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2017-12-23 13:34:03

Nico Rosberg I can criticize Mercedes

Nico Rosberg I can criticize Mercedes

Champion of the season in 2016 Nico Rosberg said that he hasn't signed a new contract with Mercedes.In 2017 Niko was listed as a Ambassador of the German brand. In 2018 he joined German broadcaster RTL to replace Niki Lauda as an expert on Formula 1.Nico Rosberg "My Ambassador Mercedes contract expires at the end of the year, so I'm completely independent.I might be the Ambassador of Daimler the following year, but that won't stop me in front of a neutral and justified criticism of the Mercedes team during the race. Nicky managed to do it as a team member, so I can too".

2017-12-21 11:04:03

Nico Rosberg replaced Lauda on RTL

Champion 2016 Nico Rosberg has officially replaced Niki Lauda as an expert on Formula 1 for German TV channel RTL.It was also announced that RTL has retained the rights to broadcast the championship for the next three years.The head of RTL Frank Hoffmann "This is really good news for RTL and especially for our viewers".Nico Rosberg "I agreed. My father was a precursor to Nicki on RTL, so I continue the family tradition".

2017-12-13 16:34:04

Nico Rosberg and Timo Glock will replace Niki Lauda

Non-Executive Director of Mercedes Niki Lauda decided to leave the role of expert TV channel RTL F1, so there were rumors that German television could lose the right to broadcast the events of the championship.But now Bild newspaper reported that negotiations RTL and Liberty Media completed successfully.But a spokesman for RTL insisted "I can not confirm this fact. There is no contract, we're not ready yet".However, it is argued that the former Formula 1 drivers Nico Rosberg and Timo Glock will alternate between a Grand Prix to replace Lauda.

2017-12-06 10:04:04

Niki Lauda can leave the championship after 2020

Niki Lauda can leave the championship after 2020

Non-Executive Director of Mercedes Niki Lauda said that he may leave his post after 2020.Niki Lauda "After leaving the broadcasting company RTL fully dedicated to working with the team. But yeah, I can see that can leave the championship.My contract with Mercedes will last until 2020, which I will do, and then see what to do next. Talking about it too early.The family is not offended me for the frequent departures. I'm missing a total of 21 weekend of the year. The rest of the time I'm home as a normal family man. My family has no problem with that".

2017-12-01 13:14:06

Rosberg does not exclude a full-fledged television role

Rosberg does not exclude a full-fledged television role

Champion of the season in 2016 Nico Rosberg does not preclude the replacement of Niki Lauda as a full television pundit on German television.During the broadcast of the final in 2017 in Abu Dhabi last Sunday Lauda shocked the audience by saying that it was his last race as an expert on free channel RTL.Since then, the Bild newspaper conducts poll on who should replace him, and Rosberg, who worked during the weekend in Abu Dhabi for RTL, topped the charts.Nico Rosberg "It's great. I think people liked what I did, but it was also fun for me. I still don't know what I'll do next year, but I'm open to anything.At the moment this is theoretical discussion, because the RTL has no rights on TV broadcasts of Formula 1 next year".

2017-11-23 11:44:03

Doornbos will be happy to see Kubica in Formula 1

The return of Robert Kubica in Formula 1 next year - it seems to be almost solved.This is the statement of the RTL GP, echoing other sources, including the French Canal Plus, which claims that the pole has signed a contract with Williams for 2018. RTL GP argues that the contract 32-year-old pole is designed for two seasons.Ex-Formula 1 driver Robert Doornbos, who is the expert team of Ziggo Totaal Sport F1, told the Dutch newspaper Dagblad Algemeen "I'd be happy to see Kubica in Formula 1. It's a great pilot".

2017-06-16 09:54:09

Manfred Loppe Formula-1 began to attract the viewer

The head of the German RTL Manfred Loppe reported that in Germany a new boom in Formula 1 as worldwide.After the recent fall of the rating of RTL Kolner Express newspaper reports that the television audience in Germany has risen sharply, b last seven races have passed with a decent coverage of fans.Manfred Loppe "the New Formula 1 rules the score And positive changes not only on the track, where the new rules capture the audience, but also near the track.It has now become more transparent, the audience become closer to their idols".

2017-05-30 11:14:04

Pascal wehrlein of new back pain

Pascal wehrlein of new back pain

German broadcaster RTL reports that the pilot of the Sauber Pascal Wehrlein ispytvaet back pain after the accident in Monaco.Pascal Wehrlein "Yes, I will need to do a scan of the back next week. I hope that all will be well. I again hit the barrier, so I'll have to make a new a CT on the back. View.Everything seems to be in order, but since I already had this injury, I'm not sure. The more that the pain is".Recall that due to a back injury Wehrlein missed the first two races of the season.

2017-04-10 17:44:05

Car Ferrari offered to check on the flexibility of the elements

Car Ferrari offered to check on the flexibility of the elements

The ex-pilot of Formula 1, and now a commentator RTL Christian Danner questioned the legality of Ferrari cars. The German offered to check SF70H on the flexibility of the elements.According to Danner, in the video, including onboard cameras, noticeably, bend some elements of the front wing and underbody.Christian Danner "If I was the head of one of the teams, then I would insist on a thorough check of the car Ferrari".

2014-10-23 14:04:02

Pain recovery Schumacher will leave from one year to three years

Pain recovery Schumacher will leave from one year to three years

Jean-Francois Payen, head of Department of anaesthesia and intensive care, University hospital of Grenoble, which was delivered to Michael Schumacher after he suffered a serious head injury in the French Alps, recently visited the German racer. In an interview with RTL Payen told the latest news about the health of Michael.

Jean-Francois Payen "I noticed some progress, but I want to note that Michael must be given time. Usually patients require from one year to three years to recover from such injuries, so you need to be patient.

I am a medical mystery, but I can say that I always watched Michael in Lausanne, and now watch it at home. Progress has, in the merit of his wife and children. Schumacher in very favorable conditions, Corina has taken all necessary for him to have had the opportunity to move forward.

Life after brain injury can be divided into stages - from more severe to less severe. We hope that Michael will continue to move forward, but he needs time."


2014-10-19 14:14:02

Ferrari will announce the contract with Vettel to race in Austin

Ferrari will announce the contract with Vettel to race in Austin

German tabloid Bild, without naming its sources, writes that Ferrari will confirm the contract with Sebastian Vettel before the American stage of the championship, which will be held in Austin in two weeks. The arrangement is designed for three seasons, but provide the option for another two years. Companion to German next season will be, as expected, Kimi Raikkonen.

This leaves open the question, what will you do in 2015 Fernando Alonso. In most of the top teams in there, and it is hard to imagine that two-time world champion is ready to play for the team second tier.

There are two options return to McLaren, where he with the scandal left in late 2007, and pass at least one season, because in 2016, his chances to get into one of the best teams of the championship should be much higher.

Former Formula 1 driver, commentator television channel RTL Christian Danner believes that neither of these two scenarios are not excluded "I Think that Fernando doesn't know what to do. Sadly, if the best racer of the Formula 1 next season will be in the role of the spectator".

Homeland Alonso, Spain, are inclined to believe that he will still be behind the wheel of a McLaren. nonf1.ru already talked about that Fernando can sign a contract with the team from Woking, and with the concern of Honda, which next season will put McLaren its new power plant. This version adheres to the Madrid newspaper El Pais, not doubting the ability Alonso to achieve very favorable agreements with employers. But Spanish journalists pay attention to a characteristic pattern the parting Alonso commands is always painful.

His departure from McLaren was accompanied by grandiose "spy scandal", his last two season in the Renault F1 took place against the backdrop of the history of rigging the results of the Singapore Grand Prix in 2008, and now before parting with Ferrari Alonso managed to seriously fell out with the new leadership team.

"Another striking example was the way he arranged his departure from Ferrari, where six months ago, loved it, and now pointed to the door. And this despite the fact that within five years, Alonso has made remarkable achievements he was regularly ahead of teammates, finishing ahead of them in 75 of 93 Grand Prix and earning at 627 points more. In addition, twice, in 2010 and 2012, he lost the title only in the last race of the season," recalls El Pais.


2014-06-23 22:44:04

Ex-racers of Formula 1 praise Nico Rosberg

Ex-racers of Formula 1 praise Nico Rosberg

Victory Nico Rosberg in the Grand Prix Austria has confirmed what many thought already in Monaco at this stage of the season it Niko is more confident and better than Lewis Hamilton, his partner on Mercedes AMG. We can suppose that the Rosberg, some of which at the time was considered just a spoiled child, the son of the first Finnish championship of the world, from childhood gained access to any material things, who grew up in Monaco, has turned into cold-blooded professional, and on the road as the rivals are not inches.

"Like everyone, I was sure that riders Mercedes-killer instinct has exactly Hamilton. - recognized Jacques Villeneuve, world champion in 1997. "But this season, the situation is different it turned out that Nico is peculiar to an even greater extent. As we saw in the last three races, he is ready to strike when the opponent is not waiting. In Formula 1, to become a world champion, you have to be able to".

Christian Danner, a former Formula 1 driver, now a commentator for the German TV station RTL, believes that Rosberg has all the chances to win the title, and leads these arguments.

Recently, Nico started to fly much more confident and conducts race in a more aggressive way. He also made notable progress in the solution of tactical problems, well learned how important it is to use such a factor as the internal team competition. He already does not copy tactical scheme, which applies Hamilton and operates independently and better partner works with the tires, brakes, moreover, differing more economical driving style.

Finally, with each race, he is better able to work on our mistakes and quickly adapted to the piloting of the most complex machines of new generation - including because more deeply versed in the technique. According to the Danner, on the stability of the results, which Rosberg demonstrates this year, he reminds Michael Schumacher three wins and six second places in eight races.


2014-06-12 15:44:03

Boris Becker believes Michael Schumacher

Boris Becker believes Michael Schumacher

Since the dramatic incident in the French Alps, where Michael Schumacher has received a heavy craniocereberal trauma, was already 161 days, and all this time the sevenfold world champion is in a coma at the University hospital of Grenoble. No new reliable information about how the situation is developing, there is, therefore, of common concern for the fate of the racer has not abated.

The famous former German tennis player Boris Becker believes that Schumacher will recover.

German broadcaster RTL last Sunday for the first time showed a great documentary "Michael Schumacher - his most difficult fight", which was attended by Becker.

"If there is someone who can overcome this grave situation, it is he," said German athlete.


2014-06-04 15:24:02

Sebastian Vettel I try not to think about problems

Sebastian Vettel I try not to think about problems

In an interview with the German TV station RTL Sebastian Vettel talked about the problems faced by the team this season, and what irritates him in the current situation.

Question Sebastian, this year you have found themselves in an unusual situation. How difficult is it for you to not participate in the struggle for victory

Sebastian Vettel Great when going to start, you realize that there is a chance to fight for the victory. However, if for some reason this is not possible, it does not mean that you should strive for this. In any case, you should try to do everything possible to maximise the performance of the machine.

Unfortunately, this season is not the best way - we often had problems. In such conditions, to fight hard, but the team was able to solve many difficulties. When the race you feel that the machine is all right, and it allows you to fight, it's not so bad, even if the battle for the fifth-sixth place.

Question What do you do to cheer yourself up

Sebastian Vettel actually, it is hard for me because of the fact that the machine constantly having technical problems. However, in this situation from the driver almost nothing depends on it, so I look forward and try to forget about problems.

Question How do you deal with disappointment

Sebastian Vettel After the race I try not to think about the troubles. Exercise, drive the car. When the weather is good, I ride a Bicycle - in such moments, there is an opportunity to step back and think about something good.

Question it's No secret that you are a perfectionist. You're annoyed with the constant problems with the machine

Sebastian Vettel of Course, annoyed. Not pleasant, when due to technical problems you could pass only pokrova. But we need to continue to work to try to get maximum information even at this distance. It is important to understand what exactly is wrong with the machine, in which areas we can improve.

Question How do you respond to criticism in your address

Sebastian Vettel Remembering the stages of this season, only in Malaysia race took place without problems. In all other were certain difficulties. I know that I did everything I could. If the machine is not sufficiently reliable and fast, even the best racer will not be able to win.

Let's remember the past after his return to Formula 1 as a part of Mercedes Michael Schumacher did not win any races. This suggests that his car is simply not allowed to fight for the highest places. When he played for Ferrari, many believed that he just got lucky, but I have always said that it is enough to prove to yourself what you can do.

Question Criticizing you, some do not take into account the fact that the four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel could not suddenly forget how to fly the machine.

Question unfortunately, in our time, after the first failure, many forget your past achievements. I think the question is, how do you feel about these situations. If someone said something, it does not mean that it actually is. Of course, unfortunate that this is, and to me it's a bit like kindergarten. Unfortunately, it happens in the Formula 1.

Question How do you think, the way you disrespect

Sebastian Vettel In a sense, but the way of the modern world. People are not interested in the reasons, they are only interested in the facts.

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2014-05-05 22:24:02

Nico Rosberg tried myself as a television host

Nico Rosberg tried myself as a television host

On Monday Nico Rosberg visited the Studio of the German TV station RTL in Cologne, and it turned out that the pilot Mercedes AMG, leading the world championship, it is pretty well Vesti television news program, - said the Agency DPA.

Together with well-known television presenter Annette Mueller he took part in one of the shows, read news and witty improvised during a live broadcast. In addition, Niko so much fun answering the fans ' questions and told stories of their everyday life.


2014-05-05 18:14:02

The Rosberg it is Very important to stay ahead of Hamilton in the qualification

The Rosberg it is Very important to stay ahead of Hamilton in the qualification

In the days of the first race weekend DTM Nico Rosberg, who arrived in Hockenheim as a special guest of the Mercedes team, talked to journalists and, including, gave an interview to the German TV station RTL.

"When will the European race of the season, I'll attack with full force - promised racer Mercedes AMG, currently leading in personal offset of the championship. - I know that I have the fastest machine, and it is truly inspiring.

In Barcelona we will try to fight for the victory, to strengthen our advantage in the championship".

Commenting on the interim results of their duels with team-mate Lewis Hamilton, who has already won three games in a row, Rosberg said that they are almost equal, but admitted "I better managed race on dry pavement than in wet conditions".

One of the main tasks for the upcoming Spanish weekend he formulated so "it is Very important to stay ahead of Lewis in the qualification in the fight for pole position.

Last year Niko succeeded, however, in the race he only got the 6th place since then Mercedes had problems with rubber, which was manifest in Barcelona, where tyres are experiencing very high load. But this year, most likely, the Grand Prix will be developed on a completely different scenario.


2014-04-23 16:04:02

Tomorrow will start the trial on charges Ecclestone

Tomorrow will start the trial on charges Ecclestone

On Thursday 24 April in Munich court will begin the process against Bernie Ecclestone on charges German prosecutors in bribery. The TV station RTL publishes the answers to the key questions relating to the upcoming hearings.

What is accused Bernie Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone is accused of bribing a former high-ranking employee of the Bank BayernLB Gerhard Gribkowsky 44 million, which contributed sales owned Bank 47.2 of shares of the Formula 1 investment Fund CVC Capital Partners in 2006.

Why Ecclestone gave a bribe Gribkovski

According to the version of prosecution, Ecclestone was afraid of losing influence in Formula 1, he needed to shares of the championship went to the Fund CVC Capital Partners. Since the sale of shares of Formula 1, owned BayernLB, did Gribkovski, Bernie paid to the banker to the shares were sold just CVC, not the other candidates.

Currently Gribkovski is serving a prison term in Germany for abuse of office and bribe received from Ecclestone, in which he admitted in court. However, he Bernie always denied that it was a bribe, although he acknowledged the fact of payment German banker. According to him, he had to pay, because Gribkovski threatened to inform the British tax authorities of financial schemes that are used Ecclestone.

Should Bernie personally participate in the process

Yes, Bernie will have to attend the hearings as a defendant in criminal proceedings. "The hearings are held in the presence of the accused," said the press Secretary of the court. If necessary, the judge may be issued a decree on compulsory taking the accused to court. However Bernie Ecclestone is not interested in such a development. Moreover, Bernie said that he intends to appear in court to prove his innocence.

Sit down Bernie Ecclestone in prison, if proven guilty

Unlikely. As a rule, in a German court practice do not use sentences for the accused older than 80 years without parole. If Ecclestone found guilty, the punishment will depend on its behavior during the court hearings. Confession, as a rule, mitigates the punishment, because you can avoid long and complex proceedings. Meanwhile planned more than 20 days of hearings that will last until mid-September.


2014-04-09 17:24:02

Christian Danner the Situation in the Red Bull Racing has changed

Christian Danner the Situation in the Red Bull Racing has changed

Daniel Riccardo clearly held the first three Grands Prix of the season, and if not for disqualification in Australia, ahead of Sebastian Vettel in personal offset. It is hard to imagine that so events would develop as long as the team was made by mark Webber. Although Christian Horner always argued about the equality riders always felt the incumbent champion. In an interview with the German N-TV, a former Formula 1 driver, and now a commentator of TV station RTL Christian Danner has analyzed the current situation in the Red Bull Racing.

Christian Danner "in the past, Sebastian Vettel was relatively comfortable with a partner. On Mark Webber psychological pressure and put him in his place. Manual Mercedes copes with the situation when two strong pilot flying machine that can win race after race. In the Red Bull Racing was never - mark Webber was always at a disadvantage.

Now the situation in Milton Keynes has cardinally changed first, they have a young driver, able to compete hard secondly, to change the status of the team - it is not dominated and forced to rejoice in every earned point. Riccardo nothing holding us back, and he can do as he wants. This is one reason why it's so audacious acts on the track. It's great In addition, this is a big plus for Sebastian, who I still think is the best of them. This brings him back to reality

Surprisingly, that the machine Vettel problems - being a world champion, he should get the best equipment. Both chassis Red Bull Racing equally competitive and well-prepared for the Grand Prix, but one of the riders were lucky more. However, during the season everything will come to equilibrium.



2014-03-17 19:44:02

Rating watching Formula 1 in Germany rose

Rating watching Formula 1 in Germany rose

According to the German TV station RTL Grand Prix of Australia in Germany drew 250 000 more than the first stage of last season. Despite early for Europe hour, the share of the audience's race in Melbourne was 43.2.

The average number of viewers of the first Grand Prix of 2014 on RTL amounted to 3.12 million people. The peak value had at the last laps of the race, when television gathered 3.84 million.

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2014-03-12 12:04:02

Niki Lauda Ferrari is at the same level as Mercedes

Niki Lauda Ferrari is at the same level as Mercedes

After the pre-season tests many experts and fans have agreed in opinion, that at the moment the advantage of commands using a power plant of Mercedes. However, the triple world champion Niki Lauda believes such assumptions are wrong in his words, after the first five Hancock situation will be redressed.

«Currently, the power plant is the starting point for determining competitiveness, " said Niki Lauda in the TV channel RTL. - Perhaps, Ferrari is approximately on the same level as Mercedes. The only one that has problems, it's Renault. Because of problems with the reliability they couldn't pass the tests same distance as rivals. This suggests that in a Ferrari and Mercedes better job.

However, even if we traveled 5,000 miles on the tests, this does not mean that we will not have problems. Everyone knows that in the Formula 1 teams can quickly make progress. If Renault problem exclusively with the software, they soon will resolve it. Believe that after five races power of all motors will be about the same.

In the air of the Austrian TV channel ORF Niki Lauda also spoke about the racers of the Mercedes of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton «Niko differs thoughtful approach, he skilful fly - almost the same as that of Sebastian Vettel. Hamilton, relies more on his talent, and they Niko perfectly complement each other. Last year it gave the team an advantage, and so shall it be in the championship. Niko and Lewis showed great teamwork in 2013».

Touched Lauda and the opposition in Ferrari between Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso «it is Interesting to see how it will work well in one team Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso. At Kimi's own approach, and this may lead to tension. I fear for Kimi, because Fernando knows better Ferrari, and in some races it will certainly be an advantage. However I am not sure that Alonso will move ahead of teammate season.

Fernando - round educated professional, and he really knows how best to act in this or that situation. It can not only quickly to pilot the car, but also to play political games in the world. The team invited him in and companions Kimi, but do not think that because of this, Fernando will change its approach.»


2014-02-26 20:34:02

Sebastian Vettel drew track of your dreams

Sebastian Vettel drew track of your dreams

The journalists of the German edition of Sport Bild suggested Sebastian Vettel to draw a sketch of the ideal race track, it appears, then Herman Tilke, the chief architect of Formula 1, started the detailed study of the project. Finally got the ring length 11,78 km, where there are six areas where drivers can theoretically accelerate to speeds in excess of 300 km/hour.

Project Sebastian loved, he said that the track reminds him of the famous «Northern loop» nrnburgring. It begins with a long straight, which leads to the first corner, configuration reminiscent of the last turn of Bahrain, followed stud is the ninth rotation Sepang. Then you should famous speed combination of Maggots/Becketts Silverstone, culminating in a straight line and complex turning, more precisely, by a sequence of rotations, which begins Shanghai route. This is the slowest site - design speed falls here to 92 km/hour.

Next is another direct is the start-finish line segment Austin, where the route rise and enters a pin complex configuration. Then Vettel has decided to include in your perfect ring rotation Sachskurve, borrowed in Hockenheim, followed by a backward direct Abu Dhabi and turn RTL nrnburgring. After it begins with a start-finish straight Brazilian at the end of which it is assumed hard braking, because next is the Rascasse turn, familiar to all the Grand Prix of Monaco.

Next you will see the following high-speed section consisting of «s» Suzuki and Belgian Blanchimont where the velocity must exceed 337 km/h, and all are crowned turns Lesmo, peeped in Monza. According to Tilke, the car of the Formula 1 this track can be overcome for about 2 minutes 59 seconds at an average speed of 236 km/hour.

Of course, this is not the first attempt to create a perfect track but all these projects have one common drawback they are very ambitious and almost unrealizable.


2014-02-11 13:24:03

Christian Danner Felipe Massa is waiting for a successful season

Christian Danner Felipe Massa is waiting for a successful season

After the tests in Jerez Claire Williams said that Felipe Massa quickly adapted and added to the team motivation. Former F1 driver and today commentator RTL Christian Danner sure that Williams Brazilian will be able to successfully conduct the season.

Christian Danner «One of the intrigues of the season will be the performances of Felipe Mass driving Williams. He previously played for Sauber and Ferrari, but will now work in the English team, where the approach is fundamentally different from what he is used to.

There is no doubt that - speed racer, but compared with an experienced Weight of him must be added in many areas. A change of scenery will benefit Felipe, I am sure that it is waiting for a successful season.

In 2012, he has performed no better, but in the second half of the season progressed further than impressed me a lot. I hope Williams Felipe demonstrate excellent shape. If his disposal will be a fast machine, he can count on good results».


2014-01-16 16:04:02

Nico Rosberg In 2014 I want to succeed

Nico Rosberg In 2014 I want to succeed

The start of the new season, few dared to predict the balance of power, given the serious changes in the technical regulations. However the pilot Mercedes AMG Nico Rosberg believes that his team has a chance of success.

«Next season there will be serious changes in the regulations, so that our team has excellent chances, " said Nico Rosberg in an interview with RTL. In 2014 I want to achieve great success. Our team is waiting for the fifth season in Formula 1, and I very beginning am part of this project. I believe the time has come when we can gain an advantage over rivals.

But the beginning of the season can be difficult, because we all will be brand new machines, power plants. There are serious problems.»


2013-07-12 11:34:03

Alonso passed on the North loop of the driving F12

Alonso passed on the North loop of the driving F12

After the end of the Grand Prix of Germany Fernando Alonso starred in the video for German TV channel RTL, driving along the Northern loop nrnburgring driving a Ferrari road F12.

In addition to the interview in the first half of the season, the Spaniard gave behind the wheel, he spoke about his impressions from the F12 and the legendary route.

Fernando Alonso «drive a car on the Northern loop incredibly interesting. It is a pity that Formula 1 is no longer uses this site, but it would be too dangerous.82328232The Ferrari F12 I feel very comfortable. I am amazed at the power of the engine at high speeds it is similar to Formula 1 motor. Excellent machine - energetic and unique».


2013-07-11 20:44:02

Fernando Alonso " I'm taking energy in my family

Fernando Alonso

In an interview with the German TV channel RTL Fernando Alonso summed up the first half of the season and talked about his philosophy of life.

Question How do you assess the effectiveness of the work of Ferrari and you personally in this year

Fernando Alonso so far so good, I would put eight points, and this is the highest rating. We have not the fastest, but the combination of the factors a very good car, than I am quite satisfied.

His performances I find it difficult to give any estimation, I definitely added compared with the early years of performances, but there is always what to make progress.

Question How do you deal with a failed race

Fernando Alonso Forget about a failed race is not easy, but sometimes fail here and there. You know it's your job, that in life there are more important things, and when the race is not the best way to think about the future, not the past.

Question What does it mean for you the second place

Fernando Alonso Sometimes it brings satisfaction, sometimes disappointed. Second place always evoke different emotions, the same two second places is not - it depends from who finished first. If your main rival was ahead, you're sorry, if behind - rejoice.

Question have You ever been afraid behind the wheel of a Formula 1

Fernando Alonso Yes, sometimes. When we stand in the rain, and lost visibility when there are incidents of rubber, of the kind that we have seen recently - in such moments you with respect to speed and danger.

Question What do you feel when the bus explodes

Fernando Alonso First there is the vibration of the steering wheel or rear of the vehicle, suddenly becomes very easy, you are trying to avoid blocking. This happened to me, I saw, as rivals exploded in a bus - sensations are very similar. If it occurs in the middle of a high-speed rotation, you have no time to react - unfortunately, what happened with Felipe and he lost control of the car.

If the bus explodes on the line, you have a small chance to catch a car. However, it always happens suddenly, this you cannot be ready. You contact the team on the radio and trying as quickly as possible back into the pits after all, if it happened in the middle of the race, try to win back the lost time.

Question Where do you get the energy and strength

Fernando Alonso, In his family, it is the philosophy of the samurai. They say that the most important thing - to live with a purpose, and that purpose - the family, the clan.

Question You constantly train Can you imagine a day without sport

Fernando Alonso Their very slightly, although sometimes I can spend a few days on the couch watching TV. Even when there is no need to prepare for a race, I am interested in sport is my passion. I like different kinds, especially football.

Question What does it mean for you speed

Fernando Alonso All. Without speed difficult for me to live even one day - I love to do everything quickly.

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2013-07-07 15:24:05

50 minutes before the start comments Christian

50 minutes before the start comments Christian

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 and a commentator on German TV channel RTL Christian Danner thinks that we will see a race.

Christian Danner "Who will win I don't know. I would put on Kimi, but it's just a feeling. Accurate prediction of today make it virtually impossible to track conditions have changed, and no one understands how long hold on the Soft tyres.

The team in a difficult situation it seems to me, no one has accurately can't say whether or not you need three pit stop or you will get two. Information gathered on Friday practically is not relevant. The situation is unpredictable, and I like it. I love racing, to whom it is impossible to predict the winner. Applicants very much."

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2013-06-16 14:14:02

Christian Danner Punish or Mercedes, or management of the FIA

Christian Danner Punish or Mercedes, or management of the FIA

On Thursday next week in Paris will host a meeting of the international Tribunal FIA about private tests Pirelli and Mercedes. In an interview with Bild am Sonntag former racer, and today - expert TV channel RTL Christian Danner said that no charges will not do either to Mercedes, or to the FIA, if the team really have an email with a resolution on the test machine 2013 from Charlie .

Christian Danner, «I fear serious sanctions to Mercedes, because if the sports rules do not work in such a sport like Formula 1, cannot exist. On the basis of a person who made a mistake, punished or Mercedes, or management of the FIA».


2013-05-28 15:34:03

Former drivers Formula 1 condemned the actions of the Mercedes

Former drivers Formula 1 condemned the actions of the Mercedes

On the eve of the Grand Prix of Monaco head of Pirelli Motorsport Floor said that tests of rubber immediately after the race would be the ideal scenario for , because they could compare the latest information collected on race data. However, the work Pirelli with Mercedes after the Grand Prix of Spain has caused condemnation not only among the participants of the championship. The broadcast of the Austrian TV channel ServusTV former drivers tried to understand the situation.

Before the race in Monaco non-Executive Director of Mercedes Niki Lauda confirmed that tests were carried out with the permission of the FIA, however, the ex-pilot of Formula 1, and now a commentator on German TV channel RTL Christian Danner questioning the legality of these actions.

«Mercedes has made quite a bold statement, saying "We have received clarification from Charlie , therefore, do not see anything wrong in that passed the tests 1000 kilometers". You can't do this», - said Christian Danner.

Gerhard Berger agreed with former rival «The FIA know about a wish to conduct tests. Referring to the regulations, they should recommend Mercedes obtain the consent of the other teams, but in Brackley did not.

I wouldn't want to take under protection Pirelli, because I believe that this company also must take responsibility. In addition, the Mercedes should analyze everything».

Former F1 driver Nick Heidfeld, in 2010 worked in a Mercedes, is sure that the actions of the team is hidden cunning political move.

«Interestingly, Mercedes know the rules, " added Nick Heidfeld. - They wouldn't do lightly. The fact that they did not inform rivals - isn't it a political move None of the teams would give them consent, so that the plan could not be realized.

I have no doubt that they are all in advance thought over. Why they believed that everything should work without problems I really want to hear their arguments. It is obvious that Mercedes has gained an advantage thanks to these tests, but appreciate it I can't, because not involved in this».


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Double interview Bernie Ecclestone and Niki Lauda

Double interview Bernie Ecclestone and Niki Lauda

In a joint interview with the official site of the championship of the head of management of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone and non-Executive Director of the Mercedes Niki Lauda said about the work of Austrian progress Mercedes, tyres Pirelli and not only.

Question Bernie, you could imagine that in this age, Niki will begin a new career in Formula 1

Niki Lauda Wait a minute. We have to talk about my age

Bernie Ecclestone We can come to understand Age is not the subject of our conversation. laughs I mean that there are no reasons which can prevent him from doing what he is doing. Nicky is a very good businessman, knows something about Formula 1, so it is well suited for this position.

Question When did you learn about the new role of Nicky

Bernie Ecclestone About a year ago.

Niki Lauda Let me clear something up. Most of my life I was in constant contact with Bernie - I played for his team, and this was a very intense period, but I still maintain relationships, even when he was working on the TV channel RTL. But it is obvious that our communication active, when I was helping Mercedes. Mostly all began with conversations about whether I want to lead a team. Gradually these developed - and here I am

Question are You still learn from each other

Bernie Ecclestone You every day something you learn. I'm talking to Nicky and suddenly get a new idea. I think the same can say he is.

Niki Lauda Let me say this I have quite logical relationship with my ex-boss President Bernie Ecclestone. In Formula 1, much has changed, but one thing has remained unchanged I come and look him in the eye, he looks me in the eye, and within five seconds, we both know how to act. He is the master, who knows what problems concerned. I can say about what problems others have, and we have no difficulty to find a viable solution. I am a straight man, and he was born the same, so I can easily deal with him.

Question Bernie, how do you feel about the fact that such a man as Nicky, has become an important partner for Mercedes

Bernie Ecclestone I fully support Nicky in his new role at Mercedes, because it is suitable for this position. He's proved it.

Question Bernie, a large part of the season takes place in heated discussions about the tires, and the culmination of four pit stop in Barcelona. It seems now to the Canada Grand Prix will be made tires that can withstand a greater distance. Why this situation has gone so far

Bernie Ecclestone I asked Pirelli make a bus so that they could not withstand the half of the distance of the race, having in mind that we need pit stops. That's exactly what they did. It is very difficult to predict whether the drive tyres 15 or 20 of the race distance, because each track is unique, we are confronted with different temperature regimes, different machines, and the last factor, the last but not the least, all riders different styles of piloting. In the days when he Nicky, the biggest concern was that there was transmission and brakes for them was to look upon, and not the tires. Then we departed from this, and the pilots didn't really need to think about. Now they have to head to work, thinking about how to win the race.

Niki Lauda As a former racer, I can say that the goal Pirelli was to the first pit stop was held on 12-15 round, but due to various factors, which Bernie said and pit stops have to spend almost right after the four rounds. Three pit stop should be a limit, and if you have to stop to four times, though the bus sometimes able to withstand only 4 circle, is a move in the wrong direction. Starting from Canada, we will have changes.

Bernie Ecclestone Pirelli's easier just to make a bus that can be put on the car in the first race of the season and remove the last. It would be very easy.

Question Bernie, in the last three years, Mercedes seemed «sick patients» among the top teams. Now after five races of them on account of three poles and two podium is a rising trend is clear. This is due to the joining of new people

Bernie Ecclestone Perhaps, was prepared to accept. Tires for all are the same, materials for the building cars Mercedes uses are the same as all the others, only the differences in the people managing the company. But that is what.

Question They waited too long before they decided to changes

Bernie Ecclestone I Suppose people always hope that next year will be better. But last year, they still took this decision because waited too long.

Question What can you say about the economic climate in Formula 1

Bernie Ecclestone If you look at selling tickets for major sporting events, the indicators are falling everywhere. Today there are a million things you can spend the money.

Niki Lauda Bernie very clearly responds. He finds new markets, helps routes such as , and looking for a new track.

Bernie Ecclestone Many years ago when I was looking for a possibility to hold a race in China, people thought I was crazy. And now China is the favorite market for all global companies.

Question Niki, back in the little world of the paddock. How important is it that in your new role you cooperate with such a respected managers of teams like Luca di Montezemolo and Ron Dennis, with whom you've worked with

Niki Lauda Real advantage is that I can open any door I can quickly find the necessary solutions, simply saying «Yes» or «no». It is useful to be familiar with these people. First of all, I was trained as a driver, so used to seeing the situation only in black and white. I'm trying to help a Mercedes with decision-making, even if they are wrong. Better make a decision, and if it is erroneous, then to correct it, than just to stand still. That is my power and I use it as much as I can.

Bernie Ecclestone People, dealing with Nicky know whom they are dealing. With them cannot be any «probably» or «may be». It is always «Yes» or «no».

Niki Lauda If you want to be on top, then this is the only way to survive. Not everyone understands this.

Bernie Ecclestone And not everyone likes it

Niki Lauda Exactly.

Question Niki, Bernie, you both have young wives. How do you manage to live with them, if both of you are completely immersed in work

Niki Lauda My wife Bridget horoscope Scorpio, so I have to be careful in his statements.

Question But if Scorpions - your destiny, you say about Bernie As he is also a Scorpion

Niki Lauda Ha, at home I am well trained in dealing with such people and I can get along with them, but it's not easy The good news is that my sign is Pisces, so I slippery, like a fish

Bernie Ecclestone Scorpions will always be able to catch a fish

Niki Lauda It's because they think.

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