Renault - sports team, participating in the Formula 1 races. The history of the team began in 1977 when it was organized by avtoroizvoditelem-Renault. Initially, the team Renault positioned as a national French project. For the French team were racers, sponsored French companies Elf and Equipe, even the tires, which were equipped cars were produced by the French company Michelin.Osnovnaya rate in the 70's was made at the Renault team turbine engines, which, although characterized by high capacity, but could not boast of reliability . During this period, the team scored only one victory in 1979. Despite the problems with the engines in the 1983 season the team won second place in the Constructors' Championship, and driver Alain Prost took second place in the individual competition. However, a title he prevented the gathering because of problems with the turbine at the last stage of the race. Since then, the results are not getting better, and the team left the formula 1. From 1989 to 1997, part of Renault's Formula 1 engines was to supply its production of engines leading komandam.S Williams and Benetton teams have won the Constructors' Cup six times in a row. Return of the team in the ranks of Formula 1 dates back to 2002 when they finished chetvertymi.V 2003 they were able to hold onto fourth place in 2004, reached the third season, and in 2005 won the world championship, and won first place in the Constructors' Championship. Riders who have brought the team victory - Fernando Alonso and Giancarlo Fisichella. They also helped the 2006 team Renault repeated its success. In 2007, Fernando Alonso left the team, which led to an unsuccessful season - the team finished in third place in the Constructors' Championship. In this regard, in 2008, Flavio Briatore, head of the department of Renault Formula 1, has decided to update the structure. Thanks to him, returned to the team, Fernando Alonso, a co-pilot took place Nelson Piquet Jnr. Because of the scandal surrounding Grand Prix 2008 in Singapore, the team has lost its main sponsor and changed its color back to black and yellow coloring. In season 2010 the team debuted Russian driver Vitaly Petrov.
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Formula 1

2018-02-21 14:44:27

Renault continues to expand

Renault team continues to increase the resources of people and money, are increasingly expanding their base in Enstone.Technical Director Bob bell "There are many areas where we have increased its capabilities. We have a new modern supercomputer CFD, and last year our wind tunnel has received a significant update. The new dynamometer will be in operation before the start of the season.These three elements give us a huge opportunity. The whole organization is growing, we have a new staff, which significantly increased the pace of development team. Since joining the team under the wing of Renault's base in Enstone has come a long way, and now the trajectory of the development looks very impressive".

2018-02-21 14:44:26

The head of Red Bull We really want to fight with McLaren

Head Red Bull Christian Horner said that he is determined to complete the fight with McLaren, a team that will use the same Renault engines.

2018-02-21 14:34:29

Carlos Sainz takes 20 laps to get used to Halo

The pilot of Renault Carlos Sainz said that getting used to the new system head protection Halo need no more than 20 laps.Carlos Sainz "I think it can be an effective device. Pilots will need 20 rounds to get used to the system, no more.

2018-02-21 10:44:27

Technical specification Renault RS18

Sessionals carbon fiber and composite materials produced by Renault Sport, designed for maximum load with minimum weight, the engine performs the function of the power element.

2018-02-21 10:24:27

Nick Chester and Remy about the new Renault RS18

Renault technical Director Nick Chester and chief engineer Renault Remy Taffin told about the preparations for the new season.Nick Chester "RS18 we have significantly modified the suspension, so the machine is more stable and predictable. During the season we plan to seriously work on the aerodynamics, and this applies not only increase downforce. We need to make the machine more easy to control, so the pilots could fully use all its potential."Remy "this season each competitor will receive three power plants, and the number of modules MGU-K and is reduced to two, so the main attention was paid to reliability. A new version of the power plant we began to develop more in 2016, when already knew about tightening the limit the use of motors, so that the amount of work being done on the stands was much higher than before".

2018-02-21 10:04:26

The head of Renault Our goal is progress in all areas

At the presentation of the Renault team leader Cyril abiteboul said that the main goal is to constantly progress in all areas.Cyril abiteboul "last year, we made progress in all areas. We restructured the team and made another step towards our goal.We have two talented pilot. Niko with his experience and took on the role of team leader. At the end of the season we came up with Carlos Sainz. We have been preparing for his arrival, and it all worked perfectly - his presence has allowed us to earn important points in the constructors ' championship. I'm sure without his help we would have lost the position in the championship.Our goal is to achieve significant progress in the results. We intend to improve in all areas engine, machine, work on the road, drivers - everything should be better".

2018-02-20 18:24:27

Artem Markelov - test-pilot Renault

At the presentation of Renault RS18, it was announced that a test pilot of the French team will be Russian Artem Markelov, Vice-champion of Formula 2.Artem Markelov "I am delighted to be part of this team, and as a test pilot is a great honor for me. I'll work on the simulator and will do everything I can to help in the development of RS18.Formula 1 is my goal, and this year I'll try to make another step forward. I know that Renault have helped many pilots to get to the Formula-1" .The examples are not far to seek last year's test-pilot Renault Sergey Sirotkin in this year, will debut in the Williams. As for Markelov, in this season he will once again compete in Formula 2 for the Russian team Russian Time.

2018-02-20 18:14:27

Renault team introduced the RS18

Renault team unveiled its car of 2018, which was code RS18. To pilot it will be Nico Hulkenberg and Carlos Sainz. Test-pilot Renault - Artem Markelov.

2018-02-20 13:54:25

Nico Hulkenberg, the Team needs another two or three years

Nico Hulkenberg, the Team needs another two or three years

The pilot of Renault Nico Hulkenberg believes that the team needs two or three years of preparation to fight for victory.Nico Hulkenberg "it is Very difficult to promote the team to the level of Red Bull and Mercedes. The investments we make now in the construction and modernization of the plant, would only benefit two or three years. While it's not running, nothing will happen.All teams have passed through this formative period. This is a normal process. Look at Mercedes, how many years they went to the titles With Red Bull the same story.Our establishment will only take a couple of years because it is a complicated sport and the rules are constantly changing. You need to constantly adapt, and you need new people with new ideas, we need as many people as possible".Today, the Renault team will introduce a new car RS18.

2018-02-20 13:34:26

The head of Red Bull We expect a fight with McLaren

Head Red Bull Christian Horner said that his team is ready to fight with McLaren, which is expected this year will return to the group leaders by Renault engines.Christian Horner "McLaren is a great team, and we look forward to fighting with them. But we have made significant progress, especially in the second half of last season, and I hope that this momentum will be continued in 2018.Rules are more or less the same, so there are many lessons we can learn from the development of the car in 2017".

2018-02-19 18:37:40

Red Bull Maybe in 2019 we will use Honda engines

Sports consultant to Red Bull Helmut Marko does not exclude that in 2019, his team will switch to Honda powerplant.This year, with Japanese mechanics working as a Junior team Toro Rosso. From the results of this work depends on the decision by Red Bull to be adopted in mid-summer.Helmut Marko "so far we are very surprised by the capabilities of the Honda, as well as their devotion and enthusiasm.I think they realized their mistakes. So far, based on the test stands, the engine is reliable. I think by mid season the engine will be able to reach the level of Renault.The rules have changed, so you need to declare what engine you want to use next year this summer. We will carefully analyze and then make a decision. Maybe in 2019 we'll use the Honda".

2018-02-19 18:37:11

Chapter Mercedes McLaren and Renault are a serious threat

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff believes that McLaren and Renault could pose a serious threat to his team in 2018.Toto Wolff "This is the pinnacle of Motorsport in which you have to respect every team and the best pilots.We take Ferrari, we take Red Bull, McLaren we accept, we are serious about Renault. These guys can fight for the championship. And some of the other teams can surprise us".

2018-01-30 11:04:04

Renault has named the date of the presentation

Team Renault will present a new car on 20 February. The event will be held online broadcast.At the moment, eight of the ten teams called the dates of your presentations. Keep silence only in the Red Bull and Haas.

2018-01-29 11:54:06

Red Bull Alonso has put Honda in a bad light

Red Bull Alonso has put Honda in a bad light

Sports consultant to Red Bull Helmut Marko said that the Honda mechanics are unable to cope with the task, due to the limitations of criticism of McLaren and Fernando Alonso.Helmut Marko "Honda Mechanics has made significant progress in recent years. Perhaps they have already reached the level of Renault.When they worked with McLaren, they had to compromise due to certain limitations of the machine. At the same time Alonso did everything possible to put Honda in a bad light.".

2018-01-29 11:34:04

Carlos Sainz took part in the Rally Monte Carlo

Carlos Sainz took part in the Rally Monte Carlo

Last weekend, Carlos Sainz Jr drove a few stages of the Rally Monte-Carlo behind the wheel of a Renault Megane RS.Carlos Sainz "I have long dreamed about it, and, finally, the dream became a reality thanks to Renault. I always wanted to take part in a rally race, to work with the Navigator in the legend. WowThe car was just perfect. It has several modes, and I had to try. She has precise steering and rather stiff suspension.In some places the track was very slippery. Father advised me to be very careful. But everything went very well."Carlos Sainz senior won three times in the Rally of Monte-Carlo in 1991 and 1998, driving a Toyota and in 1995 on the Subaru.

2018-01-27 18:14:04

Cyril abiteboul We are pleased to be working with McLaren

Cyril abiteboul We are pleased to be working with McLaren

Head of Renault Sport's Cyril abiteboul said that his company is pleased to supply engines to McLaren.Cyril abiteboul "the relationship is more positive than negative sides. If we are able to provide partners with good service, then this season will be interesting for Renault in terms of management.This is interesting because it is a difficult task, but at the same time, it gives us all motivation. There is a certain pride in the fact that we will continue to supply engines to other top teams and better pilots.In addition, McLaren has a wealth of experience and can show us other ways to work with our engine. Honestly, I'm looking forward to the start of the season. This year can bring us a lot of positive moments.".

2018-01-26 13:34:04

January nomeromania 26 - Daniil Kvyat, 2015

January nomeromania 26 - Daniil Kvyat, 2015

His best season in Formula 1 Daniil Kvyat held in 2015. Then the Russians were on the car of Red Bull with the number "26".Kvyat made his debut in the championship in 2014 in the Toro Rosso. His progress during the season so impressed the leadership of the Red Bull that Sebastian Vettel went to Ferrari, in his place was invited Daniel.The start of the 2015 season turned out to be difficult for Red Bull because of the constant failures of the engine Renault. For example, in Australia, Daniel never even made it to the starting grid. Reliability gradually came to normal, and began to appear the results. In Monaco Kvyat started fifth and finished fourth. Then there was sixth place in the UK. Finally, in Hungary, Quat climbed to the second step of the podium - the best result for the citizens of Russia.

2018-01-25 16:24:04

Mika Salo Sirotkin and Stroll at the same level

Mika Salo Sirotkin and Stroll at the same level

Mika Salo, former Formula 1 driver and now a consultant to SMP Racing, believes that Russian rookie Sergey Sirotkin and his partner Williams lance Stroll, who has one full season are about on the same level.Mika Salo "Sergey is a talented guy, he is well versed in the technique, he has the experience obtained on the tests in the Renault.I think Sirotkin and Stroll are on the same level of competition, but only the race will show, like it or not. Of course, they will fight among themselves that will positively affect the development of the team.

2018-01-23 16:04:03

CNBC - partner McLaren

CNBC - partner McLaren

New partner of the team McLaren became the American channel CNBC, one of the leaders in coverage of the events business. The contract is signed for a few years.Earlier, the head of McLaren Zach brown said that after switching to Renault engines, many potential sponsors interested in working with the team and will be soon made several statements. Obviously, the statement about the contract with CNBC is one of them.

2018-01-23 13:04:04

Carlos Sainz will participate in the WRC

Carlos Sainz will participate in the WRC

The pilot of Renault, Carlos Sainz will take part in a stage of the rally Monte Carlo on January 28. Sainz will pilot the new Renault Megane RS for a length of 13.58 km Carlos Sainz "I really look forward to meeting with Rally Monte Carlo. This will be my first experience.I've heard so much about it from my father how difficult these steps can dramatically change the conditions, from snow to rain or a bright sun to clouds. There really need nerves of steel, because you have to fly inches away from cliffs.It will be very anxious to take part in this legendary event at the wheel of the car Renault Megane RS, which will be equipped with studded tires. I'll try to get a full sense of the WRC this stage".

2018-01-23 11:34:06

Cyril abiteboul We are ready to supply teams of their pilots

The head of Renault's Cyril abiteboul said that his team and Ferrari with Mercedes, will offer the client the stables of its pilots.Cyril abiteboul "It works in the Mercedes with Esteban Windows, it works in Ferrari with Charles LeClair. We know that it works once and with us.We already have the pilots, but until we've established strong relationships with its customers in Formula 1. The next cycle of our development strategy will include pilots in the client teams. Already in 2020, we would like to see in Formula 1 his pupil".

2018-01-22 15:24:03

Renault will present the car before all

As informs German edition Auto Motor und Sport, Renault team will present its new car on February 20.Previously, only four teams have announced the dates of presentation 22 February - Mercedes and Ferrari, 23 Feb., 25 Feb - Toro Rosso.Pre-season test starts in Barcelona on February 25.

2018-01-22 11:44:03

Cyril abiteboul We are not interested in the secrets of other teams

Cyril abiteboul We are not interested in the secrets of other teams

The head of Renault's Cyril abiteboul said that his team has hired former technical delegate FIA Marcin Budkowski not because of the knowledge of the secrets of their rivals.Cyril abiteboul "I can understand the skepticism of the teams, but we don't recruit someone of the caliber of Marcin for the position of Executive Director just because he knows a bit about the other teams. We hired him for his experience, capabilities, skills. He's got incredible ideas that will help us to take the next step in the development of the stables.We are not interested in the secrets of other teams, and I think a good demonstration of this fact is the complete isolation Budkowski from the development of the chassis until April.The situation is that Marcin is going to get paid since January, but will not participate in the work on the car until April. He will be so much work. I need to reorganize Renault".

2018-01-21 16:24:04

January nomeromania 21 - Fernando Alonso, 2001

January nomeromania 21 - Fernando Alonso, 2001

Season 2001 is notable, then, that Formula 1 made its debut a few talented drivers, including Fernando Alonso. The first car of the Spaniard was a Minardi starting number "21".In 1999, Alonso won the World series by Renault. The next step, Formula 3000, where a Spaniard, with one win in fourth place. Results Fernando has attracted the attention of Flavio Briatore, the team principal of Benetton and in the end of 2000, the young pilot had conducted the first tests behind the wheel of a Formula 1.In 2001 19-year-old Alonso was the official test pilot with Benetton. In parallel, Briatore was able to negotiate with a small team Minardi regarding internships Fernando. The debut of Spanish took place at the Grand Prix of Australia, where he started 19th and finished 12th.

2018-01-21 15:14:04

Renault is thinking about creating a racing Academy

The head of Renault's Cyril abiteboul said that his team is thinking about creating a racing Academy for young pilots.Cyril abiteboul "While no clear plan, but if you look at the experience of other commands that can bring up your pilot with the Junior series, the use becomes apparent.We can only observe how the pilots work in other teams using our engines. Perhaps this cooperation will also help us to select good pilots. While we are working with Red Bull and McLaren. But we have ambitious plans for the supply of engines.

2018-01-21 14:54:05

Stoffel Vandorn McLaren under huge pressure

While race Director McLaren Eric bulge calms the press, talking about the complete indifference of the team to handle the pressure next year, its pilot Stoffel Vandorn decided to add fuel to the fire.Stoffel Vandorn "In 2018, the pressure on the team will be very large, because we have strong rivals to compare progress.I still have work to do to become a pilot. I'll have to quickly understand how this machine works. The speed I have, if it is correct to put all components of the weekend.I don't aim for the season. For me, my point of comparison, Fernando Alonso. The results last year were not such as I expected, but now I am much stronger.I was able to open in a team, to understand my engineers and mechanics, and I also learned from Fernando how to adapt to the car, which are not always effective, how to handle problems during the season.I already had my first day of work in the simulator with the engineers and we were able to discuss a lot about the new car. First impression - the engine of the Renault was a really good fit. All are interested in to begin your tests and see what we can do on the track.View already in Barcelona, as we are right in their calculations".

2018-01-21 12:54:05

Renault No need for revolution engine in 2021

The head of Renault's Cyril abiteboul said that Formula 1 is not required another change in the rules on the engines after 2021.Cyril abiteboul "No, nothing new. Discussions are ongoing and opinions are still divided. We need to improve the current engine, which has several problematic issues. We need more noise and more performance.Let's not limit its potential fuel consumption, mileage components and penalties for changing engine. But first of all, let's leave the current engine as the basis for the future. No need for a revolution of 2021, and nobody wants".

2018-01-20 12:44:03

McLaren We really have no pressure

On the days of racing Director of McLaren Eric boullier said that his team is not afraid of the pressure after the transition to the motors Renault. Now he again has to confirm his words.Eric boullier "We do not feel additional pressure. On the contrary, the team is motivated by the fact that we are such strong drivers, and to fight against us will be Red Bull and Renault.In 2018, the pressure on the team will be really high, because now we will be actively compared to named my teams on the same engines.Red Bull won a couple of races last season, and Renault were able to make progress, so the pressure will be. We're happy with this, as progress is now very important for the team".

2018-01-19 14:24:03

Sergey Sirotkin has chosen starting number

Sergey Sirotkin has chosen starting number

The following season Williams will be Sergey Sirotkin. For a debut season, the Russian has chosen starting number "35".Earlier tests Sergei worked under the numbers "46" Renault and "41" Williams.The last time the pilot with the number "35" appears at the start of the Formula 1 race in 1991 Grand Prix of San Marino Eric van de Pula, you will find yourself started on the 21st and went down because of lack of fuel.