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2017-10-04 10:44:04

The owner of Force India was arrested

The owner of Force India was arrested

According to the expert of the Formula-1 Joe saver, the British police arrested the owner of the team Force India Vijay Malia.Indian businessman, who is hiding in the UK from the native authorities, accused of money laundering, including by using owned Formula 1 team. Currently, Mallya released on bail.Meanwhile, on 4 December will consider his extradition to India.

2017-09-25 11:34:04

Champions Cup RDS at the Sochi Autodrom, a brand new format, the strongest participants

Champions Cup RDS at the Sochi Autodrom, a brand new format, the strongest participants

6 and 7 October, the Sochi Autodrom will host the Champions Cup RDS-2017. The legend of drift best Russian racers will compete under the spotlights - the season finale will be held in the format of a night race.Friday from 19.00 to 22.00 there will be training on Saturday with start 19.00 pair runs.In the composition of the judging panel will include the famous Japanese Hiroki Furuse nicknamed Sleepy, CEO of RDS Dmitry Dobrovolsky and pilot from Moscow Alexander Sivertsev.Two more members of judicial team of RDS at this time will be the participants. To fight for the Champions Cup will have the Creator of the European school of drifting, the Italian champion Federico Serifo known for his unsurpassed skills and math calculation. Competition the legendary Italian will be Timothy Kosharny is one of the founding fathers of the Russian Drift Series champion 2009 master of uncompromising drift and dangerous maneuvers.The participants also declared the champion of season 2017 Gocha Chivchan of the team, "Striker Auto", the silver medalist RDS 2017 Pavel Busygin, representing the team, "Toyo Tires x Gorilla Energy", the winners of the 2017 in the team standings, the drifters team "Tuning Factory / AIMOL" Alexey Bobrovsky champion RDS 2014 Andrew pesegov and four-time champion RDS in the far East, Ilya Fedorov.The competition will be attended by the winner of the RDS 2016 and winner of the Japanese drift championship 2014-2015 driving a Silvia S15 bright "Tiger" Fedor Zeitz, Amateur extreme uridashi of the VAZ-2105 Fedor Vorobiev, Arkadiy Puchinin from St. Petersburg, acting on a BMW E30 in police livery with flashing lights, and other famous drifters.

2017-05-02 16:34:04

Police in Spain have used a DNF Fernando Alonso

Police in Spain have used a DNF Fernando Alonso

The pilot of McLaren Fernando Alonso was forced to leave his car before the start of the race in Sochi. Personnel with the gathering of his compatriot used the Spanish police to remind the rules of the road.The police of the city of Orihuela posted a picture on his Twitter with the caption "If you had to stay on the road as Alonso in Russia, use emergency signs front and rear".

2017-04-18 13:54:04

The owner of Force India arrested

The owner of Force India arrested

Today British police arrested Vijay Malia, co-owner and head of the team Force India.It is known that the authorities of his native India Malho accused of tax evasion and the amount of the claims of millions of dollars. In addition, hang the multi-million debts to creditors of Kingfisher airlines. To escape Indian justice Malia moved to the UK, where the base of his team Force India. For the same reason he doesn't attend Grand Prix.But it seems that the UK authorities decided to give Malia the Indian authorities.

2017-04-03 17:34:09

Verstappen Sr. came into the police station

Last weekend, the father of max Verstappen went to the police after a fight at a nightclub.As informs Dutch edition 1Limburg, Jos Verstappen became the participant of fight in one of night clubs of Roermond. The arriving police arrested all participants of fight, so that night Verstappen Sr. had to spend in the police station.I must say that Jos Verstappen is often a "hero" of such adventures. At the time, he was even accused of domestic violence.

2016-10-07 11:24:03

Philippe Bianchi the Investigation continues

Philippe Bianchi the Investigation continues

The father of Jules Bianchi has said that the investigation into the death of his son on the track in Suzuka is still ongoing.Philippe Bianchi "I continue to look for answers, utilizing for this purpose all forces. Evidence of death is not enough. The police and FIA had a very weak investigation.Our goal is to get to the truth, to prove that Jules is not to blame for the accident, to ensure that in future no such incidents. We need the truth. I can't live a normal life, it is normal to grieve for her son in these conditions. First you need to deal with this case.We have proved a number of errors in the investigation of police and the FOM. Also, we still have not provided the footage FOM the scene of the accident with the car of Jules. This would shed light on the events".

2016-10-04 11:34:05

The police arrested fans of Riccardo

The celebration of the victory in Malaysia was marred by an unpleasant incident for nine fans of Daniel ricciardo, who came to support fellow countryman from Australia.Young people were detained after the race that they came to the winner's podium on the track in shorts depicting the Malaysian flag.The chief of police of the district of Sepang Abdul Azis Ali said that they charged for a deliberate insult to the nation and the violation of public order. At the moment we know that the fans will remain in custody for another four days.

2016-09-19 12:44:03

The Singapore police force detained the head of the Ferrari

The Singapore police force detained the head of the Ferrari

After the finish of the race the Singapore police force arrested the head of Ferrari, Maurizio Arrivabene.The reason for the detention was thrown to the sidewalk cigarette butt. In Singapore is a serious violation. According to the newspaper Marca, the Italian spent at the police station for several hours and eventually escaped with a fine of 1,000.Interestingly, Ferrari Arrivabene worked in a tobacco company Marlboro.

2016-08-17 14:14:06

Bernie Ecclestone On the mother Yes a penny

Bernie Ecclestone On the mother Yes a penny

The head of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone said that never would have paid the ransom for his mother-in-law.We will remind that on July 22 in Sao Paulo was kidnapped by the wife's mother Ecclestone, in which the attackers demanded a ransom in the amount of 36 million euros. During the police operation, the woman was released.Bernie Ecclestone "I never thought about how to pay the kidnappers. All my friends know what kind of mother I would not pay a penny".

2016-08-02 10:44:03

Bernie Ecclestone I am grateful for the brave actions of the police

The head of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone thanked the Brazilian police for the timely arrest criminals who kidnapped his 67-year-old mother-in-law.Recall that a few days after the storming of the apartment, was freed by the mother Ecclestone captured for ransom.Bernie Ecclestone "I am grateful for the brave actions of the police, it was a great job. We all in family are happy that all ended well. I admit that these days were very nervous and difficult. When this happens to your relative, it is very difficult to remain in emotional equilibrium.

2016-08-01 13:14:02

Mother-in-law of Bernie Ecclestone released

A week ago in Sao Paulo kidnapped mother-in-law Bernie Ecclestone, head of Formula-1. And here it became known that the Brazilian police conducted a special operation, during which the 67-year-old woman was released.Brazilian press is reporting that two suspects who demanded Bernie 120 million reais 36 million.

2016-05-07 11:04:03

David Coulthard was fined

David Coulthard was fined

The former pilot of Formula 1 David Coulthard constantly sets records, however, this time on the roads for public use.According to the information of Channel 4, David Coulthard was stopped by the French police in the heart of Alsace for speeding. According to the publication, the speed was 177 km/h when the limit is 130 km/h For such a violation Coulthard got a ticket for 135 Euro.

2015-11-13 12:54:03

Details of the accident Hamilton in Monaco

Details of the accident Hamilton in Monaco

The pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton admitted that he was in an accident. Became known details of the accident.On the night of November 9, three-time champion at its luxury cars Pagani Zonda collided with three parked cars. The Briton himself had called the police. Examination showed that Lewis was sober. According to the representative of police, Lewis admitted that his foot slipped off the brake pedal.Hamilton himself later said "It is the result of a large number of parties and the lack of rest for one and a half weeks. At the same time I continued to train, and slept very little".

2015-11-12 17:14:05

Brazilian police have blocked the boxes Lotus

Brazilian police have blocked the boxes Lotus

The German edition Auto Motor und Sport reports that the Brazilian police have blocked the boxes team Lotus at the circuit in Interlagos.Over the course of the season the team regularly has to fend off creditors. Already there were cases when the police blocked motor homes Lotus.

2015-10-04 10:04:03

Singapore runner out on bail

Singapore runner out on bail

During the race Grand Prix of Singapore through the guard rail climbed the man. He ran along the road and came back to the fence. The fireballs didn't hit "the runner", on the track appeared machine security.Service security highway detained the intruder and handed him over to the police. It was them 27-year-old Praveen Iguitar Dhokia filed in the UK. On October 16, he will appear before the local court, and he faces up to six months in prison.Meanwhile, Dhokia released on bail of 15 thousand Singapore dollars. Before trial, he is obliged to stay with their parents at a local hotel.

2015-09-20 20:04:03

Cheerleader appearing on the route, detained

For several laps before finishing the race in Singapore on track came fan. Race direction immediately issued a safety car.After the finish of the race, the press service of the FIA announced that the offending fan is detained and handed over to the police. His name was not called. We only know that he is 27 years old.

2015-06-18 12:54:04

Sebastian Vettel All should thank me

Sebastian Vettel All should thank me

The pilot Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel believes that Royal race should be grateful for his decision to leave Red Bull.Sebastian Vettel "I think my move to Ferrari, my decision to leave Red Bull have had a positive impact on the Formula-1. This can be compared with the performances of Schumacher at Ferrari, because in those days there was great enthusiasm in Germany and worldwide. I myself was a big fan of the talent of Michael. Now followed in his footsteps.Ferrari has become the household name for racing, as the name Schumacher. This team has always supported more than any other. I even know that the Ferrari drivers, the police have never been fined for speeding, only took autographs. So it was with Michael and Mass. This is absolutely a different world, not just a team".

2015-06-01 16:14:05

Formula E in Moscow the First ever race at the Kremlin will be held June 6

Formula E in Moscow the First ever race at the Kremlin will be held June 6

The ninth stage of the international championship FIA Formula E will be held in Moscow this Saturday, June 6th. Unlike the demonstration motor sport activities near the Kremlin, after a few days there will be a real racing competition in the tech race cars with electric motors. Preparations for the first ever race at the walls of the Kremlin will continue until the evening of 5 June.Racing Formula E is traditionally held in one day and will be available for viewing both on the stands and in the area of free access on Vasilevsky descent by pre-registration. Entertainment area eVillage will work from 800 a.m. and the first session of free practice will be held on the track at 815. On the starting grid pilots lined up at 1600. The full schedule for June 6 is available on the official website.The largest and most time consuming stage in the preparation of the event is to build a safe route. The route for the Moscow race Formula E was designed by Portuguese architect Rodrigo nez. The stage in Moscow was added to the calendar of the championship in January 2015 - and from that moment began active preparations for the race, which goes so far.In Moscow, in my opinion, turned out excellent layout - there are sections where you can accelerate, and there are complex plots - for example, U-shaped turn at the bridge. I think that the best view will be on the bridge. You can expect interesting events on turns 1, 2 and 11, where, most likely, the pilots will try to overtake," says Rodrigo nez.The pilot of the Trulli of Vitantonio Liuzzi acquainted with the route, shared his thoughts "I Have to say that the track seems pretty interesting and challenging, although there are some long straights and slow internal section is a good bunch of turns. There are also three or four sections of the highway where possible overtaking. Turn 1 and 3 seem to be most suitable for this area, and yet it should be noted narrow hairpin at turn 11. This step will definitely give you an impressive spectacle for the fans. Of course, the climate for the track not the most favorable, will surely be bumps, but the road is constructed in the heart of Moscow, and it's worth it."The total length of 2.3 km, and to make it safe in accordance with the requirements of the FIA had to make 1360 concrete blocks weighing 4 tons, more than 4.5 km of fencing metal mesh, brew 55 hatches on the roadway - and it's only 24 days - a period in which all of the necessary installation work. In total, in the preparation of the event is attended by over 2000 people.To ensure safety at the event this Saturday will be 1400 police officers and chop.

2015-03-13 10:34:02

The second session of free races

The second session of free races

In Melbourne the weather is good, air +19, asphalt +39C.The Pirelli brought the tires Soft and Medium, pilots compared the compositions, and at the end of races worked long series.Command Manor and missed the second exercise, in the best case, the cars will leave the pits only on Saturday.Sauber worked Eriksson and Nasr.Mass and Riccardo missed the session due to problems with the power plant.the Best time showed Nico Rosberg, followed by Lewis, next racers FerrariDanya, Quat-6th.The second session was a lot of mistakes, and experiencing technical problems in some commands.Pilots Lotus was wrong - Maldonado nearly lost the car, out of tressillian twice flew off the track, quite dangerous, but all Obolonskiy the Magnussen flew in the 6th turn and crashed the car, hit a wall turned out to be strong, but the pilot, fortunately, was not injured, the police evacuated.Kevin stated that the reason for the departure was his own error McLaren after the accident Alonso try to avert all suspicion of danger car.by the Way, POS curtain session machine Button lost power.Launched Sainz in the 15th turnProblems with battery on car max Verstappen early end of the session.Puncture the rear left wheel on the machine Erickson, it is possible that broke the rear left podvisanija, Rosberg complained of broken DRS.I Hulkenberg strong vibration brakes and severe steering wheel vibration.The results satdav Nico Rosberg Mercedes AMG F1 127.697 +0.000 28 KRUGOV Lewis Hamilton Mercedes AMG F1 127.797 +0.100 243 Sebastian Vettel Scuderia Ferrari 128.412 +0.715 334 Kimi Raikkonen Scuderia Ferrari 128.842 +1.145 335 Valtteri Bottas Williams 129.265 +1.568 316 Daniel Quat Red Bull Racing 130.016 +2.319 277 Carlos Sainz Jr Scuderia Toro Rosso 130.071 +2.374 408 Pastor Maldonado Lotus 130.104 +2.407 119 Romain Grosjean Lotus 130.205 +2.508 3510 Nico Hulkenberg Force India 130.473 +2.776 3011 Felipe Nasr Sauber 130.755 +3.058 2912 Sergio Perez Force India 130.980 +3.283 3213 Jenson button McLaren 131.387 +3.690 2114 Max Verstappen Scuderia Toro Rosso 131.395 +3.698 615 Marcus Eriksson Sauber 132.303 +4.606 1416 Kevin Magnussen McLaren 133.289 +5.592 417 Daniel Riccardo Red Bull Racing Without time 018 Felipe Massa Williams Without time 019 will Stevens Manor Without time 020 Roberto Mary Manor Without time.

2014-12-06 17:24:05

The team Red Bull stole more than 60 cups

The team Red Bull stole more than 60 cups

In the night from Friday to Saturday, a few of the attackers with the help of machine to infiltrate the base team Red Bull, which is located in Milton Keynes, and stole more than 60 winning cups. None of the employees database is not affected.Christian Horner "We are shocked by what happened. These cups are very important for the team, although their cost is not very high. Moreover, many of them were only exact copies.As stated in the local police, the attackers were six. They came in two cars with foreign number, and one of them used to get inside, smashing the glass doors.

2014-10-24 11:34:02

Colin Kolles We have fulfilled all the conditions

Colin Kolles We have fulfilled all the conditions

In an interview with Motorsport-Total Colin Kolles, acting as consultant deals Engavest with Caterham owners, commented on the situation in the team.

Question Tony Fernandes says that the new team owners do not pay their bills, is it

Colin Kolles Mr. Fernandez mistakenly asserts that we did not pay creditors and employees. All conditions were performed, all salaries were paid. Apparently, he believes that we must pay its employees Our staff is always on time get paid.

Question And creditors

Colin Kolles you Can ask suppliers - Renault, Pirelli, McLaren. We all paid.

Question is it True that in the summer the financial situation was so complex that the team wouldn't be able to hold the race at Silverstone

Colin Kolles Yes, it is. The team was preparing to close.

Question what exactly are you blaming Fernandes and his partners

Colin Kolles He sold the team, but has not provided us with promotion. This is the main problem. For several months he put the transfer on different occasions.

Question You have advised a group of investors Engavest SA -160what kind of company of the Caterham Group were acquired

Colin Kolles Only team company 1MRT. It consisted of several companies, including Caterham Sports Limited, but comentou sale published a statement on its liquidation, and she later moved to Romanian investors.

Question Yesterday, the Executive Director of Caterham Group chief mentioned Constantine Cojocaru you associated with

Colin Kolles Cojocar was one of the best Romanian players from the club Steaua. The essence of the question that we decided to abandon any connections with Caterham Group and Lividum. But we still plan to implement the project of the Romanian team of the Formula 1 season, 2016, for it takes certain steps.

Question But you deny the accusation that Cojocar was only your figurehead

Colin Kolles Yes.

Question Who now actually owns the team

Colin Kolles Shares are not transferred. From a legal point of view, the team 1MRT owned by Tony Fernandes and his partners, but he violated the terms of the contract. Imagine you bought a car, paid for it the whole amount, but the seller does not give you a registration certificate.

Question Crisis Manager says about debt 15 million pounds Caterham Sports Limited before the EXIM Bank.

Colin Kolles This may be true, but we are not the owners of Caterham Sports Limited and not associated with the EXIM Bank. Nothing more to add. If Fernandez took a loan of 15 million or laid the basis in Lipide, it's not our problem. The building is not ours.

Question Creditors argue that Caterham Sports Limited have ordered parts for the machines, but have not paid the bills, so, the crisis Manager has the right to arrest the machine.

Colin Kolles Machines not owned by Caterham Sports Limited, this property 1MRT. For the last three months 1MRT paid Caterham Sports Limited double-digit amount in millions of pounds.

The problem is that Fernandez built the circuit of the two companies 1MRT Malaysia and 1MRT UK. Later a second company was renamed Caterham Sports Limited, but some mistakenly believe that this is the team of Formula 1.

We held negotiations with creditors, explained to them the situation. With creditors, which produced parts for cars, we pay off as soon as we get the action command. After that they will be able to invoice 1MRT.

Question is it True that the staff base in Lipide can't get jobs

Colin Kolles Yes.

Question But the negotiations going

Colin Kolles Lawyers constantly communicate, but I was not involved in the negotiations. Actually, it's simple. If the crisis Manager claims that he belongs to the team of Formula 1 machinery and equipment, it is not true. It all belongs to 1MRT and Caterham Sports Limited was one of intermediate suppliers.

Question What should happen to the team arrived at the start in Austin

Colin Kolles Crisis Manager should understand that 1MRT and Caterham Sports Limited are independent of each other. Interestingly, the crisis Manager and Tony Fernandez used the same lawyer. Actually, if Caterham Sports Limited would have some relation to intellectual rights on the machine, it would be a direct violation of the Contract Agreement, according to which the designer with intellectual property rights, there can be only one.

Question is it True that you told the police on the Caterham Group chief lawyer

Colin Kolles Yes, it is. This gentleman broke open our file in Lipide, where he kept the information about violations of the former management team and Tony Fernandez.

Question is it True that the Treaty Agreement allows the command to skip three Grand Prix for 12 months without losing the right to participate in the championship If you miss three remaining races in 2015 will be able to start

Colin Kolles I Have not had the time to just to check it, but I heard about the rule of three Grand Prix.

text Dmitry Bukharov


2014-10-13 00:04:03

Richard Cregan tomorrow we will continue to work

Richard Cregan tomorrow we will continue to work

After the race consultant promoters of the Grand Prix of Russia Richard Cregan, summing up the results of the race in conversation with a reporter nonf1.ru, praised the work of the team.

Question Richard, what are your impressions

Richard Cregan It was a fantastic event. Everything went very well, especially considering that it was the first Grand Prix. Only thanks to the efforts of all team members Sochi Circuit, all the marshals, volunteers, coordinated and efficient work, we were able to achieve such a result. Everything went great. Team, the guests are, all in all today was satisfied.

Question Could you compare the first Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi and here in Sochi

Richard Cregan I think the first Grand Prix in any country is a special event. Everywhere there are some unique features. But it's been a long time since then, as on the grid I was so positive feeling from happening. To me it just reminded about what happened in Abu Dhabi in 2009. I am very proud to be part of this event, this project. I'm incredibly lucky.

Question Many people say that from the point of view of the organization is almost nothing to find fault. We have not heard from anyone of the claims. The weekend went smoothly for you

Richard Cregan Yes, everything was going quite well. Of course, during the training there were certain situations that forced us to react. Now we need to sit down together to think about what went well, what didn't, what we need to improve, and then to correct weaknesses in preparation for next year. But I have no doubt that this Grand Prix will be one of the most important in Formula 1.

Question on Sunday, the stands were filled. Are you satisfied with how many fans came on Friday and Saturday

Richard Cregan Honestly, on Friday numbers were quite high. This is a good sign, because many had to take the day off from work to come to Grand Prix. While walking through the pit lane on Thursday was also great excitement. Came 22 thousand people. The figures are very good.

Now people know more about the Grand Prix. They already have the experience of visiting the race. They will want to come back, tell their friends. Let's continue to work, let's try to attract more people to the stands next year.

But the important thing is to give people a good service for the money that they paid. To organize such an event, which they might enjoy. It makes no sense to invite to the podium 150 thousand people, if you can't make them like it. We must ensure that all leave satisfied circuit.

Question What are the next steps Tomorrow another day at the office

Richard Cregan Tomorrow we start to do homework, to teach lessons. We will prepare a report, we will sit together with representatives of the different working groups and will analyze how it went. This process will take about two weeks, and on the basis of this report, we will establish if you will allow me the expression - "list of works", so that next year everything went even better.

Question What can you say about the possible race

Richard Cregan We have to be careful. I think everyone saw this camera on the helicopter, it's a great place. We don't want these shots to lose. The race, which started in daylight and ended in artificial light may be the most appropriate solution. In this case, we could show the terrain, the mountains, and to complete the race in the light of lights. You need to make sure we take the right decision, if you still will Adumim transfer start time. All saw that the TV picture was fantastic, and that I would not like to lose.

Question Question about possible migration of the race may still be considered

Richard Cregan I think may is an interesting option due to the fact that in Russia at this time, many national holidays. It can provide a large audience. It is necessary to find an optimal place in the calendar for us, and for Formula 1, and for Sochi.

Formula 1 is a platform that can enable to show the world your city, your country. We should use it to represent Sochi as the direction. The next step is direct flights to Sochi from Frankfurt, London, Abu Dhabi, so that people could come here always, and enjoy the time spent here.

Question what is the time between the races in Japan and Russia was only a week break, brought extra hassle

Richard Cregan Honestly, this is enough time. I think dual race difficult primarily because of the teams we needed to make sure that they were comfortable that all was ready for their arrival. We did this. Teams arrived a bit later due to the Typhoon, and of course, we must not forget about the terrible events of last week, about what happened with Jules Bianchi - we would love to hear positive news. We did all our best to meet the team more prepared.

Question How do you work with sports organizers Most of the marshals - the Russians, and experience in the Grand Prix they had no.

Richard Cregan Everything was okay. All did a good job. We have worked closely with CAMS, Australian Federation. They spent training, arrived on the scene and has done a great job here for the past year and a half. Definitely still have a lot to learn, but team sports organizers - it's a great group of specialists, through which in including today, everything went smoothly. They coped with the consequences of a major accident on the morning of the race GP3 as well - with the evacuation of cars in GP2. As I said, we should always explore all the details and strive to improve their work. But for the first year everything went fantastically well. Of course, we must not forget about the guards, railway, traffic police. We must thank all of you.

text Oleg Karpov


2014-10-07 16:24:02

State Bianchi remains critical

State Bianchi remains critical

The state of Jules Bianchi last night has not changed, the doctors in the hospital, mie still consider it critical, but stable.

On Monday evening in the hospital profit parents racer, and Tuesday morning came Professor Gerard Saan, a close friend of FIA President Jean Todt who was supervising the family of Michael Schumacher, when he passed the initial stage of treatment after injuries on the ski slopes in December last year. Professor Sayan called for advice on the method further action.

Craig Slater, Sky sports News "the Head of the press service of the FIA today gave a short review, saying that the state Bianchi - critical, but stable - this phrase was uttered last night. Parents Bianchi thanked the hospital staff for their excellent work, stated that they believe in them, but said nothing about the results of the operations conducted at night on Sunday."

Japanese police examined the wrecked car, the investigation into this matter will not be held, but it will hold the FIA and the Marussia F1 Team.


2014-10-05 13:54:03

Jules Bianchi taken to hospital

Jules Bianchi taken to hospital

The Marussia driver Jules Bianchi, who got into an accident at the Grand Prix of Japan, delivered in a University hospital in the city of TSU mie Prefecture. Transportation to medical car with a police escort took less than ten minutes.

In the hospital later went athletic Director Marussia F1 Graham Loudon, head of Ferrari Marco Mattiacci and Felipe Massa. According to preliminary information, Jules received a serious head injury.


2014-08-08 22:14:02

The suspect in the theft of medical documents Schumacher hanged himself

Earlier it was reported that the office of public Prosecutor of Switzerland opened a criminal case on the fact of theft of medical documents Michael Schumacher and attempts of their subsequent sale to third parties. During the investigation found out that the newsletter with the offer to buy a package of documents was with the IP address of one of the computers Swiss helicopter company Rega, which was to redirect Schumacher from Grenoble in Lozano transportation regulations, to the company were sent some documents that were used by the attacker for their own purposes. The police caught the suspect and put him in jail, but this morning he was found hanged in his cell. In fact initiated a new investigation, but so far the only explanation of what happened - the suicide.

2014-08-07 13:24:02

Family Schumacher seriously shaken in Zurich

Family Schumacher seriously shaken in Zurich

"We are stunned and shocked", - such was a short comment Sabine Who, Manager Michael Schumacher, about the tragic incident that occurred yesterday in the police prison of Zurich. In conversation with journalists of the newspaper Bild, she confirmed that the family Schumacher didn't even know that the suspect in the theft medical record seven-time champion was detained.

The news that an employee of the Swiss company Rega, who is charged in the crime, on Wednesday morning, was found hanged in a solitary cell, instantly spread all European editions and television channels. According to the information of the police and the Prosecutor's office of Zurich, it was suicide, but, as always happens in such cases, initiated a detailed investigation into the circumstances of the incident.

It is reported that Swiss police detained the employee of the helicopter company Rega 5 August, he had a thorough interrogation, but the suspect, whose name remains anonymous, denied all allegations. On Wednesday was expected to continue questioning, but at 6.30 in the morning this man's body was found in a prison cell. Immediately arrived the doctor just stated death.


2014-08-06 21:44:02

The suspect in the theft of documents Schumacher had committed suicide

The suspect in the theft of documents Schumacher had committed suicide

nonf1.ru was told that an unidentified person tried to sell the files containing confidential medical information, related to the stay of Michael Schumacher at the University hospital of Grenoble. During the investigation, the Swiss Prosecutor's office found that the IP address that sent the offer different media to buy these documents, owned by the Swiss helicopter company Rega, which was supposed to transport the sevenfold world champion from Grenoble hospital in Lausanne.

Rega confirmed that in preparation for transport, the hospital Grenoble gave certain documents, but the company insisted that the confidentiality of the information was saved. However, on August 5, the police of Zurich detained the employee of the company Rega on suspicion in theft of a medical card Schumacher.

Further events took a tragic turn this morning suspect the man was found hanged in his cell. On this fact the office of public Prosecutor began an investigation, but the main version of the incident in law enforcement bodies consider suicide.


2014-07-19 15:14:02

Niki Lauda you Have to leave riders alone

Niki Lauda you Have to leave riders alone

In contrast to several previous Grand Prix, at the beginning of the race weekend at Hockenheim at the Autodromo came not so many spectators. At yesterday's press conference head of Mercedes Motorsport Toto Wolff stated that concerned about this situation. According to the three-time champion Nicky Lawdy, the problem is much deeper than the loss of interest in racing.

Question Mr. Lauda, Formula 1 should be of interest to the German fans, Nico Rosberg and Mercedes lead in the championship, but stands in Hockenheim empty. Why

Niki Lauda In Formula 1 is a difficult period of change. The attitude of the audience to the sport has changed. Thanks to new technologies, exchange of information becomes more rapid. It is logical that the youth has other priorities than in his time with us. Everything is developing, and the Formula 1 is standing on the place.

Question What do you mean

Niki Lauda Major television companies, regardless of their title, still broadcast in normal mode. As before, they show two hours race and all. But I wonder how it is relevant.

Question What exactly you don't like

Niki Lauda I see that the youth is engaged in what it appears interest. If Sunday afternoon, good weather, they will not remain at home with his father, only to watch the race. Live broadcasts of Formula 1 lasts two hours. That's perfectly normal for a father, not satisfied with the rest of the family.

The problem is that until now there is no alternative. I can't sit on the beach and watch the highlights of the race on my smartphone. This is not possible. Today people want to have an overview of the race and to do what they enjoy.

Question do You think that the Formula 1 lends itself is not attractive enough

Niki Lauda Yes, you can say so. There is another problem there is no sense to speak only about the old times. Attraction Grand Prix is always associated with the drivers, not the machines that they are flying. But what happens We have a new generation of riders, some of which are totally unknown to the public. If they did not wear overalls, they would not pay attention. It happens even with me, although I insider. How would respond with normal audience

Question Why is this happening

Niki Lauda the fact that the racers very quickly passed through youth series and for the General public practically unknown. As a result, they no charisma, they just do their thing on the track. In addition, the Formula 1 too many rules - this prevents young, they are not developing as they want.

Question Formula 1 interfere with their own drivers

Niki Lauda Formula 1 requires overall control and regulation. The result racers feel great pressure. No one resents, if the leaders of the championship will decide that the product we no longer need. None racer says nothing about this. If this had happened in my time, I would've come to his bosses, saying "I will not sit behind the wheel".

Q Lewis Hamilton is considered the main rebel - in the UK it is appreciated for it.

Niki Lauda This is logical. But we want and should offer the audience more.

Question the Excessive number of rules, infirm racers and the lack of attractiveness. What worries you the most

Niki Lauda the fact that during the race fines awards something like racing police, involving ex-racers. During the race of Formula 1 drivers should not be punished. We are a race, not just go around the circle. Yes, we should not forget about security, but because of all these rules we have gone too far. In the end, it paralyzes the interest of the audience and brings the Formula 1 to the absurd. Obviously, this cannot be resolved overnight, but it should be done without any "IFS" and "buts". You need to leave riders in peace so they fought, not breaking the rules.

Question From riders need more independence.

Niki Lauda To the fore again should go drivers, not the bureaucrats.

Question What accounts for this phenomenon

Niki Lauda It happened due to uncontrolled development. According to Charlie Whiting, want FIA and the teams. But things went so far that the teams can talk with the Director of the race during the Grand Prix. If we continue in this spirit, the interest to the Formula 1 will disappear. A little more and it will be too late.

Question it seems that any delay may lead to loss of future.

Niki Lauda This is a dangerous situation, because the sponsors will decrease the interest in sport, if after 30 years of successful development of stagnation. We need to prevent this, and to understand how you can make progress in the shortest possible time.

However, all this intersects with the global financial problems in the Formula 1 reduction of spectators and the fall television ratings - this means a reduction of payments to the tracks and teams. We must act.

Question What do you suggest as a solution

Niki Lauda For business meets Bernie Ecclestone. He should analyse existing problems and make appropriate conclusions. I am sure that he also thinks so.

Question What could be the role of the FIA

Niki Lauda Jean Todt tries to control different interests and problems. He had spent enough time in Motorsport, so knows trend and understands that something has to be done. Thanks to modern technology, Formula 1 can go back to basics. I'd love it.

text Tatiana Belsky


2014-06-25 14:44:02

An investigation of the theft of medical documents Schumacher

An investigation of the theft of medical documents Schumacher

nonf1.ru was told that an unidentified person trying to sell a file supposedly containing confidential medical information, related with the stay at the University hospital of Grenoble Michael Schumacher. City Prosecutor Jean-Yves Kokila said on Friday an investigation was launched on the fact of theft of documents. He also confirmed the fact that the press received proposals on their purchase.

"The suspect or group of suspects have been in touch with the French, Swiss and German journalists with a proposal to buy the documents consisting of several tens of pages for 60 thousand Swiss francs 49 thousand euros, - quotes the words of Jean-Yves Kokila Agency AFP. - These files include the medical report with information about diagnosis and treatment".

The police have conducted interrogations of persons who had access to medical documents Michael Schumacher. The head of the hospital in Grenoble Jacqueline Hubert said that while experts have not found out how it was stolen files.

"Experts have made a thorough study of our IT systems to determine access to medical files, Michael Schumacher was received from the inside, or the system under attack, but could not find any traces, leads the German Bild words Jacqueline Hubert. - My doctor has already identified a number of employees who had access to medical documents Schumacher".

Jacqueline Hubert added that all documents related to the case history of the racer, for security purposes, were stored in the system under a false name. In turn in the medical hospital of Lausanne, where he was transferred sevenfold world champion for further treatment, assured that he undertook all the measures for protection of his private life.