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Formula 1

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Formula 1 will see a number of scandals

Soon is expected to meet the participants of the Formula 1, which will obsuzhdatsya questions of income distribution. In this regard, Roger Benoit, the veteran correspondent for Swiss newspaper Blick, expects the number of high-profile scandals.Benoit told me that he would discuss the new format of the grid in three cars in a row or even four, as well as setting the digital display on the Halo.Meanwhile, Benoit, who for decades attended and covered the Grand Prix, also expressed concern about the future management of the media. FIA wants to create a working group for the media, which should "improve" the coverage of the race. In his opinion, it will only lead to monopolies in the media.

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January nomeromania 6 - Keke Rosberg, 1982

January nomeromania 6 - Keke Rosberg, 1982

Finn Keke Rosberg made his debut in Formula 1 in 1978. Four season he played in weak teams, while in 1982 has not received a proposal to replace Williams in champion 1980 Alan Jones.Rosberg nominally was the second pilot and were on the car with the number "6". But suddenly after two stages Williams left Carlos Reutemann, and Rosberg was the leader of the team.The 1982 season was accompanied with scandals, suspensions, deadly accidents, and it is quite a tight fight. Suffice it to say that in the 16 races won 11 pilots Quite a long time the winners could not get and Rosberg, although occasionally he finished on the podium third in Holland and Germany, the second in long beach, Belgium and Austria - in the latter case, he lost to the winner Elio de Angelis just 50 thousandths of a second Finally, Keke managed to win the Grand Prix of Switzerland, and this victory allowed us to become one of the leaders of the championship, for two stages before the end of the season.

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Hamilton Alonso would never be my partner

Hamilton Alonso would never be my partner

In an interview with Stuttgarter Zeitung, Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has said that Fernando Alonso will never be his team-mate.Lewis Hamilton "Alonso will never be my partner Mercedes are well aware of the work of the team, comparing it with magnets. When there are two North poles, then the team just falls apart. So it was in 2007. So there must be one North pole and one South".Hamilton and Alonso were team-mates at McLaren-Mercedes in 2007. The season passed with scandals and ended with a lost title and a multimillion-dollar fine.

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Red Bull tries to calm the Toro Rosso

A big scandal broke out in the paddock after Toro Rosso and Renault exchanged mutual accusations. According to the Italian team, Renault specifically sabotaging the work of the stables, as from next year, Toro Rosso goes into the mill Honda.The Toro Rosso statement "do Not forget that the team is fighting with Renault for the constructors' championship. As he said himself Cyril abiteboul, our problems may not be just coincidence."In defense of the Renault acted as a sports consultant to senior team Red Bull Helmut Marko "As usual, at the end of a long season seething emotions in full force. But it is important for us to work with Renault without conflict is a valuable relationship and they will remain. We believe that the engine supplier is fair in its work in relation to all its partners".

2017-11-09 10:04:03

Lewis Hamilton in the center of the scandal

World champion Lewis Hamilton was at the center of an international scandal relating to tax evasion.The documents, known as "the Paradise papers" shows that the pilot Mercedes, as well as rich companies, including Apple, Nike, and even the British Queen avoided paying taxes through a series of secret offshore transactions.British politician "We are talking about tens of billions that effectively washed away from our vital public services super-rich elite that holds a system of taxation and all of us in contempt".The lawyer representing Hamilton, insists that the claims against Lewis are illegal.

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The teams of the 2018 contracts and rumors after Monza

The teams of the 2018 contracts and rumors after Monza

In the course of the last two Grand Prix in Spa and Monza, some teams voiced signed with the pilots contracts. Permutations to the top teams is not expected, although technically jobs are still there.Mercedes the contract Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes ends at the end of 2018. Agreement with Valtteri Bottas was signed only for one season. However, Finn has proved himself as a team player, and leadership in the face of Toto Wolff and Niki Lauda spoke in favor of the contract extension.The final word for the Board of Directors. However, other candidates for this place not Sebastian Vettel extended his contract with Ferrari, Fernando Alonso was given to understand that he should not dream about Mercedes after the scandal of 2007, and young drivers Esteban Windows and Pascal Wehrlein lack experience.Ferrari before the start of the home Grand Prix of Italy, the team extended the contracts with current drivers. And if Sebastian Vettel the agreement signed before the end of 2020, with Kimi Raikkonen signed a one-year contract.Red Bull Red Bull satisfied with the work of Daniel ricciardo and max Verstappen. There has repeatedly stated that both pilots connected with the team multi-year contracts. The pilots themselves did not seem very satisfied with the situation in the Red Bull. But they should go nowhere, as vacancies in the Mercedes and Ferrari will only appear at the end of 2018.Force India Esteban a Window signed a multiyear contract, but the agreement with Sergio Perez ends this year. The team is ready to prolong the contract with the Mexican, behind which there are respectable sponsors, but the pilot admitted that he has other offers. If Perez leaves Force India, it is likely to replace Pascal Wehrlein.Williams no doubt, lance Stroll will retain a seat at Williams due to large financial injections from Stroll-Scarecrow. The team needs a second experienced pilot, and Felipe Massa copes with this role. Most likely, the Brazilian will keep his place.A couple of weeks ago there were rumors that the pilot Williams could become Fernando Alonso. But it is unlikely the Spaniard will agree to change sewed on soap in the near future, Williams will not fight for victory.Toro Rosso Carlos Sainz signed a multiyear contract, but there is a small chance that for good compensation, the Spaniard will move to Renault.Place Daniil Kvyat in the team Dolny shaky - his back literally breathes Pierre went Out. In addition, in the Wake of rumors about a possible collaboration with Toro Rosso, Honda has been assumed that one of the places is a Japanese pilot.Renault Nico Hulkenberg signed a one-year contract with the possibility of renewal for the season 2018. Obviously, the team would exercise its right and extend the agreement with the German pilot.But the likelihood of a contract renewal with Jolyon Palmer minimum. As a replacement candidacies of Carlos Sainz, Sergio Perez, Robert Kubica and Russian Sergey Sirotkin.Some time talked about returning to Renault's Fernando Alonso, but the French team gave to understand that is not going to give the Spaniard the championship the car in the next three years.Navlabel team gene Haas stated he was pleased with the results of Roman Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen and intends to leave the pilots for next season without changes. But official statements have not yet been. However, Magnussen has already said that he has a contract for season 2018.McLaren Vandorn has a long-term contract with McLaren. The agreement with Fernando Alonso expires at the end of the year, and the Spaniard said that he would remain only if the team will change the engine supplier.If Alonso will leave McLaren, to Jenson button. In addition, rumors circulated about a possible invitation of Carlos Sainz.Sauber is no doubt that his place will retain Marcus Ericsson, who is affiliated with the sponsors and team owners. Second place is likely to get one from a protg of the Ferrari. It will either be Antonio Giovinazzi or Charles LeClair. Instead, the Swiss team will receive discounts on Italian powerplants.

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Mercedes Alonso is not for us

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff reiterated that the emergence of Fernando Alonso in the ranks of the German team is unlikely because of the scandal of 2007, when the Spaniard drove for McLaren-Mercedes.Toto Wolff "As I said, Fernando and Mercedes is not the best relationship. This is a very experienced and talented pilot, but he's not for us."Everything goes to the fact that partner Lewis Hamilton next season will remain as Valtteri Bottas. If this Mercedes is ready to sign with Finn only a one-year contract.Toto Wolff "we are Ready to continue cooperation with Valtteri, it remains only to specify details of the contract. It is unknown what will happen after 2018 when the market pilots will be jobs".

2017-06-13 09:44:03

In the Audi to discuss the possibility of coming to Formula 1

In the Audi to discuss the possibility of coming to Formula 1

The management of the company Audi, which is part of the Volkswagen no longer rule out their future in Formula 1.In recent years, VW was constantly saying he wasn't going to come to the Royal race, but recently the head of Lamborghini Stefano has represented Volkswagen Audi in the meetings of the working group of Formula 1, which discussed the configuration of the engines after 2020.However, the head of Audi Motorsport Dieter Gass told the newspaper Kolner Express that the diesel VW scandal, complicates the situation.Dieter Gass "it's Probably not the best time. All current and prospective producers were invited to the FIA and it's good that we were there.Of course, Stefano is very well versed in this matter and inform me about all events".

2017-05-23 15:04:02

Niki Lauda vs Fernando Alonso

Non-Executive Director of Mercedes Niki Lauda said that his team is not going to invite Fernando Alonso.Niki Lauda "Alonso is not in the list of our preferences. We are completely satisfied with Hamilton and Bottas. But, says Toto Wolff, never say never.Earlier, the head of the team Toto Wolff said that the candidacy of Alonso would not approve the company's management, as well there remember the scandal of 2007, when Fernando drove for McLaren-Mercedes.

2017-02-20 11:54:03

Chapter Mercedes Pair Alonso-Hamilton would be too exciting for the team

Chapter Mercedes Pair Alonso-Hamilton would be too exciting for the team

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff said that the pilots in the face of Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton - not the best choice for the team.Toto Wolff "If you put yourself in the place of fans, then Yes, I would love to see Fernando in Mercedes, to bring back the old rivalry of 2007. But, from the point of view of the team, it just will not work.There's a story, and it would be very painful for teams and drivers once again to piece everything together. Of course, people grow, people change, and it would be a spectacular composition, but maybe just a little too exciting for us.Recall that Alonso and Hamilton were team-mates at McLaren in 2007. That season was accompanied by scandals and ended with a loss of title.

2016-12-16 16:04:04

Lewis Hamilton the Team must consult with me

Lewis Hamilton the Team must consult with me

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton complained that the team doesn't consult him on the choice of the second pilot.Lewis Hamilton "On the contract, they should consult me when the list of candidates reduced to five. But they don't consultIt is very important who will be my partner in Mercedes. It is important for the team, for the team spirit. We have already seen that an incorrect selection of pilots can cause scandals within the team.I need to make sure that the team will come the pilot is not worse than it was before".

2016-02-29 15:24:05

Chapter Force India I am a leader

Chapter Force India I am a leader

Vijay Malia stated that he is not going to resign as the head of the team Force India, despite numerous accusations and claims of arrest from investors their business.Vijay Malia "Force India will always be away from these scandals. This is a team of Formula 1, and I'm its leader. I left United Spirits, but that does not mean that now needs to leave the team. Racing is racing. Here we have our own structure, its own customers and partners. I built the stables away from your business".

2016-01-16 11:34:03

Renault willing to part with Maldonado

Renault willing to part with Maldonado

Manual Renault ready to part with pilot Pastor Maldonado, which they had inherited from Lotus. And this is for two reasons, both related with the company PDVSA, which sponsors the Venezuelan pilot.Firstly, PDVSA has delayed payment of the next part of the sponsorship funds. We are talking about a serious amount, given that the annual contribution of the Venezuelan oil company in the budget of the team is estimated at 50 million.Second, PDVSA is involved in a scandal are the company suspected of money laundering, and now this issue dealt with by the authorities of the United States.A source within the team said that really considers the possibility of termination of the contract with Maldonado. His place could easily take Kevin Magnussen, who has already visited on the basis of Renault/Lotus in Enstone.

2016-01-13 11:44:03

Kevin Magnussen may replace Pastor Maldonado

Kevin Magnussen may replace Pastor Maldonado

Edition of the Telegraph reports that the ex-pilot of McLaren Kevin Magnussen talks with the team Renault, where the Dane can replace Pastor Maldonado.It is no secret that Maldonado came in Formula 1 and is held in the championship only thanks to the substantial PDVSA sponsorship. According to rumors, the contributions from the Venezuelan oil company reaches 50 million a year. But because of the crisis in the oil market, this support may significantly decrease. In addition, the PDVSA leadership was embroiled in a corruption scandal.As reported by Telegraph, Magnussen and his managers have already twice visited the team's base in Enstone. It is not excluded that Kevin will initially get the role of a reserve pilot.

2015-12-09 17:04:03

Ferrari denied the Mercedes engineer

Team Mercedes intends to sue her former engineer who, as expected, wanted to go to Ferrari with valuable information. However, in the Scuderia hastened to declare that the defendant in another spy scandal will not have to work for them.In an interview with Omnicorse Ferrari representative said "we are Talking about the engineer, who expired the term of the contract. We had contact with him, but no more. It is possible that he communicated with other teams. In any case, Benjamin Hoyle will not work with us".

2015-12-09 11:24:03

Mercedes found a spy

Inflames a new spy scandal involving a former engineer Mercedes. According to the publication Bloomberg, a division of Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains responsible for the preparation of engines for Formula 1, has filed a lawsuit against his employee Benjamin Hoyle.It is known that at the end of may this year, Hoyle informed the management that he wants to leave Mercedes at the end of the term of the contract in December 2015. It became known that the engineer intends to continue his career at Ferrari, therefore it transferred to other work, not related to Formula 1, and deleted from his computer a secret information, including on new projects. Soon, however, Hoyle was accused of seeing confidential information. In particular, he got acquainted with the report about the Grand Prix of Hungary, with information on mileage and damage to the engines of Mercedes. Also he got access to the code necessary to decrypt the data received during the race. So unauthorized access is not detected, Hoyle viewed the deleted files.Mercedes intends to return the lost documents and to receive compensation. German wants to ban the work of Hoyle the competition until the end of 2016.

2015-04-15 16:34:03

The head of McLaren Alonso happy at McLaren

The head of McLaren Alonso happy at McLaren

In 2007 Fernando Alonso with scandal left McLaren. A few years later the Spanish returned, but journalists are looking for a reason to write about another schism within the team, and the flames poured a strange accident on the tests in Barcelona.Race Director McLaren Eric Buje once again told that Alonso is happy with his position in the team.Eric Buje in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport "Fernando is happy at McLaren. I don't even know how many times I need this to repeat. Many people want to find the problems between us, but they simply do not.He's already played in this team eight years ago, but now there are different people. And I am pleased with the atmosphere that prevails in the team. As for the results, as the season progresses we will add".Previously, Alonso said McLaren will most likely be his last team in Formula 1.

2015-03-19 11:14:03

McLaren has a good relationship with Fernando Alonso

McLaren has a good relationship with Fernando Alonso

Race Director Eric McLaren Buje stated that his team are in the most good and warm relationship with Fernando Alonso.Eric Buje "All the rumors about what our relationship with Alonso strained - not more than imagination and desire of the press to return the scandal in our relationship. But actually there is no tension. We constantly communicate with him, joke, and everything is normal.The investigation of the accident has not revealed anything special, it was a normal incident, only the unpleasant consequences".

2015-01-24 10:44:08

Chapter Haas I want to be independent

Chapter Haas I want to be independent

The head of the eponymous team gene Haas stated that his goal is to become an independent designer.Gene Haas "At first, we will help Dallara in the development and creation of a racing chassis. Half of the work will they do, half of us. But in the future I plan to become an independent designer. It is quite attainable. The main thing - to understand the intricacies of the rules of the championship."Dallara specializes in machines for Junior formula series in its asset is a car for Indycar and endurance racing. In 2010, the Italian company has built a machine Formula 1 team HRT, but the collaboration ended in scandal in the first season.

2014-12-12 14:14:05

Fernando Alonso In a McLaren I have unfinished business

Fernando Alonso In a McLaren I have unfinished business

In 2007, Fernando Alonso was the pilot of McLaren. But then the Spaniard with the scandal left the British team, which spent only one season.Fernando Alonso "In 2007 I had to endure the discomfort. And since then I have unfinished business. I am pleased with everything that I had in Formula 1, with the exception of season 2007.Now, several years later, I gained experience and understand things that can't deal with in 25 years. I want to finish the job, which began in 2007 just for this and I have returned".Ron Dennis, the head of McLaren, admitted that he has no problems with Alonso "In Formula 1 for seven weeks - a whole life, seven years is an eternity. I guess the press will try to find the reason for the split within the team, especially between me and Fernando. But nothing happens We have no problems.Between teammates are often problems. Suffice it to recall Alain Simple and Ayrton Senna. But the events of 2007 far behind. Now I remember that year with the same feelings, and Fernando. I regret about mistakes made, but nothing will fix it. I think I could have prevented the conflict.But it is impossible to blame Fernando. Lewis Hamilton also played a role. Everyone thought it was a young guy elected, but he didn't have enough experience".

2014-10-26 15:34:02

Gary Hartstein about a reasonable approach to improving security

Gary Hartstein about a reasonable approach to improving security

After a severe accident Jules Bianchi in Suzuka FIA created a special Commission to investigate all the circumstances of the incident and has already announced the possible measures to improve security. In particular, we are talking about the introduction of remote speed limit machines.

At the briefing FIA in Sochi race Director Charlie whiting said "it is Better to create a system that is understandable for all, which would determine the extent to which the machine is set to slow in such conditions. most Likely it will not be a specific limit, but, as I see it, a way of controlling the speed of pilots with clear rules and boundaries.

Apparently, there may be compulsory speed limit, based approximately on the same principle that applies to systems that are triggered when the car enters the pit lane. Regardless of the specific technologies that will be used for the implementation of this decision, the former FIA medical delegate Gary Hartstein believes that this is the wrong way.

Gary Hartstein "let's Start with the fact that everything connected with the speed limit on pit lane is under control, because the machine and rider are subject to a fixed set of circumstances. Basically, allthat is required of him is at the right moment to press a certain button, try not to crush and stop the car near the boxes of his team.

On contrast, the situation on the road is uncontrollable in nature. On the same section at the same time the machine can be influenced by various factors. Just imagine circular resets the speed and moves beyond the path, some of the other riders fighting for position, etc.

Even on the pit lane, where there are all these factors that trigger the limiter is very hard braking on a straight line. And on the track must also take into account additional circumstances, for example, tire wear, weather conditions and visibility.

The next problem is not so obvious, although it complicates things.

Let us think of additional responsibility, which someone will have to take in the situation, if, say, someone from the racers will get hurt, despite the introduction of such a system, or, conversely, because of her. Who then will be responsible - in the human sense, moral and, finally, legally The race direction FIA Or someone else

At the moment I think purely theoretically, not referring to specific examples in the absence of extenuating circumstances, the responsibility lies with the driver - he must follow the rules and safety rules. Therefore, if there are any troubles, then blame the driver because he had not complied with the requirements of the rules.

In my opinion, that's why you can't do simple solution, like a button to activate the speed limiter in the pit lane. Any decision requiring a remote influence on the car and driver will be extremely difficult. It is impossible to enter some fixed tolerances, which can approach any situation. As you know, in the Formula 1 is a great many very smart people, and I'm sure they are, if desired or necessary, will be able to find the right approach, but it will take time.

I also think that in the future will need to deal with a number of issues related to ensuring the safety of marshals working on the track, and riders.

Someone should collect statistics on injuries to employees slopes during competitions in various sports. The circumstances of such incidents should be analyzed as quickly as possible and as detailed as possible, in order to identify General patterns. At the time, 20 years ago, Sid Watkins, Charlie whiting and Max Mosley has used this approach, and there is no reason to abandon it.

An urgent need to develop clear rules regulating the situations in which it is permissible to leave their cars on the side of the highway near the bumpers. Several years ago it was standard practice, and I dare to suggest that detailed analysis of the accident statistics confirm that the current approach in trying absolutely everything out of the track, leads to much more serious consequences.

In the future we need to consider very carefully the question of the reduction of personnel working on the track, hard to minimum in any case, dial these people is becoming more difficult. Always it will be important that the marshals were in the area of the turns, however long ago it was necessary to analyze their functions and to develop clear recommendations how to proceed with minimal risk.

I think that some part of the money received from FIA McLaren in the spy scandal this is as much as 100 million pounds, should also have been something to stay could be used to automate some of the processes related to emergency evacuation vehicles. The use of robots at some point will become economically justifiable can also be taken further steps to automate the signal flags. Although I repeat it will not cancel the need to attract experienced professionals.

And urgently need to decide on that technique, which is used for evacuation, more consistent with the security level of racing cars".


2014-10-25 15:24:03

Pedro Peak is going to play in the European Formula 3

Pedro Peak is going to play in the European Formula 3

Champion Brazilian Formula 3 Pedro Peak, 16-year-old son of three-time world champion Nelson Piquet, this week successfully conducted a two-day test at Silverstone in the British team Carlin and now you are going to pursue a career in Europe.

"I must say that it is 100 coped with the task, is quoted by the British magazine Autosport words of Trevor Karlin, the leader of the team. - We are very happy, he doesn't make mistakes and acted very professionally. Pedro is a nice guy, very young, but confident in their abilities".

Thus, it is likely that racing dynasty Peak will continue its European expansion. Older brother Pedro, Nelsinho Peak, spent 28 Grand Prix as part of Renault F1, but was fired in the middle of the season because of disagreements with the leadership team. His best result was 2nd place in the Grand Prix of Germany in 2008, but most of all he is remembered for his part in the scandal over the rigging of the results of the Singapore stage of the championship. He then played in the US in the body of NASCAR, and in 2014 he made his debut in Formula E.

Pedro Peak started karting at the age of 8, in 2013 he made his debut in racing cars open wheel, performing in the new Zealand series Toyota Racing, and this year became the champion of the Brazilian Formula 3, winning 9 wins and winning 6 pole positions.

text Andrew Elk


2014-10-19 14:14:02

Ferrari will announce the contract with Vettel to race in Austin

Ferrari will announce the contract with Vettel to race in Austin

German tabloid Bild, without naming its sources, writes that Ferrari will confirm the contract with Sebastian Vettel before the American stage of the championship, which will be held in Austin in two weeks. The arrangement is designed for three seasons, but provide the option for another two years. Companion to German next season will be, as expected, Kimi Raikkonen.

This leaves open the question, what will you do in 2015 Fernando Alonso. In most of the top teams in there, and it is hard to imagine that two-time world champion is ready to play for the team second tier.

There are two options return to McLaren, where he with the scandal left in late 2007, and pass at least one season, because in 2016, his chances to get into one of the best teams of the championship should be much higher.

Former Formula 1 driver, commentator television channel RTL Christian Danner believes that neither of these two scenarios are not excluded "I Think that Fernando doesn't know what to do. Sadly, if the best racer of the Formula 1 next season will be in the role of the spectator".

Homeland Alonso, Spain, are inclined to believe that he will still be behind the wheel of a McLaren. already talked about that Fernando can sign a contract with the team from Woking, and with the concern of Honda, which next season will put McLaren its new power plant. This version adheres to the Madrid newspaper El Pais, not doubting the ability Alonso to achieve very favorable agreements with employers. But Spanish journalists pay attention to a characteristic pattern the parting Alonso commands is always painful.

His departure from McLaren was accompanied by grandiose "spy scandal", his last two season in the Renault F1 took place against the backdrop of the history of rigging the results of the Singapore Grand Prix in 2008, and now before parting with Ferrari Alonso managed to seriously fell out with the new leadership team.

"Another striking example was the way he arranged his departure from Ferrari, where six months ago, loved it, and now pointed to the door. And this despite the fact that within five years, Alonso has made remarkable achievements he was regularly ahead of teammates, finishing ahead of them in 75 of 93 Grand Prix and earning at 627 points more. In addition, twice, in 2010 and 2012, he lost the title only in the last race of the season," recalls El Pais.


2014-10-04 17:14:03

Dennis McLaren no contracts for 2015 with none of the riders

Dennis McLaren no contracts for 2015 with none of the riders

Having cancelled the contract with Ferrari, Fernando Alonso was in the spotlight. In the paddock there are rumors that the Spaniard can go to McLaren, back in Woking seven years after the rupture of relations with the team because of the spy scandal. Although the head of the McLaren Group Ron Dennis said that long ago forgot about the old conflict, the team is in no hurry to approve a contract with two-time world champion.

Ron Dennis "we do not yet have a contract for 2015 year with any of the racers. The Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen really have an option, but it gives the company the right choice. We want all available riders, we were the most competitive. Of course, Fernando is one of them, but I talked with all the top pilots.

Spy scandal It all started not because Fernando Alonso - he only played some role in the spy scandal. This is the handiwork of others. Correspondence between Fernando Alonso and Pedro de La Rosa didn't mean. I have long forgotten about atomnet does not prevent back Lewis Hamilton or Fernando Alonso. And nothing prevents to stay Kevin Magnussen and Jenson Button. We have options, and as I said, our priority is to find the best racers".

It is believed that McLaren will sign a contract with Alonso, if its leaders will be able to convince the Spaniard for a long time to associate their future with the team is not winning in 2012. But Ron Dennis is confident that they have a bargaining chip exclusive partnership with Honda.

"Riders are always attracted by the opportunity to work with leading engine manufacturers, " continued Dennis. Over seven years of cooperation with Honda, we came to the start of the 80 races and has won 44 of them. I have no doubt that together with Honda, we will dominate. The team will not invest less effort in a new car than Honda in the new engine.

Progress Honda is really impressive, its power plant is a real work of art. They have advanced much further than we expected. Undoubtedly, the new motor will be competitive. It will take time to restructure the team, but this work will be done."


2014-09-17 19:34:04

Bernd Maylander talks about his work

Bernd Maylander talks about his work

Bernd Maylander, the permanent driver of the vehicle security FIA, in the author's column on Motorsport-Total on the eve of the Singapore Grand Prix talked about his work during the race weekend.

Bernd Maylander "of Course, you are interested in what I was doing during the race, when sitting in car security. Because in Singapore working for me almost always, now is a good opportunity for all to talk in detail.

For me and my companion of Peter Tibbetts all starts in 50 minutes before the start of the warm up lap. Team racing Director FIA's Charlie Whiting and his Deputy Herbie Blache car safety should lap around the track, which is actually the official start of the procedure of formation of the starting field. Before opening drank lane remains for another 20 minutes, because riders can leave the boxes in a particular 15-minute interval, which starts in exactly half an hour before the start of the warm up lap.

When my companion and I are in the car safety, it is important to have a full understanding with the management of the race, so excited that all the information transmitted in the broadcast, the receiving party duplicates and confirms to eliminate errors. I have to constantly be near the safety car, after all, and besides, I constantly receive information from meteorologists from the center UBIMET to be aware of possible weather changes.

Ten minutes before the warm up lap I wear a helmet, wear seat belts, and together with a partner we check the operation of all onboard systems, in particular, GPS and monitors. Five minutes later we pass the inspection circle, again to ensure that everything is in order. First of all, it is a signal to the marshals that will soon start, and since then, they have to be very careful.

Then the safety car is original position. Usually it is located near the entrance to the boxes in Singapore, for example, this auxiliary track in the penultimate bend. Then if necessary we will be able to lead the peloton by the end of the first round, ideally, even before the first white line car security. If after booting the machine without problems overcame two first turn, then we change position, moving to the end of the pit lane.

On the debut of the Singapore Grand Prix erupted serious scandal Nelson Piquet Jr. crashed into the bumper through three rounds after the unusually early pit-stop Fernando Alonso, who eventually won the race. The fact that this was a premeditated fraud, it became known only after a year, when the Peak was fired by Renault, confessed FIA.

When working together, we sit in the car security, occupying the original position, then follow the events of the race on two monitors one is a normal broadcast, and the second displays a variety of information, for example, timing in real-time.

If on the highway there is a dangerous situation, which may require leaving the safety car, the first radio we received the preliminary report from Herbie Blas Islands, so we were ready. We put flashing beacon and other special signals, and the Director of the race at this time trying to choose the most suitable window for the appearance on the track the safety car.

At this point, the race direction more precisely does not know, whether will need our intervention. If the need is confirmed, we obtain the corresponding command and begin to act without asking questions, what exactly happened we leave the track and go so quickly, in so far as our Mercedes SLS, trying to catch the leader after the second white line car security.

When our car is on the track, the drivers of Formula 1 can we abovenet to the second line of vehicle security. After that, the already overtaking is strictly prohibited. You may remember the situation in 2010 in Valencia, when Lewis Hamilton managed to overtake me, and Fernando Alonso - no.

If the race takes place without incident, we always hope that together with Peter being in the car, we follow the events on the road monitors. This is an interesting exercise, because we both have experience of participation in the races, and we discuss what we see on the screen. He's an Englishman, and this year more a fan of Lewis Hamilton, while I for Nico Rosberg.

When the race ends and the last car crosses the finish line, we get the corresponding command that is supported by data from the GPS monitor. Then we start moving, and medical car, too, is a signal for the marshals, that all ended. Making a circle, we stop next to a closed Park, and after that my working day is over - if in the course of the Grand Prix did not arise situations requiring discussion with the management of the race.

Singapore for me is one of the brightest and most interesting events of the season. A distinctive feature of this weekend - an unusual routine, because we continue to live on European time.

In the previous three years in Singapore was won by Sebastian Vettel, but now the undisputed favorites of the season - racers Mercedes. However, let's see what will be able to take Red Bull Racing.

It is believed that Lewis is very cool on urban roads, and it's hard to argue. But let's not forget that Niko was already on the podium in Singapore in 2008, when he played for Williams. I think their chances are equal, so the fight for the title will only be exacerbated, and to monitor the end of the season will be very interesting".


2014-08-27 21:44:03

Alain Prost the Response to the incident at Spa was redundant

Alain Prost the Response to the incident at Spa was redundant

Alain Prost, four-time world champion, newly arrived in Russia, as an Ambassador of the brand Renault to take part in the Moscow international motor show. In an exclusive interview the famous French rider spoke about the work of the engine of Renault Sport, commented on the incident in Spa between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, and said that the fate of the Grand Prix of France does not care.

Question what are the specifics of your mission at the Moscow motor show this year

Alain Prost Every time I'm out somewhere, there's some special reason, for example, together with Renault I am often in countries where the automobile market is actively developing was in Indonesia, in Beijing, in South America. Of course, you understand that the Russian market is very important for the company, and today we unveiled the new Renault Sandero, but I'm more involved in another new project is a Renault RS 01.

On the one hand, the creation of a racing machine of this type is a demonstration of technological capabilities Renault, on the other hand we show a new approach to design. The impression that RS 01 like all means, Laurens van den Acker, chief designer of Renault, found the right style solutions. Renault creates a new story, and Motorsport is an important part of it. RS 01 is designed for new monocube, which is included in the World series by Renault and claims to be the best championship of this kind.

Question All Renault Sport rejoice in the success of Daniel Riccardo, who won in Spa is a stunning victory, beating rivals from Mercedes. Does this mean that the French, the mechanics have made progress over the summer break

Alain Prost some progress is always there, albeit small, so that the work is ongoing. But in Formula 1 this means little, because all progress. It is necessary to achieve higher rates of modernization than rivals, and we need to realistically assess the situation behind Mercedes is still great, and in a normal situation this year to overcome difficult.

But to the Spa, together with Riccardo, with team Red Bull Racing, Renault mechanics used a special machine settings, and it worked out perfect. And we've seen this year that every time when Mercedes made mistakes, Riccardo always been able to take advantage of it. Chances to beat them in the League - minimum, however, to predict what can happen unexpected, impossible. Moreover, ahead of racing on tracks, on which Red Bull and Renault more likely to succeed. But, as I said, you have to be careful in forecasting, because Mercedes is still a major advantage.

Question In Spa we saw that Daniel was really fast, and Sebastian Vettel, which has the same number of titles, how many of you have complained about the lack of speed. How would you explain the difference in results companions at Red Bull Racing

Alain Prost let's Start with the fact that Daniel copes with the task. It seems that one of the riders doing everything right, but the second things don't work. I mean that Sebastian was faced with many challenges, and Riccardo difficulties almost was not. And it's impossible to explain. But, for example, last year Mark Webber was obviously more of a problem than Vettel, and everyone said that the whole team works only on Sebastian. Sometimes these things happen, and to find an explanation for this is very difficult. It's just bad luck.

On the other hand, this year Vettel can't fly the machine in the same manner to which he was accustomed in previous years. Of course, this is due to the new technical regulations. At the time, commenting on the race on TV or watching the Grand Prix of the boxes Red Bull Racing, I saw that the team has set up his machine in a special way - talk about cartography of the engine, and the driver peered with the exhaust system, and so on. All this gave him an advantage.

You can say that now former advantage has turned to his additional challenges. However, actually, the difference in speed between them is small, but worth it during the race to prevent a small mistake, and it directly affects your self-confidence, and maybe even and tires on your car degrades faster - all of these things, taken together, result in the difference.

I don't think anyone doubts the talent of Sebastian. The only thing is that his companion was in a more favorable situation, when he encountered some problems. But before the end of the season Vettel must find the key to their solution. I think he is capable.

Question do you think that is not too strict new regulations do not allow a full-scale revision of the power plant

Alain Prost When I talked with people from Renault Sport, they said that everything will be fine, and they have the ability to make changes to the propulsion unit. Of course, restrictions should not be too strict, because otherwise the one who from the very beginning everything was done correctly, will win forever. This is not what we need. It seems that the possibilities for improvement of engines is wide enough, but let's see how the situation would develop. And I agree, if they were not provided, would be just the trouble.

Question the Main theme of the week is the incident between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton in Spa. You know best what causes intense rivalry between teammates, who are fighting for the title. How would you comment on the situation in the Mercedes, and what should you do/

Alain Prost Until recently, the team did everything right, except for certain moments. But in Hungary they worked not quite correct, although once it is recognized. However, what happened in Spa, this is a classic example of what I always say.

In my opinion, it was a racing incident, you know After all, no one even remembers that from the cockpit of the machine do not see anything, and in front of her huge wing, and every weekend we see two or three incidents, when broken front wings.

And here's what happened Rosberg tried to stay on the outer path, and Lewis didn't want to leave him more space, which is quite understandable. Niko didn't want to leave on the curb, and possibly made a small mistake in the assessment of the situation. But he couldn't do it intentionally, because when you do these things intentionally, the probability that your machine will be damaged, much higher. You can stay without the front wing, get a puncture, and so on. This is my opinion.

Of course, the consequences of this incident was very serious race Lewis was spoiled, he was very unlucky, but still it was a racing incident. However, even the Mercedes team, not to mention the press and the fans reacted to the incident too painful. In such situations scandal always inflate the people who surround you. In the case of me and Ayrton hay problem was this everyone who was there, even friends and our families only all aggravated.

So I think that after the incident in Spa all have gone too far. Its consequences are really serious, I agree, but the reason is not that significant.

Question the Geography of the championship continues to grow with the great success of the Grand Prix of Austria, returned to the calendar, this year will be the first Grand Prix of Russia in the next season, the race will again be held in Mexico, and in turn Azerbaijan. But on the return of the Grand Prix of France in the last time nothing heard.

Alain Prost I don't know whether a continuation of this history. Now a single project is not even on paper. No one discusses, therefore, to return to the subject only in vain to waste time. To me she is not interesting. The opportunity to return to the Grand Prix of France was, but the politicians decided not to do it. We are not able to deal with them. Such things need to either do well, or just for them not to take.

Without state support, this project is not implemented, because everyone knows how great the risk of losing money. This should stand the decision at the state level. Therefore, we first have to decide policy. But, in my opinion, now the wrong moment.

text Andrew Elk


2014-07-31 22:34:02

James Allen about the cancellation of the summit in London

James Allen about the cancellation of the summit in London

The meeting of the so-called "working group on the problem of the popularity of Formula 1, is scheduled for the last day of July, was postponed, but ironically it should pass after a series of extremely interesting race, which will take a worthy place in the history of sports. The British journalist James Allen talks about the situation in the "top" of the world championship.

James Allen "the Meeting of the group of the first persons of Formula 1, which was to be held this week postponed amid doubts about the appropriateness of including in this group Flavio Briatore, the former head of Renault F1.

In the Working group on the problem of popularity were to enter Briatore, Bernie Ecclestone and three representatives of the leadership teams Marco Mattiacci Ferrari, Christian Horner Red Bull Racing and Toto Wolff Mercedes. Ecclestone has postponed a meeting, but the presence of her Briatore is reviewed. The Italian was excommunicated from Formula 1, for participation in the scandal of rigging the results of the Singapore Grand Prix 2008.

Ironically group meeting was to be held this week, shortly after an exciting race in Budapest, where five times changed the leaders, and there was a lot of overtaking. But if you think about the future, such a meeting is necessary, because the empty stands at Hockenheim was convincing reminder that the prospects of the sport so bright, if the Formula 1 will not try to understand the requests of fans.

Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo from the beginning of the season calls for change, openly criticizing the modern Formula 1. He spoke about this in Bahrain, nazvav championship formula of boredom, but it turned out that the Grand Prix in Sakhir track has proved to be extremely interesting, and after him there were even more incredibly exciting races.

According to many engineers teams of Formula 1, which they expressed after the finish of the Hungarian Grand Prix of the 11th stage of the season was a perfect confirmation of the fact that the organizers of the championship, first of all, should better advertise more actively use social media, and other key factors, but to leave alone the actual race. There is no need to embark on a new artificial enhancements, like scoring in double size on results of the final race or placement under the bottom of machines titanium control bars show on the road and so impressive. In the next two years the possibilities of the power plant should be aligned, it is inevitable, so the struggle only aggravated.

Tyres Pirelli, which in previous years were the cause of the problems now are working stably, creating a good basis for interesting races we see and variety of tactical schemes, and many beautiful overtaking. Suffice it to recall the duel Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel at Silverstone and Hockenheim, but there were other examples.

What offers Montezemolo Here is his main initiatives

- The resolution on revision of the engines during the season, to avoid the domination of one manufacturer, as it happens in 2014 with power units of Mercedes

- The emphasis on modernization and research, removing the current limitations of this kind of work

- More tests on the slopes, more tests during the season, where there would be public, and the fans had the opportunity to meet with the teams.

Not surprisingly, Niki Lauda, non-Executive Director of Mercedes AMG, does not support this idea, noting that the high cost of the power plant will allow to increase the number of tests. Lauda stressed that year contract to supply engines is estimated from 18 to 21 million euros, and to remove restrictions on their revision, the growth of costs will be uncontrolled.

According to Lawdy, you need a different approach to the problem of penalization of the racers should be granted more freedom. In the coming weeks about his meeting with Montezemolo on the island of Capri, however, Ferrari President calls for more representative meeting with participation of teams and with experts in the field of online media and social networking to discuss the situation in the Formula 1 before September the Grand Prix of Italy".


2014-07-11 11:04:04

The FIA is ready to ban the system FRIC already in Germany

The FIA is ready to ban the system FRIC already in Germany

This season has been relatively quiet without scandals and prohibitions, if not to take into account the situation with fuel sensors in the first stage in Australia. And that's the FIA unexpectedly announced a ban system FRIC already at the next Grand Prix of Germany. With the unanimous consent of all teams of the ban may be postponed until 2015 godsister FRIC Front and Rear-Interconnected - relationship between the front and rear suspensions allows hydraulically to maintain a stable ground clearance. The pioneers in creating the systems are teams Lotus and Mercedes. Especially the big successes in this direction has made the German team in the last season. This year almost all the teams have implemented similar systems in their Mashiny FIA believe that FRIC violates article 3.15 of the technical regulations, which prohibits the use of mobile aerodynamic elements.

2014-06-27 15:14:04

The team sold Caterham

According to available information, Tony Fernandes still sold his team Caterham. The name of the new owner will be announced in the coming Dennis came into Formula 1 in 2010. Initially, the team was named the Lotus, but in 2012, after the scandal around rights in the mark, the Malaysian team changed the banner to Caterham. four years, the team did not score any points. Three consecutive season it stably occupied the 10th place in the Cup of designers, but in 2013 fell on the step below, behind Marussia. The situation in this season was even worse.