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Ross brown Michael Lewis and very similar"

Ross brown Michael Lewis and very similar

In his long career in Formula 1, Ross brown with different teams won eight constructors ' Championships, and 58-year-old engineer is not going to resign until he sees the success of Mercedes. In-depth interview to Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung team leader told about the changes in its structure, relations with the riders and plans for the future.

Question Ross, you still get pleasure from the Formula 1

Ross brown Yes, I have the motivation and love the excitement of the sport. Mercedes is a difficult time, but we're just coming out of this crisis and are progressing. Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton are the two best men in the world, the team collects a very strong group of engineers. All changes of the past year and a half, gradually yield results.

Q recently, The Mercedes hit the headlines for a different reason - because of tests with Pirelli and the Tribunal FIA.

Ross brown it's a Pity that it drew away from all the achievements of the team. We won five pole positions, and this is a great result, especially if to recollect, what positions held Mercedes year ago.

Question These tests helped you understand your tires

Ross brown It has nothing to do. During the tests we worked with the tires will this year be used in races. We do not have the benefits and couldn't even find out.

Question In the Red Bull Racing and Ferrari have a different opinion. Do you think that the opponents feared Mercedes

Ross brown Now we occupy the third position in the Cup of designers, yielding Red Bull Racing and Ferrari, in this year is very tight battle. Protests these two commands - a kind of a compliment for us. Contact the FIA is their right, we were punished. Hopefully now we can concentrate on the race, because we are here only for that.

Question Mercedes change - Toto Wolff headed the sports division of the company, as Niki Lauda became the adviser of Motorsport. What has changed for this time

Ross brown They both have strengthened the link between the leadership of the automaker in Stuttgart and the team in the UK, I was not strong. I focused on the team that I wanted to do. Toto and Nicky regularly informed by the Board of Directors of Daimler of our work so that everyone understands what is happening. They both bring benefit to the team.

Question do members of the team belonging to the heritage of Mercedes

Ross brown We again and again we emphasize in Brackley we - Mercedes, we - «Silver arrows» This name is associated with a rich heritage. You cannot just buy a team and overnight change everything. After the arrival of Toto and Nicky we further strengthened this link.

Question Not enough only to Michael Schumacher. Will you miss him

Ross brown Michael is a friend of mine, we always keep in touch. He is proud of the team and our progress, but of course, I regret that he was unable to show the world what he's capable of, despite his age. It would be great if the machine in the past years was a bit more competitive. Many believed that Michael lost his speed, as Niko often ahead, but outside of the team very few people understand how fast the Rosberg. He may impose struggle Lewis, one of the best drivers.

Question does Michael in the progress of the team this year

Ross brown Michael constantly shared with us their thoughts and ideas. He very precisely on the behavior of the cars on the track, watching rivals. Engineers have a huge amount of data, but they can interpret them only with the help of the riders. Michael was one of the best in this respect, but Niko could tell everything in detail. Schumacher never said, how shall we build a machine that, but, of course, participated in the creation of W04.

Question what is The difference between Schumacher and

Ross brown They are both incredibly fast and professional racers, able to constantly monitor the emotion that helps us very much. Michael Lewis and are very similar. Both keen to win, finalize the car and try to make the team more competitive. Hamilton is not satisfied with the achieved results, it forces the team to develop and gives us a new impetus. It's great

Question Hamilton showed you something of his life, such as the music of American rappers or the art of conducting a microblog on Twitter

Ross brown No, I don't know about such things - I belong to another generation. Many said that we have problems with Lewis, but it never happened. A new environment is good for him, it motivates and energizes. He took a new challenge, and the machine has surpassed his expectations. Before the transition Lewis of the team I told him about our master plan and promised to 2014 we will fight for the victory. However, we do this now.

Question So next year you hope to win the title

Ross brown I want Mercedes won the Cup of constructors, and one of our riders became world champion - and both must occur as soon as possible. I do not care who wins the title - Lewis or Niko, but I want to see one of them on top.

Question You'll stay in the team in 2014

Ross brown I hope so. Ever have to end my career, but I want to do it only after the team will return to the top.

Paddy Lowe started to work earlier than we expected, he should get in the swing of things. On it will form a big responsibility, and, perhaps, my role in the team will be changed again.

Question Paddy Lowe, Bob bell, Aldo Costa and Jeff Willis. How many more engineers of the highest level will take a Mercedes

Ross brown I think we now have enough of them. That is the ideal combination, each has its own task. Currently Bob bell engaged W04, Aldo Costa oversees the preparation for the next season, and Jeff Willis - by 2015. We have excellent prospects.

Question In the beginning of the season there were rumors that the contract with Paddy Lowe can turn your departure from the team. You fear for your job

Ross brown I never feared for his job. I always did what he thought was necessary. Sorry if this is not consistent with the concept of the rest, but I'm not going to change. I always knew that working in Formula 1 consists of UPS and downs.

Question What will be the Formula 1 in the future

Ross brown Some speculated that the championship will be electric cars, but this has not happened. However, Formula 1 will continue to play a significant role in research and development of new technologies, but we should do it more actively.

The struggle on the track and entertainment side is the essence of Formula 1, we can not sacrifice. I speak not only about the technical aspects that someday, probably bored viewer, because he will cease to understand them. Fans want to see the fight racers, and we must ensure this. However, the charm of the Formula 1 in the work of the man with the machine and the victory in the best combination of the rider and the chassis.

Question do You think that Formula 1 will withstand the economic crisis

Ross Brown Yes. The only question is in what condition we will come out of it. Formula 1 is always works on a limit of possibilities, each of us the maximum spread. The thing is to push the boundaries of possibilities. I think more control over the budgets and resources will bring us all a favor - then the Formula 1 will continue. It is unstable, but always adapted to the situation. In the championship are very creative people, they always found a way out of the situation.

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The British Grand Prix Press conference on Friday

The British Grand Prix Press conference on Friday

Participants Graham Marussia F1 Team, Ross Brown Mercedes, Christian Horner Red Bull Racing, Martin Whitmarsh McLaren, Eric Lotus

Question Gentlemen, a General question about the recent meeting of the court of the FIA. He was going for the first time in the history of Formula 1. How do you assess the results of the consideration of the case Let's start with you, Eric.

Eric the System worked well. The meeting passed without any problems, as the whole process.

Question Graham

Graham We first watched the process with respect to Formula 1, from the side it looked extremely clear and transparent. Nice to look at the situation from the position of judges is difficult for me to comment on their verdict as it is solely their powers, but the main thing - the Tribunal in its decision relied on extenuating circumstances, which at first we were not observed. Perhaps at first they looked like softening, but became wealthy in the process.

Question Martin

MW I have nothing to add. We are not engaged in the process, I know that some of those present at this conference was watching it live. The process turned out to be independent, and this is important, otherwise you'd better ask my colleagues.

Question Ross, you were a direct participant. Your opinion

Ross brown Yes, the most direct. Previously the Federation was often criticized - rightly or wrongly - the progress, but now, with the participation of the President of the FIA they managed to develop procedures that can hardly become the subject of criticism. The Tribunal is independent - people can have different opinions about the verdict, but the decision-making process, no complaints. We first observed all this in action and now we can be sure that in the future the decision will be independent.

As far as I understand, the judges were from the twelve contenders versed in the matters of sports. They have taken a decision based on facts and went only to the steps considered justified. One can argue about the verdict, but the process went very rationally, and it will add all the commands confidence in the future.

Question Christian, what is your opinion about the process and the outcome

Christian Horner the Process was efficient. The sides presented their arguments, and the judges considered them in the framework of the session of the Tribunal. The verdict, in my opinion, is fair, and if we talk about the scheduled fine. you know, now I need to be careful in the comments, because Ross much stronger than me Perhaps the punishment was a bit soft, but the process was fair, and everybody was interested, as he still held.

The main result of all this is clarity. To understand what rules govern whether we conduct tests exclusively with machines previous years, or allowed the use of modern chassis. For us the reason of the appeal to the Tribunal was the desire to achieve full clarity regarding what can be considered as tests and what not.

Question Ross, I will give you a chance to respond Christian who believes the decision of the Tribunal few soft. Your opinion

Ross brown I Think I disagree with Christian.

Question I am Sure we will return to this topic. Eric, most recently, a 35 stake in your team bought the new consortium. Why this happened now, and why you think they are really interested investors

Eric Why now There is such chance. In Genii Capital have been looking for an investor. We quite a long time remained team, wholly owned by a single shareholder Genii Capital chose the correct co-owner, and once determined, the transaction took place.

Question After mark Webber announced his decision to withdraw from Formula 1, Kimi began to more actively seeking to place Australian in the Red Bull Racing. Himself Kimi said that his contract lasts until the end of the year. What do you say

Eric I Can only repeat his words - contract really ends at the end of the year. Kimi will have to decide Red Bull wanted to sign him, we want to keep him in the team - Finn chooses what is best for them. The prospect compete in the Red Bull Racing looks tempting, but he knows he can get in the Lotus. We are conducting negotiations with him to achieve a common understanding of the prospects for the development of team - let me remind you, we are still very young, our team just four years. I think right now Kimi satisfied with what he has.

Question Christian, it seems, this morning you said that the most probable candidates to the place of the Mark are Kimi Raikkonen and a couple of riders Toro Rosso. Could you share your opinion about solutions to Mark the time when the decision was announced, and about the further steps of the team

Christian Horner First of all, mark made the decision about resignation. You need to understand what contribution he made to the development team. Since joining still in the Jaguar in 2007 it progressed along with the team and his nine wins and over thirty podiums are worthy of help in winning three Constructors ' Championships.

Any rider is not easy given such a decision, but mark has announced it fairly early and thus hid himself from all sorts of speculation about the next season. Well, we must now find the optimal replacement, selecting the best candidates. Fortunately, we have talented racers Toro Rosso, but we are also exploring other options, and ignore option with Kimi would be foolish. However, we do not hurry, should be an informed decision. We will evaluate all options and will try to make the best choice.

Question Ross seems to be in Canada tire wear on your machines was significantly smaller, at least in the case of Lewis. The track in Montreal is not so merciless to the tires, as Silverstone. Today on the free practice cars Mercedes were fast, but what are the chances in the race

Ross brown it's Hard to say. The condition of the tires until corresponds to what it should be for the race on Sunday - rubber is still warm, and we need to estimate the possible scenarios, but in General the situation is not so bad after all.

On some machines, tyres started , we in this respect no exception - perhaps the nature of the challenges here will be slightly different than in previous races. We know the limit after which sharply lose in efficiency, and if we do not step over him, everything will be okay. Say, in Malaysia we fell within the desired range, and were competitive in the course of the whole race. It all depends on how close you are to the limit to it eventually became an issue. This failure occurred in Barcelona, but maybe there'll be all right.

Question Graham, you recently returned to the subject of the lack of agreement with the holder of the commercial rights. Why now, and is there any progress

Graham We talk about this issue long ago, because we unlike other teams, whose representatives are present with me in this room, there is no bilateral agreement with the holders of commercial rights. As well as other participants of the championship, we actively participate in negotiations on a new Treaty to agree, but we have an obligation to its employees and their families, as these people Formula 1 earn their living.

Nobody knows how long the championship will do without a new Contract Agreement. Of course, the document will not be signed next week, theoretically, all this can last for years - deadline no. But other teams have bilateral agreements with the holders of commercial rights, and we do not. Championship structure built long ago, some participants play an important role - we would like to work in the framework of this structure, but in the current situation is problematic. Why is it, personally I do not understand. I think everybody will agree with me that in any aspect of sports or financial - it is essential to have the same approach to all. That is why our commitment to achieve such an agreement is understandable.

Question Thank You Martin, today the world Council of Motorsport has published a number of innovations, which will come into effect from next season. Among others there is a point system of fines for the riders. Could you comment on this initiative and, perhaps, some other innovations, who struck you find interesting

MW I Hope you will not ask me about all the changes - the list is very extensive, and the complete text is published, when we worked on the pit lane. If we talk about the point system of fines, it has been discussed for a long time and now enshrined in the rules. A situation in which a racer or team seriously miss another race, it is unlikely it may seem comfortable, but we'll see how this works in reality.

Another important change was the return of four series of tests during the season. I agree, not all can afford to spend more tests, but this measure is not negate other less costly event, and it is effective in terms of cost savings, because the tests will be held in Europe immediately after the weekend of the Grand Prix, on the same track. The approach is fully justified, he also considers the interests of those who are trying to attract the young riders.

Also effective restrictions on the work in the wind tunnel on the computers of the CFD. This is also justified measure we need to develop a common business model for the entire peloton. The adoption of these innovations required considerable forces, huge work has been done, but in General the proposals is not surprising, as they are quite logical and are designed to benefit the sport.


Question Ian - PA Question for the Christian and Eric. If your teams will compete for the candidacy Kimi that in addition to the money - and Finn quite wealthy person - would prompt him to stay in the Lotus, or Vice versa, go to the Red Bull Racing

Christian Horner solve Everything machine, which we can provide. Racers want to speak at the most competitive technology, and in this respect Kimi no exception. But let me be clear we do not look for , we have other contenders in the face of Riccardo Daniel and Jean-Eric . We just need time to assess all the options.

Question Eric

Eric Conditions in Lotus quite satisfied with Kimi, he stated several times that. As said Christian, Kimi is a real fighter, and he sees that from year to year our team gains speed. We intend to continue in the same spirit as soon as possible to catch up with Red Bull Racing. Well, to speak in the familiar setting and progress together with the team - one of the most enjoyable calls for a racer.

Question Luke - Le Matin Christian, we have heard your words about Kimi and racers Toro Rosso, but what do you say about He works for a long time you reserve a racer, but do you intend to consider his candidacy, and if Yes, what are the chances

Christian Horner Sebastian makes a significant contribution to the work of the team, performing the duties of the third rider and working on the simulator. Last weekend he performed well in Le Mans, which we are very happy, but it's not included in the number of applicants for a place in the first team Red Bull Racing. He remains an important member of the team, but we plan to select from existing drivers.

Question Luke Smith - NBC Sports are You looking for a racer able to get along with Sebastian Vettel, or someone who can impose on him a real fight

Christian Horner We want to get the best candidates and Sebastian wants to have a worthy opponent. Don't forget there are two credits - personal and the goblet of designers. It is impossible to win the Cup by a pilot, we want to create a highly competitive composition and to our riders equal support, as it always was.

Question Bob McKenzie - Daily Express I'm sorry, but my question has repeatedly announced, and you certainly have a canned answers. And yet, tell, how it affects the image of Formula 1 is the fact, when the audience, who came on Friday on the rostrum, accounting for half an hour to sit in their places, and on the road at that time, no one works

Graham the Situation is not pleasant, but difficult to find a solution. Formula 1 is gradually becoming closer to the fans, the team implement many initiatives aimed at involvement of the audience. Honestly, Bob, I don't know how to revive these sessions. Track conditions were too complicated, and at Silverstone this happens quite often. I don't have an exact answer, but in General, the teams are making great efforts to make the Formula 1 more interesting.

Eric I Understand the disappointment of fans, but remember tennis matches at Wimbledon - there is also stop the game if it starts to rain, and other kinds of sport adopt a similar approach. If we are not releasing the machine from the boxes, it means there are concerns about security and don't forget we are more anyone interested in riders to the maximum worked on the track. We do our best to become closer to the fans, but you cannot blame us for what the machine does not leave on track when the rain comes down, and the streams of water on the pavement.

MW I Agree, a situation that needs attention. In particular, today announced that according to the decision of the world Council of Motorsport from 2014 team will receive one additional kit slicks, which you can use in the first half hour of the morning of Friday's session. This is a step forward for those routes, where due to the high wear rubber team even when the weather is dry preferred to sit in the boxes.

With regard to rainfall conditions, need to take very correctly. We are in Silverstone, we have a limited number of sets of tyres are three sets of rain and four - intermediate. There is always a chance that would require all of the seven, and you may not want to wear out the tires at an early stage of the weekend. The question in the number of sets available, but here the approach should be balanced. We have already found a way out of the situation, when the team refused from the exit of the boxes during the dry season, however, when the rain issues will always be more.

Ross brown With additional set of tyres, which said Martin, we even worked on the pre-emption. This rubber may be used in the first half of the morning of Friday's session, so that the machine will go back on the track. As for rain, frankly, in such circumstances, the risk is too great, and if the teams do not see you try to obvious benefits, it is easier to stay in boxes. If the forecast for the qualification and race promises precipitation, we will go on again. And if not - as in the current weekend - no incentive to wrap circles under the rain. Agree, in such a situation entertainment leaves much to be desired. Fortunately, today the second session was a very tense, but if the rain had not stopped, the number of attempts would be reduced to a minimum.

Christian Horner it is a Shame that while the racers are in boxes, fans get wet in the stands, watching to see their idols. We also try to work on the track, except Friday we have no such possibility, and we should collect as much information, but, unfortunately, no one can foresee the British weather.

Today, the situation was extremely difficult. We released Sebastian from the boxes to clarify the situation, and he said that he went to the brink of aquaplaning and not at full strength. So we decided to wait for better weather. Don't know what can be the answer to your question. In Wimbledon with a roof - perhaps, the organizers of the race should invest in the construction of a canopy over the track

Question Mike Casey Associated Press We heard the opinion of Martin on adjustments to the rules. Can I get the point of view of the rest on the system of fines and tests during the season

Ross brown Plus point of the system is that we will be exactly understood the seriousness of the situation. In addition, it will save us from the subjective decision-making that took place in the past. Again, the question scoring remains the responsibility of the stewards, and this is also a logical measure.

Other changes relate to the optimization of technical limitations and the provisions of the sporting regulations. Next year construction of the machine will be totally different, so there is a necessity to specify a number of points. If we talk about the tests, the teams is very difficult to hold them on a regular basis, so it was necessary to make the work on the track extremely cost-effective. Nobody wanted to revert to individual test brigades and other things cancelled several years ago - it would also increase the costs.

If it is possible to test with the team and the machine, which are already at the circuit, it is a good starting point, but in the next season, there will be twenty-one race, the number of stages four series of tests may become a serious burden. I think teams should get together and decide how to organize such tests with minimal costs.

Eric Honestly, after such words of Martin and Ross I have nothing to add. I hold a similar view.

Christian Horner the Changes are justified. Limitations on aerodynamics, I agree, the return of the tests was not too bad. We will have eight days to work on the road - therefore, you can abandon the demonstration heats and tests on the straight line in favour of fully-fledged test. Perhaps it's more expensive, however, such tests enable the young riders and third numbers teams work in the same conditions as were the first team.

I must admit, personally, I support the point system of fines. I don't like that the points are transferred from season to season - it would be better that all fines were applied within one year, but in the regulations stipulate otherwise. In General, the changes are quite positive - at least in technical part and in the organisation of the tests.

Question Mike - Auto Action Formula 1 continues to be in a state of uncertainty because, as noted earlier Graham, a new Contract is not signed yet. This situation can not hurt. For the leader of any large commercial company in case he could face criminal prosecution, it is natural to resign before the moment of the resolution of all disputes, to enable the organization to continue to operate. Maybe Bernie should retire to the teams were able to achieve the necessary consent

MW Thanks for the question Yes, the absence of a Treaty the Consent of the leaves some uncertainty, but if now the championship and continues to exist, largely due to the ability of Bernie keep all the components together. If he retired, would be even worse. When the FIA and FOM come to mutual understanding, they will sign the agreement - there is no doubt.

Again, there are some very strange things. As said Graham, now there are ten bilateral agreements, on change which should come this single Contract to which the team is almost not involved. This may lead to the uncomfortable situation, but I hope that we will find the right solution. In any case, if Bernie not participated in all cases, the process has worked would be much harder and takes significantly longer.

Christian Horner Formula 1 became what it is, thanks Bernie , which was building this sport for over thirty-five years. Without it we would have more problems. The deal, which he manages to conclude new country, in which he brings championship - everything is really fascinating. While Bernie is his passion and enthusiasm in our interest to it as long as possible remained at his post because his departure sport have a difficult time. No matter how the situation Berni should continue to work, because personally I don't see any worthy. No one but Mr. Ecclestone, there is no 100 understanding of how people should act of its status and powers.

Ross brown I Agree with Christian. In General, the current situation is unique we have ten bilateral agreements with all teams, except the Marussia F1 Team that provides championship necessary financial stability. But in the absence of a Treaty the Consent no clear procedure for approval of new rules, and now FIA just adheres worked earlier processes, however, this approach may be disputed. Published today in the decisions of the world Council for motor sport are based on the principles of unity and business ethics all participants of the championship, but we still need to strengthen the mechanisms of rule-making. The framework of the long-agreed, but until the work is being done, and we need to start it as soon as possible.

Question Gary The National Christian, back to the question about the vacancy in your team if you prefer racer not the one from the Toro Rosso, how it will affect the image of the «younger sister» Red Bull Racing, whose goal was the upbringing of the future stars of Formula 1

Christian Horner Task Toro Rosso - given the chance to participants of the youth program of Red Bull to try themselves in Formula 1, but this does not mean that they subsequently automatically become race car drivers Red Bull Racing they need to earn that right. Daniel and Jean-Eric came in Toro Rosso due to its achievements in the Junior racing series, they are gradually gaining experience and have good prospects. The only question is, is there any one of them to work in the Red Bull Racing, and here we must be very careful. Other than that, they both deserve to play in Formula 1, and Toro Rosso successfully copes with its task of preparing young riders. Sebastian is their best graduate, and these two guys have a promising future.

Question In conclusion, the topic - what time frame you are limited

Christian Horner a Few days before the race in Melbourne. Just kidding, I would prefer to solve the issue till the end of summer. We would not want to delay the process, but we need the time to make the most informed and considered decision.

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Mercedes We do not substitute brown

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff says that Ross Brawn nobody substitutes under attack by sending only one on the hearing of the FIA International Tribunal."Ross Brown himself decided to go independently to the Paris Tribunal, because he said that he don't need any assistance in this matter, " said Wolff. - We do not substitute brown as completely sure he is right and absolutely not afraid of the outcome of the trial".

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Grand Prix of Canada Press conference on Friday

Grand Prix of Canada Press conference on Friday

Participants Moniz Sauber, Ross Brown Mercedes, Stefano Ferrari, Martin Whitmarsh McLaren, Christian Horner Red Bull Racing

Question Moniz, gentlemen, I am sure most of my colleagues want to get your opinion of tyre tests carried out in may in Barcelona. Moniz, can I start with you

Moniz To have a clear view, you need to know all the facts, we don't have. According to available information, the tests do not correspond to the rules, and you need to understand, could participating in them the team to gain some profit. We may assume such an option, but, again, without the facts difficult to make any conclusions.

In addition, we need to consider the possibility of obtaining a team of advantages not only this season, but next year, because right now everything is defined with the parameters of the new machines. Need to assess whether these tests provide the team with some profit, that we will be unable to play. Well, that question was submitted to the Tribunal FIA - sure, there will carefully examine all the circumstances.

Question Martin, your opinion

MW We decided to keep their opinions to themselves. As already mentioned, the question will Tribunal FIA - I suppose they will receive all the necessary information and will be able to reach a verdict.

Question Christian

Christian Horner our opinion can be judged on the protest filed by us two weeks ago. We believe that responsibility for compliance with the regulations lies with the participants of the championship, so, when it emerged that the tests used modern chassis, we decided that this is an obvious violation of the rules, therefore, and asked the FIA before the race in Monaco.

The problem should be solved between the FIA and the team. In Pirelli suggested to conduct the tests multiple teams, including the Red Bull Racing, but we have refused them, because considered, that under condition of use of modern machines they do not comply. This is the state of things. Now the situation will be considered at the International Tribunal, and we are confident that the FIA will make the right decision. The main thing - there should be full clarity that you can do and what not and what are the tests. It seems to me that the most important thing is to solve these issues.

Question Stefano

Stefano I almost have nothing to add. There is a problem with which will deal the Tribunal, they have all the powers. We ourselves were involved in this situation, we have specified a lot of questions from the FIA. They have learned, and we just need to wait for the results.

Question Ross

Ross brown As already mentioned, the question will be considered by the Tribunal FIA about two weeks. Personally, I think that conclusions can be made only after will be revealed all the circumstances. We initially considered lawful his participation in the tests Pirelli - it was the their tests, and at a meeting of the Tribunal all the facts will be given a score.

But I would like to note that the tests mistakenly referred to as «confidential». They were not secret, private, and naive one who believes that you can go to Barcelona for three days of tests and secretly thousand kilometers. I repeat tests were private, and for Mercedes unity in sport is of paramount importance. And as I said, only when all the facts are revealed, you can make informed decisions.


Question Ralph Bach - Der Spiegel a Question for Mr. Ross. In Monaco Floor said that other teams rejected his proposal to conduct such tests. Why Mercedes considered his participation possible

Ross brown I find it difficult to answer such questions, because now this situation is engaged Tribunal. Teams have come to rely on the procedures accepted, the idea of such tests was a new initiative by the FIA, the tests themselves were the first, and the logic in the process. Otherwise we fully trust the opinion of the Tribunal, and I would not like to replace it with their own. During the meeting you will receive answers to all questions.

Question Christian - Question to all except Ross - except that he wants to add anything. What advantage can provide 1000 kilometres of tests during the season What conclusions can you make during these arrangements

Christian Horner According to the rules, tests are limited, but if you use the current machine and modern technologies of data collection for analysis, you will get experience with the machine, regardless of whether be it for increase of reliability, endurance and speed. You collect the information, even when testing a component to a different provider. Over the past few years Formula 1 made great strides in the effort to make the championship honest and all guarantee equal chances. I think if the team passes additional 1000 km with an existing machine, she'll know something new.

Question Martin

MW I have nothing to add.

Question Ian - Press Association Ross, one of the contentious issues is the question of whether the Mercedes permission from the FIA to use a test machine for this season. You have confirmation by the FIA, which will help to defend its position at a meeting of the Tribunal

Ross brown We would not participated in tests Pirelli, if doubted the legality of such participation. At a meeting of the Tribunal you will receive answers to all questions.

Q Dan - Auto Action/National SpeedSport News a Question for everyone. If in the future the private - and I stress, a private, not secret tests will be admitted, would you like to be on their follow-up was known in advance, even if the team takes part in them with the machine two years ago

Stefano According to the rules, tests using the machine, 2011 are not considered, and we have long been in favour of such an initiative, since it is important for us as much as possible to work on the track. If, after consideration of this case, the tests will be re-admitted, it will be the right decision.

Question Christian

Christian Horner I don't like what happened in the strictest confidence. If the provider is having problems, he should solve them, but if it is assumed that all participants of the championship are equal, then it is important that all had access to information.

Question Martin

MW Any tests should be transparent, and rules should equally be interpreted by all participants.

Question Moniz

Moniz I Agree with our colleagues. When the tests were resolved, no one gave them no attention, they all knew that somewhere in Europe, the test team solve designated tasks.

Question Dieter - The Citizen, on The whole, the current situation is a result of the ban on tests. As far as I know, two days before filing the top four teams met with President Bernie Ecclestone in Monaco to discuss the mode tests next year - it was about eight or nine days. As this initiative should work Moniz, how do you think, can it affect small teams And will it help Pirelli in the current situation with tires

Stefano the discussion In Monaco participated six teams, and Ferrari was among those who defended the idea of returning the tests. I think we managed to find a balance between the need for conducting tests and difficulties faced by small teams. There are only fix the reached agreements in the rules, because it is extremely important for all participants of the championship.

Ross brown Yes, the discussion was, and the tests themselves will be useful to any supplier of tyres - the only question is how they will be organized. Eight or ten days, we need to understand how many of them are assigned , they too have to test and gather information. We need to scrutinize.

Moniz Being a small team, we have nothing against the tests, because they bring tangible benefits. In addition, next season will fundamentally new engines, and young riders, as to suppliers of tyre tests would continue for a long distance. There are no objections, however, the tests are inextricably linked with the costs, and we would like this issue to take into account the total budget constraints and provided for the search for savings in other areas.

Question Paolo - La Gazzetta dello Sport Ross, if the actions of the Mercedes recognize illegal, and that it can happen that you, in fact, sacrifice, and you have to leave the team There are various rumors.

Ross brown Rumors had before, but nothing happened. Wait for the decision of the Tribunal, but we'll see. The decision on conducting the tests personally I, and the Tribunal will evaluate my actions.

Question Kate Walker - GP Week Ross, I have a couple of questions. Could you explain why the tests participated main racers of the team, not the reserve pilot And again, they say you got an email from Charlie with permission to participate in the tests. Is this true

Ross brown with regard to e-mail, I would not like to comment on any circumstances, consideration of which is the competence of the Tribunal. If to speak about the racers, with the exception of tests with the participation of young athletes, the rules do not provide for any restrictions on who is in the cockpit and it was quite natural to recruit Niko and Lewis, because we wanted to provide Pirelli maximum representative conditions.

Question Daniel - AFP Ross, you said that he personally took the decision about participation of a team in the tests. If this was due to disappointment from the stage in Barcelona, or you guarantee that you will be working exclusively with tires for the next season What influenced your decision

Ross brown I Can assure you that the decision to participate in the tests was not associated with our results. I think all participants of the championship are interested in the problem of stratification of rubber, and this in itself is sufficient. Problems with the speed of the machine test participation has nothing.

Question Ralph Bach - Der Spiegel Ross, you are notified Nicky and Toto about upcoming tests

Ross brown I would not like to comment on this topic. I apologize that I repeat the same thing, but all the facts you learn from the meeting of the Tribunal.

Question Ian - Press Association Ross, I would like to understand what you feel you personally. Accuse you of cheating in an attempt to hide the truth. You this upset

Ross brown I will Not pretend that the situation is very pleasant. But I want to reiterate I am quite calm and I am sure that the international Tribunal will clarify all the facts, and people will be able to make more informed judgments.

But now we have to concentrate on racing. We have achieved excellent results in Monaco, although a bit upset that Lewis Hamilton missed the second place. Now we're going to race in Canada, we will do and we will try to have fun, and problems may remain on the sidelines.

The situation is not pleasant, but these are the race, and I have many years in this business. All this for me is not a novelty.

Question Jean-Claude Coti - TSN 9.90 in Montreal Ross, how difficult in these circumstances to maintain the concentration in the team

Ross brown you Need to distribute the load on the team so that people are not distracted from the task. In addition to my team for the meeting of the Tribunal are prepared only two people, otherwise we try to protect employees from any issues, so that they can most efficiently spend the weekend. Yes, the circumstances are concerned, but we are doing everything that depends on us. 99 of the staff completely focused on the ongoing work within the framework of the weekend, and only 1 - including me - are involved in this situation with tests Pirelli.

Question Dieter - The Citizen a Question for everyone except for Ross. Previously Formula 1 never dealt with the Tribunal FIA. As far as I understand, the interested parties will have the right to be heard - does any of you present your point of view

Stefano As you know, we have been involved in this process at the earliest stage. The FIA wanted to thoroughly understand the situation, and we provided them with all necessary documentation. For us the question is closed, so all comments we have already mentioned.

Christian Horner Yes, a process for the new, and we also received questions from the FIA. I think now they are just gathering information for judges to issue a reasoned verdict - perhaps in the coming days, they will require more information. The main thing is that everything had been resolved fairly quickly, and we have achieved complete clarity. For example, if we already next week to test the motors for the next season, together with our supplier With this you need to understand.

MW We responded to the request of the FIA and do not intend to act separately at the hearings.

Question Ross

Ross brown Definitely, we will participate in the hearings

Question excuse me, Moniz, your response

Moniz all the participants, we have received questions and provide comments. We currently have no plans on its own initiative, make available to the Tribunal, but if they need further information, we will try to answer.

Translation V. Kartashev


2013-04-13 11:54:02

Ross brown "Lewis was incredibly fast in the qualification of"

Ross brown

Lewis Hamilton won the 27-th pole in his career and the first in the Mercedes. Team boss Ross brown commented on results of the qualification in the air Sky Sports.

Question do you Think that the outcome of the session was defined in the second part of the qualification

Ross brown Yes, we have gradually increased in speed. On Friday and Saturday we chased the problems, but we have put maximum efforts to correct the problem, Tomorrow will be very interesting race.

Question I see you are surprised by the speed of the car in qualifying.

Ross Brown Yes. Any pilot seeks to realize the speed of the machine in a high result, but the command is to use the potential of the rider. Lewis was very quick in the qualification, but at the same time he showed incredible determination in this weekend.

Question Nico Rosberg has lost a lot because of the arisen today in the morning a problem

Ross brown of Course, such problems hinder work, because in the final third of training we are working with the settings for qualification. He could not count on the high result with the settings, which used. I feel sorry for , but he was quick to tire Medium, so that he has good chances in the race.


text Tatiana Belskaya


2013-04-13 10:24:02

Ross brown the Problem on the machine 't happen again

Ross brown the Problem on the machine 't happen again

Nico Rosberg was forced to prematurely end the final training session because of problems with the suspension. Commenting on the situation, head of Mercedes Ross brown said that the problem is solved and will not be repeated in the qualification.

Question You've found the cause of the problems on the machine Nico

Ross brown we Had problems, but we sorted out. In essence, they are associated with a specific configuration of the machine - we should have it improved, but not yet done so.

Question In the qualification will be all right

Ross Brown Yes.

Question I would like you to comment on the words of Nick about the command tactics. The decision to use it really belonged to you

Ross brown we Must look closely at his words. Nicky said that we have a problem with the level of fuel. When on both machines have problems, we need to react.

We do not use the command tactics, when it can be avoided, but sometimes forced to do it is in the common interest. Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions on the pit wall in the last race we did do so.

Question Yesterday Lewis Hamilton criticized the choice of Pirelli, which brought on the bus route Soft. This rubber quickly loses effectiveness, especially on a machine with a large amount of fuel. Do you agree

Ross brown The tires Soft very small operating range, what will affect the situation in the race. Rubber Soft is necessary in order to win the pole, but start at the risky, because many of the opponents choose tires Medium. It can play a decisive role in the race. Drivers who opt for a softer composition, will be forced to make a pit-stop for the first five or six circles and put the tyres of Medium. I think, this will create a very interesting situation in the race.

Question We expect that in the final of qualification will unfold very thick of the struggle. The crucial role of tactics

Ross brown it seems to Me, if you select the tire Soft at the final session, the session will be the same as usual. The teams will take a very important decision use bus Soft or skip a session. It seems to me that many riders would not leave the boxes.

text Tatiana Belskaya


2013-04-12 21:54:02

Grand Prix of China a Press conference on Friday

Grand Prix of China a Press conference on Friday

Participants John Booth Marussia, Ross Brown Mercedes, Christian Horner Red Bull Racing, French Toast Toro Rosso, Claire Williams Williams.

Q Claire, as you have changed your responsibilities in the team

Claire Williams First of all, let me thank you for the invitation to this press conference is a great honour for me to be here in such striking of the company. With regard to responsibilities, they have not changed so much. My attention has always been directed on commercial issues - in particular, on the formation of the budget, allowing the team to participate in races. These questions, I will continue.

In addition, the status of the Deputy of the head of the team assumes responsibility for a number of technical points, so I will interact with our technical Director Mike to ensure that we have all the necessary resources to return to the first ranks of the odurzonego delight. And yet mandatory representation functions - interaction with the FIA and FOM.

Question How do now looks command structure

Claire Williams As I have already said, there are no serious changes. We have a Board of Directors, who leads the team and solves other issues of business. In this regard, all remained, as before, except that personally I now go on every stage - however, I was accustomed to this. And my father still remains the leader of the team.

Question Christian, you, probably, hoped that the events of the previous race remained in the past, but your driver added fuel to the fire, saying that he did not intend to apologize for victory and, to repeat the situation, he would have acted the same way. What is your opinion

Christian Horner Don't you want to talk about the race for the pit stop or other purely sporting moments In Formula 1, there will always be conflict of interests between the rider and the situation in the individual championship and the Cup of Designers - and the last two factors, unlike other sports, not always evolve according to the same scenario. In the individual competition, it all depends on the rider, and in this regard Sebastian yesterday reasoned logically enough. In addition, it is well known that the relations between our racers were never that friendly, but we managed to keep the situation under control, and for the last four years, we earned more than 2000 points, won 35 victories and won six titles in the individual championship and the Cup of designers.

For commands such conditions are not a novelty. Yes, it was an outward manifestation, all around it is interesting that we have going on in the team, but everything is going according to the usual schedule. If to speak about the orders to the pit lane, what happened, happened. Sebastian explained his act, apologized in front of me and the staff of the team, the issue is closed. We continue to work and entirely focused on the upcoming weekend.

Question Can we assume that Sebastian has received a carte Blanche as its Director and the owner of the team stated that no orders will be no more

Christian Horner Let me explain. After the race in Malaysia we discussed what happened, and he, as a true fan of the sport. I Think you know the desire of Red Bull to pure competition and the desire of the company to support athletes in different sports. Again, we have a team, Red Bull Racing, and here there is a certain conflict of interests between the riders and the whole team.

A true fan speed want to see the battle of the wheel in a wheel, as happened not once, but sometimes circumstances arise that require interference. However, in Malaysia we were worried not about the fact of competition, but rather a tire wear, and, based on the collected in the course of a weekend of information, we wanted to bring the race to the finish with minimal risk. But the order of the commands may not conform to the intentions of Sebastian, a conflict arose. Subsequently, we have this conflict thoroughly discussed and are now ready to move on, trusting his racers. We let them continue to compete with each other, they will receive information from us, and what to do with it is to solve them.

Question John, seems like you have a competitive car and pilots. As far as this ensures the team's future in Formula 1

John Booth It definitely plays its role. Our shareholders want to see the progress of the team, and we should not disappoint them. As long as the team can be satisfied - we have in the state of a total of 170 people, and we have already worked relatively well, but we should not stop on the achieved. I repeat - shareholders expect progress.

Question please, Tell us about participation of Pat in the creation of the machine and its contribution to the work directly in the paddock

John Booth Pet only this year again began to go in stages. It a couple of times appeared in the paddock and was met by a very friendly way, but I would prefer him to stay on the basis of the team and made our car a little faster. Pet plays an important role in our design staff, bringing discipline, knowledge and great experience - especially in the part of the work in the wind tunnel, which is already a year and a half.

Question Franz, you also have the updated construction headquarters under the leadership of James UIC. Tell us about the changes.

Franz Toast Yes, in terms of personnel changes are significant. James spent a significant reshuffle, expanded staff of the Department of aerodynamics, strengthening the affiliated companies, working in the wind tunnel and the Department of computational hydrodynamics. He invited the new professionals and to the engineering Department, correct methods of work. I am convinced that we are on the right path, and is already looking forward to a successful season, because James managed to put together a strong team for a very short period of time. Again, closer to the middle of the season of the positions will be more or less defined, and the participants will work for the future, but so far the progress is obvious, and we are acting according to plan.

Question it All goes in parallel with the development of infrastructure on the basis of the team.

Franz Toast We have built a new shop of composite materials and can now expand the staff of the appropriate Department. Now we ourselves construct , front and rear , a nose cone, the engine cover, air brakes, bottom and cone. Therefore, we are more independent in these processes, the production cycle has become much shorter, and this is also a sign of progress.

Question Ross, your orders from the boxes were considered, including, as an attempt to establish a hierarchy of racers. Comment

Ross brown Among our racers, there is no hierarchy, they have equal status. Again, in the course of the season, one of them may come to the front, this factor will have to take into account in the final phase of the championship, and we would like, that he, whose chances for the victory of the small, helped him whose positions seem stronger. And the rest we don't want to assign any status.

As for the situation in Malaysia, it is similar to the action of the Red Bull Racing. In Lewis fuel barely enough to finish - Nico was also on the almost empty tanks, but in his case the situation was not so threatening. All of this could lead to a struggle between the partners, in which one could spend overtaking, and the second immediately counterattack slipstream. In the end the team risked confronted with a very delicate matter, that for us it was not the best option, as we have already occupied the third and fourth places without any chance to catch up with the leaders. Fortunately, our driver - I'm talking about Nico - heard the order and did what was required of him.

However, it is extremely difficult to ask riders to slow down. He had already entered into the struggle for the position, and he knew that the chances of success are quite real. Later I said that I would be disappointed, if not noticed annoyance at Niko's face, because they Lewis very competitive racers, and we pay them just for the ability to fight on the edge. But the situation really was delicate, and I'm not the first time confronted with something like this.

What we really should not do is take the question in the shadow. If we had existed hidden orders from the boxes, it would be far worse than to accept the situation for what it is. Our sport, team, and individual at the same time, and the participants of the championship will be to find a balance between the different objectives. Come to a compromise is not so simple we want our racers were laid to the maximum. It is important to avoid contact, and this is the only thing that we ask for their guys, and the rest - let the fight. We are glad to see the rivalry of our racers, but there will inevitably be a situation in which the risk is too great, and then for the good of the team, we will take the necessary decision.

Question one More question. The functioning of the new administrative structure Mercedes

Ross brown we All know the peculiar character of Nick - I'm not even talking about his famous cap He somewhat differently by the looks of things, and to him should listen. However, Nicky does not perform daily functions. Toto Wolff all the time is in , he took many responsibilities nick fry and now increasingly involved in solution of various issues. In fact, all the important areas under the control of, and it pleases.

Questions from the floor

Question Ian Parkes - the Press Association Christian, you said that Sebastian apologized, but yesterday he reasoned that, if an apology was not. Moreover, SEB said that, to repeat the situation, he would have done the same, that he did not accept you, as a Manager, and shall not directly, but paid back the Mark for what he had in his time did not help him or the team. Staggered not whether your authority, does not appear if you have unmanaged the rider

Christian Horner Racers need a team. They are an integral part of the collective, one element of the group in 500-600 people. Stumbled my authority In Malaysia Sebastian did what I asked. There I satisfied Of course, no. Discussing whether we situation Of course, Yes. Apologies if SEB Yes. Whether he did conclusions Sure did. Do it for your actions But I believe that before he will think twice.

The relations between our two riders have a long history, nothing new in this not - and so it was in the previous five years, but we should not forget that Sebastian, and mark is one of the most successful pairs of the pilots in the history of Formula 1. They have earned for a team of three of the Cup of Designers and running, and Sebastian became the youngest three-time world champion.

Undermines if that happened my authority I don't think. I am the head of the team since Red Bull came in Formula 1. During this time we have thirty-five victories, we have had our UPS and downs, incidents between the racers, but we still have the Mark, and Sebastian, since they are both incredibly competitive and are able to customize each other, forcing all the time give to the maximum. Of course, at some point the situation is uncomfortable, but competition remains healthy, even if they take matters into their own hands. Sebastian, and mark leave each other enough space, and let the pit lane we have to be nervous, the sight is appalling.

Well, then, what happened, has not changed. We need to look forward, think about the upcoming race and sixteen stages. The team as a cohesive, as before, Sebastian, and mark work together, continue to share with the engineers of our thoughts, so that the team could move on " after all, the opponents come on the heels. In addition, he couldn't have done their success, if used to assign he saved the bus, sought to win more than anyone else, saw an opportunity to attack and made his decision. In fact, in Malaysia, they led the previous experience.

Q Dan - Auto Action/National Speed Sport News John, your a beginner, Jules Bianchi, is very good Than he surprised you the most, and how do you assess its potential

John Booth I was surprised by the calm. He's a nice guy - we thought Jules would be grieved because of the fact that missed a place in the Force India, but he the first day was set up very positively. However, about the potential of far too early to judge we have worked with him only two of the race, and half of the tests, but the prospects look good.

Question Dieter - The Citizen as far As I know, the President of the FIA last week sent a letter to the leaders of the teams, in which he said that the FIA does not intend to act as the regulator of the lower costs. Obviously, such a decision of his provoked repeated meeting in the previous season. What do you think about it

Christian Horner I do Not think that we have the right to comment on the situation, as it refers solely to the teams and the FIA.

Ross brown We support the agreement on the limitation of resources and other ways of reducing costs. Need to find a new solution, and we will support any option which allows to control costs.

John Booth I do Not think, that the path, which is now moving Formula 1, can be considered the best, so limiting spending is crucial, and we favor of such measures. But I would not like to go into the discussion, it's private correspondence.

Franz Toast To the Agreement on the limitation of expenditure had several meetings. We have acted restrictions on the chassis, which were not so fundamental, because the costs of production of chassis and without that more or less under control. We were not able to determine the boundaries of the costs for the transmission, which would have a greater effect, because already in the next year, the costs will increase by 80to 100.

We were required to develop a document, but the manufacturers, as usual, about the conversation, something decided, however, are not fixed on paper, because all are engaged exclusively in their own development and think only about how to achieve benefits. And will pay commands. That is the case, and next season will cost us all dearly.

Ross brown I can't answer for those who supply the engines Franz, but in the case of the Mercedes the costs of new engines do not exceed the cost of the current. Yes, at first, the costs will be somewhat higher due to various adaptation measures, but gradually due to unification, we plan to reduce costs.

I can't agree with the fact that spending will increase by 8--100 -- at least, not in this case. We develop the transmission whole, this is an absolutely new project. the Formula 1 really need a new engine - I think, we all heard about the planned return of Honda, and other manufacturers steadfastly look to the championship. This revives the atmosphere, and this is exactly what needs to be now.

Claire Williams Williams is an independent team, and we always fought for the control over expenditure. In the rest, with all due respect to your question, we do not consider possible to comment on the recent correspondence.

Q Andrea - La Gazzetta dello Sport, Christian today Sebastian looked not as confident as the previous two weekends. This is connected with the recent events And the second question to Ross. Today Ferrari were quick on the softer tyre - do you consider them serious contenders for a pole

Christian Horner First, on the issue of Sebastian. Our racers worked in different programmes because Friday for us is an opportunity to appreciate the variety of novelties and the options settings. In the evening team will review the information, and then we either choose one option for both machines, or stay with the different. In any case, the day was very productive.

If to speak about the tires, it is evident that a soft rubber provides better speed, but quickly wears out. The main thing - to find a compromise balance between the settings for qualifying and the race. Felipe Massa today was pretty fast, but we have assuared many times that Friday's results don't matter, of course, if you are not aware of programs that worked commands.

Ross brown I Think, the pole will be conquered by the composition of Soft, because he is on a second faster Medium. However, its resources are extremely limited, and therefore should be carefully considered strategy for the entire weekend. Perhaps, in the final qualification someone decides to save the tires or want to start on the more rigid rubber, but all the same it seems to me that the pole will be produced in the Soft.

Question Kate Walker - Girl Racer Christian, you have in detail told about the history of relations between your drivers and about the successes of the team. But we do not have the feeling that yesterday its comments like Sebastian gave to understand - I'm my own team. Formula 1 is a team sport in which racers - salaried employees. How are you going to convince him that he is your employee, and no one who has the right to decide, to comply with the instructions or not

Christian Horner I do Not think that Sebastian at least for a moment, decided that manages the team. He knows his job, knows why we invited him, and he is with us already not the first year - first as a participant of the youth program, then as a pilot of Formula 1 and, finally, a multiple champion of the world. He better understands the contribution of the team in his personal success and knows that without collective - anywhere.

Sebastian not tried to put himself above us. He made the decision because of their fight nature and the emotions that threatened to overwhelm him in the moment. Later SEB has explained his position and apologized, including in front of me. That was what it was - we are moving on in our work, nothing has changed.

Q Chris - AP After a stage in China Formula 1 is sent to Bahrain, where still have problems with observance of human rights. Concerned about whether you how all this will affect the Formula 1 and your sponsors

Christian Horner I have enough problems with my racers here not to Bahrain

Franz Toast 't see any problems with a visit to Bahrain - like we have seen in the past year. I'm looking forward to this stage. Formula 1 - the sight, and we must not be an instrument of policy. We should arrive in the country and hold the race, and political questions let others decide.

Question Trent Price - Richland F1 John, Jules already in the beginning of the session took quite a good rate and significantly ahead of its direct competitors. All the matter in the program, on which he worked

John Booth Yes. Because of the changes in the schedule of tests most of the second session of have to devote to the evaluation of the behaviour of the tyres, so we pretty early worked qualification program.

Question Michael Schmidt - Auto, Motor und Sport, Christian Dietrich said that does not want to hear of the orders of the boxes in your team. But do you not fear that in a situation such an order may be necessary - for example, in the situation described Ross when two drivers go on the balances of fuel, or one of them has the best chances for the title

Christian Horner Fear, but a lot depends on what you consider to be the order of the boxes. In the course of the race have to control many factors, tires, fuel, reliability, KERS. All of this requires a constant exchange of information between the pilots and crew, and here the riders have to follow the instructions. Dietrich did not wish to see, as it racers do not allow to compete with each other, but in Malaysia we feared not their battles, and possible tire wear and loss of leading positions. We in the Red Bull Racing want to observe open and honest struggle of our guys, but they in turn must respect certain requirements.

Command tactic is not new to Formula 1, it was always there, and while we're two of a set - off the personal and the goblet of designers, from time to time there will be a conflict between the objectives of the rider and team.

Q Peter - AFP Christian, you said that your drivers and earlier does not really get along with each other. How would you characterize their attitude now At least they are talking

Christian Horner to be Honest, the difference with what it was before the stage in Malaysia, is small. Mark and Sebastian - professional, talented and highly motivated racers. Now they are both on the command briefing, exchanging views about the behavior of a machine, think about how, together with the engineers to get more. And they will work just as professionally for the sake of the team and, of course, for the sake of himself.

It is unlikely they will want to together to spend a summer holiday or Christmas, but we do not pay them for it. We took them because we believe that a couple of the strongest in Formula 1, and they are steadily confirm this status for the past three years.

Question Ian Parkes - the Press Association Christian, in continuation of the topic. In past years we have seen more as partners in a spirit does not have to bear one another Simple and Senna, the Peak and . In the end, the bundle does not work, and one had to go. Are you sure that mark and Sebastian remain in the Red Bull Racing, or have already started to search for a substitute for one of them

Christian Horner The Sebastian long-term contract, he remains in the team. The contract with mark updated annually during the past three-four seasons, and this time we plan to do the same. Understand the emotions of the events in Malaysia are still fresh, but our Duo is still competitive, and we are not going to make any decisions until the summer, when together with mark will discuss the further prospects. In the end, after two races early even figure out the composition of the next season.

Question Dieter - The Citizen Ross, the structure of the suspension of your machines raises many questions. You can remember how a couple of years ago you had a double diffuser, but then there were certain procedures, allowing to evaluate the design for compliance with the rules. As these procedures apply now, without a Contract Agreement and the technical working groups

Ross brown I Agree, rumors are different, but no one knows the construction of our suspension, and I can assure you that we are not alone use a similar scheme. The days of simple springs and dampers are long gone, and I do not see any problems. As regards the question of procedures - I am sure, the situation will be the same as always, someone complains , they will study the issue and make a decision. If you have any objections, the situation will consider the appeal court.

Sports and technical groups work in a former mode even in the absence of the Contract Agreement, which once again confirms the commitment to the teams and the FIA certain principles. Our technical Director participates in the meetings of the technical group, our sports Director in the collections of the sport, and they follow the same approaches and procedures, as before, and the FIA advises the team. So will be the interaction up to the signing of a new Contract Agreement.

Question Ian Parkes - the Press Association John yesterday, we talked with max Appointment, and he confessed that he had to give up part of their future income to provide for their performance in this season. I can hear your opinion on this situation Do you think that it is better to choose the rider, who wants to achieve progress than the one who is able to lead sponsors

John Booth In this situation is nothing new. In different years the racers used different schemes - it seems, the last similar approach was followed by Justin Wilson, but sometimes this is necessary, if you really want to get into the Formula 1. The variant with a self-financing is also good.

Translation Valery Kartashev


2012-11-24 15:54:03

Grand Prix of Brazil a Press conference on Friday

Grand Prix of Brazil a Press conference on Friday

Participants Eric Bule Lotus, Kaltenborn Sauber, Stefano Ferrari, Ross Brown Mercedes, Martin McLaren, Christian Horner Red Bull Racing

Question Eric, yesterday you signed a contract with Coca-Cola Please tell us about it. The company with its drink Burn will become the title sponsor

Eric bouillet I'm not going to go into details. We have a marketing plan, and a little later you will learn the details.

Question It can have a significant effect on the budget of the team Now you will be able to invest more in the development of the machine

Eric bouillet Whatever the amount of the contract, the arrival of a new sponsor is always pleasant. It is possible to spend more money on the finalization of the machine in the next year, in the following years. In addition, it is nice to have the logo of a well-known company and to participate in all the activities connected with the promotion of their brand, as well as promotion of the brand Lotus and Formula 1 as a whole.

Question Will you be able to in the next year, consistently fight for the highest position

Eric bouillet don't know Yet. The regulation does not practically change, from each team depends, to what extent will the speed of their car. Do not see the reasons on which we suddenly lose speed, I hope to progress. In addition, in the next year-already with the first race will be in peak form, and this is a serious factor.

Question , today Sauber confirmed the signing of a contract with his second, as it seems to us, racer - Esteban . How important it was to preserve partnership relations with the Mexican side

Kaltenborn Nice to preserve stability, but here it is important to understand the difference. The fact that Esteban - Mexican, does not mean that this case is similar to our contract with Sergio Perez, since Esteban, unlike Perez, does not have direct support for Escuderia Telmex. Yes, an indirect link between the driver and the band is still there, because Telmex as a whole is interested in the development of motor sport in Mexico and Latin America, but this is a different case. Nevertheless, the team pleased to continue cooperation with a trusted partner.

Question Both the existing racer Sauber very popular, however, Camuy, apparently, his popularity did not help and even worked against it.

Kaltenborn do Not say that it worked against. The decision to invite new riders always is strategic, and it is influenced by many factors. Camuy cooperated with us during the last three years, he's a great rider, excellent team player and a nice young man, so that the decision to part with him was not easy. He definitely deserves a place in Formula 1, and I hope that he will be able to enlist the support of the Japanese companies, and stay in the .

Question Ross, in the next season of double DRS will be banned. As far as it will affect the speed of the new machine

Ross brown the Changes are not so significant. DRS in any case provides a positive effect, but in the next season we even in the free races and qualifications will be able to use it only in predefined places, so that a departure from the technology is obvious. It would be foolish to argue that the double DRS does not provide us a certain advantage, but for the next season we have other interesting solutions.

Question Changed and the list of the shareholders of the team - Mercedes bought out the share, belonging to the holding company Aabar. What is changing and how severe will be the effect

Ross brown For the team, nothing has changed. Aabar out of the list of shareholders Dailmler, and it would be strange, if the team remained aloof from this process. In turn, the purchase of a full package of shares confirms devotion Daimler160 Formula 1. In terms of funding for us there are no changes, but now we are more sure of the intentions of the parent company to stay in the championship.

Question a question for Stefano and Christian. How is the preparation for the race All according to plan

Stefano In the previous weekend was the day of birth of the Christian, and this birthday already Ross - let's stick to the tradition, with the birthday, Ross

Today, we have completed the program. Every employee understands that weekend promises to be a challenge we have to play to the maximum, although even this does not guarantee us the title. You need to work flawlessly, and then wait for the results of rivals, but there is no other choice.

Question What is the mood in the team

Stefano All understand - we have nothing to lose, since lagging behind. You need to act rationally, and if there is any chance, be able to take advantage of them. Perhaps, these words can describe the mood in the team.

Question the weather Forecast is not very favorable. Is it working for you or against you

Stefano Answer after, making forecasts is always difficult. Rain can make adjustments to the balance of forces, but much depends on how strong he is. This factor should also be used optimally.

Question Christian, the same question. How to prepare

Christian Horner the Usual Friday. However, the temperature of the asphalt today just that it has become a serious challenge for all, but in the whole race went according to plan. We have completed the program, gathered a lot of information, and how useful it will be, we will find out on Sunday morning. Stefano said, that the forecast promises to rain.

Question What is the mood in the team

Christian Horner Fantastic We recently for the third time in a row won the constructors ' championship,160 and fighting spirit has never been so high. Again, all in Red Bull Racing secures the limiting concentration. We perceive the upcoming race as well as any of the previous nineteen steps - need to get the maximum from the machine and racers, and they see, what will be the result. The approach has not changed.

Question Rain reduces the chances for success

Christian Horner the Weather is the same for all, and the one who in the end will get the title, should be able to cope with any challenges in any kind of weather on any route. Despite the advantage of the thirteen points, we do not believe the victory assured and know very well how quickly the situation can change. In the 2010-m in front of the stage in Abu Dhabi we lost more than thirteen points, but in the end took the title. Therefore, the main task - to play to the maximum, and the results of the check already after the finish.

Question Martin, a good beginning of the final weekend for Lewis Hamilton, the tremendous victory the Button in the first race of the season. Your machine is the fastest in the beginning and the end of the championship, but, perhaps, it is this circumstance that increases the frustration from the fact that the team would not fight for the champion title.

Martin Of Course. In this season we have six times finished first, but in the second half, due to various reasons, did not do their best. This fact, of course, sad but now we just concentrated on the rest of the race. Rivals experience a serious pressure, and we just try to win and this stage. In one sense, our task much easier.

Question How does this affect the preparation for the next season In fact, you have initially a fast machine, the basis is already good.

Martin I Think, for anybody not a secret, that for the victories need not only the speed, but also reliability. Often our car was the fastest, but not time there were annoying incidents and breakdowns. We must on this work to the next season will not have problems with the reliability and up to the finish of the last race compete for the title and the Cup of Designers.

Questions from the floor

Q Dan - Honorary Question for Stefano and Christian. The fate of the title will be solved in the confrontation of your drivers. Could you evaluate their performance during the season

Christian Horner I will begin with it. In this season Sebastian was a very great. It would be naive to claim that he had the fastest car, since in some cases the advantage in speed remained on the side of the opponents. For example, McLaren were very fast in virtually every race, but Sebastian never draw the hand and continued to fight.

After the summer break he yielded to the leader of the championship almost forty points, but worked very intently and to the maximum use of their chances. He would have to deal with an experienced competitor, who also acts in peak form. We observe the confrontation of the two amazing talents - I hope, we will enjoy an exciting race I think, I have no better words to describe the performance of Sebastian in this season.

Stefano In my personal opinion Fernando holds one of the best seasons of his career. In the first races of the vehicle was not the fastest, but he just had time to squeeze out of the technology maximum. When we reached progress, he had won a stunning victory, when it was raining, was piloted by the unmistakable. Fernando always worked to the limit, but I understood the difficult situation turned out to be a team, and was able to rally the team.

I agree, anyone who win the title, worthy of the champion's title, but the only thing that can be noticed, Fernando spent far not all nineteen races, a few times he struck out of the highway. When the competition is so dense, any loss of points very expensive.

Again, won't look back, we need to look in the future. Sure, Fernando show all his talents, so that together with the team, which also works in conditions of the most severe pressure, squeeze out the maximum from the car. Ferrari have already achieved fantastic results, and the main factor played an excellent team spirit.

Question What could you say about Sebastian

Stefano I Have the same approach, as a Christian, I am speaking of my own driver.

Question Gary - The National Stefano, once again, the Ferrari have the opportunity to win the title in the final race of the season. The current situation is different from what it was in 2008 and 2010

Stefano In 2007, we, too, were fighting for the title in the last race, although in each case feel different. I think Martin is also remembers the season, so we, too, knew that very strong competitors, but have tried to work to the maximum, and the situation turned in our favor. Then in 2008 we won the Constructors ' championship, and Felipe Massa for twenty seconds owned the title, while Lewis Hamilton crossed the finish line. In that case we lost mainly because of the lack of reliability in the course of the season our car several times failed to get to the tartan flag. Felipe worked very well and deserved the title, but the main trophy in the end went to Lewis.

Defeat in the 2010-m proved to be the most frustrating, because in a couple of cases, we obviously could work better, but have not used their chance and not helped Fernando. Again, when our car was not the fastest, and we won, including, due to bad luck Red Bull Racing. Bad memory, but, in any case, next Sunday we will not look back, and whatever is the result, we will adopt it. But the feeling is closer to what we had in 2007.

Question Lucas Da Silva - ESPN Magazine, Christian, at which point the Red Bull Racing has become one of the middle peasants in the command, which is already the day after tomorrow may take the third League title in a row

Christian Horner Good question. The company Red Bull came in Formula 1 in 2005. Its owner - Dietrich , at first acted as a sponsor, then with the acquisition of the team Jaguar took on myself the role of the leader and pursued one goal - to fight in the top of the odurzonego delight. Then the Red Bull Racing team considered, in which always sounds loud music, and are some of the party, team, grateful for the opportunity to play in the Formula 1. But the band has gradually replenished with the right people, in the beginning of 2007 we have started to work as a single whole, and when in 2009, the change of regulations made all start with a clean slate, our design Department was able to show all their skills.

We were fighting for the title, in the end lost Brawn GP, but retained speed, won both the trophy in 2010, to repeat this achievement in 2011, and in the current season has already secured their third consecutive Cup of designers.160 All this has become possible thanks to the efforts of each employee. Yes, we have a fantastic leaders - Adrian brilliantly manages the design Department - the result, however, requires universal participation. Confirmation of the excellent work can be considered as thirty-four victory in the race and eighty-podiums, produced in any of the eight seasons. Credit for this goes to all of our employees, as well as talented racers. Mark and Sebastian very successful partners, and something that has Sebastian for a hundred Grand Prix, may not does not excite.

Question Michael - Sud Deutsche Zeitung a Question for Mr. and master . The next season is largely special on the one hand, the teams need to prepare for the changing of the rules in 2014, on the other hand, each of them wants to achieve success. What results do you expect in the next season

Stefano In 2013, the rules remain unchanged, therefore I expect that our car will be no less fast than it is now. Already during the season the team will gradually start to direct more resources to the preparation to the championship of 2014, because there the requirements are quite different. In the Ferrari, a small group of experts are already working in this direction. In addition, as manufacturers of engines we should offer its own version of the new power unit.

For us the new season will be the most difficult by the fact that we must simultaneously work on a variety of principal novelties, taking part in the struggle for the champion title and the Cup of designers. Well, in 2014 we, most likely, will see another separation odurzonego delight at the group rate. If you remember, in the beginning of the season the results of the participants were nearly equal, but a little more than a year, when all the changes come into force, the scenario is different.

Martin I have almost nothing to add. As noted Stefano, the season will be very interesting. Perhaps two or three of the commands presented here today, not quite successfully host the first half of the next season and in the end decide to donate the result in favour of the preparation for the 2014, that promises a good plot.

Again, the situation is very difficult. Each participant in the next season to win the race and to fight for the title, however, focusing on the current competition, you have, in fact, giving season 2014. Sure, we are waiting for an interesting second half of the next season and no less intriguing season start in 2014-m.

Question Alberto - Autosprint As you know, Honda actively interested in the technology of engines, which will be used in 2014-m. In your opinion, will the company to return to Formula 1, and if Yes, you would have welcomed such a return

Martin as far As I know, in 2014 we will have only three supplier of motors, and the difference in the characteristics of the power units will be much more significant than today, and about aerodynamics can say the same thing. The new rules always stimulate the creative search, and then, after a few years, the team come to the General options.

Ross brown On the experience of cooperation with the Honda I know that they like such calls. The company considers the Formula 1 as a platform to test their designs, the new regulations they were comfortable with, however, some concrete steps on their part so far we have not seen. Honda is restored after the crisis period, it has a lot of talented engineers, which will be interesting for this project, but a strategic decision, apparently, have yet to be taken. In any case, we would be happy to see them return, the more suppliers of engines, the better.

Question Vanessa Ruiz - ESPN Radio Christian, as you look at the fact that in the Formula 1 can appear another title sponsor, representing the company - the manufacturer of beverages How it is bad for the Red Bull Such a business model is easy to implement

Christian Horner I do Not think that the appearance of such a company to hurt us or Formula 1. Red Bull encourages free competition, and as for the business model, the Red Bull it is unique, because the team has achieved success not only in the production of energy drinks, but also became famous for its achievements in the Formula 1. So any fear not, we will be glad to see other companies. Can't imagine what the business model they choose, but we are already working.

Question Kate Walker - Girl Racer Ross, happy birthday In the following year to you goes Lewis Hamilton. He is known for his free spirit, then as a brand Daimler is associated with severity. You plan to somehow restrict the behavior of Lewis, or let him be himself

Ross brown We will work day in, day out, from race to race, and such things as that provided in principle difficult. I know Lewis, we often talked about. He's a smart man, perfectly understanding, what is the Formula 1, and how much attention riveted to it. He also understands, as is positioning itself Daimler, and in the future might be able to avoid getting into any trouble or dubious history. Again, the championship needs bright characters, and we do not plan to greatly restrict Lewis. Personally, I don't expect any problems.

Question Ted Kravitz - Sky TV a Question for all. You come from different professions a lawyer, an engineer, a former racer. What are the qualities needed to become a good leader of the team

Eric bouillet When the team starts to win the race, the success confirms not only your personal qualities, but also your ability to attract the right people, to ensure adequate financing, hire the best racers, to help the team in the conditions of serious pressure of work as a whole, as well as the ability to be a kind of politician in the world of Formula 1. The definition is quite simple, but this is how it works.

Kaltenborn I do Not think, that here there is some kind of standard. Each of us is judged by the end of the season, and if the team performed successfully, then you are a good leader.

Ross brown I Agree, each estimate the achievements, but one of the key indicators - the results of the command. However, all we are showing their true skill rather in periods of crisis, than on the wave of success. How we respond to technical problems, how to motivate the team, as collect all the factors together, these qualities are paramount. All of us had no time to feel the bitterness of defeat, because that is the nature of the Formula 1 the winner is always the one, the rest are the losers. And the way we react to failure, and how to try to improve the situation, is the measure of the present leader.

Stefano I Totally agree, I have nothing to add.

Christian Horner I don't think that here we can speak about some kind of standards. The role of the leader in the different teams can mean different set of permissions, but it always comes down to the ability to work with people, and then everything depends on the education and skills. You must be able to discover the potential of employees and inspire them to the result, and remove the barriers, to form a common goal, a common understanding of, and this process should encompass the whole team.

Formula 1 - the largest team sport in the world. You can argue that, from Monday to Friday it is rather a business, but, in the end, it all ends up the rivalry between competitors, between product design, and if you manage to work, as a whole, the results are truly impressive. Of course, the success of anyone is not guaranteed, but it's the principle of sport you get returns according to its own efforts.

Martin I have almost nothing to add. All spoke about the team, and any team of the Formula 1 - is a stunning a team of specialists, which work on a limit of forces, regardless of what position of the machine on the grid. Be a good team player and understand the aspirations of the people - the only one of the most important components, but what about the others already said everything.

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Ross brown about the present, past and future

Ross brown about the present, past and future

In-depth interview with the official site of the championship of the head of the Mercedes GP Ross brown summed up the results of three years of performance of the team in F1, telling about the role of Michael Schumacher, the functions of Nicky and the tasks that have to be dealt Lewis .

Question Ross, Michael goes away, replace it comes Lewis - what it means for the team

Ross brown This means that the tradition will continue - we have a team will again be two excellent rider. Of course, approaches Michael and the Lewisdiffer160-160and we must understand, what exactly is the difference. We have to work with the new pilot, but I'm very glad that Michael will replace it is Lewis, as the best candidate just can't imagine.

Question Michael was in the team leading the pilot - it concerned and age, and experience. Now your racers will contemporaries, which, in addition, prior to joining the F1 were for each other the main rivals. As their competition for a long time can affect the atmosphere in the team

Ross brown you Know, Nico and Michael got along very well during the past three years, and now we will have two drivers of the same age.

Question .with the same ambition to win the title.

Ross brown The truth is, with the ambition and the Michael everything was in order. Never underestimate the ambitions of Michael. From him there were plenty of them, but you're right - now we are waiting for the situation is somewhat different, it is inevitable. We need to and after the arrival of Lewis support of the good working relationship that had the pleasure of Nico and Michael. Sure, it will be so, because Lewis had already demonstrated that may work with other team members. So we were interested to look forward to his appearance.

Question Who is chosen Lewis

Ross brown We understand that the action of contract Michael is coming to an end, and we have to leave at the end of this season. In such a situation, you always start to look around. In Lewis also ended in a valid contract, and another in the vicinity of last year's Christmas its management came out with us to the link. Then it all started.

All interested parties was important to convince Lewis, the Mercedes - this command, to which should join. Every one of us working on this. The pilot of this level, as Lewis, studied the situation from all sides what is our engineering team, what is our budget, what potential for the future we have. In 2014, the Formula 1 are waiting for serious changes, and we believe that we will be well prepared for them. We with a representative of our motor-building Department of Bob bell160discussed the situation with Lewis - and all tried to persuade him to do the right thing.

Executive Director Mercedes Nick fry has established a very strong connection with the management of Lewis, to help them find a solution - from the whole team this required quite serious efforts. I am not saying that the original idea came from me. The situation changed - but I am glad that happened in the end.

Question there Was the impression that if Michael had expressed a desire to stay, Mercedes extended to the contract with him. This is so

Ross brown I Think there were moments, when the nomination of Lewis.

Question .is not considered

Ross brown I would not say so, but the negotiations were with varying degrees of success. Michael was always open to dialogue, bluntly expressed his thoughts . He did not at once accept the final decision about what would like to do next, because I am most in detail informed him about the development of events. Ultimately, all of our actions have been blessed from Michael. smiles

Question That is, it cannot be said that Michael was still wondering, and you in this moment signed a contract with Lewis, so he didn't get McLaren

Ross brown here's what I say - Michael very deeply involved in the work of our team. He is not one of those pilots who just coming on the road to the beginning of the weekend, driving the machine, after which serves home. He knows what we are and, as I said, it also included the development of the situation around Lewis. And Michael is not immediately said that we should do it this way. This decision as well as any serious decision - required time.

Question What is ultimately attracted Lewis It is considered, that it is not the money.

Ross brown I Hope he was able to see the potential of the team - see, what we want to do here is create. If you remember his career at McLaren, where he gain experience, and the team helped him to become a first-class pilot. And now, perhaps, it is time to start the reverse process - Lewis wants to contribute to the creation of a very strong team F1 team.

If you look at the list of achievements McLaren, it is clear that in such organization is incredibly difficult to make an important contribution to her success. There's all so so good, as far as it can be. I think, this factor and it drew Lewis. He remains the only pilot in the F1, who had never changed a command - it was a huge desire to make tacos step and see what will come out of this how will the relations develop, will improve their own quality.

He knows what it looks like, with only one hand. I remember, when I was moved from the Benetton in the Ferrari, I felt that we have a very good all out, but at that time the team has not been as successful as it is now. It became clear to me that there is a very strong points, but there are also those where I could change something and achieve the improvements.

I think, is about the same waits and Lewis, when he will join us. I hope he comes to the conclusion that in some matters, it is all very well, but in others we look not so much. And that's the last he will improve.

Question apparently, he also wanted to join a company with a world name, to use this fact for the benefit of proper career

Ross Brown It's Possible. But I had quite a clear feeling that things like that he thought only in the second turn. If we failed to meet its main demands, then the rest of it even it wouldn't behave. smiles

Question What will be useful for the team of the new member of the Board of Directors Nicky What place it occupies in the overall hierarchy and disadvantages seeks to eliminate

Ross brown Management of a command - and responsibility for it is still for me. I think this is understandable. From Nicky has a great experience of work in the race, I believe, he will be able to inform the Board of Directors on how events develop. We have not yet achieved the set goals, because it is natural, that sounds questions about why this has not happened yet.

I try to keep them abreast of events, but can't do that on a daily basis, because shall participate in the work of the team. So Nick will help me, bringing necessary information, as well as giving advice. It may also take on the issues such as negotiations on the commercial rights and that sort of thing, where he can say its word.

He can use his knowledge and experience, to strengthen the moments, which I do - this is a very useful function. Very nice to have a man, who sometimes can ask the reasons of this or other step - this allows you to have confidence that your actions sufficiently considered. The existing Board of Directors and its Chairman will give us a very strong support in all matters, and the Nicknames, with its racing experience, can begin to ask all other questions. That's why we took it.

Question When such decision was taken Few believe that he will be able to get so serious post in the team after his experience in the Jaguar.

Ross brown I Think, is once again explain what position he occupies, Nick is a non-Executive Director or the Chairman of the Board, and has certain responsibilities. But his work does not imply the daily location of the database. We communicate with him once or twice a week and meet after each race. I am sure that Niki is constantly thinking about the faces in front of him tasks, but it does not need to work every day to get to the office by half-past eight, as I do.

When we agreed" During the last years he was involved in our negotiations with the holder of the commercial rights. It is well known that the dialogue with Bernie is extremely difficult, however, Nick managed to help us. That was when it all started. After that, he was actively involved in the Affairs, as well knew each member of the Board of Directors. In the end it all came to the current situation.

Question To finish the season there were only four of the race, so that you can sum up the first results of 2012. They are painful

Ross brown Painful was the second half of the season. After a promising start and several very good results we had to feel disappointment. In the first half we have experienced some problems with the reliability, because of what the missing points, but then the pain became deliver already speed.

But the good news is that we know part of the reason, because of which it occurred. The structure of our command has undergone certain changes, and if some people leave their posts, then those who come to replace them, it takes some time to get settled. For example, this is what happened with our Department of aerodynamics.

That's right, in the second half of the championship, we were almost unable to add. This is a very dangerous situation, when the battle is so hard. Sometimes it may decide to one-tenth of a second. Because we must do everything possible to ensure that this does not happen again in 2013.

Question Well now you can evaluate three seasons spent the Mercedes GP after the return of the company in F1. What was the purpose and to what extent it is able to achieve

Ross brown you Know, I figured that if we implement the assigned tasks, the people will be able to assess the contribution to the common cause introduced Michael. And he is very great. And where would we not be in the future, the contribution of Michael will always be one of the components of our . work with the engineers and employees of the base helped the team gain present form.

Question 2013-th will be a transitional year, but with the 2014 serious changes in the regulations mean that all have to start from scratch, and this opens up new opportunities. Do you already work on the machine for the 2014

Ross brown Yes, a little. But we still have several months of work on the machine for 2013-th until February or March. After that we will have two programs for the current season 2013 and to the next 2014.

Question Can I wait from you the sensation, as it was in 2009

Ross brown, Who knows. laughs Let's first of all we all the same will build the car.

Question Name three reasons that from 2013, the situation will begin to change for the better

Ross brown will Manifest our technical structure. The team has already felt the taste of success in the beginning of this season - and now seeks to achieve more. And, most important, will manifest great interest in the project company Mercedes and our Board of Directors.160

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Grand Prix of Japan a Press conference on Friday

Grand Prix of Japan a Press conference on Friday

Participants John Booth Marussia, Kaltenborn Sauber, Martin McLaren, Stefano Ferrari, Kim Spearman Cosworth, Ross Brown Mercedes

Question John, an excellent result in Singapore allowed the team to rise on the tenth place in the Cup of Designers. What does this mean for Marussia F1 and how it can affect the financing of the team

John Booth with regard to financing, the situation is still unclear, as the Consent Agreement expires at the end of this year, and now it is not clear, as will be the case. But success is definitely raised the morale of the team. In the championship of only twelve seats, and the tenth allows to count on certain payments.

Modern cars of Formula 1, almost do not break, we have to reclaim every position. We noted Singapore's success, but we understand that there is still a lot of work, it was just a small step. The team is moving in the right direction, but still far from the desired positions - we would like to be a little higher.

Question you Recently took max Chilton as a backup of the rider. What are the plans for its account, and what options you intend to Charles Peak, which worked well in this season

John Booth With Charles we are negotiating. As you noticed, he was perfectly coped with his work, excellently spent the debut season, so we would like to leave him at home for the next year. In the race Charles practically not inferior to Mediocre in speed - it should be noted especially. But Max had two years is a member of our youth racing program, he gradually gets worse, and, possibly before the end of the season we will allow him to test the car in the morning of Friday's session.

Question , from Sauber goes Sergio Perez. Can I assume that Esteban Gutierrez guaranteed take his place

Kaltenborn As has already been said, we will announce its composition, when we deem it necessary, and we do not hurry events.

Stefano We'll do the same.

Kaltenborn We need to straighten out some moments. As for Esteban, he has long been cooperating with our team - since the days of Formula BMW. In the past two years he served as backup pilot, and our plans with respect to his candidacy in no way associated with the departure of Sergio. We don't want to mix these two questions. We will announce its decision later.

Question In the previous two races of the results of the teams were mixed, but the machine has demonstrated a good speed. You upset that this rate does not lead to the expected results

Kaltenborn of Course, because the machine has proved competitiveness, and when not get the expected result because of events which can not influence, without any errors on our part, it is very sad, but the main thing - we continue to believe in the C31, which, by the way, will serve as a basis for the new car in the next season. We will progress from race to race and hope that the next time we're lucky a little more.

Question Kim, how are the preparations Cosworth to the final stages of the season and the next year

Kim Spearman We are actively preparing for the six remaining stages to help our clients achieve their objectives - for example, the team of John gain a foothold on the tenth place in the qualification of the Cup of Designers. As you have probably heard, we signed a contract with the Marussia for the next season, in which they will use our motors and KERS, which, as we hope, will allow them to be added in speed. Us such a prospect is very exciting, but still we carry on negotiations with HRT.

Question And if to speak about the new engine for the 2014

Kim Spearman We like to work on it, and if we find a cost-effective way to provide a competitive sample of our customers, it will be very great. Now we are holding negotiations with the teams, I hope, the necessary agreements will be reached. Cosworth works in Motorsport already 54 years, with the most part of them - in the Formula 1. Our specialists would like to stay in the championship, and we share their aspirations.

Question Is there any drawings, schemes

Kim Spearman of Course, because we are working on the engine of eighteen months.

Question Martin, you have a very interesting composition for the next season - Jenson and Sergio known to the careful attitude to the tyres. How will this affect the team and the car

Martin I do Not think that the effect will be significant. We make maximum efforts to make the car as quickly as possible and most economical in the consumption of rubber. No easy task, but if the machine is initially a good balance and sufficient level of down force, she carefully applies to tyres. I do not think, that the composition of the racers in any way affect any of it, here will try to the whole team.

Question Drivers say that they are constantly learning. What will have to learn to Sergio Perez compared with Lewis Hamilton

Martin Sergio now the same age, how old was he when he started his career in Formula 1, " therefore, he will have to learn a little more than that, however, creates additional interest let's see how fast he will be able to progress, and that will do. The upcoming spring promises to be quite exciting Sergio and command for the first time, will work together, and our task is to bring the rider on the level, allowing already in the first race of the new season count on victory.

Question don't You think that the change of the few weakens command in comparison with the current situation

Martin the Current composition of the very strong, and with regard to Sergio - know in the next year, as far as it is fast, and strengthened if its the coming of our team. In any case, we have experienced Jenson button and young Sergio, so we are looking forward to the beginning of new cooperation.

Question Stefano, you have already made clear that he does not inform us of the Ferrari next year. Then the question " do you know who will play for your team in the new season

Stefano Must know.

The Question Is That is, you know

Stefano I do Not think that there is any meaning or interest to develop this topic. As I have already said, we will soon announce his decision, but until then I would have preferred to keep silent. Honestly speaking, a bit tired of answering the same question.

Question How do matters stand with your aerodynamic pipe What can be done in the nearest future There are some problems, and if Yes, what are they

Stefano The structure of Ferrari's wind tunnel far not the strongest element - it's quite old. With the difficulties sooner or later faces any team, and we are doing everything possible to improve the quality of the used our technologies and methods. Now the main task is to eliminate the problem of correlation of the data by all accounts we need to make it to the next season.

Question When the wind tunnel again will start to work

Stefano , and It works now. As you know, we use the other aerodynamic ground, and in the next two weeks will be able to thoroughly understand the problems with the main pipe and understand, at what time we have to stop her, to make adjustments and improve efficiency, which is not at the maximum.

Question Ross, you have a new driver for the next season What did you promise him when signing a contract Everyone hopes to get a car capable of winning.

Ross brown, I'm Not sure that you can call it promises. We have a plan to work, there are professionals who are able to achieve the set goals, the infrastructure, which has been created over the previous two years. As in the case with any racer, we just presented Lewis their vision and goals for the next few years.

Question What pressure can expose you to the driver, like Lewis, and the Board of Directors of Mercedes

Ross brown we are All working in the conditions of pressure, but a big part of it is created independently, because we take part in competitive sport. None of us do not hold the power, we are engaged in this business, because we like it, and want to succeed, so that the pressure is everywhere and in all commands. For example, for John it is reduced to a problem of stay on the tenth place in the Cup of Designers, and for us, in striving to achieve more progress. My pressure I create himself, he is not coming from any of the drivers or from the Board of Directors.

Questions from the floor

Question Paolo - La Gazzetta dello Sport Martin, you are not evaluate the decision Lewis as a betrayal

Martin No.

Question Sam Collins - Racecar Engineering Question for Stefano. You mentioned the problem of the correlation of the data obtained in the wind tunnel. How can this affect the work at the machine for the next season

Stefano This has had an impact on many other things. In the second half of the season, we have seen the picture, when new developments have not confirmed its efficiency on the highway. We began to take a closer look into the situation and found that the case in equipment, not something that is out of date, only proved to be inappropriate technologies available on the market. Therefore, the team decided to upgrade, to increase the level of correlation in comparison with what we have now.

Question Alan Baldwin - Reuters , among the sponsors Sauber - three or four Mexican companies. If you can keep them without Sergio What are the prospects

Kaltenborn Promising good, and we are sure that we will have sufficient levels of funding for several years ahead. As for sponsors, the company Telmex, owned by Carlos , also said on the continuation of cooperation with Sauber. This long-term project, and care Sergio on him will not be affected.

Question TIBO Wilmot - Auto Hendo Question for Kaltenborn. Is it true that you like to invite Robin on youth tests

Kaltenborn We have not yet named the composition of the participants of the youth tests and, as in the case with the regulars, do it a little later.

Question Gary - The National Martin, during the yesterday's press-conference Lewis said Sergio, he knows exactly what works are carried out on the future of the machine. The extent to which these words are true, and the extent to which this circumstance bothers command

Martin Lewis has spent many years with the team, knows employees and that on which we are working, but I do not think, that it is a question about some of the important secrets of the, cause for concern there. If I was interested in intellectual property competitors, I would rather be addressed to the engineers, and not to the racers. In any case, Lewis respects McLaren and knows that in the remaining six races we will do everything possible to catch hold of the title, and the best way to achieve such a goal is to work together and openly, as we usually do.

Question Paolo - La Gazzetta dello Sport Stefano, Fernando Alonso expressed the hope that in the remaining races of the Ferrari will attack, and not defend themselves. Given the problems with the aerodynamic pipe, can you guarantee the ability of the team to give him all the necessary modifications so that he could go in full force, and does not protect the position of the per some mistakes of competitors What is the plan

Stefano the Plan is to give to the maximum and to prepare new products for each race, although it's difficult. Guarantee may be only the work of the whole team, and the rest are empty words, which will not change the situation.

Now the situation in the championship is very clear if you do not have to Refine the car, you find it difficult to fight for the title, because there is no sense to rely on the technical problems of rivals. However, this does not mean that we are not going to give the maximum, but it is also impossible to count all the time on the third or fourth place - need to at least win one race, but we'll see.

Question Sam Collins - Racecar Engineering Question to the suppliers of engines. It seems that you already have prototypes of the new V6. Do you plan to develop a system160 KERS, or prefer to entrust a foreign company

Stefano We develop his own version of the system together with the suppliers. This is the part of the call associated with the new power plant for 2014 to the maximum download the work of the relevant departments, make sure that all goes according to plan, because for us the project involves the modernization of the entire infrastructure. You need to make sure that the new engine and KERS ready first for testing on the stand, then in real conditions, and after - to confirm the competitiveness of the route.

The key point is that due to the change of rules, as in the case of the chassis, as in the case of the motor, in fact, we ourselves have set for themselves a basic level, not having information about the actions of competitors. For our small team it will be a serious task - work not worse giants like Mercedes or Renault, as well as other teams, which now pay a lot of new project.

Ross brown In the last two years we have developed their own KERS and would like to keep this process under its control. Yes, the technology we acquire the partners, but in the rest of the system is developed by the forces of the Mercedes, and we intend to keep this order of things.

Kim Spearman We in the Cosworth develop together with the suppliers. If other chassis will require some adaptations, we are open for cooperation.

Question Gitane - RTBF Ross, are you surprised yesterday's statement of Michael Schumacher to withdraw from Formula 1, or you expected such a development of events And a question for all how do you assess the decision of Michael His resignation is a great loss for the championship.

Ross brown In the last two months we have talked with Michael, and if he has not made its decision, it came to him in the past few days. Of course, it is sad when a racer level Michael is leaving the sport, but he was reconciled to his choice, and this is important, and we respect his decision.

With his departure Formula 1 is losing something important, because after his return, Michael used a slightly different approach to racing, and if in the first phase of his career, many fans of the championship were to vanilly a few cool, after the podium in Valencia I was pleased to see the incredible support in his address. It worked very well, and, as I have said before, if we gave him more than a fast car, surely would have won several races. In some Grand Prix, for example, in Monaco, the speed allowed to count on victory. Takes a whole epoch, and it is difficult to imagine that anyone when it will be able to repeat the success of Michael.

Stefano To Ross said I can only add that Michael has proved to the world that he is still fast. He seven-time world champion and one of the best racers of the championship. Being a friend of his, I welcome the decision of Michael, because, as it seems to me, he came to him, based on their own experience, and in the current situation it is optimal. I and all the Ferrari wish him all the best - he is young enough and can devote his time to many interesting cases.

Martin I'm not so familiar with Michael, as these two gentlemen, but it is difficult to imagine that someone in the near future be able to surpass his achievements. Care Schumacher, of course, the loss for sports, because his name is inextricably linked with the world Cup, and he did succeed in all his endeavors. His performance in this season was the strongest since the return of the race, and, as noted Ross, with more luck he would win a few races. In any case, it is his decision. Great athletes themselves determine when to leave.

Kim Spearman Michael is one of the greatest athletes, and he will be an excellent representative of Mercedes and all the championship. Sure, we have not once see him in the paddock.

Kaltenborn Michael Schumacher is the most successful driver in the history of Formula 1, and when he returned to the race, it has become a boon for the entire championship. Accordingly, his departure is a great loss for our sport.

John Booth I was lucky to witness the last years of Michael in Formula 1, his performances speak for themselves. The way he behaves in a paddock - especially in the event of failures - is a manifestation of the highest professionalism and the best example for all young racers.

Question Bob McKenzie - The Daily Express Martin, in Tokyo Lewis said that you could not offer him anything, what would have stopped him in the McLaren, except that a check for 100 million. It seems he seemed enticing plans Mercedes for 2014, when will the transition to the new motors. Do you regret that were not able to offer the rider something specific, and don't you think that in 2014-m McLaren would be in a less advantageous situation than Mercedes

Martin Lewis - great racer, and in Mercedes, I am sure, very glad to get it to himself. For me, as a team leader, loss of Lewis not included in the plans, but if you really think that nothing could keep him in the McLaren, I can feel a little calmer. The driver made a decision, we respect his choice, and, believe me, we continue to work together with him in the calculation win the rest of the race. As regards the subsequent seasons, we have strong partnership relations with Mercedes Benz, and we expect to fight for the title and in 2013, and in 2014-m.

Question Bob McKenzie - The Daily Express Ross, believes that the advantage will be on your side

Ross brown we Have a contract with McLaren, according to which they should receive the same engines as our team. No one dares to say what will be the alignment of forces among the engines in 2014, but it is unlikely the difference is drastic. We prefer to work for themselves, our staff at the and interact as a team, and this makes the command more cohesive than in the case of the work to someone else, but McLaren is a proven and very professional client. As in the case of the Ferrari, our task is to build the best engine for the season of the year 2014, and McLaren will receive exactly the same specification as our team.

Question Paolo - La Gazzetta dello Sport Stefano, you said that you must win at least one of the remaining six races. Today, it seems that Ferrari is not enough speed compared with McLaren and Red Bull Racing. What is the forecast for the weekend

Stefano On Friday it is difficult to form an idea of the arrangement of forces, because you never know what the work rivals. We know only its own program, and is still too early to assume that we have some difficulties. Yes, we are convinced that very strong competitors, but this is nothing new. This is the situation after an hour and a half after the end of the free races - it's time to analyze the events on the track and try to understand the logic of competitors. I will not promise that tomorrow everything will change - it is better to adopt a cautious approach.

Question Vanessa Ruiz - ESPN Radio Stefano, one of the consequences of the transition Sergio Perez in the McLaren can be considered a loss of Ferrari talented young riders, because the Mexican was a listener of your Academy. What do you say

Stefano Nothing. Sergio got a chance, and we wish him all the best. He signed a contract with the very strong team, and we have no right in any way against it, because he, among other things, is the driver Sauber.

Ferrari has helped him to gain experience and better understand some aspects only and all, so that should just accept the situation for what it is, but we'll see. We work with many of the young racers, which, as it seems to us, at the right time, being ready for the race, will be able to become full members of the team - I think that is all, what I wanted to say.

Question Biron Yong - The Daily Mirror , you discussed with Michael Schumacher of the option of continuing a career in your team

Kaltenborn No, we never talked with Michael.

Question Andrew - the Press Association Ross, yesterday Michael said that he had several options of what to devote their time. Option to stay in a Mercedes for a different job positions included in them

Ross brown We have not discussed this idea. The Michael extensive experience, and everyone treated him with great respect, but it is difficult to say how things will go on. I think it will take a few months only to consider all options, and I'm sure he will approach the issue in a very professional manner, but as long as I don't even know what he was going to stop.

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2012-09-01 13:14:02

Grand Prix of Belgium a Press conference on Friday

Participants Paul Pirelli, David Greenwood Marussia, Ross Brown Mercedes, Ferrari, Paddy Lowe McLaren.

Question Paul, these are ideal weather conditions in the Spa Compositions here are the same as in Malaysia and Monza, but in fact in Belgium are very cool.

Paul we have a situation, when the weather changes very quickly - can be seen as +25 degrees Celsius, and +11 in a heavy rain, what happened today. Choice of rubber is limited, we have a total of four staff, and sometimes you have to compromise. However, more rigid rubber should work well - if the temperature rises to +15, it will be just the lower border of efficiency. Well, a real challenge, as is always the case in Belgium, will become a burden on the bus.

Question What are the forecasts for the end of the season I have often said, how unpredictable this League - do you plan to change their approach or save commitment to the effective line of tires

Paul Yes, we do not plan to make any changes in the compositions. In the past year, we had to make certain already in the course of the season, but now, when the teams share a few tenths of a second, it would be irrational to take such a step. If some of the participants began to speak much better others, we could accused of favouritism. In General, any changes. The distribution of the tires on the final stages of the looks logical, teams will work with familiar compositions.

Question are You happy with the situation as a whole

Paul Of Course The season is simply fabulous. I'm sure there is a technical specialists of the teams will have to solve a difficult task, but the race every time are extremely interesting. It seems that we are beginning to see a trend in terms of the results.

Question David, in Marussia is also satisfied with the course of the season

David Greenwood Well. From the very beginning of the season we knew, what we have to do much work - in particular, a lot of effort has been invested in the last update. You know, sometimes very easy to look at the final Protocol of the race160 and on the basis of the positions and tears to the conclusion that no progress has been, but we have not the case if you look closely, the speed of the car has increased markedly. In the first race we were slower leaders by 4.5, now - by 2.5, and by the end of the year, when we get the next revision of the situation must be even better, and samples again will decrease.

Question the Team has already announced the continuation of cooperation with Cosworth, in addition, in the next year you will have KERS. Everything is moving in the right direction

David Greenwood Of Course. In this season we have not had KERS, we consciously decided to focus on aerodynamics - the process continues and now, the team is pleased with the comparability of the results on the road and in the wind tunnel. In 2014, the League will receive the new engines, so the next logical step is to get the KERS on the season of the year 2013 and for the remaining time to prepare for further progress.

Question that the problem happened with Felipe this morning

Refused motor. We need to understand the situation, now we have no exact answer. The engine has nearly exhausted its resource, and these problems is quite natural for Friday, even if you don't expect. Well, that because of bad weather conditions the refusal of the technology has not affected the execution of the program. The engine will be sent for analysis to Maranello for the next week.

Question Ferrari actively working on promising a six-cylinder engine. How difficult it is to combine this process with the maintenance of existing engines

Perhaps, this is the complexity of the new project. Development of the perspective of the motor is already a difficult task, but to make it parallel to the existing processes - doubly difficult. From the point of view of equipment load this means that at some point our dynamic stands will be entirely given to the V6, and not under the V8, and it will require reconfiguring the stands, and similar operations should be carefully planned.

Now to work with a six-cylinder engine allocated one dynamic stand, and in the future they will be greater, respectively, less equipment to check V8, and it's really difficult time. Migrating equipment is a serious process both from the point of view of labor, and from a position of the investment and time. Shorten its duration is extremely difficult and at the same time it is very important, because each day is a day that you can spend on the development of V6. Again, you need to work on the results of this season, next year we also will not be able to refuse the re V8, but at some point we all have to completely switch to six cylinders.

Question in addition, you are still only eight engines for the twenty-races. How difficult it is to control the distribution

All the engines have to be ready for the start of the season, and then it is necessary to solve, in what moment is installed on the machine fresh power unit. As a rule, the choice depends on the power requirements, which differ from the road to the highway. Where time in a circle in a greater degree depends on the power, we have set new engines - for example, in Belgium and Monza. I am sure that all manufacturers are guided by about the same logic.

At the moment we are already four engines, and our competitors - five, which can be an advantage in the final stages of the season. Installing fresh power units in the Spa and Monza will mean that virtually all of the commands used for seven engines, and in the future they will somehow have to plan resource on the rest of the race. Compared with the already used motor fresh engine has a certain advantage in capacity - it is not so great, but some where can cost one-tenth of the qualification. If to take into account the incredible density of the results, this factor should not be neglected.

Question Ross, recently Nico Rosberg said that he and the team have learned a lot in a few races. Can explain what specifically

Ross brown In my opinion, the current season has been for us a little better than the previous ones. We have won a debut victory, Michael won the qualification in Monaco - progress, but not enough stability, and the negative impact of the latter factor has exacerbated the density of the results in . When several machines to fit in tenths of a second, is important every detail - that's why we are working actively to the stability and consumption of rubber.

Tire wear was equally a challenge for all teams, and here we would like to improve their efficiency. As rivals, the Mercedes strive to make progress over the last year and a half we have markedly increased the command, and this process in the nearest time should bring its fruits and the us to ensure a successful future.

Question does this mean some kind of special purpose for the second half of the season

Ross brown We're still working on the current machine, since in the next season, the rules have not changed, and all that you do today, will be relevant in a few months. As most of the competitors, the team has already started the development of a new chassis, but we don't fear the necessity of finalizing the present model, because many of the ideas can be applied in the future. The revision process will continue until the end of the season.

Question Paddy, a similar question how do you manage to combine the preparation for the next season and the fight for the title in the present

Paddy Lowe the Problem is really not easy, though, as noted Ross, in the case of the current season, it is not so difficult, what could be. If we stand before the next change of rules, would have to decide how to allocate resources between the current work and prospects, but in 2013 regulations will be practically the same as it is now, so most of the ideas will find its application in the new development.

Several teams still fighting for the championship, so that in the nearest two-three months we'll see a significant amount of redesign. This seriously complicates the situation, because at some point we will inevitably have to focus on a new car, to have time to build it by March next year.

Question in addition, we have to four dual-stage, and everything should be calculated literally in minutes. Again, already three free trainings were held under the pouring rain.

Paddy Lowe Yes, it's not life easier. In the absence of tests in the course of the season we used to use Friday for running-in of new parts, and when the route of the pouring rain, do it very difficult. However, the situation is the same for all.

Question What is the racers about the car What are they missing

Paddy Lowe the Usual reviews - they need a good balance in the bends, and to achieve it, the machine must be equally effectively work with a rubber at all stages of the race. The formula of success has not changed at all, but, taking into account the behavior of the tire, in the current season to achieve it has become much more difficult.160160160 160

Questions from the floor

Question Dieter - The Citizen Ross, as far as I understand, after a period in Hungary, the FIA announced several proposals related to the agreement on the limitation of expenses. Before the end of term of application for participation in the next season remains a month, how, in your opinion, the situation will develop

Ross brown We have always actively supported the idea of limiting costs, but we believe that for this in Formula 1, there must be clear procedures. In the conditions of the Agreement Agreement it is difficult to assume that the FIA option is used already in the next year, if it is not received by the unanimous approval from all teams. We consider reasonable and continue to adhere to the principles, which in the last few years have brought a lot of good for the championship, but at the same time we believe - and this is the opinion of the majority of the teams, " what variant of the FIA could enter into force in 2014. Now we have the current agreement on the limitation of resources, which is based on agreements between the teams, and we would like to make it more simple from the point of view of the application, and that its provisions are equally interpreted by all participants.

Question Oana - F1Zone.netQuestion for the Dew and Sex what is the connection between the motor Mercedes and wear and tear of tires How the motor characteristics influence the behavior of rubber

Ross brown Any motor - not important, Renault does this, Ferrari, Mercedes or Cosworth - can influence the behaviour of the tyres, so all of the team trying to find the optimal adjustment for its engines. I don't think we were in a more difficult situation than any of the competitors. The more power you trying to convey to the wheels, the more load on the tire - as always, the case in the balance sheet. We are not talking about a specific issue, the task is equally difficult for all engineers.

I think, with all their experience will be better able to describe the situation, but all of us every weekend trying to pick the optimal adjustment as for the engine, and for the chassis, and in conditions of hot weather rubber is the most sensitive to the characteristics of a power unit.

Question , can something Supplement

it Seems, Ross said. It is difficult due to the work with the adjustments of the engine significantly improve resource tyres - it is easier to achieve this by setting the chassis. Of course, the calibration of the engine is capable of influencing, but the mechanical settings is much more important.

Question Paul, want to add something

Paul No, I have nothing to add.

Question Pierre van - F1i Question for the Floor. A couple of months ago your test team experienced in the Spa new tires for the season 2013. Are there any additional tests, and what are the plans for the future I read in one of the sources that the chassis of the Renault, which are used in the break-in of tires, it is noticeable already out of date.

Paul Yes, we have planned additional tests, and when we were working here in the previous time, the weather was much better than today, so that the session was held very fruitful. We expected to come in in the beginning of August, but due to certain circumstances, these plans were not destined to be realized, however, quite soon, the test command will go to Barcelona, and up to the end of the season we have a few more sessions.

We use cars Renault very good and very reliable, and the prospects will depend on whether we stayed in Formula 1 after the expiry of the valid contract, because any development in the course of the next season will be the attitude is the season of the year 2014, rather than 2013-th. In addition, cars Renault is very effective basis for the work, since last year's chassis commands were markedly different from each other. In General, at the moment we are satisfied with the established schedule, the tests, and reliability of machines and excellent engineering support allowed us to achieve the desired goals.

Question Stefan Barbey - L Equipe Ross, 300-I race for Michael Schumacher. Out of these three hundred most of you have spent together can we hear your comments For the past two years, Michael was surprised you did not less, than in previous times

Ross brown I was lucky to be part of the racing career of Michael in the Formula 1. The number of records, which established the Schumacher, is incredibly difficult to surpass. Of course, someday it might happen, as happens with all the achievements, but the epic style of speech repeat almost impossible.

I was lucky enough to see most of his victories, and Michael has made them not only due to the natural talent - which, beyond any doubt, is unique - but at the expense of their approach to work. He is completely devoted to the team, and glad to be an integral part of it - perhaps, for this reason, he consistently achieves high results Michael motivated team work not only for themselves, but also to his partner. In my memory, perhaps, he is the most comprehensive figure of all participants of the championship.

Does he continue to amaze Of course In Monaco he was the fastest in qualifying, and annoyed, because of the fine he has failed to start from the first row. Michael still is very cool, and a great honor for us to cooperate with him.

Question Sven - Sport Woche the Question to Ross about his work in the Ferrari. The period was for you a very successful, though success was based on the tests, and the ability to work with rails. Already then Michael paid great attention to the work on the simulator, with the subsequently, Ferrari had a problem. In the last months of work in Italian team planned to do you improve this aspect, or if it was not a priority

Ross brown To suit the circumstances, Formula 1 is developing in different directions. Perhaps, you are right in the fact that in the period of my work in the Ferrari we have been active supporters of tests - we had two motor-racing track, and we paid special attention to the most effective way of finishing machine, which in those days was the intensive tests in real conditions. This was demanded and «bus-bar war» between the different suppliers. As surely convinced Floor, it is difficult to reconstruct the bus, if they do not test all of the commands in and win the confrontation shinnikov without real tests on the route we would be very difficult.

However, we already understand the importance of working on the simulator, and here functional racer is only a small part of the overall process. Yes, it is very important, since involves the direct participation of a competitor, but we also separately simulate aerodynamic processes, the behavior of the chassis. In all of these components Ferrari even during my presence in the team was very strong, we began to actively engage in the process of racers, and now all the teams equally effectively work with these technologies.

Question Luigi Pern - La Gazzetta dello Sport Two questions for . At what stage is the development of new six-cylinder engine The extent to which the forecast power unit will affect the aerodynamic efficiency of the machine in 2014

At what stage We are going according to plan, and as things stand at the other - do not know. In Formula 1, the main thing - to be better than others, and not to seek some kind of absolute. The team adheres to the schedule and is quite happy with the situation, every day we learn something new. However, the season of the year 2014 is around the corner, so that the task is not easy - we cannot afford to relax and therefore we try to add. Would rather say that we are very concerned, because no one knows what will be the final version of the engine. Yes, we carry out the calibration, trying to beat estimates, but work on the reliability is still ahead. Chart observed, however, time is never enough. In Formula 1, it is impossible to be satisfied for 100.

With regard to the aerodynamics, we, definitely, we have to rebuild the machine. Our colleagues here are more versed in this matter, but, in any case, the power unit is markedly different from the current model as for architecture, and so on placement. Its design will define in many respects and the construction of the transmission, the truth is, we even now can't say what will be the final appearance of the motor - on this command works too.

Question The Clarkson - Clarkson Tom and Associates In the continuation of a question about the 300-th race Michael. Ross, have you watched the debut victory Schumacher in 1992, and if Yes, what you remember that weekend

Ross brown of Course, I was there As far as I remember, the race was held under the changeable weather conditions, but the holistic nature of Michael, his ability to feel the situation and work with the team, together with her make the right decisions on tactics and selection of tires, provide the necessary information. the First few victories were in some sense , because our car was not the fastest, but in the difficult conditions we managed to put all the pieces together. Well, as soon as the machine was developed, success has become more regular.

Question The Clarkson - Clarkson Tom and Associates could you tell us more about the B192, its strengths and weaknesses

Ross brown I'm already a bit old, and the majority of those present here the specialists know that you forget about the car, as soon as the season ends, and you have to switch to the new development. Honestly, I don't remember B192, but with her started my collaboration with Michael Schumacher, Rory Berne, our common era began in Benetton and continued in a Ferrari. When the team is well established, each next year is an evolution of the previous one. I find it difficult to remember the specification of the B192, but it certainly was a good - though not so successful, as all of our subsequent machines.

Question The Clarkson - Clarkson Tom and Associates Michael was quick and behind the wheel of the B192, fast and he is now. What do you think about the versatility of the person, capable to effectively cope with different machines

Ross brown Here is the same case as the changing weather conditions - Michael tries to squeeze the most out of any situation. He is an incredibly competitive, amazingly talented, and had been accustomed to see in difficulties is not the problem, but an opportunity. If the situation is complicated by how we can do better, can I benefit and win Michael called a Spa his favorite track, and here he already achieved incredible results at the expense of their abilities and, most importantly, stability. The number of his unsuccessful race of the season can be counted on the fingers of one hand - a few racers can boast of such statistics.

Question Mike - Honorary Ross, you were very satisfied about the ability of Michael inspire the team, but yesterday he confessed that the lack of reliability in the current season, it is not particularly worried. All this suggests is that now it is less ambitious than before - it may affect your decision about prolongation of the contract for the next year

Ross brown I Believe we should share the opinion that Michael is voiced by journalists, and the view, which is a team - sometimes they are very different. Michael is very demanding to the team, but expresses it in a positive way. He expects us to action and the response is entirely devoted to the team, but he was not used to share this feeling with someone from the outside. Michael is a great team player, and if we have problems occur, he is grieved no less than ours - perhaps even more, and he must Express this frustration, but not the journalists, because they are not part of the team.

Question Sven - Sport Woche Ross, the current car Mercedes you know very well. What are its weaknesses, and what you have to work to160 in the next year to fight for the title

Ross brown In this season of the struggle is very thick, a few tenths can mean a huge difference in the results. Often the first ten of the qualifications listed in a matter of a fraction of a second, so it's important to even the slightest advantage. We were both successful and unsuccessful race. In the second case - and the last example is the recent race in Hungary, we have, as a rule, there have been problems with balance.

Paddy already talked about the importance of balance in the corners at the entrance, at the apex, the output - we could not manage to find settings that allow you to keep the speed and optimal spend rubber, and when we finally achieved the desired wear, the speed in the corners was much lower than desired, and Vice versa. We have some ideas about what should be done, and some ideas will be applied already in this season, in order to understand, what to pay attention when designing a new machine, but the question comes down to one thing the search for an optimal balance between the speed of the machine and the wear of the tire.

In the beginning of the season F1 W03 was very fast, but very rubber, but when we improved the efficiency of its interaction with the tires, the corresponding increase in speed is not found, and we are. With similar difficulties faced by all of the team and, at times, your machine becomes a kind of reference point for all if at the end of time she still didn't have enough speed, it is often even only because opponents are simply added. The process is continuing.

Q Andrea - La Gazzetta dello Sport is Now practically all manufacturers are already experiencing its version of the six cylinder engines to dynamic stands. What will happen in the conditions of the ban on tests Whether you are a variant of the special session exclusively for the V6, and is there a possibility to install a new engine for the current chassis or chassis for the next year and spend a break-in

Paddy Lowe Actively discussed the issue of construction of special chassis for the break-in of the new engine, but it is a very expensive option, especially in the presence of other production programs. It is not only about the financial side of the issue - the need to develop a more and specialists. We have already talked about all calls, accompanying each new season, and here there is a risk just to add one more.

However, most of the teams refused from the idea of special chassis. The existing rules do not allow to extract from it any benefit, but at the same time, we have not agreed on a special testing session, which could be used such chassis. Hence the question can we start the season with a new engine without any tests on the track

In fact, we have to rely solely on laboratory tests and trials on the stands, but compared to previous times, when the championship just debuted the new transmission, the factory technology has progressed far ahead, and the team seriously believe that it is quite realistic to prepare a new engines without the need to build a special chassis for early break-in.160 However, we'll have to see. It is possible, as we approach the designated date level of concern will increase, and there will be some other arrangements, but until we have a consensus. Ross, want to add something

Ross brown I Think, can say something.

it is very clear that we want to as soon as possible to start creating a new engine, because that can be identified during the real test, does not compare with the factors that actually detect in the course of inspection on a dynamic stand. Dynamics of machines, gear shifting, the bumps on the pavement - all of this does not seem to stand, so we have a serious concern to find some serious defect already in the beginning of the season and not have enough time on its elimination. On the other hand, the situation is the same for all, and whatever the decision - and this will be the decision of the teams - we will take it and will try to work as efficiently as possible.

Ross brown I Think, the main points were, and I would like to add is that one part. If the Floor today uses the old chassis for the tests of tires, but, as it seems to me, nothing prevents the teams have a new engine in one of the previous chassis, if they so wish. Whether it will be the most effective method - it is difficult to say. Firstly, it will require certain resources, and secondly, as noted Paddy, since the last change of engine specifications technology has progressed far ahead. We have plenty of ways to assess the engine, the transmission and the interaction of different systems, so that to most of the factory work. Of course, the team can take an old chassis and tested at him power package, but this undertaking will require more forces.

Question Ben Edwards - BBC Sport Sex in the last year in Belgium on the machines of many commands rubber began to bubble. What measures have been taken in Pirelli to resolve this problem, and what recommendations were made available to the participants of the championship

Paul we Have repeated last year's situation today because of the weather the teams could not work in the dry conditions in the extremely demanding to rubber track. Yes, we have made some changes reduce the thickness of the rubber in the zone, where in the past year saw a negative effect, changed the angle of alignment of the front wheels. We've spent here tests, and the results have been very positive, just wait for the dry weather, and then we'll see.

Question Paolo - La Gazzetta dello Sport Ross, there are rumors that Mercedes is going to leave the team, giving the package of shares of the AMG. What do you say

Ross brown As you know, we don't comment on rumors. We want to become the best in Formula 1, and devotion - the best proof of our aspirations. Mercedes has long been present in the championship, the company had to survive as good and difficult times, and we look forward together with her again ascend to the top.

Question Kate Walker - Girl Racer don't know what to expect after your words, Paddy, on special chassis, but, taking into account the regulations of the world Championship on races on endurance, perhaps, it makes sense to install an indoor aerodynamics kit on the chassis of Formula 1 and Ferrari engines, for example, in the Le Mans

Ross brown it's a Good idea In the new engine invested a lot of funds and technologies, and it is more versatile than the current specification. Perhaps we should use it in various racing series, but hardly anyone and command160 decides on such a program. In addition, the requirements for engines for racing for endurance differ from the requirements of the power units of Formula 1, though we try to considerably increase service life of the latter. Nevertheless, the idea is rather attractive, it will partially compensate for the costs of developing new transmission.

Question was such a possibility in the McLaren or Ferrari

Paddy Lowe No, personally I have not touched this idea before, but, as rightly pointed Ross, the technologies incorporated in the new engine for Formula 1, are applicable in the automotive industry as a whole. It is a very positive moment, and if we find the opportunity to use the same engines in other racing series, it will be simply amazing

Translation Valery Kartashev.

2012-06-20 00:44:04

GP of Europe a Preview of Mercedes

After the unsuccessful performance of the Mercedes in Canada, team under the direction of Ross brown goes to Valencia, where he is thirsty, finally, to solve the problems with the reliability of the vehicle of Michael Schumacher and to make up for the failures that have plagued the German throughout the past seven races of the season.Michael 2011 Qualification - 8, Race - 17"Now all our focus is on the race in Valencia, and I am sure that after the failure of the weekend in Canada, absolutely not justified our expectations, motivation of each employee Mercedes simply rolls over. In the last few days, our motto was "roll up your sleeves and get on with it" all the team with due responsibility came to accomplish the tasks set, so we go to Valencia in good . slopes, padded along the harbour is particularly good. Given the location, the track in Valencia is very and very interesting, let's see what we can get it done. Here you can feel the atmosphere of "America's Cup", which makes the race very special event, in which we always like to take part."Nico 2011 Qualification - 7, Race - 7"Valencia - cool city, which is always a pleasure to come. Waiting for us to another city circuit, but in its own way unique, because it is faster and more outdoor track, than, for example, Monaco and Singapore. Configuration reminds Montreal, so that the pipeline must go our . last week I was on a team basis, and I know how hard the team is working to improve the characteristics of the machine. We hope that the strong performance in Valencia we will be able to repay our employees for all their efforts."Ross Brown, head of the team "Calendar returns League in Europe, and the next race weekend will be held at the city track in the Spanish Valencia. In Canada, in General, our machine has demonstrated a good speed and work with rubber, however, its competitiveness was somewhat undermined by problems with the reliability and their own mistakes. It was very upset by all the staff of the team, so we are now working hard to understanding the causes of the incident and the search for ways of their elimination. Our main priority is to reduce defect reliability to zero. If we provide both racers reliable technology, and spend the unmistakable weekend, then we will have chances for a successful performance."Norbert Haug, Vice President Mercedes-Benz Motorsport "Grand Prix of Europe - the third race in a row after Monaco and Canada, which will be held on temporarily constructed the highway. Seven turns in its configuration are shown at a speed of less than 100 km/h, however the direct fireballs develop a speed, comparable with those that were two weeks ago in Canada, five times the distance of the circle racers have to hard braking, slowing down your machine from 285 km/h to 100 km/. usually hot and Sunny, which accordingly affects the temperature of a racing cloth. Shown Nico times in a circle on the race course in Canada, where the temperature route crossed the point of forty degrees, clearly demonstrate the fact, that with the proper settings, our machine is well able to cope with such extreme conditions.Our priority task for the coming stage - to get from the car Michael the same level of reliability that is present throughout the season on the machine Nico, who finished in all seven previous races. From the moment of triumph at the Grand Prix of China on April 15, none of the drivers failed to score more points than him, and our goal is to continue this trend.".

2012-04-19 13:24:03

Bahrain GP Preview Mercedes

The Grand Prix of China - 2012 brought the German team of the long-awaited first victory in its modern history in Formula 1. The team under the leadership of Ross brown went to this more than two years, and now, feeling the sweet taste of success, sent in Bahrain, on the fourth stage of the championship, where in conditions of hot weather, Michael and Nico will be difficult to confirm the speed shown in the previous weekend.Michael 2010 Qualification - 7, Race - 6"the Excellent results, shown by the team in China, gave her a powerful surge of forces, and, of course, we will do everything possible to replicate this success in the next few races. However, as practice shows, so far this season it is impossible to be sure, and three different winners of the first three Grand Prix testifies to the high competition in the current . not less than, once again, very pleased to see how our team is becoming more and more competitive to fight for the highest places, and in the coming weekend in Bahrain we will put all forces and efforts in order to show the same high speed, as in Kate."Nico 2010 Qualification - 5, Race - 5"With the track in Bahrain I have linked pleasant memories. I won here the Cup of Macau-Bahrain championship of Formula 3, became the champion of the series GP2, and in their debut race in Formula 1, finished seventh, showing the best . really like this circuit. It does not require high presser power, but you often and severely inhibit, and overcome numerous high-speed turns. Configuration of the track suits our car, but once again we will have to work hard on improving the efficiency of the work of rubber and searching for optimal settings, because the weather conditions will be much hotter than in China."Ross Brown, head of the team "After a fantastic weekend, we conducted in Shanghai, it was a pleasure to devote a couple of days understanding of the circumstances of the achievements of the first victory of the Mercedes from 1955-year, and for Nico, of course, and it does was a debut victory in the Formula 1. worked hard to overcome problems with the tires, which had been plaguing us for the first two races. It is obvious that effective work of tyres Pirelli is an absolutely key factor, which affects the speed of our car and the ability to fight in the leading group.The temperature and conditions on the track in Bahrain will be very different from what we saw in Shanghai, however, we will make all efforts in order to extract from F1 W03 all of its currently available high-speed capacity and make another race week-end on a high note."Norbert Haug, Vice President Mercedes-Benz Motorsport "In the past Sunday for the team MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS there was a significant event. However, in our sport situation is changing with the kaleidoscopic speed and now all our thoughts are directed to the preparation of the fourth stage of the season in Bahrain. In this route, two years ago - or 41 race ago - our updated team "Silver arrow" debuted in world championship. Since then the staff of bases in and tirelessly worked on a Mercedes appearance of the winning team, and our speed in China became the first pleasant confirmation achieved . never the less, we don't head in the clouds and sober view of the situation, as the competition this season is as high as never before in the history of the "Royal" races, and even the smallest detail can tell you in the rank of a favorite for example is not far to - last Saturday, the first and eleventh place on the starting grid divided only three-tenths of a second.We were not in the current configuration of the track in Bahrain since 2009 in 2010-m was used track with the additional section of the slow corners. The temperature of the air and asphalt traditionally will be very high, and zones fall speed up to 150 km/h and below with the subsequent crackdown on here for seven and these two factors are forced to pay more careful attention to the control of wear and tear of the back of the rubber. We know perfectly well how important it is to keep the current generation of tyres Pirelli in the optimum temperature range - this circumstance makes the race unprecedented . the coming weekend we will be able to assess how significant progress achieved engineers to work with Mercedes AMG F1 W03 in the preparation of it to a hot, in contrast to China's conditions. We don't take for granted, and we will continue to work purposefully on extracting from an existing version of the machine maximum possible capacity.".

2012-03-03 11:34:04

Head of Mercedes Last year's problems are no longer distracting us

The head of the team Mercedes Ross Brown told that his assistants are no longer spend time to correct the mistakes of the design of the car, as the experience of last year helped to avoid such mistakes in it."Our new car W03 was developed on the basis of last year's, "said Brown. "But we took only the foundation and all the best, the rest, we have designed from scratch. A year ago we broke the head, spending long months to solve the problem with the cooling system, unable to cope with the overheating of the engine and of the KERS. At this time we have done everything correctly, and all the time we spend on the development of the car and increased his speed. I think that the development and dynamics of the results will be observed at this time is more evident than in the season-2011".

2012-02-26 12:14:05

Head of Mercedes the Third time in a row we do not agree on the fourth place

The head of the team Mercedes Ross Brown stressed that this year his stables needs to take the next step higher on the ladder of the results of the Cup of designers."We don't want the third time to be on the fourth place of the Cup of designers, "Brown said. "It can't be a positive result for the team as a Mercedes. Our goal for this year is to achieve a podium, if not the top of the line, and the last, but to achieve. The team has done a great job, a car came out successful, the only thing left exit at the start of the race and get your . will always progress and grow. Such is the policy of our stables. Rooted to the spot, or go down - it's not a Mercedes. Mercedes - this is the way forward and champion titles".

2012-02-24 23:14:04

Ross Brown "Now we are on the right path"

Ross Brown

For Ross Brown's Circuit de Catalunya can be regarded as largely symbolic. In 2009 it is with the tests in Barcelona began the league season for Brawn GP, and three years later his team, but already under the name Mercedes GP presented in Barcelona its new car - W03. In conversation with journalists the official site of the Brown explained the reasons for the relatively late debut novelties and shared his vision of the coming season.

Question Ross, you have presented a new car in Barcelona because it was here in 2009-m year debut champions Brawn GP

Ross Brown to be Honest, I never thought about it, but the explanation is quite good laughs

Question Why do you submit a new only in the second test

Ross Brown Our program was originally assumed the fixation of the specifications of the machine in a certain moment of time. We believed that the approach, according to which the command uses the last-year's car in the first test, and on the second brings novelty, will be for us right, and we're still sure of that.

Question Rather a bold decision, because at this time of year in Barcelona cooler than in Jerez, and heat the tires up to the optimal temperature is not easy. Decided to take the chance

Ross Brown It's Possible. However, you can see for yourself, the risk was justified - now in Barcelona warmer than in Jerez, so that the decision was correct.

Question You have always believed that sooner or later, your machine will allow to achieve high results. W03 forces on such a task

Ross Brown This is not the final specification of the machine Engineers are never satisfied with what they have, and we are always thinking about how to add. I can only say that this machine is a good step forward. We see it in telemetry data, the results of the checks on the simulator, as well as on the nature of the work. Definitely, the team has made progress"of course, you never know, what are rivals, but now I'm much more confident in the fact that our team has become much stronger.

The final specification is not the case even before the end of the current machine you're already thinking about the future, but, as I have already said, W03 - good step forward for the entire team.

Question In a recent interview with Nico Rosberg admitted that from this season more than just waiting for the progress of the team. He said it as if in the past years, progress has been.

Ross Brown I Think everyone in the team wants to achieve more, so we have strengthened our team. We have a lot of first-class specialists, but in the previous season even finish in fourth place in the Cup of Designers was not an easy task. We want to achieve more, to become one of the top teams - with Bob Bell, who had joined us in the past year, and the recently came Aldo Costa and Jeff Willis we have such potential. We are constantly progress, and I am pleased.

Question you Have two fast racer, who missed the podium. How long you will be able to keep their emotions under control

Ross Brown I'm not against their desire to go up to the podium, because that is the way it should be. We have a team decided to share their thoughts, ideas, and we try to convey to the racers general plans.

Michael and Nico - a part of the collective, they should know what is happening to the team. Yes, as long as our car is not the best in the championship, but the racers understand how serious challenge, which they took together with us. They see that we are changing with an eye on the future.

Question Lotus and Force India have declared their intention to fight for the fourth or fifth place in the Cup of Designers. Your plans

Ross Brown Move forward - only this should be our goal.

Question And who as a result have their way

Ross Brown I don't know In our sport in the winter you never know who worked better, but it has its own appeal. You arrive at the first race and can't predict who is ahead and who will have trail in the tail. I only know that our team has become much stronger, so that in whatever position we might be after the debut of the race, we will be able to react and move on.

Question What is remarkable work on the machine for this season Probably, you had to take into account many other aspects, in addition to changes in the regulations

Ross Brown Yes, we had to adapt to the new rules, first of all, to a ban on hand-blown diffusers. In the past year in this area we have had some interesting ideas, from which, however, failed to achieve optimum efficiency, but we have learned a lot and used this experience in the creation of W03, so that already in this season work much better.

Question I Think, the ban on hand-blown diffusers will play you on the hand

Ross Brown It's Possible. It is not excluded, that the difference between the machines will be slightly less, but it will still remain. In the first two years of the use of new technologies pace of progress just struck, but now she is under a ban, and the commands to build machines more traditional design. Now everyone is waiting for, when there was the following trick, which has a noticeable increase in speed, but if this does not happen, everything will be just a step-by-step move to the desired results.

Question the Leaders of the last season, actively used blow molding diffusers, now complain about the lack of down force. May be, has come your time

Ross Brown If you mean that we have lost a little less, then I may agree with you laughs I think the difference between leaders and teams from the middle of the odurzonego delight in this season will be much lower, and to enter the leading positions need to play is not so much time. True, and play even a tenth will be twice more complicated than in 2011.

Question What I am about W03 Michael Schumacher, who had to experience a lot of cars on the course of his career

Ross Brown It's feedback is positive - Michael liked the behaviour of the machine and its stability during high-speed cornering. However, it is still early to draw conclusions, in the first day of the tests we have lost a lot of time because of technical problems, so the view is very subjective.

Schumacher satisfied, we can go to Melbourne, but in general W03 still not sufficiently fast, and therefore should not be seriously talk about feelings. Again, Michael found no fundamental problems, on which we ought to work, so the challenge is to gradually increase the speed. I think that now we are on the right way.

Question That is, this week you spend a full break-in of the new machine, and evaluate its speed will be only a few days, the final tests

Ross Brown160 right now We are trying to achieve the best speed. Of course, in the conditions of cold weather have to be careful to avoid the error in the assessment of the characteristics of the tyres. In addition, many conducted here verification may not have any relationship to the first few races.

We aspire to greater stability in the coming days we will spend a few simulations Grand prix. Yesterday morning the machine without problems drove a lot of circles, and as soon as all issues regarding the reliability remain behind, you can seriously focus on speed. The team is very optimistic

Question a Year ago you were surprised by the modest performance in Melbourne. Believe in this project will be more successful

Ross Brown of Course, we hope so A year ago in Melbourne we prevented the same problems that dogged the team on the tests. Cooling system worked efficiently, we spent a lot of time and effort to address these and many other problems that have a negative impact on the results of the first two races.

Then the start of the season was frankly failed, but we will do our best not to repeat past mistakes, because they distract from work over speed. So far all talks about the fact that the upcoming race in Melbourne should go through without any problems, but let's keep fingers crossed and wait.

2012-02-24 22:14:03

Nico Rosberg "Every day we were moving forward"

Nico Rosberg

On the morning of the fourth day of tests Nico Rosberg spent an imitation of the race with the use of hard rubber compounds Pirelli, and a day switched to soft, comparing different options settings in a series of ten circles.

In the end, the germans drove 139 circles, and all the new Mercedes for five days of tests and the day of the shooting passed already 2420 km.

Nico Rosberg "After the completion of the first tests W03 I can say with certainty that the team has made serious progress. Every day we moved forward, reliability meets expectations, we can now focus on speed.

The balance of forces while it is impossible to predict, but I am satisfied with the debut of the new machine and am looking forward to test the next week, during which we will continue to explore W03 and preparation to the upcoming season".

Ross Brown, the head of the team "the First week of tests W03 was a very positive, for five full test days we drove more than two thousand kilometers, Nico and Michael performed the simulation of the race, with the reliability of all good, but the small problems in the beginning of the week. This was made possible through the hard work of our employees in and , as well as all the commands on a line - thanks to them we fully worked with the machine, and did not solve the problem. Next week we will focus on speed.

In general, we are satisfied with the situation, but the goal has not been achieved. In tests it has become a cliche, but it's really too early to judge our competitiveness."


2012-02-24 19:24:03

Ross Brown "the Team is in better shape than a year ago"

Ross Brown

On tests in Barcelona team leader Mercedes Ross Brown told reporters that the new machine was a big step forward compared to last year, but while she was not good enough to fight for the victory.

Ross Brown "it is Very important that we did not have serious conceptual problems - all in order, system of the machine is perfectly functioning. It may still have some difficulties, which we do not yet know, but now all is well, we can start working on speed.

Command in better shape than a year ago. In the tests we have already covered about 2,000 kilometers, and in the past year on the same phase of the work the distance was less than half. I think people see, we have something to work with. Our goal on the final test is to achieve greater speed and efficiency to the maximum possible form go to the first Grand prix of the season.

Will the new machine win To do this, much remains to be done, the same is too early to judge about the alignment of forces. The main thing - both of our riders are able to win, but our mission is to give them a decent car. The new machine was a big step forward compared to last year, but while she was not good enough to fight for the victory.

We try to find an optimal balance between speed and wear rubber, because if the attack at the beginning of the segment, the bus will lose effectiveness in the end, but you can first take care of the rubber, then to achieve stable lap time. It is important to understand how to achieve the desired result, and what are the settings. For the following tests, we enter into this more closely.

So far everything is going well. Perhaps not as good as we expected, but very good. Do not rush to conclusions, circuit in Barcelona is not quite standard, there are many high-speed right turns, and the conditions are constantly changing - only today asphalt normally warm up".


2012-02-23 20:54:02

Nico Rosberg Michael Schumacher will be hard to get ahead

Nico Rosberg Michael Schumacher will be hard to get ahead

German Sport Bild suggested Nico unusual variant of the interview - racer answered questions via Twitter.

Question that's Great, that you agreed to take part in the Twitter interview. Where are you at right now

Nico Rosberg In team in Barcelona.

Question we can Not say that the tests are added ideal for Mercedes. What do you think about the new car

Nico Rosberg the Command is tuned optimistically and is confident of success. We managed to create a good base W03 reliable, so we can fully concentrate on speed. We have a small problem, but they are easy to solve.

Question On Wednesday Nico headed the protocol, you too surprised

Nico Rosberg Now we don't know who fast. I think, it is connected with the quantity of fuel, but the time Nico wouldn't surprise us.

Question are You going to fight for a place on the podium

Nico Rosberg While I can't judge that. It is important that Mercedes has made progress, but we are on the right path.

Question Important is for you the first victory in this season

Nico Rosberg it would Be great to win behind the wheel of a Mercedes, but again I repeat, it is important that the team has made progress.

Question team Leader Ross Brown said in an interview with Sport Bild that the first win would make you better. Can you comment on his words

Nico Rosberg I can answer this question after the victory.

Question What do you expect from the match with Michael Schumacher in this year

Nico Rosberg No doubt, it will be difficult to beat. I'm sure he will be able to return to the leaders.

Question would You be happy with the new contract Mercedes with Michael Schumacher

Nico Rosberg we Have good relations and similar wishes to work at the machine. I will be happy if he would stay.

Question You often exceed the speed on the roads

Nico Rosberg Sometimes, but only a little.

Question Many people like the culture of the Formula 1, but it seems that she is in decline. What you have

Nico Rosberg I Have a great - it made my girlfriend Vivian. Located near the Michael.

2012-02-23 16:04:03

Ross Brown a Question about the new contract Schumacher is still open

Ross Brown a Question about the new contract Schumacher is still open

Taking the decision to return to Formula 1 Michael Schumacher has signed a three-year contract with Mercedes, declaring together with the team of the plan for this period, the objective of which is the title of a champion. Ahead of the third season, to achieve the above objective as far as the continuation of the career of Michael in question - the driver and the team has not made a decision.

Ross Brown "the Issue of continuation of career Michael is still open, the decision is made, but everyone understands that if Schumacher again succeeds, it will be very good for Mercedes and Formula 1 as a whole. If we are sure that will be able to reach this goal, it does not let go of Michael.

It is important that he knew that the act is true, prolonging the contract, that he and the team felt certain, but I see no reason that it hurt. Michael is still in excellent shape, it's incredibly motivated and always tends to a maximum.

The situation has changed. When the career of Michael was at its zenith, many people do not like, that he had won this happened too often, but now many want to see again his victory, and we feel very serious support on the tracks".


2012-02-22 16:04:06

Head of Mercedes a Step on fiberglass nose doesn't give you much advantage

The head of the team Mercedes Ross Brown decided to become a participant of many conversations about the new appearance of the cars of the season-2012 and told about his attitude to the notorious "step"."I agree that a step in the nose of the new cars looks intriguing and at the same time forbidding, "Brown said. - Step doesn't give you much advantage, but if I had no increase in speed, then we would go by McLaren. Let our nose looks strange and disgusting, but soon forget all about it and everything will go down in the usual . do not oppose the decision of the FIA to oblige us to take this step. They did everything correctly, because last season showed that a wide front fender is flying very dangerous in the event of an accident. In addition, if in the side of the car hits another car, the higher the front fairing can kill the pilot. I agree to do the car ugly, if it will enhance the security of the pilot".

2012-02-22 15:44:02

Ross Brown FOTA has not lost relevance

Ross Brown FOTA has not lost relevance

At the end of last year, after unsuccessful negotiations on a new Agreement on the limitation of resources, the team Red Bull Racing, Toro Rosso-Ferrari and Sauber announced the release of FOTA. There was danger of the dissolution of the association, but the head of the Mercedes AMG Petronas Ross Brown believes that the work of the organization is not limited to the search for ways to reduce costs, and disappointed by the lack of unity among the teams.

Ross Brown "We reiterate our devotion to the FOTA and regret that several of the teams came out of the association. Before the crisis and pressure from the outside do FOTA more cohesive, and now, in the absence of external pressure, the natural resistance of us divided.

I think that it would be short-sighted to believe that FOTA no longer valid. The Problem of Formula 1 in the fact that we are very difficult to work together. I believe the association of teams and disappointed with the events of the last few months. It seems to me, we should pity about it, because one of the objectives of FOTA was the search for optimal decisions for the future of Formula 1, and not a single command.

We must find a way to limit costs, and in this situation it is very important the concept of the Agreement on the limitation of resources, but to find the best solution, it is necessary to unity and working together. We adhere to this strategy and will ensure the proper performance of the terms of the Agreement, which shall become part of the future of Formula 1, because without it, the commands are subject to greater risk."



2012-02-22 01:44:03

Ross Brown Fourth place can't be the target for Mercedes

Ross Brown Fourth place can't be the target for Mercedes

In Barcelona team Mercedes, the last of the strongest, presented a new car. Team boss Ross Brown believes such an approach is justified.

Question Ross, this time you have presented the latest car from the top teams. Is there a confidence that this strategy has justified itself

Ross Brown we were very important tests in Jerez, allow a connection between the old and the new machine, between the old and new compositions rubber Prelli. The reliability of last year's machine allowed to travel a great distance for the three days that we were working, it was almost the same as that of rivals with new machines for four days.

Question what kind of feeling of your team starts to the new season

Ross Brown I Have a very positive feeling, but now they need to confirm the results on the track. For me, the key factor is the strengthening of the team, we now have a much more serious engineering potential, than a year ago. We have previously worked strong engineers, but we have gained in experience and will be able to more effectively respond to the various challenges.

Judge about how this progress has impacted on the speed of the machine, it's too early - you need to wait. In private tests in the Sunday new car a few inferior to last year's in a slow turning, but, in general, we managed to compensate for the larger part of the loss of clamping force. Comments racers were very positive.

Question what are The main differences between the new car from last year's

Ross Brown the Most obvious external difference is the form of nose fairing. This is a very bright feature, not giving the big win, although a definite advantage of all is the same, otherwise we did not use such a solution. I think, soon all will become accustomed to the peculiar appearance of the cars, although they look not too elegant.

I suppose that in the future the team will agree to reduce the difference in height between the front of the chassis and with , because in this case it is only about security.

FIA regulating the maximum height of the front part of the nose fairing, to avoid the dangerous consequences for the riders in a collision, and the height of the front of the chassis we, like many, have left the former, and therefore appeared this "step ".

If to speak about the changes, the less obvious external examination, they, of course, relate to the new configuration of the exhaust system and diffuser. As a result of the back of the machine and the bottom looks a bit different, yes and possible to change the mapping engine now severely limited.82328232

The debate about the peculiarities of cartography and the location of the exhaust pipe, but this is nothing unusual. Yes, in 2012-m impact of exhaust gases on the aerodynamics will decrease, but the team has already learned a lot. In the last couple of years we have collected a huge amount of data on the work of the exhaust system, about how she can improve aerodynamic efficiency. And we're not going to forget this information.82328232

No doubt, everyone will try to continue to get maximum results, using the energy of the exhaust. Perhaps, it will use a slightly different way - this is the essence of Formula 1. Here there are many excellent experts, trying to act as can be productive in the framework of the rules. I think something similar is happening now or waiting for us in the near future.

Question All these restrictions have made it difficult work on a new machine

Ross Brown I'm a long time in Formula 1, and accustomed to the changes of the rules. The rules are equal for all, the question is, who will be able to find the best approach to this change, in order to gain an advantage over rivals. In this year, one of the basic problems of raising efficiency of the rear wing, although eventually had to revise the whole concept of aerodynamics, including the front fender. This difference from last year's car is very evident.

Question What are your goals for the upcoming season

Ross Brown the Main thing - to make progress, to take the next step, for the fourth place in the constructors can't be the target for Mercedes. We are ready to fight for the podium. Each team, in addition to the title, is in the progress.though, even winning the title you are looking for areas in which you can add. If you do not win in the race, try to understand the reason. Most importantly, this finding does not destroy the basis that you already have.

2012-02-21 23:14:07

Head of Mercedes again raised the subject of the further career Schumacher

The head of the team Mercedes Ross Brown said that he and other top managers of the stables are not going to negotiate with any of the pilots about the conclusion of the contract for the season-2013, because they want to prolong the agreement with Schumacher."What we sense to refuse from the services of one of the best pilots of Formula-1 - commenting on the position of the command Brown. - Age Ha Michael showed more on the Race of champions, that he had no problem in equal conditions is able to cope with their younger competitors. Even Sebastian Vettel has not stood under the onslaught of the sevenfold champion. Yes, the first year of the return of Michael was difficult, but already his second season he has succeeded, in some races even led a direct struggle for the podium, while the car could finish only in the tail of the top-10. We are not conducting negotiations with anybody, because we want to renew the contract with Schumacher. Until sense to speak on this subject no, but Michael still does not end his career, what we said the other day".

2012-02-21 15:04:04

Brown "the Essence of F1 to better interpret the rules"


Ross Brown said at the presentation of the Mercedes in Barcelona, the technical regulations of Formula 1 may not be 100 transparent. In particular, even a ban on the use of "blowing" of outlets and a clear indication of the valid configuration exhaust system has not stopped engineers teams - at the recent tests in Jerez many teams investigated the possibility of use of the fulfilled gases to increase the efficiency of the chassis.

Arguing on this topic, the head of the Mercedes noted "the Rules are never fully clear. I, at least, nothing of the kind in Formula 1 has not occurred. You begin to work with your own understanding of the rules, but then it turns out that someone managed to successfully interpret it - and in this the very nature of our business. But there are always certain limits, in which all trying to stay.

Constantly ongoing debate about the peculiarities of cartography of the motors and the precise location of the exhaust pipe. They have already begun and in this season, there is nothing unusual. Of course, in 2012, the impact of exhaust gases on the aerodynamics of the fall, but we must not forget that we have already learned a lot. In the last two years we have accumulated a huge amount of data on the work of the exhaust system and how it can improve aerodynamic efficiency. And we're not going to forget this information.

No doubt, everyone will try to continue to get maximum results, using the energy of the exhaust. Perhaps, it will use a slightly different way - in this case, too, the essence of the Formula 1. Here there are many excellent experts, trying to act as can be productive in the framework of the rules. I think something similar is happening now or waiting for us in the near future."

Not bypassed Ross Brown attention and one more characteristic feature of the machines 2012- speed shape of their nose fairing. According to the designer, who created a lot of fast technology, in and of itself this is a good decision, but from the aesthetic point it seems not the best way.

"This is quite a bright feature, but it does not give a big win, "said the briton. "But all the same, a certain advantage is there, otherwise we would not have to apply such a decision. I think, soon all will become accustomed to the peculiar appearance of the cars, although they look really not too elegant. I believe that in teams agree to reduce the difference in height between the front part of the chassis and with .

But the height of "the nose" has been reduced in quite sound reason. This is done to ensure that in the event of a side collision another machine he would be low enough and could not be above the wall of the cockpit , striking the pilot's head. This is an important achievement - I think, over time, the teams will find a way how to improve the aesthetic component. In 2012, the us is waiting for the Formula 1 with graded noses".


2012-02-21 15:04:03

Ross Brown "We are ready to fight for the podium"

Ross Brown

Before starting the tests in Barcelona, a team of Mercedes unveiled in Barcelona a new car, her head Ross Brown told about W03 and objectives for the upcoming season.

Ross Brown "We must make progress. Neither one of us can be satisfied with what the team once again took the fourth place in the Cup of designers, because we stand in Formula 1, not for the sake of it. Mercedes should move forward, but I am sure in the success, we have all the necessary, in addition, we have built an excellent team of professionals.

After the arrival of Bob Bell, Jeff Willis and Aldo Costa we became stronger, than in 2011. In the Mercedes excellent specialists, we have a hardcore team, and it gives me confidence that we will be able to more effectively respond to any events. Don't know how competitive is the new machine, but I'm quite happy with what we have done.

Of course, we are ready to fight for the podium. Any team that has not won the Cup of designers must understand for oneself, as a progress, which will help to become stronger and to achieve better results. Even winning the constructors'championship, you continue to address these issues. If you don't manage to win in the race and the championship, you exert more effort, but we should not forget how important it is not to destroy what you have. We focused precisely on that."

In the Mercedes decided to postpone the debut of the new machine to test in Barcelona, and at Jerez worked with last year's chassis. Although the team is not much time to prepare for the season, Ross Brown sure of the correctness of this decision.

Ross Brown "For us, the tests in Jerez was very important, we wanted to compare the old car with a new, compare the features of the new Pirelli rubber with the one that was used in the past year. This machine is very reliable, we can easily have had three test day, and the drivers have passed the same distance, and that some of the rivals for four days. As a result, we have collected a lot of useful information on the tires, and can now concentrate fully on W03".


2012-02-21 14:04:03

Thomas Sabo - the official partner of the team Mercedes

Thomas Sabo - the official partner of the team Mercedes

The presentation of the new Mercedes W03 in Barcelona had been declared about signing of the contract with the company Thomas Sabo, which became an official partner and supplier teams.

Thomas Sabo - known German manufacturer of jewelry and luxury, company logos appeared on the front plate of the rear wing and side pontoons. In addition, the company will become the sponsor of the Mercedes in the DTM and the personal sponsor of Nico , which will take part in the official advertising company Thomas Sabo.

Ross Brown, the head of the team "We are delighted to welcome Thomas Sabo among official partners of our team. Unique image of the "Silver arrow" - an excellent platform for the company, which produces jewelry, and their focus on quality and uniqueness are shared by members of our team. We hope for mutually beneficial and productive cooperation in the coming years."


2012-02-21 13:54:03

The Company Isofoton - a new partner of Mercedes

The Company Isofoton - a new partner of Mercedes

The Company Isofoton, specializing in solar energy, has become a new partner of the team Mercedes, whose presentation was held today in Barcelona. In the past year, Isofoton, based in the Spanish Malaga, celebrated its 30th anniversary. In the following three years of its total generating capacity should reach the mark of 1 Gigawatt. Among the products of the company - innovative decisions related to the automotive sector.

Logos Isofoton in 2012 will be posted on the helmets of Michael Schumacher and Nico - they have a very prominent area in the upper part of the protective glass.

Ross Brown, head of Mercedes "We are pleased to announce a new partnership agreement with Isofoton and welcome this company in the team Mercedes AMG Petronas. Formula 1 is often a starting point for new technologies, not only in the automotive industry. Because we are always pleased partnership with companies who share our best approach and open the revolutionary technologies.

Isofoton is at the forefront in the use of solar energy, which corresponds to the aspirations of all the Formula 1, including command and Mercedes, to make our sport more effective from an environmental point of view, as well as socially responsible.

Angel-Luis Serrano, president of the Isofoton "the Strategic partnership between our company and team of the Mercedes is based on common values. A commitment to high quality, advanced technology and environmental protection. Isofoton is already more than 30 years is a leader in the use of solar energy, and you are excited about the start of cooperation with Mercedes at the moment when the race come into the era of eco-efficiency".


2012-02-21 13:54:02

Presentation of new cars Mercedes F1 W03

Before the first day of the second series of pre-season tests, the team Mercedes AMG Petronas has introduced a new car in the pit lane race track in Barcelona. At 820 local time held a short photo - Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg pulled the protective veil with W03, and an hour the car left the boxes to start the first tests.

If in the majority of the teams presented their new car in front of the first series of tests, the Mercedes decided to spend more time in the wind tunnel, and on the very first tests focus on the assessment of the effectiveness of the new tyres Pirelli with the previous year's car. W03 was the first break in a few days before the presentation - for this was leased circuit at Silverstone. The command connects serious expectations with a new car, hoping to make progress in the year 2012.

Ross Brown, the head of the team "I with great certainty waiting for the debut of W03, the team has done a very serious work, I hope, the machine will allow us to achieve good results. But the form of nose fairing, which became a consequence of new rules, W03 became an elegant interpretation of new regulations - this is a big step forward compared to last the machine, including the attention to detail.

In the past year we used a very courageous approach, and although not always radical solutions allowed to achieve the results we expected, this experience was invaluable for the development of W03. The appearance of the new car was the result of ever-closer integration between our engineers in and , allowed to increase the efficiency of the team".

Norbert Haug, vice president Mercedes Motorsport "the Process of building the team continues, in the past two years, we finished the season in fourth place in the Cup of designers and want to achieve more integrated in the dispute for the victory. It will take time and will require a great effort, but we are doing our best and we are sure that in the end will be able to achieve the goal.

We need to move forward step by step. Defeat of the Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren will be very difficult, but that is the goal. We're still a young team, a lot to learn, but this process is going on - I have a feeling that we are moving in the right direction.

I think, our designers coped well with their work. The "step" on fiberglass nose still have to get used to, but after a time machine capable of winning races, will seem to be pretty, though our W03 now it seems to me beautiful".

Work on the project W03 began in may of 2011, but the rules several times specified, and the team made adjustments to the design. On fiberglass nose W03 is characteristic of "step ". The machine consists of approximately 4500 parts against 4200 details at last year's MGP W02, she has a better to lower the center of gravity. All mandatory crash-tests of the FIA new car passed by the end of the first week of January 2012.

Technical characteristics of the Mercedes F1 W03

Chassis Structure of carbon and cellular composite materials

Suspension Triangular levers and torsion springs with rods/pushers

Shock Absorbers Penske Moving. Electronics the Standard ECU

Wheel disks BBS forged magnesium. Bus Pirelli

Brakes Ventilated carbon disks and pads Brembo

Gearbox Semi-automatic transmission with hydraulic drive in aluminum housing.

Length 4800 mm. Height 950 mm. Width 1800 mm.

Engine Mercedes-Benz FO108Z. 2.4 liter 8 cylinder. 18000. Weight 95.

Nico Rosberg "Before the start of the test program W03 the teams have very positive expectations, during the break I drove a few laps behind the wheel of a new car - the first impressions were very positive.

The machine looks good, it really is very harmonious, which once again proved the effectiveness of cooperation of different departments of our team - from the first circles we have been able to focus on the execution of the test program. It will be interesting to estimate its speed in a few weeks".

Michael Schumacher "I have repeatedly participated in the break-in and testing of new machinery, but even after many years in Formula 1 today, I feel a special feeling. The team with impatience and hope waiting for this day, last week, when we had the first break in W03, the machine has left a good impression. Now we'll work hard to make it more competitive.

In the coming weeks we should do better to be able to assess the balance of forces and understand how a big step forward made the team, but now I can say that our guys in and perfectly coped with their work, I would like to thank them worthy results. I'm looking forward to the new season."

After a short official ceremony of Michael Schumacher began tests W03.