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Nico Rosberg believes the new victory of Lewis Hamilton

Nico Rosberg believes the new victory of Lewis Hamilton

Champion of the season in 2016 Nico Rosberg believes that this year will once again win for Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton. And this in spite of the promising rumors that came from Maranello.Nico Rosberg "My prediction matches what happened in the past year. Thus, at this time wins again Lewis Hamilton, one step ahead of Sebastian Vettel. Behind them, Valtteri Bottas and both pilots of Red Bull, and this time Verstappen will be faster Riccardo".

2017-12-30 12:54:03

Paddy Lowe Felipe was a valuable team player

Paddy Lowe Felipe was a valuable team player

Williams technical Director Paddy Lowe said that he will miss the experienced Felipe Massa.Paddy Lowe "the Mass gave incredible feedback. He worked on the development machine. Engineers always important to get good feedback, and he gave it in full.Sometimes you don't get a link from one of the pilots, and then information is provided by other pilot, but Felipe gave information in each race. He was a valuable team player who always sought the maximum from the car.I have not received information from Strolla. Don't know what will happen next year. I don't have enough Mass".Massa has repeatedly said that he is ready to stay in Williams, however, according to rumors, that Lowe insisted on the dismissal of the Brazilian, who played in the British team in 2014.

2017-12-14 10:44:04

Mercedes becomes minder Ferrari

The former head of Department of development of engines Ferrari Lorenzo Sassi goes to Mercedes.In July, the President of Ferrari Sergio Marchionne has confirmed rumors that Mr engineer has been sent to the Department responsible for road cars. And now Spanish Newspapers AS and Marca report that the Sassi goes to Mercedes, in the Department of development of engines of Formula 1.Today in the Mercedes already are former heads of different divisions of Ferrari Aldo Costa and James Ellison.

2017-12-14 10:44:03

Mercedes is not considering the candidacy of Windows for 2019

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff denied the rumors that season-2019 his team is considering Esteban's Windows.Toto Wolff "Esteban is one of our pilots, and therefore in the picture it looks like we can take him. But a team of all power forwards on Valtteri.If we start to think about other pilots, the emotional side of Bottas will fail. He could then work at 100.I can assure you that we all want to Valtteri succeeded. Along with Lewis, he's our pilot, and we don't think about others.Of Valtteri has everything he needs. The guy should just pull myself together".Meanwhile, Bottas contract extended only until the end of 2018, and at the end of next season, free will be not only Windows, but Daniel ricciardo.

2017-12-13 16:34:04

Nico Rosberg and Timo Glock will replace Niki Lauda

Non-Executive Director of Mercedes Niki Lauda decided to leave the role of expert TV channel RTL F1, so there were rumors that German television could lose the right to broadcast the events of the championship.But now Bild newspaper reported that negotiations RTL and Liberty Media completed successfully.But a spokesman for RTL insisted "I can not confirm this fact. There is no contract, we're not ready yet".However, it is argued that the former Formula 1 drivers Nico Rosberg and Timo Glock will alternate between a Grand Prix to replace Lauda.

2017-12-10 10:54:03

Aldo Costa is not going to return to Ferrari

Aldo Costa is not going to return to Ferrari

Aldo Costa said that he has no desire to return to the Scuderia. The Italian joined Ferrari in 1995, later becoming lead engineer of the team, until he was asked to leave in 2011.Now Costa is now a key person in the Mercedes. And, despite constant rumors that he could be back at Maranello, the Italian engineer says he's not interested in that.Aldo Costa "I owe my choice of Mercedes, Ross brown and Michael Schumacher. Moving to England was my luck. I really like my current job, I'm home, and I'm not going to leave.Last season, our team and the Ferrari was just toe to toe, but, having achieved progress, we were able to pull ahead and win. But in the early summer we did not expect. We hypothesized that struggle, in all probability, will continue until the end.We expect that this is not only a psychological struggle, but the struggle from the point of view of development because he thought that the need to win is not someone, but a Ferrari".

2017-11-28 11:14:03

Petrobras will sponsor McLaren in 2018

McLaren, it seems, intends to announce a new sponsor for 2018. Earlier this year we reported that with the departure of Williams from Petrobras, a Brazilian multinational company may move to McLaren in 2018. And now in Abu Dhabi there are new rumors.Brazilian television said in Abu Dhabi that Sette Camara, Petrobras and McLaren already connected transaction for the year 2018.Also in Abu Dhabi Executive Director of McLaren Zac brown hinted that the British team is working on some key deals.Zach brown "Commercially we had a good year. We have signed contracts with two sponsors, which we haven't announced yet, so I think next year we should expect to see more big brands on a race car the McLaren".At the end of 2013, the company Vodafone has left McLaren, and since then the British team is running without a title sponsor. Let's see whether he will appear in 2018.

2017-11-28 10:54:03

The President of the FIA Rules of Halo will not be revised

The President of the FIA Jean Todt has dismissed rumors that the controversial concept of Halo will be canceled in anticipation of the 2018 season.During the tests in the pits in Abu Dhabi, Valtteri Bottas couldn't get out of the cockpit of the Mercedes with Halo for 7 seconds.Against the background of existing concerns about aesthetics and the fact that the extra weight will make the car next year, slower to move on the highway, there was a rumors that Halo can be canceled.Jean Todt "there is No turning back. Halo will, he remains. Why Because it will give us more security.Disappoints me what was written about it. Halo is just part of the natural continuity of Formula 1. Of course, this will not be the final solution. If we find a better solution, we will present it".

2017-11-17 11:34:03

Montoya, Kubica to Williams Is this a joke

Montoya, Kubica to Williams Is this a joke

Juan Pablo Montoya is skeptical of the idea put behind the wheel of a Williams Robert Kubica, who had not acted in Formula 1 since 2010. He was the Colombian raced for Williams in 2001-2004 Juan Pablo Montoya "to be honest, this sounds like a joke. I am sure that Robert will not be able to give 100 in a modern car of the Formula-1".Similar opinion is shared by Patrick head, co-founder and former technical Director of Williams "Robert was one of the best in the past. Only he knows whether he is ready to return. He had a serious injury, and Williams now want to know what he's capable of".According to rumors, Kubica has already found sponsors who are willing to bring Williams 8 million euros. It is expected that Robert will take part in tyre tests, which will be held in Abu Dhabi after the final race of the season.

2017-11-16 10:24:07

Kevin Magnussen I don't pay attention to rumors

The pilot Haas Kevin Magnussen has stated that he no longer reads the rumors in the press about his person.Kevin Magnussen "There is one thing that I have learned very well for himself - not to read rumors on social networks. I don't care what they say about me people. If someone says something negative, even if journalists, then I don't care I don't care. Of course, it's not my goal to be unpopular personality, but to achieve good results, sometimes you have to work elbows.I don't want to be the most popular among other pilots. For me important results and what the stewards. This year I have only one penalty because of my style of piloting, and that means I'm not that bad. In the paddock I have friends, but not among the pilots".

2017-11-16 10:24:06

Robert Kubica - a real contender for the role of test driver in Abu Dhabi

Williams technical Director Paddy Lowe has confirmed after many rumors that Robert Kubica could take part in the tests, which will be held in Abu Dhabi after the final race of the season.Paddy Lowe "We are still considering what options would be best for the team and Kubica is definitely a strong option.We are open to suggestions. This also applies to the combat pilots. It is important that next year we will have the best lineup in terms of speed".

2017-11-15 10:44:03

Alain Prost We don't play dirty

Renault Ambassador Alain Prost said that his company before the end of the season to fully work out the contract with Toro Rosso.Alain Prost "of Course, despite the rumors, Toro Rosso will be our engines in Abu Dhabi.Renault involved in Formula 1 for so many years, and we always provide everyone the same opportunities. We will never play dirty to win a few seats in the world Cup."Earlier, Toro Rosso has accused Renault that the French motorists deliberately put poor quality power plant.

2017-11-11 18:24:03

Carlos Sainz has denied rumors about the transition in the Red Bull 2019

The pilot of Renault, Carlos Sainz has denied rumours that his stay in Renault fleeting.Carlos Sainz "I am very good attitude to Renault. They helped me feel at home from the first day of work. The team helped to adapt very quickly to new conditions and car.All questions and rumors about the year 2019 does not interest me. The rumors about the return of Red Bull baseless".It is known that Red Bull gave Sainz the team Renault in rent for one year. Obviously, if Riccardo will leave Red Bull at the end of 2018, his place will be occupied by Carlos.

2017-11-08 10:04:04

Nico Rosberg exclude the return to Formula-1

Champion of the season in 2016 Nico Rosberg once again denied any rumors that he may return to Formula-1.Nico Rosberg "On the return can not be and speeches. I got what I wanted, and my new life going in the right direction.I haven't missed anything - I'm completely done with racing. Now I love to enjoy the races, watching them.I no longer compete with Lewis, so it makes me feel better. He deserves this success because he had a great year".

2017-11-04 15:44:03

Felipe Massa will announce retirement next week

Felipe Massa will announce retirement next week

Edition Motorsport reports that on 8 November, the eve of the home Grand Prix of Brazil, Felipe Massa will collect a press-conference where will announce the completion of a career in Formula 1.A year ago, Felipe has already said goodbye to Formula 1, but later Williams approached him with a request to return to replace Valtteri Bottas, who joined in the Mercedes. This time, it seems, Felipe finally say goodbye to the championship.According to rumors, Williams technical Director paddy Lowe doesn't want to work the dough. In its place expect Robert Kubica, Paul di Resta and Pascal Wehrlein.

2017-10-31 12:14:03

Toto Wolff Ecclestone says different nonsense

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff said that Bernie Ecclestone is making up rumors about collusion Mercedes and Ferrari.Toto Wolff "Bernie is the only person who can throw a hand grenade on the other side of the world, which gets into the target and explodes. I like his funny storiesI miss him, but, of course, the story about the conspiracy - it is a perfect absurdity."Earlier, Ecclestone said that Mercedes helped Ferrari in the completion of the power plant.

2017-10-25 11:44:03

Vettel defends Arrivabene after hearing about the dismissal

The Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel has supported its leader Maurizio Arrivabene after rumors that it should be fired from the team.Sebastian Vettel "In the past Maurizio has often been criticized, but he's good at his job and he was a real leader."The head of Ferrari Sergio Marchionne also said that the rumors about the resignation Arrivabene is not true.Sergio Marchionne "Maurizio is not responsible for problems with the car. And Mattia, Maurizio involved in this process in equal shares. To look for the culprit pretty stupid right now. Technically, as CEO, I am also to blame.It is important that problems are solved and we move forward. Three Asian trails was the sum of failure events, and the likelihood of recurrence in the future is low. We solved this problem by inviting an expert from outside. We know how to continue to fight for victory".

2017-10-24 14:24:03

In Williams interested in Wehrlein

In Williams interested in Wehrlein

Williams technical Director Paddy Lowe has admitted that Pascal Wehrlein is among the candidates for a place in the team in the season of 2018. The main problem of the German pilot his age as the title sponsor of the team, the brand Martini, requires anyone over the age of 25.Paddy Lowe, technical Director, Williams "If we are talking about Pascal, we do not need to check on the tests, because we see how he performs in the race. Yes, we need to consider the wishes of the sponsors, but I am also sure that Martini understands how important for us pilots.We will choose the option that is best suited from the point of view of the results, not the one that is best for sponsors".According to rumors, Lowe does not want to work with Felipe Massa, so now the benchmarks are two other veteran Robert Kubica and Paul di Resta. As for Wehrlein, the Lowe is well acquainted with him in a Mercedes.

2017-10-19 10:04:05

Paddy Lowe has not commented on the tests Kubica

Paddy Lowe has not commented on the tests Kubica

Williams technical Director Paddy Lowe would not comment on rumors about the return of Robert Kubica in Formula 1 with the British team.Paddy Lowe "there's nothing I can comment on now. All I can say is that we have several options.We need pilots and experts is strong enough to bring the team back to the top. I already made some changes to the project car of the season in 2018, and at the moment I'm happy with what I see.I love my job. And now I have the opportunity to review the new draft - Williams going to win. For this we need strong engineers, effective team and excellent work. When this happens, you get more investors and a bigger budget".

2017-10-17 11:44:03

Willi Weber Schumacher Family must tell the truth

Willi Weber Schumacher Family must tell the truth

Former Manager of Michael Schumacher believes that the family legends of Formula 1 needs to be honest with millions of their fans.Almost four years after the accident the seven-time champion in the ski resort, almost nothing is known about the extent of his injuries. At the same time there are unconfirmed rumors that after the improve the health of Schumacher once again fell into a coma.Willi Weber "I'm sorry that fans of Michael do not know about his health. Why are they not telling the truthFormula 1 has now become as painful as my back. Now this show of Mickey mouse, and nothing more. Sport a thing of the past with performances by Schumacher".

2017-10-12 10:34:03

Fernando Alonso Formula 1 will always be a priority

Fernando Alonso Formula 1 will always be a priority

The pilot of McLaren Fernando Alonso has said that even if he stays, that would not change Formula 1 to race at Daytona in the beginning of next year. But the Spaniard does not deny that if there is a possibility he will start.Fernando Alonso "the Priority is Formula 1. Triple crown - the second plan. And Yes, now looms fantastic in 2018 for me. I know that now spread rumors about my possible performance in Daytona. This race has a long history, and it is held in January, when the season of Formula 1 has not started yet".The team is owned by the Executive Director of McLaren Zak brown, United Autosports, takes part in a race at Daytona.

2017-10-09 11:14:05

In the Toro Rosso is no room for Wehrlein

Sports consultant to Red Bull Helmut Marko has denied rumors that Pascal Wehrlein may 2018 to play for Toro Rosso.Helmut Marko "Wehrlein is definitely not on our list. He will not play for us next year. Who Perhaps it will be a surprise for everyone."It is believed that this surprise may be Lando Norris, but the racing Director of McLaren Eric boullier has denied these rumors.Eric boullier "we Need another year for Lando. Only then it will be ready for Formula 1".

2017-10-09 11:14:03

Helmut Marko I'm not worried about Verstappen

Sports consultant to Red Bull Helmut Marko said that it was relaxed and not worried about the rumors of a possible departure from the team max Verstappen.Helmut Marko "I'm not worried. Max started with us, and he wants to win with us its first world title. It is our desire.Yes, I know what Wolff was talking to Jos Verstappen. But I sleep good at night. It's just a common thing in Formula 1 - all and with all the talking".

2017-09-21 11:04:03

Future Auer has not changed after the Force India

Future Auer has not changed after the Force India

Lucas Auer stated that the team Force India decided to keep pilots in 2018, will not affect his future in racing.Earlier, the Austrian, whose uncle was a pilot of Formula 1 Gerhard Berger has been testing at Silverstone with its pink sponsor BWT.There were rumors that due to problems between the pilots Force India changes may occur in the composition, but this did not happen.Lucas Auer "For me, nothing has changed. The test was a measure of great confidence in me, and I still keep contact with the team, but focused on DTM".Gerhard Berger "Lucas still has a chance. Force India looks at it.You can already see the results of this monitoring, because he was invited to the tests, and even without my help. He really handled it myself.He has a very good chance to win the title in the DTM. And his tests showed that he is ready for Formula 1".

2017-09-19 11:44:04

Sauber and Williams are waiting for the decision by the pilots in the 2018 season

Robert Kubica still has a good chance to return to Formula 1 next year. Carlos Sainz took the place of the pole in the Renault, but he has all the chances to get a place in other teams, which has not yet decided on the composition of the pilots.Williams is considering replacing Felipe Massa, but they need the pilot, which will be more than 25 years, to meet the needs of the title sponsor Martini. The other team, where there is an opportunity to get a place - Sauber. There is a place can not only lose Pascal Wehrlein, but Marcus Ericsson. Ferrari wants to put in the Sauber cockpits of its pilots, or at least one of Charles LeClair. According to unofficial information, the factory Sauber visited Maurizio Arrivabene and Sergio Marchione.The representative of Ferrari "It is true that Marchionne and Arrivabene was in Hinwil. Marchionne never seen that factory. It is true that Ferrari wants to be reunited with their pilots LeClair and Giovinazzi in the race".Marcus Ericsson, whose career supported by influential money bags can go from Sauber to Williams.Marcus Ericsson "There are a lot of rumors. I know that my managers interact with Sauber and a few other teams, including Williams. We will see what happens in the coming weeks, has begun an exciting time".

2017-09-19 10:34:03

Future engines for the Red Bull looks unclear

Renault has already stated that it will not work with Red Bull after the season in 2018. It is not excluded that Red Bull will switch to Honda engines that will be tested on the machines of the Junior team Toro Rosso next year. At the same time, we know that Red Bull is negotiating with Porsche.Christian Horner, head of Red Bull "We had talks with Porsche, and at the moment those discussions are ongoing. In the Toro Rosso for Honda pressure will be lower than in the McLaren, so they will be able to deal with their problems."Honda President Masashi Yamamoto "If in the future you will have the chance to supply engines to a top team, why notI read in the news the rumors that we are buying Toro Rosso, but we've never discussed this in our company".

2017-09-14 17:54:03

Verstappen not worried about the future of divorce Red Bull with Renault

Max Verstappen commented on the rumors regarding the fact that at the end of 2018 would end the cooperation with Red Bull Renault.Max Verstappen "I'm not worried. It will only be in 2019. In any case, nothing depends on me.Who knows, maybe Honda next year seriously increased. And yet the fact that I'll stay in Red Bull after 2018".The Red Bull team gets Renault engines since 2007. In recent years, they are labeled as TAG Heuer.

2017-09-14 14:04:04

Renault refuses to work with Red Bull

Renault refuses to work with Red Bull

As informs edition Daily Mail, the Renault company was notified by the Red Bull team about the termination of supplies of engines after a season in 2018.In recent years, from Red Bull is a lot of criticism about the French engines. Perhaps this was the reason for this decision. Moreover, now the mechanics Renault has a new partner in the person of team McLaren.Next year's Junior team Toro Rosso will use Honda engines. Maybe in the future the senior Red Bull will work with the Japanese minders.Meanwhile, there were rumors that the purchase of Red Bull is interested the Porsche company. But it will not happen before 2021, when it will come into force new rules on engines.

2017-09-12 11:34:03

Carlos Sainz visited the base Renault

According to the publication Auto Bild, Carlos Sainz visited the team base Renault and went through the procedure of adjustment of the seat.Meaning this procedure is not only if the Spaniard is not going to start the race behind the wheel RS17 already this season. This indirectly confirms the rumors that Sainz will wear overalls Renault at the Malaysian Grand Prix.Already known and replace Sainz in the Toro Rosso is a reserve pilot of Red Bull Pierre went Out.