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The big interview Oleg Zabara about the preparations for the Grand Prix of Russia

The big interview Oleg Zabara about the preparations for the Grand Prix of Russia

The last Grand Prix of Hungary visited by the delegation of the organizers of the race in Sochi, which was headed in Budapest came Deputy General Director of JSC «the Center «omega» Oleg Zabara, which is responsible for many aspects of organization and holding of the upcoming Grand Prix of Russia.

A half-hour interview he spoke about the pace of the construction of the route chosen by the date of the race, the fans and many other things.

Q Oleg, first of all what is the main purpose of your visit in Budapest You have been a few meetings.

Oleg Zabara As always, in addition to the scheduled meetings, in the course of the visit, the new ones appear. The main objective was to arrive with the team of the company "Panorama" to study the production of a television signal. We speak one language with technical personnel, we were four man team of Vasily Kiknadze and two days have studied the work of the three television compounds.

Question They will deal with the television picture in Sochi

Oleg Zabara They probably will be. To study the subject, they arrived. - Experience of work in the field of display sporting events in Russia, but Formula 1 is a little different. So they came to look specifically, like a picture engaged in here. They are going to make conclusions as to in what way they may participate in the work and whether at all.

Question in Addition are now actively discussing the calendar for next year.

Oleg Zabara We calendar already discussed - application date I made a few days before we came here. This is not new and is already not a subject for discussion. We discussed with the President Bernie Ecclestone race support. Which will be held at the Grand Prix of Russia in Sochi, I still can't say exactly. There are different plans. Including classics GP2 and GP3.

Question Bruno Michel told us in the interview that they are interested in, to spend race in Sochi.

Oleg Zabara. They are very eager to come to Sochi. We, in principle, also would like to see them. It all depends on sponsors opportunities. One thing to want another to have the opportunity. Now to GP2 and GP3 were as support, we need to work together with them to try to find sponsors - whether it will be our company or not ours, who are ready to support the holding of these races in Russia. We will prepare the package of proposals, even a few packages, and in the near future will begin the work in this direction. In time we do not so much. Until September we need to decide.

Question While we did not go far from the topic GP2. This year the championship debut Russian Time, and its Board of cars decorated with the logo, which on the subject one way or another relate to the Grand Prix of Russia in Sochi.

Oleg Zabara We are closely cooperating with the team, Igor Mazepa. Communication takes place in a very positive way. We support them in all your endeavors. They respond the same.

Question do You have the logo is kind of a good gesture on the part of the leadership team

Oleg Zabara Yes, absolutely. "Sochi is cool" is a kind of our promise, this is, if you notice more and hashtag "" style, I would say, a carefree childhood. To give the message that Sochi is not a place for work, this place of recreation for children, for the sun, sea.

Question Back to date. Grand Prix is scheduled for 19 October. How the date was selected, what factors have become crucial in the decision making

Oleg Zabara You know that in the Formula 1 dates are not chosen. We knew it was going to be October. Preparing for this, but a specific date, we have not had, and recently received a letter in which President Bernie Ecclestone it was announced. We fully fit.

Question Charlie whiting already visited Sochi. What are the further plans When you wait for it again

Oleg Zabara I think Charlie whiting joining us now after the Olympic games. Recently he was with the General inspection. By and large tested, how the work is going, whether all correspond to safety requirements, correctly put plum rain, wires and so on. Looked building, garages. He was satisfied expressed my opinion in the press.

Two weeks ago we visited also Isabelle Kauffmann, head of the Paddock Club. She looked that we have, that we are ready to provide. Yes, are there any comments. But these are details. For example, she said "We would like the wires were to 20 centimeters closer to the wall", any such things. It's the details, which in principle is very important. Because the details are the most important. Of the parts is all. There will be a slight problem with the injector engine - all, the machine out of the race. And the detail itself is tiny. But overall, it was very pleased. Says that not expected this kind of see. Moreover, as you can see, compared to other Paddock Club on the slopes of Formula 1, ours is a great and beautiful.

If here, in Hungary, Paddock Club occupies one floor and a temporary tent on the roof, we have three full floors and the roof is open. Will we use it fully or not, we have not yet decided. But nonetheless, the sheer size of the Paddock Club, is impressive.

Question On social networking pages are constantly updated photos, so that the process of construction of track quite easily. Could you briefly tell us about what are the next steps

Oleg Zabara At the moment, ends external cladding of buildings. Next will be held internal work communications, ventilation, fire alarm system, interior. In principle, is all. We must pass objects Olympic Committee during the Games. Their inner work we complete completely after a few months.

Some of the buildings are already finished and locked, waiting for the moment of acceptance by the organizing Committee. But in principle already fully prepared for the Formula 1. Before the Olympic games, we have to give the objects in use. And then we'll finish the track, laid out the final layer of asphalt. Technically, should be cut to the certain layer and then coated with polymer special asphalt. In addition barrage construction, on a temporary part of the route is also to be mounted after the Olympics. By and large, that's all.

Question How many visits planned in the next year

Oleg Zabara you Know, Charlie may come to at least a hundred times. Only he may decide there are no specific figures. If he comes and sees that everything is going well, complied with all rules, people listen to what he says, he's easy to convey a message - once again he will not come. Yes, if somewhere who could barely understand him and makes all his own way, constant control is needed. I hope we will not need.

Question speaking about promotion. Recently, there were reports that such events Moscow City Racing will be held in several cities of Russia. Sochi among them

Oleg Zabara We talked about this. In their plans to develop the Northern and southern directions. We, in turn, are interested in such actions. Because any movement of motor sport in any form - show or competition is very important. If not attract fans, not to the events of such a plan, we will be empty stands. Then why are we doing this

We do this to people came, looked, they were interested, inspired by Motorsport. Send their children to learn, they themselves went on . It is important for us. These shows is also a tool. In turn, Svetlana Korshunova said that they have two programs at the Siberian part of Russia, the Urals, and southern direction Rostov, Sochi, Krasnodar. According to my information, on the South direction they have no sponsors. Of course we provide all possible support, which can in our region. If you need administrative support - we are always happy to help. After all, it is important for us. What they do is great.

I heard criticism. Recently on the radio Oksana Pavlovna skeptically spoke of Moscow City Racing, said that this event is not necessary. I do not agree. This need to Moscow. And we need it. Great that by the Kremlin passing cars of Formula 1. This is an awesome picture. Is to attract fans to motorsports.

Question perhaps the main theme now - signing of the agreement between the team Sauber and three Russian companies. The goal of the cooperation is mentioned in Hungary and Moniz - is the popularization of sport in Russia and assistance in promotion of the Grand Prix in Sochi. You have some common ground

Oleg Zabara We communicate with Nikolai Wind Manager Sergey Sirotkin - editor's note. I congratulated them on the conclusion of the transaction. It's great that Russia in 2014 will be presented not only a pilot, but a team. See we already have Marussia in Formula 1, team Russian Time in GP2, now Sauber beginning of cooperation with companies from Russia. Gradually the country is gaining greater representation in the world of Formula 1. I believe that next year will return and Vitaly Petrov. He's a great pilot with experience in playing in the Formula 1.

Question How often do you meet

Oleg Zabara and We meet at different events, the last time in St Petersburg. He is very positive young man. In motorsports not always meet such people. I am Sure he will succeed. The more Russian pilots of Formula 1 - the better.

Question You never answered the question, do you have the points of contact with new partners Sauber.

Oleg Zabara All my communication over the fact that I congratulated Vetrova, and invited them to take part in the September motor show in the framework of the International investment forum in Sochi. They bring the car Sauber or not, I don't know yet - I offered to do this. About plans, about promotion, specifically on the year 2014, we didn't talk yet.

Question do you intend to hold test events for the week or two before the weekend

Oleg Zabara We discussed this with the RAF. Fundamentally, we have these obligations no. We, as a promoter, I would like to run the track, no doubt about it. RAF, which will be responsible for sport part, of course, also would like to try out the staff that she will teach that invite. And us, and they are interested. The question is who will Finance To conduct a test event is a serious financial burden. That is not my concern. I naturally can estimate the cost. But who is to allocate the funds

Question This may be competitions of the championship of Russia

Oleg Zabara Naturally. We have a wonderful formulas series Aleksandr Ananyev "Formula Russia". Every year it grows and adds. Of course, we met, he even suggested to make a headquarters in Sochi, to found a school of learning. We are for. Our climatic conditions for year round for training, and I hope that Russia will enter an increasing number of pilots. For now, those, who is leading Championships - they all learned in Europe. Our school is, unfortunately, can not compete. But it will be good route, will be pilots. We are very glad that there is such a racetrack as Moscow Raceway is a very good track.

Question Back to the testing competitions. The question only in the financing of, or more, and in terms, say, of delivery of objects construction is completed

Oleg Zabara of which By maturity I'm sure we have time - even with the stock - to conduct a test event. Calmly. But it costs money. I can carry out the calculations, but who will allocate the means for this, I can't say. I understand that the Grand Prix of Russia is a project of the Federal and if it is a financial burden will be on the Krasnodar region, where I live myself, it falls on the taxpayer Krasnodar region. Accordingly, each person of the Krasnodar territory will say "why am I paying for a test event, which goes for all of Russia" It is important to share responsibility.

Question let's Talk about fans. When in Moscow was held the final of the Champions League, was simplified visa regime for those who bought tickets for the match.

Oleg Zabara I understood the question. The question of visas in these days, we asked all. I understand the situation. Naturally, we are working to maximally simplify all procedures associated with attending the race - and I'm not talking about visas even. We set ourselves the task to simplify the way from home to the rostrum. No matter where a person lives in Moscow and other cities of Russia, Ukraine, other countries - we want to make his way to the podium was comfortable.

Why did man come to Formula 1 He can come no one, wife, child, and so on. Whatever we do in life, we always do something - come, buy, look only for the sake of emotions. Together they are different negative, positive. For us it is important for a person to receive the maximum amount of positive emotions hungry remained, race looked at his wife at the time with the child went least the sea. Moreover, I am talking about people with different incomes.

A visa Yes, we will make every effort. I'm not saying that they are cancelled. I can't do this, I am not the President of the country, I can't say "Come on." Naturally introducing a simplified regime for obtaining visas we work. How he will be simplified, now I can not say.

Question Direct flights to Sochi.

Oleg Zabara .start working - very soon there will be ten of direct flights. To they will be introduced. As the flywheel will unwind then, how much will flights in the end before the Grand Prix - it depends on including from the us. Therefore, we are positioning Sochi is the case not only for the Grand Prix. Saying that "Sochi is cool" - we are trying to show in Sochi you can go not only to the Olympics, not only the Formula 1. Yes - and for this. But this is not the main things to attract people "Here, in Sochi there is a Formula 1, there must go". Open regular direct flights only due to the Grand Prix, no one will. We have a wonderful beaches, the winter gorgeous ski resorts in the Alps.

Question Many interest rates on hotels. Because, for example, prices for hotels in Austin last year unpleasantly surprised.

Oleg Zabara See. We were in America Grand Prix. Hotel in which we stayed the three-star, weak, which in everyday life" worth a maximum of 40, during the race cost of USD 260. That is the price tag because of Formula 1 rises. There is a demand, there is supply. This market.

Of course we will make sure that people of different wealth had the opportunity to come. So they can stop in places in proportion to their income. But in Sochi a large number of hotels of different class. Enormous. Another plus Sochi and Adler in October - this is not the season. You know that in Sochi and Adler in the holiday season the number of tourists increases in times. Housing there are many, but when the season ends, it becomes more available. In the winter, I know many of you live in hotels for 500 rubles a day. Many places in the world where the accommodation can be rented for 20 dollars a day

Question That is just the situation on the market will force prices up

Oleg Zabara of Course, there will be some markup. of Course, for example, prices in hotels overlooking the track, will be higher than the price of the ticket to the Paddock Club. Otherwise there's just no reason to, if you can watch the race from the window of your room. Other hotels will act according to the market situation. We will probably have some limitations.

Question When you say "restrictions"are there any tools that will allow for it

Oleg Zabara judging by the Olympics. We have experience and tools to regulate prices. But honestly, I doubt very much that they have to use.

Real market is huge. Will be organized preliminary sale of tours, tickets. A, where it's possible to book tickets, there are a lot of Sochi hotels. Everything works fine and modern. I am sure there are no problems. Have the opportunity to stop, for example, in Krasnaya Polyana. We have comfortable electric train, which reaches 30 minutes to the highway. Krasnaya Polyana in autumn - this is not a ski resort, snow yet, because of rooms in excess. There's great hotels. By train without traffic jams. Station is right in front of the circuit. Got a train came, looked at the race.

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Mark Webber the Formula 1 - a real gift for Austria

Pilot Red Bull's mark Webber believes the news about the return of Formula 1 in Austria one of the best for the last time." this ring were unique and interesting race, " said Webber. - Track is located in a picturesque place surrounded by high snow-capped mountains, so that the tourists will be to spend megabytes of memory of their cameras. Together with the new Grand Prix, which entered the season calendar 2014 Cup in Austria will be a real decoration of the championship. I am happy for Austria for the Formula-1 for it is real and unexpected gift".Webber is one of the few pilots among the biathletes, who caught the conduct of the Australian Grand Prix. In 2002 mark finished 12th year later - 7-m.

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Sebastian Vettel admires

Sebastian Vettel admires

During the Grand Prix of Monaco, the leader of the world rally championship Sebastien Ogier, became a guest of the Red Bull Racing team, expressed his wish one day to sit behind the wheel of a Formula 1. In addition, he suggested that Sebastian Vettel would also like to try their hand at the wheel of a rally car. But the German am not so sure.

«I don't think about it, " said Vettel. - However, I admire what makes these guys. Remarkable skill - use these machines in the forest, on the snow, on the pavement. At incredible speed.»

Journalists asked Sebastian, wouldn't he in such a case, a ride on a rally car on site Navigator.

«May be on the test site, but not during a race, " said Vettel. - I don't like to be a passenger. Don't like being unable to control the situation. In such moments it seems that everything happens much faster than you actually are.»

In fact Sebastian already ridden a rally car - Kimi Raikkonen took him to Amateur rally. According to Vettel, feeling his unforgettable.

«This is just nuts, " recalls German. - Especially on the snow. We drove up to the 90-degree turn, and my brain was screaming, "Wait, wait". However, he braked much later. Thanks to the spikes, the machine is still slowed down, but it was still scary. Then I tried it and even got pleasure from driving. But what they are doing - a completely different level».


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F3 Rosenquist won the first race, - second

F3 Rosenquist won the first race,  - second

If Friday in the vicinity of the even saw snow, Saturday weather cleared, dry asphalt, although it was cool. Yesterday Daniel won the right to start from pole position in all three races stage of Euro F3 on Red Bull Ring, but in the first turn the peloton headed launched the second Felix Rosenquist.

21-year-old Swede confidently controlled the race, gradually increasing the gap and eventually finished the first, won a third win of the season, helped reduce the gap from the leader individuals Rafael .

finished second behind the leader 14 seconds, but confidently ahead of who came third Jordan's king's Cup for the second place, he presented on the podium Helmut Marko. finished the race in fourth place. After a few hours on the Red Bull Ring will be the second race weekend of the Euro F3.

The results are preparing.

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F3 Daniel won three pole position for the Red Bull Ring

F3 Daniel  won three pole position for the Red Bull Ring

Daniel won all three poles in two qualifications Austrian stage of European Formula 3, which runs on the track Red Bull Ring former A1 Ring. Rossiyanin, who plays for the team Carlin, headed by the Protocol on the free practice in the morning, and then dominated during the qualifying sessions.

The track in met participants of the championship surprise weather - the entrances to the bumper cars were swamped with snow. The track, however, is not affected, so that the races were not cancelled. All of the sessions, however, were on the wet pavement.

In the first qualification of its separation from the second place, which took the pilot of M252cke Motorsport Felix Rosenquist, was small, of 0.040 seconds, but was in the lead during the whole session. The leader of the championship, an Academy student Ferrari Rafael , was only 13-m.

In the starter sheet of the second race, which is formed in accordance with the second best of times of the first qualification, surpassed runner-up Lucas wolf already on 0,226 seconds. And time was only 16th. In the second qualification managed to climb to second place, but lost already 0,453 seconds.

The results are preparing.


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Grand Prix of Monaco Press conference on Thursday

Grand Prix of Monaco Press conference on Thursday

Participants Alain Prost Renault F1 Sport, Gerard Lopez Lotus, Christian Horner Red Bull Racing, French Toast Toro Rosso, Robert Force India, Paul Pirelli

Question Alain, we have not seen you at a press conference FIA - welcome Tell us about your role in the Renault Sport.

Alain Prost From 2012, I perform the duties of the Ambassador of the brand Renault. Over the past few years we together solved different questions, and in this season I was a consultant for strategy and joined the Executive Committee.

Question How far has Renault in preparation for the next season

Alain Prost Everything goes according to plan, the final version of the motor must experience on a dynamic stand in July.

Question When Renault Sport will be determined by a number of clients 2014

Alain Prost Personally, I don't participate in the negotiations with the teams, but everyone knows that in the course of this weekend, this topic will be continued. I can not name any specific dates - only hope that the situation will be resolved very soon.

Question Paul, let's go to you. Around the tyres unfolded a real debate. How do you assess the influence of tyres on the results of the races, and what changes we can see in Canada

Floor The fans, the commentators and teams of different opinions, it is impossible to please everybody. It seems to us that the situation is the same for all the teams have absolutely identical compositions, and the victory in any case gets only one.

Stage in Canada We agree settings adjustments, trying to minimize them - first of all, for reasons of equity. But what I would really like to resolve is the problem with stratification rubber arising when running wheels on some chip. By this picture looks very unpleasant, although the bus to return to the boxes.

We consult with the teams. Of course, someone might want something else, and we, again, don't expect to please everyone. But we must do what is right and sports, and for our company.

Question since we have touched upon the subject of tyres, it would be nice to hear the opinion of the team leaders. Christian, can I start with you What do you think about tyres Pirelli in 2013 and the nature of race in General

Christian Horner We are stable, but the bus in a number of cases were stretched - including Malaysia and Bahrain, where we managed to achieve victory. Well, that Pirelli decided to pay attention, first of all, for safety reasons as a result of the stratification of the rubber from the wheels come off fairly large chunks, no one would wish they hooked up the machine, or worse, someone who sits in the cockpit. As far as I know, this circumstance bothers and riders, but in Pirelli real professionals - they know what to do, and probably quickly solve the problem.

Question Gerard, do you share the opinion of the Christian Tyres really work at the limit

Gerard Lopez We are too concerned about security, and we support all steps aimed at reducing the risk. Let tyres and work at the limit, we, however, consider them sufficiently stable, but you know - different machines, different drivers, different styles of piloting. We have rubber works as it should, and we are quite satisfied.

Question Franz how things in the Toro Rosso

Franz Toast to the Problem started during the tests. In February it was pretty cool, and did that in Jerez we could work in a more or less acceptable mode, whereas in Barcelona, we had no real opportunity to check your tire. Whether the weather is a little warmer, some of the existing problems would be eliminated. Hopefully in the future we will be tested in the same environment in which we act in the race, and then in Pirelli be able to react promptly and to offer quick solutions. Well, if we talk about the Toro Rosso, currently we do not have any particular difficulties with rubber.

Question Robert, your view of the security and the nature of the race What do you say

Robert I Think in the Pirelli worked very well. We are committed to the situation when during the race the participants spend an average of two or three pit stop, and among the twenty stages of the championship will inevitably there is such where the riders will stay four times, and such, where they will cost only one visit in the boxes. But in General, the average number of pit-stops will remain the same, and here I agree with Paul the situation is the same for all.

Any of the teams prefer to focus resources on the revision of the suspension in the calculation of the optimal performance tires, someone to continue the experiment with the aerodynamics - everyone make his own choice, but one goal - maximum competitiveness. Eventually, the machine is in contact with the motorway in four points and it doesn't matter what you do you have to get the bus to work.

Question Alain, I'm sure you watch the races. In terms of entertainment situation in contemporary Formula 1 can be called balanced or significance bus factor is too great

Alain Prost More recently, many criticized the lack of entertainment, and we got lucky, since we have the opportunity to observe such an unpredictable race. In the past several years, the title was solved literally in the final of the Grand Prix

Next year in Formula 1 will come the new engines, the emphasis will shift towards technology, people will talk more about how these engines are close to production of road automotive industry, but anyway we have to save entertainment. Sure, this particular difficulties will not arise, and now I have no reason for criticism.

Question Franz, both of your racer to have a second season in the Toro Rosso. What progress you are looking for Jean-Eric and Daniel Riccardo They both are members of the youth program of Red Bull are something that can enable them in the future go in the Red Bull Racing

Franz Toast Both drivers significantly added to the speed understand better car, a better understanding of the technical issues. They are constantly making progress, and if we give them enough of a competitive car, earn points.

Of course, in this pair of Riccardo more experience, he had eleven races for HRT, but Jean-Eric came to us with a good knowledge and learns quickly. I hope that they both confidently hold the second half of the season - of course, if the car is quick enough - well, then we will see what future awaits them.

Question Christian, I suppose, as the head of the Red Bull Racing you see all the participants of the youth programme

Christian Horner Of Course. Daniel and Jean-Eric for several years already participate in the programme, and we with great interest observe their career. They are both very talented, progress and are quite decent. I am sure we will continue to keep them in sight.

Question We are approaching the stage of the season when the Red Bull Racing and mark Webber will discuss a contract for next season. That may affect the course of negotiations When you meet with mark What do you think about his prospects

Christian Horner Ahead of only the sixth stage, I have enough time. At the right moment we meet with mark, and he will tell us their plans.

We want, that we were the best riders. Mark and Sebastian became very successful duet - they win for the Red Bull Racing three of the Cup of designers and Brand contribution to this success is difficult to overestimate. I repeat at the right time is not now - we get together and talk about the future.

Question Gerard, can I ask you about the racers Kimi Raikkonen recently hinted that he has a couple of options for next season. Sure, the Lotus would like to keep it, but is it real

Gerard Lopez Kimi quite happy with the current situation. I know him very well - with the same success he could claim that stops career, and I wouldn't make any predictions. While Kimi gets what he wants - competitive car - our chances to keep it high enough. About other factors - see. No prior agreements no, at some point, we will meet with Kimi and discuss prospects. On the one hand, the situation may be solved differently, but on the other hand, says that Kimi is likely to remain in the Lotus. In General, we'll see.

Question do you Feel the internal pressure due to the fact that should provide Kimi and Novel machine, allowing to win, and external pressure from the side of competitors, who are interested in your racers

Gerard Lopez I don't think you need some additional pressure - I create it in the required quantities. Nice if you have a driver who wants to get the most competitive car and capable to realize its potential - Kimi is capable. In the rest it needs only the environment in which he could work, and he receives it.

Question Robert, Force India had a strong start to the season. This led the team to review the tasks of the year Given its recent results fifth place in the Cup of designers now looks quite real

Robert At least, we should aspire to. I am sure it will be very difficult to compete with McLaren during the whole season, but they, too, have to at some point redistribute efforts in favour of the preparation for next year, and it all depends on what progress they can achieve with the current machine. Well, we already adjusted their plans, and our leadership wishes to see us fifths.

Question Alain, if we talk about current French racers, whether there is in them something that will one day become the world champion

Alain Prost a Difficult question Over the past twenty years many French drivers called future Champions, but let's give the guys a chance to quietly do its job. Great that we now have four representatives of France in the different forces teams. The Novel is perhaps the best chances to achieve at least a debut victory in the near future, but let's be patient. Do not expose riders excess pressure - them it is already lacking.


Question Kate Walker - GP Week Question for all but Simple. If we talk about tyres, there is an opinion that many of the difficulties caused by lack of Pirelli modern machines for tests, whereas in your machines are DRS, KERS and many other innovations. Been sharing option of investing in the development of special chassis, say, Dallara, in which Pirelli could use to test In this case, none of the teams would not have received benefits, and would benefit all. Christian

Christian Horner the fact that we'll never agree. When Lotus was not in the best form, the team helped provide machine for tests. Now they are fast, and some of the participants dissatisfied with the fact that it can't exactly run your test. The question is complex and for the teams and for Pirelli, but ultimately in our power not to complicate it even more.

I think in the current situation of the fans is extremely difficult to follow the race with four pit stops. Just need to go back and fix all the problems affecting the security of the Grand Prix.

Question Kate Walker - GP Week I was asking about. I was interested that the team can do together to remedy the situation, instead of simply criticize tire producer. Sure, you have the opportunity to work together so that everyone is happy with the decision.

Christian Horner I do Not think that you can achieve a situation in which everyone will be happy - this is the fundamental problem. You can, of course, allow tests, but difficulties remain, because different machines behave differently. So I will be very surprised if at some point the team suddenly say, «Well, we all and build a machine for tire supplier».

Question Franz

Franz Toast I think that the first part of the Friday free-race - or the first half-hour session should be devoted to the tests of new tyres, and not just sitting in boxes, as it is today. Fans in the stands, cars no, although it is enough to give half an hour of checking the tires I defend this option for two years.

Question Gerard, your opinion

Gerard Lopez I Agree with Christian that Formula 1 is difficult to achieve consensus on any issue - whether it is a bus, or something else. This will continue, because all participants compete not only the situation on the highway, but also outside it. Again, I perfectly remember when the teams invited to provide machine, which now has nothing to do with the current models, all agreed, and today almost every thunders that understands how to work with these tyres.

Difficult to find equally mutually acceptable variant. Perhaps the idea to Friday tests more than is reasonable, but there are those who disagree, - such are the specifics of the Formula 1. There will always be those in favor and those opposed, but we all need to move on.

Question Robert

Robert I Think the idea of Franz deserves attention, and I would like to develop this idea of attracting to the tests of young drivers - this would solve both questions at once. However, Pirelli - like any participant of the championship enough resources to work off the track. The same problem with stratification of tyres can be solved on the test bench - I think there will be organized the process in the long term.

Question Paul, how difficult is it for Pirelli work without the traditional Formula 1 approaches to the test

Floor This is just the case when you are criticized and the action and inaction. It is impossible to reach a common agreement, and if develop tyres on the basis of a specific chassis, it may play into the hands of the individual participants. So we are thinking about adjusting approaches.

One of the participants wants change, for someone they are not needed at all. Friday tests are useful when you are ready to present a new development, however, you cannot work on Friday, with eleven teams and multiple specifications, rubber - such tests would not be significant. Perhaps the best option would be to host the winter tests in hotter areas - for example, in Abu Dhabi and Bahrain to estimates and calculations were close to reality.

Also, be aware that the next season, by the way, we have no new contract - we are not immune to surprises. Judging by the teams, the new engines generate more torque, which increases the risk of slipping tyres and, consequently, the risk of overheating and wear. Need to find a balance. Commands are limited in resources, the test brigade eliminated, but some intermediate options would be very useful. Even if the team several times during the season remained on the road for two days after the end of the weekend, it already would have a big effect.

Question Dieter - The Citizen Alain, as Ambassador to the Renault Sport, how do you feel about the situation when a society dominated by the opinion that Cup of constructors won last year motors Infinity On the t-shirt of the head of the Red Bull Racing five logos Infinity and only two Renault logo, although the French concern fully finances the construction of motors. What do you say

Alain Prost it is Always difficult to answer such questions. Perception in General is correct, so it must be. Everyone knows that Renault is involved in Formula 1, but at the moment the European car market is in a certain stagnation, and the company is looking for a new image, new markets - Russia, Brazil, India, China. Many would like to see in Formula 1 a complete team Renault, but the strategy of the concern is very clear everything should remain as it is now. I must say, this plan works the company managed to strengthen its brand, it sells more cars.

As I said, the current perception of the situation differs from that which would be the case with the factory team. But back to the strategy over the last thirty-seven years, Renault has passed a way from the national team to partner Williams and Benetton, then has returned to itself the status of the factory team, and now supports a team within previous three years is always won in the championship. In the future the approach may change, but for now, we must adhere to the strategy, which was selected by the head of the group.

Q Dan - Auto Action/National Speed Sport News Question for Alena. Now many say that riders can't go in full force throughout the race. Remember the season in which you had a very fast machine - say, 1985. What part of the race, you could go for 100 When you did not have such a possibility, on what percentage you posted, and what elements of machines, you had to keep in calculating get to the finish line

Alain Prost it is not Easy comparisons such as the current machines are so perfect that in normal conditions racer can safely go in full force. Just this season tires too soft, which complicates the situation. In my day we had to track rather brakes, transmission, fuel consumption, and the tires, too. Again, the rules were different in some period we had three types of rubber, we were free to replace, and I often went with stricter tires on the left wheels and softer on the right, and in 1981 in Las Vegas and even held a race with the qualification rubber front.

This once again proves the fact that it is impossible to compare, and what you need to be able to adapt to the rules. This season complaints are heard more often, although the situation is not much different from the previous year except for the fact that nobody wants to see on the highway large chunks of rubber and risk because of this accident. Otherwise you just need to adapt, as it always happens in the Formula 1.

Question Allen Baldwin Reuters Christian, perhaps I misunderstood your comment, but tell me, do you really think that Lotus somehow gained an advantage due to the fact that Pirelli used to test the car Renault 2010 model Perhaps Paul says, could some of the commands to get information in the preference order.

Christian Horner I do Not think that someone received the information by dishonest means. Pirelli needed a machine to test, they turned to us in the Red Bull Racing, but we adhered to the principle of not giving or our chassis.htmlbodyh1503 Service Unavailable/h1

No server is available to handle this request.


I must say, they go even faster than we first thought. Our test machine inferior to them about three or four seconds on the circle - therefore, during testing, we put rubber less stress than those that she has throughout the weekend. But here there is no perfect solution, and we will not even attempt to reach a General agreement. In the following year, the cars will be fundamentally different, so that even the modern chassis will not allow us to simulate the impact of new engines.

Much more important is to determine the approach to pre-tests and adjustments on a championship course - just what I said earlier. And it needs the approval of all eleven teams. When you do something for the whole peloton, work much easier, but if your efforts could benefit the few, wait difficulties. This is a delicate balance that we're trying to achieve.

For this season we have set ourselves the goal to have an average of two or three pit stop during the race, but in the championship will stages like Barcelona, when victory is achieved, with four stops. Similarly, a couple of years ago Red Bull Racing won the race with the same four pit stops, so that the case is not unique, however I understand that commentators in this case, difficult to monitor the situation on the highway. I think here in Monaco will be easier for them.

Question Jerome Associated Press Alain, since 1996, when Olivier Panis won the race, no one French racer could not climb to the top of the podium. What advice would you give Novel and other citizens with such a long period of expectation

Alain Prost I do Not think that drivers have to give advice. They know what to do, and I am not in Formula 1 for more than twenty years, and therefore no right to tell them. You can see that the Novel is quite fast machine, and soon he will get the chance to win the race, but I can't give him advice. If he wants me to ask something, I'll be glad to talk, just - no. Racers are strong enough mentally, but the pressure is incredible. Again, this is a kind of cycle comes first victory, can work the effect of «snowball»when success comes one after the other. I hope my fellow countrymen to be the case.

Question Bob McKenzie - Daily Express Alain, every year somebody says that the line in Monaco is too dangerous. This week, the sentence dropped Ralf Schumacher. Actually, the configuration has not practically changed since you were running here. Tell me, do you also think its too dangerous Here you can still hold a Formula 1 racing

Alain Prost This track is as dangerous as any other circuit. Yes, it is different, here you need to carefully monitor traffic, but leave alone here no more dangerous than follow rival. In addition, over the past forty years, the organizers fantastic job on security. Yes, under certain conditions - for example, in the rain - in some corners may be difficulties, but overall it's a stunning stage, especially for the riders. It is a tradition that you just take it, even if it seems a bit dangerous.

Question a question for those who are on the pit wall. Are you wondering when are you releasing the car on the track

Robert Monaco machine and rider rush to the limit in a very difficult road, and if I were a racer, I would have enjoyed the thought. Yes team and it's great to see cars driving at high speed literally inches from the barriers - the way it should be

Gerard Lopez Yes, today novel came very close to barriers. On another track would have been without consequences, but the novel was wrong on braking and instead go straight tried to send the car in turn and still a backlog of rail security.

In any case, the racers like the track and the local atmosphere. Ask them yourself - they will tell how great it is I myself went on the highway - when you come up against the barriers, and feel unbelievable emotions. I remember the fastest lap shown here Robert - sure, he considers it one of the best in his career

Question Rodrigo Frank - VIP Magazine talking about next season, how do you think, will change spectacle of Formula 1, and what is the main complexity of transition on the six-cylinder engines for the teams and Pirelli

Franz Toast Changes in the rules is a serious technical challenge, because we are talking about a new motor, new refrigeration system. In fact, the machine will be fundamentally different, and this is no easy task and financial point of view, as all the processing is much more expensive.

It is difficult to say how it will affect the entertainment lot depends on how successfully executed manufacturers of engines. If someone can find an interesting decision, the race will not be so interesting as the machine with more advanced engines will steadily ahead. If the engines will be approximately the same as now - wrestling remains acute. In any case, we are waiting for new regulation, and we should work to the maximum.

Question Complexity for Pirelli

Floor To start a question with the contract. If we recall the rules, by the first of September, we must decide with the specification of tyres for next season, but we don't have a clear idea of what will be new machines, and all this reminds the situation with shooting in the fog. We may have to return to the proven approaches and act very carefully, because the teams have enough change. Perhaps we really make a step back zero wear, no pit stops, and then let the people say what they want.

Christian Horner Hard to say. This is perhaps the most significant change in the regulations for the last twenty-five years. And are they incredibly expensive, especially considering the necessity of elaboration of today's machines together with the development of the new. I do not think that teams from the tail of the peloton moment of change of the rules appears to be optimal.

I guess in the beginning of the difference between the machines will be very significant, but then the team will come to some unification, and engineers will quickly find the necessary solutions. Race will be a little different, a key factor will be the saving of fuel and see how this will affect entertainment. While predictions pointless.

Gerard Lopez I Agree with Christian difficult to say, optimal whether moment of change of the rules. The situation looks a bit strange. You can understand motor manufacturers who wish to have the product, more reminiscent of what they sell on the market. At the same time, changes come into force just when things in the championship are quite well as from the position of entertainment, and from the point of view of the alignment of forces among the biathletes and the unpredictability of the races. Hopefully, this will not lead to unexpected results. Surprise - it's not bad, but if there were suddenly a big break, that does no good. Hardly anyone dares to predict what, how everything goes.

Robert Sure, next year we won't have to talk about tyres, there are other topics for discussion.

Question Ian - Press Association Floor, you said that the plan to change the design of tyres for security reasons. But when in Barcelona we discussed the events of the weekend, you said that the tires were no more trouble, than in previous seasons. You really change the design of tyres for security reasons, or all this is done under pressure from the leading teams

Floor Pressure from the teams present except in the media nor in life. In this season of damage rubber have more serious because of the tire is not simply loses pressure from her fly away, elastic bands, overheating occurs, which leads to separation bus. For us as a vendor, this situation is unacceptable, and we want to correct the situation. Sure, team support us in this.

Again, the desired effect should be achieved with minimum changes, because some commands initially chose a different approach rubber. They are able to better predict the key difficulties in working with tires and now rightly say, «Well, make changes, but they should not be radical». We have almost agreed on a package of corrections for the Grand Prix of Canada " I think that the dispute is over.

Question Dieter - The Citizen Alain, a year ago you said your team Prost Grand Prix was forced to withdraw from Formula 1 mainly due to the cost of engines. Here in Monaco, people were discussing the price of engines next year, and, in particular, in the Renault stated that their power units will cost from 20 to 25 million, and this means the price increase in 2,5 times What do you think Don't you think that because of growth of expenses on motors, some teams prefer to leave the championship

Alain Prost Yes, this is a serious problem. However, the price that you have said is significantly higher than it actually is, but I cannot answer such questions.

Your reference to my team very appropriate. I paid 28 million dollars for motors Ferrari in the first year of our cooperation, whereas a year later was supposed to pay 32 million. I paid, however, though I had to present the Bank guarantee and to pay almost the entire amount in cash. Why do I say that Because it must always be to operate in common interests. Let's see what the outcome of negotiations, but we must understand that the budget of the Renault F1 Sport is just 150 million euros a year, and if you divide the proposed cost of production engine between the four teams, you will see that Renault operates extremely correctly.

Translation V. Kartashev


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Grand Prix Of Spain A Preview Of Scuderia Toro Rosso

Grand Prix Of Spain A Preview Of Scuderia Toro Rosso

The first part of the traditional version of Scuderia Toro Rosso on the eve of the Grand Prix of Spain does not include quotes guide and drivers - it is devoted to the description of the route and the expectations from the European part of the season.

This weekend in Spain will be held the 43rd Grand Prix, Formula 1 arrived in the Spanish already in the second year of its existence - in 1951, when the race was on the circuit, Pedralbes. Since 1991, the stage will be held on ircuit de Catalunya in the suburb of Barcelona, in fact - is the youngest of circuit one of those, which will be held stages of the European part of the season.

The team know very well the track on the tests, which are held here for many years - in 2013-m in February and March we have here two final series of winter tests. Then the weather was very cold, on the penultimate test even at night it was snowing, but this week we are waiting for quite other conditions.

The European part of the season is very short, only includes the seven-time Grand Prix, and now we can't say that it is here that the fate of the championship, however, the upcoming race for several reasons, is very important.

On the one hand, this is connected with the configuration of the route, including two relatively fast sector and more intense third, that allows you to define the weak side of the machine. Usually they say that if your machine is fast in Barcelona, it will be competitive on all tracks of the championship, but in the past year, this race won Pastor Maldonado and we know that Williams did not repeat this success in 2012.

The second reason why this race especially waiting for the experts and fans-three-week pause, during which the team were able to gather strength after a strenuous series of two double Grand Prix in the beginning of the season. We will see on the machines of many technical innovations, and the results of this stage will allow to evaluate the alignment of forces in the next five races, which will be held in the next eight weeks. We will be able to understand who of the teams managed to more effectively use this break.

It concerns and Scuderia Toro Rosso - we want very much to compensate for the positions lost in the first four races, and confidence in this attaches to the fact that the lack of speed Daniel Riccardo in Bahrain was the result of correctly chosen settings, and no errors in the design or breakage STR8.

The team are well aware of the technical challenge of the Catalan route - we need to find the usual compromise between speed on the fastest parts and the pressure force on slow. Asphalt it is fairly smooth, but very abrasive, and because of the peculiarities of indicators tyres will not be easy.

In the past year, the company Pirelli brought on the stage compositions Soft and Hard, this time the choice of the more conservative, Medium and Hard, by the same during the break before the Grand Prix of Spain the Hard has been adjusted and now is similar to the one used in 2012.


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WSR Magnussen is the leader on the tests in Aragon

WSR Magnussen is the leader on the tests in Aragon

Before the beginning of the second phase of the World series Renault at the Spanish circuit Motorland Aragon, the organizers, as well as before the first stage in Monza, provided the teams the opportunity to spend on the road three additional hours as a compensation for the cancellation of the February tests on the same route because of the snow.

Fully compensate for the loss did not - as in the beginning of April in Monza, tests in Aragon prevented the rain today is just closer to the evening racers able to go to the . However, like - cool and rainy weather forecast promises for the whole coming weekend, so that the opportunity to work in such conditions can help.

The Protocol was headed by one of the favorites of the season - the 20-year-old Dane Kevin Magnussen, the son of a former racer of the Formula 1 Jan Magnussen. The leader of the season showed the second time, giving the leader of the only five, but too much today depended on the date of departure on the route and the program, which worked pilots.

The best time among Russians in Daniel - Muscovite took the sixth line in the Protocol. Tomorrow on a Spanish highway will be free arrivals, and on Saturday and Sunday we are waiting for two qualification and race - weekend promises to be interesting.





1. - Dams - 1'40"726


2. - Fortec - 1'40"776


3. - P1 Motorsport - 1'41"441


4. - Lotus - 1'41"594


5. - Tech 1 - 1'41"705


6. - Comtec - 1'41"753


7. - Dams - 1'41"791


8. Costa - Arden Caterham - 1'41"835


9. - Draco - 1'41"916


10. - AV Formula - 1'41"922


11. - Draco - 1'41"942


12. - Carlin - 1'42"005


13. - Lotus - 1'42"198


14. - Arden Caterham - 1'42"204


15. - P1 Motorsport - 1'42"369


16. - Carlin - 1'42"579


17. - Fortec - 1'42"666


18. - Tech 1 - 1'42"760


19. - Zeta - 1'42"889


20. - ISR - 1'43"022


21. - ISR - 1'43"203


22. Mr. - Pons - 1'43"450


23. - Pons - 1'43"470


24. - AV Formula - 1'43"986


25. - Zeta - 1'45"608


26. - Comtec - 1'47"512


text Dmitry Bukharov


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WSR Sergey Sirotkin showed the best time to test in Monza

WSR Sergey Sirotkin showed the best time to test in Monza

Russian Sergey Sirotkin showed the best time to test in Monza. A three-hour session was provided to the teams as compensation, since the February tests on a Spanish highway Motorland Aragon were cancelled because of the snow.

From the very beginning of the heats Protocol alternately led , Antonio Felix da Costa and will Stevens. The results were very dense - sometimes in a tenth of a spanned six pilots, and the difference between the first and the fifteenth time does not exceed a second.

State of the slopes gradually improved, and for half an hour before the end of the first session Arthur Peak, and then Sergey managed to significantly outperform the previous results. Immediately after that, the asphalt Monza fell the first drops of rain, and pass quickly became impossible.

Among Russians the second was Daniel , showed the 14-th time. Mikhail Alyoshin finished the day at the 22nd position, and Nikolai on the 25-th.



Time - Difference - Circles

1. - ISR - 133.817 - -


2. - AV Formula - 133.832 - + 0"015


3. - P1 - 134.548 - + 0"731


4. Costa - Arden Caterham - 134.565 - + 0"748


5. - Fortec - 134.579 - + 0"762


6. - Lotus - 134.617 - + 0"800


7. - Fortec - 134.692 - + 0"875


8. - DAMS - 134.708 - + 0"891


9. - Comtec - 134.955 - + 1"138


10. - Lotus - 135.059 - + 1"242


11. - ISR - 135.117 - + 1"300


12. - Carlin - 135.153 - + 1"336


13. - P1 - 135.157 - + 1"340


14. - Comtec - 135.180 - + 1"363


15. - Tech 1 - 135.294 - + 1"477


16. - Draco - 135.307 - + 1"490


17. - Arden Caterham - 135.351 - + 1"534


18. - Carlin - 135.411 - + 1"594


19. - Draco - 135.433 - + 1"616


20. - AV Formula - 135.454 - + 1"637


21. - Zeta - 135.496 - + 1"679


22. - Tech 1 - 135.535 - + 1"718


23. - DAMS - 135.819 - + 2"002


24. - Pons - 136.051 - + 2"234


25. - Pons - 136.305 - + 2"488


26. - Zeta - 136.492 - + 2"675


text Elmir Valeev


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Jean-Eric "I Think the season will be successful"


In the past year, Jean-Eric not had quite a bit to earn points in their debut race in Formula 1 - Grand Prix of Australia he finished only the 11-m. This weekend he is hoping for a more successful start of the season, moreover, that to it has good conditions. In a traditional interview with the press-service of the Toro Rosso on the eve of the race weekend, the Frenchman declared that the new machine, it seemed to him much better than its predecessor.

Question Jean-Eric, welcome to Australia You've been here a couple of days, you like the local heat

Jean-Eric Yes. After three or four months of cold and snow nice to get in 25-degree weather and see the cloudless sky. I am very glad to be here.

Question To the beginning of the race weekend is expected to be colder. But given that the tests in Spain almost snowing, working in the local climate will indeed become for you a step into the unknown

Jean-Eric it Seems, the forecast promises to +20 or +25 degrees, the temperature is much higher than in Barcelona and Jerez. I believe, will be a little bit better, than in the winter tests. Then because of the extremely low temperature asphalt had difficulties with rubber. Assume that the higher the temperature of the route should help us in solving these problems. Of course, much will change for the better.

Question last year you had a good Grand Prix of Australia. What are your impressions from albert Park"

Jean-Eric First of all, this is one of my favorite Grand Prix " I like the local circuit. In addition, this race opens the season, so you can feel a pleasant excitement, it is not known how strong your opponents. In front of a very interesting weekend, I look forward to its beginning. All things must pass smiles.

Question this week you have a little rest, because all of the attention of the local press focused on the Daniel Riccardo. However, the season as a whole must become tense no more excuses, because you are not the debutant. Do you feel that the pressure has increased, or on the contrary, in the second season in Formula 1, it becomes easier

Jean-Eric Nothing is easier - pressure remains at the same level, but I can better do their jobs, because I have more experience, I became more professional race car driver. Everything should be the same as in the previous year the only difference is that now I know more about the car and the team and will try to use it. It is my task for this year.

Question How is your relationship with your partner this year

Jean-Eric Nothing has changed I'll try to get ahead of him - such is the goal of any racer of the Formula 1. However, I try to take a broader view on things. The most important thing - to get a high-end machine, so that together we can fight for the top positions. We'll see what happens.

Question You mentioned the need to gain a competitive car. This year the Toro Rosso completely new chassis, and it is necessary to obtain from it the maximum efficiency under all conditions. On the tests you have worked in the cool weather, but what are the General impressions formed about the car

Jean-Eric It is good, in any case, better than last year's. We have much more opportunities to maximize its potential. It is difficult to say what place we occupy in relation to competitors. In the past year we were inferior to the point five teams, which are now going to get ahead of Sauber, Force India and Williams. If at the first race in Melbourne we find ourselves, at least, the same fast as they are, it will be a big step forward. As you know, they are all over the machines and strive for progress. If we can succeed, it will mean that we have achieved more than the competitors. This is the first step forward. After this you need to continue the work on the course of the season, prepare innovations and progress.

Question this year you have a new race engineer, and in a team there have been several permutations a new Manager, Steve Nielsen, and James Ki begins the first full season as a technical Director of the Toro Rosso. How are all these changes Will you time to work out, or you could do it during the off-season

Jean-Eric it seems to Me, we were all done for the winter. In the beginning could be wrong, but it is, perhaps, the usual thing. In the off-season we've done a good job, which will help us understand our past errors. I am pleased with the changes - it seems to me that everything is going in the right direction. James spent a fantastic job with the machine. I have formed a good relationship with race engineer. I suppose, the season will be successful.

Question do you still Have a couple of days before the free races. What plans at this time

Jean-Eric I'm going to rest a little bit plan to walk in Melbourne. I want to see the city and relax.

text Tatiana Belskaya


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Monaco'12 Narain

Monaco'12 Narain

Dear friends Now it's spring, and that means that the time has come to complete the next winter project For the past several weeks, we remembered the moments of the history, thanks to which the Formula 1 and has grown from a hobby enthusiasts in the bright world of the show, today attracts the attention of millions of fans.

Winter is over, the team are preparing to hold a final test session and take a course in Melbourne. The first stage of the new world Cup just around the corner, followed by a second -, third - and till late autumn race will keep us in suspense. Until then, we are glad, if the history of the next winter cycle helped you to make the season a little more interesting. Well, when the winter would come - all the fans of Formula 1, I want to believe, again waiting for the meeting on the pages of the historical section.

Race 864 27160may 2012. Grand Prix Of Monaco. Monte-Carlo

Pole - mark Webber Red Bull RB8 - 1.14,381 161,654 km/h

The best round - Sergio Perez Sauber C31 - 1.17,296 155,557 km/h

The winner mark Webber Red Bull RB8160- 146.06,557 147,312 km/h

After Saturday's qualification in Monaco talked a lot about Sebastian . The German champion of the world and his team Red Bull Racing, realizing that the speed does not allow to fight for good position, decided to not show the target of time in a decisive 10-minute. Yes, it cast down to the fifth number of bars, but left the freedom with choice of tyres. The decision was risky to pass in Monaco, as it is known, is extremely difficult.

But much talked more about the other representative of Germany. At the age of 43 years, having not the most competitive car, Michael Schumacher round of the Principality so, having left behind all the competitors, forcing to recollect their best years. The speech by seven-times champion of the world has proved that he has a full order with motivation, and bleak results after returning to F1 should be in much greater extent allocated to the equipment.

Alas, for the encounter with Bruno hay in the previous Grand Prix Michael fined five positions, for a start it was only the sixth, and the vacant pole got a Brand from RBR.

Australian resist ahead on the first meters, and that's vanilly no luck again. Right in front of him arranged another accident chief bully paddock Roman . And although vanilly miraculously managed to Dodge the flying across the course Lotus Frenchman, the rate was lost, and with him the position.

At the start of the season force in the leading group were almost equal, for the first dozen pilots held in 20 seconds. Everyone was waiting for pit-stop, and he hoped that the rivals of the bus into disrepair earlier than his own.

In General, however, the tactic was similar, mechanics worked without misfires, and therefore the only permutation in the first five became an exchange of positions between Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton the Spaniard was able to come forward.

The leader, meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel. Unlike the others, the German started on the more rigid rubber, for almost two dozen circles remained on the road alone, trying to create the necessary separation and realize risky tactical idea. All the others are still held tight group for Webber.

In this group of SEB and returned after the same has been in boxes. Webber and Nico Rosberg and Alonso managed to go through, and that's Hamilton rested in turn Saint- in the stern of the Red Bull. On the final stretch of the Vettel was more soft rubber, but she did not even allowed to spend even one overtaking. In addition, in the last rounds of the rain, which periodically began to irrigate and before that, was much louder, so that no one wanted to take any chances.

So mark Webber has already become the sixth under the account of the winner in the six races that season. A company in the Prince's bed he was Nico Rosberg and Fernando Alonso. Well, Michael Schumacher, unfortunately, could not get to finish because of breakage.


The previous race in Spain sensationally won the Pastor Maldonado. However, in Monaco racer Williams had to fully know that fortune is not always set up good-naturedly. In the debut of 2011 Venezuelan very nice to look in the Principality, because, after Barcelona triumph, many thought it hardly probable not the favorite.

However, even before the race Pastor of first fined ten positions for the lock Sergio Perez, followed by another five per shift gearbox. In the end Maldonado started from the very back row, and when I began to thrash on the track after the accident , he pounced on the back of HRT Pedro de La Dew and out of control even to the first turn.


15th Grand Prix of Monaco finished Narain . For the rider-Indian this result became the best for the two of the season, which he spent behind the wheel of cars HRT.

Narain was born in the city , which is also called the "southern capital" of India. His father was very well off, especially by local standards, but is also very fond of the race. He himself was among the strongest racers of the country, and the son has imparted love to Motorsport even in small years.

-Junior went to the English school, where teachers are ex-pats much to tell about the Misty Albion and the sports stars. Because of the way the young men was a foregone conclusion - he wanted to become a famous racing driver and could not worry about the shortage of money at the first stage.

As the victory in the local Formula Maruthi Narain received the prize a trip to a French school of the pilots Elf. There he proved that, and in more strong surrounded by something worth it. First reached the semi-finals in the "final" races, and then, pausing in the Old world, won the winter British Formula Renault championship.

However, in that time the 17-year-old pilot was too young and inexperienced, for the family Council decided to return to India, and for some time to speak in a series of the Asia-Pacific region. Two years in the Formula Asia brought the "roll forward", the championship title and confidence in the fact that now and it really is time to return to Europe.

Over the next eight years, the Indian hard up the steps of the career ladder. Almost every year he won, and every time, informing about it the next success, the news Agency added "before any native of this country have not been able to achieve such success.

In 2001 Narain for the first time participated in the tests of F1. First with the Jaguar, then with Jordan and Minardi. His qualification is not in doubt. Yes, to the level of superstars was a little short, but to call him a quick and already quite experienced racers, ready to move into the Big Prizes, you can be without any stretch.

The transition took place in 2005. And if the fact of signing of the contract with one of the Big Prizes was expected, the first presentation could not see even in the wildest dreams under a light snow he was standing in a bright yellow overalls and a cap with ear flaps on the red square in Moscow, and near military brass band marches.

What to do if it was at that moment, the team Jordan went on her hands and went to a certain businessman-billionaire , who was born in Leningrad. However, these were the details. The main thing - the representative of India was the first time in Formula 1. And let the car was not very fast, in Indianapolis opponents refused to start because of the tire scandal, and Narain finished fourth. In other races, he never rose above the 11-th position.

To extend the agreement failed, and moved to Williams, where for two years he performed the duties of the reserve of the pilot. While its sponsors have paid generously, the rider sometimes even allowed behind the wheel. But then stopped. In parallel tone raced in the A1GP series, which won several victories, and after the departure of Williams have tried their strength in the Le Mans series and NASCAR.

In principle, one that was already enough to permanently booked for one of the most honoured places in the Hall of fame of the Indian motor sport. But in 2011 like a thunder in a clear sky sounded news that the pilot returns to F1. Let the team of the HRT, infinitely far from the leaders, but all the same.

In the first season managed to spend only half the races then the company Red Bull bought his place for the young Daniel Riccardo. And here is the second major event was, of course, the Grand Prix of Malaysia. Prior to this, in albert Park, one of the riders HRT failed to qualify for the Narain conducted the first race in that year.

Choosing the right tires and not in the rain, the man made his way to the 10-th position, when above the highway there were red flags. Then there was the restart of and the fight against for the fifth position. Alas, the British reacted to it are not carefully and carried HRT front wing. had to stumble in the boxes, and later on he was hit and another world champion, Sebastian Vettel.

When the year came to an end, it turned out that the resources of HRT was exhausted, and even the preliminary contract for 2013 is not guaranteed continuing a career. He again left the F1 paddock. Who knows for how long

text Alexander


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In the Mercedes spend advertising shooting for Allianz

In the Mercedes spend advertising shooting for Allianz

After the end of the tests in Barcelona team went to the base, but in the Mercedes stopped even for a day, to spend an authorized day of filming - the team of leased circuit for advertising shooting of the video clip and photo shoots for one of the partners - the insurance company Allianz.

Weather prevented several work - if in Barcelona yesterday, the rain fell, the night the snow fell, so that the shooting took place in a few extreme conditions.

In the beginning of next week in Barcelona would be cool, but for tests, which will start on Thursday, the weather will improve.


2013-02-23 15:24:03

In Moscow started the Race of Stars «za rulem»

In Moscow started the Race of Stars «za rulem»

on February 23 in Moscow started the traditional Race of Stars «za rulem», which can be considered as the jubilee the history of these the most interesting competitions began in 1978-the first year, and now they are already in the 35th time.

As always, take part in them recognized by the Russian masters of the ice races, as well as pilots, acting in , rally and rally-cross. In addition, at the invitation of the organizers and with the support of Renault on the Moscow Hippodrome their art to demonstrate the special guests - the racers of Formula 1 Kimi Raikkonen and Charles Peak, the speakers in the world championship on machines with motors of production of Renault Sport F1.

The correspondent of lucky before the beginning of the main program of the competitions he had as a passenger ride on the Renault Logan, managed by Kimi. It is a pity only, that the arrival of the ice road lasted only one round, but already it was enough to understand Raikkonen is a fantastic racer, and for him really, there is no difference in what the car ride. Kimi easily made little Logan pass turns in a small skidding of a managed control of the situation is absolutely at ease, without sudden movements. The passenger at this time with a little bit of a breath-taking, but the world champion of 2007 not for nothing is famous for its exceptionally gentle style of piloting in a word, the impressions are unforgettable

The race of Stars this year, accompanied by great weather, which also sets a positive way. But the tone of all the events asked an interesting press-conference with the participation of the racers of Formula 1, with the programme of the day. Questions to Kimi and Charles media has had a lot, but it all started with the fact that the head of the publishing house «Behind the Wheel» Peter Smaller asked , whether it was the first car in its time was «Lada». It is worth mentioning another detail Pyotr Stepanovitch tongue and called Finn Micah.

«My name is Kimi, but Micah sounds quite likely, " he said Raikkonen under the applause of journalists, confirming the historical fact that is really a lot of years ago I bought the «Harmony» from one of his friends, and his car was satisfied with.

Of course, at the press-conference were asked and the very serious questions. Telling about past tests, Kimi emphasized, that the new machine Lotus E21 creates a positive impression, which could be even better, if not the failures in the work of the systems of telemetry.

Charles Peak, speaking about his move in Caterham, said he was satisfied with the changes in his career, however, very spoke warmly about the experience of last year's cooperation in the Marussia.

For Charles this is the first experience of performances on the ice track, but he liked everything, and he was happy to mastering a new genre. Apparently, the Frenchman progresses rapidly in the demo doubles race on the same Dacia Duster he managed to get ahead of , for which the snow and ice - almost native element.

In the super-final of the competitions racers of Formula 1 will measure strength with the winner of the Race of Stars «za rulem».

text Andrew Elk


2013-02-23 14:14:03

WSR the Second day of tests in Aragon cancelled

WSR the Second day of tests in Aragon cancelled

In Spain came the cold cyclone, yesterday on the tests of the Formula 1 in Barcelona rain, and the air temperature does not exceed +6 degrees, and today in , where yesterday started the group tests the World series Renault, the snow fell.

In the morning racers actively posted links in Twitter photos of the snow-covered slopes and ice-covered pavement, and after a short pause, the organizers announced on the abolition of tests.

The following tests will be held on 8 and 9 March, at the French circuit Paul Ricard.

text Dmitry Bukharov


2013-02-23 10:24:04

Jean-Eric the Rain has served us a hindrance

The pilot Toro Rosso Jean-Eric showed on the results of the last test of the day in Barcelona 3-th result."This there was a good day in terms of the work on the settings of the car and flying in the rain, " said . - However, when I looked at the dark clouds and the thermometer, was expecting more snow than rain, but, apparently, it melt on its way back to the highway Today the team has got a good experience in the work of the car in the rain conditions, we have experienced rain and intermediate tyres Pirelli. Also the team worked on the settings of aerodynamics, which should well be suitable for the different types of routes, where the race can walk in the rain.Well, now the work is finished, we're going to have to work at the bases of the imminent return to Barcelona".

2013-02-22 21:24:03

Jean-Eric it is Strange that today it was raining, and no snow

Jean-Eric  it is Strange that today it was raining, and no snow

Rain in Barcelona is not too prevented Toro Rosso in the final day of the second series of tests. Jean-Eric able to show the third time of the day, after a good distance - 80 circles.

In the afternoon, when the circuit dry, the team tested the aerodynamics, and the second half of the day was devoted to rain tyres Pirelli and mining pit stops.

Jean-Eric «Another productive day, in spite of the rain. We need to be many things to check, especially on the part of the aerodynamics, and it was a useful experience. In the second session I tried out the rain and intermediate tyres Pirelli, having received a good idea of their efficiency.

Today it was very cold - it is even strange that it was raining, and no snow I am now looking forward to the final tests, which are very important for us.»

During the final series of tests, which will be held from February 28 to March 3, two drivers will succeed each other, working for one day. The first behind the wheel sits Jean-Eric .


2013-02-20 13:44:03

The race of Stars "za rulem" In the «KAMAZ-master» replacing the pilot

The race of Stars

on February 23, in front of the audience Race of Stars «za Rulem» will be a silver prize-winner of rally-marathon «Dakar-2013», the pilot team «KAMAZ-master» - Ayrat Mardeev. Under his management a racing truck will be demonstrated on an ice ring of the Central Moscow Hippodrome the ease with which KAMAZ vehicles can cope with sand dunes, rocky mountain roads and snowy racing track.

Performance of the team «KAMAZ-master» in the framework of the program of the Race of Stars «za Rulem» heralds a lot of exciting moments. Although the snow is not so accustomed to combat KAMAZ vehicles, like the sand and stones, the joy and surprise of the audience, these trucks are capable of beautiful cope with any obstacles. So that all the spectators expect a real snow show from «lords of the desert».

The team «KAMAZ-master» is rightfully considered to be a legend of the Russian motor sport. the 25-year history of the team - this series of victories and achievements. Three times winner of the world Cup of off-road rallies, numerous prize-winner and by an elevenfold the winner of the super marathon «Dakar», marked the highest category of complexity, a three-time winner of the international rally «silk way», the permanent leader of the Championships of Russia in rally. In 2013, the team celebrates its anniversary, and the best gift for her was a triumph of young pilots at once in two important races in the beginning of the year all three crews of the occupied podium in South America, and the African marathon Africa Eco Race has ended not less than brilliant victory of the Russian crew.

Airat Mardeev was one of the youngest members of the team «KAMAZ-master», in the sports career of which are already several significant achievements. Speaking first in the role of mechanics in the crew of the father - Ilghizar Mardeev, Airat quickly understood all the difficulties of the rally competitions and in 2011 is already in the role of a combat pilot has come to occupy prize-winning places at the Russian marathons. Participation in the «Dakar-2012» not very successfully ended for the crew Mardeev, but the experience of the errors and destruction brought its fruits in the summer of 2012, he won a second for the importance of the rally-RAID of the planet - «the silk way», and in 2013 won silver at the famous international marathon «Dakar».


2013-02-14 18:34:07

WSR Organizers cancelled and the second day of the test in Monza

WSR Organizers cancelled and the second day of the test in Monza

We already wrote about the fact that on 14 and 15 February at the Italian track in Monza had to go through the private tests the World series Renault. They planned to attend almost all the teams in the series, but yesterday the organizers were forced to cancel the first day of the tests, as the circuit was blocked with the snow.

The owners of the motor-racing track made every effort to lead a track in a proper condition, but only as it became known, that and the second day of tests WSR cancelled. Moreover, the output circuit is busy, and consequently bear the trials it is impossible.

The first official tests of the World series of 2013 will be held next week, on 22-23 February, in the Spanish , at the Motorland Aragon. The beginning of the season is scheduled for April 6-7 in Monza.

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2013-02-13 23:24:02

WSR the First day of the test in Monza cancelled because of the snow

WSR the First day of the test in Monza cancelled because of the snow

We have already reported that on 14 and 15 February in Monza must undergo a private tests the World series Renault. Almost all the teams gathered at the famous track, but Italy met them is not the best weather - air temperature is below zero.

Asphalt motor-racing track is clean and mostly even dry, however, the gravel trap and security zones are overwhelmed with snow. As reported by the Russian racers, tests on February 14 were cancelled. Tomorrow afternoon weather forecasters promise warming up to +8C, however, if the snow does not rasstaet, conduct tests will be impossible.

Move the schedule commands will not be easy - on Saturday and Sunday on the route of the planned activities.

text Elmir Valeev


2013-02-12 18:24:02

«KAMAZ-Master» will perform at the Race of Stars «za Rulem»

«KAMAZ-Master» will perform at the Race of Stars «za Rulem»

Performance of the legendary team «KAMAZ-Master» repeatedly became one of the most spectacular moments of the Race of Stars «za Rulem», and in 2013, this tradition will continue.

on February 23, in front of the audience Race of Stars «za Rulem» will be the winner of rally-marathon «Dakar-2013», the pilot team «KAMAZ-master» - Eduard Nikolaev, - the organizers of the competition.

Performance of the team «KAMAZ-master» in the framework of the program of the Race of Stars «za Rulem» heralds a lot of exciting moments. Although the snow is not so accustomed to combat KAMAZ vehicles, like the sand and stones, the joy and surprise of the audience, these trucks are capable of beautiful cope with any obstacles. So that all the spectators waiting for this show.

The team «KAMAZ-master» is rightfully considered to be a legend of the Russian motor sport. the 25-year history of the team - this series of victories and achievements. Three times winner of the world Cup of off-road rallies, numerous prize-winner and by an elevenfold the winner of the super marathon «Dakar», marked the highest category of complexity, a three-time winner of the international rally «silk way», the permanent leader of the Championships of Russia in rally. In 2013, the team celebrates its anniversary, and the best gift for her was a triumph of young pilots at once in two important races in the beginning of the year all three crews of the occupied podium in South America, as well as not less than brilliant victory of the Russian crew was completed and the African marathon Africa Eco Race.

Eduard Nikolaev is one of the youngest members of the team «KAMAZ-master. Acting in the role of mechanics in the crews of Ilghizar Mardeev and Vladimir Chagin, Edward three times became the winner of «Dakar», and, for the first time sat at the wheel of the sports truck, in 2011 was immediately able to achieve excellent result - to become a bronze prize-winner of the rally-RAID. Participation in the «Dakar-2012» failed ended for the crew Nikolaeva, but the experience of the errors and destruction brought its fruits in 2013, the crew under the control of Eduard Nikolayev won the gold.

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2013-02-04 00:14:03

Brazil'94 Yukio Katayama

Brazil'94 Yukio Katayama

Race 549 27 March 1994. Grand Prix Of Brazil. Interlagos

Pole - Ayrton Senna Williams FW16 - 1.15,962 204,970 km/h

The best round - Michael Schumacher Benetton B194160- 1.18,455 198,457 km/h

Winner - Michael Schumacher Benetton B194160- 135.38,759 192,632 km/h

Before the start of the season 1994, many observers said that Formula 1 is entering a new era. This also applied to the total prohibition of "smart" electronics, and the introduction of pit stops, but the main thing - was replaced by a generation of pilots. Heroes of the recent past - , Simple, and others - have left the Big Prizes or were willing to do so in the near future.

With a main favorite of the questions were Ayrton Senna, going to Williams, just seemed invincible. Three times champion of the world the only one in the winner title and the strongest team in the last years were required to show a fair imagination to come up with, who would have to compete with this duet.

Among these "theoretical" candidates called quick, but not too experienced Michael Schumacher of Benetton, one of the few remaining "old men" - Gerhard Berger, who started the new season in the purple overalls Ferrari, and his team-mate Jean Alesi " I think a lot of suffering due to the fact that a few years ago he set up on , and not on Williams.

Senna won the first qualifications of the season at home , however, the race was interrupted because of the heavy rain, because it was difficult to judge about the representativeness of the results. Start also stayed for , which quickly began to leave from all the others. And then. then something unexpected happened.

Michael Schumacher, having won the starting position in the first row, unsuccessfully started a movement and almost fell to the fourth place. In the end, the Germans had to miss Jean Alesi, but before the end of the second round of Ferrari was left behind, and then the driver of Benetton methodically catch up with Sennou.

From circle to circle, from sector to sector, he stubbornly hundredths of a second, and in that moment, when Ayrton went to the first scheduled pit stop, diving behind Michael inferior to the leader of only a few tenths.

Mechanics Williams, who got used to during the last years of work in the conditions of absence of pressure, equal to the work slower guys Flavio - and on the road Schumacher came back first. On the rostrums rolled dissatisfied with the murmur of surprise.

Briefly torcida distracted by the accident with the participation of four machines160-160on the long straight Martin due to a fault had to slow down, and three of his attackers did not have enough width of asphalt, after which Benetton young flew up in the air and fell on top of the McLaren British veteran.

As one of the participants in the incident was Eddie Irvine, at that time, who had the image of hooligans and brawlers, had accused him where he is, the exclusion from the speeches on one Grand Prix. The team of Jordan lodged a protest - and the term, for the edification of future Novels , increased to three stages.

Senna, meanwhile, has lagged behind Schumacher. The Brazilian tried to help his teammate Damon hill already yielding a range, for a while he "drove" for the leader of the race, which cost the German good five seconds who would have thought that in November of this hill almost deprive Michael champion title. However, the situation in the duet of applicants for a victory it is not affected. Preserved the status quo and after the second and final pit stop.

On the final leg of the distance, trying not to disappoint their numerous fans, Ayrton Senna went overboard on the order is worn-out rubber - his car spun and paused at the edge of the piste. To continue the movement of the rider and could not - and almost immediately the stream of people rushed to the stands out to the airport.

Schumacher, "expert", started a new League with a victory. Together with him on the podium stood Damon hill and Gerhard Berger, but the two in this day been able to pass on a range of less than the winner.


A failure happened the beginning of a new season for the team McLaren. The unconditional leader of the Formula 1 at the junction of the 80's and 90's, now she was in a very difficult situation. The contract with the Peugeot for the supply of engines did not meet expectations the speed and reliability fell sharply. In Brazil pilots Ron Dennis, Mike and Martin Brandl, started up only 8-th and 18-th and up to the finish't got none of them.160

Yukio Katayama

Fifth, earning the first in the career of glasses, the race on completed Yukio Katayama - outstanding racer amazing destiny, whose history alas, undeservedly forgotten still amazes turns your story, to which are not under force even think of the best masters of Hollywood.

160- for that was his name. It's already later on, once in Europe, a native of the many millions of Tokyo was forced to accept the fact that not knowing about the existence of other languages of the British transformed his name in his own way. But it will not happen immediately, but in 18 years, having finished the school, the boy got a mechanic on the racing track Tsukuba. Other pilots nuts he was playing for long after a year of Katayama has already acted in the local Formula 1600, and in two - became its champion.

National heritage advised to all young men, wishing to glorify himself in a race, take a course to the East. That's Yukio went to Europe. He could hardly associate a few words of English, but already knew that it was Foggy Albion is the main race Outpost. And a young athlete, ready for great achievements, went to the capital of England. Such he believed Paris.

History is silent, as it is further unfolding of the events, but in the end Katayama somehow came out on the people, capable to estimate its speed and without words. So he was in the sailing school on the track Field R. But quickly affects only a fairy tale. In 1986, when the Japanese only making its first steps in the Formula 3, the trapped disaster a serious accident on the road in Clermont-Ferrand has led to damage to the back and fractures of both legs.

Lying in a hospital bed, the pilot went through options for continuing a career. He was lucky - young bones quickly fused, and when Yukio, contrary to the will of doctors, has escaped from the clinic, he already knew, how it will act. To start the driver was able to find a command, where he was ready to take free of charge, that he conducted numerous tests.

And then, after the end of the season, Katayama returned home. Now he was no longer a novice, a pilot with the experience of European performances, which significantly increased the quotes. The Japanese took any suggestions, and sometimes actively worked with the sponsors. As a result by the end of 1991, all formed together Yukio national Formula 3000 and gained enough of a solid material support. The time has come again to get on a plane.

Find a place in the Formula 1 succeeded surprisingly easy. However, in the team of Venturi/Larrousse Katayama not achieved particularly high-profile successes only in Canada, he rode to the finish fifth, when the failed engine.

The next year in Tyrrell was marred by bad car160- even a more experienced Andrea de was not able to think of something to make her speed.

And then came the year of 1994-St. It is for the sake of it Yukio Katayama worked hard for over ten years. It was at this point he got the chance, which otherwise fate does not give in a lifetime. Created by Mike Gascoigne chassis 022 turned out simple and unpretentious, equally easy to setup on fast and slow tracks, and came to the team of mark brought with it a useful knowledge.

And one can only marvel at how cruel fate had dealt with a low polite Japanese. Almost all of the skills he has finished in the top ten, and in the course of workouts often were in the top five. Speed in the race, too, could not but rejoice. But every time something somehow interfered to put it into the result.

In Germany Yukio was driving the second. In - third. In Monza he easily passed on the highway pilots Sauber and McLaren and even said to the representatives of Williams. In Hungary started the fifth losing or 0.027 the third result, and in Jerez made his way from the last to the seventh place. List of the achievements goes on and on, but all the effort in the end brought only five points.

The driver was able to get to the tartan flag only four times - the seventh, sixth and two times the fifth, even though you must have at least three races up to the podium.

And yet, one of the important results achieved achieved to Yukio were treated with a proposal on the negotiations of the major teams. Given its strong links with the of Mild Seven, it was quite possible to talk even about the transition in Benetton, but. Katayama on all proposals refused.

And it wasn't because he was so devoted Tyrrell. Much later, having finished a career in F1, he admitted that in the same year of 1994, the medical examination revealed he had tumor in the back. Serious danger she didn't know, was the only manifestation of the unbearable pain.160

The driver spent in the Big Prizes another three seasons, first in Tyrrell, then in the Minardi. But never had he not received a fast enough machine and never earned a single point, and the speed of the partners - young-and-fast Mika Salo and Jarno Trulli160- propelled him to a logical decision. And the Grand Prix of Japan, 1997 Katayama announced the completion of the career.

But he wasn't going to abandon active and rich in emotions of life. Yukio continued the chase won in-class "24 hours of Le Mans", overcame Sugar, reaching the finish line of the African marathon "Dakar" and returned to the F1 paddock, when 160took part in the stages of the SpeedCar series. Katayama carried away by the on the highway, created his own team and here, too, has achieved good results.

But the passion of Yukio was climbing. He captured two eight-thousand meter peaks in the Himalayas and five of the Seven summits - the highest points in all continents. In this list, by the way, is and Russian Elbrus, to which the ex-pilot F1 rose in 1998.

But tell the truth, that if there is in the world of sport dangerous races - that is walking in the mountains. In December 2009, the Japanese in the company of two friends doing training the ascent of mount Fuji. It was rainy weather, the wind was strong and it was snowing. Troika fell off the cliff. When on the place of the rescuers arrived, the two climbers were already dead. Yukio was lucky, and he escaped with minimal damage. And that's luck, I must admit, does not go to any comparison of the little things in life like in Hockenheim throttle, when Katayama, ahead of Michael Schumacher and Damon hill, was forced to abandon the race.

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2013-02-02 16:54:02

Gutierrez "I try to keep to the spirit"


At the presentation of the new Sauber C32 debutant of the Swiss team Esteban Gutierrez told them about his preparation for the upcoming season of.

Question Before the start of the season remains quite a bit. Adrenaline rolls over

Esteban Gutierrez No, I'm quite calm. The aim is to focus on the key points of the training, and already in Melbourne at all levels of adrenaline rises to a maximum.

Question How was the winter preparation

Esteban Gutierrez Very good. In addition to training at home, I was able to spend a few days in Austria in December and January, devoting their winter kinds of sports - track skiing, climbing in the snow mountain and many others.

Question What do you expect from your team

Esteban Gutierrez Remembering progress, which reached command in the previous years, I hope that it will move in the same direction and achieve their goals.

Question do You approve of the close interaction between the team with the fans

Esteban Gutierrez Of Course When shared with the fans and the victory, and defeat, their support and the response is always positive.

Question On the tests is waiting for you hard work. As you're getting ready

Esteban Gutierrez Try to keep the correct attitude to their comments to ensure the team of the detailed feedback, because the tests is a very important stage in the preparation for racing.

Question how Much time is needed for the finishing of the new machine

Esteban Gutierrez To start the main thing is to eliminate all the problems with the reliability that we were able to drive maximum distance. Then it is important to understand, as is a car in the qualification and race - this we learn in the first few Grand Prix.

Question How well do you know your partner

Esteban Gutierrez I know that Nico the same approach to work, as I have since before the arrival in Formula 1 we have the same time in one and the same commands Junior racing series.

Question What do you think is the main challenge of the coming season

Esteban Gutierrez the Task of a stable competitive.

text Valery Kartashev


2013-01-19 20:54:03

Riccardo Daniel went through the procedure of fitting seats

Riccardo Daniel went through the procedure of fitting seats

The pilots of Formula 1 are gradually returning from vacations and begin to prepare for the upcoming season. Among those, who have already been on a team basis, and Daniel Riccardo. On Friday racer Toro Rosso visited , which passed through the procedure of fitting the seat.

«Yesterday held an important day on the basis of the team in Italy, " wrote Daniel Riccardo in Twitter. - Went through the procedure of fitting seats in the cockpit convenient. I hope, the machine will be quick. Now go back to the snow-capped England».

In Britain, indeed, in the last days buried in snow, came and another participant of the youth program of Red Bull - Russian driver Daniel . Now he settled in the city of Milton , where is the base of the Red Bull Racing. Command Arden by the way, belonging to the Christian Horner and Mark , in which Daniel in this year will compete in the series GP3, welcomed his arrival via Twitter «welcome to the United Kingdom See you soon at the base. A pleasant snow weekend»


2013-01-19 14:24:02

Fernando Alonso the Show was excellent

Fernando Alonso the Show was excellent

Press-service of the Ferrari issued a video on materials of carting race on the ice track in Madonna di Campiglio, in which pilots Ferrari competed with colleagues from the team Ducati, serving in the MotoGP championship.

Felipe Massa «was Great race However, all the way wheels braked, and the cards were turned around, so it is better to go on a normal asphalt, than in the snow. Here too slippery, but we had a lot of fun»

Fernando Alonso «the Battle was very severe, as the route constantly changed first was the perfect ice, then a coating turned into soft snow, and it was important to allow as little as possible mistakes - then you had a chance to get ahead of all competitors. But the show was excellent, the audience liked it, and us, of course, too»


2013-01-15 18:34:03

Riccardo Daniel "Tests - it is good, but the race is better"

Riccardo Daniel

For the past month, Riccardo Daniel grew a solid beard, but has not changed - it is still a cheerful guy, living races. In an interview with the press service of the Toro Rosso 23-year-old Australian told to rest at home and preparing for a season.

Question Daniel, since our last talk much time has passed - we communicate in November after show in Bologna. Look, you long to wear beards are you going to shave her before the start of the season

Riccardo Daniel Of Course In recent weeks I have led the beach lifestyle and have not thought about how to get into the hands of the razor. Yes, I beard and again will look younger. However, nice to grow beards and prove that I'm a real man.

Question Returning to the UK, you can leave it for a couple of days - here comes the snow. Judging by the number of trophies and models of machines behind your back, you're still at home in Australia. Tell me what you were doing, leaving Europe after the show in Bologna.

Riccardo Daniel After Bologna I returned home and spent here almost a month. This is great After the end of the season I have had several cases in Argentina and Italy. I'm home with pleasure relaxed, celebrated Christmas, meeting with friends and to the maximum take advantage of the Australian summer. Here as always between +308304 and +408304 - excellent weather. You see, I was very tan.

Enjoy a free time I've been working on Quad, swim, rest with friends on the beach, drinking a cold beer. It is important, when there is a suitable opportunity, aside from all. In the New year we with friends and family in a small company went to the island - it was great. I've fished and swam under water. Yes, it was fun I got a lot of fun. Two weeks ago, I returned to training.

Question You train in the hall or in the open air, taking advantage of the good weather

Riccardo Daniel And then, and more. Most of the time I spend on the street, running, Cycling and swimming, after this doing in the hall. It is a good preparation.

It seems to me that the pause before the New year, I needed - I feel rested, although the two weeks of training were very intense. I think we are ready for the season.

Question You have already talked with the team

Riccardo Daniel Yesterday I talked with the engineers. We constantly keep in touch. Holidays are over, I went back to work and get information about how everything is going well. Everything looks good in the team say that everything goes according to plan, and all deadlines are met, and this is the first thing you want to hear. However, no one can say how competitive is the machine, until we begin to work on the track. Even if I say that the new chassis - this is the best that you could think of, I won't be too happy, until he will not sit behind the wheel and not feel comfortable. Of course, we have high expectations.

Question Quite soon in Jerez will begin pre-season tests.

Riccardo Daniel Yes, I sit behind the wheel of the first day of the tests - 5 February. There was not enough time left - I think, three weeks. This is great Looking forward to try out a new car. I hope, is not very cold in Australia, I got used to the heat.

Question You're back in the UK before the trip to Spain, or go directly to the tests

Riccardo Daniel In fact, two days later I leave Australia and go immediately to Italy, in to meet with the team. I'll be there for a few days - to prepare for the season and find out some basic information. Then I'm going to the UK. It seems, are planned several meetings with the press and a few photo sessions. After that I will go to Spain for the tests.

Question I Think, you are eagerly waiting for possibilities to get back behind the wheel. Now it is important

Riccardo Daniel Yes, as I said, I have a holiday mood, and I enjoy the summer. I resumed the exercise and enjoyment of outdoor activities, but there is nothing to compare with the piloting of the machine. I think, the best practice is the work on the tests, and even better - the struggle in the race. I'm looking forward to getting back behind the wheel. Tests - it is good, but the race is better.

text Tatiana Belskaya


2012-12-22 21:24:02

David Coulthard was joking

David Coulthard was joking have already told, that David Coulthard took the decision to end the active sports career, that did not prevent him a week ago to speak in a recent Race of Champions in Bangkok.

In these days, like most Europeans, David is preparing for Christmas, spending time with family at his home in Monaco, and he is all right. And if he lacks something, so it snow, " said the Scot in his Twitter.

The days of advent is a rare period when there forever engaged in various projects of David have some free time. On Saturday, he took advantage of this, that through Twitter and answer a few questions fans, however, did it in his own humorous manner.

Question Who was your favorite opponent

David Coulthard Racer who was happy to finish second

Question Your favorite overtaking

David Coulthard Spa, 1998-the year, overtaking Schumacher, who, however, was not .

This, of course, about the famous incident that took place on the 25-th round of the Grand Prix of Belgium, when in the race Michael Schumacher caught up with the circle Coulthard and at full speed crashed into his car from behind.

Question Which of your 13-year-wins you consider the most favorite

David Coulthard Melbourne-1998. However, to win the race I was not given.

All who followed the Formula 1 in those years, know that David was in the lead, but then received an order from Ron Dennis, then head of McLaren, skip Mika Hakkinen's. Coulthard hesitated, but still missed his partner, although greatly offended. Apparently, the old wound has not healed to this day.

However, one question for the Scotsman said, quite seriously. When he was asked, what kind of role in his career played fans, he said «The fans meant that I, perhaps, was a professional race car driver. Thanks to all of you»


2012-12-21 12:04:04

The new postcard from Bernie

The new postcard from Bernie

The head of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone each year orders sarcastic greeting cards for Christmas and sends them to the discretion of new victims of his black humor. As a year ago, the main hero of again became Lewis . beats unexpected transition in the Mercedes. In the picture depicts Lewis, who cast his car McLaren. Outside of the route he is waiting for the Mercedes with a bag with money and Nicky behind the wheel. Behind the image of a snowman Bernie.

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Christmas postcard 2012 from Bernie

Christmas postcard 2012 from Bernie

Christmas cards from Bernie is always a piece-goods. Someone who feels their witty cartoons, someone - a work of modern art, but the story has always reflects one of the key moments of the last season, is not always sports, usually political.

The last two years, the main hero of the Christmas card Bernie - Lewis Hamilton. In 2011, the plot was based on frequent clashes with Lewis, Felipe Weight, at this time the artist creatively interpret the transition Hamilton in the command Mercedes.

Behind the wheel of a car with three measuring beams combined with star sits Nicky , in place ready to sit in the passenger Lewis - bag of dollars. In the snowman on the sidelines of a snow-covered road guess bewildered Ecclestone.

Postcards from Bernie 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011. Happy new year


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Kubica miss the first stage of the championship of Europe rally

Kubica miss the first stage of the championship of Europe rally

Robert Kubica will not come to start the first stage of the European rally championship ERC, which will be held in early January in Austria.

It was reported that the Polish racer ready to sign a contract with the well-known British command M-Sport, to 2013-m to hold a full season in the championship behind the wheel of a racing Ford Fiesta, specially adapted for him. According to the information of Autosport, obtained from the FIA, M-Sport has received the official permission for the adaptation of a system shift to Kubica was more convenient to work with it, given that the process of restoration of the injured right hand has not yet been completed.

But the regulations of the ERC allows racers to skip some of the race of the championship, which consists of 13-stages - this does not deprive them of the opportunity to fight for the title. The current system of counting points are accounted for four of the best results, as shown in the first seven, and then on the following six stages.

not in the list of participants of the Austrian Janner Rally, which will take place 3-5 January, but the coordinator of the ERC Jean-Pierre Nicolas gave to understand that at the start of the next stages, scheduled for February and March, will come many new participants.

«The list of participants of the championship-2013 is growing every day, and if one of the drivers do not have time to prepare for Janner Rally since the start of the season he was appointed at the beginning of the year, they will be able to join already in Latvia or in the Canary Islands», - he said.

Austrian stage of the ERC will take place on snow-covered roads, but the so far there are only experience of performances in the asphalt highways. The first such rally will be held in the Canary Islands in March.