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Steve Robertson is happy with Kimi's contract with Ferrari

Manager Kimi Raikkonen Steve Robertson believes that the contract with client was signed only on the basis of strong performances Finn.Steve Robertson "the contract Extension shows how the Ferrari appreciates the huge experience that has Kimi and harmony, which he brought to the team.Kimi has for many years been a serious top player, and he has always been loyal to Ferrari".

2017-01-01 14:24:04

Manager Kimi Raikkonen I'm proud to be Finn

Manager Kimi Raikkonen I'm proud to be Finn

The Manager of Kimi Raikkonen, Steve Robertson admitted that he is incredibly proud of the achievements of his client in the past year.Steve Robertson "you wonder how the pilot can be transformed. Who could say and to think that last year Kimi will be able to beat Vettel in qualifying fight Yes, Ferrari is not where it should be, but Kimi Raikkonen has clearly done a great job, and if not for some problems with the car, he could beat Vettel in the individual competition.I am sure that in the coming year, he will achieve even greater success, his dream continues".

2014-12-29 14:24:03

Steve Robertson I will remember that victory forever

Steve Robertson I will remember that victory forever

Steve Robertson, Manager of Kimi Raikkonen, before himself appeared in Formula 3, where he led the battle for victory with Mika Hakkinen and Mika Salo. Two Finn were the dominant force in the League and won all the races except one, which was won by Robertson. It was a victory at Silverstone in a very important race, included in the number of support races of the Grand Prix Formula 1.Steve Robertson "For me it was a very important race. Each of us tried to prove themselves as best they can. I understand what is required to become a leader right away, but then from pole position started Hakkinen. I got out of the car all to the last drop and walked it already in the first lap. The rest of the race I was under attack MICS, but not broken. I won that race, and I will remember that feeling forever Hakkinen was already distinguished by their incredible talent. He was very precise and too fast for Formula 3. This speed and incredible accuracy helped him to become a champion in Formula 1.

2014-07-03 11:14:02

Steve Robertson Kimi and Sebastian similar problems

Steve Robertson Kimi and Sebastian similar problems

In an interview with Finnish Turun Sanomat Manager of Kimi Raikkonen Steve Robertson said that this season, with his client has got the same problem as Sebastian Vettel.

Steve Robertson "It is true that Kimi and Sebastian similar problems. Among machines of the new generation is much less clamping force in the front part, which affects the piloting. It is hoped that the Ferrari engineers will solve this problem as soon as possible, making it so that the machine will meet the wishes of the driver.

On Tuesday after the British Grand Prix at Silverstone will be held a two-day test in a Ferrari one day work Raikkonen, and the second, dedicated to the tests on the program Pirelli - Pedro de La Rosa.


2014-04-17 21:04:03

Robertson Kimi no likes to write off problems on bad luck

Robertson Kimi no likes to write off problems on bad luck

The beginning of the season is shaping up to Ferrari is not the best way, after three stages Fernando Alonso takes 5-th place in the individual championship, and Kimi Raikkonen - only 12-E. However, the Manager Finn, Steve Robertson, says that Kimi intends to overcome the difficulties and together with a team to achieve better results.

"Kimi is a real professional and, by the way, now he is the most senior among racers of Formula 1 - quoted Robertson Finnish newspaper Turun Sanomat. - In the past it was more than once in such situations, when things were not perfect.

We talked to him in Bahrain, and, of course, after the race Kimi was disappointed, but at the same time, he really fighting spirit and desire to achieve high results. I have no doubt, for the Ferrari is very important that Kimi and Fernando Alonso - experienced masters and able to provide adequate information about the machine that is needed to Refine. At the same time, they can create the right atmosphere in the team and motivate all at a more efficient".

It so happened that during the first races of the season, Raikkonen there were some difficulties with McLaren racers, first of all, with the debutant of the season, Kevin Magnussen that, of course, also affected the results.

"Kimi no likes to write off problems on bad luck, - said Robertson. "But I'm somewhat inclined to agree so far this year, the luck is not on his side. On the other hand, if the racer on this or Noah reason has to start from the middle of the field, the risk of collisions increases."

Speaking about the situation in which was the Scuderia after retirement Stefano Domenicali, Robertson stressed that Mark Mattiacci, the new leader of the team will need some time to adapt, but it will not affect the riders "of Course, it may take some time until it will explore the team, but the professional level Kimi and Fernando are able to adapt to different circumstances.

According to the information Turun Sanomat, for the transition period the number of functions of Domenicali associated with the management team, will take Antonello of colletta, in February 2014 appointed head of sports programs in the world.


2014-04-15 15:54:03

Racers are dissatisfied with the delay of salaries

Racers are dissatisfied with the delay of salaries

Last year Kimi Raikkonen missed the final two races of the season because of an operation on the back, but in the paddock was rumored that in this way Finn reacted to delay salary from Lotus. According to the information of Sport Bild, world champion and has not received their money, while in Bahrain, Manager, racer Steve Robertson met with the new leader of the team of Enstone Frederico Gastaldi to discuss this issue.

However, Kimi Raikkonen is not the only rider who are in a similar situation. Payments for previous years or during the current season waiting Roman Grosjean, Niko Hulkenberg, Adrian Sutil and Kamui Kobayashi.

On the eve of the Grand Prix of Malaysia most riders signed a paper in which testified mutual respect and threatened to strike if the financial160 the problem will not be solved. According to the information of Sport Bild, this agreement is not signed only Raikkonen and Hamilton. Pilot Ferrari is not a member of the Association of racing drivers GPDA and does not participate in meetings, and motives of the racer Mercedes remain unclear.

Niko Hulkenberg "We do not make public what is discussed within the Association, except in those cases when violated our rights. Delay of payments is a serious problem, but the commands are not paying the racers not because they like it. They just have no money, because the Formula 1 is too expensive sport.

The teams know the situation with the racers and understand that they can easily change. Probably, not always they are replaced as the strongest drivers, but it works, and commands use".

Manager Raikkonen Steve Robertson added "Such things are bad for the sport."


2013-07-27 15:34:02

Steve Robertson Talks continue

Steve Robertson Talks continue

Steve Robertson, Manager Kimi , in an interview to the Finnish TV channel MTV3 confirmed that the negotiations with the teams on a possible contract for 2014 with his team continue, however, refused to comment in detail the situation.

«I can tell only that the agreements are not reached yet, " said Robertson. - Negotiations and discussions are continuing. I can't speak on their details, but the question still remains open. But while the contract is not signed, I can't comment on anything. I hope the process will be completed in the foreseeable future».

When Robertson asked if he could confirm that the more active negotiations are underway with Red Bull, he replied «You put me in a quandary, because I can not add anything to what has already been said. The negotiations will be continued».


2013-01-31 00:14:03

Japan'92 Christian

Japan'92 Christian

Race 531 25 October 1992. Grand Prix Of Japan.

Pole - Nigel Williams FW14B160- 1.37,360 216,828 km/h

The best round - Nigel Williams FW14B160- 1.40,646 209,749 km/h

Winner - Riccardo Williams FW14B160- 133.09,553 200,168 km/h

Wishing to buy a ticket on the rostrum of the Suzuki in the Country of the rising sun is always so much that lucky traditionally determined by lottery. In 1992 took part in it seven million people -160although the winners received tickets not even, and the only opportunity to purchase them for their money This figure is all the more surprising that both titles by that time had been drawn.

But that is how these Japanese160-160in any overseas celebrities they see the idol, around which are ready to create a real cult. The main hero at the junction of 80-s and 90-s was, of course, Ayrton Senna. But after a series of triumphant seasons behind the wheel of a McLaren, when the Brazilian won three titles in four years, in 1992, he could oppose nothing to the Alliance Williams and Renault.

Yes, and the leader of the British team Nigel was not present on the track. And on the eve of the Grand Prix of Japan Frank Williams announced that in the new season, it was the first pilot will be released with a one-year "vacation" Alain Prost. For it meant only one thing the way of the Williams now ordered, as well as his McLaren remained in 1993 without engines Honda, prospects didn't look too rosy.

Who knows, perhaps it was the thought, negative energy from the pilot to the car, have led to a gathering of Senna in after three rounds. On that day at all, it was a lot of failures Michael Schumacher led transmission for a German of Benetton it was the first and the only break in the season, and looking at this time, quite convincingly pilots Lotus johnny Herbert and Mika Hakkinen's160-160gearbox and motor respectively.

Such a massive self-elimination of the leaders made it possible to achieve good results to those of middle peasants, who could still get to the tartan flag. However, the main intrigue of the race was all the same argument for the victory. From the start this time as usual was the leader Nigel . The British have recently ready to leave Formula 1 after another failure, now so fed up with wins by a large margin from his pursuers, he became bored to fight on the road.

In Monza he even went so far as to let his partner Riccardo , in order to feel again the forgotten taste of a duel. It had ended badly160-160both Williams suddenly broken. But no example was for the British instructive, and the , winning a teammate about 20 seconds, he repeated the same reception

Unbelievable, but the projectile fell into the familiar funnel as soon as a Big voluntarily gave leadership and began to press a Riccardo, he immediately broke the motor And here is the this time was more lucky Williams did not disappoint his pilot, allowing veteran win a final victory in a long and interesting career.

Gerhard Berger from McLaren lost at the finish line only 15 seconds, although I had spent two pit-stop against one of the Italians, and closed the first three popular in our days commentator Martin Brandl, launched at Benetton only with the 13-th position, but once again confirmed the old truth that the reliability of the races are often much more important than pure performance.160


The team Larrousse Bertrand Gascho and Yukio Katayama go the distance on collided with each other. The accident in the "" was very serious, but the most amazing thing is up to the partners just were unable to share the road at the Grand Prix of Canada. Now that's really true saying, that teammate for any pilot F1160-160chief rival.


Sixth-place finish in the Japanese race allowed to earn the first in the career of glasses of young pilot Minardi Christian .160the Owner of well-known names, it was a lot of talented many other racing heirs, but was not able to realize their potential nor in the Formula 1, nor in many other series, which came out at the start.

Christian was born in 1971 in Sao Paulo. His father was Wilson , the elder of two brothers-racers, which praised Brazil for the whole world. The boy was named in honor of one of her fellow countryman160Christian Heinz, who in 1963-m crashed in Le Mans.

On his rod was written to continue the family tradition, but his father, at that time already the one who has cognized the bitter essence of motor sport after the inglorious death of family F1 team, set a condition Christian may count on the financial support, but only to a very limited extent. The result of it was to achieve himself.

And sought. After a season in the local Formula 3 he moved to England, where immediately became the fourth in the championship of the same class. 19-year-old newcomer gave only the economy , Mika Salo and160-160that curious160-160Steve Robertson, the current Manager Kimi .

In 1990, Christian moved to 3000, and there showed his talent in all its glory. Young rider without delay won the title. Partly, it must be admitted, he helped the rate to the chassis Reynard - in the season it was the only right choice. But it is also worth noting commendable stability of the Brazilian, who just twice in ten races did not reach the finish line, but the others had finished no lower than fourth.

The ability to bring the car to a tiled flag in the future will be a distinctive feature of the rider, while also interesting to note that he was in the summary table above such rivals as Alessandro , Damon hill, Heinz-Harald and Allan McNish.

In spite of the apparent successes of the transition in Formula 1 was associated with the well-known difficulties. The talent was already far not the determining factor in the world of racing profit and net". To conclude a contract managed only with Minardi, and performances for the team never promised athletes easy life.

And it happened so. The best result in the first seven races of 1992, it became the eighth place extracted, however, in Monaco, and in the qualification of the eighth caught in a very nasty accident, injuring his back. He remained without racing more than a month, then twice failed to pass the qualification160-160and only on the penultimate stage in Japan reminded of itself, starting with the best by the time of the 12-th position and finishing 6th.

Cooperation with Minardi lasted in 1993. In the first half of the championship of white cars of the Italian team looked quite well, at the season-opening stage in South Africa finished fourth, then became the fifth in Monaco. But in the summer of eternal poverty Giancarlo recalled himself160-160car almost not modified, because Christian could please the command only regular finish waypoint.

Separately it is necessary to recall the race at Monza, where Brazilian, occupies the eighth place in the last few meters hit back at his partner, Pierluigi Martini, after which described together with the machine amazing flip, without viewing the recording of which nobody has the right to be a real fan of F1.

But the case of the team went so bad, that on two of the final stages of the wheel had to put paid pilots. same, in spite of the conclusion of the contract, away from the exit gate. However, the relations with Minardi and so exhausted160-160the rider needed more fast technique.

Such in 1994 found the Footwork so at that time called the Arrows. Built Alan Jenkins machine, in spite of the ordinary motor Ford, was very successful. It is quite sensitively reacted to change the settings, but if the choice was driving very fast. But it marred the depressingly low reliability.

In Christian rode third, in Monaco, starting the sixth, also rose to the podium area. However, the constant breakdown of all the efforts of the pilot and crew. Two fourth places160-160at the Pacific Grand Prix and in Germany160-160does not reflect the true possibilities of the pilot and of the machine. In the second half of the season, the situation is complicated by the fact that the FIA sensitive redrew regulations, while the funds on the value of trouble technology have a poor command not found.

The Brazilian has once again demonstrated enviable stability, a total of five times against 12 of his partner, Gianni not reaching the finish. However, this result required in-depth study, but six points and 15-th place by the end of the season lay on the surface.

Now it is difficult to give an unambiguous answer as to why none of the managers of the top teams are not interested in the heir to the glorious names of , whose abilities have been at least not less than the Damon heal with Jacques . Perhaps, has been affected by the fact that my uncle and father of the rider parted in a Big Prizes without special warmth. But the fact remains160-160after three seasons on the weak technique Christian had to leave Formula 1.

He, in the footsteps of many other Brazilians, moved to America, where stability has been in the price. But appearances in the series CART brought not only two wins, but two serious accidents with fractures of legs. And they have precisely at the moment when the Brazilian seemed ready for great achievements. But after eight years of cooperation with the strong team of Newman/Haas he was never able to rise above the fifth lines in the championship.

was barely thirty, and he was disappointed in the race on both sides of the Atlantic. Christian for a long time performance, adding to the record starts in NASCAR, Le Mans and the championship of A1GP, but the best years are behind us. The driver is clearly excelled in the sport achievements of his father Wilson160-160but here the indicators uncle Emerson, despite the undeniable talent, come closer and I could not.

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GP2 Felipe Nasr has signed a contract with DAMS

GP2 Felipe Nasr has signed a contract with DAMS

The last year's champion british F3, one of the most promising young brazilian pilots Felipe Nasr has signed a contract with the team of DAMS and hold the season of the year 2012 in the GP2 series. His partner will be an experienced David .

Felipe Nasr "I'm happy we managed to agree on all the details and this year I will be able to act in GP2. Thanks to the support of my family, manager Steve Robertson, brazilian sponsors and DAMS I had an excellent opportunity to make progress and demonstrate their skills.

I have much to learn, and I am sure that the contract with DAMS and a performance near with a strong partner in GP2, will allow me to quickly get started and to get acquainted with new tracks. I have no words to describe my pride, that I will perform under the flag of their country with the support of two major brazilian sponsors".

2011-12-01 13:00:03

Steve Robertson Kimi too early retired from Formula 1

Steve Robertson Kimi too early retired from Formula 1


2011-09-30 21:20:02

In Williams seriously count on

In Williams seriously count on

The absurd gathering Kimi with the distance of the Rally de France and now it is already clear that he will not be able to continue the struggle even under SupeRally system in next time it makes you think about the Finnish racer will in the next season.

If in the past year he appeared in the WRC for the plant's team Citroen, that in this, he had to turn to the start of the championship own team Ice 1 Racing, because its results are not convinced Olivier , head of Citroen Motorsport.

"On the spot so that I would have felt some disappointment about the rally, "said the frenchman.

May be, Raikkonen, the world champion of 2007, is ready to return to Formula 1

F1News.Ru already talked about unannounced visit finn on the base of Williams F1. Talk about the true purpose of his visit to the Grove and excursions, which he personally conducted Adam Parr, there were many, however, the team categorically refuses to comment, while not denying the fact of the visit.

It is easy to assume that Kimi would not mind to return to Formula 1, and the british team is ready to offer him a place partner Pastor Maldonado. Difficult to find weighty arguments in favor of this scenario, causing the experts have serious doubts.

In a fresh issue of the authoritative weekly Autosport is given a number of quite logical arguments, explaining why the relationship Williams F1 and unlikely to prevail.

How strong motivation Kimi, two of the season, if at the time he did not hide, that the Formula 1 him a few bored On the other hand, the team from the Grove really need financial support, as Raikkonen will not be free of charge or for a token price, because in the time of work in the Ferrari he was one of the richest sportsmen of the world, and accustomed to a multimillion-dollar fee.

Perhaps Adam Parr and other leaders Williams suggest that the famous finn will be a good bait for the sponsors. However, we all remember that the fulfillment of obligations to sponsors was to Kimi this burden, and to this part of the work of racing Formula 1, it was very cool. They say that because of this, or including because of this, his manager Steve Robertson has failed to agree with McLaren, and in the end mate Lewis Hamilton became Jenson Button. It is clear that in Woking this is not spared.

In a word, it is unlikely that any of the serious companies or banks "take" on a loud the name of the Finnish racer with a mixed reputation, except that able to bring with them their own sponsors, who can realistically support Williams in a difficult period. According to the information of Autosport, if she so remain on the 9-th line of the Cup of Designers, commercial structures Bernie will be paid to her by the end of the season no more than 6 million pounds sterling. The current season, in principle, considered to be the worst in the history of the once glorious team.

By the way, rumor has it that from the services of Rubens Barrichello in the Grove are going to refuse not only because of the low performance of the brazilian veteran, but also due to the fact that he, too, sleeves fulfilled obligations to sponsors.

Who will take his place, if the variant with Raikkonen is unattainable The team, as usual, refuses to comment, but an unnamed source in the Grove, for which refers Autosport, approves, that, most likely, preference will be given to any young and inexperienced rider, but with a solid financial support, as was the case with the contract Maldonado. The list of candidates may be long.

And what Kimi He is a free man, free to choose between returning to Formula 1, the continuation of the career in a rally, or the development of new racing disciplines, for example, will speak at the Le Mans. In fact, whatever it was, just would not get bored. The Finnish colleagues have been assured, that for a long time not seen him so happy, as the tests in the NASCAR and after the first real trial of strength in the oval circuit in Charlotte. May be, the american story will be continued, if not arise in the british isles.


2011-09-22 19:30:08

Raikkonen ready to accept the proposal Williams

Raikkonen ready to accept the proposal Williams

The world champion of 2007 Kimi Raikkonen in the next season may return to Formula 1 as part of Williams, reports BBC Sport. As you can understand, finn ready to accept the proposal of the team, and now the government of Williams weighs all of the arguments.

Anonymous sources, which refers to the air force, saying that the team does not want to renew the contract with Rubens Barrichello, although the 40-year-old veteran would be happy to stay and hold in the Formula 1 its 20th season.

The team has not commented on the situation, however, observers have doubts that Williams and Raikkonen will be able to agree on the amount of fees finn, although the team hopes that such a bright racer will be able to attract the attention of serious sponsors.

In any case, Williams should get out of the crisis strip, for 2011-the year was the worst season in its history the 5-th points after the 13-year-stages of the championship she takes the 9th place in the Cup of designers, ahead of only three new commands.

Two of the season, Raikkonen compete in the world rally, but did not achieve much success and seriously set back in Formula 1 - journalists believe the air force. Since the four top teams of the vacancies are anticipated, then Kimi is ready to consider the proposal of Williams, the more so in the Grove are serious reforms, aimed at strengthening of technical department.

According to estimates of the French website TomorrowNewsF1, Raikkonen may require a salary at the level of 12 million euro a year. However, it is possible that the base rate will be at the level of 4 mln.and the rest of the money can be promised him in the form of a prize, if he will be able to achieve appropriate results.

The Finnish tv station MTV3 on Thursday referred to Steve Robertson, manager and business partner , has told, that at the moment they do not conduct negotiations with the teams of Formula 1.

"All options are possible, "said Robertson, speaking about the next season. - Kimi may continue to speak at the rally, go to NASCAR, or even to return to Formula 1. But there is nothing to comment on, since no decision is not accepted".


2011-09-20 18:40:02

That may mean a visit and in the Grove

That may mean a visit  and in the Grove

On the command Williams F1 in the last days a lot of talk, because if you believe the rumors, recently, its base in the Grove in turn visited Kimi Raikkonen and Adrian .

As is known, the manager of the German racer absolutely disassociated himself from this, saying that they do not conduct any negotiations with Williams. Manager finn, Steve Robertson, on the contrary, has confirmed the fact of visit of his protege at the location of the british team, and representatives of Williams is also not denied.

However, it is difficult not to agree with the recording, which in my microblog on Twitter made a correspondent of Reuters agency Alan Baldwin "the Talk about the recent visit in Williams are of interest, and even more curious them is the fact that the team refuses to comment".

Speculation of various kinds of the interest of one or another of the team to the world champion of 2007 year were many, but as long as he continues to play in the world championship on rally, albeit with varying success, and periodically shows interest in other racing disciplines, in particular, to foreign NASCAR championship and the 24 hours of Le Mans".

On the one hand, theoretically, it can not be a hindrance to the negotiations with the teams of Formula 1, on the other, after two missed seasons it is unlikely that he is at the peak of fitness. In addition, it is known that the fees Kimi have always been among the highest in F1, and Williams, on the contrary, has a strong need for external financial support. However, in the coming months the veil of secrecy over the visit finn in Grove certainly clear.


2011-09-09 14:50:02

F3 Felipe Nasr hopes for communication Steve Robinson

F3 Felipe Nasr hopes for communication Steve Robinson

The champion of the british Formula 3 Felipe Nasr works with the well-known manager Steve Robertson, one of the client which is Kimi Raikkonen 19-year-old brazilian is hoping that the successes in motorsport, as well as the connection Robertson, help him to be in Formula 1.

Brazilian site reports that McLaren and Ferrari have shown interest to Felipe and ready to integrate it into their training programmes of young racers.

"I can't comment on, "said Nasr. "I mention these two commands, because at Steve with them a very good relationship. I know that when the time comes, he will be able to negotiate about my participation in the tests. When he sees that I'm ready, it will start talks with these commands".

In 2012 racer, most likely, will play in the World series Renault or in GP2, although the second option is less likely, because Felipe already not so many sponsors.

According to Felipe, two years ago, he rejected the proposal to join the youth program of Red Bull "I prefer that my manager was Steve Robertson, among whose clients were two champion of the world Kimi Raikkonen and Jenson Button. It focuses only on my career, while Red Bull at the same time working with five or six racers".


2011-03-30 19:50:03

Montoya welcomes the decision of Kimi on the transition in NASCAR

Montoya welcomes the decision of Kimi on the transition in NASCAR

If Kimi Raikkonen decided to go to NASCAR, then this is good news, says Juan Pablo Montoya, in their time together with finn speaking in the team McLaren.

As confirmed by Steve Robertson, manager , "Kimi might run a few races in the NASCAR series", and Montoya happy to run again compete with his former partner, but now in the most popular in the USA touring car championship.

"People say all sorts of things and this is a story I've heard, but if he really does have such plans, then it's good for Kimi, and for the sport, "said Montoya. "He's welcome here"

However, Montoya is the Sprint Cup, the top division of NASCAR, and Kimi while going to participate in a series Camping World Truck Series behind the wheel of a racing truck, and intends to create its own command. At the present time the finn is negotiating with different manufacturers of such machines and soon-to-determine the choice of technology.

Jeff Gordon, a four-time Sprint Cup champion, and Peak, the speaker of the race truck, also support the decision of Kimi.

"In my opinion, this is excellent - quoted Gordon agency Reuters. - As a long time fan of Formula 1, I watched the performances Kimi, for his victories, and it would be great if he will move to NASCAR".

He was echoed by Piquet jr. "If Kimi Raikkonen took the decision to go to the pick-up in NASCAR, it's good for our championship. Kimi will be interesting to see what the american race".

In recent years Raikkonen will be already the sixth former Formula 1 driver, who will try their strength in NASCAR.

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2011-02-08 11:24:05

and allow the interest to the place of

and  allow the interest to the place of


A terrible accident Robert and received in her serious injuries were put before a command of the Renault serious problem - to find the pole's a worthy replacement. As soon as it became clear that the restoration of Robert will need a lot of time, applicants for his place began to line up in a queue.

The Boss of Renault Eric Buje immediately made it clear that it will look for the pilot outside of the reserve team. That is, the Roman , neither Bruno Senna, nor the other pilots count on the participation in the race until may, as the team need a really fast runner, able to take the initiative and implement the ambitious plans of Renault.

The first name that came to mind many journalists - Kimi Raikkonen, however, the finn made it clear that it is not going to change rally at the Formula-1, and its relations with the leadership of Renault in the past year proved to be flawed. In any case, all the attempts to get through to the manager of the rider Steve Robertson yesterday failed.

One more candidate - Nico . The germans in the end of last season lost his place in Williams, giving its generously funded by the government of Venezuela Pastor Maldonado, but found a job of a test-pilot of Force India, however, the team of could let go of the rider under certain circumstances.

"We have a contract with Force India, and we are not going to take the initiative in contact with Renault, however, if they themselves will get in touch with us, we are going to try and negotiate. So far, we hope that Robert would recover" , - said the representative of the management Timo Hans.

Among other things, the place of today named Nick , Jarno Trulli, Pedro de la Rosa, Christian Wedge and , remaining without a contract with Force India because of Paul di Resta. Italian yesterday visited Robert in the hospital and made it clear that it will try to temporarily take the place of a pole.

"When Renault understand that Robert can't sit behind the wheel of a chance, and I definitely want to take advantage of them. I hope the team choose me as a replacement Kubica, " said .


2011-01-07 13:36:03

Manager denies that the driver is ready to quit sports

Manager  denies that the driver is ready to quit sports


Management of the world champion of 2007 Kimi denies that the driver interrupted any negotiations with potential employers and decided to hang up the helmet on a nail" because of the death of his father Matti a few days before Christmas.

"There is a lot of talk on this subject and, of course, Kimi upset by the death of his father, which is quite normal, but I believe in him, and that he would still go to the competitions, "said Steve Robertson. "He is a world champion, and he has a lot of options for continuing a career, but so far no decision has been made. I do not think that this question greatly delayed, because it is the January" .


2011-01-07 12:50:02

Steve Robertson, "Raikkonen remains in the sport."

Steve Robertson,

The manager of the world champion of Formula 1, 2007 Kimi Steve Robertson denies the rumors that after the recent death of his father, finn, in the last season speaking for the Citroen Junior in WRC, can complete performances in races.

"Of Course, Kimi very depressed by the death of his father, this is quite normal, "said in an interview with Finnish tv channel MTV3. "But I have no doubt that he will remain in the sport. Kimi - the world champion and he has a lot of options for continuing career. But at the moment we have nothing to add, I can only say that we will announce about its plans in the near time".

It should be noted that recently expired term of submission of applications for participation in all the stages of the world rally championship 2011, but was there among them a name , is unknown. Recently his co-Kai Lindstrom said that after the death of his father all the negotiations of the Finnish racer with a team of Citroen were suspended.


2011-01-06 17:36:05

Steve Robertson At Kimi there are a lot of proposals

Steve Robertson At Kimi  there are a lot of proposals


World champion 2007 Kimi Raikkonen, despite the rumors about the end of a career that followed the death of his father pilot, will continue to performances. In any case, this is the opinion of the manager of the rider Steve Robertson. "Kimi - world champion in Formula-1, therefore, he has a lot of proposals. But, at the present time, we can neither what to say" , - quotes Robertson AutoHebdo. season Kimi held in the Citroen Junior team in the WRC, however, after the death of his father, the driver stopped the negotiations on a season-2011.


2010-11-26 13:00:04

Steve Robertson Kimi still not closed the door to the Formula-1

Steve Robertson Kimi still not closed the door to the Formula-1


In spite of the fact that the world champion of 2007 Kimi Raikkonen will probably remain in the rally and at the season of 2011, his manager Steve Robertson insists that the finn had never parted, and not part with the prospect of a return to Formula-1 under certain circumstances.

"Of course, you always want to define its plans for the future as soon as possible, but sometimes this is not possible, "says Steve. "I hope, by the end of November we will know exactly in what direction we are going. We will not negotiate with anyone from the Formula-1, but Kimi did not put an end to it. You should never say "never" , it can do a very good suggestion.

I think that, if Kimi stayed in a Ferrari, in this year he would have done the same thing and Alonso. Fernando spent a great season, to which have nothing to add. I don't want to understand me wrong, but I think that Kimi would have made not less than a good job in this car."


2010-11-04 18:00:03

Raikkonen has no plans to return to Formula 1

Raikkonen has no plans to return to Formula 1

The debut season Kimi in the world rally championship was rich in trouble - the rare race finn managed to bring to the finish without incident. For the continuation of cooperation with the team Citroen for the ex-champion of Formula 1 is still under question, but even in such a situation, it excludes for itself the possibility of returning to the Big Prizes.

"I like to speak at the rally, and I want to continue, but for this we need to find a solution, - quotes the official site of the WRC. "I hope, soon we will clarify the situation, though so far no there are no guarantees".

The manager of the pilot Steve Robertson confirmed that no longer supports contacts with teams of Formula 1 "We are not trying to find where opportunities for career promotion. Kimi now focuses on the rally".

The Company Red Bull continues to support , but the volume of financing will decrease compared to the current season. Therefore, if the driver is not able to reach agreements with Citroen, he can go to the camp of the debutants of the WRC - Mini, or as it is in one of the private teams. "We are negotiating with many, and there are a lot of opportunities. Worry there is nothing to", "I'm sure Kimi.

In spite of the fact that many criticize , which has never stood in the finish protocol above the fifth place, there are those who believe that the famous racer need a series of WRC. "Some do not see sense in that makes Kimi. But in my opinion his speeches are very important for the WRC, - said Ford team boss Malcolm Wilson. - The pilots of such class, increase the level of the championship, draw attention to it and give reason for the conversation. Yes, as long as he only learns"but obviously he is capable of much. And besides, it's Kimi Raikkonen."


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Kimi Raikkonen is not considering the option of returning to Formula-1

Kimi Raikkonen is not considering the option of returning to Formula-1


World champion 2007 Kimi Raikkonen is not considering the possibility to return to Formula-1. About it declared today the manager of the rider Steve Robertson. "We no longer see the option to return to Formula-1. At present, we are focused on the rally. Of course, one can never be anything sure, but at the moment we are not considering the Formula-1, as . nothing yet finally settled, and nothing was signed. We are negotiating with several commands, but nothing beyond that I can not tell" , - quotes Robertson MTV3.


2010-09-16 16:00:04

Manager confirmed talks with Renault

Manager  confirmed talks with Renault

In an interview with Finnish Turun Samomat manager Kimi Steve Robertson confirmed talks with Renault F1 about signing of a contract for the season of 2011.

Steve Robertson "It's true, I spoke with Bouillet - now we are studying all options for the next season and were interested in the position of Renault. The press published many rumors about the continuation of the career Kimi, but I can say that he is not going to act in NASCAR".


2010-09-16 12:12:04

Manager Kimi I talked with Eric Buje

Manager Kimi  I talked with Eric Buje


Kimi Raikkonen and brothers

Manager of the world champion of 2007 Kimi - Steve Robertson, confirmed that really appealed with the proposal of the team Renault.

"All right, I actually talked to Buje. We want to explore all possible options for the next year. Kimi and I asked, what is the situation in Renault.

Now around lot of rumors. I even heard that Kimi may move to NASCAR, but this is certainly not our choice" , - quotes Robertson Turun Sanomat.


2010-06-30 19:50:05

Pirelli is ready to offer work test-pilot"

Pirelli is ready to offer  work test-pilot

The Italian company Pirelli, the selected supplier of tyres for Formula 1 for the next three seasons, is engaged in the organization of the tests of its new race rubber, but they may not take part racers, at the moment of the speakers in the world championship.

According to the information of the Finnish newspaper Turun Sanomat, head of sports programs Pirelli Floor even in the days of Grand prix of Turkey it is suggested that a reasonable option from his point of view, the ideal test-pilot could become Kimi Raikkonen.

"But I don't know, interested in whether Kimi such a proposal, " said .

The newspaper cites the comment of Steve Robertson, manager of the world champion of 2007 "Kimi is now fully focused on its rally program. But if we turn Pirelli, of course, we discuss it. And everything will depend on how it is interesting, and as such tests will fit into his schedule."

By the way, on the Citroen C4 WRC in which Raikkonen is in this year in the world championship on rally, standing Pirelli tires.

Robertson also denied rumors that the team Renault F1 shows interest in the services of his ward.


2010-06-30 14:00:04

Kimi Raikkonen could test the tyres Pirelli

Kimi Raikkonen could test the tyres Pirelli

The champion of the world of 2007 Kimi Raikkonen, speaking now in the world rally championship, is regarded by the company Pirelli as a candidate for the role of the tester Italian tires for Formula-1 of the sample 2011.

The main test session, which will be attended by all the teams of the championship, will take place immediately after the conclusion of the season in Abu Dhabi, but before this Pirelli I wanted to spend another series of tests, which can be activated or the car of the BMW Sauber, or Toyota TF110, which has remained without the case, when the japanese auto giant has decided to leave Formula 1.

As for the rider, who sit behind the wheel, they can become a test-pilot of the Mercedes GP Nick Heidfeld, however, some believe that this would give an unfair advantage of the "Silver arrows" , therefore, Pirelli is considering alternatives.

Sports boss Pirelli Floor , while in Valencia last weekend, mentioned the name of Kimi , making, however, the amendment to the fact that he did not know whether it will be interesting to finn.

Manager , Steve Robertson, in his turn, said "Now Kimi completely focused on what is involved, but if Pirelli will contact us and make a proposal, we will discuss his, and all further actions will depend on whether it will be interesting to Kimi and how it would fit into his schedule."


2010-06-02 11:36:04

Kimi Raikkonen is not yet decided on his future

Kimi Raikkonen is not yet decided on his future

The manager of the world champion of 2007 Kimi - Steve Robertson, said that the finn had not yet decided on his future, but does not exclude the possibility that he would return to Formula-1.rumored return to league Kimi could be connected with the team Red Bull, under the "patronage" of which at the present time Raikkonen is in the rally. But recently more and more often suggest that the contract with austrian team will sign't finn, and extend Webber. Still not quite clear how the extension of the agreement with Mark affect his accident in Turkey, when the companions of the Red Bull could not divide the track and missed a double victory. "Kimi devoted himself to the rally, and he seems to be enjoying the environment" , - so has commented on the rumors of a possible return head of Red Bull's Christian Horner in ., journalists Finnish edition Turun Sanomat, referring to the words Robertson, argue that the question still remains open. "While we have not had any discussions at the expense of the next season. The time will come and Kimi think of what he wants to do next" , - quotes Robertson Turun Sanomat.When the agent asked Kimi, is over whether the career in Formula-1, he said "Never say "never " " .


2010-01-23 16:20:03

The managers of new protege

The managers of  new protege

The Company Robertson Management, which resulted in Formula 1 Button and Kimi , announced support for the young brazilian racer Felipe - the champion of the european Formula BMW.

In the season of 2010, the driver will drive for the team Double R David and Steve Robertson in the british F3. The Steve said that his company has rejected a number of requests from young people, wishing to work only with potential champions, and have such potential is.

Steve Robertson "We don't just need the drivers, capable to compete in Formula 1, we want to work with someone who has the potential to become a world champion, and the Felipe I see many of the qualities that once saw in Kimi . He's very quick, perfect control of the car and not make mistakes. By Felipe real talent, which is not so often occurs in our business and the correct approach to the race - it is a quality no less important for the racer".

2010-01-22 22:50:03

The Decision will depend on the situation in Formula 1

The Decision  will depend on the situation in Formula 1

Steve Robertson, manager Kimi , confirmed that the decision to return to Formula 1, or no, the finn will be taken not earlier than in summer, and it will depend on the situation on the market of the riders.

Raikkonen said recently, that will be determined in the middle of the year, and Robertson believes that in June-July, it will be necessary to collect all the necessary information, on the basis of which it will be possible to build plans for the future.

"Kimi made it clear that it wants to return to Formula 1 only on the condition that he will receive the car, which will fight for victory in the race and the champion's title, "said Robertson Finnish newspaper Turun Sanomat. - Therefore the decision can be accepted not earlier than in summer, when the situation on the market of racers in 2011 will become clear when the sharing of the best places in the best teams of".