Robert Kubica

Robert Kubica was born on December 7, 1984 in Krakow. His athletic career began in 1995 in karting. Some time after this he moved to Italy and continued his studies there already. Already in 2001, Robert participated in the Italian Formula Renault and Eurocup in. Later, in 2003 became a constant driver of the European Formula 3 series. In 2005, Robert started in the World Series by Renault, which won several victories, and this allowed him to become a champion of the series. Because of this, he was invited at the end of the year for tests in the Formula 1 Renault, where he showed an excellent result. As a result, Robert said BMW Sauber team and as a result he signed a test driver for 2006. Demonstrating excellent speed on the test and before the Grand Prix, he could make his debut in the race is already on the Hungarian Grand Prix-06, replacing Jacques Villeneuve. In the first race, Robert finished eighth. But he was unlucky, because the result was annulled due to the fact that the mass was smaller than allowed by the machine. But the real surprise was Kubica Wake up in the next Grand Prix in Monza on the podium. This enabled Robert to extend the contract with the team for next year. Pole did not disappoint BMW Sauber, and the championship in 2007 where he finished the final 6th place. But in the U.S. Grand Prix Pole not fortunate enough to get into because of an accident, which put into question the career Kubica, but in the end everything turned out. Robert made a real sensation in 2008. He was among the contenders for the title and surpassed his more famous teammate. After winning the Canadian Grand Prix, he became a favorite in the fight for the title. But then again, he had no luck. BMW Sauber has decided to focus on preparing for the championship of the 2009 and ceased work on the 2008 bolide. As a result, in the second half of the season, the Pole began to show results worse, and the final race in Brazil ended all outside the top ten. After so many successes in 2008, following the championship for him became a nightmare. Robert Kubica finished the championship at the fourteenth place. By its end, he signed a contract with a team of Renault.
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Robert Kubica, looks set to be occupied in 2018

Despite the disappointment felt by Robert Kubica, losing the ability to speak during the season 2018 Formula 1, it will be very busy this year.This week, the pole will test a prototype LMP1 Manor in Spain.Robert Kubica "I will regularly get behind the wheel of racing cars throughout the year. It may not be what everyone was hoping for, but it returns me to the battle, providing good opportunities to work on the track.I won't have much time to pilot the car of Formula 1, but still have a good chance at this. I think that this opportunity will open other paths to return to the Royal race in the future.I would prefer to participate in the race, but 12 months ago nobody could not have imagined that I will fight for this opportunity. I know better than anyone where to find what I need, what I need to work."It is also known that Kubica will hold in the Williams three Friday practice.

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Nico Rosberg Kubica still dreams about racing

Nico Rosberg Kubica still dreams about racing

Champion of the season in 2016 and the Manager of Robert Kubica, Nico Rosberg said pole still not lost hope to compete in Formula 1.Nico Rosberg "it is great that Robert was able to get the job to Williams. He can roll a lot of miles. For him this is a great contract, and certainly a step in the right direction."Let's remind, that Kubica has collected 8 million sponsorship to Williams, which only lasted for the position of reserve pilot British team.

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Karun Chandhok it's a Shame that Kubica was left without a place

Karun Chandhok it's a Shame that Kubica was left without a place

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Karun Chandhok admitted that he was sad that Robert Kubica was left without a place in the championship.Karun Chandhok "it's a Shame that he has not found a place, but I think the team gave him a lot of opportunities to really prove he deserves to stay in the world of Formula 1.I don't know of other pilots who would be able in two teams to test their quality and to prove its speed. I don't think someone will be able to say that he had no real chance to compete this year."He Chandhok competed for HRT in 2010 and spent one race for Lotus in 2011.

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The head of Renault Sirotkin is a talented pilot

The head of Renault Sirotkin is a talented pilot

Last year on the tests at the wheel Renault has worked both Robert Kubica and Sergey Sirotkin. Now both pilots will run in the Williams.Cyril abiteboul, head of Renault Sport "last year we worked with Robert, and with Sergei, and I'm glad they found a place in another team.As for Sergei, I am very happy that he got to Formula 1. He amazed us with his ability to understand the machine and give feedback that is needed during tests. He's a very talented pilot".

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Robert Kubica - reserve pilot Williams

Robert Kubica - reserve pilot Williams

This year Robert Kubica will work for Williams as a reserve pilot and pilot development.Paddy Lowe, technical Director, Williams "First of all, we admire what made Robert to this point. To recover from serious injuries and to be back behind the wheel of a Formula 1 is a fantastic achievement, especially considering that many thought it was impossible.We expect that Robert will make a valuable contribution to the development of our team in their work on tests and on the simulator. Robert is a pilot, which I always admired, and I am glad that we work together in the season of 2018".Robert Kubica "I am delighted to be a part of Williams as a backup pilot and pilot development. I want to thank the team for the opportunity, for the trust".

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Official Sergey Sirotkin - pilot Williams

Official Sergey Sirotkin - pilot Williams

The Williams team has officially announced the pilots on the season-2018 canadian lance Stroll and Russian Sergey Sirotkin. A reserve pilot will be Robert Kubica.Claire Williams, Deputy team principal "the evaluation Process of the pilots behind us, and I'm glad we made the decision on the composition of the pilots for 2018. Now I wonder what the results will bring a new season.I'm sure lance and Sergey will be able to achieve good results. Williams always worked with young talents, he fits this definition. For lance's debut season was very successful, and now he has experience. We have talented pilots, thanks to which we can make progress".

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Sportowe Fakty Sirotkin was faster than Kubica

The Polish newspaper posted on its pages an overview of the reasons that Robert Kubica did not return to Formula 1, although he was incredibly close to this.Sportowe Fakty "the Team reported that the results on the track was the main reason for the signing of the contract with Sirotkin.It turned out that the tests in Abu Dhabi were crucial. Kubica also said that he had problems with the tires Pirelli. It was difficult to adapt to them after a certain number of circles.Williams decided not to risk it. We probably now will never see Kubica in Formula 1. Moreover, Sirotkin was able to provide the widow a large sum of sponsorship than Robert.But actually money is just a bonus from the pilot. If Kubica was twice as good Sirotkin, he'd be in the car this season. No one seems to remember that Renault has stopped working with Robert for the same reasons as Williams. It sounds harsh, but these are facts.Almost no one in the paddock did not want to see Robert on the grid. He is one of the greatest unfulfilled talent in the history of the sport.It would be great PR for Williams and would have brought the championship a lot of new fans, and FIA also saw a benefit and lobbied for his candidacy.Obviously, it was a hard decision for the team. Now they are criticized all over the world, and some say that the Stroll-Sirotkin - the worst pilots Williams. Are they right Only time will tell.But when making decisions in Formula 1 there is no place for sentimentality".

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Mario Isola Kubica takes time to adapt

Sports Director of Pirelli Mario Isola admitted that he still believes Robert Kubica fastest driver.Mario Isola "Robert is a very experienced pilot. Although he had not acted in Formula 1, it still remained necessary skills. When I asked him about the tires, I clearly told about peculiarities of their behavior.But I must admit that one should not expect miracles from the pilot, who was in a serious accident and missed several seasons. Naturally, he lost to the pilot who was driving a modern Formula 1 a lot of tests.Kubica will need time to adapt. I still consider him the fastest driver".Earlier, the expert from BBC's Andrew Benson said that Kubica lost to Sergey Sirotkin in the fight for a place at Williams because of problems with the new tyres Pirelli.Andrew Benson "the Main problem of Robert speed in qualifying mode. In the car with empty tanks he has failed to achieve a significant improvement in time. He complained to his Manager on the problems with the tires".

2018-01-10 17:54:04

BBC Kubica lost Sirotkin because of the tires

BBC Kubica lost Sirotkin because of the tires

Expert BBC Andrew Benson believes that Robert Kubica lost to Sergey Sirotkin in the fight for a place at Williams because of problems with the new tyres Pirelli.Andrew Benson "the Main problem of Robert speed in qualifying mode. In the car with empty tanks he has failed to achieve a significant improvement in time. He complained to his Manager on the problems with rubber.There is nothing unusual. All pilots have difficulty adapting to the new Pirelli tyres, and the pilot, who for six years have not acted in Formula 1, even more difficult. In the end, Williams decided that Kubica is unlikely to cope with their work and chose Sirotkin".An official statement on Williams Sirotkin is expected in the coming days.

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January nomeromania 10 - Vitaly Petrov, 2011

January nomeromania 10 - Vitaly Petrov, 2011

In 2010 in the Formula-1 there was a Russian pilot - in-part of Renault debuted Vitaly Petrov. In 2011, the Russian has maintained a place in the French team, having the number "10".In 2010 Petrov scored 27 points and took the 13th place - the results are, admittedly, not very good on the background of Robert Kubica, who finished the season in 8th position with 136 points. However, with Vitali renew the contract for one year. Of course, not without the help of Russian sponsors.To the 2011 season, the Renault engineering headquarters, headed by James Allison has prepared a unique car R31 with forward exhaust. Suddenly, after the first tests, which showed serious potential innovations in a serious accident Kubica, and most of the work in preparation for the new season fell on the shoulders of Petrov. This has borne fruit already in the first Grand Prix of Australia Vitaly climbed to the third step of the podium.

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Flavio Briatore, Kubica lost to Sirotkina budget

Flavio Briatore, former head of the commands Benetton Renault, indirectly confirmed that the free space in Williams is Sergey Sirotkin, but not Robert Kubica, whose work leads the 2016 champion Nico Rosberg.Flavio Briatore "I'm sorry that Kubica was able to negotiate with Williams. I spoke with Rosberg, and he said that he tried various options, but the pilot from Russia, a big budget, about 20 million, but Kubica was able to collect approximately 7-10 million.Sorry. And I don't even know the name of this Russian. Very strange that the leaders of the championship did not help Robert to return to Formula 1 - that would be great".

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January nomeromania 4 - Robert Kubica, 2008

January nomeromania 4 - Robert Kubica, 2008

In 2008 Sauber owned by BMW, and thanks to the cooperation with the Bavarian minders were able to challenge Ferrari and McLaren. As part of the Swiss team under the number "4" was made by Robert Kubica.Early in the season the pilots Ferrari and McLaren often made errors, allowing Kubica several times on the podium. And on the seventh stage in Canada Robert does win, then suddenly became the leader of the championship. But then problems and mistakes of rivals became less, and the results Sauber has fallen markedly in the remaining races pole only three times finished in the top three. In the end, Kubica finished the season in fourth position, behind Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen.

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Toto Wolff advised Williams to look at the talented youth

Robert Kubica and Sergey Sirotkin are applying for a place in Williams. However, the head of Mercedes Toto Wolff advises the British team to look at the young pilots who won last season of the Junior series.Toto Wolff in an interview with BBC5 "If I were the head of Williams, would risk and would invite George Russell Lando Norris or Charles LeClair is the talented guys that have experience winning Championships. Tomorrow they will be superstars".Russell, a career supported by Mercedes, this year became the champion GP3, Norris, under the tutelage of McLaren, won the European Formula-3, Leclere, a protege of Ferrari - Formula-2.

2017-12-21 13:24:03

Gary Anderson Williams choose Sirotkin

Expert Formula 1 Gary Anderson, who had to work the chief designer in various teams of the championship, commented on the situation with the choice of the second pilot Williams.Gary Anderson "Williams is facing a difficult choice. They have lance Stroll, who spent just one season in Formula 1 and do not count.Robert Kubica is a risky choice. He was a fast driver, but now have doubts about his abilities. Daniil Kvyat has experience, but last season caused a lot of issues. Sergey Sirotkin has experience in the test and during Friday's practice, although to him also have questions.I think we should choose between Sirotkina and Cuatom - in the future, they both can be good pilots as well and Stroll. Obviously, Williams will select the pilot, which will bring more money."According to available information, the Williams team have signed a preliminary contract with Sirotkin who suggested sponsorship contribution of 15 million.

2017-12-15 19:24:03

Williams will call the pilots in January

The only opening for the season in 2018 remains to Williams. But the team from grove will announce the driver line-up until December.Press service of Williams "We are not planning to make a statement until January, so enjoy the new year festivities. Thanks for the support See you in 2018"A place in Williams claims pole Robert Kubica, and also two Russians Sergey Sirotkin and Daniil Kvyat.

2017-12-14 14:44:03

Helmut Marko Sirotkin faster Kubica

Sports consultant to Red Bull Helmut Marko, commenting on the situation with the candidates for a place in Williams, said that Sergey Sirotkin on the tests in Abu Dhabi was faster than Robert Kubica.Helmut Marko "Sirotkin was faster. In addition, he has 15 million dollars, and Kubica this sponsorship package can not boast.However, Williams will not be an experienced pilot. They don't seem to want to move forward".

2017-12-14 11:14:03

Robert Kubica has not yet lost the chance to become a pilot for Williams

Recently there was information that the Williams team refused the services of Robert Kubica in favor of one of the Russian pilots. However, the father of the pole I am sure that there are still chances.Artur Kubica "all is not lost. We do everything we can to convince management to take Robert Williams. They are very mysterious, but promised to make a decision before Christmas. Obviously, if they think for a long time, so we provided them with good arguments".

2017-12-12 15:54:03

Robert Kubica Before and after the accident

Robert Kubica Before and after the accident

Robert Kubica's life was divided into two parts before and after the unfortunate accident in early 2011. But now he claims a place in Williams, and we decided to recall the development of career Polish pilot.2006 2005 Kubica with a huge advantage won the World series by Renault, for which he received a reward in the form of test driving the French Formula 1 race car. Many of the teams drew attention to Robert, but the first contract test pilot for 21-year-old pole has signed with BMW-Sauber. He trusted the tests and Friday practice, during which he showed good results. All went to the fact that in the season of 2007, Kubica will become a combat pilot of this team.However, the debut took place in 2006 when leader of the BMW-Sauber Jacques Villeneuve fell out with the leadership and left the team. In the first race in Hungary Robert ahead in qualifying experienced partner nick Heidfeld finished seventh, but from-for underweight and was disqualified. But a month later, at the Grand Prix of Italy in Monza, Kubica climbed to the third step of the podium.

2017-12-12 11:54:02

The Russian pilot will partner Stroll to Williams

The situation around the free space in Williams changed every day. Autosport said partner lance Stroll will be a Russian driver. But whoIt is reported that after the tests in Abu Dhabi guide Williams decided to refuse the services of Robert Kubica. And now the main candidate to free the cockpit is Sergey Sirotkin, who also took part in comparative tests. If for some reason you sign a contract with Sergei will fail, this place will be experienced Daniil Kvyat.The decision can be made before the end of this week.

2017-12-11 14:04:04

Sirotkin is the second option to Williams

Sirotkin is the second option to Williams

According to canadian newspaper Journal de Montreal, Williams will sign a contract with Robert Kubica. While a reserve pilot British team will be Sergey Sirotkin.Williams still doubt the ability of Kubica. If at the beginning of the season he will not be able to show the speed that you expect from him, he was immediately replaced by Sirotkin.It is reported that Sirotkin Williams offered a sponsorship package in the amount of 15 million.

2017-12-09 14:44:04

Williams We don't negotiate with Rolanda

The Formula 2 Oliver Rowland said that his managers are in talks with Williams. The British team was quick to refute this assertion.Press service of Williams "Rowland is not among applicants for a place in our team, we are not conducting negotiations with him".The main candidates for a place in Williams considered the Polish Robert Kubica and Russian Sergey Sirotkin.

2017-12-08 21:24:04

Oliver Rowland competitor Sirotkin and Kvyat

Oliver Rowland competitor Sirotkin and Kvyat

There is another contender for a place in the team Williams - the Brit Oliver Rowland, last season competing in the Formula 2 for team DAMS.Oliver Rowland "My managers are in talks with Williams. British driver in a British team - is a good option. Let's see what happens, because candidates at this place quite a lot".Indeed, for a place in Williams expect Robert Kubica, Paul di Resta, as well as the Russians Sergei Sirotkin and Daniil Kvyat.As for Rowland, this year he won two races in Formula 2 and took third place, significantly behind Charles LeClair and Artem Markelov.

2017-12-06 18:44:03

Kvyat has worked on the simulator Williams

As reported by Sky Sports, the former pilot of Red Bull and Toro Rosso Daniel Quat still claim a place in the Williams team.Daniel had already visited the base Williams in Grove. It is known that he, at least, once worked on a simulator of the British team.Besides Kvyat, the place in Williams expect Robert Kubica and Sergey Sirotkin.

2017-12-06 10:14:03

Vettel and Hulkenberg doubt the return of Kubica

The Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel admitted he was not sure that Robert Kubica will return to Formula 1.Sebastian Vettel "I think that accident was very tragic. He was considered a future champion, but I don't understand why he now seeks to return.Why didn't he do this sooner For him it would be a good story, but, on the other hand, his return would have blocked the way for other young pilots, more decent work in the Formula-1".The pilot of Renault's Nico Hulkenberg agrees that the return of Kubica will be a great story for Formula 1.Nico Hulkenberg "During tests we saw that the speed Robert has. But, we don't know how it will manifest itself on the first lap in Monaco or Singapore.I hope that he will be able to race at the highest level. But we will see only next year. I estimate the chances of him returning as 50 to 50".

2017-12-05 11:44:04

Kubica and Sirotkin will visit the Williams database

Kubica and Sirotkin will visit the Williams database

Williams confirmed that Robert Kubica and Sergey Sirotkin, took part in the tests last week, invited to the team base in grove.Press service of Williams "this week Robert will visit the team base in Grou for the evaluation of test results. Sergey is also invited."Obviously, Williams will choose a partner for lance Stroll between these two candidates. Previously, the team said they wanted to determine the composition of the pilots by the end of this year.At the recent tests in Abu Dhabi Kubla showed the best time of 139.485 on the soft tyres Gipersoft. Sirotkina best time 139.947, but it shows on the harder tyre, the Soft.

2017-12-03 21:14:03

Daniil Kvyat Ferrari

Edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport, citing a source inside Ferrari, said that the Scuderia may sign a contract backup pilot with Daniel Cuatom.Last season a reserve pilot Ferrari was Antonio Giovinazzi, but in 2018 he will become the third pilot of the Sauber, where he will occasionally hold Friday practice. As a replacement, consider the candidature Kvyat. According to Italian journalists, will benefit both sides the Ferrari will get an experienced pilot, and Daniel will be able to restart his career.It is known that Kvyat is regarded as a contender for a place in Williams, but there are greatest chances of Robert Kubica and Sergey Sirotkin.

2017-12-03 11:44:03

Lance Stroll I need a team player

The Williams driver lance Stroll has stated that next year he needs a partner who would work for the team.Lance Stroll "I just need a team player. You still work for yourself, in their boxes, with their engineers, but, of course, always good to have a good relationship with a partner.You never want to fight each other so much that the team was split into two parts. You want someone to push you forward all the time, so the partner was competitive, played at a high level so you can become the best pilot.But it all comes down to the fact that only Williams decides what to do. I'll agree with any decision".A place in Williams expect Robert Kubica, Sergey Sirotkin, Daniel and Paul di Resta.

2017-12-02 11:44:04

Sergey Sirotkin wants to stay in Williams

Sergey Sirotkin wants to stay in Williams

Russian driver Sergey Sirotkin has admitted that he hopes for a place in Williams in the season of 2018.Although Robert Kubica - the first candidate for the vacant position, Sergey was also able to spend a good test in Abu Dhabi.Sergey Sirotkin "I want to thank Williams for what they gave me the opportunity to Express themselves, even if I don't know what the future will bring.I was here not to enjoy the sun and the world's best cars. I can't hope to place Renault in the near future. However, for me there's still a chance to get the privilege to work with different teams at the highest level.I first met Robert on these tests. He is very open and kind. He happily talked with me and we could compare our times. Robert calmly assessed the situation, even if it was not on his side. I think he really held an exceptional job in the last tests.Just to place a reserve pilot is not for me. I have a lot to learn, but I want to and the adrenaline of racing".

2017-12-01 13:31:21

Williams adapted the car Robert Kubica

Williams adapted the car Robert Kubica

On tests in Abu Dhabi behind the wheel of a Williams FW40 sat down Robert Kubica. Especially for this occasion, the British team made changes to the control system of the machine.Long after the accident Robert has slightly limited mobility of his right hand. Because of this I had to make an additional notch on the right side of the cockpit indicated by the green arrow. In addition, shifting up and down is done with a single left-hand stalk switch petal. Usually pilots use one, left or right petal to increase gear, and the other to decrease.Below, for comparison, a photograph of the cockpit of lance Stroll.