we definitely will discuss what he saw. But I guess he had little to add, because we have the video of the evacuation of the entire incident. He was there, saw that, probably, would not like to see. No, we haven't discussed yet. Perhaps, while it is not the best time.

Question Charlie, I would also like to know how fast you received information about the incident

Charlie whiting With a little delay. Because the car hadn't been seen. My first thought when we looked at the screen with a tractor, was "the Evacuation took longer than I expected." It didn't look normal, it is usually the marshals in Suzuka work very quickly. Then they said "the Car crashed into a tractor." This is what they gave with the post, but I haven't seen her for a tractor. It took us some time to consider another camera that there really is a machine.

But it was impossible to understand wounded anyone, and the condition of the pilot. When we know, we sent the track the safety car and medical car. You couldn't see, it was not shown live, and on the camera, the image with which we looked, this was nowhere to be seen. With the camera 11 we could not be seen, and the camera 12 has been rotated in the wrong direction. As soon as we launched, we could see the car. But it took some time. Probably not more than 20 seconds, but for some time we remained in ignorance.

Question Jean, you talked about the expert Council, which will review the circumstances of the accident, which will include Charlie. Who else will it contain You said that to attract the best experts.

Jean Todt I know that you are familiar with the organization of the FIA. Of course, you know that security Commission headed by Peter Wright we have medical Commission there is Charlie in the technical Committee and several high-ranking people. That's why I asked Peter Wright to gather expert advice from qualified professionals. Everyone knows Peter and his strengths, I expect that he will help in this question.

Question How long will it take expert advice in order to come to conclusions. Do you have a deadline to which you are waiting for them

Jean Todt the Chairman of the expert Council Peter Wright today received my request, after this morning I received a report Charlie. I have to meet with Wright on Wednesday in Geneva. There will be a meeting, which is always done after serious accidents.

Question How to work a helmet and HANS Did you manage to get some information after this incident

Charlie whiting it is still too early to draw any conclusions. You can look at the helmet and to assess the damage.

We have several experts, in particular Andy Mellor. This is a very detailed and brilliant engineer. He was responsible for the design of the helmet, the so-called specifications 8860 - it is now used for the racers. The investigation began after the death of Ayrton Senna, and his creation took a long time.

Now we must be very careful to analyze. Andy is well able to restore the circumstances of Avaria, we will provide all data and photos. Then we need to understand how received damage and what needs to be done to prevent such things.

To put it all together is quite a complex process. But it will be done, and all that we can learn will be useful in improving the design of the helmet. The processes are the same as in the days when we worked with Mizoram after the accident Felipe Mass in Hungary in 2009 the result is a Kevlar band, which is now all use.

Question is there Enough of the expert or you do not have any specialists

Charlie whiting No, at the moment I don't think so.

Question Charlie, you have the opportunity to tell drivers that they are traveling at too high a temp

Charlie whiting No, it goes through the team. We cannot communicate directly with racers, but we often ask the team to send a message to the driver. And then can verify that they did.

Question Given that not all riders slowed double yellow flags, how strong was the impact

Charlie whiting If you look at the first data on the speed of the car. There was a barrier of three layers of tires, the accident would have been comparable with the incident of Heikki Kovalainen in Barcelona in 2007 But this is a very approximate information, I can't say for sure. But given that the barrier of the three layers of the tires and it was already the machine, at such a speed that the accident was of the same order.

Question Charlie, do not feel that their role could be played by coating the security zone If there was asphalt, it would be stronger to slow down

Charlie whiting This is the fact that on all routes, we played asphalt security zone in any condition better the gravel traps. That is why all new routes are mainly used asphalt security zone.

On older tracks don't, but this does not mean that they are unsafe, we performed tests on all routes, not just the new. But it is a fact that in most cases the asphalt better. However, in this particular case, we cannot say that everything would be different if there was asphalt, because we don't know for sure. But in most cases the asphalt better.

Question According to the received information can you talk about any mechanical problems with the car before the incident, which could cause a crash

Charlie whiting At the moment there are no signs of any mechanical problems.

Question Jean, how was this week for you personally emotionally

Jean Todt I am familiar with Jules since then, when he was 15 years old. While racing, I sometimes talked with his great-grandfather Lucien Bianchi. In addition, I remember that together with Mauro Bianchi went to the French hospital, specializing in burns, because he got a very serious injury. It so happened that he is familiar with my son. Nicolas works with Jules from 15 years of age and strongly believe in it.

Of course, on the one hand, my priority is to lead the FIA, which has two main areas of work - road and sport. But like any human, I have emotions, and I had a hard time. But I must say that every accident is deeply touches me. I had to leave Japan, but I five times per day to check how the situation is developing. That is why now our main responsibility is to analyze what happened and make sure that this will not happen again. But, as I said, racing is dangerous and can not absolutely guarantee that accidents won't happen. However, we will never be satisfied, for we will always be important to achieve greater security.

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2014-10-06 14:04:02

Peter Zauber grieves Andrea de Cesaris

Peter Zauber grieves Andrea de Cesaris

Peter Zauber, founder Sauber, through the press service of the Swiss team issued a statement on Andrea de Cesaris, former F1 driver, about the death which became known on Sunday.

Peter Zauber "We are deeply saddened with the news of the death of Andrea de Cesaris. Our thoughts are with his family and his friends. Andrea urgently joined our team in 1994 after a severe accident, which in Monaco got Carl Wendlinger.

The first race for Sauber for de Cesaris became the Grand Prix of Canada in Montreal at the same time it was 200-I race in his career. Andrea was very emotional player who always gave 100. He will forever be remembered as a real fighter".

As part Sauber de Cesaris spent nine Grand Prix in 1994.


2014-09-30 10:04:02

Mika Salo I am glad to help Russian pilots

Mika Salo I am glad to help Russian pilots

If last year Mika Salo often appeared in the paddock, now comes to the Grand Prix rarely now Finn is working on the draft of the new Russian series, which will be held with the support of SMP Racing in a new class of Formula 4.

However, Mika climbed in Singapore, where he answered the questions of the correspondent about the new championship, their role in its organization and young Russian pilots.

Question Mick, tell us a bit more about your new project and your participation in it.

Mika Salo I have been working with SMP Racing, it's their championship. We decided to do a series for young Russian pilots in which they could show what they can after karting. This was the basic idea, but we almost immediately decided to make the international championship in the first year. This is generally the first international championship of Formula 4 in the world. We will be racing in Finland and Estonia.

Question Service machines will deal with your countrymen from Koiranen. How was this decision

Mika Salo Yes, we decided to conclude the agreement under which they will be responsible for the technical side. They have extensive experience in similar projects, and we SMP Racing until enough people to do everything themselves. It would be difficult to prepare the car himself, and Koiranen have the staff and knowledge. We decided that the best option is to give them all the technical side.

Question which would be the base

Mika Salo It depends on Koiranen. It would be the Russian championship, but they will be placed wherever it will be more suitable for logistics.

Question are You sure that will start twenty cars, as originally intended

Mika Salo Yes. More than twenty. Of course, we still have to find and engage the Russian event. In Europe is a lot of racers from Russia, we are watching them negotiate. The first tests will start soon. Some machines are ready.

Question Where is the test

Mika Salo In Spain. There can be tested through the winter. Pilots SMP Racing will start training soon, they have a program for the winter. Several Finnish pilots have applied. There are pilots from other countries. This will be a very good championship.

Question How difficult is it to persuade drivers to make your championship, and not, say, in the Italian Formula Abarth or somewhere else

Mika Salo It's not easy because while the series is known not so much. Formula 4 - a new project for the future. FIA promotes this class, and other Championships on his background and soon it will look weak. Formula Renault 2.0 is already very old class, he would die. There is still a lot of cars, but one of the problems in monopoly Renault. In F4 can be of different engines, different chassis is interesting.

Question You meet with the pilots to get them interested

Mika Salo Yes, we are seeing many, try to interest. In particular, this is my job - I have to find Russian pilots who would like to play in the series. I help a few people, in particular Peter Aleshin, which has a great experience. In karting really easy to find the right drivers. It is not enough to see one race to understand how big is the potential of one or another of the stages. I often go to the competition. Besides, we have people who are engaged in this work constantly.

Question can You name names

Mika Salo we have a few pilots that are already included in the programme of support SMP Racing. There is another guy, Robert Schwartzman, and we recently met. He will likely play in the Italian championship, and in our. Date stages do not overlap. Will do some more pilots. So they will get more forward, will take part in more races. This is very important at this age.

Question what age group are we talking about

Mika Salo 15-17. May 18. The ideal age to enter formulas. Although now, it seems to be 17-year-old to become a pilot of Formula 1 smiles.

Question by the way, very interesting point. Example of max Verstappen, bypassing all the Junior series was included in the Formula 3, and then in Formula 1 just a year after go-karting, probably not too helps.

Mika Salo of Course, what happened is not too good for youth series. Seeing his example, all begin to think that you are able to go directly from karting to Formula 1. This is not the case, but these things sometimes happen - there are riders who are capable of it, while we are talking about exceptional cases. Unfortunately, when this happens, everyone starts to think that they could do so.

I know max, he's a very good pilot. But he has no experience flying large machines. On the one hand, it's bad, but at the same time, I think he can handle it - because we are talking about the great talent. And yet, I don't like that it jumps all youth series, where you could gain experience.

Question What do they give the rider

Mika Salo In the first place confidence in the moments when you need to fight wheel to wheel at high speeds and in such large machines. Plus, of course, the understanding of the possible consequences if you do something wrong. In karting, you can grapple with the opponent wheels, and nothing serious will happen. But in these machines is large and very fast - the consequences are very different. Not only for you but also for others.

However, I really think that Max will cope. It will be good. The only thing that confuses me is that he gives a bad example to other pilots.

Question What is the budget of participation in the series

Mika Salo Approximately 150 thousand euros. The price includes seven weekends. While I can't say, we will have three or two races per weekend, but the tests also included. This is a good price. You could even say that it's inexpensive. Now, many of the pilots about the same spend in karting. Such amounts are affordable for many. Plus, SMP Racing will help the Russian pilots.

Question are You one of the pilots SMP Racing. What are your future plans

Mika Salo I sometimes go to the start in the European series of Le Mans. I like it, but at the moment I'm more interested in the project of the new series. I devote almost all my time. Chase I already 44 years old, so I've had enough.

I like to help young Russian pilots. And I am pleased to see that there is such a person as Boris Rothenberg, which is engaged in this project, investing in facilities. This will see not often that someone helped at least one driver to build a career, and Boris helps at the moment 20-30 pilots. This is a unique program, and I am glad that you are part of it.

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2014-09-24 20:34:03

Fernando Alonso, McLaren, Red Bull, Mercedes or Lotus

Fernando Alonso, McLaren, Red Bull, Mercedes or Lotus

A journalist of the German Auto Motor und Sport Michael Schmidt talks about how the team can be Fernando Alonso next season.

Fernando Alonso once again at the center of many rumors. Some say that he will go to Red Bull Racing, swapped places with Sebastian Vettel, others that will become the successor of Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes. There are assumptions, even about his move to McLaren-Honda and Lotus Mercedes. But none of these options can be a real alternative to the Ferrari.

On the transfer market season rumors. Still allegations of serious transitions were not, but this does not mean that nothing is happening. In Singapore, this topic was raised again, and discussed more actively than before. In the centre of rumours that the future of Fernando Alonso. He will remain in Ferrari or leave And if Yes, where

Oil was added to the fire Gazzetta dello Sport on their information Alonso already told Ferrari that he wants to leave the team. But in Maranello still insist that Alonso Ferrari pilot. He has a contract until 2016, and they believe that the Spaniard will perform.

However, the Italian press information should be taken seriously. The Milan newspaper closely associated with Ferrari. It is obvious that Alonso disappointed. He spends a Ferrari in the fifth season and still can't win the title. This year he lost two of his most loyal allies - Stefano Domenicali and Luca di Montezemolo.

Apparently, the new boss Sergio Marchionne and Marco Mattiacci presented him a five-year development plan team. For Alonso it means that he will have to give up the fight for the title in 2015. But the champion 2005 and 2006, not much time to spare. And his concern is to miss the point quite clear.

Four countries, four directions

But where Alonso to leave This subject specialists Formula 1 has been under discussion for a week. All assumptions have one thing in common in accordance with Alonso in 2015 will change the team. The script depends on the country in which the author's assumptions.

Italian media believe that Alonso and Vettel will be swapped. That is Fernando will go to Red Bull Racing. In Spain believe that Alonso will be the successor of Hamilton in the Mercedes. In England that his goal McLaren-Honda. In Germany the popular fourth option together with Flavio Briatore, he will be in the Lotus. Because motors Mercedes.

What is behind the plans for the transition Alonso It is only smoke, or there is a fire We have evaluated all the options.

Red Bull Racing. In Singapore Alonso sluggish commented on these messages "these rumors don't help Ferrari. It is strange that they always come from Italy". Vettel also refuted "I Have a contract with Red Bull and a special relationship to this company. They support me with 12 years".

In 2016 the road in Milton Keynes is also ordered. The contract with Vettel will expire, but even if the four-time world champion will want to leave, Red Bull will be looking at one of his juniors Daniel quata or max Verstappen. The example of Daniel Riccardo encouraging. Why buy for big money Alonso, which can disturb the balance in the team

Mercedes. Here the situation is the same. Alonso respect as a racer, but I'm afraid his whims. Save Hamilton - the lesser of two evils. In Mercedes are trying to extend the contract with the British, valid until the end of 2015, a further two seasons. So this option is for Alonso to blame.

McLaren-Honda. This equation with many unknowns. In the pros the good reputation of the Honda mechanics, the experience of the team and the return of the head of the Department of aerodynamics Peter Prodromou. Cons - the debut season for Honda motors, first you will need to catch up with Mercedes. In addition, for two consecutive years McLaren was not possible to build a fast car. The complex relationship between Alonso and McLaren boss Ron Dennis. And ambiguous situation with interest in the team.

Ron Dennis has returned to the team in January, after the coup leaders. He bought the shares of Mansur Ojea and the Bahraini Mumtalakat holding company, gathered in the amount of 60. However, Dennis must pay for the shares, until then they do not belong to him completely. And he supposedly only have time until the end of October.

At the moment in the field of view there is not a single investor. In addition, there is no title sponsor. Two candidates, Sony Playstation and Johnnie Walker, reportedly, refused to contract. If Dennis will miss the payment date, it will disappear from the race. Who will replace him It is believed that OGA supports the previous team leader Martin Whitmarsh. In Bahrain want to see a new person. Too many unknowns for Alonso.

The Lotus. Flavio Briatore wanted to attract canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll as an investor, and his old friend Alonso as a driver, his old team, and ideally it again to lead. Best - money Santander. The team owner Gerard Lopez and Alonso get along well. Lotus in 2015 will use motors Mercedes. But it all makes sense except that in 2015, and a year later you may experience some difficulties.

Stroll wanted to buy the team as a whole rather than in parts. Lopez, however, willing to concede only a part. And, of course, is not going to do the head Briatore. The Luxembourgers prefers to keep all the threads in his hands. Its official comment on Alonso "I learned this yesterday from the Internet".

Lotus are Roman Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado - two pilots, which together bring the team around 70 million Euro thanks to my sponsors, Total and PDVSA. Alonso will be expensive. If with it will come Santander, the team will remain not so much. In addition, after the death of the head of Santander, Emilio Botin, there is no assurance that Alonso will be able to take millions of the Bank during the change of command.

In 2015 Lotus will get the motors Mercedes, yet their engineering staff has lost a lot of good people. No one knows this better than Alonso it was in the Ferrari was a key experts from Enstone, James Ellison and Dirk de beer. Others have gone in Mercedes, Red Bull Racing and McLaren.

Lotus E22 can't win the race, even given the problems with Renault. The transition in the Lotus is a big risk for Alonso. The team from Enstone have to prove that the poor results this season really only associated with the power plant of Renault.

Alonso at the crossroads

Alonso in a difficult position. To enter Red Bull and Mercedes in normal circumstances, he can not claim, and the prospects McLaren and Lotus raise questions. If he goes in there, he will need at least two years, and the road back will be gone.

If he would wait a year, the potential of all of these options can be better assessed. In addition, clearer future Vettel and Hamilton and Ferrari will become visible results of restructuring.

For Alonso it is better if he will wait until the end of the contract. If he run away now, this is not the best way to affect his image. Other teams will also have to wonder if he will stay with them if something goes wrong. The continuation of a career Alonso in Ferrari has many advantages.

What do you think about the future of Alonso As it stands will do What team myhotel would like to see Alonso in 2015 Take part in the poll on the main page of the site

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Moniz, Kaltenborn We have always been able to recoup

Moniz, Kaltenborn We have always been able to recoup

Rumors about the difficult financial situation in Sauber did not stop for a second year. This season an additional challenge for the Swiss team sports have become weak results - Sauber occupies the tenth place in the Cup of designers, yielding even Marussia.

In an interview with the official website of the championship leader Sauber Moniz, Kaltenborn spoke about how the team plans to solve the problems, and what changes might occur in the near future.

Question Moniz, in the last couple of years about selling Sauber told more often than on the sale of any other team. What is the situation

Moniz, Kaltenborn of Course, after Peter Zauber bought the team from BMW, it was clear that we are looking for a new strong partner. In the past we have always had a strong partner, Credit Suisse, Red Bull, Petronas, even if they were not shareholders in the classic sense, so this is nothing new. We also know that today, in order to be competitive, private team needs a strong partner. And several times we were talks about this, that's all I can say.

Question Now there was information that a canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll ready to buy a team of Formula 1. This is exactly what you need Sauber

Moniz, Kaltenborn As I said, a strong partner is always a good thing, but at this point I can't comment on that.

Question What happened with the Russian deal", associated with Sergei Sirotkin Looks like after the big hype last year, she suddenly collapsed and disappeared from sight

Moniz, Kaltenborn It is not collapsed. The problem is that everything takes time, and there's no way we can affect it. And, maybe, for the other hand some things just have a higher priority. In Russia, the distinction between private and public is very thin. Some political situations also affect the partnership - in our case, that's exactly what happened. We just have to wait.

Question is it Possible to say that you are ready to sell a stake in the team, but want to avoid a full absorption

Moniz, Kaltenborn Let me answer this way with a strong partner, we will be able to become more competitive.

Question How will the business model Sauber in the future There are no indications that in the near future will be able to reach agreement on the issue of spending cuts. If costs are not reduced, you need to increase the budget

Moniz, Kaltenborn We negotiate, and if the limit budgets will not appear - that would be very sad for the sport, because will have a negative impact on our image, then, of course, we will need to work to increase income through investment or sponsorship. In our days this is no easy task.

Question Can you name three reasons why Sauber attractive to sponsors

Moniz, Kaltenborn We are a team with great experience. We have decent infrastructure, excellent basis to perform at a good level - including at the highest, if we get sufficient funding. With this basis, we need less money than some of the others to reach that level. The best proof is that BMW bought a controlling stake in the team a few years ago. To a company like BMW, you purchased your securities and history all must be perfect.

Question frankly, the team's results this year were a disaster. The good news is that as we saw in the case of Williams, the level of performance may be cyclic in nature. Are there any signs that Sauber will be in 2015 to go the same way as Williams

Moniz, Kaltenborn Yes. We have not forgotten how to build good cars. This year we are not the best machine, but not the worst We know why it happened. We know where I went wrong.

We also see that this year play an important role powerplant is evident in the performances of all teams. We are not very competitive power plant, which seriously complicates the situation for a team like ours, because of lack of resources it is hard for us something to compensate. But we have to live with it, and I am sure that our supplier of engines makes everything possible, because Ferrari suffer from it. So both of our teams have to go through that.

Question You have said that Ferrari suffer from it. What does this mean for Sauber

Moniz, Kaltenborn we Have a long history of relations. We walked together through successful, and through bad times, now they are just hard But you need to believe in their partners. Maybe they realized that they did not - but we can't judge, because not participate in this process. Yes, we see the flaws, we see that the engine should be improved - they are working on it.

Question Will your main task in the remaining races to keep important financial 10th place in the Cup of designers

Moniz, Kaltenborn We must achieve maximum ability. It is also worth noting that there were races such as Monaco, where, it seemed, we will be able to earn points, but this did not happen. So no need forecasts, we should try to do everything possible within our resources.

Question What are your plans for the pilots Began the season transitions - are you going to participate

Moniz, Kaltenborn we have several options, we plan to announce the composition of the remainder of the season. Until then, we won't speculate names.

Question what about Jules Bianchi It supports a Ferrari, and those two points that he brought Marussia, can be considered a good recommendation.

Moniz, Kaltenborn Ha, nice try But I said, no names, and as far as I remember, Jules Bianchi is the name.

Question In Singapore by car there are new elements of aerodynamics, but apparently they were not the magical tool that you were waiting for.

Moniz, Kaltenborn Adrian Sutil said that the machine is more stable. But we were not able to fully appreciate the difference, because there were problems with the power plant. The energy recovery were not as they should have been.

Question This is the last service pack for Sauber this season

Moniz, Kaltenborn Yes, if we talk about the complex updates, but might some novelties.

Question If the machine 2014 you could not what to expect, how things are going with the project next year How far along are you

Moniz, Kaltenborn Process goes. Historically Sauber always had trouble with major changes in the regulations, but we always managed to add in the next season. Just remember the story of the banning of double diffusers in the first year we were plagued with failures, but next season we have earned a couple of podiums. I'm sure with the new machine we do not repeat the mistakes made this year.

Question In Singapore, you may have had the best chance to earn points, what about the other tracks Basically it is a high-speed race tracks.

Moniz, Kaltenborn We must accept what is. You want to avoid errors. We can't jump over your head, but should try to use the mistakes of others.

Question In Singapore again raised the topic of third cars - what do you think about this

Moniz, Kaltenborn Think we need to do everything to maintain the diversity - this is the DNA of Formula 1. If for some reason this cannot be done, then the third machine is a much better solution than the client team. The idea of the third machine is nothing new - it was in the past, so this option can be used to a reasonable extent.

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James Allen about a possible transfer Alonso in a McLaren

James Allen about a possible transfer Alonso in a McLaren

Rumors about pursuing a career Fernando Alonso regularly accompanied the second half of the season. A few years ago when Fernando moved to Ferrari, they subsided, but now the future of the Spaniard discussed at each Grand Prix. British journalist James Allen analyzed the situation.

James Allen "the Resignation of Luca di Montezemolo as President of Ferrari in effect comparable to the earthquake, and now we see its consequences - the situation in the team has lost stability and has once again raised questions about the future of Fernando Alonso.

In Singapore it was obvious that the Spaniard uncomfortable. In the paddock discussed his move to Red Bull Racing and Vettel in a Ferrari, many people said that he asks from Scuderia too high an amount for the extension of the contract after 2016.

In the manual Ferrari really there are those who would like to replace Alonso on Vettel, but Niki Lauda said the new President Sergio Marchionne, that if they will allow Alonso to leave, you will never be able to recover Ferrari.

Meanwhile, Alonso assesses the situation. Will Mattiacci to make progress Will James Ellison to build a really fast car for the next season Will the mechanics to create a more efficient powerplant

After the death of Enzo Ferrari in 1988, the team torn apart by contradictions, Yes more influence FIAT historically never had a positive influence.

It is no coincidence that the greatest success of Ferrari achieved in a time when sports division was headed by Jean Todt. On the one hand, he was a strong leader, on the other hand effectively defended the command pressure from the Italian press. As a result, engineers, riders and the whole team was able to concentrate on work and did a great job.

It is now necessary Alonso and Allison. Will Mattiacci to provide such protection He is a strong leader, but does that have to protect the team from FIAT and bad press Drove Montezemolo, Sergio Marchionne has clearly demonstrated that he is not going to give the initiative, including in the Affairs of the team, and the team needs stability to strong experts were able to concentrate on work.

Obviously, Alonso disappointed by the failure of some engineers, which this year was trying to lure in a Ferrari. Yes, a few people came and some more will come, but Italian colleagues believe that these failures had reasons.

Alonso received an offer from McLaren/Honda, where can go, if you feel confident that you will be able to work under the guidance of Ron Dennis. Honda is doing everything possible to convince, but in recent years, McLaren has not achieved great success. The transition of Peter Prodromou from Red Bull Racing will strengthen the team before the start of the pre-season tests in 2015 only four months, and there is no reason to believe that during this time the team will have to win back in a half seconds off the leaders. Time is running out.

According to Italian sources, Ferrari failed to provide Alonso those guarantees, for which he expected, and the Spaniard told the team that goes. Commenting on the situation on Sunday night in Singapore, Marco Mattiacci cautiously stated that "Alonso stays at Ferrari at the moment".

Veteran racing journalism Pinot Aleve told me that if Alonso decides to leave before the end of the existing contract with Ferrari, he will have to pay the team of 30 million euros of compensation. There is no doubt that Honda will not hesitate to sign such a check. When Ross brown led the Honda F1 Team, they really wanted to get Alonso. Then Honda did not work, but the desire has not become less.

Now Alonso thinks more about their prospects in 2016, and not next year as 2015 will be the first year Honda, and Mercedes certainly will further increase the efficiency of the power plant, saving advantage.

If Alonso will offer Honda, Ferrari can get Vettel. Apparently, Red Bull Racing will not want to give it away, Sebastian is bound by certain obligations with Infinti, but this is negotiable. The the Bernie Ecclestone would love to see Vettel in a Ferrari to repeat history twenty years ago with the transition Schumacher in the Scuderia.

Vettel, and Alonso, need a change and a new challenge. The Red Bull has good support - Daniel Riccardo, there is a reserve in the form of Daniel quata - Russian racer appreciate in the paddock. Yes, they would prefer Daniel another season spent in the Toro Rosso, but Vettel also came in Red Bull Racing after one season at Toro Rosso, and did a good job.

There is a feeling that before the end of the season in the Formula 1 may be a sensation"


2014-09-22 00:14:05

Interview readers Pastor Maldonado

Interview readers Pastor Maldonado

This year in category "Interview with readers you can ask questions to the racers. In Melbourne they replied Daniel Quat, in Barcelona, Niko Hulkenberg, Monaco - Kamui Kobayashi, Silverstone - Valtteri Bottas in Germany, Jenson button, in Hungary - Daniel Riccardo, in Milwaukee - Mikhail Aleshin, Spa - Jean-Eric Verne, in Monza - Felipe Massa.

In Singapore to readers ' questions replied Pastor Maldonado.

Question Sergey, Moscow Pastor, you were born in the very distant from the country of Russia. What places in your country would you recommend to visit

Pastor Maldonado we Have a lot of places you can go, nature is very beautiful. First of all, the beaches of Los Roques in the North of Venezuela in the Caribbean sea. There is another beautiful island of Margarita. In the South we Amazonian forests - they all know. It is a wild, beautiful place. There it would be interesting to go. Oh and for dessert I would suggest to go into the wilderness Medanos de Corot, look at the dunes, and then for contrast in the mountains of the Cordillera de mrida, where the snow lies all year round.

Question Gani, Almaty, Kazakhstan do you Feel in Venezuela's national hero

Pastor Maldonado In a sense, Yes. A lot of people are interested in Formula 1, many are watching me. At home always followed my career, where I have a lot of fans.

Question Anatoly Zubkov, Simferopol How did your participation in the Formula 1 on the popularity of motorsports in Venezuela

Pastor Maldonado Very much. The audience in Formula 1 has become much more. People interested in Motorsport, my performances. Everyone knows what Formula 1, many people are ill for a long time already for some teams, for other pilots. It was popular in the country even before I made it to the championship, but now the interest is even higher.

Question Nikita, Moscow Pastor, what is the most unusual gift you have received from your fans

Pastor Maldonado We get a lot of gifts, but often remember things that people do with your hands. The most unusual is always from Japan. I once gave a ball, where the characters were written my name - I don't even know how to describe it. Every year in Suzuka we get some unusual gifts.

Question Catherine, Stavropol have you Changed your attitude to F1 after the birth of her daughter Whether the work is now in second place

Pastor Maldonado No, it has not changed anything. I became a father in real life, but my work is not affected. Here, on the road, I'm a racer and have to concentrate on their work. When I'm at home, I am the father, I must take care of her daughter. It's always a pleasure to return home.

Question Galya, Moscow You signed in on Twitter bodybuilders, wrestlers and boxers including Mike Tyson You are attracted to martial arts

Pastor Maldonado I am passionate about fitness. We all have a lot of practice. But I like bodybuilding, it is interesting to try different diets that help to maintain physical fitness during the season.

I've lost a lot of muscle mass in the course of the year and began to try to change something in the diet, watch what I eat to recover faster. I read books, recommendations bodybuilders.

Mike Tyson I like it very much. It all swept away in its path.

Question Artem, Volgograd Pastor, many have noted your resemblance to the legendary racer from the distant past of Tazio Nuvolari. Do you know anything about those heroic times and I would not want you to race in the conditions when the pilot is actually no room for error

Pastor Maldonado Honestly, the first time I hear that I like him - I no one talked about it laughs. Of course I know who he is, this is one of the greatest racers in history.

Question Linar, Usinsk Pastor, is there a person that inspires you to new achievements - not necessarily in the race

Pastor Maldonado Like many, my father. My family is very important to me. They supported me throughout my career, have always been close. Tried to teach me everything you know yourself. Of course, this is not related to the piloting, but in life the advice of an experienced person is worth a lot.

My father, his brothers took in my life a special place. We Latin Americans. We have a large family, and all my family have worked hard to ensure that I became who I am.

Question Andrew, Simferopol last year, Roman Grosjean was often on the podium, and sometimes fought for victory. This season the situation in Lotus developed not for the better. Most fans of the team are afraid that novel and you can lose motivation and quit the team. What would you say

Pastor Maldonado I can say that the pilots of Formula 1 are trapped in this championship because bad job, were successful in the youth series. We are used to difficulties and know how to overcome them. Formula 1 is a complex sport. If you remember a few years ago, the Mercedes team was not on the positions, which is now. Today they destroy all but two years ago was hardly able to fight for podiums.

This is not just a difficult sport, it is also extremely hard. If someone makes a mistake, for it is sure to be punished. Here you can have good periods are bad. But I like it. Imagine you can easily win all the races in a row - it is boring Crisis tempers. In difficult times you learn. This is a positive moment. You understand that you can do what you cannot. Not only pilots, but also the team. This applies machine design, vendor selection, or something else.

It builds and pilots. You have to deal with the machine, which is very difficult to manage. I understand that this may sound strange, but in our situation it is possible to look on the positive - if you choose the right approach.

Of course, from the point of view of results is nothing good in our current situation there. But we laid out the whole team to find even a tenth, despite the fact that we are off by two or three seconds. We continue to work. There is no reason to retreat. Rest assured, we will fight.

Question Dmitry, Ryazan In the offseason, you made a bold move, choosing the number "13". Can not be superstitious man, but in the Formula 1, in contrast to other sports, this room was strictly negative attitude. I just don't see other explanation fallen down your failures. Do you plan to ask the guide to allow you to change the number

Pastor Maldonado It Is Possible Maybe this will help laughs. Usually I was lucky all the time with this room. In Venezuela it is the usual number, we do not consider it "unfortunate", as in Europe. Honestly, I don't care. I don't have a favorite number. We have a slow machine, not because I chose the number "13". In the Novel a different number, but the same machine.

Question Nikita, St. Petersburg would you Like to sneeze during the race, what did you do if so

Pastor Maldonado it has happened, but I do not recall that this led to some problems.

Question Yuri Novikov, Voronezh Pastor that became the decisive factor in your victory in Barcelona in 2012 Why one Grand Prix car was going so great

Pastor Maldonado I'll tell you first about what was in Barcelona in 2012 - I want you remembered what happened this season.

Remember how we started the year But all of a sudden in Barcelona we were very good, and after the race began again problems. I have no explanation.

The same thing has happened with Williams. It is in this race - I don't know why, but we were very fast, very competitive, starting with training and ending with the last round. Of course, it's not any one factor. Maybe the weather helped us track conditions, the machine worked perfectly.

I will say, many times I have chased in Barcelona, but never before has there not been won It was my first win on this track. But I can't say that I have some special relationship with "Catalonia", no. Not as in Monaco where I won all youth series. I may be faster than others. But not in Barcelona.

I gave one hundred percent. When we realized that the machine allows you to fight for victory, I said to myself "Maybe this is your only chance to win the race in the Formula 1. I was on the team, which at that time were not accustomed to fight for victory. We had no budget, no structures, machines and so on. But we won. And it was something special, but not only for me.

Of course, for me this was a special race, because in Formula 1 are hundreds of pilots, but not everyone is able to win the race. But I, first of all, was happy for the team. They had been so long won Look the car is now better than in 2012, but wins they have. It is not very easy to finish first in the Formula 1. But then we have succeeded.

Question semen, Taganrog How scary was because of a fire in the pits after the race in Barcelona

Pastor Maldonado it Was very scary. We gathered in boxes I and my family together around Frank Williams. He wanted to greet us, to speak. But we heard an explosion in the garage, behind the wall of the compartment, where was the fuel. A few seconds later the fire was everywhere. All ran, began to shout. I am very scared for Frank. One of the mechanics were injured. So that the end of the weekend was not the most positive.

Question Nicholas, Voronezh If you wouldn't have been an F1 driver,what would you be

Pastor Maldonado It's a very complex question. I started racing in karts at the age of seven. Now I am 29. I spent behind the wheel 22. It's all my life. I can't imagine. I do not know.

Question Andrew, Rostov-on-don Pastor, hi do you Have any Hobbies Please, tell us about it.

Pastor Maldonado I am interested in everything to do with Motorsport. I love cars, motorcycles. And, as I said, I like bodybuilding. Not in the sense that I pumped up muscles, no.

Look at me - I'm not like those guys that go to the podium and play muscles. I am passionate about the process of building the body, how they eat, what they do for the development of certain muscle groups, and so forth. This is an interesting sport. Roughly speaking, I like not how they look, but how they work, what they are doing to keep in shape.

Question Igor Mikhailov, Peter is There any chance that you will start the Grand Prix of Venezuela

Pastor Maldonado I Hope it will happen soon enough. In the calendar of the new race. We're going to Russia next year in Mexico. Why not go to Venezuela I would love to perform in front of their countrymen.

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2014-09-17 19:34:04

Bernd Maylander talks about his work

Bernd Maylander talks about his work

Bernd Maylander, the permanent driver of the vehicle security FIA, in the author's column on Motorsport-Total on the eve of the Singapore Grand Prix talked about his work during the race weekend.

Bernd Maylander "of Course, you are interested in what I was doing during the race, when sitting in car security. Because in Singapore working for me almost always, now is a good opportunity for all to talk in detail.

For me and my companion of Peter Tibbetts all starts in 50 minutes before the start of the warm up lap. Team racing Director FIA's Charlie Whiting and his Deputy Herbie Blache car safety should lap around the track, which is actually the official start of the procedure of formation of the starting field. Before opening drank lane remains for another 20 minutes, because riders can leave the boxes in a particular 15-minute interval, which starts in exactly half an hour before the start of the warm up lap.

When my companion and I are in the car safety, it is important to have a full understanding with the management of the race, so excited that all the information transmitted in the broadcast, the receiving party duplicates and confirms to eliminate errors. I have to constantly be near the safety car, after all, and besides, I constantly receive information from meteorologists from the center UBIMET to be aware of possible weather changes.

Ten minutes before the warm up lap I wear a helmet, wear seat belts, and together with a partner we check the operation of all onboard systems, in particular, GPS and monitors. Five minutes later we pass the inspection circle, again to ensure that everything is in order. First of all, it is a signal to the marshals that will soon start, and since then, they have to be very careful.

Then the safety car is original position. Usually it is located near the entrance to the boxes in Singapore, for example, this auxiliary track in the penultimate bend. Then if necessary we will be able to lead the peloton by the end of the first round, ideally, even before the first white line car security. If after booting the machine without problems overcame two first turn, then we change position, moving to the end of the pit lane.

On the debut of the Singapore Grand Prix erupted serious scandal Nelson Piquet Jr. crashed into the bumper through three rounds after the unusually early pit-stop Fernando Alonso, who eventually won the race. The fact that this was a premeditated fraud, it became known only after a year, when the Peak was fired by Renault, confessed FIA.

When working together, we sit in the car security, occupying the original position, then follow the events of the race on two monitors one is a normal broadcast, and the second displays a variety of information, for example, timing in real-time.

If on the highway there is a dangerous situation, which may require leaving the safety car, the first radio we received the preliminary report from Herbie Blas Islands, so we were ready. We put flashing beacon and other special signals, and the Director of the race at this time trying to choose the most suitable window for the appearance on the track the safety car.

At this point, the race direction more precisely does not know, whether will need our intervention. If the need is confirmed, we obtain the corresponding command and begin to act without asking questions, what exactly happened we leave the track and go so quickly, in so far as our Mercedes SLS, trying to catch the leader after the second white line car security.

When our car is on the track, the drivers of Formula 1 can we abovenet to the second line of vehicle security. After that, the already overtaking is strictly prohibited. You may remember the situation in 2010 in Valencia, when Lewis Hamilton managed to overtake me, and Fernando Alonso - no.

If the race takes place without incident, we always hope that together with Peter being in the car, we follow the events on the road monitors. This is an interesting exercise, because we both have experience of participation in the races, and we discuss what we see on the screen. He's an Englishman, and this year more a fan of Lewis Hamilton, while I for Nico Rosberg.

When the race ends and the last car crosses the finish line, we get the corresponding command that is supported by data from the GPS monitor. Then we start moving, and medical car, too, is a signal for the marshals, that all ended. Making a circle, we stop next to a closed Park, and after that my working day is over - if in the course of the Grand Prix did not arise situations requiring discussion with the management of the race.

Singapore for me is one of the brightest and most interesting events of the season. A distinctive feature of this weekend - an unusual routine, because we continue to live on European time.

In the previous three years in Singapore was won by Sebastian Vettel, but now the undisputed favorites of the season - racers Mercedes. However, let's see what will be able to take Red Bull Racing.

It is believed that Lewis is very cool on urban roads, and it's hard to argue. But let's not forget that Niko was already on the podium in Singapore in 2008, when he played for Williams. I think their chances are equal, so the fight for the title will only be exacerbated, and to monitor the end of the season will be very interesting".


2014-09-15 14:24:02

Peter Prodromou started to work at McLaren

Peter Prodromou started to work at McLaren

Last year McLaren has announced the signing of a contract with Peter Prodromou, a leading expert on aerodynamics Red Bull Racing. On Monday, the press service of the team from Woking issued a release, from which it follows that Prodromou started to work as chief engineer McLaren.

Peter Prodromou "Return to McLaren is fantastic, and I am pleased to see old friends and new faces. Of course, in my personal experience I know that working in these walls of passionate, dedicated and capable team . I already saw the enthusiasm and positive attitude, which will allow McLaren to return to championship glory. I'm determined to work hard and do everything I can to in the history of McLaren started a new successful Chapter.

Eric Bulle, race Director "On behalf of all employees McLaren I am delighted to welcome Peter. He joined us in good time. In 2014 we spent a lot of time and effort on the development and reorganization of the design Department, so his arrival happened to coincide with the completion of the restructuring.

Peter proved that he was, without a doubt, one of the most capable and intelligent engineers in Formula 1, and all in McLaren hope that his contribution will allow the team to move forward and implement in the future our ambitious plans.

Jonathan Neale, managing Director "I am delighted to welcome the return of Peter McLaren. He joined us in a very interesting period we intend to achieve success together with our new supplier of engines, and the entire design Department were enthusiastic about undergoing restructuring, which really begins to produce results.

The chief engineer will allow Peter to reveal his strengths as a leading expert on aerodynamics. I'm sure between him and his fellow engineers will be established effective work.

We gradually, step by step prepare for McLaren once again got back on the winning path. While we are still far from this and have no illusions, however, the appointment of Peter plays an important role in this process, becoming a vivid reminder that we are constantly strengthening our structure".


2014-09-07 13:54:02

Sauber in talks with a potential investor

Sauber in talks with a potential investor

Sauber in talks with a canadian businessman Lawrence Strolla, whose fortune is estimated at 2.3 billion, and which is included in the 1000 richest people in the world. It is not improbable that the Swiss team may change the composition of the owners, reports Motorsport-Total.

55-year-old billionaire lives in Switzerland and is a fan of Motorsport. He has an extensive collection of sports cars Ferrari, and in 2000 it acquired the circuit Mont-Tremblant, where in 1968 and 1970 were the Grand Prix of Canada. His 15-year-old son lance very successfully performed in karting and training in Racing Academy in the world. In early summer there were rumors that Stroll, made a fortune by trading in fashionable clothes, even eyeing shares Formula 1, but Bernie Ecclestone is immediately denied.

According to Motorsport-Total head Sauber F1 Moniz, Kaltenborn declined to comment on negotiations with Strolla. Also did Peter Zauber, the founder of the team. As you know, she is in a difficult financial position, and if a portion of its shares will be sold to a potential investor, this may be a logical step. And the fact that promising lance Stroll is already a student of the Academy of Ferrari, will only strengthen communication Hinwil and Maranello.

Also rumor has it that Flavio Briatore leads behind the game, perhaps on behalf Ecclestone, trying to convince Stroll to look not to Sauber and Lotus F1.


2014-08-23 14:34:02

The Board of Directors of the Formula 1 will be changes

The Board of Directors of the Formula 1 will be changes

The American company Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc, which owns 12.3 of the shares of Formula 1, intends to introduce Sean Mahoney in the composition of the Board of Directors of the company Delta Topco, controlling the economy of the championship, reports Sky News. In addition, Bernie Ecclestone is returned to the Board of Delta Topco, where he was forced to withdraw before the start of the trial in Germany. But after signing a deal with the justice case is closed, and the head of the management of the Formula 1 nothing prevents to return to his duties.

It is expected that Sean Mahoney, the former head of the banks such as Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank, will be introduced in the composition of the Board of Directors of Delta Topco, before its next meeting, scheduled for September. Currently Mahoney manages the company Delphi Automotive, and on the Board of Delta Topco he will replace Peter Serrata, previously also represented Lehman Brothers.

In the investment Fund CVC Capital Partners refused to comment on the introduction of Sean Mahoney in the composition of the Board of Directors of Delta Topco.

As suggested by Sky News, the CVC Fund, which still owns about 35 stake in Formula 1, is likely to sell its stake in the next year will make a new attempt an IPO Formula 1.


2014-08-12 18:04:04

Malaysia is building a second track for Formula 1

The Malaysian government with the financial support of the Singapore tycoon Peter lim and the Royal family of Johor going by 2016 to open the track level Formula 1 circuit will be called FASTrack Autosports and located in the region Iskander, just off highway Johor host MotoGP race. The new track will be built for 75 million, plus additional costs for landscaping and other structures. The track will be a similar Singaporean rings located close to the closed track stands and bridges right across the canvas.Interestingly, the guide track Sepang not strongly believes in the feasibility of this idea, because the country doesn't need two tracks of Formula-1.

2014-08-11 19:54:02

In Malaysia appears the second track, capable to accept a Formula 1

In Malaysia appears the second track, capable to accept a Formula 1

Malaysian authorities with the support of the Singapore Mogul Peter Lima and the Royal family, Johor plan to build by 2016 new road that can take stages of Formula 1.

Circuit FASTrack Autosports will appear in the region Iskander near highway, Johor, which hosted the MotoGP race. The cost of construction is estimated at 75 million euros, but this figure could rise because around the circuit is planned to build Motorsport centre.

The project FASTrack Autosports developed architectural Bureau Hermann Tilke. The route will meet all safety requirements. Its length is 4.5 km, with one of the direct will exceed kilometer.

New race can compete with the Sepang and road Singapore Marina Bay, but the authorities recognize that until you get to spend Grand Prix, because the contract FOM with Sepang expires in 2016, and Singapore - in 2017. However, FASTrack Autosports is perfect for racing of other categories, in particular Superbike and SuperGT.

The management of the Sepang circuit skeptical perceived the news about the appearance of Malaysia's second slope of the first category. The head of Sepang Ruslan Razali said that FASTrack Autosports more suitable for track days than for real races.


text Tatiana Belsky


2014-08-02 00:04:02

Judicial settlement will cost Ecclestone in a large amount

Judicial settlement will cost Ecclestone in a large amount already wrote about the new turn of the judicial process against Bernie Ecclestone, who in April is in the Munich court counsel offered to settle the case by paying compensation in the amount of 25 million euros. We are also told that the court agreed to consider this proposal, so that the head of management of Formula 1 has a real chance to achieve a deal with justice.

But, it seems, the price increased markedly on Friday Munich newspaper S252ddeutsche Zeitung reported that Ecclestone and his lawyers met with representatives of the Bavarian law enforcement agencies and the Prosecutor requested in addition to compensate the Bank BayernLB more and 100 million Euro for closing the case, which will go to the state budget. Bernie thought this was too much, and after some trades, the parties have found the compromise the amount fell to. 100 million dollars.

It is possible that the settlement of the issue will happen as soon as next week. This means that Ecclestone not shall be damned, and, therefore, most likely, will remain at his post.

To practice German justice it will be a record large amount, and it can be assumed that the company will start a lively debate about the legality of this approach, because it turns out that wealthy defendants receive an unfair advantage against people with ordinary incomes.

Last word remains for the criminal chamber of the Munich regional court chaired by judge Peter Noll, but it is likely that the issue will be resolved in favor Ecclestone. Indirect sign of this is the fact that witnesses, which was going to hear next Tuesday, has informed that, in the court they be not necessary.


2014-08-01 20:44:03

Sauber F1 released a cartoon about the history command

Sauber F1 released a cartoon about the history command

The famous animated series McLaren Tooned gives no rest to other teams, in particular Sauber the country has also decided to make a movie on the history of their organization, since the early 70's, when Peter Zauber in makeshift conditions built his first car.

Before the August break Sauber posted on his page on Youtube this short and funny movie of the sport fans will be able to learn different historical episodes, of course, creatively reinterpreted. Please note, as the creators of the cartoon interpret the accident Robert Kubica in Canada in 2007, followed by the debut of Sebastian Vettel in the Grand Prix of the USA, when a young German became the youngest riders earned points in Formula 1.

In General, despite the fact that this season things Sauber are going very badly, and after 11 Grand Prix on her account there is no points, the team was not discouraged. However, on the year 2014, in the cartoon is not a word was said, but in the end formulated the main dream of becoming world Champions.


2014-07-16 17:44:03

Bernd Maylander about the upcoming Grand Prix of Germany

Bernd Maylander about the upcoming Grand Prix of Germany

Bernd Maylander, the permanent driver safety FIA, in the author's column on Motorsport-Total spoke about their attitudes on the eve of the Grand Prix of Germany.

Bernd Maylander "last week I again was Ambassador Mercedes AMG, and this time with the DTM team visited Moscow. Watch the final of world football championship in hotel gathered more than 100 people, and it was phenomenal German team won, and when the world Champions returned to Berlin, the fans were met with great enthusiasm. Hopefully, this method waits for the Formula 1 in Hockenheim.

Grand Prix of Germany is much older Formula 1, for the first time he was held in 1926 in Berlin Avus track, and next year was held at the Nurburgring, which had just built.

I know the Hockenheimring, as with almost any German racer, since was still on the old ring, and in 2001 there won his last victory in the DTM, ahead of team mates Mercedes Peter Dubreka and Bernd Schneider. I have wonderful memories, especially about the party after the race, which was arranged for all teams participating in the championship, it was the season finale.

After reconstruction 2002 long straight, walking through the forest, was removed from the configuration, but, fortunately, sections, which are Motodrom, remained intact. It is considered that this route is very important to find the correct settings, that will provide good adhesion to asphalt in sharp bends last sector. But at the same time, in Hockenheim important and engine power to overtake rivals in the end of the line before the hairpin.

Although now the track is not as fast as before the reconstruction, here still it is necessary to find a reasonable compromise between speed and downforce. The same task team was at Silverstone, therefore, be surprised if now the victory will go to someone riders Mercedes. After the British Grand Prix Nico Rosberg continues to lead in the championship with four points, so the struggle again escalates.

We can say that Hockenheim - the main home race for Sebastian Vettel, because his home town of Heppenheim are situated just half an hour away. However, he knows that to win it will be difficult. After a summer break in the Red Bull Racing is going to introduce a number of technical innovations, and although the title is almost lost, I believe that the team intends to continue the struggle. All the things you will learn in 2014, will be useful in 2015-m

This season, Niko Hulkenberg is great, although at Silverstone he had not easy. But, in my opinion, thanks to the power plant of Mercedes, which uses the team Force India, theoretically it should achieve good results, especially since the championship enters a decisive phase.

From the German racers hardest this year's Adrian Sutil. You might expect that the transition from Force India Sauber will be a step forward, but at the moment the Swiss team very seriously behind. In this situation, the pilot is not easy to find the right fighting spirit and try to show a good result. It is a kind of vicious circle, but I hope that in Hockenheim Adrian will be able to break.

By the way, I can regard Grand Prix in Hockenheim his home race. On this road I first got behind the wheel machines with open-wheel, it was in the late 80's, and I live near. Theoretically, in the days of the upcoming weekend I could even sleep at home, but I will not risk to not get stuck in traffic on the way to the track. Usually, I stay in hotel, located about 15 km from the circuit.

The best memories with the course I deal with four victories Michael Schumacher in 1995, 2002, 2004 and 2006 Each of these victories we fittingly celebrated, and the fans really rejoiced with us, because the Germans love not only football"


2014-07-04 14:54:04

Kaltenborn Sale of the team is not planned, but.

Kaltenborn Sale of the team is not planned, but.

Head Sauber Moniz, Kaltenborn at the meeting with journalists at Silverstone told about the current situation and prospects.

Question this year the works Sauber are not so far. What are you planning to take to save the season

Moniz, Kaltenborn it is hard, because in search of a solution, we must return to the events of last year when we worked on the development machine. Given our limited resources, we made the most of it to better finish last season and earn more points. I had to make a number of compromises that affected the situation with the new machine. Of course, in the period, when there is so much technical change, it affects especially painful.

The second point is that this season, the main factor is the power of the motors. The difference in power between the power plants of different manufacturers is very high. It's not an excuse, but we cannot influence the situation. In Ferrari do all in their power, and have already made some improvements, but the difference remains.

Like last year, we will try to implement a number of technical innovations that will improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the machine, as the case not only in the power installation and features of the previous season - of course, we must also improve our chassis. And it is very important to avoid errors, such as those that were committed by the team in Austria.

Question What are you going to take in order to prevent errors during pit-stops

Moniz, Kaltenborn it is Necessary to work in two directions. First, it is necessary to analyze the procedure pit stop errors sometimes occur, and it is important in everything in detail to understand. And the second point is a misunderstanding, related with the failure in the transmission of information. If to speak about the actual pit stop, we had to make some changes in the equipment that we use to eliminate the recurrence of similar accidents.

Question You mentioned the power units the team is not planning to change their supplier

Moniz, Kaltenborn No.

Question last week Sergei Sirotkin said Simona de Silvestro more of a marketing ploy and it does not claim to a place in the team. What is the real situation with the squad for next year for two cars you have five racers

Moniz, Kaltenborn We have someone to choose from. smiles We do that, when the time comes.

Question But everybody has a chance

Moniz, Kaltenborn we were saying that We intend to work with those drivers, who have already signed contracts, primarily with Sergey Sirotkin, which we are preparing to the Formula 1. But while he has to concentrate on this season last week in Moscow, he has achieved good results, winning the race. This work continues, and we have nowhere to hurry.

If to speak about Simone, it should our program. She had a great test in Valencia, after 1200 km, if I'm not mistaken.

Question the Team was in contact somehow with Sergey after he won the race at the Moscow Raceway You personally congratulated him, maybe You had some conversation

Moniz, Kaltenborn We are in constant contact with his managers, regardless of the situation, good or bad. So we not only choose pleasant occasions - during the season we discussed with its management of all races and all technical problems. Of course, we congratulated Sergey, as soon as I got the news of his victory.

Question Therefore, everything is going in the right direction, and he has a chance to drive the car Sauber on Friday this season

Moniz, Kaltenborn This is one of the variants, let us see how things will develop.

Question Why can't we see some results of cooperation with Russian partners, which was announced almost a year ago

Moniz, Kaltenborn Because for realization of this cooperation takes time. Not all and not always depend on us. With respect to approach the other hand, that's all. Hardly something I can add. We cannot rush partners, it's not done, and if they need time, and for good reason, we must respect it. It is important that we know what we want to achieve from this cooperation.

Question Caterham F1 sold.

Moniz, Kaltenborn I learned this from the press.

Question Swiss fans do not fear that the same fate may expect Sauber

Moniz, Kaltenborn We have always said that the team is not for sale. But, as in previous years, when large companies, such as Red Bull or Credit Swiss, was a part of shareholders Sauber, we are ready to consider offers on cooperation. If their conditions will suit the team if this partnership will contribute to its strengthening, as it was in the time when the owner Sauber was the company BMW, you have to be open to such proposals. The main task - this should make the team stronger. And in such partnership for us nothing new.

Question so, are you ready to work with new investors, but the sale of the team is not planned

Moniz, Kaltenborn Not planned, but if there is an investor who wishes to purchase the team and will have a long-term plan of its strengthening and development need to be open to such proposals. The team has accumulated extensive experience and knowledge, we have modern technology and Peter Zauber, the founder of the team, always wanted to keep. It remains our goal, then nothing changes.

text Andrew Elk


2014-07-01 22:34:03

Double interview Dmitry Sapgir and Peter Aleshin

Double interview Dmitry Sapgir and Peter Aleshin

The problem of training racers never lost relevance, but only in the last few years have been a real embodiment. The project SMP Racing, launched in the beginning of 2013, helps over 50 pilots to develop their potential in different racing series from karting Championships FIA and American racing. met with the sports Director of the youth program SMP Racing Peter Aleshin and CEO KMP Group Dmitry Sapgir to discuss peculiarities of its work.

Question Youth program SMP Racing is not the first of its kind. In addition to coverage and work with children from an early age, how it differs from previous programmes, and what are its advantages

Dmitry Sapgir Its advantage is that we have more freedom in the selection of riders, since little has changed funding - more of him. I could not afford such a large investment. In addition, increased the number of racers. They are selected from childhood, and then we choose the best.

Question What specifically gives the rider the program

Dmitry Sapgir Financing and proper career development. Even if the parents have money in our time, sometimes less, they almost never know how to send its young pilot.

Peter Alyoshin In any sport, not only in the automotive, should gather together and physical training, and talent, and moral character, and a good head, and adequate family - only then we'll get a high quality product. If something is missing, then a career is not folded.

Question What are the issues with your parents

Dmitry Sapgir Very often parents interfere with the career development of their child.

Peter Alyoshin Here is an example. We had one boy. It is normally performed, and the following year it was necessary to make the next step. I said, "Very well, we'll go there. His father replied, "No, we believe that we need to do differently". Goodbye, do things differently. Not a question, maybe in three or five years history will judge us, but at the moment I think it is wrong.

Dmitry Sapgir They did not wise, and we are not able to participate.

Question In the end, SMP Racing's budget and determines who will be performing, so the parents have to put up with it.

Dmitry Sapgir Sometimes parents are also involved in this process, but they still should not prevent us from working.

Peter Alyoshin Even if parents are involved in the process and came to us as professionals, we are engaged in their children and have some professional types. Naturally, SMP Racing defines what to do and how. It is not discussed.

Question do You use your work or rely on the European experience

Peter Alyoshin Naturally, we use the European experience, but also their developments for 17 years have accumulated. If we somehow know almost everyone who is engaged in this sport, of course, we have a certain vision.

Dmitry Sapgir We know how to organize the training. After the Formula Renault 2.0 racer must be a real sportsman, be able to manage a heavy machine and withstand the load, so he has to exercise five to six hours a day.

Peter Alyoshin If he is involved in karting, as such, it helps him to keep in shape, and then the desired fitness.

Dmitry Sapgir it is Necessary to properly organize the exercise. Very often not without psychological training. Competently should be everything from sports and psychological training to correct choice of the team and the League. Racer should know, how many days to come on the track, how to organize your diet, how to communicate with the press. We all know how to do it and implement it in our program. You have only seen the tip of the iceberg. In the program SMP Racing lot of people are engaged, working with pilots, with the PR.

Peter Alyoshin actually, this is not a rant. Almost all the Championships, where we participate, racers SMP Racing are in the top group - this suggests that we still own and is well worth the school, and we know what we do.

Believe me, it is much easier to rent held champion Formula Renault 2.0, you watched the last couple of years, and somewhere to arrest him, than to raise such a person himself and to make it a success.

Dmitry Sapgir they Say that in terms of coverage and the amount of advertising races occupy the second place, second only to football. Looking at our children, we understand that they are more likely to succeed than our national team in the world Cup.

Q Dmitry, you spoke about the difficulties in order to promote racers, having own team. Why can't this be reconciled

Dmitry Sapgir That's probably all racing series. I wish racer acted for the best team, but you have not competitive team. Get a contradiction. In the end, you're ruining his career as a driver. It is better to do something one. At one time I made a choice sold the team and continue to do racers. To me it's more interesting.

Question How do you evaluate the performances of the top drivers of the program SMP-Racing Sergey Sirotkin and Egor Orudzhev

Peter Alyoshin I don't want to talk about gigs Sergey Sirotkin is incorrect, because we say, they do not do.

Dmitry Sapgir this year Egor Orudzhev there are some problems with the machine. For example, in the Spa, he had some problems with the engine, so it was not the best way, although in both races finished in the top ten. As is known, the most important thing in Spa - efficient motor.

As for Matevos Isahakyan, in my opinion, he performed brilliantly in the Alpine Formula Renault - no one never debuted. He recently turned 16 years of age, it even prevented in the first race, but he is already on the second place after nick De Vries equation.

Peter Alyoshin In any case, it is the youngest in the history of Formula Renault 2.0 is the winner of the competition.

Dmitry Sapgir Our best at the moment the stages Alexander Vardanyan lacks stability. He is not yet 14 years old, but he's very quick for her age, and well favored. In General, this year all quite successful.

Peter Alyoshin Nikita Zlobina, of course, have a hard time in the German Formula 3 - there really isn't all that easy and this racing category complex.

If to speak about very young, I would pay attention to Paul boulantsev. Judging by his performances in the last two years, this boy is very promising. Actually, the meaning of our program is that we can support four or five sportsmen in the championship of Russia and try to take away from them one or two promising racers, you can work at the European level. According to this principle all the youth program and not only in motor racing.

Now absolutely nobody takes Russian pilots in minor series as much as before. I remember how once, when Mikhail Aleshin started to drive in karting, came just to look at Russian racer. Then in Russia was considered that the performances in Europe can only harm to spoil the style and prevent the championship of Russia, which then seemed summit. If someone went to Europe for the accretion of the race, only to try to learn something technical that would help in the championship of Russia. It was only in 1999, and in 2000 did the same thing. Since then, it took very little time. In 2002 we won the Viking Trophy, became the Champions of Scandinavia carting.

Now our leadership in all European grades where we participate, does not surprise anyone, although it was only 14 years old. We must clearly understand that without it there will be nothing. If we have no youth tennis, there will be adult tennis.

Question You already told about the successes of the Russian drivers in the European Championships. Obviously, they will move on to more serious series, but if to speak about the Championships machines with open-wheel, the ultimate goal remains the Formula 1.

Peter Alyoshin In Formula 1 at all difficult to go.

Question is There such a goal

Dmitry Sapgir no one says About it, because there are too many "but". Of course, everyone would like to get there, but again, it is important, what team you are. For example, if the person has to choose, say, to act in the DTM and fight for first place, or 15-th place in the Formula 1. What will choose the driver I don't know.

Question Racer is more important to fight for the victory, it does not matter where in the championship.

Dmitry Sapgir So one can't say that in the Formula 1 we can get, even if you have money. According to reliable information, people pay six million to sit on the bench third pilot. This is ridiculous.

Of course, when I started doing this, the goal was exactly the Formula 1, but now we are increasingly looking towards the Airport. At us there already is one racing driver, and well favored. This championship attracts more and more spectators, and they understand that it is a real sport, real race. Leaders SMP Racing believe that the pilot should get into the higher classes of Motorsport and optional formula - we are talking about the DTM, and about the prototypes and GT, which also has its upper classes. It is not ruled out.

Every year the situation in Motorsport is changing, so we'll see. Of course, personally, I would like to have our riders competed in Formula 1 and went to the top teams. How it will be implemented until knows no one.

Peter Alyoshin actually, the issue of Formula 1 is in the area of policy, i.e. it is not a sport, it is a policy. Let's say good-will Dietrich Mateschitz Red Bull has two teams. They can afford to take people from around the world, guided, first of all, sports figures and business interests in the country. This is the only example. All the rest is a question of money, or rather a lot of money.

Dmitry Sapgir by the Way, it is curious to note we estimate that the car World series worth 200 thousand Euro, and the top machine Formula 1 - 200 million euros. The difference in speed between 4 seconds or even less, because interfere in the affair tire factor the World series is one pretty hard part Michelin. If this machine to put SuperSoft, it will be faster. You can count how many do second.

Peter Alyoshin in 2011 in Barcelona with my own eyes I watched on the same compound Formula 1 car and GP2 passed through the circle at the same time with the difference in a tenth of a second. Moreover, look at the results of the may test a Formula 1 in Barcelona and times World series by Renault on this road - you will see that they are very close.

Someone explain to me what you have to pay The budget team's World series by Renault three million euros, and Formula 1 - 300 or 200 million. If this figure deduct the budget team's World series, explain to me, where does 197 million euros What are they going For that they have to pay

Dmitry Sapgir was the news about the sponsor Fabio of Leimer who spent a career racer 13 million euros, and after his victory in GP2, it needed to invest another 30. He was offended and left.

Peter Alyoshin I come to any sponsor and say, "I have racer Yegor Orujov or Matevos Isahakyan who wins all. Give 20 million, so he can act Sauber". I ask whether he can win. No, to win he will not, but will fight for fourth place from the end. The reaction of the sponsor is quite predictable.

Dmitry Sapgir We got used to it, and those who are familiar with other sports and knows how tennis or American sports, just don't believe when they tell you what is happening in Formula 1.

Peter Alyoshin For comparison, look at the IndyCar. I paid adequate money, and even if something has gone wrong in qualification, and have to start last, I have a chance to win, not to mention the finish in the top five. So arranged race.

Dmitry Sapgir Further find money for you.

Peter Alyoshin In my opinion, if IndyCar fully move on European routes, we would get a great series with incredible entertainment.

Question Peter, you worked with Daniel Cvetom and know him since childhood. What do you think about his debut in Formula 1

Peter Alyoshin I always try to refrain from assessments of any opening, if he does not have to do with it. It will be wrong. As for Daniel quata, this ambitious athlete with a determined and strong character. He knows exactly what she wants and knows how to achieve your goals, so I hope he will be all right.

Dmitry Sapgir so far I like it. Let's just say that like many others, I don't like everything that is happening in Formula 1, but I was delighted, as Daniel started the season. However, knowing this world, it is not guaranteed even for the next year is unknown what will happen next.

text Tatiana Belsky


2014-06-29 20:24:02

Matevos Isahakyan I'll try to win

Matevos Isahakyan I'll try to win

We already wrote about Matevos the Isahakian - rising star of Russian Motorsport. After several years of carting, last season with program support SMP Racing he made his debut in the professional Motorsport, in a highly competitive oil French championship Formula 4, which by the end of the season was the fifth.

In 2014, he switched to Formula Renault 2.0, where he became the youngest pilot series, but already well-established itself. In the European series, it is no contest and not fighting for points in the championship and in the Cup Alpine currently ranks second, although the organizers did not allow it to start the first stage - at that time he had not yet turned 16 years old.

In an exclusive interview Matevos spoke about how he came to Motorsport, and what counts in the near future.

Question Matevos, how long have you started racing

Matevos Isahakyan I started carting from early childhood - five years old, originally it was my father's idea. He led me into the now closed carting-club "10 inches". Everything went very well.

I started to study together with his cousin, Nerses. He is still involved in karting. I am seven years went in karting, acted in the championship of Russia in different classes. Sometimes traveled to Italy, but these were checkpoints race in Europe.

Then, it seems, in 2012, at the first stage of the championship of Russia came to me Peter M. Aleshin and offered to try to compete in the formula. It was a French Formula 4. First, some did not, then I got used to it and after that started to show results.

Question Why do you have resulted in club father His fascination

Matevos Isahakyan Perhaps he wanted the children realized his dream.

Question How do you French championship

Matevos Isahakyan In General, early on, he is perfect, including in terms of price and quality. Now there's the Italian Formula 4, but I think it is better to start with the French. Although it is still and always went smoothly for that season I have five engines in a row at the critical moment had ceased to go in the race.

Question From the Formula 4 this year you are in a much more serious category, the European Formula Renault 2.0. How big is the difference

Matevos Isahakyan I think that due to the new Zealand winter championship Toyota Racing Series, the difference was not that large. In comparison with the series Toyota difference was great it's another level, and the machine is much more complicated. It uses sequential gearbox, so I had to learn. It was very difficult. But it was a great experience, so I hope this year will also go there, but to win.

Question are You satisfied with the results in the Formula Renault 2.0

Matevos Isahakyan I am very satisfied with my results in the Alpine Cup - they have exceeded my expectations. If to speak about the last weekend in Moscow Raceway, on the whole, I am satisfied with the current results, because no team, no I never not here acted. We started from scratch we had no settings, no trajectories - nothing. That in the end we were able to come in the top ten is a good result. Besides, I showed the second time in the race - it means a lot.

Question What is your goal in Motorsport

Matevos Isahakyan I do not set goals for the distant future - only to a particular season. Sometimes they change, sometimes remain.

Question what do you expect this season

Matevos Isahakyan Originally I had hoped to get into the top five in the Alpine Cup Formula Renault. Now. let's Be realistic to win this championship is almost impossible, but the second place will be a great result. This does not mean that I gave up - I'll still try to win and to overtake nick de Vries equation.

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2014-06-25 16:44:05

McLaren next year our aerodynamics will change

McLaren next year our aerodynamics will change

The head of McLaren, Ron Dennis stated that next year at its best will be more efficient aerodynamics."Already in September of this year will come to us in the team Peter Prodromou who will head the Department of aerodynamics, " said Dennis. - His talent and ability, his skills and knowledge gained during the work in the Red Bull, will certainly help us in the work with your car. So I'm totally not bespokoystva component of success - Honda. With this company we are for five years, he won half of the race. 'm sure the same will happen now. The first year of cooperation will not be easy, but then we intend to return in the struggle to win the championship If this command does not waive struggle this season."No, I do not think that we were in the background, " said Dennis. - We will fight, even in conditions of the current season at least one victory. In all races can happen, and we are systematically working to improve his car. There are still a couple of years, in which the regulations will not change, so we have a chance of success. We are not going to rest for a long time, that we have no rights.

2014-06-24 20:14:02

In SMP Racing held a presentation of the youth program

In SMP Racing held a presentation of the youth program

Today, RIA Novosti hosted a presentation of the youth program SMP Racing, the goal of which is to support the talented Russian pilots. In a press conference people, participated Director of SMP Racing Dmitry Samorukov, sports Director of the youth programme Peter Aleshin, Director General of KMP Group Dmitry Sapgir, Chairman of the Committee speed of competitions of the Russian automobile Federation160 RAF Mikhail Bonch-Osmolovsky, and young riders.

Dmitry Samorukov "As you know, the youth program SMP Racing was conceived with the purpose of popularization of the Russian motor sport and promotion of Russian pilots in the international arena. Ourselves a little surprised that in the end we got the program to date a non-analogues neither in Russia nor abroad.

We are all watching the results of our pilots, as the youngest, and those who are older. I'm talking about the participation of Mikhail Aleshin at the Airport, and about the fight in the championship on races on endurance, where we are represented in classes LMP2 and GT. We have talked about the objectives of the program, but I would like to emphasize that the end result is the presence on the international arena, the Russian pilots who have passed all stages of preparation from karts to the sport of high achievements. We got riders, able to defend the honor of Russia".

Peter Alyoshin "Probably too late we began to tell about yourself, but this is primarily connected with the fact that we now have something to show we completely took place, and we have more to talk about what we got. As already mentioned, the number and level of participants in our program has no analogues neither in Russia nor in the world. We presented simultaneously in almost all classes of ring races, starting with the most Junior series national championship and ending with the Championships of Formula 3 and Formula Renault 2.0. In addition, we have a clear perspective of the most successful transition of our pilots in major Championships, in particular in the IndyCar and endurance race where we are a very serious ambitions.

Acting senior racing categories pilots are closely watching what is happening in the Junior series, give advice and communicate, which, of course, strengthens our program. Already today we can talk about creation of the Russian school of the ring motor racing, and this is what we have sought in recent years, if not decades, as Russia has never before been presented so massively and, most importantly, so successfully in all Junior and international Championships.

Of course, we try to support the most gifted children. One of the missions of our program is to give an opportunity to talented children to reveal themselves. It is no secret that our event, participating in the championship of Russia in classes and Mini Supermini, occupy the leading positions. Then they move in the international karting, where over the last two years we occupy a leading position in the Championships, where we are represented.

We believe that after carting it would be appropriate to go into the Formula 4. We participate in two of the most interesting Championships this category the French championship with a rich history, as well as the newly formed Italian championship. The success of our riders show that we are on the right track. We have our own school and a very specific idea of what to do and how to succeed in circular races".

Mikhail Bonch-Osmolovskaya "the Program, which deals with SMP Racing in cooperation with the Russian automobile Federation, from the very beginning was very unexpected and pleasant. She is very broad and covers the classes and youth championship the Cup of Russia in circuit races. In the beginning there were concerns whether or not everything will be so successful.

From the least to the greatest, from the youth categories to Formula 1, it is possible to pass only on a particular stairs. If any steps not, you can stumble. In addition, to go through two steps is very difficult. The system, which organizes the SMP Racing, plays an important role. I hope that with the help of Russian Motorsport will have serious prospects."

Dmitry Sapgir "My company and I spent ten years working to support our young riders. A few years ago, we joined forces with Peter Aleshin, and two years ago there was a program SMP Racing, without which, as we now understand, it was hard. Only her appearance gave a real opportunity to do something great detail told Peter Aleshin. Our company is engaged in sport management and financial support of the part of the pilots who participate in the program SMP Racing. In fact, we brought them into this program.

Actually, Motorsport is multifaceted there is not enough good technique and fast pilot - we need to build a career, sport and psychological preparation. When will it all come together, the young man can grow into a real professional. From our side we will continue to prepare, as much as you can".