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2018-02-22 13:14:22

Frederic Vasseur Alfa Romeo will make us more attractive

Putin is the champion Head Sauber Frederic Vasseur believes that their new Alliance with the Alfa Romeo will make the team more attractive.Frederic Vasseur "Alfa Romeo is not just a question of sponsorship, it's more than a partnership. This means that we will be much more attractive for media, for sponsors. But it's a huge motivation for the team to get such an iconic brand".

2018-02-19 18:37:32

Moniz, Kaltenborn returns to the world of Motorsport.

The former head of the Sauber Moniz, Kaltenborn creates a new team to race in Formula 4 in Italy and Germany.The team will be called the KDC Racing after her business partner Emily di Comberti. The team will start with a Swiss licence and will be based near Barcelona.Monisha Kaltenborn "motor racing was and still is my big passion. I occupy a responsible position for nearly 20 years, so for me it is logical to continue to work as a leader.I see Formula-4 as an exciting new racing series in which there is a great potential and future.There were all the organizational, personnel and financial prerequisites. We have already enlisted a well-known sponsors, and soon we will be able to inform you about our pilots.My main responsibility will be to prepare talented young drivers for a future career in Formula 1. My experience in the Royal races here will be useful".

2018-01-24 09:34:03

Force India will become just a Force

Force India will become just a Force

February 25 team Force India will unveil a new car and a new name. COO Force India Otmar, Szafnauer that the new sign of surprise.Meanwhile, the British press found that at the British Silverstone circuit, where the prescribed Force India registered a new company with the name "Force". Earlier, the management team talked about the necessity of avoiding Association with India for the sake of attracting sponsors. The idea was to rename the team to Force One, but this was opposed by the leadership of the Formula 1.

2018-01-23 16:04:04

Force India will change the name

The leadership of the Force India intends to change the team name already this season.Othmar, Szafnauer, COO Force India "We have already said that I want to change the name. We are serious, and during a presentation to announce the new name. But first, it must be approved by the Board of Fomrula-1.What would be the title You will be surprised"Earlier the same Szafnauer said that the team wants to get away from the Association with India to get new sponsors.Last season the full team name sounded like a Sahara Force India F1 Team.

2018-01-23 16:04:03

CNBC - partner McLaren

CNBC - partner McLaren

New partner of the team McLaren became the American channel CNBC, one of the leaders in coverage of the events business. The contract is signed for a few years.Earlier, the head of McLaren Zach brown said that after switching to Renault engines, many potential sponsors interested in working with the team and will be soon made several statements. Obviously, the statement about the contract with CNBC is one of them.

2018-01-20 11:24:03

Nico Rosberg Kubica still dreams about racing

Nico Rosberg Kubica still dreams about racing

Champion of the season in 2016 and the Manager of Robert Kubica, Nico Rosberg said pole still not lost hope to compete in Formula 1.Nico Rosberg "it is great that Robert was able to get the job to Williams. He can roll a lot of miles. For him this is a great contract, and certainly a step in the right direction."Let's remind, that Kubica has collected 8 million sponsorship to Williams, which only lasted for the position of reserve pilot British team.

2018-01-19 15:04:05

The head of SMP Racing Sirotkin came to Williams not because of money

The head of SMP Racing Sirotkin came to Williams not because of money

The head of SMP Racing Boris Rotenberg, in press-konferentsiyu Moscow said that Sergei Sirotkin came to Williams only because of its results.Boris Rotenberg "Money is an important component. But Sirotkin was in a Williams not for money, but sporty. I think that's why the team chose the Russian rider. We are investing money in technology.It is great and it is a measure for the young pilots of our program that you can achieve success. Throughout Russia, more than 1,500 young for karting, and they see that I can get into Formula 1.It is important that we signed a contract with Williams. The team which has made to the development of motor sport very much and can compete with the leaders with McLaren and Accfx".According to available information, sponsors Sirotkin will pay Williams approximately 15 million euros per year.

2018-01-15 11:54:07

Liberty Formula-1 can fight for the environment

Director of Liberty Media for sponsorship and marketing Murray Barnett said that the Formula 1 need more to talk about their incredible achievements.Murray Barnett "We have more to talk about such things as compensation for carbon emissions in Formula 1. The modern engine of this championship is incredibly environmentally friendly.We have a 1.6-liter hybrid engine with a capacity of 1000 HP. It uses the fuel with 50 efficiency. Yes, the Formula E has no harmful emissions, but Formula 1 may participate in the struggle for the environment. We often need a story to tell".

2018-01-14 13:44:03

Sportowe Fakty Sirotkin was faster than Kubica

The Polish newspaper posted on its pages an overview of the reasons that Robert Kubica did not return to Formula 1, although he was incredibly close to this.Sportowe Fakty "the Team reported that the results on the track was the main reason for the signing of the contract with Sirotkin.It turned out that the tests in Abu Dhabi were crucial. Kubica also said that he had problems with the tires Pirelli. It was difficult to adapt to them after a certain number of circles.Williams decided not to risk it. We probably now will never see Kubica in Formula 1. Moreover, Sirotkin was able to provide the widow a large sum of sponsorship than Robert.But actually money is just a bonus from the pilot. If Kubica was twice as good Sirotkin, he'd be in the car this season. No one seems to remember that Renault has stopped working with Robert for the same reasons as Williams. It sounds harsh, but these are facts.Almost no one in the paddock did not want to see Robert on the grid. He is one of the greatest unfulfilled talent in the history of the sport.It would be great PR for Williams and would have brought the championship a lot of new fans, and FIA also saw a benefit and lobbied for his candidacy.Obviously, it was a hard decision for the team. Now they are criticized all over the world, and some say that the Stroll-Sirotkin - the worst pilots Williams. Are they right Only time will tell.But when making decisions in Formula 1 there is no place for sentimentality".

2018-01-14 12:54:04

Murray Barnett We will do of the girls is an important part of the championship

Murray Barnett We will do of the girls is an important part of the championship

Head of sponsorship and marketing Liberty Murray Barnett said that the championship is not refusing from girls on the grid.Murray Barnett "We are 100 committed to keep the girls in the championship and want to make them a more important part of the Grand Prix. We don't want to they just held signs and stood at the machines.We haven't quite figured out how it would look, but acknowledged that we need to become more progressive".

2018-01-10 14:34:03

January nomeromania 10 - Vitaly Petrov, 2011

January nomeromania 10 - Vitaly Petrov, 2011

In 2010 in the Formula-1 there was a Russian pilot - in-part of Renault debuted Vitaly Petrov. In 2011, the Russian has maintained a place in the French team, having the number "10".In 2010 Petrov scored 27 points and took the 13th place - the results are, admittedly, not very good on the background of Robert Kubica, who finished the season in 8th position with 136 points. However, with Vitali renew the contract for one year. Of course, not without the help of Russian sponsors.To the 2011 season, the Renault engineering headquarters, headed by James Allison has prepared a unique car R31 with forward exhaust. Suddenly, after the first tests, which showed serious potential innovations in a serious accident Kubica, and most of the work in preparation for the new season fell on the shoulders of Petrov. This has borne fruit already in the first Grand Prix of Australia Vitaly climbed to the third step of the podium.

2018-01-08 15:14:03

From Force India need to change the name

Deputy head of the Force India Otmar, Szafnauer told that some sponsors continue to demand name change of the team.Othmar, Szafnauer "Yes, some potential donors said that if we don't change the name, they will not come to the team.They do not want to sponsor the team, which is tied to one country. We consider different variations of the title. But we haven't decided yet. Hard to say at this time".

2018-01-08 13:14:03

Gnther Steiner We are open for negotiations with sponsors

Director Haas Gunther Steiner said that his team can go on a rebranding, as the Sauber, so ready to negotiate with different sponsors, for example, with Maserati.Gunther Steiner "Why not We are always open for negotiation. If anyone has ideas, of course, we're interested. But is this our priority Maybe not.I believe that our priority is just to get sponsors. You see the same process in the other teams, big teams - even they are fighting for sponsors.And for us as a small team, it is even more difficult. And then we need to avoid too cheap for sponsors, because then you will never progress. If you sell yourself cheap, you will never get more from a machine".

2018-01-06 10:34:04

The head of Red Bull We need a more colorful show to attract sponsors

Head Red Bull Christian Horner believes that Formula 1 needs to think about more highlights of the show to make it more attractive to different funders.Christian Horner "in Order to attract sponsors, you need to have an attractive product. If you do not have an attractive product, the sponsor comes. And so we have quite a lot of naked cars. We were able to attract brands due to the fact that they like our approach.20 years ago, the team received more profit. The machines were placed great brands. Look at pictures of all cars 1997 and the past. You will see that the difference in the quantity and quality involved in the activities of the companies is striking.We need to create a more attractive show to attract sponsors, which represent a huge value for the Formula-1".

2017-12-30 09:44:04

Williams signed with Sirotkina a two-year contract

Williams signed with Sirotkina a two-year contract

German publication Auto Bild reports that the Williams team's Sergey Sirotkin. The contract was signed for two years.Under the contract, the Russian pilot will pay for each season at 15 million. Financial support Sirotkin has SMP Racing, owned by Boris Rotenberg.The announcement of the contract delayed until January, when the account team needs to do sponsorship Sirotkin.

2017-12-21 13:24:03

Gary Anderson Williams choose Sirotkin

Expert Formula 1 Gary Anderson, who had to work the chief designer in various teams of the championship, commented on the situation with the choice of the second pilot Williams.Gary Anderson "Williams is facing a difficult choice. They have lance Stroll, who spent just one season in Formula 1 and do not count.Robert Kubica is a risky choice. He was a fast driver, but now have doubts about his abilities. Daniil Kvyat has experience, but last season caused a lot of issues. Sergey Sirotkin has experience in the test and during Friday's practice, although to him also have questions.I think we should choose between Sirotkina and Cuatom - in the future, they both can be good pilots as well and Stroll. Obviously, Williams will select the pilot, which will bring more money."According to available information, the Williams team have signed a preliminary contract with Sirotkin who suggested sponsorship contribution of 15 million.

2017-12-20 12:34:03

The McLaren will not be the title sponsor

2014 team McLaren without a title sponsor. Will not be the title sponsor in the coming years.Zac brown, the head of McLaren "I don't think we need a title sponsor, although large partners we need. In Formula 1 now rarely use the brand name in the team name. We - McLaren, McLaren and not ABC. We are not going to sell its name.You know, in NASCAR the pilots are required to, getting out of cars, said something like "I Want to thank my car Ford Chandon". But in Formula 1 that will not happen.We signed an agreement with some major sponsors, which will be announced in 2018. But work in this regard is still going on".During 1972-1974, the title sponsor of the McLaren performed cosmetic company Yardley, 1974-1996 from tobacco brand Marlboro, 1997-2005 - one tobacco brand West, and in 2007-2013 the title sponsor was snaches telecommunications company Vodafone.

2017-12-18 17:44:03

The end of the season Sauber

The end of the season Sauber

The past season was the 25th in the history of the Sauber. However, this round date Swiss team noted no less than round the tenth position in the constructors ' championship.In 2016, the team was in a difficult financial position, resulting in changed owners. Began restructuring Sauber, during which the post of team leader left Kaltenborn, and she was replaced by frdric Vasseur, who retired from Renault because of disagreements with Cyril Abiteboul. First, Vasser has made breach of contract with Honda, designed for the 2018 and signed, Kaltenborn, and announced the continuation of cooperation with Ferrari.Well, in the season-2017 Sauber had to use the power plant Ferrari of the sample 2016. The team decided to save money on engines, focusing on a robust chassis. And if in the beginning of the year the pilots Sauber were still able to compete with McLaren and Toro Rosso in the second half of the season they fought only among themselves.Thanks to sponsorship place in the Sauber has retained Marcus Ericsson. His partner became the protg of Mercedes Pascal Wehrlein. However, because of injuries received during the "Race of Champions", the German missed two steps, and he came on as sub Antonio Giovinazzi, reserve pilot Ferrari.At the fifth stage in Spain to Wehrlein managed to finish eighth, earning four points. Another point, Pascal got the tenth place in Azerbaijan. After that point balance Sauber did not change until the end of the season. Eriksson was in the shadow of Wehrlein, his best results were 11th place in Spain and Azerbaijan. With 5 points Sauber finished the season in tenth and last place.Despite the modest results, that Ericsson has again maintained a place in the Sauber, again, thanks to our sponsors and contacts in the guide. But instead of Wehrlein, who earned all points for the season 2018 took the Ferrari protg of Charles LeClair. Next year the team will get a newest power plant of the Ferrari, and sponsorship and technical assistance to Alfa Romeo, on paper, Sauber needs to significantly improve.

2017-12-17 10:34:03

20 new employees will join Sauber in 2018

After the recently signed sponsorship deal with Alfa Romeo, Sauber is already increasing the number of specialists.Auto Motor und Sport reports that the Swiss team, who finished the season 2017, up to 20 new technical staff before the start of the tests in February.Frederic Vasseur "the First contracts were signed in November. Others will begin later. Some even help us only in the second half of the season-2018".

2017-12-14 14:44:03

Helmut Marko Sirotkin faster Kubica

Sports consultant to Red Bull Helmut Marko, commenting on the situation with the candidates for a place in Williams, said that Sergey Sirotkin on the tests in Abu Dhabi was faster than Robert Kubica.Helmut Marko "Sirotkin was faster. In addition, he has 15 million dollars, and Kubica this sponsorship package can not boast.However, Williams will not be an experienced pilot. They don't seem to want to move forward".

2017-12-13 10:44:03

If Sirotkin Williams

If Sirotkin Williams

Suddenly, about Sergey Sirotkin talked about as the main candidate on a place in Williams. But if the Russians to the British team Sky Sports journalist will Buxton thinks fit.Will Buxton "I Think Sirotkin for the team Williams he passed the tests and liked the management team, he has speed both in qualifying and in the race, he is stable, he is able to provide good feedback.And yet he has a 15 million sponsorship. Example Maldonado showed that the Williams know how to spend money. It is worth remembering that the money Pastor team have built an excellent machine on which Bottas and Massa were fighting for podiums and pole positions".

2017-12-11 17:34:04

In McLaren parted ways with Honda because of the sponsors

In McLaren parted ways with Honda because of the sponsors

During the three-year partnership with team McLaren Honda has lost many major sponsors is one of the reasons which forced the British to change the supplier of engines.Zac brown, the head of McLaren "I Have experience in finding sponsors, but I knew that we will not be able to find new partners, while we will have such problems. We could not tell potential sponsors about the history that will soon be much better. So it's one of the reasons that pushed us to change the supplier of engines.But people continue to believe in McLaren, Renault they believe in, they believe in Alonso and Vandorn. I can honestly say that now negotiations with potential sponsors are much easier".

2017-12-11 14:04:04

Sirotkin is the second option to Williams

Sirotkin is the second option to Williams

According to canadian newspaper Journal de Montreal, Williams will sign a contract with Robert Kubica. While a reserve pilot British team will be Sergey Sirotkin.Williams still doubt the ability of Kubica. If at the beginning of the season he will not be able to show the speed that you expect from him, he was immediately replaced by Sirotkin.It is reported that Sirotkin Williams offered a sponsorship package in the amount of 15 million.

2017-12-11 10:24:03

Jean Todt It's time to shake up the structure of the FIA

Jean Todt It's time to shake up the structure of the FIA

The President of the FIA Jean Todt, the recently reelected for a third term, said it's time to change the management structure of the Federation.Jean Todt "I want new team of workers consisted of a mixture of experience and new. Experience will enable us to respect our heritage, to uphold our values and avoid pitfalls of the past.New faces bring new, innovative thinking in our Federation. I am particularly pleased that many talented women were appointed to important positions in our clubs. This is the beginning, which I hope will lead to the fact that the FIA will cover more talents around the world, regardless of sponsors and money, which this man can bring".

2017-12-10 10:44:06

Vettel says Formula E is not the future

The Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel admitted that he is not interested in Formula-E Electric series is growing in popularity huge jumps, and now it has the many manufacturers and sponsors, who left Formula 1 for a new future of Motorsport.But four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel insists "For me it's not the future. Electric theme is currently very popular in the world, but anyone who is honest and identificeret myself to motor racing, he thinks little about Formula E. Those cars are not very fast, and many of the pilots who are there, telling me that flying was not very exciting.

2017-12-05 11:34:03

Marcus Ericsson Behind a few nervous weeks expectations

Marcus Ericsson Behind a few nervous weeks expectations

Marcus Ericsson has admitted that worried about his place in the Sauber. And just last week it became known that the Swede will remain in the Swiss team.Marcus Ericsson "Behind a few nervous weeks expectations. But now everything is solved and I am very happy, especially after learning about the appearance of Alfa Romeo as the title sponsor of the team.My career in Formula 1 were difficult. It is very difficult to show results in machines that are constantly in the trailing end of the peloton, but now Sauber thanks to the help of Alfa Romeo will be able to make progress.It should be noted that Eriksson over the last two years never got into the end zone, while his teammates Felipe Nasr and Pascal Wehrlein could bring Sauber some points. But they have no sponsors, and Marcus have sponsors and communication in the manual - in the end he will take the place in the cockpit of a Sauber.

2017-11-28 11:14:03

Petrobras will sponsor McLaren in 2018

McLaren, it seems, intends to announce a new sponsor for 2018. Earlier this year we reported that with the departure of Williams from Petrobras, a Brazilian multinational company may move to McLaren in 2018. And now in Abu Dhabi there are new rumors.Brazilian television said in Abu Dhabi that Sette Camara, Petrobras and McLaren already connected transaction for the year 2018.Also in Abu Dhabi Executive Director of McLaren Zac brown hinted that the British team is working on some key deals.Zach brown "Commercially we had a good year. We have signed contracts with two sponsors, which we haven't announced yet, so I think next year we should expect to see more big brands on a race car the McLaren".At the end of 2013, the company Vodafone has left McLaren, and since then the British team is running without a title sponsor. Let's see whether he will appear in 2018.

2017-11-24 14:14:04

Fernando Alonso - McLaren sponsor

Fernando Alonso - McLaren sponsor

Next season one of the sponsors of McLaren will be Sam Fernando Alonso, or rather, his company Kimoa.Kimoa - fashion brand, which in March 2017 launched Fernando Alonso and his Manager Luis Abad.Fernando Alonso "I am 16 years competing in Formula 1, and it's hard for me to find new motivation. The situation was corrected the launch of the brand Kimoa. This is an interesting project which I develop together with my friends.Next year Kimoa logos will appear on my machine Formula 1 - I am filled with a sense of pride".

2017-11-24 10:44:04

Force India will not Force One in 2018

Force India will not Force One in 2018

The leadership of the Force India abandoned plans to rename the team to Force One in 2018.Previously, the team from Silverstone has said it wants to abandon the word India in its name to attract more international sponsors. But the name Force One was rejected by the company Liberty Media, which owns the rights to Formula 1.Sports Director of the Force India Otmar, Szafnauer "the New name must be interesting to all fans around the world. However, the new leadership of the championship, believes that the Force One can easily be reduced to F1".