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Karting track Michael Schumacher closes

Karting track Michael Schumacher closes

The famous race track of Michael Schumacher in Kerpen is closed. The land where it is located, will be given to the German company RWE in 2020 for coal mining.Ralf Schumacher "there will be go-kart tracks. And new tracks, too, will be gone. Jointly with RWE solver has not led to positive results. They don't give us a piece of land.It's a shame. Here, the tradition and the successful promotion of young people die at the same time".

2017-07-25 14:14:03

Ralf Schumacher Raikkonen can still win the race

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Ralf Schumacher has defended Kimi Raikkonen.While the Italian team is not ready to leave Finn in 2018, there are reports that Sebastian Vettel will agree to a new contract, but only if Kimi Raikkonen will receive a renewal of his contract.42-year-old Schumacher has defended Kimi Raikkonen "as for talent, I think that Kimi is a brilliant pilot. He is already a world champion, but can certainly do better.Given his age, he perfectly copes with his work. For Ferrari it would be wise to keep it to yourself.This year he has a good car, but Sebastian Vettel was stronger. I think it's perfect for Sebastian, but Kimi could still win the race. Let's see what happens next season.I must say that the Formula 1 became very interesting when Ferrari and Mercedes began to fight each other".It should be noted that Raikkonen, who in October will celebrate 38 years, is now the oldest pilot of the championship.

2017-06-13 09:24:03

Fernando Alonso and Ralf Schumacher got into it because of a dispute around the go-kart track

This weekend the European karting championship was held on the track Fernando Alonso in Spain. The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Ralf Schumacher was there with his team, KSM, and the German admitted that he doesn't like karting double champion.Ralf Schumacher "for the First time since then as went back to the karting, I have been on such a terrible track. The track endangers the lives of pilots and damages the cards."Recall that a few weeks ago on the track, Fernando Alonso crashed very young pilot.Fernando Alonso "I think Ralph for many years does not appear in the media headlines, he just wanted publicity. He also has a karting track, where he wants to hold the European championship and, probably, the decision of the FIA was not happy. I think only Ralph breaks all the rules, so he may have to ask their pilots to ride on the pavement - then nothing will break. Maybe he just ran out of money".

2017-02-09 10:54:04

Juan Pablo Montoya the Europeans are very weak psychologically

Juan Pablo Montoya the Europeans are very weak psychologically

Colombian ex-pilot of Formula 1 Juan-Pablo Montoya, now serving in the American IndyCar series, believes that European pilots are very weak psychologically.Juan Pablo Montoya "they pushed me to the limit. And on this limit I found out about that European pilots are very weak psychologically. Especially this convinced me Ralf Schumacher, which was very fast, but it was easy to break.I think only Michael Schumacher was very strong in spirit, to reverse it was simply impossible. You can constantly pressure him, but will not achieve anything. When I was a partner of Ralph Williams, to overtake him was at times unrealistic, but it was enough to do it again as he broke - and I played. It's hard to admit, but we all have our weaknesses, so we all use it.This can be seen in the example of Hamilton. When he wins, to keep him hard, but once he play, as Lewis tears of resentment. On the results slide downwards. When the same machines are the good pilots, the winner is the one who is stronger psychologically".

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A rating of Franz Toast Better Kvyat only Vettel

A rating of Franz Toast Better Kvyat only Vettel

The head of the Toro Rosso Franz tost showed the results of the pilots with whom he's worked. Second place went to Dannil Kvyat behind Sebastian Vettel.Franz tost "Kvyat very good car control. He is focused and energetic, as Vettel. Daniil from Russia, where it is not highly developed racing. He is still a child he moved to Italy, where he lived without parents, and it makes his achievements more valuable".Third place in the ranking of Toast took debutant this season's Max Verstappen. Followed by Carlos Sainz, Daniel Riccardo and Ralf Schumacher. Last, I'm sure the head of the Toro Rosso, could well be the champion.Franz tost "Ralph had everything we needed to become a champion. On pure speed, he surpassed many of the pilots and on a good day could beat everyone to the circle. Here are the only team Toyota, for which he acted, did not come to fight for the title".

2015-06-18 13:24:03

Hevy Pujolar Return refueling will confuse the viewer

Race engineer max Verstappen hevy Pujolar, who previously worked with such drivers like Eddie Irvine, Juan Pablo Montoya, Ralf Schumacher and mark Webber, believes that the return of the refueling is far not the best solution.Hevy Pujolar "overall, this is a good idea, I'm not against a return to refueling, but for the viewer it becomes more confusing. If it is difficult to understand because of the rubber, what happens on the track, with all refueling will become even more confusing due to the amount of fuel in the tanks and many strategies. Moreover, refueling will not result in a reduction of the gap between the teams, all will be as it is".

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Ralf Schumacher bred

Ralf Schumacher bred

German Bild writes about divorce in the family Ralf Schumacher.82328232

Ralph and his wife Cora were married 13 years, but now communicate only through lawyers that deal with property division three properties, Cologne, Salzburg and St Tropez, and finances Ralph - it is estimated at 100 million euros.


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Susie Wolff I am Now better prepared for the Formula 1

Susie Wolff I am Now better prepared for the Formula 1

Susie Wolff has in history as the first for 22 years, female, participated in the official session of the race weekend of the Formula 1. In an interview with the official website of the championship she talked about what inspired her career.

Question Suzie, to pilot the car of Formula 1 is really better than any other technology in the world As I look at this woman

Susie Wolff I don't think there is a male and female perspective on driving a Formula 1 car - only view of the racer. This is the most scientifically advanced machine. It is necessary very quickly to adapt, because everything happens for a split second, and the speed is higher than you can imagine. Once you have mastered this, you experience incredible emotions behind the wheel.

Question How were you able to understand the technology Modern Formula 1 car is more complicated than ever before.

Susie Wolff I started racing on four wheels in eight years, and with the motorcycle met in two, so that the necessary high-speed coordination skills began to develop quite early. So, I began to participate in races in the same age as the rest of the guys on the grill. At that age you don't think about a career, and just want to have fun and, of course, to succeed. Looking back, I realize that I am lucky to do what I love to do hobby career.

As a child I never thought that doing something unusual for the girl. Parents surely did not become to convince me that I'm doing something unusual, so I was able to do what I love without worrying about the problems of boys and girls. At the age of 13 I decided that I can make a career in motorsports, ended up in the Formula 1.

Question as a young woman you fought in the race with racers, Hamilton, Kubica, Raikkonen or Nico Rosberg, have you thought about the gender issue in the senior race series They managed to break into Formula 1 for about twenty years, and you are still without a contract.

Susie Wolff of Course, there were funny moments. I remember the world Cup in Portugal, when I took the 15-th line and was very pleased with this, because the last race was difficult, but I got a good result. There was a ceremony when, suddenly said "Susie Stoddart, please go to the ceremony". I thought that was strange, because I didn't finish in the top three, but the team leader told me to hurry up. Then I realized that this is no accident.

Question Then why Formula 1 team are so skeptical when it comes to pilotasso

Susie Wolff I would not say that they are skeptical. For them, first of all, an important result, and reached the desired level girls which could be given a chance, is not enough. In addition, in the paddock there are a few people who would be against this. However, they can remain in the opposition, but sooner or later have to accept.

Question In that case, aren't you glad you showed in free practice, especially in Hockenheim that can compete with these guys and beat them

Susie Wolff I did not seek to occupy a good position in the Protocol, but focused on the partner.

Question But in sports is an important result in the Protocol.

Susie Wolff Yes. I have a very high opinion of Felipe, and therefore knew that from the point of view of the team must perform four tasks to cope successfully with their work, not to break the machine, collect a lot of data and as close to its result. I managed to do all this

I am very happy with my performance. I always said that I would not do that if I was not sure that is a good deal. I actually look at things, and if I thought I can do it, then I wouldn't be in this situation. I prepared a lot for free runs. And it was really good speech.

Question in theory it can give you the chance to sign the main contract rider. Is there any chance to see you at the start of the Grand Prix in 2015

Susie Wolff Williams two great racer, so I would be hard.

Question But in the eleven Formula 1 teams and 22 of the machine.

Susie Wolff I am proud to work at Williams. They gave me the chance to work on the tests driving Formula 1, although no one else wasn't interested in, because I have not achieved great success in the DTM. I am proud that I was in the Williams, and see what changes happen in the team I want to stay here. Let's see, will I have a chance. I know that you must fight.

Question it is Strange that Williams gave you a chance, because this is a conservative team, focused on driving were real racers.

Susie Wolff It's nice to hear, because many people think that working with me is conventional marketing. But Frank Williams never invited behind the wheel of a person, if doubted his abilities.

Frank came up to me after the session and said that he was happy with my performance. Frank and Claire is a real racing team I know that becoming competitive enough, I will leave the team, because my results are more important than my floor. They gave me a chance, and we can be proud that together we have achieved something special.

Question Does the man unusual to want more When a rare opportunity to work on training you feel inadequate

Susie Wolff I must fight for more and hope that will do the trick. I firmly believe that if you long to knock at the door, it will open, and then I should be ready for a possible chance.

Question In recent years, women have taken strong positions in many areas that were considered masculine. Why this has not happened in Formula 1 Why this process takes so much time

Susie Wolff first, I must say that there is no model of behavior for girls who want to get into Formula 1. This leads to the second problem if the girls in the go-kart is not enough, the best of them will not be able to climb to the top. But I am sure that this problem will solve itself Claire Williams became the benchmark - we proved that it is possible, and it should inspire those who decided to go this route. Not enough to be just a girl need to be a professional

Question You are upset that your career, it seems, begins only 31, but many will debut as teenagers

Susie Wolff I can honestly admit that I was not ready for this possibility, say, 19 years. I spent seven wonderful years with Mercedes in the DTM - it has made me a very strong opponent. I could not achieve the desired success and must recognize that performance in the DTM were a difficult time for me. I never managed to sign a contract with a leading team to get a real chance to fight for podiums, but it made me stronger.

I had wonderful companions, from whom I could learn - Mika Hakkinen, Jean Alesi, Ralf Schumacher - this experience helped me to be here. If not for him, I truly believe that my debut behind the wheel of a Formula 1 test in 2012 would not have been so successful, and I wouldn't get the chance now. Those tests were rather the exception to the rule, it was assumed that all of this ends, but since everything went well, I was able to participate in the youth tests. They too have gone well, and as a result I got the chance in Barcelona this year, and so on. If not successful at each stage, I would have immediately lost his place in the team.

You can say that is a little sad that I'm over 30, but as I said, I was not ready for it at the age of 19.

At one dinner I sat next to an Olympic champion cyclist sir Chris Hoiem, and he said his 28-years of age were asked about retirement. But he said he has achieved the greatest success, when he was 30, but the experience helped him to win the gold medal. I am inspired by this idea and I have no doubt that I'll understand when my time is up. As soon as I feel I can't continue, I was the first to admit it.

Question You have achieved the first success behind the wheel of a Formula 1. Do you think that there is still a lot of things

Susie Wolff Yes, I believe I can do better.

Question What factors should be combined together, so that you can achieve your potential

Susie Wolff In essence, it all boils down to one thing the amount of time behind the wheel. And this is a difficult thing, because the tests are limited, and the main drivers it is important to reach the maximum distance. How can I set to work again on the track This is the biggest obstacle I have to overcome.

Question Modern racers have a small height and weight. You will ideally come.

Susie Wolff I meet all the requirements I was talking with a couple of riders who are long in the Formula 1 is all said that in 2006, the machine was very difficult to fly, but today the progress in my direction. To pilot becomes easier. I will not say that driving a Formula 1 easy, but easier than before.

Question What advice would you give to girls who want to follow in your footsteps

Susie Wolff Go For It Don't let anything stop you. In life it is not easy to succeed, but if you really want it, do it, no matter how many difficulties have to be overcome. Catch a wave in a world that is changing in favour of women.

Question How do you feel about the fact that the hair deteriorates under the helmet

Susie Wolff Yes, the hair always look bad when I take off the helmet. I can see how bad things are, when you look at the engineer if he shakes his head, so I need to wear a hat.


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Grand Prix Austria Race

Grand Prix Austria Race

Sunny. Dryly. The air is +23.25 C, track +46 S.

The results of qualification as Spielberg turned out to be unexpected. For the first time in the season on the first row of the starting field was not racers Mercedes - success on Saturday celebrated in Williams. Felipe Massa on the tenth ahead of Valtteri of Botas, winning 16-th pole in his career, and the first Grand Prix of Brazil 2008. For its Finnish partner second place at the start was the best achievement in the career.

In the evening, many people believed that Williams made a bid for qualification when configuring machines that can negatively in the race, but the last time the reserves at the start of the British team in 2003, when in Hockenheim Juan Pablo Montoya and Ralf Schumacher was shared by the first line of the starting field. In the same 2003, the last time was carried out and the Grand Prix of Austria - after 11 years Formula 1 back in Styria, to determine the new winner.

In first ten on the starting field was racers seven different teams, many favorites was unsuccessful at that promised an interesting race. The reason was not only the density of the results on the short track. Before qualification Charlie whiting warned that the terms on which the racers four wheels outside of the track in the eighth turn, will not be counted. Was wrong there almost all, eventually, throughout qualifying was cancelled immediately 14 fast circles.

Two drivers have lost the starting field because of incidents that occurred in Canada. Max Chilton - three seats at collision with a partner, and Sergio Perez - five seats for the incident with Felipe. On the machine of Grogan before the race changed the transmission, the team broke the rules of private Park, and the French racer started the race from the pit lane.

The third Grand Prix in a row tyre workers brought into phase two of the most soft composition. Soft allowed to travel a greater distance, SuperSoft was faster, but just as quickly lose efficiency. Button, Maldonado, Perez, Bianchi, Erickson and Chilton was launched on Soft, others began a race to a soft rubber.

At the start of the Mass retains leadership, Rosberg attacked Botas, but the Finn was still the second. Hamilton rose from ninth to fourth place. Riccardo, Quat lost several positions.

On the second lap machine Vettel lost speed because of problems with electronics power plant, then the speed is back, but Sebastian drove past behind nearest rival.

The top ten on the 3rd round the Mass - Bottes - Rosberg - Hamilton - Alonso - Magnussen - Raikkonen - Hulkenberg - Riccardo - Quat.

The first four were driving dense group, gradually breaking away from the rest. The peloton was stretched to overtake on the Austrian road is very easy - all waited pit-stops. On the 9th circle Verne changed rubber, on the 10th - Hulkenberg, on the 11th - Magnussen, Quat and Riccardo, at the 12th - Rosberg and Sutil, on the 13th - Gutierrez.

After the service the machine Esteban stopped at the pit lane - mechanics are not secured in the rear right wheel, had to push the car back, and later racer was punished 10 second stop in boxes.

On the 14th round Hamilton pitted, on the 15th - Massa and Alonso. Felipe returned to the track behind Rosberg and immediately Brazilian ahead of Hamilton. On the 16th round of Botas and Raikkonen was replaced by rubber - Finn returned to the track behind Rosberg, but before Hamilton.

The race was a leader Peres launched on Soft and not sped in the boxes for them gathered a group of Rosberg - Bottes - Hamilton and Mass. The distance was minimal, activated by the DRS, so fight for the position did not work. On direct drivers Mercedes moved to the side to avoid problems with overheating.

On the 22nd round Vettel was replaced by rubber and nose fairing, damaged during the incident with Gutierrez in the struggle for last place. The Magnussen, Hulkenberg ahead Maldonado - Pastor, we lost it more than a second on the circle.

On the 26th round of Quat dropped out of the fight because of problems with brakes - third gathering in a row for the Russian racer.

On the 27-th round of Rosberg, Botas still ahead Perez, on the 28th and Hamilton overtook Mexican, and on the 30th Sergio turned into boxes.

The top ten on the 31st round Rosberg - Bottes - Hamilton - Weight - Alonso - Magnussen - Hulkenberg - Perez - Riccardo - Raikkonen.

Bottas several times tried to attack Rosberg - Niko made a mistake and lost a few tenths, but was able to break away.

At the 37th round Vettel stopped the car in the garage and dropped out of the fight. In the Force India asked Hulkenberg miss Perez - racers used a different strategy.

On the 39th round Hamilton, Hulkenberg and Verne changed rubber, 40-Mr. Rosberg, at the 41st - Bottes, having returned to the track behind the riders Mercedes. 43rd round Mass and Ricardo pitted, 45-m - Raikkonen.

The race for the first time this season, headed Alonso, but on the 48-th circle and he changed the tires.

Top ten 50-lap Rosberg - Hamilton - Bottes - Perez - Weight - Alonso - button - Magnussen - Hulkenberg - Riccardo.

56-th circle Peres replaced rubber, at the 58-th - Maldonado, at the 59th button. To implement the strategy of one pit stop drivers top ten in Austria failed - before the start of the tyre workers did not rule out such an option, but Sunday was the hottest in the course of the weekend, which affected the tire wear.

At the 61st round of Varna have problems with brakes - he stopped in boxes and four riders teams belonging Red Bull, home race to the finish reached only Riccardo.

On the 66th circle Perez ahead of Magnussen in the struggle for the sixth position. On the last lap Riccardo ahead of Hulkenberg.

Nico Rosberg won the Austrian race, won the sixth career victory, his third of the season and increasing advantage in personal offset over Lewis Hamilton. For Mercedes this is the sixth time in eight races.

On the third step of the podium went up Valtteri Bottas, achieving the best result in his career. Felipe Massa finished the race in fourth - Williams very confidently passed the race. I wonder will confirm whether a command of this form in two weeks, during the home race at Silverstone.



Time - Speed - Pete

1. Nasberg - Mercedes - 127.54.967 - 160


2. Hamilton - Mercedes - +1.932 - 160


3. Vbatts - Williams-Mercedes - +8.172 - 160


4. FMCSA - Williams-Mercedes - +17.358 - 160


5. Palanco - Ferrari - +18.553 - 160


6. Spheres - Force India - +28.546 - 160


7. Cygnused - McLaren - +32.031 - 160


8. Drycargo - Red Bull - +43.522 - 160


9. Njukobing - Force India - +44.137 - 160


10. Cricket - Ferrari - +47.777 - 160


11. Dbutton - McLaren - +50.966 - 160


12. Pallidogale - Lotus - + 1 circle - 160


13. ASTEL - Sauber - + 1 circle - 160


14. Rgraham - Lotus - + 1 circle - 160


15. Bianki - Marussia-Ferrari - + 2 circle - 160


16. Kyobashi - Caterham - + 2 circle - 160


17. Chilton - Marussia-Ferrari - + 2 circle - 160


18. Merican - Caterham - + 2 circle - 160


19. Aguileras - Sauber - + 2 circle - 160


Fastest lap Sergio Perez Force India 112.142 59 circle

The causes of drop outs



Circle - The Reason

Gorni - Toro Rosso

61 - brakes

With Vettel Red Bull

36 - -

Dquot - Toro Rosso

26 - brakes

Position in the championship Personal credit


Country - Team


160 - 1. Nasberg

- Mercedes AMG


160 - 2. Hamilton

- Mercedes AMG


160 - 3. Drycargo

- Red Bull Racing


160 - 4. Palanco

- Scuderia Ferrari


160 - 5. Spectel

- Red Bull Racing


160 - 6. Njukobing

- Sahara Force India F1 Team


- 7. Vbatts

- Williams Martini Racing


- 8. Dbutton

- McLaren Mercedes


- 9. FMCSA

- Williams Martini Racing


- 10. Cygnused

- McLaren Mercedes


- 11. Spheres

- Sahara Force India F1 Team


160 - 12. Cricket

- Scuderia Ferrari


160 - 13. Rgraham

- Lotus F1 Team


160 - 14. J.-Every

- Scuderia Toro Rosso


160 - 15. Dquot

- Scuderia Toro Rosso


160 - 16. Bianki

- Marussia F1 Team


Position in the championship the Cup of Designers





1. Mercedes AMG - Mercedes



2. Red Bull Racing - Renault



3. Scuderia Ferrari - Ferrari



4. Sahara Force India F1 Team - Mercedes


5. Williams Martini Racing - Mercedes


6. McLaren Mercedes - Mercedes



7. Scuderia Toro Rosso - Renault



8. Lotus F1 Team Renault



9. Marussia F1 Team - Ferrari



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Grand Prix of Malaysia the Preview stage from F1News.Ru

Grand Prix of Malaysia the Preview stage from F1News.Ru

The race in Melbourne had not responded to all questions. As believed by many, Mercedes AMG started the season in good form, as evidenced by the victory of Nico Rosberg. German heads personal credit before stage in Kuala Lumpur, but in the Cup of designers leading McLaren, both pilots after the disqualification of Riccardo Daniel was directly behind the German in the final Protocol of the Grand Prix of Australia.

Yet, the true power of the pilots Williams, not pretty clear potential Red Bull Racing and Ferrari. The season is just beginning.

Johnny Herbert's Grand Prix recalls Malaysia 1999

"Sepang is the first course built from the beginning to the end of the project Hermann Tilke. This is the first of its kind circuit, which we are now accustomed to call "modern", much was a novelty when we arrived there for the first time. Huge pit building, unusual main grandstand with a unique design of a roof, a very broad highway, then, basically, they were narrower. Before engineers faced a difficult task - to find a balance between a very fast sections and slow turns.

Otherwise, the weekend was like any other, when we had to explore unfamiliar route. Part of the first training, and about half an hour - we paid only to feel the limits of the possible in turns. We did not have simulators, where you can see the configuration. Now, when the pilots say they have come to "unknown route", it is not so - they are very well aware of the configuration braking points, the trajectory.

Then in Kuala Lumpur, the organizers gave us an opportunity to drive on the highway driving road sports cars on Thursday. Circles ten and not more. I may be wrong, but I think as time in 1999 in Sepang this happened last time Ralf Schumacher crashed the car and we no longer allowed to leave before training. Of course, we are to blame. No one was going just to teach configuration, all trying to pass as quickly as possible. A common thing for the riders.

Another strong impression - it's the heat and humidity. I always sweated more than others and remember this feeling when I opened the door to get out of the boxes and go to the paddock, I immediately began to sweat. In General, from the physical point of view, this was one of the most difficult weekends. Partly because of the heat, partly due to the configuration of the track and that Stewart SF3 is the most "heavy" machine, which I have ever manage.

We didn't have power steering and configuration, basically, consists of a fast protracted ligaments. The Rubens Barrichello, with whom we played together then Stewart, always liked heavy wheel - he even came up. But for me, the race was a test. I remember how in each turn on each circle, turning the wheel, uttered a groan - specifically, that little bit easier. I moaned in each turn this race

At the end of the season we were fast enough. In Malaysia came after the victory at the Nurburgring in qualifying showed a very good result I was the fifth, Rubens - sixth. We lost only Ferrari and McLaren, who struggled for the title. So the atmosphere was just great. We are very confident finished the season.

In the race it depended on strategy. Most pilots have chosen tactics of two pit-stops. But I -- at least, I always liked to think so - always knew how good contact with the tires, and therefore decided that the race will pass with one stop. At the start, the car was more difficult because of the amount of fuel than the rest, but I managed to keep the position. Ahead of me was driving David Coulthard, and I would not say that he quickly came off. With each circle pilots Ferrari and McLaren went a little further, but I can maintain a good pace.

Finally got a chance to reach the podium. Mika Hakkinen unexpectedly dropped in at a very short third pit stop and fell behind. I by that time I was driving the pace Ferrari, but restrain McLaren still could not. Actually, it was one of my best races all worked perfectly on the whole distance. I managed to maintain a stable rhythm, but in the end only one small mistake allowed him to move up to a distance attack and beat me on the penultimate lap. However, my fourth and fifth place Rubens at the finish was a great result for Stewart."

Grand Prix of Malaysia Marussia F1 Team

Chief race engineer team Dave Greenwood about the features of the machine settings in Kuala Lumpur "Track in Malaysia and more demanding aerodynamics than the track in Melbourne. Here garazo more high-speed turns. If to speak in General terms, the search for the optimal configuration is to find a compromise between the quick links, which requires high-downforce, and two very long straight with maximum speed. The first training session will be devoted mostly to the search for this balance.

Another important point - the machine must respond well to change directions. There are several places where turns follow one another, so that pilots must, that the car was stable and predictable at high speeds."

The circle on a line Sepang together with max Chilton

Starting straight at Sepang is quite long, but the first connection is very similar to the one in Shanghai. I'm sure if you suddenly Wake up in a straight line, that within a few seconds it will be rather difficult to understand where you are in Malaysia or China. The same quick entry into the first right turn, which is becoming more and more twisted, then track bends sharply in the opposite direction. The deceleration before bunch of soft enough, despite the high rate. Strike hard on the brakes will lock and you will just miss the apex. The second turn is very important, because it starts right quick break, during which we continuously accelerate and go on straight.

The next turn is a perfect place for overtaking. Sebastian Vettel was ahead of Mark Webber last year. Hard braking. Inner curb better not to touch it - it can destabilize the machine, and you will lose a lot of time trying to catch him. Next the acceleration and perhaps one of the most fast ligaments in Formula 1, if to speak about the overloads. Quick right turn sharply turns to the left, where it's very easy to miss the apex.

Click the double right turn, which is actually possible to name just one quick stud". On how well you go to the first apex, depends on the output from the second. Many slides out too widely from the first part, hit the curb, and it is fraught with that of "get" second apex almost impossible.

After another direct follows very slow left turn. The main difficulty is the output. The route climbs, clutch a little, there is a strong oversteer. This leads to the fact that many of blocking of wheels in the next right turn, which starts almost immediately, if you repeat this five times on one set of tyres to be incredibly direct to shake violently. A very unpleasant feeling.

The following mapping a quick left turn I'm not sure that this year we will pass it on full throttle, although in the past, this possibility was, and then another abrupt change of direction. It's a very difficult braking apex blind, you just cannot see it. The risk of overshooting and leave turning too far very high. This error often allow - even in those circles that bring the poles. Truly one of the most complicated turns of the championship.

Final part one long, straight and hairpin - the best place for you to pass on this route.

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2014-03-06 19:44:02

The two most famous of Jordan on sale

The two most famous of Jordan on sale

The founder and former owner of Jordan now Force India Eddie Jordan was selling two of the most famous of his team. This is Jordan 191, with which she made her debut in Formula 1, and Jordan 198 - model, brought the team from Silverstone first victory in the world championship.

Two years ago, Jordan was already selling Jordan 191, and it was chassis 6, where the Formula 1 debut Michael Schumacher. Now put up for auction the chassis number 1, the first of the built-in command. Although Schumacher not acted on this machine, attached to the chassis original helmet Michael with his personal autograph and gratitude for his debut in the world Cup.

As for the machine 1998, that on sale chassis 3. It is managed by Damon hill, when he brought the first victory of the Jordan Grand Prix of Belgium, ahead of his team mate Ralf Schumacher. To the machine attached received then the team winning the Cup, and a pair of overalls and a helmet hill.

In addition, Jordan sell another 14 personal and team cups, eight helmets by riders of Jordan and a number of other other memorabilia. Each item of this collection is supplied with a certificate of authenticity signed Eddie Jordan. All purchases will be personally transferred to a new owner Eddie Jordan at Silverstone.

The proceeds will be directed to two charities CLIC Sargent, dealing with the problems of children's Oncology and Fund Amber Foundation, which is struggling with unemployment in the youth environment.

Eddie Jordan said «these Two machines I kept because of their history, memories associated with them,--and what they160 meant a lot to the team. But it is time to part with them, and the raised money will be spent on a good deal.»


2014-03-01 18:04:01

Jan Madej about DTM standard, modern Formula 1 and Vitaliy Petrov

Jan Madej about DTM standard, modern Formula 1 and Vitaliy Petrov

Jan Madej, General Director of ZAO Mercedes-Benz RUS», in an interview with nonf1.ru said that for sutarskogo concern is equally important Formula 1, DTM, and what quality of Vitaly Petrov helped him to become the factory racer Mercedes.

Question Mercedes clear strategy concern equally participates in the DTM, and in Formula 1, which can not afford any other automaker. You are a specialist in marketing which of these projects is more effective with your point of view

Jan Madej of Course, Formula 1 is more popular globally, because it is the world championship, while DTM - European series. Therefore F1 attracts the attention of a global audience, but in Europe, particularly in Germany, the DTM is less popular. Personally, I would not say that the interest in Formula 1 is greater or less than the DTM. All who watched the race DTM will say that they are fascinating, because the struggle on the track is much more acute, there are plenty of various events. So, in my opinion, each episode is good.

Last year on the circuit Moscow Raceway debut DTM in Russia, and interest in the first race was huge Gathered a lot of spectators, race accompanied by magnificent atmosphere, and we were lucky with the weather. So the beginning was fantastically successful

Question From this year's Formula 1 increasingly focusing on the interests of manufacturers, introduced hybrid propulsion systems, though earlier I talked about the fact that F1 is a kind of testing ground of advanced technologies that are then used in the serial automotive industry. How you feel about this technological milestone in Formula 1

Jan Madej I am not an engineer, so it's difficult to speculate on technology topics, but personally I like this turn for the Formula 1 more responsible with our real needs. The production of 8-cylinder engines and develop powerful motor V6 is very different engineering tasks. Its working volume - only 1.6 liters, but it is equipped with turbine and integrated with two electric motor-generators - this technological miracle, a kind of a masterpiece of engineering

In my opinion, the Formula 1 is increasingly turning into a competition of technologies, and I like it. Mercedes-Benz - for introduction of advanced technologies, and I believe that we will succeed

Question Paul di Resta became the champion of the DTM, and then moved in Formula 1, and he played well. But the racers of Formula 1, even such well-known as Mika Hakkinen, Jean Blanc, Ralf Schumacher or David Coulthard driving machines DTM not managed to achieve great success in it. How do you think, what is the matter

Jan Madej I Think it's because DTM cannot be considered secondary championship, consenting to the Formula 1. It is just a different series, which are very different machines. Ask Vitaly Petrov, and he says that in the DTM need an absolutely different style of piloting, primarily because the machine is much heavier, and the racer to cope with it. It is the answer to your question you can't say that one race is better than the other - each of them is difficult in its own way. Therefore, the riders, which are perfect for the job in Formula 1, in the transition to DTM have to adapt to a completely different machine, and it is not so simple.

Question What impression Vitaly Petrov produces personally for you

Jan Madej I am ready to repeat that he was a good rider, successfully competing in Formula 1 is all facts. But the most important thing - he's a great guy, very normal person, and he's very pleasant to communicate and work, and I like it the most. So I think that Petrov is the ideal hero who will represent our brand it certainly fits in with our strategy, and even globally.

Mercedes-Benz is associated with modern luxury. Vitaliy is a modern athlete successful, young, attractive and democratic, which distinguishes devotion to the chosen business. As far as I know from the other, his approach to work can be called the academic, almost scientific - such great attention he pays to detail. So, I think he is a very positive person.


2014-02-20 00:04:02

Evolution Ferrari F2004, 2004

Evolution Ferrari F2004, 2004


History of Ferrari is inseparably linked with the history of Formula1601 is the only team, who participated in all seasons of the world championship, and the first single in Maranello racing machine was built for Formula1601.

In the traditional winter historical project, together with the authoritative Italian expert, author of books about the history of Ferrari Paolo D'alessio, we decided to tell to the readers nonf1.ru about the peculiarities of all the machines , showing them the example of the evolution of the Formula 1.

In 2004 the newly changed rules, including aerodynamics - under the ban came elements behind the upper air intake, height of the side pontoons and size of side rear wing. In addition, FIA again limited the impact of electronics under complete ban were the control system of launch, and traction control now could interfere in the actions of pilots only at speeds above 100 km/H.

But the most noticeable change was the introduction of the rule «one engine on the weekend», which almost completely eliminated the concept of «qualifying motors». The increased requirements to the reliability of the engines influenced the competitiveness of some of the commands.

It seemed, all these changes, along with the increasing number160«hot» stages in the calendar of the championship, in which tyres Michelin had the advantage over Bridgestone, gave an excellent chance of competitors Ferrari finally oust the Italian team with the pedestal, the more that the previous championship of the Scuderia has won with great difficulty. In practice, however, the season was for Michael Schumacher cakewalk - 13 the first Grand Prix of the German won 12 wins, beating all possible statistical records.

The only struggle became the Grand Prix of Monaco, where Schumacher in the lead, but fell when faced with while on the highway vehicle safety. This gathering was for German only. Barrichello also came down for the season only once, and also because of a collision with another pilot.

Ferrari F2004

In 2004, after four consecutive victory for Ferrari years, all waiting for a change of leader in the Formula 1, but it happened with accuracy on the contrary. Not only that machine Ferrari again became the best in the League, F2004 was still the most successful in history. During the season it won 15 wins in 18 races is even better than the legendary F2002, dominated 2002-M.

What is arrogance The answer, in General, is simple a number of factors, skillfully assembled together. The car that became a logical continuation of the F2003 GA, tyres Bridgestone, which, after ambiguous season of 2003, exceeded Michelin and designer team Rory Byrne and the engineer Paolo Martinelli, who managed to cope with the impossible task to make even better, and so it was perfect.

F2004 was less original than competitors ' cars, like Williams FW26 with unusual nose Radome, but was very effective. The project, which can be called «improved version» of last year's cars, had a shorter base approximately 5 cm, and many subtle but important changes in the field of aerodynamics, which allowed to restore the most part lost due to a new regulation of the pressing force.

No less important, although not as evident upon external inspection, the changes were inside the case. One of the strengths of F2004 again was the internal organization of air flows. Radiators are even less cooling improved, but the drag decreased. Acquired thanks to this high-speed characteristics of the machine literally destroyed competitors. Updated 10-cylinder engine index 053 helped Ferrari earn a lot of poles and victories, ensuring a level of reliability, which competitors can only dream of.

The results of performances Ferrari F2004 in Formula 1 races

From a statistical perspective, F2004 became even more successful than F2002, although success was largely due to failures of rivals. In 2004, the major competitors of the Ferrari recent years, Williams and McLaren, failed championship, finishing only the fourth and fifth place in the Cup of designers Williams could be slightly higher, but Ralf Schumacher because of a severe accident in Indianapolis missed six races.

The second place in the Cup of designers suddenly took command BAR-Honda, whose pilot, Jenson button did not win a single race, but was very stable, ten times finishing on the podium. The third was Renault - the results of the team improved every year. This time a single victory in the championship brought her Jarno Trulli won the Grand Prix of Monaco.

The upgraded version of the machine, F2004M, participated in the first two stages of 2005. The results, however, could not be called successful, although Rubens Barrichello still managed to finish second in Australia.


Grand Prix

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Winter project 2013-2014, «the Evolution of cars of Formula 1 on the example of the Ferrari».

copy nonf1.ru and Paolo d39'alessio. Managing editor Elmir Valeev.


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Evolution Ferrari F2001, 2001

Evolution Ferrari F2001, 2001


History of Ferrari is inseparably linked with the history of Formula1601 is the only team, who participated in all seasons of the world championship, and the first single in Maranello racing machine was built for Formula1601.

In the traditional winter historical project, together with the authoritative Italian expert, author of books about the history of Ferrari Paolo D'alessio, we decided to tell to the readers nonf1.ru about the peculiarities of all the machines , showing them the example of the evolution of the Formula 1.

In 2001 Ferrari won fewer victories than in 2000, but the new machine - F2001, was better than its predecessor. Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello were also not worse than before, but the reason of deterioration of statistical indicators has been the emergence of Ferrari second strongest opponent. In addition to traditional competitors from McLaren-Mercedes, in 2001 the Italians opposed to another Anglo-German Duo the Williams-BMW. The racers of the team, Ralf Schumacher and Juan Pablo Montoya, spoke on the rubber French company Michelin returned to Formula 1, and achieved during the season four victories.

However, F2001 was the best car championship and one of the most advanced in the history of . With its predecessor, it had not much in common this is actually a new model, which is partly dictated by successive adjustments to the schedule. The main of them was the return traction control, because of what had to remake the transmission and rear suspension. In addition, the rules 2001 demanded host the front wing is higher than before, and this led to the emergence wing typical configuration, the middle part of which form resembled a spoon. Finally, the mass of the machine was once again reduced - in particular, «slimmed» five kg engine V10 now weighed just 100 kg

Thanks to all of these changes F2001 was not only faster than its predecessor, but less demanding to the rubber. Besides, the machine appeared to be universal enough and good look at the routes of all types. However, the power of a Ferrari engine few inferior BMW that on highways still affected. But ultimately Schumacher won more than a convincing victory in the championship, earning almost twice more points than the one closest pursuers, David Coulthard.

Ferrari F2001

Euphoria Ferrari after the conquest of both titles in 2000 was soon overshadowed by the votes of England. Immediately after the Grand Prix of Malaysia, the last race of the year 2000, historic rivals team and British media start repeating, like a mantra, that if you win difficult to stay on top is even harder. In other words, Ferrari were interrupted by a series of failures, which lasted from 1979, and now it would be several years before it will be able to repeat its success.

But in Maranello were of a different opinion. Ferrari 2001, not only confirmed this level, but also improved the results of the previous season. If in 2000 the main factor of success recognize Schumacher, 2001 merit in gaining the title evenly divided among the German champion and his car, one of the best Ferrari for all times.

F2001 proved to be effective on the tracks of all types, both on the fastest, and on the street. The designers of Ferrari have had better all interpret the new rules introduced Federation in 2001, while minimizing the loss of clamping force. During the season rivals tried to copy some of their decisions, such as the front wing of the characteristic shape and approach to the distribution of weight. However, they appeared not under force even bother pilots . Such success at Ferrari was not a long time ago.

The results of performances Ferrari F2001 in Formula 1 races

Despite the Formula 1 «third force,» Michael Schumacher again, as in 2000, won nine victories, becoming the four-time world champion. Rubens Barrichello at this time, no Grand Prix win failed, which led to a slight deterioration of the overall results amid the previous year. However, 11 pole positions and 15 podiums Ferrari in 17 races speak for themselves.

Victories, however, could be more, but Grand Prix in Monza Italy was held on 14-16 September, just days after the terrorist attacks on the twin towers in the USA. This event, not having any relation to motor racing, had, however, a strong influence on the team and, in particular, Michael Schumacher, who was completely demoralised. The second blow was followed by the day before the race, when on a route in Germany in a terrible accident hit Alessandro , more recently, speaking in Formula 1. His injuries were so severe that doctors had to amputate the Italian pilot both legs.

As the title by the time Schumacher already guaranteed himself, he was to refuse to participate in the Grand Prix, but in response Bernie Ecclestone has hinted that the team may be disqualified. In the end, Michael and Ferrari yet arrived at the start, but with machines have been removed all stickers and nose cones are painted black. Barrichello in the race finished in second place, and Schumacher didn't even try to fight for the podium, finished fourth and immediately left the racetrack.

F2001 was so good that allowed themselves to even use it in the first races of 2002 until the new model took place last tests. In Australia pilots Ferrari took the first row at the start, and the pole earned Barrichello. In the race, however, the Brazilian came after a collision with Ralf Schumacher, while the eldest of the brothers won. In Malaysia at the pole was already Michael, but collided with another car Williams, which was piloted by Montoya, then was forced to go into the pits on the replacement of the nose fairing and eventually finished third. In Brazil Schumacher appeared on the new machine, and Barrichello on the old, but in his race again failed to reach the finish line.


Grand Prix

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Winter project 2013-2014, «the Evolution of cars of Formula 1 on the example of the Ferrari».

copy nonf1.ru and Paolo d39'alessio. Managing editor Elmir Valeev.


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I left Williams, because he wanted to change

I left Williams, because he wanted to change

After many years of Williams and short-cooperation with HRT heavy became a race engineer Jean-Eric in Toro Rosso. In an interview to the Spanish El Models he told about the changes in his career, peculiarities of work with different riders and impressions from the new rules.

Question Why have you decided to switch from Williams in Toro Rosso

Heavy last year The team was in a difficult situation, I was uncomfortable, so I decided to change. The few times I talked with representatives of Toro Rosso - I think this team is progressing, it has a great potential. I am familiar with many employees and the head of the Franz Toast. In Toro Rosso want to work with me, so when I was offered the position race engineer, I agreed. I can do what I like and move ahead on a career ladder.

Question Toro Rosso is considered a subsidiary of the Red Bull Racing team, in recent years, their philosophy has changed, but you understand that there will always be limitations

Heavy We will not be able to compete with Red Bull Racing, the more that divides us half of the peloton, and these commands also want to be among the winners. Last year Toro Rosso ahead of Williams. Knowing how much they invest in development of the team, I can't imagine what results can be achieved. Although, if Toro Rosso has progressed too quickly, then at some point in the Red Bull Racing could say, «Enough» laughs. For me it is important to be in a team that is moving steadily forward.

Question do You a lot of time worked in Williams. What happened there

Heavy When Williams was a very strong team, but has since lost much. The team arranged differently, but changing external conditions need to change and organization. You need to understand that today, you are not the Champions, and lead a struggle for position at the end of the peloton. It is not easy. But now in Williams much has changed, so that the team will progress, and that I just needed a change of scenery.

Question Can we say that they lacked humility

Heavy Yes, if you want. But the problem is much wider. I was pleased with the appearance of an experienced Pat , but I didn't like the other factors.

Question You just recently Toro Rosso, what differences have you noticed between the British and Italian teams

Heavy the Differences are visible as soon as you cross the threshold base. For example, food. In the Toro Rosso work Brits, Germans, Spaniards. the Representatives of the Latin culture differ from the Germans. Although the work is the same, and the results are more or less the same, communication with colleagues is becoming more open.

Question Quality of life improved

Heavy Yes. I spent with the family for 11 years in the UK, this factor also played a role in the decision. We needed a change, we have the opportunity to move to the country, which look more like Spain, while continuing to do what I like.

Question In Formula 1 a high level of competition and a busy schedule. Such a life could last many years, or this is just a phase in your career

Heavy It is a very intense and difficult work, but all depends on the person. Some after a couple of years will say «enough is enough», but if you talk about me, is my world, and if in the Formula 1 will begin unemployment, I don't know what to do.

I can't stand to work on the basis of it is better to find something else to do than to spend three months in one place. Should I stay on the track to participate in the work with the machines to communicate with the riders. I like it. In addition, I would like to get the atmosphere of the races without a policy. Because of this I decided to move to Toro Rosso.

Question What does race engineer

Heavy Machine you want to configure - depending on the characteristics of the track, tire, to racer could maximally exploit its potential, regardless of the conditions. You must understand the machine, then understand racer, and put everything together.

Those who worked on the base, we need also to understand what is happening on the track, to understand, in what direction to Refine the machine. This is already a team effort, involving racing engineers, chief engineer and the entire staff, not I, though I more than others communicate with the driver. However, we try to maximize the potential of the machine and increase the speed with consideration of the peculiarities of the route and other conditions.

Question How can you help racer maximally reveal potential of a machine

Heavy it is Necessary to know racer, time to spend with him and off-piste to understand how it works, what he thinks, what he is. It helps in situations with high pressure in the qualification or race.

Sometimes achieve this difficult, due to increased press attention racer creates a barrier that you cannot overcome. Generally, however, all is quiet. I have developed excellent relations with the Pastor Maldonado. We perfectly understand each other. When he came back from the road and started to tell about the car, I saw how he reacted, and he knew what to change. Then he looked data and confirmed Yes, it is. Often before qualification I thought «Today this work.» Or, on the contrary - we have to forget about the qualification.

Question What is the racer of those with whom you worked, struck you most

Heavy I always said that I am most impressed Pastor Maldonado and Juan Pablo Montoya. Perhaps because they are very similar. They both fighters. Pastor proved that he has good speed, but sometimes unappreciated. I worked with mark Webber does and Ralf Schumacher - they both top-flight, but different.

Question What do you think about the new Formula 1 It motivates you, or you don't like all these changes

Heavy laughs Sometimes the complexity a bit exaggerated, but in the end, this is a very interesting problem. And to you I like. You need to be open to change. Everything has changed, you need to forget what you know, because it's a completely different situation. Long as I like it.

Question would You do this year to become an engineer Renault

Heavy laughs I am pleased with his work.

Question How do you think, after 15 or 20 years we will see in ordinary cars these hybrid technology, which made a bid Formula 1

Heavy It is quite possible. I am someone who liked powerful atmospheric engines, but I think the future of the new technologies, and primarily, for energy recovery systems. I am interested in working in this area, since there are not so much important to be ahead, how quickly familiar with new technologies.

text Tatiana Belskaya


2013-08-04 13:44:03

Timo Glock "My predictions are often not come true"

Timo Glock

Timo Glock, even last year, speaking in Formula 1, now the masters a new case now he DTM racer, he has a long-term contract with BMW, and it's quite a new page in his biography. In qualifications at the Moscow Raceway Timo not lucky at the decisive moment prevented him traffic. In an exclusive interview nonf1.ru he told about experience of performances in the new League, but not forgotten and about F1.

Question In the qualification you showed only 17 result the problem in a racer, in the car, or you do not like the road

Timo Glock No, the track is good, but I'm just not lucky. At the second set of tyres we planned to leave at the end of the session, but this time another car just went out with weights after a technical inspection, I had to wait for the pit lane extra 15 seconds, and eventually I was on the road at the wrong time behind the group of 4 - 5 cars. In the end, at the second set of rubber I could not normally go fast, although all the others improved their results.

Of course, I was upset because I felt that we could go faster, and now have to think about how to rectify the situation during the race. Although the machine was not of the best handling.

Question six months you probably already able to adapt to the DTM how the atmosphere of this championship differs from the Formula 1

Timo Glock is all good, although the series DTM quite similar to the Formula 1. Season consists only of 10 rounds, weekend a very short one training session, and then immediately qualification, and the next day - race. But this is an interesting new challenge, I like to solve it, the more that I once again driving a nice car and I can fight in the first rows. The last three years, Marussia F1 I lost the leaders of three-four seconds on the circle - it was such a machine. And now I lose only a couple of tenths, so the race are more fun. And I like it

Question And have you already once on the podium

Timo Glock Yes, it was great to be back on the podium, because in that race on the track Red Bull Ring we had a great speed. Now, simply try to repeat this result.

Question different riders in different years we have heard impressions about cars DTM standard, for example, from David or from Ralf Schumacher, and how would you define the key difference between the technique of the championship and the Formula 1

Timo Glock If we talk about the pilot, the main difference is that the machine DTM heavier, less powerful, and tires grip the track is not as good as rubber in F1. Everything is very different, and to have a good speed driving the car DTM, you have to re-conceptualise approaches to pilot and very significantly change his style.

I must continue working on it, but the difficulty is that every time we go to the next track, the car behavior changes, you have a different vibe from the office, and in just a half hour workout. And if there are any difficulties, and you get behind, it is difficult to recoup. This is the main problem.

Question Obviously, you keep track for Formula 1 and even on the website Motorsport-Total before races publish its forecast, however, the result guess rarely.

Timo Glock laughs that's for sure

Question it sounds Like you are a good driver, but not a very good predictor

Timo Glock it looks Like My forecasts are often not come true, but in General all again in favour of Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull. However, the championship continues, the events may develop in any scenario, we will see in what form will the team after the summer break. While, for example, it can be noted that Mercedes is more confident, but in the championship leader of the most stable racer. We'll see what happens.

Question are You aware of rumors from the world of Formula 1, which, as always, when the season is approaching transitions

Timo Glock No, I don't pay attention.

Question And the progress of your former team Marussia follow

Timo Glock the impression Is that it really has made progress and the beginning of the season, reduced the backlog of teams from the middle of the peloton, but it seems to me that now she starts to fall behind. It is a pity that in the middle of the season Marussia couldn't take another step forward, and now Pat Simonds goes, and it will affect the team.

Question Since you are in the DTM, the prospects for the development of Formula 1 is probably the concern you have less, but still you have some opinion about the transition of the world championship on new in 2014

Timo Glock I do not care a lot. I have no information about the new engines.

Question Then return to the DTM how do you assess the prospects in this series What can we expect from the second half of the season, from next year, maybe

Timo Glock We'll See. I have a long-term contract in a BMW, so I'm ready for next season and want in the future to achieve success. But first you need to better understand the features of the DTM and continue to learn. Therefore, my goal in 2014 to achieve better results.

text Andrey Elk


2013-07-22 09:44:06

Ralf Schumacher On-site Kimi I'd long thought

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Ralf Schumacher said that in place Kimi he would long to fit with your decisions about where to continue his career.Personally I would if I place on offered a contract from Red Bull immediately adopted it not a minute spent to thinkB " said Ralph. - Yes we do not know what conditions provide Kimi but if he will give you the same car which will be in the hands of Vettel then the viewer would be interesting to watch the struggle of these two pilots. I think that Kimi too early retired from Formula 1. He is quick pilot, still promising, because he came back and still is attractive for the top teams".

2013-07-21 16:54:03

Ralf Schumacher I like the DTM than Formula-1

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Ralf Schumacher said he was nicer championship DTM than in the races of Formula 1.Compare these two championship is impossible but if we talk about the feelings that I experienced during my speech in this series like me more DTM than Formula-1 said Schumacher. - My return to the DTM was something like returning to the family home after long wanderings around the world. In Formula 1 I have never felt at home there is always present the atmosphere of fierce competition almost hatred.In addition, back in the DTM, I could remember their youth and participation in Formula 3, when racing series alternated with DTM races. My love for DTM is infinite, so even after the end of his career I continued working here". Jr. played in Formula 1 in 1997-2007 gg for Jordan, Williams and Toyota. In 2008-2012 the German represented Mercedes DTM series.

2013-07-20 17:54:05

Ralf Schumacher On-site Kimi I go into the Red Bull

Ralf Schumacher On-site Kimi I go into the Red Bull

This year Ralf Schumacher took the decision to continue racing career and now he came to Russia to take part in the program of Moscow City Racing ahead of an important event in the beginning of August in our country for the first time will stage the popular body DTM championship. But in conversation with the former racer, and the younger brother of seven-time champion of the world, we have not only affected this topic.

Question When all three major German automaker participating in the DTM obviously it makes a series of even more exciting

Ralf Schumacher Yes, earlier participated in the DTM Mercedes and Audi and now for the second year in the League acts and BMW. Of course, when the number of German premium brands, presenting their factory teams, increased to three, the championship became more interesting, and now, we offer our series in Moscow to show to the Russian fans, what is the DTM. And it is very good However, the route Moscow Raceway I have not seen.

Question But today you participate in the program of the Moscow City Racing, although in city racing show, we often see the teams of Formula 1, DTM is not quite typical of.

Ralf Schumacher It is not so. Usually at least once a year and we also conduct this show, first of all, dedicated to the opening of the next season DTM, and it takes place in one of the largest cities in Germany. Show machine, imagine all the teams, all the riders, and, for example, to see such a show in Dusseldorf annually about 200 thousand spectators. For us it is a great opportunity to be closer to the fans, who see the machine, hear the sound of a motor, see the pilots. And now we are pleased to participate in this show in Moscow.

Question Your career is divided into two parts - Formula 1, DTM. Now, when the active phase of the racing career completed, can you tell which of the Championships was more important for you professionally

Ralf Schumacher it's Hard to say. It is clear that Formula 1 is the pinnacle of Motorsport, but when I was in the DTM standard, for me it was like returning home. My career is largely began in the Formula 3, and the race of the championship, as a rule, were combined with the stages of the DTM, and it was a great time. Now I spent in the DTM five seasons together with Mercedes, so that both stages of my career as an importance. But I can say that in a certain act DTM I liked, so I continue to work in this championship.

Question And now in the DTM you have your own team

Ralf Schumacher I stayed in the family of Mercedes, lead one of the youth teams, and in General responsible for youth programme of the concern in the DTM. In addition, the help in days like today. As you know, series DTM is popular in all countries, but we hope the situation will change for the better.

Question In any case, you work in the DTM is the business

Ralf Schumacher Yes, for me this business.

Question let's turn to Formula 1. In your career, and it was very dramatic episode, when the Indianapolis motor Speedway you were in a serious accident due to a broken bus. This year again speak about the rubber in the context of security problems after what happened at Silverstone. You can comment on the situation in which Pirelli

Ralf Schumacher tire Manufacturers are always in a difficult situation. But Pirelli had to develop rubber, which withstood only a set number of laps, I think, has caused a number of additional problems. It is very important that after the incident at Silverstone were able to react quickly and tried again make rubber safe for the riders.

Of course, if the racer running on a highway and is always waiting for that bus can explode, it's not the most pleasant situation. All this is very dangerous, so it's good that the Pirelli made changes in rubber. The problem is solved, and, in my opinion, not worth asking about it too much noise. We all know that motor racing is dangerous, and expose the machine to extreme loads, therefore, these things sometimes happen. Not supposed to happen, but still occur.

Question did you discuss with Michael the current situation in Formula 1 and all these problems

Ralf Schumacher No.

Question But for the world Cup certainly still follow Sick for someone riders modern Formula 1 Maybe you have your own favorites

Ralf Schumacher Because I am a German, to some extent, I support the German racers. Although the fastest of them, perhaps, is not the best machine. It would be great if Niko acted Mercedes, but in any case we have a very strong composition. Pleased that our team this year and shows good results, but, of course, want to Sebastian Vettel again achieved success.

Question what can you say about the Field di Rst you still relatively recently competed on the slopes DTM Many consider him to be a very promising racer with champion instincts

Ralf Schumacher Undoubtedly, he is a very talented driver. Driving faster machine he could have achieved better results, although the Force India this year works very well. However, everything is in the hands of the Floor. As soon as possible, he will show himself.

Question In Formula 1, you are quite long competed with Kimi , which again acts in the championship and very great favor. But he will have to make an important decision in your opinion what is better for him to stay in the Lotus or go to Red Bull Racing

Ralf Schumacher it is very simple. In his place I would, without hesitation, accepted the offer of Red Bull. I would have no hesitation. As always we do not know I do not know what a contract with Sebastian Vettel. but if the team can provide both riders the same machine then of course the audience would be interested to watch the struggle of these two pilots if they were mates. For Kimi is also a great opportunity, because he's a great rider. Maybe he's too early retired from Formula 1, so I decided to return.

Question Formula 1 on the threshold of revolutionary changes in 2014 will be new , significantly updated chassis, advanced system ERS, etc. What do you think of the proposal

Ralf Schumacher Formula 1 should remain the pinnacle of Motorsport, but it also must use sophisticated technology. I think F1 should try various modern solutions the search for the limits of the possible to build cars and engines as effective as possible. That is why in Formula 1 are carmakers. Race help them reach a record high level - and it's great. It is clear that all this is linked with the growth of costs, but on the other hand, to develop and start production of a new car model is also a very expensive business.

Question it is Foolish to ask you whose engine next year will be the best course, Mercedes

Ralf Schumacher laughs I don't Think our minders things are going well I hope that next year they successfully cope with the task. But to make predictions difficult, and it makes the Formula 1 interesting. You always seek the limits of the possible and think coped with the task better, but then you may find that the rivals have come up with something even more efficient.

Question one Last thing this is the first season, when you are not speaking races. Finally decided that enough, or, all the same, miss work on the track

Ralf Schumacher At some point, every driver must make a decision about retirement. I made such decision was taken. But I love Motorsport, therefore, remain in this business because I gave racing significant part of his life. In fact when you become the leader of a racing project you can have more influence on all processes than when you sit behind the wheel and driving on the highway.

text Andrey Elk


2013-07-20 17:04:02

MCR the first day of the show

MCR the first day of the show

The first day of the Moscow City Racing show the program was intense and interesting. First, at the Moskva bridge was held the presentation of the DTM series Ralf Schumacher Andy and Mike Rockenfeller left on the improvised urban highway. After a brief photo session pilots talked with the fans and gave autographs.

Then came in the centre of Moscow Motorsport fans had to make a difficult choice to go on Bolotnaya square or stay on Vasilyevsky Spusk. Those who chose the Marsh take autographs and with the pilots of Formula 1 max Heikki Kovalainen and David . However, most fans gathered on Vasilyevsky Spusk, where an hour autographs Vitaly Petrov, which formed a huge crowd of fans.

In parallel, at the Moskva bridge their skills by driving Citroen rally WRC demonstrated Dani Sordo. On completion of the program on the city route again went pilots of the DTM series. They played donutsburned tires and made the streets of the city roaring engines.

First day of Moscow City Racing show is finished, but the main events of the fans are waiting for Sunday, when the streets of Moscow will pass machines five teams Formula 1 McLaren Ferrari Lotuss Caterham and Marussia. Come, it will be interesting


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Vitaly Petrov Maybe one day I will move in the DTM

Vitaly Petrov Maybe one day I will move in the DTM

For the first time in the framework of the Moscow City Racing show on the improvised Russian route will go pilots body of the DTM series. Moscow, racing fans will be able to see Ralf Schumacher Andy Mike and former racer of the Formula 1 Vitaly Petrov. On the eve of this event in the hotel Balchug held a press-conference of participants and organizers. Answering journalists ' questions about a possible move to DTM Vitaly Petrov did not exclude such a possibility.

Vitaly Petrov «In Moscow for the first time I sit behind the wheel of the machine DTM. I hope that Ralph will explain to me how to operate this machine.

Everyone knows that my goal aims to return to Formula 1. The opportunity to sit behind the wheel DTM is a part of the show but sooner or later career of any driver in Formula 1 ends so I do not exclude the possibility that after the speeches in the Royal races I will pass in the DTM. The struggle in this series is very dense championship interesting - maybe I someday will take part in it.

As is known, from 2 to 4 August in Russia will take place debut stage of the DTM series. Project Manager Moscow Raceway Ekaterina invited all fans of auto racing come into the stands We consider conducting phase of a major international championship DTM on our line culmination of the racing season. Not all countries have the opportunity to take this series, but thanks to the Moscow Raceway Russian fans will be able to see it. For us it is an honor and very important. We are waiting for the numerous spectators and we invite you to track all Motorsport fans.

For the DTM series, we use the shorter the configuration of route length of 2.5 kilometers. We had to make some effort to this configuration has received homologation. There is an interesting race.


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Vitaly Petrov double-ride fans on DTM-taxi

Vitaly Petrov double-ride fans on DTM-taxi

Vitaly Petrov within the next two weeks twice will roll fans of auto racing in a DTM car. First, it will happen on the Moscow City Racing this weekend. and then during the Russian stage of the DTM series on Moscow Raceway which will take place August 2-4,.

DTM Race Taxi is racing DTM Mercedes AMG C-Coup233T with the passenger seat. The MCR on Sunday behind the wheel of this machine first sit Ralf Schumacher and then it will replace Vitaly Petrov.

Vitaly Petrov «I am very glad to cooperate with DTM. You must arrive at the race 2-4 August and who knowsM maybe you will become one of the lucky ones who win circle with me on the Moscow Raceway .


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MCR Instead of in Moscow will come Grosjean and

MCR Instead of  in Moscow will come Grosjean and

The organizers of the racing Moscow City Racing show announced changes in the composition of the participants.

Team Lotus F1 will represent no Kimi Raikkonen and Roman Grozhan and reserve pilot team David . Roman will participate in the Saturday program parts and Sunday behind the wheel of a Lotus sit .

command Citroen Racing will present an experienced Spaniard Dani Sordo, debuted in the WRC championship ten years ago.

The organizers have also reported that on Saturday, 20 July, will be opened free access to the paddock at Bolotnaya square, where you will be photographed against the background of racing cars and get an autograph from Moscow City Racing. There will be an autograph session Dani Sordo, max Marussia F1, the current champion series GP2 David Lotus F1 and Heikki Caterham, which in 2009 the Moscow City Racing represented McLaren.

At Vasilievsky Spusk will be held the autograph session Novel Lotus F1, Eduard Nikolaev «KAMAZ-Master», Vitaly Petrov, as well as pilots popular body DTM championship - Mike , Andy and Ralf Schumacher. Autograph session will take place immediately after the presentation of the DTM, which will take place on Vasilyevsky Spusk.

20 July spectators on Vasilyevsky Spusk waiting for the speech of Dani Sordo driving a Citroen rally and races racing cars DTM standard, for the first time included in the program of Moscow City Racing.

A special atmosphere of the Vasilievsky Spusk will be created thanks to the extreme freestyle show from Nitro Circus. Crazy tricks from riders most famous freestyle team can be seen from morning till afternoon, then there will be an autograph session Nitro Circus for all the fans of extreme sports.

Main element of the programme Sunday tradition will race cars of Formula 1 for the first time in the history of show in Moscow your art show representatives of 5 teams. This year in Moscow City Racing will take part Kamui Kobayashi Ferrari, Jenson button McLaren, David Lotus F1, Heikki Kovalainen Caterham F1 and Max Chilton Marussia F1.

Also Sunday participate stated by rally driver Dani Sordo Citroen Racing, DTM racers Mike Rockenfeller Audi, Andy BMW and Ralf Schumacher Mercedes. In addition, a steering wheel DTM Mercedes AMG C-Coup233 first sits down Vitaly Petrov The command «KAMAZ-Master» will be the winner of the Dakar-2013 Eduard Nikolaev.

Extreme part of the program of Sunday discount car show Terry Grant drift shows Sex swift and freestyle show from Nitro Circus.

A pleasant conclusion of the race week-end will be the concert of group of Eddie amp The Robbers, which will be held on the stage, situated on Vasilevsky descent. In its structure is Eddie Jordan, former owner of the team of Jordan, and now a popular commentator on the BBC. The band will perform famous rock hits in the original arrangement, with whom she performed all over the world, taking part in the cultural program of the different racing competitions.

Innovation of this year the Moscow City Racing will be organized on Friday, 19 July, the school of «Safe wheel» is a huge Playground on Vasilyevsky Spusk with a variety of entertainment and educational areas for children and adolescents. The school program is subordinated to one common purpose - to inform about the rules of the road.

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Four DTM racers on Moscow City Racing 2013

Four DTM racers on Moscow City Racing 2013

on July 20-21 in anticipation of the first in the history of the Russian stage of the popular body DTM team three car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz will take part in the traditional for Moscow Moscow City Racing show 2013.

On Saturday in the hotel Baltschug Kempinski will be held an official press conference with the riders DTM. After that at 1400 scheduled autograph session pilots on Vasilevsky descent, and in the second half of the day will be held demonstration races. On Sunday under the main program of Moscow City Racing for people to see in action the powerful and high-tech racing cars Audi RS 5 DTM, BMW M3 DTM DTM Mercedes AMG C-Coupe.

Represent DTM on Moscow City Racing will be four riders the German Mike Rockenfeller, Frenchman Adrien both Audi, Briton Andy BMW, as well as German Ralf Schumacher Mercedes-Benz, which this year has finished racing career, but in Moscow will return the car DTM. Together with pilots in the Russian capital there will arrive three factory teams Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline, BMW Team RMG and HWA Team AMG-Mercedes.

Come chat with drivers and see the races machines DTM at the walls of Moscow Kremlin. This event will be an excellent prelude to the first in the history of Russian most prestigious body of a series of the planet, which will take place August 2-4, the Moscow Raceway


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Ralf Schumacher Vettel not beat the record Schumacher

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Ralf Schumacher believes Sebastian Vettel, already has three titles of the champion, not beat the record of his elder brother."Yes, SEB young and still in the team, which has the fastest bolide, " said Ralph. And this is exactly the case, when surely nothing to it, but I personally do not believe that Vettel beat the record Schumacher. My brother, after retiring from Benetton, threw you a new challenge and set a goal to which went for five years. The Vettel not attracted to the call, he just uses the fact that his team, although its duties he copes excellently.

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Brothers will join forces

Ralf Schumacher in a recent interview, hinted at the possibility of future performances in one team with his elder brother."Now I am resting from racing, but in the future can happen, " said Schumacher Jr. - First I had no practice in the speeches in the races of endurance, so it would be interesting to try this . quite possible that we, and fans of motor racing, it would be interesting, if I and Michael were in these races in one team. We haven't talked in earnest on this subject, but will soon have a talk".Ralph spoke in Formula 1 from 1997 to 2007, In recent years, German participated in the DTM, but in the beginning of this year decided to terminate the contract with Mercedes.

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Ralf Schumacher I do not miss the rush

Ralf Schumacher I do not miss the rush

Last year Ralf Schumacher retired racer, but remained in the race - he now works with young pilots Mercedes DTM series. In an interview with Bild Ralph spoke about the changes in his life.

Question How do you like the new life

Ralf Schumacher Watch the events is no less interesting, I get great pleasure and not miss flying machine DTM, and the call is still very high. Now I have chased in karting - 12 races during the season, and that is enough. Frankly speaking, in recent years I fought for the victory and the race didn't bring the past delight.

Question You talked with Michael about retirement

Ralf Schumacher A Little Bit. We have a good time together, meet carting or somewhere else.

Question How to change your daily routine

Ralf Schumacher the working day starts earlier and ends later. I help young pilots, participate in discussions of strategic issues.

Question What would happen to you again appeared on the start

Ralf Schumacher I never participated in a 24-hour marathons, and would like to try once.

Question In a carriage with Michael

Ralf Schumacher it would be great. I haven't talked to him about this, but I do not exclude such a possibility.

Question Can Sebastian Vettel beat your brother by the number of titles

Ralf Schumacher never say Never, but I don't think it will happen. Then everything was different, because leaving the Benetton, Michael took on a new challenge, signing a contract with Ferrari. After Michael, Sebastian - the second of the most talented German riders, it does a great job.

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Korshunova "All Formula 1 team want us to come"


July 21 at the walls of the Kremlin will be the sixth Moscow City Racing show, in which for the first time will take part directly five Formula 1 teams. Organizer MCR Svetlana Korshunova in an exclusive interview nonf1.ru described the preparations for the show and about what awaits the audience this year.

Question Svetlana, Moscow City Racing show'2013 will be held for the sixth time. What this year will be the course

Svetlana Korshunova basically The same as a year ago. Paddock will be situated on Bolotnaya square, and they heats will be held mainly on the Big Moskvoretsky bridge and the Kremlin embankment. Little has changed just the starting area. Of course, in terms of configuration, the track was much better when the start was located on Vasilyevsky Spusk, but now as impossible as for building houses location there is limited, and paddock we have a very large, including five Formula 1 teams.

Question Three years ago, the MCR there were two Formula 1 team in the last year three, five. The increase in their number is your deliberate policy

Svetlana Korshunova No, actually the goals we have. We have always tried to limit the three commands, because in my opinion, this is the optimal number for the organization of such event. But this year happened that all the Formula 1 team want us to come.

In fact up until yesterday we wanted to leave in the program only four teams, as five of the organization is too complicated. But you understand, denying them very difficult. Say, Caterham invited Dell, one of our partners. Our other partner, Rexona, Lotus F1 team's sponsor, will bring Kimi . And how can you refuse Marussia F1 It is even more impossible to say "no" teams McLaren and Ferrari.

And as a result, we are not even able to release the track each of them twice - two teams will have to be satisfied with only one exit. How exactly - I still can't talk, but the only way we can squeeze races all five teams in our schedule. Otherwise, we had to increase the duration of the main program, and it's also not so simple. Because the maximum that can withstand a spectator in the stands is two and a half hours. Our event is aimed at three, this is already too much.

Question in addition to representatives of Formula 1 will come also Citroen rally team. Who will be flying their car is still unknown

Svetlana Korshunova While we can't call the name of the pilot. Soon the team will arrange a contest in which fans have to guess the driver who will perform at the Moscow City Racing driving the car Citroen. I think many can do it.

Question Who else will be able to see the audience

Svetlana Korshunova primarily, representatives of the German automotive DTM championship. Soon will take place the first Russian leg of the series, and the promoters are trying to promote one of our series, so that they will bring all three manufacturers, BMW, Audi and Mercedes, and the best pilots. Called their names, we can not yet, but, say, Mercedes has such a racer, as Ralf Schumacher.

Presentation of teams DTM will be held on Saturday, but on Sunday they will appear in the main program. In addition, the newly participate in the program of "KAMAZ-Master". It traditionally we are releasing in the end, because if KAMAZ will damage the bumper repairs could drag.

Question And will this year demonstration races cars, drifters, and so forth

Svetlana Korshunova of Course, the show we will show. But given the amount of the Formula 1 teams, we decided that in the main program will involve professionals only. We cannot risk to disrupt the schedule of arrivals. Drift races will pass away, but this is a professional English group of Top Gear led by Paul swift. It is also planned road show, but puts it Terry Grant, Guinness world records in this area. And after the end of races viewers will be a rock concert of the former owner of Formula 1 team Eddie Jordan.

Question in terms of The organization of the show differs from last year's

Svetlana Korshunova Yes, this time we started much earlier, and already in March, all planned. So, I think, with the organization't have any problems. On Vasilyevsky Spusk we will post a variety of recreational facilities, including a simulator of pit-stops, as well as a special area dedicated to the issues of traffic safety, it will be very interesting. As important for us as best you can provide visitors to the food and soft drinks to guarantee the maximum level of comfort.

Question this year you expect a greater number of visitors than in the past

Svetlana Korshunova I Hope they will be as much as a year ago. This number is optimal. For us too large number of visitors - that is not good, so as to ensure security in this case is more complicated. So, even though everyone know about the event, and one of five teams of Formula 1, of course, attract fans, but I hope we will stay in the same framework. In fact, almost all tickets are already sold out.

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Grand Prix of Monaco Press conference on Thursday

Grand Prix of Monaco Press conference on Thursday

Participants Alain Prost Renault F1 Sport, Gerard Lopez Lotus, Christian Horner Red Bull Racing, French Toast Toro Rosso, Robert Force India, Paul Pirelli

Question Alain, we have not seen you at a press conference FIA - welcome Tell us about your role in the Renault Sport.

Alain Prost From 2012, I perform the duties of the Ambassador of the brand Renault. Over the past few years we together solved different questions, and in this season I was a consultant for strategy and joined the Executive Committee.

Question How far has Renault in preparation for the next season

Alain Prost Everything goes according to plan, the final version of the motor must experience on a dynamic stand in July.

Question When Renault Sport will be determined by a number of clients 2014

Alain Prost Personally, I don't participate in the negotiations with the teams, but everyone knows that in the course of this weekend, this topic will be continued. I can not name any specific dates - only hope that the situation will be resolved very soon.

Question Paul, let's go to you. Around the tyres unfolded a real debate. How do you assess the influence of tyres on the results of the races, and what changes we can see in Canada

Floor The fans, the commentators and teams of different opinions, it is impossible to please everybody. It seems to us that the situation is the same for all the teams have absolutely identical compositions, and the victory in any case gets only one.

Stage in Canada We agree settings adjustments, trying to minimize them - first of all, for reasons of equity. But what I would really like to resolve is the problem with stratification rubber arising when running wheels on some chip. By this picture looks very unpleasant, although the bus to return to the boxes.

We consult with the teams. Of course, someone might want something else, and we, again, don't expect to please everyone. But we must do what is right and sports, and for our company.

Question since we have touched upon the subject of tyres, it would be nice to hear the opinion of the team leaders. Christian, can I start with you What do you think about tyres Pirelli in 2013 and the nature of race in General

Christian Horner We are stable, but the bus in a number of cases were stretched - including Malaysia and Bahrain, where we managed to achieve victory. Well, that Pirelli decided to pay attention, first of all, for safety reasons as a result of the stratification of the rubber from the wheels come off fairly large chunks, no one would wish they hooked up the machine, or worse, someone who sits in the cockpit. As far as I know, this circumstance bothers and riders, but in Pirelli real professionals - they know what to do, and probably quickly solve the problem.

Question Gerard, do you share the opinion of the Christian Tyres really work at the limit

Gerard Lopez We are too concerned about security, and we support all steps aimed at reducing the risk. Let tyres and work at the limit, we, however, consider them sufficiently stable, but you know - different machines, different drivers, different styles of piloting. We have rubber works as it should, and we are quite satisfied.

Question Franz how things in the Toro Rosso

Franz Toast to the Problem started during the tests. In February it was pretty cool, and did that in Jerez we could work in a more or less acceptable mode, whereas in Barcelona, we had no real opportunity to check your tire. Whether the weather is a little warmer, some of the existing problems would be eliminated. Hopefully in the future we will be tested in the same environment in which we act in the race, and then in Pirelli be able to react promptly and to offer quick solutions. Well, if we talk about the Toro Rosso, currently we do not have any particular difficulties with rubber.

Question Robert, your view of the security and the nature of the race What do you say

Robert I Think in the Pirelli worked very well. We are committed to the situation when during the race the participants spend an average of two or three pit stop, and among the twenty stages of the championship will inevitably there is such where the riders will stay four times, and such, where they will cost only one visit in the boxes. But in General, the average number of pit-stops will remain the same, and here I agree with Paul the situation is the same for all.

Any of the teams prefer to focus resources on the revision of the suspension in the calculation of the optimal performance tires, someone to continue the experiment with the aerodynamics - everyone make his own choice, but one goal - maximum competitiveness. Eventually, the machine is in contact with the motorway in four points and it doesn't matter what you do you have to get the bus to work.

Question Alain, I'm sure you watch the races. In terms of entertainment situation in contemporary Formula 1 can be called balanced or significance bus factor is too great

Alain Prost More recently, many criticized the lack of entertainment, and we got lucky, since we have the opportunity to observe such an unpredictable race. In the past several years, the title was solved literally in the final of the Grand Prix

Next year in Formula 1 will come the new engines, the emphasis will shift towards technology, people will talk more about how these engines are close to production of road automotive industry, but anyway we have to save entertainment. Sure, this particular difficulties will not arise, and now I have no reason for criticism.

Question Franz, both of your racer to have a second season in the Toro Rosso. What progress you are looking for Jean-Eric and Daniel Riccardo They both are members of the youth program of Red Bull are something that can enable them in the future go in the Red Bull Racing

Franz Toast Both drivers significantly added to the speed understand better car, a better understanding of the technical issues. They are constantly making progress, and if we give them enough of a competitive car, earn points.

Of course, in this pair of Riccardo more experience, he had eleven races for HRT, but Jean-Eric came to us with a good knowledge and learns quickly. I hope that they both confidently hold the second half of the season - of course, if the car is quick enough - well, then we will see what future awaits them.

Question Christian, I suppose, as the head of the Red Bull Racing you see all the participants of the youth programme

Christian Horner Of Course. Daniel and Jean-Eric for several years already participate in the programme, and we with great interest observe their career. They are both very talented, progress and are quite decent. I am sure we will continue to keep them in sight.

Question We are approaching the stage of the season when the Red Bull Racing and mark Webber will discuss a contract for next season. That may affect the course of negotiations When you meet with mark What do you think about his prospects

Christian Horner Ahead of only the sixth stage, I have enough time. At the right moment we meet with mark, and he will tell us their plans.

We want, that we were the best riders. Mark and Sebastian became very successful duet - they win for the Red Bull Racing three of the Cup of designers and Brand contribution to this success is difficult to overestimate. I repeat at the right time is not now - we get together and talk about the future.

Question Gerard, can I ask you about the racers Kimi Raikkonen recently hinted that he has a couple of options for next season. Sure, the Lotus would like to keep it, but is it real

Gerard Lopez Kimi quite happy with the current situation. I know him very well - with the same success he could claim that stops career, and I wouldn't make any predictions. While Kimi gets what he wants - competitive car - our chances to keep it high enough. About other factors - see. No prior agreements no, at some point, we will meet with Kimi and discuss prospects. On the one hand, the situation may be solved differently, but on the other hand, says that Kimi is likely to remain in the Lotus. In General, we'll see.

Question do you Feel the internal pressure due to the fact that should provide Kimi and Novel machine, allowing to win, and external pressure from the side of competitors, who are interested in your racers

Gerard Lopez I don't think you need some additional pressure - I create it in the required quantities. Nice if you have a driver who wants to get the most competitive car and capable to realize its potential - Kimi is capable. In the rest it needs only the environment in which he could work, and he receives it.

Question Robert, Force India had a strong start to the season. This led the team to review the tasks of the year Given its recent results fifth place in the Cup of designers now looks quite real

Robert At least, we should aspire to. I am sure it will be very difficult to compete with McLaren during the whole season, but they, too, have to at some point redistribute efforts in favour of the preparation for next year, and it all depends on what progress they can achieve with the current machine. Well, we already adjusted their plans, and our leadership wishes to see us fifths.

Question Alain, if we talk about current French racers, whether there is in them something that will one day become the world champion

Alain Prost a Difficult question Over the past twenty years many French drivers called future Champions, but let's give the guys a chance to quietly do its job. Great that we now have four representatives of France in the different forces teams. The Novel is perhaps the best chances to achieve at least a debut victory in the near future, but let's be patient. Do not expose riders excess pressure - them it is already lacking.


Question Kate Walker - GP Week Question for all but Simple. If we talk about tyres, there is an opinion that many of the difficulties caused by lack of Pirelli modern machines for tests, whereas in your machines are DRS, KERS and many other innovations. Been sharing option of investing in the development of special chassis, say, Dallara, in which Pirelli could use to test In this case, none of the teams would not have received benefits, and would benefit all. Christian

Christian Horner the fact that we'll never agree. When Lotus was not in the best form, the team helped provide machine for tests. Now they are fast, and some of the participants dissatisfied with the fact that it can't exactly run your test. The question is complex and for the teams and for Pirelli, but ultimately in our power not to complicate it even more.

I think in the current situation of the fans is extremely difficult to follow the race with four pit stops. Just need to go back and fix all the problems affecting the security of the Grand Prix.

Question Kate Walker - GP Week I was asking about. I was interested that the team can do together to remedy the situation, instead of simply criticize tire producer. Sure, you have the opportunity to work together so that everyone is happy with the decision.

Christian Horner I do Not think that you can achieve a situation in which everyone will be happy - this is the fundamental problem. You can, of course, allow tests, but difficulties remain, because different machines behave differently. So I will be very surprised if at some point the team suddenly say, «Well, we all and build a machine for tire supplier».

Question Franz

Franz Toast I think that the first part of the Friday free-race - or the first half-hour session should be devoted to the tests of new tyres, and not just sitting in boxes, as it is today. Fans in the stands, cars no, although it is enough to give half an hour of checking the tires I defend this option for two years.

Question Gerard, your opinion

Gerard Lopez I Agree with Christian that Formula 1 is difficult to achieve consensus on any issue - whether it is a bus, or something else. This will continue, because all participants compete not only the situation on the highway, but also outside it. Again, I perfectly remember when the teams invited to provide machine, which now has nothing to do with the current models, all agreed, and today almost every thunders that understands how to work with these tyres.

Difficult to find equally mutually acceptable variant. Perhaps the idea to Friday tests more than is reasonable, but there are those who disagree, - such are the specifics of the Formula 1. There will always be those in favor and those opposed, but we all need to move on.

Question Robert

Robert I Think the idea of Franz deserves attention, and I would like to develop this idea of attracting to the tests of young drivers - this would solve both questions at once. However, Pirelli - like any participant of the championship enough resources to work off the track. The same problem with stratification of tyres can be solved on the test bench - I think there will be organized the process in the long term.

Question Paul, how difficult is it for Pirelli work without the traditional Formula 1 approaches to the test

Floor This is just the case when you are criticized and the action and inaction. It is impossible to reach a common agreement, and if develop tyres on the basis of a specific chassis, it may play into the hands of the individual participants. So we are thinking about adjusting approaches.

One of the participants wants change, for someone they are not needed at all. Friday tests are useful when you are ready to present a new development, however, you cannot work on Friday, with eleven teams and multiple specifications, rubber - such tests would not be significant. Perhaps the best option would be to host the winter tests in hotter areas - for example, in Abu Dhabi and Bahrain to estimates and calculations were close to reality.

Also, be aware that the next season, by the way, we have no new contract - we are not immune to surprises. Judging by the teams, the new engines generate more torque, which increases the risk of slipping tyres and, consequently, the risk of overheating and wear. Need to find a balance. Commands are limited in resources, the test brigade eliminated, but some intermediate options would be very useful. Even if the team several times during the season remained on the road for two days after the end of the weekend, it already would have a big effect.

Question Dieter - The Citizen Alain, as Ambassador to the Renault Sport, how do you feel about the situation when a society dominated by the opinion that Cup of constructors won last year motors Infinity On the t-shirt of the head of the Red Bull Racing five logos Infinity and only two Renault logo, although the French concern fully finances the construction of motors. What do you say

Alain Prost it is Always difficult to answer such questions. Perception in General is correct, so it must be. Everyone knows that Renault is involved in Formula 1, but at the moment the European car market is in a certain stagnation, and the company is looking for a new image, new markets - Russia, Brazil, India, China. Many would like to see in Formula 1 a complete team Renault, but the strategy of the concern is very clear everything should remain as it is now. I must say, this plan works the company managed to strengthen its brand, it sells more cars.

As I said, the current perception of the situation differs from that which would be the case with the factory team. But back to the strategy over the last thirty-seven years, Renault has passed a way from the national team to partner Williams and Benetton, then has returned to itself the status of the factory team, and now supports a team within previous three years is always won in the championship. In the future the approach may change, but for now, we must adhere to the strategy, which was selected by the head of the group.

Q Dan - Auto Action/National Speed Sport News Question for Alena. Now many say that riders can't go in full force throughout the race. Remember the season in which you had a very fast machine - say, 1985. What part of the race, you could go for 100 When you did not have such a possibility, on what percentage you posted, and what elements of machines, you had to keep in calculating get to the finish line

Alain Prost it is not Easy comparisons such as the current machines are so perfect that in normal conditions racer can safely go in full force. Just this season tires too soft, which complicates the situation. In my day we had to track rather brakes, transmission, fuel consumption, and the tires, too. Again, the rules were different in some period we had three types of rubber, we were free to replace, and I often went with stricter tires on the left wheels and softer on the right, and in 1981 in Las Vegas and even held a race with the qualification rubber front.

This once again proves the fact that it is impossible to compare, and what you need to be able to adapt to the rules. This season complaints are heard more often, although the situation is not much different from the previous year except for the fact that nobody wants to see on the highway large chunks of rubber and risk because of this accident. Otherwise you just need to adapt, as it always happens in the Formula 1.

Question Allen Baldwin Reuters Christian, perhaps I misunderstood your comment, but tell me, do you really think that Lotus somehow gained an advantage due to the fact that Pirelli used to test the car Renault 2010 model Perhaps Paul says, could some of the commands to get information in the preference order.

Christian Horner I do Not think that someone received the information by dishonest means. Pirelli needed a machine to test, they turned to us in the Red Bull Racing, but we adhered to the principle of not giving or our chassis.htmlbodyh1503 Service Unavailable/h1

No server is available to handle this request.


I must say, they go even faster than we first thought. Our test machine inferior to them about three or four seconds on the circle - therefore, during testing, we put rubber less stress than those that she has throughout the weekend. But here there is no perfect solution, and we will not even attempt to reach a General agreement. In the following year, the cars will be fundamentally different, so that even the modern chassis will not allow us to simulate the impact of new engines.

Much more important is to determine the approach to pre-tests and adjustments on a championship course - just what I said earlier. And it needs the approval of all eleven teams. When you do something for the whole peloton, work much easier, but if your efforts could benefit the few, wait difficulties. This is a delicate balance that we're trying to achieve.

For this season we have set ourselves the goal to have an average of two or three pit stop during the race, but in the championship will stages like Barcelona, when victory is achieved, with four stops. Similarly, a couple of years ago Red Bull Racing won the race with the same four pit stops, so that the case is not unique, however I understand that commentators in this case, difficult to monitor the situation on the highway. I think here in Monaco will be easier for them.

Question Jerome Associated Press Alain, since 1996, when Olivier Panis won the race, no one French racer could not climb to the top of the podium. What advice would you give Novel and other citizens with such a long period of expectation

Alain Prost I do Not think that drivers have to give advice. They know what to do, and I am not in Formula 1 for more than twenty years, and therefore no right to tell them. You can see that the Novel is quite fast machine, and soon he will get the chance to win the race, but I can't give him advice. If he wants me to ask something, I'll be glad to talk, just - no. Racers are strong enough mentally, but the pressure is incredible. Again, this is a kind of cycle comes first victory, can work the effect of «snowball»when success comes one after the other. I hope my fellow countrymen to be the case.

Question Bob McKenzie - Daily Express Alain, every year somebody says that the line in Monaco is too dangerous. This week, the sentence dropped Ralf Schumacher. Actually, the configuration has not practically changed since you were running here. Tell me, do you also think its too dangerous Here you can still hold a Formula 1 racing

Alain Prost This track is as dangerous as any other circuit. Yes, it is different, here you need to carefully monitor traffic, but leave alone here no more dangerous than follow rival. In addition, over the past forty years, the organizers fantastic job on security. Yes, under certain conditions - for example, in the rain - in some corners may be difficulties, but overall it's a stunning stage, especially for the riders. It is a tradition that you just take it, even if it seems a bit dangerous.

Question a question for those who are on the pit wall. Are you wondering when are you releasing the car on the track

Robert Monaco machine and rider rush to the limit in a very difficult road, and if I were a racer, I would have enjoyed the thought. Yes team and it's great to see cars driving at high speed literally inches from the barriers - the way it should be

Gerard Lopez Yes, today novel came very close to barriers. On another track would have been without consequences, but the novel was wrong on braking and instead go straight tried to send the car in turn and still a backlog of rail security.

In any case, the racers like the track and the local atmosphere. Ask them yourself - they will tell how great it is I myself went on the highway - when you come up against the barriers, and feel unbelievable emotions. I remember the fastest lap shown here Robert - sure, he considers it one of the best in his career

Question Rodrigo Frank - VIP Magazine talking about next season, how do you think, will change spectacle of Formula 1, and what is the main complexity of transition on the six-cylinder engines for the teams and Pirelli

Franz Toast Changes in the rules is a serious technical challenge, because we are talking about a new motor, new refrigeration system. In fact, the machine will be fundamentally different, and this is no easy task and financial point of view, as all the processing is much more expensive.

It is difficult to say how it will affect the entertainment lot depends on how successfully executed manufacturers of engines. If someone can find an interesting decision, the race will not be so interesting as the machine with more advanced engines will steadily ahead. If the engines will be approximately the same as now - wrestling remains acute. In any case, we are waiting for new regulation, and we should work to the maximum.

Question Complexity for Pirelli

Floor To start a question with the contract. If we recall the rules, by the first of September, we must decide with the specification of tyres for next season, but we don't have a clear idea of what will be new machines, and all this reminds the situation with shooting in the fog. We may have to return to the proven approaches and act very carefully, because the teams have enough change. Perhaps we really make a step back zero wear, no pit stops, and then let the people say what they want.

Christian Horner Hard to say. This is perhaps the most significant change in the regulations for the last twenty-five years. And are they incredibly expensive, especially considering the necessity of elaboration of today's machines together with the development of the new. I do not think that teams from the tail of the peloton moment of change of the rules appears to be optimal.

I guess in the beginning of the difference between the machines will be very significant, but then the team will come to some unification, and engineers will quickly find the necessary solutions. Race will be a little different, a key factor will be the saving of fuel and see how this will affect entertainment. While predictions pointless.

Gerard Lopez I Agree with Christian difficult to say, optimal whether moment of change of the rules. The situation looks a bit strange. You can understand motor manufacturers who wish to have the product, more reminiscent of what they sell on the market. At the same time, changes come into force just when things in the championship are quite well as from the position of entertainment, and from the point of view of the alignment of forces among the biathletes and the unpredictability of the races. Hopefully, this will not lead to unexpected results. Surprise - it's not bad, but if there were suddenly a big break, that does no good. Hardly anyone dares to predict what, how everything goes.

Robert Sure, next year we won't have to talk about tyres, there are other topics for discussion.

Question Ian - Press Association Floor, you said that the plan to change the design of tyres for security reasons. But when in Barcelona we discussed the events of the weekend, you said that the tires were no more trouble, than in previous seasons. You really change the design of tyres for security reasons, or all this is done under pressure from the leading teams

Floor Pressure from the teams present except in the media nor in life. In this season of damage rubber have more serious because of the tire is not simply loses pressure from her fly away, elastic bands, overheating occurs, which leads to separation bus. For us as a vendor, this situation is unacceptable, and we want to correct the situation. Sure, team support us in this.

Again, the desired effect should be achieved with minimum changes, because some commands initially chose a different approach rubber. They are able to better predict the key difficulties in working with tires and now rightly say, «Well, make changes, but they should not be radical». We have almost agreed on a package of corrections for the Grand Prix of Canada " I think that the dispute is over.

Question Dieter - The Citizen Alain, a year ago you said your team Prost Grand Prix was forced to withdraw from Formula 1 mainly due to the cost of engines. Here in Monaco, people were discussing the price of engines next year, and, in particular, in the Renault stated that their power units will cost from 20 to 25 million, and this means the price increase in 2,5 times What do you think Don't you think that because of growth of expenses on motors, some teams prefer to leave the championship

Alain Prost Yes, this is a serious problem. However, the price that you have said is significantly higher than it actually is, but I cannot answer such questions.

Your reference to my team very appropriate. I paid 28 million dollars for motors Ferrari in the first year of our cooperation, whereas a year later was supposed to pay 32 million. I paid, however, though I had to present the Bank guarantee and to pay almost the entire amount in cash. Why do I say that Because it must always be to operate in common interests. Let's see what the outcome of negotiations, but we must understand that the budget of the Renault F1 Sport is just 150 million euros a year, and if you divide the proposed cost of production engine between the four teams, you will see that Renault operates extremely correctly.

Translation V. Kartashev