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Formula 1

2017-12-11 10:54:03

The owners of Formula 1 has registered the trademark three races in the United States

Recently, the management of the company of Liberty, the new owner of Formula 1, talked about the need to increase the number of stages in the United States. And here it became known that the trademarks of the three North American races.Talking about races in Miami, new York and Las Vegas. Registered trademarks are intended for the production and sale of Souvenirs. Next season will be only however, the race in Austin, but in 2019, obviously, is to expect an increase in the number of races in the United States.From 1976 to 1984, the United States took two stages of Formula 1, with the exception of 1982 when they managed to run three races.

2017-12-11 09:54:04

The head of Red Bull Liberty are doing a lot right

Head Red Bull Christian Horner said that Liberty, the new owner of Formula 1, perfectly copes with his work in the championship.Christian Horner "You need to invest in a business in order to save money, and I think that Liberty in this respect was a very good year.They spent a season, hiring new professionals, they formed new rules of the game for 2021.It is very easy to criticize the counting of votes or the level of spending, it's just a different mentality, not like Bernie Ecclestone. Bernie was a very closed shop. He was marketing Department, he was sales and it was just the same type of show.Liberty, acquiring a business, built a new structure. They also want to make a lot in the championship, and this involves costs.Inevitably there will be investments that will have impact for 2018 and maybe even 2019, but we expect that in two years everything will return back".

2017-12-01 13:14:03

Mercedes continues to scare care after Ferrari

Mercedes continues to insist that at the end of 2020 will be able to leave behind the Ferrari from the championship.Earlier, the President of Ferrari Sergio Marchionne said that if Liberty Media will continue to implement their plans according to the rules and budget 2021, the Italian team can go.And now the head of Mercedes Toto Wolff admitted that he was also dissatisfied with the activities of Liberty in Formula 1.Toto Wolff "Nothing good happens. Strange innovations as Michael buffer in Austin, do not make the sport better.We don't see how the new rules will help to make our sport more interesting and cheaper. No one knows where will lead us this trip. We only know that sales and profits fell sharply.This scenario is quite possible, as with Ferrari. We are ready to withdraw from the championship. If we do not see what will be the Formula-1 on, then you need to ask yourself a difficult question do we want to work in this League".

2017-11-20 13:24:03

Abu Dhabi debuts new logo, Formula 1

Abu Dhabi debuts new logo, Formula 1

The owners of Fomrula-1 has recently registered several new logos Formula 1. One of them, according to the expert Joe Savar, will be used during the upcoming Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi.Joe saver "In the old logo, no one noticed the number "1" - all saw only the letter "F". New versions of the logo, not as dynamic, but they have another problem. Let's see whether they will help raise the level of sales of Souvenirs.As far as I know, the decision has been made, and the new logo will be used in Abu Dhabi".Below the options of logos that have been registered by the company Liberty, owner of the championship.

2016-12-28 10:54:04

Manor is profitable and preparing to sell

Manor is profitable and preparing to sell

The team of the Manor at the end of 2015 brought a profit of 51 million euros. As the Executive Director of the Manor Vincent Casey, the moment saved the team from collapse and gave the opportunity to pay all the bills. It is clear that an important, if not the main role, played ninth place teams at the end of the 2014 season, which earned the stable victim Jules Bianchi.In addition, the report command of your financial situation shows that a huge investment in March last year, was made by the businessman from the UK, Steve Fitzpatrick. Bringing in a team of almost 42 million euros, he became its owner. Now, the code team started to generate income, the Fitzpatrick leads the talk about the sale of Manor. Now the most real candidates for this role are Indonesian group of investors and Ron Dennis, removed from the leadership at McLaren at the end of 2016.

2016-12-26 11:54:02

Barcelona opened the sale of tickets for the tests

Winter tests in 2017 will be held in Barcelona, where traditionally held the Grand Prix of Spain. The owners of the racetrack, opened the sale of tickets for the test days.Tests in Barcelona will be held from 27 February to 2 March and 7 March to 10 March. The cost of a simple ticket for one day - 18. For 50 euros you can buy a ticket with a guided tour. Those who purchased tickets for the Grand Prix of Spain, you can view the test absolutely free.

2016-12-17 10:34:04

KFC will buy the Manor

KFC will buy the Manor

The fast-food chain KFC, more precisely, its Indonesian unit Jangonya can buy the team Manor.As reported by Nextgen-Auto, negotiating the sale of the team has gone far enough. Indonesian KFC is no stranger to motorsports. They support several Indonesian pilots in the Junior series, including GP2.Obviously, if the Indonesians will buy the Manor, behind the wheel of one of the cars will be back in Rio Haryanto.

2016-11-24 13:54:03

Before year's end Manor may change the owner

Before year's end Manor may change the owner

It is possible that in the near future, the Manor team will change owners. At the moment negotiations are underway with a potential buyer.Thomas Mayer, Executive Director of the Manor "Yes, we are in talks with an interested party regarding the sale of a controlling stake in the team. The negotiations are going, but I can not say more. We hope that in the near future there will be good news."At the present time control packet of shares belongs to the Manor Stefan Fitzpatrick.

2016-10-26 09:04:05

G-Drive Racing champion ELMS 2016

G-Drive Racing champion ELMS 2016

On Sunday 23 November in Portugal in a resounding victory for G-Drive Racing ended the season of the ELMS championship, the European series of Le Mans. The crew of car 38, who competes in endurance racing with the support of premium fuel G-Drive "Gazprom Neft", won the last race of ELMS and won the title.After a brilliant victory in the Japanese race of the FIA WEC "6 hours of Fuji", where Roman Rusinov, Alex Brundle and will Stevens has rose to the top step of the podium, the race weekend brought the Russian team second victory, this time in the European series, as well as the title in the championship.Portuguese stage ELMS was decisive for the riders, conceding to competitors a few points even before the race, when it seemed that the championship is already a foregone conclusion. Demonstrating high rate, the crew 38 - Guido van der garde, Simon Dolan, Harry Tincknell - runner in the free practices. However, to win the pole position athletes failed. However, Guido, started Sunday's race from the third position in the race, regained the lead in the first seconds. This time fortune favored the orange prototype, and the Dutchman managed to avoid damage to the car even after contact with another car.However, the surprises did not end there. Eternal rival G-Drive Racing in the ELMS this season, the crew of TDS, has faced technical problems and was forced to spend a lot of time in the pits trying to fix them. So, leadership, captured Guido van der garde at the start, withheld Simon Dolan during his double shifts and fixed Harry Tincknell, led the team not just to win the race "4 hours of Estoril", but also brought gold at the end of the season."G-Drive Racing won the championship. It was not easy. We climbed to the top step of the podium in the first race, but after things went not so well. Before the last stage of winning chances almost was not, but we were all out in force and won the first place. We believe in the success, professionalism of the staff and our character. And won. This victory confirms that we have the fastest drivers, the most professional management and the most powerful fuel. G-Drive is the fuel of Champions", - said Alexander Krylov, Director of regional sales "Gazprom oil", project Manager G-Drive Racing.

2016-09-09 12:34:07

FIA looks forward to working with Liberty Media

The President of the FIA Jean Todt said that the Federation hopes for close cooperation with new owners of the championship.Jean Todt "Our Federation did not participate in the negotiations for the sale of the Formula 1, so still waiting on information about all the terms of the transaction. We don't know yet how the sale will affect the fate of the championship, but we welcome new owners with such huge opportunities in the world of sports, entertainment and media. We look forward to working closely with Liberty Media".

2016-08-16 11:14:08

The organizers of the Grand Prix of Belgium Sales grew

The organizers of the Grand Prix of Belgium Sales grew

The organizer of the Grand Prix of Belgium Andre Maes told that ticket sales this year have increased significantly compared to last season.Andr Maes "If we compare with last season, but this year ticket sales increased by 25. Tickets for all stands sold, there is only a handful of tickets to the "bronze" category. You can buy them for a few days before the start of the Grand Prix.We are pleased that our Grand Prix is so popular. This gives reason to believe that the race will be held for many years".

2016-05-26 16:14:03

McLaren Vandorn not for sale

McLaren Vandorn not for sale

Recently the reserve pilot of McLaren Stoffel Vandorn, noting successful race in Bahrain, said that some Formula 1 teams are showing interest in him. The head of McLaren, Ron Dennis was quick to say that the young Belgian is not for sale.Ron Dennis "Stoffel is a talented and hard-working young pilot with great potential. It is an integral part of the future of the Union McLaren-Honda. If someone thinks he can lure him to her, something very wrong.We are not yet ready to announce the lineup of pilots for next season. But I can say that Vandorn not for sale.According to rumors, next season will replace Vandorn McLaren's Jenson Button and, thus, will partner Fernando Alonso.

2016-05-23 11:24:03

Le Mans refused to accept the French Grand Prix

French club ACO Automobile Club de lOuest refused the proposal of FIA to adopt the French Grand Prix on his legendary track in Le Mans.ACO President Pierre Philo "I was approached by Jean Todt, but we refused, because that will give us that cooperation We need to invest about 18 million euros each year, and receive income only from the sale of tickets. Ideally we would be able only to compensate for their expenses, no more."The last time the French Grand Prix was held in 2008. As for Le Mans, it's this legendary track has hosted Formula 1 in 1967.

2016-04-18 11:34:03

First podium finish for G-Drive Racing in 2016

First podium finish for G-Drive Racing in 2016

On 17 April on the British track Silverstone hosted the first of nine stages of the FIA WEC. Russian team G-Drive Racing, playing in the world championship on races on endurance, with the support of premium fuel G-Drive "Gazprom Neft", won the pole position and finished on the podium, winning 16 points.Saturday's victory in the qualification brought the pilot G-Drive Racing advantage at the start and opened the scoring in the standings. For the victory in qualification, according to the regulations of the championship, the team gets one point. In contrast to the previous Sunday's race practices and qualifying, the main race was held on a dry track, where from the first moments after the green flag has launched an impressive attack and the struggle for position. The battle continued until the final, who finished the race when the pilot G-Drive Racing Rene Rast was able to lead the team on the podium of the first race of the season.Roman Rusinov as the best pilot team G-Drive Racing by the results of free practices started in the race "6 hours of Silverstone". The Russians repelled the attacks of the opponents, gradually increasing the gap between them. Of course, the race was not without incidents and crashes, but Rusinov managed to avoid them. Ren Rast replaced the Novel behind the wheel of a racing prototype. In the middle of his shift team had any technical problems and the pilot lost a few tens of seconds. However, the German played a second lost and regained the lead. The third team pilot, Nathaniel Burton, have left the boxes under a sign "machine safety" and were in the tail of the peloton. Overtaking circular, the Frenchman lost his advantage, then contact with the team car Aston Martin led to the failure of the fairing. To make up precious seconds again, Rene would Grow. Breaking with the fourth position in the final hour of the race, he finished third in the end."On the one hand, I'm happy with the outcome of the race, we still made it to the podium, literally at the last minute, despite the technical problems, which eventually cost us several positions. On the other - looking back at the results, including average lap time, we understand that it could win. But this is motor racing, an endurance race where anything happens. In short, we have already started preparing for the next phase, the "6 hours of Spa-Francorchamps," says ren Rast, pilot team G-Drive Racing."This is a good start. Both the crew of G-Drive Racing finished on the podium at Silverstone . Yes, at the ELMS we definitely had more luck, where we won first place. However, the season has just started, and today's race showed the WEC, in the LMP2 category will be a very hot fight until the checkered flag. Our opponents quite strong, but we are not behind, so the finish on the third position was held in spite of circumstances, - said Alexander Krylov, Director of regional sales "Gazprom oil", project Manager G-Drive Racing.

2016-04-13 10:54:03

Sergey Vorobyev I'm Sure the stands will be sold out

Promoter Grand Prix of Russia talks about whether Sochi Autodrom and the city of Sochi is expected at the may holidays to the full house.- To evaluate the effect of the transfer of the weekend Formula 1 from October to may, we can only at the end of the Grand Prix - said Sergey Vorobyev. - Are we going to do this, including, and on the basis of feedback from the audience. However, preliminary data suggest that the results of the experiment, which was made possible by the Administration of Krasnodar region and Bernie Ecclestone is interested in may's date of the Russian Grand Prix, excellent. At the moment the pace of ticket sales is better than in the same period for the Grand Prix 2015.For those who came to Sochi in previous years, one of the main difficulties was the price of the tickets. In 2016 the situation is much better. First, in connection with may holidays in Sochi in Russia is much larger than the base of the flights, plus, the airlines finally realized, what effect does the Grand Prix of Russia for the flow of passengers flying into the resort town, and put on their flights the planes have more capacity. In connection with these two circumstances is now still available tickets at affordable prices. Something has changed in the habit of Russians to make a decision about the trip at the last moment- Current Grand Prix - the third, has already formed a large group of fans who regularly visits the home race of Formula 1, but even among the most loyal fans the tendency to care about tickets in advance is formed more slowly than we would like.Our database of our regular customers there are groups of people from 30-50 people, organized who come from other cities. Even they, knowing that a bus or a half plane will arrive at the Grand Prix 2016, I'm writing - we got together and after a week or two will buy our precious tickets. It seems that the desire to postpone all on then with labor skorenko We are ready for and accept as a given.- And Sochi Autodrom is ready to house- A full house in the stands at the us two years in a row Sure, there will be a third time. But we have a dream - until 2020 to come to take on race day 100 thousand spectators. We are moving towards that goal. Of course, it will be a serious burden on the Olympic Park, all transport infrastructure in Sochi, so we do not make any sudden movements, and gradually increase attendance. Believe in the incarnation of our dreams- The arrival in Sochi of a large number of fans of Formula 1 in combination with may holidays is the peak load for the city as a whole- Sochi, post-Olympics in its current form, is a resort, which, I believe, have to live in the mode of peak load at least 8 months of the year. Infrastructure built for the winter Olympic and Paralympic games in 2014, is in great demand, including through the holding of Grand Prix of Formula 1.In 2014, the arrival in Russia of the "Big prizes" seemed a fantasy, utopian, unrealistic, and someone caused a rejection. Now, I think the skeptics were very few. Sochi Autodrom has become the Central object of the Olympic Park, main venue of the Olympic heritage. Events are held year-round on it and almost non-stop.In General, interest in Sochi is constantly increasing. We see a marked increase in the booking of the tickets from abroad. For the city is only a beginning, and therefore, the more guests will be at the Grand Prix, the more people will come to Sochi again. Because every guest is at least 5-10 people that will hear the enthusiastic story about how cool it was in Sochi. We believe in it and are not afraid to invite more fans. Support us in this and administration of Krasnodar region and the city of Sochi.We work together to ensure that the Olympic legacy was just the way it was conceived back in the mid 2000-ies, when decisions were made regarding the application of Sochi to host the winter Olympic and Paralympic games in 2014.

2015-12-24 10:34:03

Aston Martin has refused to return to Formula-1

Aston Martin has refused to return to Formula-1

Aston Martin considered the possibility of his return to Formula 1, becoming a partner of the team Force India. But this idea was eventually abandoned.Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin "We came to the conclusion that it makes no sense to invest in Formula 1. The only true way for our brand - this is a demonstration of the technology in racing road cars. I don't understand how the participation in the Formula-1 can increase the number of sales of our machines".In 1959 and 1960 in Formula 1 races were attended by the team of David brown, then owner of Aston Martin company. Brand this machine took part in six races. Best result - 6th place Roy Salvadori in the British Grand Prix 1959 after starting from second place.

2015-12-12 14:34:03

Graham Loudon a Year ago we didn't think would survive

Graham Loudon a Year ago we didn't think would survive

Manor sports Director Graham Loudon said that he is proud of the team that spent the regular season in unstable conditions.Graham Loudon "I am proud of the team Manor, which was able to return to the championship, while a year ago no one in it even and not believed.The season was fantastic for the team. Yes, we had no rivals, but otherwise the race was still on course. The most memorable race took place in Mexico, thanks to the fans the atmosphere was incredible. We all were delighted with the support from the stands, and I look forward to returning to this country.We exist, and that after the dismissal of the entire team and the sale of all property. We are proud of our achievements".

2015-10-30 11:24:03

More than 99 of the audience was pleased with the Grand Prix of Russia in 2015

According to survey results, "RBC RESEARCH", 99.4 of people who visited the second in the history of Russia stage of the world Championship of Formula 1, was pleased with the organization of this event.To conduct the study in 2015 was chosen as the hybrid data collection methodology, which included a combination of field survey of visitors to the Grand Prix and the online survey the audience after the competition.A similar study is organized for the second year. The results of the analysis of satisfaction the audience of the Grand Prix show positive dynamics - some indicators are still at a high level, and the series of values have improved compared to last year.The organizers deserve great reviews on many indicators. So, overall satisfaction from visiting race fans were evaluated for six points out of seven. First guests of the Sochi Autodrom noted the high level of staff and trails volunteers, and entertainment of races and the convenience of observing the competition from the stands. High marks were also awarded the organisation of transport infrastructure in the days of the event, enhanced with additional buses and commuter trains, and a busy entertainment programme.The proportion of negative responses was only 0.6. The promoter will continue to work on improving the prices of catering services and the expansion of the range of a healthy diet. The audience also was not satisfied with the cost of Souvenirs, although the quality of goods sold in the F1 Village, appreciated very much. Some respondents as a negative factor called the long queues in the days racing weekend, due to the large influx of spectators during a walk on pit lane and autograph sessions.The main reason for the visit of the Russian Grand Prix fans called personal interest in the "Royal race", while many said that they had decided to attend the event based on the experience of the competition last year. Almost 20 of the audience said they came to the rostrum to look at the performance of Daniil Kvyat. About 10 of the respondents among the reasons that prompted them to come for the race, said the low ticket prices.It is curious that for many members of older age groups visiting the race was repeated, while the youth often went to the competition on the recommendation of friends and acquaintances.The majority of spectators at the Grand Prix of Russia, are constantly monitoring the events from the world of Motorsport 48 of respondents do not miss a single race, while a further 24 watch the competition from time to time. At the same time, 15 of the surveyed audience said that not interested in Formula 1, and for the Russian round came on the recommendation of friends.According to the study, about 60 of the fans that had been to the race, plan on visiting the Russian Grand Prix in 2016, and 23 have not yet decided whether there will arrive to Sochi Autodrom for the next race.Also, an analysis was conducted of the cost of the tickets, which were able to determine optimal prices that will be reflected in the ticket program for 2016.In November of this year, the organizers of the Russian Grand Prix to announce the details, and in December will launch the start of ticket sales for the third Russian leg of the world Championship Formula-1.

2015-10-08 10:54:03

Mercedes nobody asks Me about the sale of the Formula 1

The head of Mercedes Toto Wolff hfc that the team leaders of the championship, no one asks about the issue of the sale of Formula 1.Toto Wolff "I know that there are interested people from Qatar, Russia and the United States. But even if I wanted to vote someone, it is me nobody would be asking. Our opinion is not interesting. Our task is just to wait and see what happens."Earlier, the head of the championship Bernie Ecclestone said that the end of the year Formula 1 can change owners.

2015-09-02 16:24:05

Based on Lotus closed dining room

The financial position of Lotus is getting worse. According to the newspaper the Telegraph, on the basis of the commands in Enstone because of lack of funding closed dining room. In addition, during the upcoming Italian Grand Prix engineers will not be able to use licensed software.Previously there was information that the budget Lotus were missing PDVSA sponsorship money. The Venezuelan company, which sponsors the Pastor Maldonado, in no hurry to move money in anticipation of the transaction on the sales team of the French company Renault.Meanwhile, the head of the championship Bernie Ecclestone paid off the debts on a salary before 400 employees Lotus.

2015-08-08 17:24:04

Niki Lauda wish I had bought the car of the season-1975

Ex-pilot of Formula 1, the three-time champion in the composition of Ferrari and McLaren and now a non-Executive Director of Mercedes Niki Lauda said about how I almost bought it the car of the season-1975, at the wheel which he won the first title.Niki Lauda "It's weird, but I don't have any Formula 1 car. Somehow after the season-1975 I went to Enzo Ferrari, and he told me that I can pick up the car at which wheel won the title. Later I went to Gozzi, assistant Ferrari, and asked to pick up the car, and received the answer that the machine only for sale. I was willing to pay for it, but seeing the car for the next season, just lost the gift of speech and any desire to buy the old version. And in vain - now would be it was very expensive".

2015-08-05 18:44:06

Roman Grosjean We are in a strange situation

Pilot Lotus Roman Grosjean said his team is in limbo, which makes it impossible to modify the cars and to fight for points.Roman Grosjean "due to the fact that Renault have not yet determined their future, we cannot work with your car. We are waiting for what they say. If the team will buy, then fine, don't buy - we lost time in vain, because now stick money and development, which in the case of a sale of the team might not be needed by the new owners.It's a shame for me and the Pastor, because we can see what the ideas are to implement, but nobody does anything".

2015-08-03 09:14:08

Pastor Maldonado we had no updates since the beginning of the season

Pilot Lotus Pastor Maldonado has admitted that his team had not received major updates since the first race of the season.Pastor Maldonado "Our team did not get updates from the start of the season. There were some little things, but serious. Yes, in Monaco we got a new rear wing for greater downforce, we used in Hungary, but on other tracks it's pointless. I want to believe that after the summer break we will get something".Such problems with upgrades can be traced to all small teams, although the situation at Lotus may be associated with the possible sale of the Renault team.

2015-07-23 15:24:07

Chapter Toro Rosso We'll have to wait for the decision of Renault for the next eight weeks

Chapter Toro Rosso We'll have to wait for the decision of Renault for the next eight weeks

The head of the Toro Rosso Franz tost told about how things are going with acquiring his stables by Renault, as was discussed a month ago. While the French company has not decided what status it will remain Fomrula-1 in 2016.Franz tost "While I do not know what will be the decision of Renault. Previously, they discussed with us the issue of buying the team, come to the base, inspecting every corner. Check out our wind tunnel evaluated the risks. They continue the negotiations, but sluggish. I have the impression that Renault does not want to deal with us.While no decision, we will have to wait. It is approximately eight weeks, maybe more. When the decision is taken, we will be able to determine their future. If Renault will refuse to cooperate, you need to look for new suppliers of engines".Likely that last year's base revision Toro Rosso and the construction of the new complex was related to a possible sale of the team Renault.

2015-06-17 11:04:05

Volkswagen is not going to Formula-1

Volkswagen is not going to Formula-1

The head of Volkswagen Motorsport Jost Capito has officially confirmed that his company is not going to Formula 1 and will focus their energies on other Championships.Jost Capito "we made the right decision to race in the WRC. We as the manufacturer need to advertise in the series, where the cars are recognizable and it affects sales.Formula 1 race is a race of the highest level. There are completely different goals set by the manufacturers. It's not the way we go".Interestingly, the German company presented in WEC in the highest class of their two brands Audi and Porsche.

2015-06-15 10:04:04

Renault will decide on future plans at the end of the year

Renault will decide on future plans at the end of the year

The head of Renault Sport F1 Cyril Abiteboul told that the decision on the continued presence of his company in Formula 1 will be taken at the end of the year. Thus considered three options continued collaboration with Red Bull, team creation and maintenance of the championship.Cyril Abiteboul "Red Bull want to get a guarantee that we can catch up with rivals. However, we also want to be sure that you will give us the opportunity to win. Therefore, we are not in a hurry to make a decision. Of course, Red Bull want to know our plans, because it is important for them to understand what the engine will stand on their machines in 2017. I think at the end of the season we will make a decision".Recently there were rumors that Renault may buy one of the teams of Formula 1. Called even options Toro Rosso, Lotus and Marussia.Cyril Abiteboul "While all the signs are that we will continue to work with Red Bull, we will continue to supply engines. But we are considering all options, and one of them - a future without Red Bull.From the point of view of a business is quite beneficial to have in the championship with his own team. In this case we will get money from sponsors, payments from the leadership of the championship, and will also increase indirect sales revenue road cars. We already had our own team, so we know how much it will cost".

2015-06-03 10:14:03

Mark Webber will release an autobiography

Ex-Formula 1 driver mark Webber will release his autobiography titled Mark Webber Aussie Grit mark Webber, the Australian Grit. In the sale of the book will arrive on 1 July in Australia and in the world in mid-September. Probably the book will reveal some of the mysteries of the life of a pilot in the Red Bull, where his relationship with Sebastian Vettel was not entirely smooth.Mark Webber "It's my own book. I spent a lot of strength when they wrote it".

2015-05-16 12:24:02

Lotus is not for sale

Executive Director of Lotus Matthew Carter said that his team is not for sale Renault.Matthew Carter "I heard that Renault want to get one of the teams of Formula 1. They evaluate different options, but we are not going to sell his team. It's not just my opinion, and the opinion of many shareholders.Renault now several ways to continue supplying engines to retire or create a factory team".

2015-05-10 09:54:07

Will Stevens wants to buy the wheel of a Caterham

The pilot of the Manor will Stevens last year made his debut in Formula 1 at the wheel of Caterham, so dreams in memory of this event is to buy a wheel of his first car.Will Stevens "I think it's a good idea. I will keep the memory of my debut in Formula 1. I don't know only, sold or not, and the price will be exorbitant. I think the wheel will put up for sale along with the car, but without engines - sold it long ago".