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Carlos Sainz took part in the Rally Monte Carlo

Carlos Sainz took part in the Rally Monte Carlo

Last weekend, Carlos Sainz Jr drove a few stages of the Rally Monte-Carlo behind the wheel of a Renault Megane RS.Carlos Sainz "I have long dreamed about it, and, finally, the dream became a reality thanks to Renault. I always wanted to take part in a rally race, to work with the Navigator in the legend. WowThe car was just perfect. It has several modes, and I had to try. She has precise steering and rather stiff suspension.In some places the track was very slippery. Father advised me to be very careful. But everything went very well."Carlos Sainz senior won three times in the Rally of Monte-Carlo in 1991 and 1998, driving a Toyota and in 1995 on the Subaru.

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Carlos Sainz will participate in the WRC

Carlos Sainz will participate in the WRC

The pilot of Renault, Carlos Sainz will take part in a stage of the rally Monte Carlo on January 28. Sainz will pilot the new Renault Megane RS for a length of 13.58 km Carlos Sainz "I really look forward to meeting with Rally Monte Carlo. This will be my first experience.I've heard so much about it from my father how difficult these steps can dramatically change the conditions, from snow to rain or a bright sun to clouds. There really need nerves of steel, because you have to fly inches away from cliffs.It will be very anxious to take part in this legendary event at the wheel of the car Renault Megane RS, which will be equipped with studded tires. I'll try to get a full sense of the WRC this stage".

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Michael Andretti admits the possibility of return to Formula-1

Michael Andretti admits the possibility of return to Formula-1

Former Formula 1 driver Michael Andretti has admitted that he would like to be back in the championship, but as a team owner.And now, amid talks about a budget limit, Andretti confirmed his interest in the pinnacle of Motorsport.Michael Andretti "Obviously, it boils down to what will be the budget. In the meantime, I can't afford it.We are considering options Formula E, Rally cross, Formula 1. But we must carefully examine".Andretti drove for McLaren in 1993, as a partner of Ayrton Senna. And if Senna won five races and became the Vice-champion, Andretti only once on the podium and ahead of schedule left the team, losing his place Mika.Now the team Andretti Autosport is represented in many American series, including IndyCar.

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Jenson button this year I will have everything except Formula 1

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Jenson button said that he will act in various races this year. Earlier, the British conducted tests in Rally-cross.Jenson button "this year I will have everything except Formula. I will participate in other races. Yes already taking, for example, in the Race of ChampionsI am very pleased with themselves and their freedom. I think you will see me this year in different racing competitions".

2017-01-19 11:54:04

Jenson button began the test in Rallycross

Jenson button began the test in Rallycross

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Jenson button PROEL first tests in Rallycross together with a team Olsbergs MSE. Most likely, fans of the British will be able to see him as a participant in the Red Bull Global Rallycross.Jenson button "I could participate in Rallycross in America, could participate in the tests in other countries. There's so much that I could do It's really a wide field of activities. I just need to pick something from the list. Maybe I'll pick a few of the competition may decide just to rest.Today button celebrates 37th birthday.

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Robert Kubica expects to remain in WRC

Robert Kubica expects to remain in WRC

Former F1 driver Robert Kubica believes that if he can continue to compete in the world rally championship WRC, in 2015, all will be much easier. But while the debut season of the pole in the WRC is very unfortunate that sharply contrasts with the last year's success in the category WRC2, where he has confidently won the 1st place.

Another accident pole suffered last weekend at the first speed section of Rally Finland, after just over a mile away after the start. After eight rounds of the championship season occupies the 12th place in the individual championship, scoring just 12 points, while on account of the leader of the championship, Sebastien Ogier, already 187 points. In three of the rally Robert withdrew, another three finished outside the second ten. All this has prompted speculation that a career Kubica in WRC may soon be completed. He is more optimistic, though, and stresses that while no decisions taken.

"As for next year, I do not know - it's far, - quotes the words of Robert British newspaper Maxrally. - This season is difficult for me it is not easy, so we'll see how things develop.

If I will continue to compete in the rally, the next year will be much better, and I can use my experience and what I have taught many mistakes this season, to make progress and to become more consistent. Because the speed, I believe I have.

As is known, in rally experience is very important, and if I stay in the championship in 2015, of course, I will be easier."

This season's Robert Kubica is driving Ford Fiesta WRC team M-Sport, sponsored by the Polish oil company Lotos.


2014-07-04 15:44:02

Historical machine Surtees on Moscow City Racing

Historical machine Surtees on Moscow City Racing

Just one week at the Kremlin wall in Moscow will host the Moscow City Racing show. Today it became known the detailed program of the event. The main novelty of this time will show races historical cars of Formula 1.

"Next Saturday, July 12, the audience Moscow City Racing will have the unique opportunity to see a demonstration race masterpieces of automotive, historical cars of Formula 1 70-ies of the last century All the fans of the "Royal races" will get a chance to touch the history of Formula 1 in anticipation of the first Russian Grand Prix in Sochi

In a show at the walls of the Kremlin will be attended by two historical machine - Surtees TS14 and Surtees TS16. Both were designed and constructed by a team of John Certeza, the only one in the history of world champion in Formula 1 racing. On account of the "Big John", as it was called fans, seven League titles in the world championship racing, won in the team MV Augusta, as well as the title of world champion in 1964 in Formula 1, which he won, speaking for Ferrari

Machine Surtees TS14 was constructed in 1972, and John Sertis personally acted on it in the Formula 1. For 1970-ies she had advanced design - TS14 for the first time in the world championship appeared fully passive safety system, providing a high protection from side impacts. Surtees TS16 was a reworked version TS14, and arrived at the start in 1974.

Five years ago a pilot of civil aviation enthusiast and collector Chris Perkins bought Surtees TS14 John Certeza. Now the machine regularly takes part in the historical series Masters F1, where, on account of its already two victories. TS16 also belongs to Perkins and successfully participates in the historic races, including race on the track in Monaco, North loop of the Nurburgring and brands hatch".

In accordance with the revised program weekend, Moscow City Racing show will begin on Thursday, July 10. This day will be a presentation of the race track in Sochi and the first session of the racers.

The program of Moscow City Racing show-2014

Thursday, July 10. Vasilevsky descent. 14.00 - 20.00 free Entrance

Presentation race track in Sochi ahead of the Russian stage Gran

Formula 1 everyone will be able to learn the details about the upcoming Grand Prix,

to get acquainted with the layout of the track, to ask questions to representatives of

autodrome, ticket service.

16.00 - 17.00 Autograph session with participants of the Moscow City Racing, the team's pilots

"KAMAZ-Master" the winner of "Dakar Rally 2013" Eduard Nikolayev and winner of "Dakar Rally 2014" Andrei Kalinovik.

The exhibition area with armoured fighting vehicles of the "KAMAZ-Master".

The exposition of the car.

Drift-garage from Russian Drift Series.

Friday, July 11. Vasilevsky descent. 14.00 - 20.00 free Entrance

16.00 - 20.00 signing session c participants of Moscow City Racing.

16.00 - 16.30 Pilots "KAMAZ-master" the winner of "Dakar Rally 2013" Eduard

Nikolaev and the winner of "Dakar Rally 2014" Andrey karginov.

16.30 - 17.00 Terry Grant, 15-times record-holder of the Guinness Book of records.

17.30 - 18.00 Test pilot Scuderia Ferrari mark Wife.

18.00 - 18.30 Legendary Formula 1 driver, special guest MCR Jean Alesi.

19.00 - 19.30 Test pilot Caterham F1 Team Robin Trains.

19.30 - 20.00 Pilot Citroen Total Abu Dhabi World Rally Team, the champion of the Intercontinental Rally Challenge 2009 Chris Mick.

Friday, July 11. Bolotnaya square. 16.00 - 20.00 free Entrance

Area paddocks open for free access by visitors.

17.00 - 20.00 signing session c participants of Moscow City Racing

17.00 - 18.00 6-fold champion of Russia in road racing, the prize-winner of the Championships of Europe Sergei Karpukhin from the team Lazzari-motorsport.

18.00 - 19.00 Pilot Citroen Total Abu Dhabi World Rally Team, the champion of the Intercontinental Rally Challenge 2009 Chris Mick.

18.00 - 18.30 Test pilot Caterham F1 Team Robin Trains.

18.00 - 19.00 Terry Grant of 15 times the record Book of records


Saturday, July 12. Vasilevsky descent. 12.00 - 18.00 free Entrance

All guests of Vasilievsky Spusk will be able to see a demonstration race of Formula 1 and other participants in the show and visit the exhibition area of Ferrari cars and zone of Sochi Circuit".

12.00-14.00 warm-up races

14.00-17.00 Main program


2014-06-30 13:04:03

Moscow City Racing the Program will be interesting

Moscow City Racing the Program will be interesting

12 July racing Moscow City Racing show, and it has become a tradition participation of famous Citroen rally team, which account for 93 victory at the stages of the world rally championship and 8 titles. This year to present Citroen Total Abu Dhabi World Rally Team in Moscow is 34-year-old Irishman Chris Mick.

He first joined the team Citroen another Junior stages of the WRC in 2005 and in 2006, in 2009 won the title in the series of Intercontinental Rally Challenge, and in 2013 returned to the world rally championship.

Chris Mick "I was incredibly pleased with the invitation to "Citroen Russia" to take part in Moscow City Racing, which in 7-th time will be held at the legendary walls of the Kremlin. For me will be a real pleasure to meet with the Russian audience and give them an unforgettable show at the wheel DS3 WRC"

For the team Citroen this is not the first performance at Moscow City Racing in 2013 and 2012 at an auto show in Moscow rally DS3 piloted by Dani Sordo and Mika Hirvonen.

Extreme lovers will certainly enjoy the show performed stuntman Terry Grant, the owner of fifteen Guinness world records. Briton first got behind the wheel at the age of 6, and in 1995 in a live broadcast on the BBC have done the trick, went down in history jumped out of a flying car and went back inside. The audience Moscow City Racing 2014 has a unique opportunity to witness one of the unique tricks in the performance of the Grant. The show will be a surprise. By the way, only he can, standing on the roof of the car, to make it circles the rear wheels, while the domestic front remains in place

text Andrew Elk


2014-05-28 22:14:02

Raikkonen My motivation has not suffered

Raikkonen My motivation has not suffered

The Ferrari team for the second consecutive year participates in the activities on the Norwegian circuit Rudskogen, but this time they were not on the track and on the nearby go-kart track.82328232

The event, organized by the team's sponsor, Bank Santander, Kimi Raikkonen fought with guests and local press, winning both races, although started last.

Before the tournament, Finn met with journalists. One of the topics was to assess the situation in this season.

Kimi Raikkonen "Fight with Mercedes it is very difficult now, but who knows what will happen next. I would that we were able to struggle for a victory, even if it will be very difficult, especially for me - given position in the championship. But I used to fight and, together with the team, which is now seriously working on developing F14 T, I hope for good results.

As I said, we do a huge amount of work. I think eventually we will sort out all the problems, but it takes time. Even if we succeed in the end of the season, the results will be, so my motivation was not injured.

As I have changed compared to 2007 In comparison with the season, which gave me the title, I became more experienced, was older by a few years, although it can not feel it, and I have an incredible desire to fight.

Rally I would like to travel more, but now fully focused on the Formula 1".


2014-03-10 16:14:02

Jacques Villeneuve I was hoping that will appear a little more freedom

Jacques Villeneuve I was hoping that will appear a little more freedom

Champion 1997 Jacques Villeneuve has always criticized the transition to the new engines, considering this step is too expensive and untimely, but after pre-season tests changed his mind. In an interview with the Italian website Il Sole 24 Ore canadian spoke about the first impressions from the news, the alignment of forces and plans for the year.

Question Formula 1 has decided to change. One need a revolution to save entertainment, others believe the transition to the new engines risky step with unpredictable consequences. Who supports you

Jacques Villeneuve I think that the Formula 1 became too complex. Until recently I did not like the engines - they lacked power. Racers didn't even have to work with the gas pedal - they were driving at maximum speed and could not do more.

The transition to the turbo engine has happened, but I think it is a mistake to impose restrictions, for example - the quantity of fuel using electronic flow monitor. I was hoping that the racers will appear a little more freedom. I am not happy with the limited number of engines for the season. In Formula 1 should be used engines, capable of operating at full capacity from the beginning to the end of each race, otherwise where interest

Question let's Talk about charge double points for the final race, private rooms pilots and the new format of qualification, according to which passed in the final session of the riders can use a special bus.

Jacques Villeneuve will Start with the latter. I think it was the right decision to change the format of qualification. Moreover, it is absolutely normal and logical. Had to do this for a long time.

I don't like the idea to charge double points for final race it negates the significance of victory. It is an artificial method to keep the intrigue of the championship, but nothing will change, because all of them are satisfied with. The real issue is that you start the race leader, then find themselves in third position, the result can still win the title, but the one who finished second in the final race will earn more points than the one who won the previous Grand Prix.

If you want to do something similar, it is better to take an example from NASCAR, where in the final four stages involved racers, the top six positions, and start from scratch. It would make sense, unlike the sudden transition to the double points.

Personal numbers This is the best idea. Although I don't know why Niko chose the number 27. I would choose number 12 - I used it in his debut season at the Airport. I know everyone was expected, that I chose the number 27, under which were made by my father in that season, when killed, but I more like 12.

Question «Technology and romance sometimes don't get along with each other», - said recently the President of Ferrari Luca di Montezemolo about the latest news from the world of Formula 1. Do you agree

Jacques Villeneuve He is right 100. I have nothing to add that I fully agree with him.

Question a Week ago in Bahrain, completed the final episode of winter tests. What surprised you most progress Mercedes or problems Red Bull Racing

Jacques Villeneuve the Difference between the fastest and the slowest machine in General in line with forecasts. Already in the middle of last season's progress Mercedes was obvious, though I did not expect that the difference will be so great. At the Red Bull Racing serious problems, I don't know when and how they will resolve it. Who will win this season I can't say it. But, of course, not Vettel.

Question In 1997 you won the title in the car, designed by Adrian Newey. What can you say about his manner of work

Jacques Villeneuve He succeeds because he considers himself the most important in work with the machine. He uses an aggressive approach, then returned back to adapt the machine to the racer. To pilot his car is not easy, not especially comfortable. Failure Red Bull Racing There is no fault on Newey - it's all in the Renault engines.

Question What can you say about Ferrari This year will truly be a turning point

Jacques Villeneuve This is one of the most pleasant surprises they managed to create a power-plant which is very effective in the race. Even conceding Mercedes few tenths, they can still count on reliability, thanks to which you can earn points in the first half of the season. Moreover, in Maranello are two drivers that are able to compete hard from start to finish, which may play a crucial role.

Question speaking of the victories. You are one of the few who was ahead of Michael Schumacher in equal fight. He really is the best racer of all time

Jacques Villeneuve it is not Easy to talk about him in such a difficult time. I can say only one thing I doubt that the Formula 1 benefited all the changes, which she obliged him. Be ahead in the race was extremely difficult, so I took great pleasure to have done so.

Question In may will mark 20 years since the death of Ayrton Senna. What you think about him Than he was different from competitors

Jacques Villeneuve First of all, he often was the best machine, as Alan Simple and all those who won several titles. He charmed and forced people to dream, because it was obvious that he lived with passion. He took great pleasure of racing, I think, because of that Ayrton was included in the history of Formula 1.

Question this year you will act in rally-cross, and "500 miles of Indianapolis. You still like the race

Jacques Villeneuve I won in "the 500 miles of Indianapolis" 19 years ago, but I want to start in. Plus the fact that we have a week for tests. I have a good machine, and I know that I need to take a waiting position in the race, because if you have to be in the right place at the right time, you can achieve good results. It happened the first time. Theoretically had to win not I, fortunately, the forecasts have not come true. I sent in Indianapolis, in order to try again. Will see what happens.

Rally-cross is a new and interesting challenge. There quick and lighter vehicles with engine capacity of 600 PS Racing off road and on the asphalt, combating the best is always interesting. The main thing this year is to gain experience, and next season I will fight for the victory.

text Tatiana Belsky


2014-02-23 13:44:02

Roman Grozhan With pleasure to address in the Race of Stars

Roman Grozhan With pleasure to address in the Race of Stars

In Moscow in the framework of the Race of Stars "za Rulem" took place the press conference of the Novel , who will take part in the races of the competition. Pilot Lotus F1 answered the questions of Russian journalists.

Roman Grozhan «I am delighted to take part in the Race of Stars "za Rulem". I like race, likes sports cars. Of course, the technique here is very different from what I was used to in Formula 1 - the machines here is the roof, they have another rubber, but I like it too. I am pleased to participate in the competitions of other categories of Motorsport.

In 10 years, after a career in Formula 1, I would like to try yourself in the other series, say, "24 hours of Le Mans" or Monte Carlo Rally. But while I'm going to win many titles in Formula 1 laughs.

With regard to Vitaly Petrov, then we performed together in 2009 in GP2, he's a nice guy, we have warm relations. But to get a place in Formula 1 is very difficult. Unfortunately, this year Vitaly remained without a contract, but I think he will be all right.

Of course, I would gladly took part in the Grand Prix of France, if the race has returned to the calendar is a pleasure to speak in front of his audience. But I'm on the plans of the return of this phase is not heard. Recently say about the appearance in the championship Grand Prix Russia, Mexico, new Jersey, not in France. Anyway, the calendar can be composed of 50 races, it may be a maximum of 19-20 stages. But most importantly, what can I do for the return of our national Grand Prix win in Formula 1».


2014-01-28 21:24:04

Kimi Raikkonen This is just the first day of test

Kimi Raikkonen This is just the first day of test

Kimi Raikkonen led the minutes of the first testing day in Jerez, traveling most of all circles. In the evening Finn summed up the results of the session.

Q Kimi, what can you tell us about the first impressions from the new generation of cars of Formula 1

Kimi Raikkonen I Think the biggest challenge to make all the new components work the way we want it. ERS much more complex the system, with which we have dealt with before. In terms of piloting I don't think there is a huge difference. It's just the first day, during which we try all the new elements of the machine. We understand that there is still much to be done. Like to drive a little more laps in the morning, but having a little trouble. However, in the end everything went quite well.

Question With all the new systems from the pilot require greater concentration Need to switch button on the steering wheel, follow the new settings.

Kimi Raikkonen In a perfect world we would have perhaps a slightly less buttons on the steering wheel. Until we could try everything they wanted. But in this situation all the commands. We are pleased with our start. We know in what direction we want to move. A lot of work, but this is normal for this time of year.

Question How do you like the sound of the new engine And again, you have missed today more laps than others. Can I assume that Ferrari have some advantage

Kimi Raikkonen No. This is just the first day. There is no sense in talking about these things. The rules are what is. Nothing will change if complain about the sound. It depends not on us, since we don't write the rules.

With regard to the number of laps - we would like to travel more, but with so many changes single failures - a normal phenomenon. Much time has to pass before we can go back on the track, do not fear that there are any problems. I think for the first day we did it well.

Question How emotional turned out to be this day You first piloted the car based on the new rules.

Kimi Raikkonen This is a normal first day of the tests. Nothing special. The new rules is a challenge for the whole team. We worked very hard to prepare the machine to the first day. But for the pilot. I don't think this is such a special moment. We always use the first day of the tests to learn more about the behavior of the car. And from this point of view nothing has changed. I would not say that this day is something different from those in the past.

Question Your time is 10 seconds worse than the first day here last year. How much you attacked

Kimi Raikkonen The time now is not worth paying attention to. We study the car. Maybe in Bahrain at some point we will be able to compare the times. But now no matter what was here last year. Now we play by entirely different rules.

Question How much more complicated in the management of the new machine in comparison with last year's

Kimi Raikkonen As I said, we really did not try to attack. When we realize that all systems work the way we want, it will be easier. But now it is too much new. Besides the track is quite cold, the adhesion of the poor. We strongly attacked. But it seemed to me that the car behaves in the same way.

Question How emotionally it was again leave the boxes Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen Nothing special. I know of many people. I already played for this team. I was based in the past. So the difference is not too large. It's just a different team than last year.

Question are You still suffers from back pain

Kimi Raikkonen No, everything is now OK. Today, there were no problems. And I don't expect that they will return.

Your contract with Ferrari allows you to take part in, say, the rally Do you plan to take part in the Rally of Finland

Kimi Raikkonen I Honestly don't know what it said - I did not go into details. I don't think about it.

text Oleg Karpov


2014-01-19 19:14:04

Kubica "I don't know if I could win the world Cup."


Robert Kubica is an amazing driver in Formula 1 many considered it a potential world champion and now he delivers a very serious hopes in the world rally, not even 100 recovered after a serious injury hand received three years ago. Polish journalists who know Robert, do not doubt that he can become heavyweight champion of the WRC, for them it is only a matter of time.

And yet in the history of F1 he remained only the sole winner of the Grand Prix he won the Grand Prix of Canada 2008, driving a BMW-Sauber. The same result, in 1995 on the track in Montreal achieved Jean-Blanc in his last season at Ferrari, but to repeat this achievement could not.

In an interview with British magazine Autosport Kubica admitted that after the victory in Canada, he held a conversation with the Alesi, and he wished «don't be like me».

«Honestly, this phrase is still ringing in my ears, and I said then that should achieve new victories, but could not. However, such is life» - recalled Kubica.

The 2010 season was the last in the career of the Polish driver in Formula 1, and although Renault R30 cannot be attributed to the best machines championship, Robert believes that it worked well, doing his best 100 and almost did not make any mistakes. It is enough to remember that he had three times climbed onto the podium in the 17 Grand Prix only four times could not earn points - mainly, not my fault.

«I don't know if I could win the world championship in Formula 1, but, of course, did everything in my power - quotes magazine Autosport. - If you look, how were the seasons after my accident, the situation has changed, because Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull Racing were very strong. Defeat would have been extremely difficult, but who knows However, I must fully focus on what I'm doing now».

Answering the question about his relations with Ferrari and about the theoretical possibility of a move in this command after the expiration of the contract with the Lotus, Renault, Robert gave to understand that this is a touchy subject, however, said «If I could continue my career in Formula 1 after 2011, I think I would not last long remained in the same team.»

This year Kubica made his debut in the WRC team M-Sport and well started the Monte Carlo Rally, was even the leader in the beginning of the first day of competition, however, on Friday already not the first stage was not able to keep your car on the track and came down with .


2013-08-04 16:34:04

Robert Kubica "I did not expect to finish a second"

Robert Kubica

Finnish stage of the world rally championship WRC, which traditionally takes place through winding forest paths near the city of Jyvaskyla, the fastest rally in the world. At the time this race was called «1000 lakes», but it is also dubbed «the Rally 1000 hops that very accurately reflects the specifics of the route.

This year's Robert Kubica, former F1 driver, for the first time arrived at the start of this most difficult competition, but perfectly coped with the task, taking second place in the class WRC2, behind only the experienced Finn Jari

«Although it is the fastest rally in the world, the speed was not a problem if you are used to compete in Formula 1», - quotes newspaper Turun Sanomat.

The main difficulty, which is ready to accept the pole, linked to the lack of experience and lack of capacity tests on gravel tracks.

«If all acting in the WRC, to offer to drive through one quick circle along the Grand Prix of Spain in Barcelona, I bet I would look good, " joked Kubica. - I did not expect to finish a second. Many of my opponents are much more experience. If we consider that the start of the season I didn't get a single kilometre gravel, then this is a good result.»


2013-07-25 23:44:03

Grand Prix of Hungary a Press conference on Thursday

Grand Prix of Hungary a Press conference on Thursday

Participants Lewis Hamilton Mercedes, Paul di Resta Force India, Esteban Gutierrez Sauber, Pastor Maldonado Williams, Williams, Kimi Raikkonen Lotus

Question Good evening Let's start with Lewis Hamilton, who won three times in Hungary and double-start here from pole position. Suppose your goal at the weekend-to increase the number of wins to four. However, Sunday is expected to heat up plus forty - how it can play against you and Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton Glad to see you all Weekend promises to be very difficult, and weather conditions we certainly don't help. In addition, unlike rivals we have not worked with a new set of tires. Have to recoup, but we usually pretty good at it - to put forth every effort to try to understand the behavior of rubber and ensure yourself the best chance. We still need to improve their racing pace, and this step will be for us, it's extremely difficult.

Question Believe in such weather Mercedes is the least advantageous position, or situation is the same for all

Lewis Hamilton it's the same Situation in terms of approach to the specifications of the machine and its cooling. Well, tires some teams work better, and others are with us on the same level.

Question have You played in the Mercedes already nine race, we come to the equator of the season. You think of yourself as a contender for the title

Lewis Hamilton I try not to think about it. Yes, I am the fourth in the standings, and the team took second place in the Cup of designers. At the beginning of the season we wrote off from the accounts, but after a few good results, people changed their opinion. This became possible thanks to the incredible work of the team, and we do not give up, we continue to attack, hoping for victory in the remaining races. Success will not be easy, but I am pleased, as is the season - especially compared with how the team played a year ago. Progress incredible

Q Pastor, could you comment on the recent appointment of Pat appointed technical Director of the Williams You welcome this decision How important for the team to get a new leader

Pastor Maldonado With the current machine beginning of the season was very difficult, we did everything to get her to greater speed, but the situation remains difficult. In previous races, we tried to put everything together, somewhere made a little better, and somewhere-no. In the race machine is stable, but the lack of speed in qualifying greatly reduces our chances. Start of the last series - not the most pleasant option, and this needs to be corrected. Seems to work on FW35 was built misaligned, and therefore any change for the better is extremely important.

Q How are you personally The press appeared some rumors about your future - they can distract you from working

Pastor Maldonado No. I am totally focused on this season. We still afford to add, as we are a solid team. A year ago we were fighting for the good results sometimes claimed on the podium, but there are seasons when the machine does not have enough speed. In this case, you must work even harder to solve problems and return to their former positions. I am sure we have all once again to become competitive.

Question Thank You, Pastor. Esteban, judging by personal offset, you are the best among the newcomers. How do you rate your performance in the first half of the debut season

Esteban Gutierrez it Was very difficult To be honest, I'm not quite pleased with how has the first half of the season. But, being a newbie, I tried to gain as much experience, to achieve progress in all - this will be important in the second half of the season. About me will be judged for his performances in the remaining races, and I stay very focused.

Question what aspects do you work You especially need to add

Esteban Gutierrez In the qualification. On Saturday, the result is impacted by many factors settings, unexpected decisions, and it complicates the situation. The atmosphere in the team is not be called ideal - we waited for the machine's more, but the team still is one, we do everything to change the situation.

Question You mentioned the atmosphere in the team - don't you think that it is not to show their true potential

Esteban Gutierrez Furnished, of course, affects, but, as I said, in the second half of the season we have the chance to show your true speed.

Question , another debutant of the current season. You have the opportunity to show their talent, or machine speed is not conducive to this

the Present form of the machine is not exactly helping. We had hoped for a more successful start of the season - after all, when you lead the fight in the first ten, demonstrate its speed is much easier. The situation is not easy, but I work hard and constantly progressing. In General, the first half of the season has developed a well - Yes, it always seems that you can work better, but you constantly learn, and this is important.

Question With the arrival of a team of Pat do you hope for a speedy progress What do you expect as a rider

of Course, these hopes have, but our problems are no quick solutions. It will take time, we must work on specific areas, and it is rather about the future progress, and not even at the end of the season. Of course, any step forward would be very handy, because the break among the biathletes are minimal. I'm glad parish Pat. I enjoyed working with Mike , but it seems that we need new ideas.

Question Paul, this weekend we were all other bus, this time with the design 2012 and formulations of 2013. You tested them at Silverstone, and some believe that for Force India such changes are not good. Do you worry about that this opinion is confirmed

Paul di Resta Difficult question. At Silverstone we have tried these tires, but the tests were designed more for Pirelli, so that they can assess the composition and specification for the remaining races. Tomorrow will be a busy in fact, the first time we will work on settings, and on new tires, but in General we have the impression about its characteristics, how they will behave in the race.

We cannot say that we suddenly lose speed - and all will be exactly the opposite. No one knows this in advance, so we need only to perform their work. Team will do everything to earn points, because at the Nurburgring we were omitted.

Question the Season is shaping up to you and the team is very good, but the resources are not limitless, at some point have to switch to the preparations for the next year. How difficult it is to find the optimal balance Sure, personally you want to continue to work on the result in the current season.

Paul di Resta next year, The effective date of the new rules, and in such situations is not easy to find a compromise. Employees on the basis of the team are focused on promising developments, but racing team, focused on the current results.

We should give the maximum in each round, in every race, and high position in the Cup of Designers can seriously help us in the next season. We try to stay ahead of McLaren, although not to underestimate their capabilities. In any case, until the last race of the season was formed for us very well, and I don't see why we can't attack and in the future.

Q Kimi, as Lewis, you achieved quite good results in Hungary. Another podium - and you repeat the record for the number of prize-winning places on this route. Hot weather can play for you Judging a race in Germany, everything should be exactly.

Kimi Raikkonen I Think the higher temperature us always more satisfactory, although, of course, it is difficult to judge about how to behave in new tyres, because they are different from those on which we started our season. Last year the hot weather was very good for us, and these tires combine the features of last year's rubber and tire 2013. Let us hope that all this will help us.

Question You have not participated in tests in Silverstone. Do not think that all were to appear there

Kimi Raikkonen No. The team decided, for her best option was put in a cockpit of a young racer. We couldn't work settings, and in such conditions it is difficult to make any serious conclusions. Besides, I should be only one set of tyres, so that for the work with the young racer looked more logical.

Question Red Bull, Lotus or any other team The season began transitions, and if you believe the news, your candidate is in great demand. When you stop to think about what team will play What factors will help you decide

Kimi Raikkonen This is not one factor, but a range of issues, I should feel that I am satisfied. Whatever the solution, to some it may seem silly, but, nevertheless, it will mean that it is better for me. I don't know how the events will develop, and what will happen with it. We must wait. I hope my choice would be the faithful.


Question Gerhard Potocnik - Kleine Zeitung We are on the topic of the future. A few days ago, Red Bull and Bernie Ecclestone announced in July of next year's Grand Prix of Austria. What do you think

Kimi Raikkonen I came to the Austrian circuit a couple of years ago, now he looks a little different. However, the configuration is not changed, it is still an interesting place. A difficult track not say - not so many turns, but the race there always get interesting through a combination of direct and tight turns. I'll be glad to return to Austria

Question Floor-a new phase of the championship. It pleases you

Paul di Resta of Course I have never been on the track and not know what to expect, but, according to Kimi, configuration there good.

Esteban Gutierrez In the case of a new motorway is difficult to predict how things work out, but it's always interesting to discover an unknown place.

Q Heikki Cult - Turun Sanomat Kimi, if Sunday air is really warmed up to forty degrees would not it be too hot for you and cars How great is the risk to break your record series finishes

Kimi Raikkonen the Situation is the same for all. Yes, cars, brakes and racers will have a much harder, but not the first time we will perform when the heat. If the air is really warmed up to forty - let's see. Today, too, predicted heat, but it was rain. The situation is changing very quickly.

Q Dan - Auto Action/National SpeedSport News Kimi, in continuation of the previous question about a possible move to Red Bull Racing. You don't like all kinds of sponsorship activities, and the Red Bull riders have to participate in them. The volume of this work, you have accepted in exchange for a machine that can win races and Championships

Kimi Raikkonen We can't say exactly what will happen next year with a particular team or a machine. Is a lot of talk about what we Lotus participate in the sponsor events only 10 days in a year, while other teams have spent 100 days. I played many top teams and I know how it happens. Everyone has their own approach to counting the days, when it is about taking what we are doing during the race weekend. As far as I know, the difference between the teams is small, so it cannot be a decisive factor.

Question Michael Noir - Rally and More Kimi, when you select your team, what questions would you ask You come to the camp How is the decision

Kimi Raikkonen I already said, is a combination of factors - should be all right and in the race of life outside of the track. You need to feel at ease - eventually I will make the choice that appear to be correct. There is no guarantee that in the long term, my solution is correct, but I'm not worried for their decisions to answer for.

Question Complicates whether the choice of the fact that next year will change dramatically regulations for the engines

Kimi Raikkonen of Course, without these changes would be easier to present alignment of forces in the next season, but this is the situation. All depends on how successfully work a particular manufacturer for some commands season will be extremely difficult, for others - Vice versa. There are various rumors, but nothing is still not known exactly.

Q Livio - O Estado de Sao Paulo Lewis, the team worked on the tests in Silverstone. How this can affect you and Nico Rosberg

Lewis Hamilton Honestly, it doesn't bother me. Yes, the participation in the tests we would really helped me, we would understand how to configure the machine to work with the new rubber tires behave in the long run, try to find it already on the weekend. Finally, we have what we have, we have a great team, and I have no doubt that we will compensate for the lost time.

Question Ian - Press Association Gentlemen, you may have heard that Sauber plans to bring young Russian racer Sergey Sirotkin in Formula 1. If he gets and will start next year, it turns out that he managed all this at the age of eighteen. Don't you think that's eighteen years old, too young age for the Formula 1

Pastor Maldonado Difficult question. I'm not familiar with Sergei, so that to solve his team, not for us.

I don't know the capabilities of Sergey.

Paul di Resta it would be unfair to comment this situation. Hardly anyone of us knows anything about Sergei because it is not so long ago, stands in the races.

Question But even if we move away from personalities, eighteen years is too little for a racer of the Formula 1

Paul di Resta never say Never, right People are sometimes surprised, and if such a decision is made, then there is some reason.

Lewis Hamilton In the age of eighteen, I was a good racer, but was not ready to Formula 1.

Kimi Raikkonen I am Sure that the championship will be other racers. No doubt, the command to take it if it sees fit. I do not think that age is a problem. The main question - his experience and other essential points. He may be ready for a debut in Formula 1, maybe not. Time will show.

Question I'm Sure he will need a good companion, Esteban

Esteban Gutierrez it's hard to judge, but, as said Kimi, everything will depend on the experience of the racer and its results, - it is these things which must be taken into account.

Question Jose Maria Moreira - Organizacion Editorial Mexicana Esteban, the arrival of Sergey Sirotkin and the sponsors will affect your prospects Sauber

Esteban Gutierrez The current season is not affected. I'm concentrating on the fight, I know the capacities of the team, I remember my experience with it for a few years already, and a General understanding of the prospects.

Question Gergely Denes - F1-Live.hu Kimi, last week Lewis and Lotus organized correspondence with Twitter flashed your photo with Roscoe - dog Lewis. You aware of that Your opinion

Kimi Raikkonen I hear First time. I don't have an account in Twitter or anywhere else, so no comment.

Question so, you never put the machine inscription «Where Roscoe»

Kimi Raikkonen nods toward the press attache of the Lotus

Q Peter - Vas Nepe Lewis, Nico Rosberg as a partner in GP2 and the Formula 1 - what's the difference

Lewis Hamilton We have not been partners in GP2, but played together in karting, and there was a lot of fun Now we are older and wiser, we do not play games, do not do those stupid things that have allowed ourselves in childhood. In addition, now Niko much more competitive than it was in those years.

Q Heikki Cult - Turun Sanomat Lewis, if Kimi go into the Red Bull Racing, whether it will be even more serious rival, than it is now

Lewis Hamilton Kimi in any case remains one of the strongest opponents. He's a fantastic racer him not to take the experience, and he proves his talent. No matter what car you grant him - Kimi will still be a threat, and, of course, he is doing a great job in the Lotus. No matter what is his decision, he will receive a competitive car, and I only hope that we can deal with them.

Question Joe Gabor - Index Kimi, your career in Formula 1 can be divided into two parts. Which one do you prefer, one that was until 2009, or the story now

Kimi Raikkonen I do not share his career. In a break between performances in Formula 1 I tried some other interests of mine, and then wanted to return. The situation has hardly changed - Yes, the team is different, but I played in different bands, each of them has its pros and cons. Of course, with good results live nicer than bad, but the rest is all the same. I find no difference between those teams that played earlier, and Lotus.

Translation V. Kartashev


2013-07-25 10:44:03

News Pirelli Debut tyres latest specifications at the Hungaroring

German nrnburgring, the teams are on the track of a completely different character, which will host the Grand Prix of Hungary, the last race before the summer break. The Pirelli bring you to the Hungaroring track near Budapest, P Zero tyres White medium hardness marked with white colour and P Zero tyres Yellow marked with yellow colour. the same combination was stated in the last year's race, but this year the compositions of rubber mixtures are more lenient and provide higher speed. The latest specification provides for the use of design 2012 and compositions sample 2013. These tyres have been successfully tested last week at Silverstone and the team collected a large amount of information that will be useful to them in the future. Weather in the area of the Hungaroring is usually hot and Sunny, which increases the load on the bus. However, for a narrow and winding trails have a low average speed, which has some influence on the wear and reduced performance. Rain is rare for these places, so, as usual, Pirelli will bring intermediate tyres Cinturato Green green marks and fully rain tires Cinturato Blue blue markings.Floor "In Hungary for the first time in racing conditions will be used tyres P Zero the latest specification, which provides a combination of tire design 2012 with those of the rubber compound 2013. The team already had the opportunity to try out these tyres at Silverstone in the framework of the tests of young pilots and adapt new features settings bolides. Now he was the first to apply the tyres racing condition, and on the background of the significance of the qualifying positions in the Hungaroring a particularly important role will be played by the teams ' work during the training sessions. This track is quite difficult to overtake , so the teams will use race strategy for fighting positions on the track. Tyres medium hard and soft tyres, whose work for a different number of fuel in the tanks will be evaluated in the free practice should provide many opportunities. In Hungary, the temperature can be very high, and this is another factor determining the degree of wear and performance tires. Tractive and braking effort is two essential characteristics of operation tyres in Hungary and settings bolides are chosen so as to maximize the specified quality. Transverse load is low, so the limiting factor will rather the capacity of tyres support features, not their resistance to wear, and this factor will be the basis for the development of racing strategies when the team will strive for as long as you keep the tyres in the optimal range of working qualities. Tire performance of the latest specifications should help them in this".-Blanc "Hungaroring is difficult for overtaking track, even despite the fact that several years ago the length of the straight had increased to facilitate these maneuvers. Therefore, the maximum high qualification position is extremely important. Tire performance is reduced, but the reason for this lies in the transmission of traction and braking effort, and not in loads when cornering you must ensure that at the end of the segment tyres are worn out completely. I went up here on the podium, but the track never considered exciting in terms of piloting. However, this race takes an important place in the history and culture of Formula 1 when I first went on this route, Hungary was still on the other side of the "iron curtain"and the Grand Prix was one of those events which led to changes in many countries of this region, who at that time was a Communist. It was an extremely exciting period in the history, and the race has become a symbol of future liberalization. Those days have long gone, but the fans continue to remain passionate, so here are always pleased to come". from the point of view of tyresHungaroring is a fixed route, built in 1986, but in many ways its characteristics remind a street track. Narrow and winding configuration, 14 turns, and the average speed of about 180 km/h after the route in Monaco Hungaroring is the second lowest average speed. Moreover, on this line pilots keep the accelerator pedal fully depressed for even smaller period of time than in Monaco. Ten of fourteen turns overcome the speed of 155 km/C.V during the year the trail is not very heavily used for other races, so at the beginning of the race weekend coverage is often . As the movement of cars racing trajectory gradually cleared, but this lies outside the pure racing trajectory on a narrow road dirt, dust and marbles rubber, which complicates the implementation of overtaking.Due to the large number of narrow twists and significant spins steering wheel edge tyres heated to a high temperature and much wear. Often tyres more overheat at a slow and winding road than on the highway with speed, but smooth . information about tyresthe Configuration of the Hungaroring requires configuration of the cars on the high downforce. Movement with a fully pressed the accelerator is made within 10 seconds for 4,381-kilometer race . last year rose to the podium pilots implemented a strategy with two pit stops, though differently tyres. Pilots the first tens started on tire soft type, and above all in the final Protocol of the starters in tire is located mark Webber after starting from the 11th place he managed to cross the finish line 8-. that the time difference overcome the racing circle on the buses of medium hardness and soft tyres will be approximately one . with a team of Pirelli F1 Matt watts, Brigadier Matt watts, who works in a team of formula Pirelli from the very beginning of its formation, lives in Faringdon, located close to the logistics center in . After graduation, he immediately began to work in the automotive sector first specialized in the body repair the car, and then went on sale of automobile spare parts and accessories. Then it seemed that a Mat for a long time chose a new direction of development of career management, bars and music venues. According to his confession, he was in a Formula 1 "by mistake".IN 1996, he was assigned the delivery of tyres on tests in Jerez. He liked it and since then he has been closely engaged in the formula activities. First it was the Grand Prix of Australia 1997. Soon it took over the joy of work in different places, and he never looked back.In the scope of his responsibilities include leadership of the group of 19 installers present at all the Grand Prix. He provides the link between engineers and installers, monitors compliance with the specific requirements and ensures the smooth flow of work on installation of tires on each . Matt comes home, which happens not so often, he enjoys spending time with his 9-year-old son, watch new movies and listen to news from the world of music. Previously, he was fond of Jogging, and although this hobby was abandoned, Mat does not lose hope to return to it again. Athletes, get readyother news Pirellilast week at Silverstone Pirelli held a three-day tests of young pilots, which were also allowed to participate and prize pilots commands. The best result during these three days showed the current world champion Sebastian Vettel, and among the newcomers was the fastest Carlos Sainz Jr. The young Spaniard is the son of Carlos Sainz, who tyres Pirelli has won two titles of the champion of the world rally championship in 1990 and 1992 . from the team Skoda Italia won the last stage of the Championship of Italy rally - fully gravel Rally of San Marino. basso and Mauro took second and third place respectively, i.e. the whole podium was occupied by racers, extend tire Pirelli. company Pirelli introduced a new line of "peaceful" tyres for cars Audi. The design of these tires differs soundabsorbing insert the potential to reduce the noise level inside and outside the vehicle by 50. Insert increases the degree of comfort, but not affect the remaining high performance tire.

2013-07-05 00:04:02

Grand Prix of Germany Press conference on Thursday

Grand Prix of Germany Press conference on Thursday

Participants Daniel Riccardo Toro Rosso, Nico Rosberg Mercedes, Niko Sauber, Adrian Sutil Force India, Sergio Perez McLaren, Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Racing

Question Good evening After the last race was not much time, events Silverstone still fresh in memory. For each of you At the British Grand Prix was very rich, what do you think about the race and this weekend. Niko, you won a week ago, you and the word.

Nico Rosberg It was a great race weekend, from which I graduated with a brilliant result. The machine was fast and in the race, although for several months of the race, the pace is not considered as our strengths. We were able to add, and it's great Besides, the stage in the UK was home for the team, and it was a fantastic achievement.

Question do you, Sebastian, impressions, obviously, the opposite.

Sebastian Vettel I think we confidently spent the weekend at Silverstone, performed well in qualifying, losing only to Mercedes drivers. On Saturday we could hardly do more, but for the race on Sunday showed a high rate. Of course, it is difficult to say what would have happened because of Lewis Hamilton soon after start having problems with the tires, but we had done about as well.

Of course, I was upset when he came down from the race due to technical problems, but this happens. We figured out the problem, fix it, we need to move further.

Question Sergio, and how do you recall race at Silverstone

Sergio Perez Perhaps the tires. Rally for us even better than expected we were going fast enough, have the right strategy and looked pretty good, but then on the road in the most inopportune moment a machine security, closer to the end, my tyres were completely worn out, they began rapidly approaching, and I exploded bus.

Question Adrian, your opinion

Adrian Sutil Yes, interesting However, our pace was not as good as expected, and we had to more look in the mirror and use the entire width of the track, defending the position. I succeeded to a great start, I was traveling fourth, and after the second reboot does the third. The podium was quite close, but the speed was not enough.

Perhaps we are not so lucky with the second visit to safety car, but little hope remained - if at restart happened something. So we took a chance and I didn't go into the pits. Soon behind me was a few cars on more fresh tires, and I quickly lost ground. Nevertheless, the seventh allowed to earn points, we have established ourselves on the fifth place in the Cup of designers, and this is very important.

Q Daniel, you were the eighth after the start of the fifth position.

Riccardo Daniel In the second half of the race we were hostages of the situation - machine security turned interchange in the lottery. By the time I was in fourth, but the question pit stop remained open we decided to stay on track and because of this, in the end we lost. But overall the weekend was really good, we consistently fought in the first ten, the race, the pace was good - it pleases. Of course, it would be nice to earn a little more points - I think we still have the chance.

Question Finally, Niko . Race at Silverstone at times seemed chaotic, but you succeeded the second time during the season to earn points.

Niko Yes, nice to earn a point after several unproductive performances. This pleased me and the team. The race was exciting, with the struggle of the wheel to wheel - well, that I was not among those who have trouble with tires.

Question this is your first Grand Prix of Germany at the Nurburgring for three seasons in Formula 1 - honestly, I was surprised to learn this fact. The prospect perform in front of a home stands adds emotion

Niko Of Course I worked here one session for Force India in 2011, and now have to spend the first full race weekend. At the Nurburgring I always had luck here I have won a lot of races, rolled countless circles. I adore this place, by the rich history, yet there is a famous «Northern loop». In General, looking forward to the beginning of the weekend

Question to what extent factor of home runs and knowledge configuration increase tasks on the weekend

Niko this is additional motivation, but you need to realistically assess the chances. In any case, I will do everything possible for the successful performance and try to really enjoy the weekend.

Question Sebastian, this week you celebrated a birthday. Basically this is the only event that you celebrate in July because you still never managed to win this month. The curious thing, isn't it

Sebastian Vettel more importantly, what we managed to achieve over the past four years. We had good race on the Nurburgring, and in Hockenheim - in General, in Germany. We have always been close to victory, but all the time something was missing - I hope I would have a chance to win. Try already in the coming weekend.

Question Defending his title, you are trying to concentrate on every race separately. As far as the concentration increases in home race

Sebastian Vettel of Course, on the home track you feel very special. As noted by Niko, German racers many speakers at the Nurburgring in the Junior formulae, so perfectly know the track, but it is always nice to come back here, especially in recent years, the army of our fans is constantly increasing. I look forward to the beginning of the weekend I want to feel support of the public, and I can see more of the flags of the Red Bull along the entire route.

Q Daniel, you have mentioned this week birthday congratulations Don't know what you have received as a gift, but you probably wanted to be a companion to Sebastian next season, and that would be the best for you as a surprise, isn't it

Riccardo Daniel My birthday fell on Monday after the race, so I just stepped back from the weekend, allowed himself a small piece of birthday cake. In the next season, but I'm just trying to do their work and continue to work hard. Nice to hear a high estimate, and it would be great to be in the team, but there is still a lot of work. Weekend at Silverstone was good, we need to continue in the same spirit.

Question It's all in your power to continue its work It turns out you do not set ourselves some new goals, not trying to attract the attention of those who can influence the decision

Riccardo Daniel I'm trying. I have never win in the race, I have goals and ambitions, and I'll try to do better. Qualification last Saturday was good, the race could be better, but I still earned points, showing a steady tempo during the whole weekend. This gives optimism, hope I can keep this level of performance.

Question Sergio, ahead of your ninth race for McLaren. What positive conclusions can be drawn from the previous eight

Sergio Perez For McLaren this season, and very difficult, but we have added became more aware of the car, have the best correlation of the results of wind tunnel and on the road. However, I do not expect any significant differences in the pace compared with - we will be approximately in the same position to fight for a place in the top ten. I hope we will manage to earn points, we had to dial them a week ago.

Question you are playing better than in the first races for a new team

Sergio Perez of Course, I understand better the MP4-28, better know the command. Sometimes people do not understand how it is difficult when changing commands to adapt to a different behavior machines, other approaches to the choice of settings. It takes a couple of races - in my case and it did - but now I'm in a good form. Together with the team we have made significant progress and are ready to squeeze out the car up.

Question Adrian, it seems, Force India has stabilised in the previous three races, you and your partner Paul di Resta consistently earn points.

Adrian Sutil Yes, the machine was a bit unstable at the beginning of the season, we problematic, but now they seem to be eliminated, and in the previous three races, things went really well. Stage at Silverstone went without a hitch, in Monaco, we have also achieved success - I hope this will continue. Machine speed enough to consistently qualify for a position in the top six, the main thing - put everything together and avoid errors his own and the others'.

We are one team, always have what to add, but now we are on the right path, and the main objective is to earn maximum points and gradually progressing. Together with the Lotus we can be considered as the fourth power of the team of the peloton is a great achievement for Force India.

Question Back to Nico . Two victories in the previous three races. Surely you would prefer to win three out of three, but you certainly and without that love, how is this season

Nico Rosberg In my career is very successful period. I have never had such a fast machine. Great to come to each race, knowing that if I succeed in qualifying, I can fight for leadership in the race. In addition, the team is progressing in the work on a racing pace, so that we have more chances to save starting position on Sunday. It is incredibly motivating.

Question In that case do you think of yourself and Mercedes contenders for victory in the championship

Nico Rosberg Still too early to talk about the chances for the title. Our task is to develop success. Now I concentrate on each race, I make the most of his chance, as it has in the last few Grand Prix, fantastically existing for me. We'll see what happens.

Question don't you think that you - the main obstacle to Red Bull Racing for the next championship title

Nico Rosberg I don't want to talk about the title.


Q Heikki Cult - Turun Sanomat Nico, you surrender Sebastian fifty points. How high do you rate your chances to catch up with him

Nico Rosberg we would Like in the shortest terms to reduce the lag - I hope in every race «annoy» Sebastian and Red Bull Racing ahead of them on the track. It is important to strive for new victories and stay ahead, I'm not just talking about Red Bull Racing, but also about the other teams. Now, we are focused on this.

Question Frederick ferret - L'equipe Question for Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel. Probably, the new Pirelli tires will change the situation in the championship. How will this affect the chances of Red Bull Racing and Mercedes in this weekend

Nico Rosberg New tyres Pirelli We have already worked with them in Montreal, but due to the changeable weather failed to gather enough information. Many questions remain, so we try to collect as much data in appropriate conditions this weekend. It should be interesting, and new tires, most likely, will change the balance of forces.

Question Can expect active work during the first training

Nico Rosberg Absolutely.

Question Luke Smith - NBC Sports On this route Pirelli brought modified tyres. You are sure in their security

Sergio Perez it is Extremely important to make changes for the sake of security, not for the sake of speed. It is necessary to racers feel confident, because in the previous Grand Prix situation was not pleasant. Well, that Pirelli reacted promptly.

Niko I agree with Sergio. For safety measures should be taken, and in Pirelli went to the changes. This track is not so fast, fast turns less tyres are not subjected to pressures such as at Silverstone. I am sure everything will be all right.

Adrian Sutil If security is a concern, experts have to finalize the bus, but there is no 100 confidence that at Silverstone cause of the incident was wear. Some say the problem with the state of rubber, other nodding at the curb is difficult to understand, but four burst tyres per race - too much, and this needs to be corrected. But personally I did not have with these tyres no problem I've already spent a few races with two pit stops, the Silverstone is also just double-called in the boxes, so I have nothing to worry about.

Riccardo Daniel Riders always on the edge, and not even suggest the possibility of explosion of the bus. At Silverstone rubber appear stable, and I do not think, that someone of the victims of the riders had time to feel that something is wrong before the bus was destroyed. We can only fly with full dedication, and I have no doubt that changes in tire design pursue the right goals. I repeat in the heat of battle we do not even think about such situations.

Sebastian Vettel It is good that this race we get new tires I hope they will be more secure. Of course, the previous Grand Prix was not as good as we would. It is difficult to say whether the new rubber is better, but is certainly a step forward.

Nico Rosberg I trust FIA - sure, they came true. I know that they Pirelli many have worked on it. No doubt, this weekend we will not have problems, and we will succeed.

Question Ralph Bach - Sport Bild Nico, I understand that you worked with these tyres in Barcelona. How significant advantage is the fact

Nico Rosberg I think the benefits of the no. I don't know whether these tires we worked in Barcelona - you better ask Pirelli.

Question Rene Hoffmann - Suddeutsche Zeitung Question for Niko . How do you assess the financial situation of your team We heard that you don't fully get your salary.

Niko As said at yesterday's press conference Moniz , the situation is difficult, but leadership is looking for the exit. She assured me that is working on this, and I have nothing to add.

Question Flavio - Corriere dela Sera Question for Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg. Do you think that the adjustment of the tire design change the situation in the championship Especially in Hungary, where the expected large changes.

Nico Rosberg New tyres can influence the break, speed, qualification and race, and therefore, the balance of power. But this is a unique chance, and we must try other better understand the behavior of rubber and get her to the maximum.

Sebastian Vettel Hard to say how everything goes. In my opinion, Pirelli is interested in the championship changed the alignment of forces. They try to deliver teams bus - do you like this rubber or not - it already is your own business. But, as we saw in last weekend, the main bus must be safe.

Question Carlos Miguel - La Gaceta, Sebastian, you would like to see Daniel his companion in the next season

Sebastian Vettel I never thought about it. When the Silverstone mark announced his retirement, I immediately said that early to judge companion, and not to me to decide. Daniel setting here now, if I could give him a place in the team, he might have done it. But just the same I would give the place Kimi, if he sat on the place of Daniel. I do not want to influence the chances of a racer - decision for the team, and we haven't even discussed this issue, as there are more important topics.

As you saw in the previous race I withdrew, and we should do everything to eliminate the cause of the problem. Now you need to make sure that the problem does not recur, then you can think about the candidates again, this is not my decision. As far as I can judge, Daniel speaks well, and so forth, let the others think.

Question don Kennedy - Hawkes Bay Today Sebastian, here have said that you do not ever win in the Grand Prix of Germany at the Nurburgring. This creates an additional pressure, or more important for you than the overall situation in the championship

Sebastian Vettel For this race, give the same points as the other, but to act on the home track is always nice, and I am excited about the chance. Some riders are unable to participate in his home event - for example, Sergio would be glad to contest in Mexico, but there does not pass the Grand Prix. So home stage is a kind of privilege, but additional pressure not. Nice to see the emotions of German fans, feel their support. Motor racing is very popular in Germany, and it is good that we come here at the Nurburgring. I like this track, see what happens this time.

Translation V. Kartashev


2013-06-04 17:34:05

News Pirelli a Preliminary review of the Grand Prix of Canada

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal are an interesting combination of long and high-speed direct districts with low speed turns. In Montreal will be used tyres P Zero White medium hardness marked with white colour and ultra-soft tyres P Zero Red marked red bus both types of work in low temperatures, making them the best choice for the weather conditions prevailing trails in . is very low, and in the past a large number of rainy races, that is, the probability of appearance on the track intermediate tyres Cinturato Green green marks and rain tires Cinturato Blue blue markings is saved. In addition, Pirelli will bring two sets of prototype tyres of medium hardness on bolide for use only during the Friday free-race. These tires differ refined design, which probably will be used in the remainder of . "the Race in Canada is one of the most unpredictable races during the year, partly due to the heavy load on the tire, but mostly due to the heavy braking and sharp acceleration. Coupled with a significant improvement of the performance of the route through the weekend, these features give crucial to the effective management of tire wear. So it was always, since the official opening of the route at the end of the 1970s, We expect 2-3 pit stop on bolide, but a more accurate forecast can do after Friday, getting some results of races on the track. Local weather often plays a key role due to the heavy rain and the subsequent stop our first race of the Grand Prix of Canada in 2011 for the longest race in Formula 1 history. Last year's race took place during the dry season, but its peculiarity was the seventh winner of the first seven races of the season. A high extent of wear and performance tires we can see the implementation of the different strategies that were typical for the Grand Prix last year, when some commands are solved on "sprint" strategy, while others choose option with fewer pit stops, betting on the durability of the tyre. Last year was victorious "sprint" strategy, but in the conditions of a great number of different factors teams must carefully analyze the collected data, not to mention the weather forecast, and only after that to give preference to one or another tactical scheme. Often in Canada works best flexible approach, so you can expect that most commands will leave yourself room to maneuver, allowing the pilots to make a choice at the right time".-Blanc "Canada will remain forever for me, a special place, as in 1995, I won the race here on the car Ferrari number of Gilles Villeneuve - 27. Very hard to describe the feeling, but I was filled with joy, and there was a sense of incredible atmosphere, when after the finish of the fans ran onto the track. Canadian fans absolutely fantastic-it is very pleasant to come into the country, where the Formula 1 love so passionately. But the pilot route presents a serious challenge many stands and fences are so close to the road, that in some cases sensations arise in Monaco. But at the same time, there is developing faster than in Monaco, which exposes the load and tyres. The main features of the route are the acceleration and braking the speed varies from a maximum to direct to the minimum in slow corners. It is important to properly manage and tire wear to develop a good strategy to overcome these difficulties. I think it will be a thrilling race. I always look forward to this Grand Prix". from the point of view of tyres Along with Singapore, Korea and Monaco, in Canada, a high probability to go on the track vehicle safety. This is one reason why this is important to stick to a flexible strategy. Car safety can completely change the course of the race, but in Canada, unlike the Monaco track, there is much more overtaking opportunities.Lewis Hamilton, winner of the Grand Prix last year, double-called in the boxes, and the riders, took second and third places, stayed in the boxes only once. On the chosen race strategies, the top ten was divided in the ratio 5050, that is, the five pilots visited the boxes twice and five more once. It is worth noting that the last year's race have been declared to the other bus soft and . this highway, which is not very actively exploited in the course of the year, the probability of granulation. Reason for that is slipping insufficiently heated tires on asphalt, resulting in wear acquires unusual form. Most often this occurs at the beginning of the weekend, when the surface is slippery, and it still was deposited layer . information about tyresOne of the difficulties of the canadian route is that cars are configured on the low downforce to increase the maximum speed on the straights. Therefore, all the work on maintaining the trajectory in turns falls on the bus, that is, the grip is ensured mostly by mechanical, not aerodynamic . load in Montreal are the rear tyres that due to a sharp acceleration at the outlet of the low-speed turns and "studs". Rough handling with the gas pedal is very easy to rip the wheels in thrashing, which increases wear on the rear tyres. The track is enough , which also leads to burn, as the rear tires to lose traction with . complexity of the tyre act curbs - known feature of the canadian highway. The curb in Canada differ a great height and aggressive form, and in the last corner, next to the famous "wall of Champions, race cars run on them at a speed of about 130 km/. with a team of Pirelli F1 Anna , engineer tires for Formula 1anna , born in Chichester UK, is a group of 15 engineers who come on all the Grand Prix. This year, it secured for Williams. During the race weekend it performs the role of a liaison between the team and Pirelli. main responsibilities on the route contained in the monitoring of the work of Pirelli tires within the stipulated parameters. In addition to tracking the performance and characteristics of tires in real time mode and to analyze additional data on the tyre for example, pressure, temperature and degree of wear and tear. Collected data is wrote in the daily report, which is available for review team during the evening meeting. This report helps the team make decisions about race strategy and settings on the following . the rest of the working time Anna is in the technical centre of Pirelli in the United Kingdom. This centre is also known under the abbreviation DTC Technical center in . In the center she continues to analyze the data collected during the race weekend, reports to the headquarters of Pirelli in Milan and is preparing for the next Grand Prix. Anna takes part in certain research and development projects, as well as in the development of tools that allow Pirelli to continuously improve the quality of services provided to the teams.Anna is currently caught in a Formula 1 under the influence of the father, is the only female engineer in this group. In College, she studied design in the field of motor racing and the company Pirelli began working in 2011 year free time Anna loves spending time with family and friends, and never misses a chance to walk around . news Pirellithe Second stage of the Championship of Blancpain Endurance Series, cars which are exclusively equipped with racing versions of Pirelli tires for road cars, was held at Silverstone for a week before the Grand Prix of Canada. Darren Turner, Frederick and Stefan Flour on a racing car, the Aston Martin V12 Vantage dominated in this race and have won the deserved . last race weekend also passed the second stage of the Championship of great Britain rally. This step was the Scottish Rally behalf of Jim Clark, named in honor of legendary champion of Formula 1. The victory went to last year's star pilot Pirelli UK Jukka and his co-driver Marco acting on the Citroen DS3 with tires Pirelli. company Pirelli celebrated the 20th anniversary of close collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano is the largest technical University in Italy. On this occasion, a large number of University students were invited to take part in races on the track Vizzola in Northern Italy. In addition to the employment of some graduates, annually the company Pirelli holds several joint University research projects.

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Robert Kubica won the Acropolis Rally

Robert Kubica won the Acropolis Rally

Former F1 driver Robert Kubica won the next stage of the world rally championship in Greece. Polyak, speaking on car160Citro235n DS3 RRC, won the Acropolis Rally in category WRC 2.

Kubica dominated in his category throughout the whole distance. But unlike the previous stages, where he got into an accident, this time Robert escaped trouble to the finish. As a result of his lead over second place, that it took Ukrainian Yuri Protasov Ford Fiesta RRC was two and a half minutes.

Some time Kubica was even a member of the top ten in the overall standings, but at the last special stage was replaced by the 11th position. The victory in the category won Jari-Matti Latvala on the Volkswagen Polo R WRC. In the lead after the first SU Russian Evgeny Novikov's accident, and eventually finished 9th.


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News Pirelli a Preliminary review of The Grand Prix of Spain

At the Grand Prix of Spain declared the hard tyres P Zero Orange orange marking and bus P Zero White average hardness white label, but before the race, on the famous route of the beautiful Cathedral of the tyre were a few . bus P Zero Orange underwent evolutionary changes with the aim of providing teams of more opportunities for the development of different strategies. Other compositions remained unchanged. In addition, during the free races at the disposal of the teams will be provided with an additional set of prototype hard tyres, which should become a stimulus for the Commission of races throughout all the sessions instead of saving tyres for the remainder of the race weekend. Prototype tires will differ from the hard tyres P Zero Orange, the race weekend, specially-designed compounds with an emphasis on durability, to the teams could make the maximum long-term arrivals. Viewers will be able to identify these tyres for the absence of color . "In Spain we will present an updated version of a rigid bus, which is close by their characteristics to the bus sample 2012. The new bus is different broad operating temperature range, and a slightly lower speed, but it should allow teams to develop more different strategies when it is used in combination with other compounds, which have remained without changes. This decision was taken on the basis of the analysis of the data on the results of the first four races in order to further enhance the entertainment Formula 1. It seems that it becomes for us tradition we have already submitted an updated version of a rigid bus at the Spanish Grand Prix in 2011, the first year of return to the sport. We expect that the bus average hardness remain significantly faster and more precisely the bus, which commands will probably choose to qualify, the tough bus must be primary in the race. In accordance with the applicable regulations, we will provide all the commands extra set of prototype hard tyres at the time of the free races, which should, in our opinion, to help all the bolides worthy to hold this stage of qualification. Thus we want to encourage the team how you can spend more time on the track from the very beginning of the race weekend, especially for beginners, so that the audience enjoyed the spectacle, of which they are worthy". Alesi "In my opinion, Barcelona would be the place, where for the first time we will be able to truly appreciate the work of tyres, as there will be held the first European race, and this route without any distinct features can be considered a starting point for comparison. As a pilot, I really liked the track, despite all its complexity. Special mention deserves the third rotation, bus exceptional load. I remember how difficult it was here, in passing, but in combination with system of DRS Pirelli tires changed race in Barcelona. Transmission of tractive effort is the key to the high speed, but when the load is high are the tires, therefore, this race is one of the most important in the course of the year, as it serves a very useful indicator of what should be expected in the remainder of the season. Proposal of the additional set of tyres for the free races can be considered a very wise step, as there is nothing worse for sports, than stay cars in the garage for a long time. Will be very interesting to see what impact will the new features hard tyres for the race. In General, the team should be well prepared for the race in Barcelona, because they have at their disposal a large amount of data after conducting tests on this route the real question is, what part of the data will remain valid, as the temperature of the air and asphalt changed significantly compared with the period, when the teams were here last time". from the point of view of the tirea high-Speed, smooth and technical track in Barcelona places special demands on the tyres, including because of high temperatures and a rather abrasive asphalt. But in a greater degree tire wear is determined by the high lateral forces. As in the previous year, it is expected that the preferred strategy will be with three Pete-. length 4,655 kilometer includes 16 indicators, most of the right-wing, which put the load in particular left the bus, which have to perform most of . last year's race have been declared to hard and soft tyres, but preparations for the current season are made of a soft, then there is a bus average hardness of the sample 2013 is more like a soft bus 2012. At the Spanish Grand Prix last year, pilots, who took the first five lines in the final Protocol, used a strategy with three pit stops and started on the soft tyres. The highest place among the pilots, arriving in boxes twice, was the sixth, but took the place of the pilot started . information about the tirethe Key to the rapid completion of a racing round in Barcelona is the right compromise between the aerodynamic and mechanical clutch. Many teams choose a hard adjustment for the front suspension to improve understeer, and the soft setting the rear of the car to improve adhesion.Changing direction of the wind is an important variable in Barcelona - is a factor exerting a great influence on the setting of the car, especially for the completion of the first . of the last ten races on this route were won at the start from the pole position. Last year's race is not an exception. Play an important role qualification, and intelligent use of an additional set of tires in the free races will help determine the best setting . with a team of Pirelli F1 Max Damiani, chief engineer and project coordinator Pirelli F1 Damiani was born in a small town near Milan, where he still lives. In Pirelli he started working since 1991. At first he was engaged in programs of Pirelli in the framework of the world rally Championship in cooperation with companies from Ford and Toyota. Then Mr. Damiani was behind the wheel, feeling road products of Pirelli, mainly tires for cars of class SUV. But Max Damiani was so fascinated by auto - and that continued to work in this direction on the weekends. In 2001, he was entirely in the sports division of Pirelli, where he held the position of senior engineer and started working with the products for various Championships, including race GT, both in Europe and America. When the company Pirelli returned to Formula 1 in 2011, Max Damiani took up the position of engineer-coordinator, left with the senior engineer. Max Damiani is the only person in the present programme of F1, who put his hand to the participation of Pirelli in Formula 1 until 1991. During the last season he spent three races of Formula 1 as an engineer. In those rare moments when Mr. Damiani granted to himself, he goes in for sports, in particular martial art of Wine-Chun and downhill mountain Biking, and spending time with his family. Unfortunately, now he had no time to participate in rally racing at the Amateur level in this it is similar to Mario , racing Manager of Pirelli. Therefore, Sebastien Loeb can sleep in peaceother news PirelliIn Barcelona will be the first race of the series GP3 and the third race of the series GP2. Fireballs both preparatory series exclusively equipped with tires Pirelli. last week Floor of the company Pirelli has visited the first stage of the Championship of great Britain rally this stage was the rally Pirelli Richard Burns Foundation Rally, the winner of which became Finn Jukka Korhonen on the car, equipped with tyres Pirelli. In the framework of the activities of Pirelli organized a charity event to raise funds for the Foundation named Richard burns in memory of the world champion on rally 2001, who died from tumors of the brain . the last stage supported by Pirelli Championship FIA GT Series, held in the Belgian , was characterized by one of the most solid finishes in the history of the championship. The crew of the Lamborghini in the Peter Coke and Stefan Rosina ahead of the crew of the Audi, consisting of Stephane Ortelli and Lawrence , only at 0.448 second on the hour of the race.

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Kubica confirmed that he worked at a simulator Mercedes

Kubica confirmed that he worked at a simulator Mercedes

nonf1.ru have already told about the assumptions that have appeared in the European press, that Robert Kubica has appeared the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of a virtual machine Formula 1 German tabloid Bild reported that a team of Mercedes AMG invited a pole to work on the simulator.

According to the information of the British Autosport, some time ago Kubica really tried his hand at a simulator Mercedes in .

«I can confirm that I was there. But I can't tell you how many times or how many circles I drove, " the Autosport words of a Polish rider, this weekend speaking to the rally, which took place on the roads of the Azores, this is the fourth stage of the championship of Europe.

Comment further Robert refused. As regards the prospects of further cooperation with Mercedes, the Kubica has not confirmed and has not denied this opportunity.

You can add that in the last Rally Azores Robert took a good sixth place, in spite of the fact that on Friday, on one of the high-speed sites he has not kept on the track of his Citroen, and the car rolled over twice. Nevertheless, Kubica was able to continue the race and even regained some of its lost time.


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Pirelli a Preliminary review of The Grand Prix of China

For the race in China declared bus P Zero White average hardness white label and soft tyres P Zero Yellow yellow label this combination is selected for the first time in this year. The Chinese route is known to the smooth configuration, but the race is usually held at a moderate temperature of the air and asphalt, which makes The Grand Prix of China ideal for such a combination of . tires average hardness and soft tires allows the teams to develop different strategies. In this regard, it is worth noting that in the past the upper lines of the Protocol won with the use of very different tactical decisions. Rain - a distinguishing feature of the first two races of the season - is also not unusual During the Grand Prix of China, so we can once again become a witness on the highway intermediate tyres Cinturato Green with a green label and rain tires Cinturato Blue blue label. Director of Pirelli Motorsportthe Floor "In China was often the best race of the season, when the decisive role was played by the strategy. For the current year, compositions rubber mixture as a whole are made of a soft, which significantly increased their wear and, consequently, high-speed characteristics, but previous experience indicates that the commands are usually required not have much time to understand the behaviour of the tyres. Circuit in Shanghai is less aggressive arena for tyres, the path of the previous Grand Prix in Malaysia, but we assume that the main part of the pilots choose the strategy of three pit stops, although some may opt for two stops in the pits. In the past year won Nico Rosberg and the team of Mercedes, which from the very beginning of the race weekend started to use all the potential provided by them of tyre, to create a small sensation. This shows what can be achieved at this stage of the season with the help of proper management of the wear and tear of tires,". of the Ambassador of the Pirelli brandJean Alesi "As the previous track in China is atypical, and although I didn't have to chase her, she looks great. From the point of view of work tyres pilots will have to find an optimal balance between speed and wear and tear, as it always happens in the Formula 1. In my career I had the opportunity to participate in races at different tyre regulations and suppliers of tires, even in times of special qualifying tyres. For all periods have been characterized by its own nuances, but it is Pirelli has provided fans of the greatest entertainment for example, in the current year, we have already seen two of the exciting race. Such were the claims, and, in my opinion, it is necessary sport. But one thing remains the same only the best of the team succeed. No washed complain, because it will be so always, whatever the regulations of the". from the point of view of the characteristics of the route- When driving on the Chinese route through the front tires especially, there are a large amount of energy, which is explained by the high-speed corners, for example the first, which is practically a vicious circle, and plots of braking, at which the weight of the car is shifted to the front wheels. The most loaded is the front left wheel. In addition, for China are most intensive deceleration throughout the season.- Another key from the point of view of the tires turn is the 13-th turn of a long, slightly inclined right turn in front of the main straight. Acting on a bus load gradually increases as the turn and when the acceleration at the outlet from him." At the Grand Prix of China last year, Pirelli also brought home the soft tyres and tyres of medium stiffness. Nico Rosberg, the winner of the race, has implemented a strategy with two stops in the pits he started on the soft tyre, and then drove the two segments in the buses of average hardness. The button and Hamilton, finished second and third respectively, visited the boxes for three times they started the race on the soft tyre type, and then again on the soft tyres and drove two of the last segment in the buses of average hardness. Mark Webber 4th place also used a strategy of three pit stops, but it carried only one start section of the soft tyre, and the three segments in the buses of average hardness. In fifth place was Vettel, who, how and Rosberg, went to the boxes to change tires . information about the tire- Thanks to its low temperature range of tyres average hardness must have a good warm up even at low temperatures, guaranteeing a more robust performance and moderate wear. Soft tyres with a range of more high operating temperatures, work otherwise. For their warm-up, especially on the front wheels, in cold-weather conditions may require a longer time. But after warm-up they provide a better grip when more pronounced wear and serve approximately 14-16 circles.- The difference in time overcome range of Chinese line on the tire soft and type is expected in the area of 0.5-0.6 seconds.- During the passage of the inclined 13-th turn 13 on the car it operates tracking force, that the area of the contact spot of tyres with road surfaces increases in two times in comparison with the spot of contact during the stop.Acquaintance with a team of Pirelli F1 Piero , head of the Department of designing and development works in the company Pirelli since 1987 he began his career with the research and development Department tyre for on-road vehicles, and in 1995 moved to the Department of the preparation. He, like a passionate lover of race, does not take a lot of time to integrate their work with this direction at the end of 2001, Mr. headed the Department of racing products of Pirelli and worked mainly on tyres for the race in endurance. After a year he returned to his pony - research and development, but this time in the sphere of auto - and motor sports, introducing into the racing tyres latest developments and pushing the boundaries of technological capabilities. Piero participates in the formula project Pirelli from the very beginning of its implementation, but it is not present on all races, so how his team is mainly engaged in development on the basis of the .PIRELLI IN CHINA- Pirelli conducts its activity in China since 2005, when the company built its first factory for the production of radial truck tires in . Since then the plant has developed into a major international industrial center. In 2007 in the same area of the company Pirelli put into operation of the second factory on production of tires of premium-class. In the past year, the volume of production of passenger car tyres in China doubled.In the last year, Pirelli has been awarded a large number of awards. On account of the Italian company there is a reward for the best image of the enterprise, received at the Financial summit of China, 2012, and the new bus Cinturato P1, environmentally friendly tyre Pirelli, was recognized in China award of awards "is the fuel and environmentally-friendly bus China 2012" from the magazine Motor Trend.- In the past year in China, the company Pirelli took part in the following events Premium Experience Days, Maserati Trofeo, Lamborghini Super Trofeo, Ferrari Challenge Asia, the China Rally championship for drivers Subaru. news Pirelli- world rally champion Sebastien Loeb, who has won three titles from 2008 to 2010. - on the tires Pirelli, renewed the traditions of the victory in the Italian tyre he won his debut race in the series of FIA GT on a racing car McLaren MP4-12C in the composition of their own team. Loeb and Alvaro won the qualification race and win a prize race went to Frank and Edward by car WRT Audi R8 LMS.- The American pilot series GP3 Conor , who was fastest in the first pre-season testing session in Barcelona and took sixth place according to the results of last year's championship of this series, also provided by Pirelli, received the right to participate in the most famous race of his country. In the next month will compete in the Indy 500 for the team A.J. Foyt Racing.- In the past year in the Hangar Bicocca, cultural and art salon Pirelli in Milan, visited 180 thousand people. In total for a year in this center was organized by 70 events, in which exhibited the work of 285 art studios.- Pirelli announced the winners of the international contest among the students. The participants of the competition were to choose the word or phrase that best describe the values of the future, and explain your choice. The words of the winners will be used and illustrated in the annual report of the Pirelli, and the winners will be able to in the company Pirelli in Milan. The jury was the reigning world champion in the class of Formula 1 Sebastian Vettel. Ten selected words were "honesty", "transition point of view", "curiosity", "universality", "simplicity", "brotherhood", "persistence", "compassion", "humility" and "innovation".

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Robert Kubica "I needed a new challenge"

Robert Kubica

In March, Robert Kubica announced that it will hold a season in Citroen, combining speech in a rally championship WRC and ERC. Although the consequences of the accident in Ronde di Andora still remind about itself, Polish rider fully concentrated on the future.

«I have experienced very difficult moments, but psychologically I helped support of many people, including from the world of motor sport, " said Robert Kubica in an interview with French magazine AutoHebdo. "Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank all those who in one degree or another expressed my sympathy. Thanks to the help of all the Polish people and my fans I coped with multiple injuries and overcame all the phase of recovery of physical activity, today to return to motor racing.

I still have passion for racing. On the one hand, I've always wanted to try their forces in rally - I needed a new challenge. This desire to have not disappeared. On the other hand, because of the limited physical opportunities, first of all, I will be able to fly car. Participation in the rally became a compulsory step of the recovery process.

If I decided to remain faithful to the ring races, today, of course, would act in the DTM, because the stiffness in some movements until allows me to effectively pilot the cars of Formula 1. When I was choosing between DTM and rally, I had no particular reason to give preference to the latter. More precisely, the reasons are but they are individual, and they are difficult to explain. The rally attracts me novelty, but rather, it refers to the subconscious.»

From 11 to 14 April, Robert will be involved in the Portuguese rally for a pole it will be a sort of double-debut it will be the first stage of the championship of the WRC and the first race on gravel roads. While such an experience he had not, so that Robert waiting for certain complexity. In March, he spoke at a Rally Islas Canarias behind the wheel of the Citroen DS3 RRC, confident leader, but eventually fizzled out, damaging the car in one of the special stages.


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Robert Kubica came down from the distance of the rally on the Canary Islands.

Robert Kubica came down from the distance of the rally on the Canary Islands.

On Saturday Robert Kubica was forced to go the distance Rally Islas Canarias, because seriously damaged his Citroen DS3 RRC on the 10-th special stage of the race.

Gathering of more than a bitter, because in the first day of the rally pole won all 8 special stages, confidently leader, ahead of the nearest rival by more than a minute, and it appeared to be out of reach.

As reported by the team of Citoren Racing, Kubica too late pulled up in front of one of the turns, the car hit the barrier, and the left rear wheel was broken. Neither he nor his co-driver in the accident are not affected, but the machine has received serious damage, so the race had to stop.

It is curious, that on the eve of the second day of his debut race in the plant's team Citroen Kubica gave to understand that is not going to too much risk.

«For me it is not important, I win all the special sections or not, " he said on air of Radio ERC. Friday was successful, but today we are waiting for the next difficult and long day. We must maintain concentration and retain the leadership. Before the race I spent behind the wheel of this car too little time, all the stages of the championship of new to me, and, to be honest, I don't think about the results».


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Pirelli a Preliminary review of The Grand Prix of Malaysia

Bus the rigid type of a new range of tyres Pirelli sample 2013 will make his debut at The Grand Prix of Malaysia under a completely new color. For the race in declared the hard tyres P Zero Orange orange marking and bus P Zero White average hardness white label, the latter of which has already been used in . the most rigid structure in the line of tyres Pirelli would be the ideal choice for extreme temperatures and abrasive asphalt road in Malaysia. The track in known monsoon rains, which increase the probability of using intermediate tyres Cinturato Green with a green label and rain tires Cinturato Blue blue markings, in any moment of the race weekend.The comment of the Director of Pirelli Motorsportthe Floor "We would call a track in truly "extreme" as from the point of view of weather conditions, and asphalt. In other words, this is one of the most difficult for the entire season of racing weekends from the point of view of the work of the tyres. For the first time in racing conditions will be used tough new tires P Zero Orange. Orange color for the marking of the tires of this type has been selected with a view to their more basic differences from the white tyres average hardness when watching a race on TV. For the race in Malaysia stated the same combination of tires, which in the past year. However, the new compositions are characterized by high speed and wear and tear. In the past year, when the race was held with mixed conditions, the victory was a strategy with three pit stops, and at the finish of the race struggle between Fernando Alonso and Sergio Perez was built solely on the strategy of the use of tire. We expect that in the upcoming race will be three pit-stop, but the development of events detected by the weather. But even without the rain pilots expects humidity of about 80 and air temperature of more than 30186With". of the Ambassador of the Pirelli brandJean Alesi "I have twice participated in the Grand Prix of Malaysia in 1999, when the route was the first race, and in the year 2000, which was my last year in Formula 1. In both cases I arrives to the finish, but I still remember how difficult was the race as for pilots, as well as for cars from the point of view of physical training is one of the most difficult races on the calendar. As the albert Park track in can not be called typical. In other words, what we will see in the coming weekend, is unlikely to be repeated in the other race of the season. However, this race will be able to specify the fast cars and the ability of pilots to manage the wear and tear of tires. Tire wear of the current year made more significant, therefore, the ability to manage the wear and tear is and it has always been so in the history of Formula 1 a very important skill, and in Malaysia it is emphasized. But if it starts raining, do something sensible is impossible if I could survive. So we can expect a very interesting result in the dependence on that, who chose correctly bus". from the point of view of the characteristics of the route " the Track in Malaysia has one of the most abrasive in all the calendar, which is one of the reasons for the selection in this race two of the most rigid formulations in the line of tyres Pirelli.- Rigid bus P Zero Orange is characterized by high temperature range, and bus P Zero White average hardness low. As a result of such a combination is ideal for any surprises. Wear resistance of new hard-bus is comparable with the similar index of the tyre average rigidity of the previous year, therefore, in comparison with the rigid bus 2012 the new version allows you to pass a circle of about 0.4-0.5 seconds faster.- The track in was constructed on a swampy area and had a rough coating. In 2007, was put new asphalt, resulting in smooth out the larger part of but not all irregularities.- At the Grand Prix of Malaysia last year, Pirelli brought back the hard tyres and tyres of medium stiffness. The first five on the results of the race pilots have implemented a strategy of three pit stops interim the rain interim bus. Bruno Senna, then took the fifth place, went to the boxes four . information about the tire- Circuit in Malaysia exposes the bus significant transverse loads for this indicator, route takes the second place after Barcelona. This can lead to heat the tires to a maximum temperature of 130186 In the last race of the Grand Prix of Malaysia frequently interrupted by heavy rain, and in the 2009 race was stopped ahead of schedule, which brought pilots only on half of the possible points. In Malaysia, the company Pirelli will bring new intermediate bus Cinturato Green with a green label and fully rain tyres Cinturato Blue blue markings, which are refined design to improve the transmission of traction and prevent excessive oversteer.- Although for the Malaysian highway is characterized by high level of adhesion, frequent rains quickly wash off on asphalt rubber, as a result of which at the beginning of each session of the track often turns out to be "green". The air temperature is high, so the racing path quickly dries up, but the drainage system in not very efficient, which leads to the puddles on the . with a team of Pirelli F1 Mario Isola, racing Isola was born and raised in Milan, and on all races of the season he is a right-hand Sex . He is responsible for the daily formula activities of the company on the slopes and on the basis of in Milan, providing interaction with the teams and the competition organizers. In General, Mario Isola a man for whom turn to first when any problems. In addition, he puts his hand to the participation of the company Pirelli in other 250 auto - and Championships. Mario began his career as a test pilot tires, which allowed him to thoroughly examine the principle of their work, and then he worked as an engineer of the teams participating in rally races and races of endurance. In free time from work, which remains not so many, he is on a voluntary basis drives a car ambulance, as well as on the level of Amateur participates in rally racing. It is worth noting that in the past he has surprisingly good .Pirelli in Malaysia- the Company Pirelli introduced in Malaysia, the Asia-Pacific division, which is headquartered in Singapore, only 300 km from the highway. Most of the tyres sold in Malaysia, is the perfect plant of the Italian company in the Chinese city of Yangzhou, the annual volume of release of which is more than 4 million. the tires.- The company Pirelli successfully participated in the Championship of Asia-Pacific region on the rally, held by the International automobile Federation three times in a row Cody Crocker from the command Motor Image Racing on a racing car Subaru tires Pirelli has won the title of champion.- The Malaysian model Ling Tung, who was born in the city. close to , was filmed for the Pirelli calendar in 1997. That year the theme was chosen "women of the world," and for the filming was invited by the famous American photographer Richard . news Pirelli, " Together with the Formula 1 in the upcoming Malaysian weekend kicks off a series GP2. In the races in this series will also be updated tires, mark which is identical to the labelling of tyres for Formula 1. In the first two races in declared the hard tyres P Zero Orange orange marking and soft tyres P Zero Yellow yellow label.- The following week to Rally del Ciocco in Tuscany will begin the Italian championship on rally-2013. In accordance with the new contract, concluded for the coming year, the company Pirelli will supply tires commands Skoda Italia and Peugeot Italia.- In this month Pirelli was presented in the most famous shopping center in the world shop P Zero has opened in London's Harrods. The new store are being implemented all items of clothing and accessories from the line of the P Zero the brand, which supplies clothes of employees of Pirelli in the Formula 1.- At the last Rally of Mexico Ken Block, the star of the Internet and the pilot "", supported by the company Pirelli, achieved his best result in the world rally Championship. American is located on the fifth line in the overall standings after fighting for a place in the first six from the very beginning of the rally, where he spoke on a Ford Fiesta RS WRC.

2013-03-15 08:34:03

Kubica announced the schedule of performances in WRC and ERC

Kubica announced the schedule of performances in WRC and ERC

We already wrote about the fact, that in 2013 Robert Kubica will take part in the rally Championships of the Europe and the world for the team Citroen. At the press-conference in Warsaw he its schedule of performances.

A pole will start in seven stages of the world championship WRC-2 of the ten remaining. He misses the overseas rally of Argentina, Australia, as well as the final stage in the UK. In addition, he will take part in several races of the European championship ERC Rally of the Canary Islands. Rally of the Azores, Tour de race course and Rally of Poland.

Speech who will sit behind the wheel of the Citroen DS3 RRC, became possible thanks to the support of the Polish oil company of the Lotos. His Navigator will be experienced pole M. Macek RAM.

Robert Kubica «This is one of the most important days in my motor sport adventures. I say "adventure", because for me it is a change of racing disciplines. Thanks to Lotos and Citroen, I will be able to act in the championship of the Europe and the world on . I hope it will be fun. Everything for me is a new one, this season is full of surprises, but all the same I hope I can show good results.

The most important thing for me is to return to motor racing, and perform at the highest level. I think I got it - above WRS only Formula 1, although in fact these two series is impossible. It's two different kinds of sports - all the same, that the most famous in the world marathon and the Olympic meters».


2013-03-04 13:24:03

Http Robert Kubica has signed a contract with Citroen Racing

Http Robert Kubica has signed a contract with Citroen Racing

Robert Kubica took a decision to continue a career in the rally, signing a contract with Citroen Racing - informs the press-service of the plant's team of French company. on March 21, he would be out at the start of the Rally Islas Canarias behind the wheel of the Citroen DS3 RRC, this is the third stage of the European championship, after which, starting from Portugal Rally, the pole will play in competitions series WRC2 former Super 2000.

«I weighed various options before you choose this program, " said Robert. "I maintained contact with the team Citroen Racing, and both sides were ready to continue cooperation. I am very glad that I can return to the championship of the high-level. Participation in the Rally Islas Canarias will be an interesting test. I want to quickly go to start, but I did not put before myself some specific purpose. I still have much to learn in the rally, and to improve the training, you have to run more miles on the slopes of the competition».

Three weeks after the rally, which will take place on the roads of the Canary Islands, Kubica made his debut in the Portuguese round of the championship of the world in the WRC2. In the plans of Robert and the team Citroen Racing to 2013-th year - the participation in seven races. It is not excluded, that he starts, and at several stages of the European championship on rally.

The DS3 RRC, prepared specially for a pole, which has not fully recovered from the severe injuries received in February 2011, the FIA allowed to install a special version of the gearbox with petal, located on the left side of the steering wheel.


2013-02-18 16:24:03

Evgeny Novikov will receive a prize of the Race of Stars "za rulem"

Evgeny Novikov will receive a prize of the Race of Stars

on February 23, at the Central Moscow Hippodrome Anton Chuikin, editor-in-chief of the magazine "Behind the wheel", give the prize of "the Best racer year 2012" during the official opening of the competition. According to the poll of sports journalists of the best Russian pilot 2012 was Evgeny Novikov - Castrol Qatar M-Sport-WRT, participating in the FIA World Rally Championship, medal winner of stages of the world rally championship.

In different years winners of the poll "Driver of the year" became such sportsmen as Sergey , Mikhail Naryshkin Sergey , Sergey Uspensky, Mikhail Ukhov, Alexander Lvov, Airat Shaimiev, Vladimir Chaguin, Alexei Vasiliev, Vitaly Petrov, Alexey Dudukalo, Evgeny Vertunov, Kirill Ladygin, Firdaus Kabirov, Vitaly Petrov, Daniel .

The award ceremony the Best racer 2012 will be held in 13-50 at the Central Moscow Hippodrome at the reward podium "Race of Stars "za Rulem" 2013.


2013-02-13 15:04:02

Jean Todt I spent a lot of forces to improve security

Jean Todt I spent a lot of forces to improve security

In an interview with Patrick the FIA President told about his work, he remembered participation in rally racing and pledged to assist the return of the Grand Prix of France in the calendar of Formula 1.

Question Mr. Todd, as is the name of your first car

Jean Todt My first car was an Renault Dauphine.

Question When you got a driving license To pass the exam on the first try

Jean Todt It was April 24, 1964 in arzhantey, in the suburbs of Paris. I'm not the first time passed the practical part of the exam, what was very upset.

Question What was the color

Jean Todt In British racing green

Question On what machines you like to go now On what goes your wife

Jean Todt For daily trips I love comfortable cars, equipped with the most modern technologies. My wife Fisker - it's a hybrid.

Question You have achieved success and the role of the team leader, and in the role of a rally co-driver. What period you liked the most

Jean Todt they were two completely different life. When I was a Navigator, I had more free time. In 1981 Peugeot invited me to become a leader of the team, and everything has changed - I had to work in the office for 12 hours .

Question What's really funny happened to you, when you were in the rally

Jean Todt I don't remember anything funny. I've been in different situations, and fell into the accident at the high speed, but, fortunately, no serious consequences.

Question What is for you «car-dream»

Jean Todt for the Sake of fun I will call it a sports car with the tuning. For daily trips I prefer technically sophisticated machines, equipped with modern technologies.

Question the first time you participated in the rally

Jean Todt for the First time I took part in the Rally of Anjou in 1965 on the Mini Cooper for his father.

Question do You remember what kind of emotions then experienced

Jean Todt Yes, I always liked the adrenaline rush during the rally.

Question please Name your favorite ring and rally route

Jean Todt I Have no favorite ring routes, because each of them is interesting in its own. The rally I prefer the competition for endurance, such as Rally Safari in Kenya or Rally Morocco.

Question You had to work with the best drivers and pilots of Formula 1. How they managed to find a common language with so many different people

Jean Todt I've always tried to provide them with the maximum support, tried to create the best team with the best atmosphere.

Question Who was the most fun, the most honest, the fastest, most talented rider

Jean Todt I don't want to call names. As a rule, all of the riders were strong personalities with excellent motivation and leadership qualities.

Question Taking into account all of your experience of participation in various racing series, how do you see the future of Motorsport

Jean Todt In Motorsport are constantly emerging new security standards, which in turn influences the automotive industry that is critical for the improvement of the situation on the roads all over the world.

Question What kind of technology, in your opinion, will be able in the future to replace internal combustion engines

Jean Todt I Think the engines on hydrogen fuel cells.

Question Improving road safety is one of priority tasks. What is the situation like with this program and are you satisfied with its results

Jean Todt I spent a lot of time and effort to improve the standards of safety on roads. In developing countries become more aware of the tragic consequences that can lead to neglect of safety rules.

Question What is the probability of return to the calendar Grand Prix of France

Jean Todt I hope that the holders of commercial rights and the French Federation in the interests of national Motorsport find points of contact. At the current level of the FIA does not participate in the decision of this question, as, first of all, it is necessary to resolve commercial disputes. As soon as they are resolved, I will do everything to race.

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