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Carlos Sainz will participate in the WRC

Carlos Sainz will participate in the WRC

The pilot of Renault, Carlos Sainz will take part in a stage of the rally Monte Carlo on January 28. Sainz will pilot the new Renault Megane RS for a length of 13.58 km Carlos Sainz "I really look forward to meeting with Rally Monte Carlo. This will be my first experience.I've heard so much about it from my father how difficult these steps can dramatically change the conditions, from snow to rain or a bright sun to clouds. There really need nerves of steel, because you have to fly inches away from cliffs.It will be very anxious to take part in this legendary event at the wheel of the car Renault Megane RS, which will be equipped with studded tires. I'll try to get a full sense of the WRC this stage".

2017-04-23 10:54:03

JJ Lehto, Kimi has not lost his speed

Finnish ex-Formula 1 driver JJ Lehto believes that his countryman Kimi Raikkonen has not lost his speed last winter.JJ Lehto "I have not heard anything about his problems, but Kimi is not very well started the season. However, the team is working very well, and I know that Kimi could succeed.When you start the problem, it can lead to rapid growth of a snowball, but as soon as you cope with small details, it turns out that everything can work perfectly.In the end, Kimi is definitely not lost speed. Last year he drove very well and the speed didn't disappear during the winter".

2016-06-30 10:04:03

Sebastian Vettel I lived for several years in Austria

Sebastian Vettel I lived for several years in Austria

The Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel said that for some time he lived in Austria, so knows the local customs and the track.Sebastian Vettel "I like the local track, located in the mountains. It is incredibly beautiful and picturesque. I lived in Austria for several years, so I know the country and look forward to returning to the legendary ring Red Bull Ring. The track is famous for its elevation changes, and aside from flying, you can see snow on the mountains.The weather here is either good or bad but in any case, to drive on this track is really cool. I'm glad we went back to Austria"Twice Vettel took part in the Grand Prix of Austria. Best result - 4th place last year.

2016-05-28 22:24:04

Fernando Alonso Nervous qualification

Fernando Alonso Nervous qualification

The pilot of McLaren Fernando Alonso showed in the qualification of Grand Prix of Monaco 10-th result, which, after a penalty Kimi Raikkonen was 9th. Fernando Alonso "I got a little nervous in the first round, when the end of the session was only six minutes, but the red flags prevented to go again. I was afraid to remain without time. Our main goal today was to reach the final in two cars, and I was lucky to achieve half that goal, although I still don't feel very confident in the car. I can't attack the turns at full strength.Our forecasts were probably a bit optimistic, but let's see what happens tomorrow. We could use a rain, snow or something like that, so the race was in our favor. I hope the weather will make the race exciting.It would be great to finish this weekend with decent points.

2016-02-26 15:04:04

Giancarlo Fisichella drove for Ferrari in the snow

Giancarlo Fisichella drove for Ferrari in the snow

Ferrari said Red Bull ex-Formula 1 driver Giancarlo Fisichella drove for Ferrari, 2011 in the ski resort Livigno.Giancarlo Fisichella "I've always wanted to drive the car of Formula 1 outside of the track and see what she can do on snow and ice. And here I was able to do it".

2015-09-30 11:24:04

McLaren We hurried

The head of McLaren Ron Dennis believes that his team rushed to the upgrades of the engine, for which he paid a low level of competitiveness.Ron Dennis "We are very upset, it ruined his year. The problem is that we wanted as quickly as possible to achieve development of the engine, but paid for it with a low level of reliability. Everything started to accumulate like a snowball. If everything was perfect, our team long ago would have escaped forward. But freezing and tokens put limits on us that limit our actions. Any errors become too serious and expensive".

2015-03-29 14:04:06

Kimi Raikkonen After a puncture I could not expect more

The pilot of Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen was left disappointed with their fourth result on the basis of race in Malaysia.Kimi Raikkonen "After the puncture I just couldn't aspire to anything more. A further problem was rolled like a snowball. I had damaged the bottom, and this had an effect on the clamping force.Victory is good, but it is unlikely we will be able to perform at that level all year. We were lucky with the heat and profile of the route".

2015-02-10 15:54:05

Severe weather conditions have forced to take Kimi and SEB on SUV

Severe weather conditions have forced to take Kimi and SEB on SUV

Terrible snowfall, raging in Europe, crossed the impassable Alps and into Italy, where in the solar Maranello prepared for the intrigue of nature. The Ferrari team has decided to help its combat pilots to move freely in the surrounding area on the new crossover Fiat 500 X. it is Clear that the new machine pilots Scuderia red. It is not clear why the photo there is no snow, Vettel and Raikkonen are dressed in light jackets.

2014-12-28 15:04:02

Lewis Hamilton rests with Ken Block

Pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton is spending his vacation in British Columbia together with world-famous drifter Ken Block, riding a snowboard.Lewis Hamilton "I went to British Columbia with my good friend Ken Block. With us went a couple of friends. Together we have a great time riding a snowboard".

2014-12-10 10:54:03

Roman Grosjean returned in the Trophee Andros

Roman Grosjean returned in the Trophee Andros

After several appearances in the Trophee Andros in 2009-2011, the pilot Lotus Roman Grosjean decided to go out on the ice route in the Alps-d'huez. The legendary snow race will be held from 19 to 20 December, the novel will be flying the Renault Clio 3 DA team Racing.Roman Grosjean "I'm glad to be back in the Trophee Andros, this race gives you the opportunity to experience the thrill of sliding on ice and snow. It is a special feeling that with any other cannot be compared. It's a great race, where they played a very strong pilots.

2014-10-21 04:44:02

In Moscow killed the President of the company Total

In Moscow killed the President of the company Total

The President of the French oil company Total's Christophe de Margerie was killed in the night of 20 to 21 October in Moscow. Around midnight his private jet Dassault Falcon 50 in difficult weather conditions tried to fly to Paris from the airport Vnukovo, but faced with a snow machine and caught fire. Airport representatives confirmed that all were on Board passengers and three crew members were killed.

The death of Christophe de Margerie can have a serious impact on Formula 1. Total - major supplier of lubricants for teams using French motors Renault. In addition, the company has been supported by some pilots as a sponsor in the first place, Roman Grogan. This was largely due to good relations between the racer and President of Total.

Recently the team Lotus announced the transition to the motors Mercedes starting in 2015, and as a consequence, about the beginning of cooperation with the oil company Petronas. This gave rise to a conflict of interests between the sponsors of the team, but he Grosjean said that Total will continue to support him despite the fact that Lotus cars will now use fuel Petronas.

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2014-10-15 22:04:02

Roman Grosjean Jules never retreats

Roman Grosjean Jules never retreats

Roman Grosjean was so excited accident Jules Bianchi in Suzuka that he had to work hard to get back behind the wheel of a Formula 1 in Sochi. In his blog in the newspaper L'equipe pilot Lotus talked about the relationship with Jules.

Roman Grosjean "Jules rarely overlap, but the career ladder always follow each other. Debuting in formulas, he won the title in the French Formula Renault, together with the SG team, where I was also. In Formula 3, he won the title, as I, at ART. We even had one engineer.

Actually, in the Junior series, we met only once, in 2011, in GP2. And our fight was very intense, especially in Turkey, where we encountered in the Sunday race. But there is something that unites us is the attitude of irreconcilable rivalry.

I remember one of our first conversations. It happened in Dubai in 2008, during the training, organized by the French Federation of motor sports. It was early in the season in GP2. I was older, and Jules made his debut. He came on the starting grid with the other racers. In his eyes, felt the fighter's instinct. It was obvious that he wants resolute. That amazed me.

Jules not only a great guy, he is a very strong opponent. That was my first impression. When he competed in karting, he was spoken of as a racer who never retreats. Partly, as I do.

Organized my coach Jean-Pierre Frison training of the French Federation of motor sports in Chamonix, organized a funny competition between racers who will show you the best time in the ascent snowshoes on snow-covered slope. Jules tried to beat my record. He tried twice, and eventually succeeded. He is strong

I thought Jules was my brother in the race. I am concerned that happened to him. However, like all other racers. I miss him dearly. Sitting behind the wheel of the morning practice sessions last Friday in Sochi, for the first time I felt vulnerable. After the accident, Jules a little less than a week, it was hard again go back on the track, but we need for him to continue to race, to compete in the Formula 1, because, as I said, Jules is a real fighter who never backs".


2014-10-09 20:54:03

Lewis Hamilton My results speak for themselves

Lewis Hamilton My results speak for themselves

Talking to reporters in the paddock "Sochi Circuit" Lewis Hamilton is commendable said about the new Russian track and stressed that talks with Mercedes about the future.

Question What can you say about your emotional state after the events of the past weekend, because you are tense fight for the title As you now difficult

Lewis Hamilton it is not Easy, that's for sure. A very strange feeling we are here giving interviews, discussing what happened on Sunday, but last week we talked about how we have an interesting championship, how cool are the Grand Prix, but this weekend the mood has changed, and our thoughts about each other.

However, we for the first time in Russia is huge, amazing country. Yesterday I was in Moscow and what I saw made me a very strong impression. And what I see here, very on Moscow not like. Somehow I didn't think that in Russia there are mountains. Movies I know that in this country it is cold, there's a beautiful woman, vodka and a lot of snow laughs But in Sochi, the weather is beautiful, and very pleased that here we have been given a wonderful reception. Grand Prix and the Olympics is a very important event for Russia.

Question How would you comment on the track configuration

Lewis Hamilton I have seen so far on so much. I only worked on the simulator, but now met with the infrastructure of the circuit - this is fiction and in no way inferior to any one of the new tracks, which I had seen before. The configuration I found it interesting, but a more complete impression I can make tomorrow, when we will get to work on the track. By nature she is medium, closer to fast, and I think we can expect numerous overtaking.

Question is it Possible there was a third bend to go at full throttle on the simulator

Lewis Hamilton Almost. But on the simulator, any rotation can pass "on the floor", but I don't think it will be possible in reality The track condition will be significantly changed during the weekend, will change the adhesion to the asphalt, but the third turn pretty quick, and we got a good machine, so it can be held by pressing the gas pedal three quarters.

Question After what happened in Spa, mood Nico Rosberg has significantly changed, and what has changed for you Now a lot of assumptions about how you will develop your career in the future.

Lewis Hamilton to be honest, while I don't think too much about such things. Now it is important to fully concentrate on the League, but I really was surprised how much has changed Niko, and very happy for him. Now I can think only about the race, about how to achieve better results. Season like this in my career. I Think it's an interesting time for the Formula 1 the best riders changing teams, but going around and a lot of rumors, we hear all kinds of silly stories - it is unclear who all it distributes.

I always clearly stated I have a contract with Mercedes until the end of next year, we are already in negotiations and at the end of the season will discuss further plans. I absolutely calm, but I know that there are people who are trying to intervene in the situation. I can only continue to do their work and believe that my results speak for themselves.

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2014-10-07 19:54:02

Roman Grosjean In Sochi should be interesting

Roman Grosjean In Sochi should be interesting

Roman Grosjean several times visited Russia and, in particular, in Sochi, but the first will be at the track in the Olympic Park. In the traditional preview before the Grand Prix of Russia racer Lotus talked about the peculiarities of the preparation stage, as well as about winter sports and ice races.

Question Grand Prix of Japan in many ways proved to be a difficult weekend.

Roman Grosjean Yeah, first of all we wish Jules speedy recovery. We know he's in good hands, there is hope for the best and pray. The conditions were very difficult, and the incident was a coincidence.

Question What do you think about your results in Suzuka

Roman Grosjean the Decision to start behind the safety car was right it is right that the race was stopped when it became clear that conditions have become too complicated. As soon as the rain stopped, the restart went well. I quickly moved from rainfall on the intermediate tyres, but to determine the amount of water on the road was not easy. The team didn't always make the right decision in terms of strategy, but it is always difficult in changeable conditions.

Question What do you know about Sochi

Roman Grosjean I worked with the Sochi track on the simulator. Apparently, should be interesting. On the road excellent cornering and high-speed segments. Apparently, on the racetrack, amazing atmosphere, because there is a new infrastructure, near the mountains and near the Black sea.

Chase on the site of the Olympic Park for me is something special. I'm a big fan of the Olympics, especially the winter, because my grandfather participated in competitions in Alpine skiing at the 1948 and 1952 Hope it will bring me luck

In addition, I am glad the trip to Russia. This is an incredibly large country. When you fly to Japan, it seems that a large part of the flight passes over Russia I once was in Sochi in 2009, the team event, and look forward to the opportunity to better understand the city.

Question If you did not become an F1 driver and had to choose one of the Olympic disciplines, what would you stop

Roman Grosjean I Probably would choose skiing or bobsledding. As in Formula 1, and they will need good speed and trajectory selection. It's in my blood. I started my career in Alpine skiing until I moved in Motorsport, so would choose this discipline.

Question What do you think about driving a Formula 1 on studded tires in the snow

Roman Grosjean I would love to try Lotus did it in Dubai in 2009, but it was indoors, so you should try on a real ski slope I participated in several ice racing and would love to try the Formula 1 on the snow.

Question How quickly do you store a new track

Roman Grosjean Even without the simulator can quickly get a first glimpse of the track. The simulator helps to accelerate this process, to get a first impression about the settings, and the like. However, it is important to understand that the simulator does not allow to assess the level of coupling, because we never raced on this track before. As with any new asphalt, it can be expected that in the course of the weekend, its status will change, causing additional complications.

Question Presentation on the new highway increases the chances of success

Roman Grosjean we All face the same challenges, the question is how quickly the rider and the team settled on the track. Hopefully our car will be effective in Sochi, but we do not know the answer until you reach the place

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Interview readers Pastor Maldonado

Interview readers Pastor Maldonado

This year in category "Interview with readers you can ask questions to the racers. In Melbourne they replied Daniel Quat, in Barcelona, Niko Hulkenberg, Monaco - Kamui Kobayashi, Silverstone - Valtteri Bottas in Germany, Jenson button, in Hungary - Daniel Riccardo, in Milwaukee - Mikhail Aleshin, Spa - Jean-Eric Verne, in Monza - Felipe Massa.

In Singapore to readers ' questions replied Pastor Maldonado.

Question Sergey, Moscow Pastor, you were born in the very distant from the country of Russia. What places in your country would you recommend to visit

Pastor Maldonado we Have a lot of places you can go, nature is very beautiful. First of all, the beaches of Los Roques in the North of Venezuela in the Caribbean sea. There is another beautiful island of Margarita. In the South we Amazonian forests - they all know. It is a wild, beautiful place. There it would be interesting to go. Oh and for dessert I would suggest to go into the wilderness Medanos de Corot, look at the dunes, and then for contrast in the mountains of the Cordillera de mrida, where the snow lies all year round.

Question Gani, Almaty, Kazakhstan do you Feel in Venezuela's national hero

Pastor Maldonado In a sense, Yes. A lot of people are interested in Formula 1, many are watching me. At home always followed my career, where I have a lot of fans.

Question Anatoly Zubkov, Simferopol How did your participation in the Formula 1 on the popularity of motorsports in Venezuela

Pastor Maldonado Very much. The audience in Formula 1 has become much more. People interested in Motorsport, my performances. Everyone knows what Formula 1, many people are ill for a long time already for some teams, for other pilots. It was popular in the country even before I made it to the championship, but now the interest is even higher.

Question Nikita, Moscow Pastor, what is the most unusual gift you have received from your fans

Pastor Maldonado We get a lot of gifts, but often remember things that people do with your hands. The most unusual is always from Japan. I once gave a ball, where the characters were written my name - I don't even know how to describe it. Every year in Suzuka we get some unusual gifts.

Question Catherine, Stavropol have you Changed your attitude to F1 after the birth of her daughter Whether the work is now in second place

Pastor Maldonado No, it has not changed anything. I became a father in real life, but my work is not affected. Here, on the road, I'm a racer and have to concentrate on their work. When I'm at home, I am the father, I must take care of her daughter. It's always a pleasure to return home.

Question Galya, Moscow You signed in on Twitter bodybuilders, wrestlers and boxers including Mike Tyson You are attracted to martial arts

Pastor Maldonado I am passionate about fitness. We all have a lot of practice. But I like bodybuilding, it is interesting to try different diets that help to maintain physical fitness during the season.

I've lost a lot of muscle mass in the course of the year and began to try to change something in the diet, watch what I eat to recover faster. I read books, recommendations bodybuilders.

Mike Tyson I like it very much. It all swept away in its path.

Question Artem, Volgograd Pastor, many have noted your resemblance to the legendary racer from the distant past of Tazio Nuvolari. Do you know anything about those heroic times and I would not want you to race in the conditions when the pilot is actually no room for error

Pastor Maldonado Honestly, the first time I hear that I like him - I no one talked about it laughs. Of course I know who he is, this is one of the greatest racers in history.

Question Linar, Usinsk Pastor, is there a person that inspires you to new achievements - not necessarily in the race

Pastor Maldonado Like many, my father. My family is very important to me. They supported me throughout my career, have always been close. Tried to teach me everything you know yourself. Of course, this is not related to the piloting, but in life the advice of an experienced person is worth a lot.

My father, his brothers took in my life a special place. We Latin Americans. We have a large family, and all my family have worked hard to ensure that I became who I am.

Question Andrew, Simferopol last year, Roman Grosjean was often on the podium, and sometimes fought for victory. This season the situation in Lotus developed not for the better. Most fans of the team are afraid that novel and you can lose motivation and quit the team. What would you say

Pastor Maldonado I can say that the pilots of Formula 1 are trapped in this championship because bad job, were successful in the youth series. We are used to difficulties and know how to overcome them. Formula 1 is a complex sport. If you remember a few years ago, the Mercedes team was not on the positions, which is now. Today they destroy all but two years ago was hardly able to fight for podiums.

This is not just a difficult sport, it is also extremely hard. If someone makes a mistake, for it is sure to be punished. Here you can have good periods are bad. But I like it. Imagine you can easily win all the races in a row - it is boring Crisis tempers. In difficult times you learn. This is a positive moment. You understand that you can do what you cannot. Not only pilots, but also the team. This applies machine design, vendor selection, or something else.

It builds and pilots. You have to deal with the machine, which is very difficult to manage. I understand that this may sound strange, but in our situation it is possible to look on the positive - if you choose the right approach.

Of course, from the point of view of results is nothing good in our current situation there. But we laid out the whole team to find even a tenth, despite the fact that we are off by two or three seconds. We continue to work. There is no reason to retreat. Rest assured, we will fight.

Question Dmitry, Ryazan In the offseason, you made a bold move, choosing the number "13". Can not be superstitious man, but in the Formula 1, in contrast to other sports, this room was strictly negative attitude. I just don't see other explanation fallen down your failures. Do you plan to ask the guide to allow you to change the number

Pastor Maldonado It Is Possible Maybe this will help laughs. Usually I was lucky all the time with this room. In Venezuela it is the usual number, we do not consider it "unfortunate", as in Europe. Honestly, I don't care. I don't have a favorite number. We have a slow machine, not because I chose the number "13". In the Novel a different number, but the same machine.

Question Nikita, St. Petersburg would you Like to sneeze during the race, what did you do if so

Pastor Maldonado it has happened, but I do not recall that this led to some problems.

Question Yuri Novikov, Voronezh Pastor that became the decisive factor in your victory in Barcelona in 2012 Why one Grand Prix car was going so great

Pastor Maldonado I'll tell you first about what was in Barcelona in 2012 - I want you remembered what happened this season.

Remember how we started the year But all of a sudden in Barcelona we were very good, and after the race began again problems. I have no explanation.

The same thing has happened with Williams. It is in this race - I don't know why, but we were very fast, very competitive, starting with training and ending with the last round. Of course, it's not any one factor. Maybe the weather helped us track conditions, the machine worked perfectly.

I will say, many times I have chased in Barcelona, but never before has there not been won It was my first win on this track. But I can't say that I have some special relationship with "Catalonia", no. Not as in Monaco where I won all youth series. I may be faster than others. But not in Barcelona.

I gave one hundred percent. When we realized that the machine allows you to fight for victory, I said to myself "Maybe this is your only chance to win the race in the Formula 1. I was on the team, which at that time were not accustomed to fight for victory. We had no budget, no structures, machines and so on. But we won. And it was something special, but not only for me.

Of course, for me this was a special race, because in Formula 1 are hundreds of pilots, but not everyone is able to win the race. But I, first of all, was happy for the team. They had been so long won Look the car is now better than in 2012, but wins they have. It is not very easy to finish first in the Formula 1. But then we have succeeded.

Question semen, Taganrog How scary was because of a fire in the pits after the race in Barcelona

Pastor Maldonado it Was very scary. We gathered in boxes I and my family together around Frank Williams. He wanted to greet us, to speak. But we heard an explosion in the garage, behind the wall of the compartment, where was the fuel. A few seconds later the fire was everywhere. All ran, began to shout. I am very scared for Frank. One of the mechanics were injured. So that the end of the weekend was not the most positive.

Question Nicholas, Voronezh If you wouldn't have been an F1 driver,what would you be

Pastor Maldonado It's a very complex question. I started racing in karts at the age of seven. Now I am 29. I spent behind the wheel 22. It's all my life. I can't imagine. I do not know.

Question Andrew, Rostov-on-don Pastor, hi do you Have any Hobbies Please, tell us about it.

Pastor Maldonado I am interested in everything to do with Motorsport. I love cars, motorcycles. And, as I said, I like bodybuilding. Not in the sense that I pumped up muscles, no.

Look at me - I'm not like those guys that go to the podium and play muscles. I am passionate about the process of building the body, how they eat, what they do for the development of certain muscle groups, and so forth. This is an interesting sport. Roughly speaking, I like not how they look, but how they work, what they are doing to keep in shape.

Question Igor Mikhailov, Peter is There any chance that you will start the Grand Prix of Venezuela

Pastor Maldonado I Hope it will happen soon enough. In the calendar of the new race. We're going to Russia next year in Mexico. Why not go to Venezuela I would love to perform in front of their countrymen.

text Oleg Karpov


2014-06-19 00:24:07

Grand Prix Austria Preview stage

Grand Prix Austria Preview stage

After a short visit to Canada Formula 1 is returned to Europe. The next stage will be held in Austria, on the highway near Spilberga, last time took the Grand Prix in 2003 For 11 years the circuit changed owner, was reconstructed and renamed. Now the track is called Red Bull Ring, and the founder of the company for the production of energy drinks Dietrich Mateschitz was the main initiator of the return of Formula 1 in Austria.

In Canada for the first time in the season on the highest step of the podium according to the results of the Grand Prix rose is not one of the pilots Mercedes AMG, however, despite the victory of Daniel Riccardo, in the championship with a great advantage leaders, Rosberg and Hamilton.

The meeting Lewis in Montreal allowed his companion away for 22 points, but Hamilton was already proved this year that can eliminate the backlog. After the starting stage in Melbourne Niko ahead of Lewis on 25 points, but then the British had four victories in a row.

Dieter Rencken recalls Grand Prix Austria 2002

Personally I am very glad that Formula 1 is returned to Austria, on this route, albeit renamed. I haven't managed to visit Spielberg after the reconstruction, but the configuration has not changed, and the main thing that distinguishes this track from many others is the place where it is located.

The racetrack is located in the mountains, on the tops of which even in summer snow. Stunningly beautiful place. I'm still convinced that the Formula 1 was not supposed to leave. Grand Prix Austria could remain in the calendar, instead of the stage in Hungary. Probably the only problem is absence of major cities around

There was a lot of Grand Prix, but the most memorable, perhaps, occurred in 2002. Speaking about this, however, we must make allowances for the fact that memory was practically erased everything that happened in the early and mid-race.

Rubens Barrichello was the leader, Michael Schumacher was driving the second. Everyone understood that Ferrari is a clear division of pilots on the first and second, because long before the TV show command bridge of skuderii, we assumed that soon Rubens will go bad call. Then the camera snatched Ross Brawn, who actively pressed the buttons on the radio, but Rubens did not slow down. After you've joined Jean Todt.

Then became still does not appear on the air, but the appeal Todt well-read his lips "Rubens, it is necessary for the championship." Shortly before the race, Barrichello just extended his contract, which was the condition that he must step aside only if we are talking about helping partner in the fight for the title. At the last moment Rubens took her foot off the pedal, and Michael won the race.

I think such a violent reaction from the audience was provoked a certain hostility that many Austrians have for the Italians and the Germans. I'm pretty sure that if it had happened in any other place, the public response would be less powerful. But in Austria all have coincided. Local fans did not like the bad performance, one of the main roles in which was assigned to the German Italian car.

When the guys came up onto the stage, the audience gave them such an admission that even in the press center of the ears. I well remember the Michael reaction. He even tried to raise a hand to greet the stands, but broke off, seeing the General indignation. Probably this forced him to switch places with the Rubens at the podium.

When they came to the press conference, the reaction of the journalists was the same. They appeared in the hall, and almost all began disapprovingly to buzz. Perhaps, only in this moment they realized how really serious situation was, because the faces of both pilots Ferrari have become the same color as their overalls.

Then we all went to Jean Todt, who insisted on the right. "My pilots know what is written in their contracts," "No rules prohibiting companions to change places" and so on. Of course, it was one of the most controversial moments in the history of the team.

Preview of Grand Prix Austria with Marussia F1 Team

Chief race engineer Dave Greenwood "the Race in Austria is in fact a new calendar. Long time passed since then, as there was fighting a Formula 1 car, but in the peloton not many riders who remained in the championship from those times. Our team first arrived in Spielberg.

This circumstance affected the preparation stage. We had to do more work on the simulator before the start of the weekend, to collect the necessary information from the optimal trajectory to assess the level clamping force. Day of work on the simulator, you can even call the test, because the main task was not only the training of pilots for the new route, but also the search for the necessary settings for engineers.

Typically, the data obtained by modern simulators, very accurate. Perhaps the only thing that is very difficult to understand the level of grip, its status at the beginning of the weekend and change before the start of the race. While the machines do not leave the boxes in the first exercise of such data we have a little bit and we will draw on information from Pirelli, but it is very approximate values".


2014-05-27 14:54:02

Helmut Marko With engines, we will decide in Austria

Helmut Marko With engines, we will decide in Austria

In an interview Motorsport-Total adviser Red Bull Helmut Marko said about the engines, the situation with the pilots, At the Monaco Grand Prix and the upcoming race in Austria.

Question are You surprised that Daniel Riccardo often ahead of Sebastian Vettel

Helmut Marko We are surprised at how quickly Daniel adapted. He didn't make any mistakes, starting with the Grand Prix of Australia, very calmly and confidently holds the race. But it should be noted that Vettel pursue a technical problem that does not allow to assess the balance of forces. However, in Spain Sebastian drove the fastest lap of the race if he feels comfortable driving and trusts machine, capable of much. This does not mean that it necessarily will dominate, but the struggle will become more dense.

Question How Sebastian cope with the new situation

Helmut Marko We have experienced serious disappointment in the very first tests. The new Formula 1 is not so demanding riders, as it was before, he had to find a way, but this weekend, in Monaco, it is far more efficiently worked with the settings in training.

Question You said that Formula 1 is not so demanding riders.

Helmut Marko Yes. For example, Daniel Quat was unable to gain optimum physical form at the beginning of the season - it's just not enough time in the last few years its growth cool increased, and in the former Formula 1 could be problems, but he is very cool - requirements for physical form now not so great.

Question the team had many technical problems. You do not consider the question of change of the supplier of motors in 2015

Helmut Marko Together with Renault, we did everything in order to solve these problems and has had some success - behind the leaders decreased from four seconds on the final winter test to one second in Bahrain, but it is not enough to deal with Mercedes. Accurate analysis of the situation with engines we will do to Grand Prix Austria, and then we will decide how to proceed.

Question there were rumors about the possible departure of Newey, but he confirmed the loyalty. You signed a new contract with him

Helmut Marko we will Not go into details. We got used to the fact that Ferrari and Mercedes are trying to lure our employees, but few agree to this.

Question How difficult is it to keep a team of leading experts who have helped the team to achieve success in the past years

Helmut Marko I have already said - we lost a very few. All the leading specialists remained.

Question How important Newey for your team

Helmut Marko Very important, the team built around him, if Newey go, this will affect the results.

Question do You like to play in Monaco

Helmut Marko compared to other routes or something. I don't want to call this route archaic, but the differences are many. There are no zones of departure, only barriers, working conditions very difficult, although the atmosphere is really unique.

Question Probably better Monaco can be only Spielberg

Helmut Marko Yes, there is a great combination of beautiful nature and modern racing circuit.

Question How is the preparation for Grand Prix of Austria All the stands are built

Helmut Marko We could not meet the schedule because of the weather - in the winter there was a lot of snow and the temperatures reached minus -20, but now everything is going according to plan - tribune, buildings and structures, ways of entrance. There were already two races without any problems, and a dress rehearsal will be the stage of the GT Masters.

Question will there be additional inspection of the route from the FIA

Helmut Marko Everything is ready. The track itself has not changed, we only set additional stands and went on the road for service.

Question Stages in Spielberg and Silverstone is the only calendar that are conducted without the support of the government.

Helmut Marko Yes, and we are proud of this, as much interest from the public. 36 hours has sold 180 thousand tickets, we expect to see more than two hundred thousand spectators for the three day weekend.

Question is There any hope that this will allow at least recoup the cost

Helmut Marko at First she was, but was prevented by the high cost of the construction of the new press center and other facilities. But we hope for a good financial results in the future.

Question Two pilots - Simona de Silvestro and Susie Wolff knock on the door of Formula 1. Do you think that if the number of riders will be women, it's positive for the Formula 1

Helmut Marko I Think one day we will see a woman driving a car, but it is important that it competitive in the race. The tests do not provide such information.

Question It's interesting for Red Bull - put a woman at the wheel of a Formula 1

Helmut Marko We always support new and interesting ideas, but I repeat it is important for us that the woman is not just driven the car, and could fight among the leaders. Until such candidates not.

Question Pilots now rarely Express their opinion, do you miss racers with a bright character

Helmut Marko This imperative, but the situation is gradually improving. Hamilton does not fit into this scheme, Vettel expresses his opinion, as Riccardo - he is always smiling says sincerely. Let slowly, but gradually.

text Dmitry Bukharov


2014-04-29 23:14:03

Nick Wirth recalls of Roland Ratzenberger

Nick Wirth recalls of Roland Ratzenberger

This week's Motorsport world remembers not only the great Ayrton Senna, but Roland Ratzenberger, whose life ended 20 years ago on that fateful weekend in Imola.

In 1994, 33-year-old Austrian pilot signed a contract for five races with Simtek, a new team of Formula 1, the founder, owner and technical Director of which was Nick Wirth, later technical Director of the Virgin Racing. Wirth told Sky Sports memories about your first meeting with Ratzeburger.

Nick Wirth "I will never forget our first meeting, when Roland first came to the base Simtek in Banbury. I lived in a small village close to Silverstone. 't remember how or why it happened, but he was called to throw me home. It turned out that he came to our office on one of the smallest cars which could be rented he was the size of a Fiat 500, maybe it was a Ford Fiesta with the engine volume of 1 litre.

All who live in those places, know the road that leads from Banbury to Silverstone. And we raced along this road with insane speed, perhaps a little breaking the rules. And there, at the end of a long straight section, there is an eerie right turn is the one who did understand what I mean. Now there is established a police camera to control the speed regime.

And when we're at full speed approached the place, I warned him Roland, be careful, this is a very tricky turn. And he just looked at me with his special opinion, which I even had time to get used to. And we have overcome this turn, did not reduce speed, flying into the oncoming lane, on this small Ford. Anyone who has tried to do the same, clearly, would not be able to stay on the road and would be in a ditch in an upside-down car. Before my eyes managed to zip all my life, but somehow Roland moved out, using and the curb, and the side - in my memory it was the most incredible example of skilful driving.

And when he came out of this turning on his face shone with a wide smile, but I was white as snow. But that case I will remember for a lifetime. Although it is clear that Ford Fiesta - not the machine of Formula 1, I thought, this guy knows something about the art of driving"


2014-03-17 09:34:02

Interview readers Daniel Quat

Interview readers Daniel Quat continues launched last year a series of interviews in which questions are asked by our readers. One of the main events for the Russian fans this year - the appearance of the grid Daniel cveta. The first race of the 19-year-old utimco Formula one behind him he has already managed to win their first points and write a record.

Interviews with answers to readers ' questions, was held on Friday evening in Melbourne, when Daniel was only preparing to debut race.

Question Artem, Chelyabinsk Daniil, good day Vettel says was nervous before any Grand Prix and cannot fall asleep. And are you sleeping well before races

Daniel Quat Today we had a free check - in-slept well, seven and a half hours. Before the first tests on the Formula 1 had not slept much, but if we talk about race in GP3 last year, everything was fine.

Question Dmitry, Kotelniki My son is your namesake. What advice you would give it to him, of those that have given you the father

Daniel Quat My father always believed in me, always know that I can achieve my goals. I think this is the best thing a father can do.

Question Sergey, Moscow what car for the whole history of Formula 1 would you like to take a ride, if you had the chance

Daniel Quat Red Bull 2010, which Vettel won the first title. I think it was a very fast machine.

Question Ilya, Dnepropetrovsk Daniel, do you like to play racing games If Yes, what you played, or played so far

Daniel Quat No, I just do not have time for them.

Question Alexander, Saint-Petersburg, Russia are There any sport except Formula 1, which periodically you follow Who are ill

Daniel Quat one that constantly for some sport watched - not. But when was the Olympics, watching hockey. Can watch tennis, finals of big tournaments. Naturally, big football matches too watch. In General, if you love to look like other athletes are under pressure.

Question Vladislav, Moscow How do you feel about football If possible, will play for the national team of pilots

Daniel Quat Play - Yes, with pleasure I play. I like that better than watching. The players have high regard. Because from the physical point of view of the players just incredibly hardy 90 minutes to run on the field with such jerks is worthy of respect. But, I think in football now, sometimes you can win the game if you're just well stimuliruet.

Question Misha, Kopeisk Danja Hello I'm from Bashkiria, glad countryman was able to break in Formula 1 and is not complacent. How often do you visit the house and what's your favorite place in Ufa

Daniel Quat In Ufa was not long ago, about a year. Just a very little time. Sometimes the best available two weeks to dedicate physical training or a little to recharge the batteries. Now in Formula 1 this is even more critical. The most favorite place in Ufa Park Mayakovsky.

Question Rafael Abdullin, Sibay, Bashkortostan Daniil, the first thing I want to congratulate you with what you were in Formula 1, I never thought that my fellow will participate in the most prestigious races in the world The question is will the autograph session in Ufa If it is, when and in what format

Daniel Quat I hope that somehow we will be able to organize a demonstration races in Ufa. I very much would like it.

Question Andrew, Ukraine Some famous pilots of Formula 1 before the race wore underwear lucky, some "good luck" I sat in the cockpit exclusively with one hand. Do you have a racing superstitions

Daniel Quat I sit in the cockpit on the left side. About underwear - let's leave this topic without comments laughs.

Question Nikita, Samara What you like to do during long flights

Daniel Quat My very long flight was just here, in Australia. Read the book of Sergey Dovlatov. Continue to read here. Otherwise, everything is as usual watch movies, listen to music, which is injected before the flight, sleep.

Question Paul, Tver In your opinion, is it always the champion became the strongest

Daniel Quat Yes.

Question Alexander, Moscow160 When you sit behind the wheel of a racing car, the last time was really scared

Daniel Quat 't remember When exactly. When I started out in karting, even, sometimes, sometimes, Yes - it was a fear. This is a very serious obstacle. It is better to relax, to accept the fact that there is a risk that something might happen. But not to fear.

Question Vadim, Izhevsk How many magnets in your fridge

Daniel Quat A Lot. About twenty. The most exotic, probably, from Brazil.

Question Alexander Duk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur let us assume that in the Formula 1, a tradition, as in Boxing, when the athletes go into the ring to the music. That would sound with your appearance

Daniel Quat 't Even know. Something from Metallica or Queen.

Question Artem, Volgograd You give the impression is very positive, self-confident person. Racing is a constant pressure, and the Formula 1 is a completely different song. Can you share a recipe, how do you keep a positive attitude at the moments when everything goes wrong

Daniel Quat I think many at some stage career is a " turning point. One of these was in my GP3 last year. I remember how bad it all began, but how well finally ended. The memory of a good again helps to find motivation gives emotions. If something goes wrong, I just remember that I've also had some problems, sometimes very serious. But I know that if I will not throw up their hands and I will work hard, as then all the necessary work.

Question Alexei, Krasnodar please Remember the first you won the race.

Daniel Quat It was in Sochi. My first race in a career in karting, snow. I won its first race in karting. This is just one of those moments that nice to remember the difficult times.

Question Yuri, Moscow Formula 1 is different politkorrektnost. Probably, as an Annex to the contract have 500 pages, where it is written, what is the question what to answer Whether you warn work with the press in the Junior formulae, or all intuitively, from their mistakes

Daniel Quat Honestly, I used to read a lot interview other pilots. I think you can always something to look to discern for themselves.

In the contract's nothing about it. Naturally, there are some suggestions that need to be expressed correctly in the first place, when talking about the team. I think that's OK. Because all employees work a lot, it is not always evident. It would be silly to criticize it. But, of course, sometimes the emotions that sometimes.

Question Pavel, Moscow Why did you decide to change the design of the helmet

Daniel Quat I Have the same design, only the color has changed. I like to play with colors.

Question Sergei, Novomoskovsk, Russia will You use a special helmet coloration Grand Prix of Russia in this year

Daniel Quat Yes, of course. In mind some idea of what I want. But with the designer haven't discussed yet.

text Oleg Karpov


2014-03-05 00:14:02

Evolution Ferrari F138, 2013

Evolution Ferrari F138, 2013


History Ferrari inseparably linked with the history of Formula1601 is the only team, who participated in all seasons of the world championship, and the first single-seater racing car in Maranello was built for a Formula1601.

In the traditional winter historical project, together with an authoritative Italian expert, author of books about the history of Ferrari Paolo D'alessio, we decided to tell to the readers about the features of all machines , showing them the example of the evolution of the Formula 1.

In 2013, Ferrari decided to unite in the name of their machines year and the number of cylinders of the engine, to mark the last season aspirated eight-cylinder motors - new model was named F138.

As with the other top teams, Ferrari divided d headquarters into two groups, one was doing a project in 2013, and the other 2014, as the new 6-cylinder turbo engine and system ERS required extensive engineering resources. In 2013, before the introduction of the new regulations, the rules have not changed almost, which allowed the designers to be limited to the modernization of last year's car.

Refinement were, first of all, aerodynamics, which for several years was the weak link in the team because of the incorrect calibration of the wind tunnel in Maranello. While experts have upgraded a pipe, the Scuderia blowing machine in Cologne based Toyota Motorsport team that brought its fruits. Conceptual aerodynamics of the car remained the same, the engineers made a lot of small changes to make sites and systems to work properly. Was updated to the air intake of the engine, configuration, front and rear spoiler, optimized system DRS. Cooling system remained the same, but changed side pontoons. In addition, once again improved brake system. Great attention was paid to reduction in the weight and increase the rigidity of the structure.

An important element of 2013 steel tyres Pirelli. Response to the request of the FIA to ensure the tactics of three to four pit-stops, Italian tyre workers created compositions, rapidly decaying during the race. This decision had a number of negative consequences first, the teams, it was difficult to get the tyres to work effectively, because the performance range has been very narrow. Secondly, on highways they were insecure that became apparent at Silverstone where once at the several pilots exploded bus.

Trying to solve the problem, Pirelli returned to last year's tire design, with Kevlar cord instead of steel. This affected the balance of forces had changed, and serious progress Red Bull Racing has allowed them to dominate in the championship - Sebastian Vettel has won nine races in a row, destroying any hints on the fight for the title.

Ferrari F138

The third place in the Cup of designers, behind Red Bull and Mercedes, of course, cannot be considered a good result for the team, which, after winning Alonso in Barcelona, had hoped to compete for the title with F138. But ambitions Ferrari in 2013 melted like snow in the sun, and not only because of the transition with Pirelli tires with steel cord in a Kevlar the Scuderia again demonstrated the weakness in the finalization of the machine during the season in conditions when there is no opportunity to try it. The tests were banned, circles along replaced with computer simulators, and Ferrari were in crisis.

In addition, some of the decisions made in recent years have led to consequences, which can be called catastrophic. For example, dismissal Aldo Costa, who was replaced Pat Frye. And indeed, the entire aerodynamic sector disappointed in recent seasons Ferrari forced to catch up with Red Bull, offering an impressive number of news to catch up to machines Adrian Newey, F138 earned only a small part of them, while almost all updates Red Bull has resulted in progress.

With the machine, which is well-season begins, but does not progress during the championship, to set high goals impossible. Fortunately, starting in 2014, 8-cylinder, 2.4-liter engines, sophisticated aerodynamics rear of the machine and the use of exhaust to increase the clamping force retired, with the return of turbo engine Ferrari will be able to start from scratch. Including the fight for the title, interrupted in 2008 with the F2008 is the last car of , who won the Cup of designers.

The results of performances Ferrari F138 in Formula 1 races

In the beginning of the season, it seemed that the opponents are about equal, and after two victories Fernando Alonso in the first five Grand Prix of the season, the Spaniard looked contender for the title. However, during the championship, it results gradually fell, and by the end of the season, Ferrari has yielded not only Red Bull Racing, but Mercedes. Alonso, however, once again been able to become Vice-champion, but lost while Vettel catastrophic 155 points.


Grand Prix

Launches in



Best result








Winter project 2013-2014, «the Evolution of cars of Formula 1, for example, Ferrari».

copy and Paolo d39'alessio. Managing editor Elmir Valeev.


2014-02-23 15:24:02

In Moscow have passed the first laps of the Race of Stars

In Moscow have passed the first laps of the Race of Stars

At the Moscow Hippodrome today runs the Race of Stars "za Rulem". Due to the unusually warm weather in the Moscow, the organizers had to change the format of the preliminary rounds. The start was given to the participants separately with a short interval, to exclude the contact fight. The final pilots demonstrated the best time.

Layout has changed, too instead of the traditional snow the oval appeared plastic blocks, denoting the contours of the road, and to limit the speed, at the end of the line were exhibited . Each touching the curb punished 5-second penalty, which has made in the course of the races more intrigue.

In the first race showed the best time, team-Kama-Euro" albert Gainullin Honda Civic, but after a time all participants were added penalties for contact with and strikers, the best was the autocross champion of Russia Sergey Zagumennov on "Lada Kalina".

The second run several times interrupted when the racers churned blocks - the track configuration had to recover it again. In the end, the winner was announced by the Vice-champion of Russia on track racing Evgeniy Aksakov.

After the end of the two first races took place parallel race between the Roman and the best Russian driver 2013 year by the magazine "za Rulem", twice champion of Europe rally cross Timur on Renault Duster. After a few rounds, a confident victory won by Formula 1 racer.

text Elmir Valeev


2014-02-15 22:04:02

Jacques Villeneuve will return to the place of the sports glory of the father

Jacques Villeneuve will return to the place of the sports glory of the father

Upcoming debut Jacques Villeneuve in the world championship on rally-cross is notable for the fact that one of the stages of the season will be held in the canadian city of Trois-Rivieres, went down in the history of motor racing as it began thank Gilles Villeneuve.

In the middle 70-ies on the streets of this city was the stages of the canadian national Championships, and in 1973 Gilles Villeneuve made his debut in Formula Ford 1600, starting his career in motor racing at once with a victory, although it was a machine two years ago, and the race was held under a torrential rain. Witnesses of the first performances of the future legend of Formula 1 were amazed by the incredible style of piloting, which is demonstrated by Gilles. It should be noted that prior to this he succeeded in snowmobile races, and this is partly affected the manner of driving it took turns in a controlled drift.

After the first success in Formula Ford in 1974 Villeneuve moved in Formula Atlantic, but in that year the street circuit in Trois-Rivieres, he was not lucky he is not the best qualifications held, after which got involved in the incident that happened at the first lap of the race.

In 1975 he was preparing his car to race in Trois-Rivieres, although compete with the pilots had to play in teams with big budgets. However, in the qualification showed the third result, losing only to the racers of Formula 1 Jean-Pierre and Patrick in those years was a tradition to invite to Canada European stars of Motorsport.

Gilles overtook already at the start and for many circles rode on the second position, while in his car, not brakes failed. But his fearlessness and racing talent did not go unnoticed in the next season Villeneuve were ready to invite the best teams in Formula Atlantic. Gilles chose'ecurie Canada and was not mistaken, for he soon began to win almost all the races in a row.

If in Canada he was very popular in Europe almost nobody knew. But it so happened that at the end of the season on a street circuit in Trois-Rivieres, there was held traditional race of the Formula Atlantic, which have attended several contemporary stars of Formula 1, in particular, James hunt, then it's five minutes champion of the world, and Patrick . Both were invited to speak on the machines team'ecurie Canada, i.e. they became companions of Villeneuve.

Hunt provided a completely new chassis, and he was somewhat surprised when at the end of the first training of the lost canadian least half a second. The next day the hunt went faster, adapting to the car, however, the lag from Gilles only increased. The racers of Formula 1 and tried to catch up with Villeneuve, but he was inaccessible - speed seemed incredible. Of course, Gilles won Tu street race, at the same time still ahead and Alan Jones, who was later to become one of his rivals in the championship of the world.

Hunt, back in England, said in a McLaren about canadian nugget, and the team in 1977 offered him a job backup racer. That season was held sensational debut Gilles Villeneuve in Formula 1 the British Grand Prix, held at Silverstone, driving last year's machine M23 he almost finished 4th, if not a technical problem. In any case, Gilles Villeneuve was already on the threshold of world popularity.

It remains to recall that in 1977 Jacques was eight. Two decades later, he would continue the glory of the father in Formula 1 will become the champion of the world.


2014-01-28 14:14:03

Presentation of new cars Mercedes F1 W05

Presentation of new cars Mercedes F1 W05

Tuesday morning in Jerez was tense. The team prepared the first day of the tests, before the start of which was to spend four presentations. The first presented a new car in the Mercedes - 8.10 local time Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg pulled down the protective cover from F1 W05.

The ceremony was short and modest - after the introductory words of the photo-session and the team returned to work - today, the new machine will debut on the track, and for the interview to the press-service will bring together journalists in the evening.

After a few not too attractive nose cones submitted by other teams, many interested solution Mercedes, and the expectations -160 looks very nice, but the commands are not talking about the beauty of this year, they have a very ambitious sports purposes.

Toto Wolff, head of Mercedes Motorsport «it is Always interesting to pull the veil with the new machines, especially before such an important season. The new machine is the result of a purposeful complex interaction between teams of engineers. I am grateful to all the employees of our base in Brackley, those who work in , our key partner Petronas for the effort to create a new machine and turbo. This is the result of several years of hard work, but we know that everything is just beginning.

Ahead of a busy program of winter tests and a long season, which is very important reliability and good speed. Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are hungry for success and I am sure this will be another strong point of our team. We have a positive mood after the end of the previous season on the second line in the Cup of designers. We will continue to create a team and we hope for success in each Grand Prix.

Paddy Lowe, Executive technical Director «If we talk about the technical and racing, Formula 1 comes a very interesting time. We are introducing technologies, new not only for Motorsport, but for the whole of the automobile world. The main motive - improving the efficiency, and the fact that we will use in racing hybrid systems and only 100 kg of fuel to get from start to finish, is eloquent testimony to the technological capabilities of Formula 1.

But also we demonstrate technologies that can develop Mercedes-Benz, competing with the other teams - it is also about the chassis, and the new power pack. The whole team did a great job doing this project. As always, we achieved our goals, but to really understand what we have achieved only when the work will begin on the highway. The new machine is elegant, but aggressive design, and, as often happens, her beauty is not limited to exterior in engineering stuffing W05 embodied innovative technical solutions.

The team is proud of his work, but none of us have any illusions the first race starts in six weeks, and before that there is still much to do.»

Last week, the new machine was tested in Silverstone, where took the wheel Nico Rosberg, and today the official test program will start Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton «it Was interesting to observe the appearance of the car and its tyres last week at Silverstone. Looks great machine, very aggressively, and inside contains many interesting solutions. I'm excited for the opportunity to feel a new power unit, to hear its sound from the cockpit and compare our results with those of what has been achieved rivals. Expect a season with the highest number of variables in my whole career, which further adds interest.

Ahead of my second season with Mercedes, now I feel a full member of the team, in the past year we have an excellent relationship, but now we again have to learn a lot. On machines 2014 used a variety of new solutions, we need to collect a large amount of information to determine the factors that really matter, adjust the style of piloting and change the approach to the development of racing strategy is a very serious challenge.

Winter vacation this year turned out to be very short. Christmas and new year holidays I spent in the mountains, devoting time, training, and even put a turbo on your snowmobile to get used to the sensations.

I am glad to see in your car number 44 - I picked it back in karts, because in room road machine father was this figure. Then I became the champion of great Britain, since this is our family number. Keeping your fingers crossed, hope it will bring me luck».

Nico Rosberg «After a short first run, held last Friday at Silverstone, I'm excited for the opportunity to fully evaluate the capabilities of the vehicle. Given the emergence of many new technologies, the year will be difficult, but it will help make our sport is really modern. Efficient use of fuel, the use of hybrid technology is a step in the right direction, which will make the race more interesting.

After test completion Pirelli, which took place in December last year in Bahrain, I'm just a month and got behind the wheel, and it's great - I can immediately continue. Before the start of the season we are going to have three series of tests, time is limited - to perform a large amount of work to prepare for the start of the championship and verify the reliability of the machine. I feel that we are in good shape, but all are expecting a difficult period and I was lucky because of me this great team. I am sure that we have coped well with their work.

This year I have developed a new helmet design, and I will appear on the machine with the number 6. In winter, father wrote me a letter said that he was number six - happy, but I am not convinced. Then my fiancee has told, that she is a lucky number, and after I remembered that in 2002, he was a champion Formula BMW on the machine with the number 6. I hope this will help me».



Monocoque Shaped carbon-fiber and porous composite materials

Housing engine Cover, side pontoons, the bottom, the nose fairing, front and rear wings of carbon fiber

Cockpit anatomic Removable seat rider carbon fiber belts Sabelt, HANS system

Security structures the capsule security, integrated with shock-proof design and panels, to prevent punctures, front security structure prescribed by the regulations of shockproof nodes, absorbing energy during side collisions, integrated rear safety structure, front and rear elements that prevent damages, when the car overturning.

Front suspension Carbon triangle lever and pusher, interacting with torsion springs and

Rear suspension Carbon triangle lever and pull interacting with torsion springs and

Absorption Penske

Wheels Advanti, forged magnesium alloy

Tyres Pirelli

Brake system Carbon disk and pads, on the principle of electronic brake-by-wire

Brake calipers Brembo

Steering rack type type

Steering wheel the Design of carbon fiber

Electronics Certified FIA standard electronic control unit and electrical system

Dash panel McLaren Electronic Systems

Fuel system ATL, Kevlar reinforced rubber fuel tank

Lubricants and technical liquids Petronas


Transmission 8-speed, with one rear transmission, a carbon fiber body

Management of the CPT , semi-automatic, hydraulic

Clutch the Drive from the Carboniferous


Length 4800 mm

Width of 1800 mm

Height 950 mm

Total weight 691 kg

Power unit

Type Mercedes-Benz Hybrid PU106A

Minimum weight 145 kg

Components of the power plant the internal combustion Engine ICE, kinetic motor-generator MGU-K, the thermal motor-generator MGU-H, battery ES, turbocharger TC, control electronics CE

Every racer gets five power plants on season

Internal combustion engine

Working space 1.6 l

Number of cylinders 6

Camber angle of cylinders 90 degrees

Number of valves 24

Maximum speed of crankshaft rotation 15000 rpm

Maximum fuel consumption 100 kg/hour at speeds exceeding 10500 rpm

Fuel system direct injection under pressure of 500 bar, one injector per cylinder

Turbocharger single-stage compressor and the turbine operating on the exhaust gases, with a drive from a single shaft

Maximum speed of rotation of the turbine 125000 rpm

System of energy recovery ERS

ERS Integrated hybrid system with energy recovery on the basis of the motor-generators

Battery Lithium ion battery, weight of 20 - 25 kg

Energy battery 4 MJ in a round

Power MGU-K 120 kW

The maximum speed MGU-K 50000 rpm

The maximum energy, MGU-K on the same lap 2 MJ

The maximum energy of the given MGU-K on the same lap 4 MJ 33,3 sec full power

The maximum speed of the heat generator MGU-H 125000 rpm

Maximum power MGU-H not restricted

The maximum energy, MGU-K on the same lap not restricted

The maximum energy of the given MGU-K on the same lap not restricted


2014-01-28 13:34:03

Hamilton We are waiting for the season with the highest number of variables

Hamilton We are waiting for the season with the highest number of variables

During presentation of the new machine racers Mercedes talked about their expectations from the upcoming season.

Lewis Hamilton «it Was interesting to observe the appearance of the car and its tyres last week at Silverstone. Looks great machine, very aggressively, and inside contains many interesting solutions. I'm excited for the opportunity to feel a new power unit, to hear its sound from the cockpit and compare our results with those of what has been achieved rivals. Expect a season with the highest number of variables in my whole career, which further adds interest.

Ahead of my second season with Mercedes, now I feel a full member of the team, in the past year we have an excellent relationship, but now we again have to learn a lot. On machines 2014 used a variety of new solutions, we need to collect a large amount of information to determine the factors that really matter, adjust the style of piloting and change the approach to the development of racing strategy is a very serious challenge.

Winter vacation this year turned out to be very short. Christmas and new year holidays I spent in the mountains, devoting time, training, and even put a turbo on your snowmobile to get used to the sensations.

I am glad to see in your car number 44 - I picked it back in karts, because in room road machine father was this figure. Then I became the champion of great Britain, since this is our family number. Keeping your fingers crossed, hope it will bring me luck».

Nico Rosberg «After a short first run, held last Friday at Silverstone, I'm excited for the opportunity to fully evaluate the capabilities of the vehicle. Given the emergence of many new technologies, the year will be difficult, but it will help make our sport is really modern. Efficient use of fuel, the use of hybrid technology is a step in the right direction, which will make the race more interesting.

After test completion Pirelli, which took place in December last year in Bahrain, I'm just a month and got behind the wheel, and it's great - I can immediately continue. Before the start of the season we are going to have three series of tests, time is limited - to perform a large amount of work to prepare for the start of the championship and verify the reliability of the machine. I feel that we are in good shape, but all are expecting a difficult period and I was lucky because of me this great team. I am sure that we have coped well with their work.

This year I have developed a new helmet design, and I will appear on the machine with the number 6. In winter, father wrote me a letter said that he was number six - happy, but I am not convinced. Then my fiancee has told, that she is a lucky number, and after I remembered that in 2002, he was a champion Formula BMW on the machine with the number 6. I hope this will help me».


2014-01-27 19:54:03

Anthony Davidson Jerez an excellent course for tests

Anthony Davidson Jerez an excellent course for tests

Former F1 driver and today commentator SkySports Anthony Davidson told why the team so often carry out tests it is in Jerez, although this Spanish track long-does not accept the Grand Prix.

Question Why teams choose sherry

Anthony Davidson First of all, due to the weather. I always jokingly said that if spent vacations in Europe, it would go in Jerez there is always a good weather. When in the rest of Europe it snows or rains fall, in Jerez sun shines. This factor allows to carry out more informative tests in terms of work with rubber and cooling systems, than, for example, at Silverstone or at Paul Ricard, where at this time of year is very cold, even in dry weather.

In addition, this route is heavily loaded rear tires of , there are both left and right turns, whereas in Barcelona the most right-wing. In General, this is a good route to assess the wear rear tyres.

Question In the calendar is the road characteristics similar to Sherry

Anthony Davidson Good question Each track is unique, I don't think you can compare circuit in Jerez with those that are now in the calendar. This route will be old school, it is different from the built Hermann Tilke. It can be compared with or , if we talk about the naturalness of relief, but perform in Suzuka smoother configuration, and the track in Jerez largely consists of acceleration and deceleration.

Question What racers feel behind the wheel

Anthony Davidson the Riders are pleased to work on tracks such, but the problem is that the tests in Jerez and the Barcelona you pass by so many circles, that they begin to pall. When referring to the , the first Association is a very serious load.

An excellent course - moderately difficult, demanding the brakes, with interesting combination of rotations, fast and slow sections. In Jerez you know that a small mistake can lead to a departure in gravel or impact of the barrier. In addition, the racetrack is located in a beautiful place, and the atmosphere there is always positive - even during the tests many fans come to support Fernando Alonso.

Question What will be the atmosphere in the paddock

Anthony Davidson Now a very interesting period. We will see the new machine, meet those who have not seen the final Grand Prix last season. All this is a bit like the first of September in school, but with a fair amount of excitement. Everyone wants to understand how a competitive car they built what has been achieved rivals.

Question Who will quickly learn fast new machine or not - riders or guys with a stopwatch in hand on the pit wall

Anthony Davidson Real time on a circle, you can hide plenty of fuel, but racer always knows its fast machine or not. I think many do not understand how exactly racers such a high level are able to feel the car.

Question How much time will it take

Anthony Davidson you will Hardly believe it, but at times only one circle to understand a good vehicle or not. I remember in 2004, coming into the pits after the first round of driving a BAR, said to the engineer «This is a really nice machine». And so it was, the team took the second place in the Cup of designers.

Question How to assess the balance of forces those who oversees the tests

Anthony Davidson For example, you can watch cars from the podium in the last corner - I repeatedly experienced there the sense of envy at the sight of machines that were able to run with minimal slip. At the end of the week at the fifth corner, when the teams had fresh tires and will mimic the qualification becomes clear who brought greater thrust.

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Evolution Ferrari 156/85, 1985

Evolution Ferrari 156/85, 1985


History of Ferrari is inseparably linked with the history of Formula1601 is the only team, who participated in all seasons of the world championship, and the first single in Maranello racing machine was built for Formula1601.

In the traditional winter historical project, together with the authoritative Italian expert, author of books about the history of Ferrari Paolo D'alessio, we decided to tell to the readers about the peculiarities of all the machines , showing them the example of the evolution of the Formula 1.

In anticipation of 1985 in Ferrari understand that without radical changes impose struggle pilots McLaren they will not succeed. Progress smooth modernization160 model 126 C is impossible as it was built in the era when the key parameter of the machine was a ground-effect. So, the layout of motor implied accommodation turbine and exhaust system from the top, in the center of the letter V, and intake systems - on the sides. Such decision in the early 1980s was the best, so as to respond effectively to organize air flows inside the side pontoons, who created the «effect suckers». The benefit was great enough, and the fact that this arrangement leads to the increase of the centre of gravity of the power plant, to be negligible.

By the mid-1980s to use such schemes have already been pointless, as ground-effect banned. Now all teams tried to place the turbines and release as low as possible, and in Ferrari decided to follow the example of competitors. As a consequence, the air intake system is moved to the top of the machine. This, in turn, led to a complete revision of the design side pontoons, the emergence of a large diffuser with Venturi effect and allowed a completely different organize aerodynamics back of the machine, making it much more efficient.

In addition, the designers managed to significantly improve the cooling of the engine and gearbox, placing radiators under an angle to the longitudinal axis of the machine. Power of the engine also increased significantly, reaching 800 PS in the racing configuration. The machine also has a new, cross located transmission, which has become more compact and the application of new alloys and more easy. Particularly worthy of note is the fact that it was the first machine Ferrari built with the use of systems for computer modeling.

Because the new model is fundamentally different from the first, she decided to give it a new name. Traditionally, it had to be from the parameters of the engine, but they did not undergo significant changes. Therefore, Ferrari again departed from the volume 1.5 liters, and the number of cylinders 6 of the motor. However, the resulting index, 156, was already in the early 1960s, and in the model name appeared and current year Ferrari 156/85.

Ferrari 156/85

From the frying pan into the fire. Or almost. After the fiasco of the 1984 in Maranello understood that the form of 126 C4, swept-profile side ineffective when using tapered back, similar to the one developed by John Barnard for McLaren in 1983. The results of this decision, as we have seen, started to bring in the season finale of 1984, with Ferrari 126 C4/M2, but for the complete restoration of had to wait for the new season, which debuted a new machine 156/85.

The machine is based on the same technical principles C4/M2 she sharply tapering in the rear wheel housing, wide cone, updated monocoque and seriously upgraded turbo V6, where the inlet and outlet systems swapped, and now they are also, like other manufacturers of engines with supercharging.

The machine is no longer the chief designer still formally he held this office Mauro , but after a frustrating season 1984 he was transferred to another project. Author machines Enzo Ferrari now describes as «a community of engineers».

There are all preconditions for strong performance, and in 1985 Ferrari surely come back to the fore, and Michele leads the championship for much of the season. Until the Ferrari decided to replace the turbine.

V6 engine provided Ferrari 800 PS in the racing modifications, and in the qualification of its capacity up to 900 HPC., however, this was not always enough to resist McLaren, Lotus, Brabham, and Williams. Enzo Ferrari was sure can get from motor greater productivity, and in addition, the German suppliers of the team began cooperation with Porsche their V6 used in the McLaren, and went on a surprise move, decided to withdraw from the turbines KKK in favor of the American Garrett. Exemplary reliability 156/85 disappeared like snow in the sun, and after it disappeared and hope for a world title with Italian pilot.

The results of performances Ferrari 156/85 in Formula 1 races

On his very first Grand Prix at the opening 1985 in Brazil, Ferrari 156/85 brought Michele pole. And a collision with Nigel prevent him from this race to win - he finished second. However, already at the next stage took the lead in the championship, and remained in this position until the middle of the season. In the first ten races eight times he climbed the podium in two remaining Grand Prix prevent the gatherings.

However, the detachment from the main competitor, Alena is Simple from McLaren, was small, and Enzo Ferrari insisted on modernization of the engine and the change of a supplier of turbine. The Italian was irritated that the motors Porsche had an advantage in power. Besides, in rumors completely groundless, German KKK give his countrymen preference. by the time it was 87 years, to convince him it was impossible. Changes, however, have had disastrous consequences in the last five races of the championship never could get to the finish line, and the title went to Prostu.

In the Cup of designers played another factor Rene Arnoux was dismissed, and his place invited pilot Tyrrell Stefan Johansson. The reasons for this decision were not formally named, but it is believed that the reason was the heavy nature of the Arnoult. But anyway, despite the monstrous amount of drop outs of running mate is Simple, Nicky , Ferrari McLaren lost in the Cup of designers just 8 points.


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Winter project 2013-2014, «the Evolution of cars of Formula 1 on the example of the Ferrari».

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Evolution Ferrari 312 B3, 1973

Evolution Ferrari 312 B3, 1973


History of Ferrari is inseparably linked with the history of Formula1601 is the only team, who participated in all seasons of the world championship, and the first single in Maranello racing machine was built for Formula1601.

In the traditional winter historical project, together with the authoritative Italian expert, author of books about the history of Ferrari Paolo D'alessio, we decided to tell to the readers about the peculiarities of all the machines , showing them the example of the evolution of the Formula 1.

Year after year, the Ferrari never managed to win a champion title, failed with the new development - experimental 312 B3 S, which did not come out at the start of the Grand Prix - at the end of 1972 led to changes in the design staff. Under the pressure of FIAT, Enzo Ferrari removed Mauro of Affairs, sending it to the Department of future projects and the development of new machines started designers FIAT Giacomo and Franco Rocci under the leadership of Alessandro Colombo.

The main goal of the Colombo - implement, finally, the Italian machines coupe monocoque, but such technology in the country is not, so that he or she requests through to the British. In the end, the body is produced in the UK, in Italy machine called «English».160In other cases it is not contained serious innovation, and some of the solutions used frankly outdated. They include the location of the radiator in the bow - designers did so simply because the testing side machine overheated.

It is not surprising that the new machine proved uncompetitive. Not helped even tyres Goodyear, which the team used in 1973 instead of Firestone. Seeing the disappointing results of the work of the Turin designers, Enzo Ferrari again gave carte Blanche to the , and while preparing an updated model of the reduced participation of a team in the race and refused performances in Germany and the Netherlands. This, however, did not like jacquie his host, command. The race at the Nurburgring Belgian held for McLaren, finishing third.

Ferrari 312 B3

Another technological breakthrough for Ferrari after the historic transition from link to a rear mounted engine, dated 1960 - 1973-m team is still passed to the monocoque chassis.

For many years, Ferrari has at its disposal the best engine, the 12-cylinder boxer, but all these years, its effectiveness is killed weakest performance chassis type «» tubular frame, reinforced panels of aluminum, too heavy and not enough hard.

To fight on equal terms with the British machines, you had to go to the monocoque. And this occurred in 1973, when the designer Sandro Colombo, who Mauro , temporarily removed from cases, appeals to the British specialist Jonathan Thompson, to create the first real monocoque body for Ferrari.

On paper the new machine, which received the same name 312 B3, and «snow blower» have to defeat the new bearing design, good aerodynamics, great potential for development, however, the effectiveness of the made in Britain Ferrari is simply catastrophic, forcing the team to skip a few of the Grand Prix in the middle of the season, 1973, waiting for the updated version 312 B3, this time in version Mauro .

The results of performances Ferrari 312 B3 in Formula 1 races

In the few Grand Prix, held by the «English», she was no different speed or reliability. If a previous version, 312 B2, won in the first three races of the championship three fourth place, the new model in six Grand Prix only twice enabled to earn points, and her best result was the fifth place ICSA in France.


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Winter project 2013-2014, «the Evolution of cars of Formula 1 on the example of the Ferrari».

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The police showed a record from the camera to his helmet Schumacher

The police showed a record from the camera to his helmet Schumacher

Investigation Department of the gendarmerie of Savoy town of Chambery, showed journalists a record from the camera GoPro helmet Michael Schumacher, disclosing the circumstances of the incident of 29 December in the ski resort of Meribel. Recording confirmed the testimony of the son, and another daughter, seven-time champion, who in that day riding with him.

The record shows that Michael went down between mauduit piste slopes medium difficulty and Biche low complexity. By the time of the fall of the rate was low. During descent, ski stumbled upon a stone, Michael fell forward, skiing , and he hit his head on a snow-covered stone.

Today at 1000 local time the Prosecutor Chambery will hold a press conference to comment on the record and will speak about the new details of the incident.



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Evolution Ferrari 312 B3 S, 1972

Evolution Ferrari 312 B3 S, 1972


History of Ferrari is inseparably linked with the history of Formula1601 is the only team, who participated in all seasons of the world championship, and the first single in Maranello racing machine was built for Formula1601.

In the traditional winter historical project, together with the authoritative Italian expert, author of books about the history of Ferrari Paolo D'alessio, we decided to tell to the readers about the peculiarities of all the machines , showing them the example of the evolution of the Formula 1.

In 1972 Ferrari creates a new machine 312 B3 S, which presents to the public in August. She was to become the prototype of a promising model, B3, which is planned to spend the season 1973, and the «S» in the name of the machine means Sperimentale - «experimental». However, due to the characteristic appearance of the machine this letter immediately receives from other journalists decrypting Spazzaneve, «snow blower».

The new machine even outwardly very different from the previous one, using a completely different concept. disclaims trying to make a car maximum streamlined, and tries to provide her with as much downforce. To do this, it creates a wide and short body, and on the front instead of small sets spoilers across the entire width of the machine. Not only do they themselves create downforce, but do not allow a large number of air to fall under the bottom, generating thus, let and rather poorly, ground-effect. The idea, which comes in Formula 1 only a few years later.

However, the design is too crude. After lengthy testing the Ferrari decided not to stand its start, and by 1973, prepare another model, correcting mistakes made when designing the «». Because of this, pilots Ferrari accounts for the third consecutive year, to start a season 312 B2, and the version B3 will be ready only by the fourth Grand Prix.

Ferrari 312 B3 S

Although this model is not performed in any Grand Prix, experimental 312 B3, better known as the «snow blower», occupies an important place in the history of Ferrari in Formula 1. In the framework of this project presented in Maranello in August 1972, the command tries to focus as much of the weight of the machine inside its base, and simultaneously lower the centre of gravity.

From this perspective, the model 312 B3 is the opposite 312 B2 used in 1971 and 1972, in which the location of a number of elements radiators, tanks was not optimal, and the center of gravity is rather high.

«» low, broad, square sides, inside there were radiators cooling air which got through two large air duct in front of. Their location in the Central part of the machine, determines the shape of the frame - the Ferrari still use .

But 312 B3 S was innovative machine not only in the distribution of the masses, but in aerodynamics. Old nose replaced by two broad spoilers, harmonically United in heart. Rear fender not fastened to the tubular frame, and to the gearbox.

After the presentation of the press B3 S have sent extensive tests, as expected, that the car will debut in Monza, where, behind her wheel should sit down Arturo or Mario . However chronometric to match the new and the existing models for the novelty unfavorable too short base made behavior 312 B3 S too nervous, and from using the machine, it was decided to decline.


Winter project 2013-2014, «the Evolution of cars of Formula 1 on the example of the Ferrari».

copy and Paolo d39'alessio. Managing editor Elmir Valeev.