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DTM on the Moscow Raceway soon

DTM on the Moscow Raceway soon

Just four weeks left until the first Russian stage of the popular series DTM, which will take place August 2-4, at the autodrome Moscow Raceway.

If the Formula 1 - top racing machines with open-wheel, the series DTM in its nearly 30-year history has evolved into the Premier League, the competition «body» cars. During the 1984 she visited different parts of the world - from Brazil to Japan and China. Now the race this prestigious championship take place on the most famous European routes in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and Austria.

This year winning the battle on the race track of the three giants of the German automotive industry - Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, which are set in the DTM is fully factory teams and invite the strongest riders - will finally be able to Russian and racing fans. Moscow Raceway will be the 37th highway, and Russia is the 16th country in the history of the series. Stage DTM near Volokolamsk, should become one of the most memorable sporting events of the year for Russia. Agree, this can not miss

Tickets to the Russian stage DTM as a whole weekend, and separately on a daily basis can be bought in the Moscow office Moscow Raceway or here.

Tickets are three categories the «Golden» gives access to the main podium in front of pits, «silver» will allow to watch the races with Mercedes-Arena and the 3rd stands in the presence of the «bronze» of the ticket can choose between 1st, 2nd and 5th stands. However, any ticket is a pass in the paddock during all three days of the weekend, which will be filled not only by the events on the track, but also an extensive show program.

It is worth noting that the maximum of the spectacle and emotions is guaranteed with any of the stands for the DTM will be used short version of the Moscow Raceway, its length is 2.5 km, so the race 500-horsepower machines with fabulous sounding V8 engines will sweep past the spectators often and more. The distance of the Russian stage will amount to 74 circle - more only at brands hatch and , where, by the way, next weekend will be the closest race.160

In this season, with the introduction of DRS and the optional tyre race became even more interesting and unpredictable. The first four stages of the victory celebrated four different racer, and on the podium visited nine pilots, including the debutant of the championship Timo Glock - ex-Formula 1 driver finished third in .

The tournament table is headed by German Mike of Audi and canadian Bruno Spengler from BMW, which account for the same number of points. Test-pilot of McLaren and racer Mercedes DTM Briton Gary Paffett closes the three leaders in 12 points behind.

Continuation of the season, the second half of August 2-4, which will open stage in Moscow Raceway, promises to be incredibly intriguing. Do not miss the opportunity to see it with your own eyes

To purchase tickets to the Russian stage of the DTM, please contact the Central office of the Moscow Raceway at Moscow, Nizhny Susalny pereulok 5, p.15. Phone+7 495 775-38-31.



2013-07-04 21:54:03

Timo Glock believe in the success of Mercedes at the Nurburgring

Timo Glock believe in the success of Mercedes at the Nurburgring

On the eve of the British Grand Prix ex-Formula 1 driver Timo Glock has forecast the results of the race in Silverstone. If Timo participated in a competition of forecasts nonf1.ru then at the last stage would have earned 130 points, taking 710 place among all participants. Before the beginning of the weekend at the Nurburgring German racer has a new forecast.

Timo Glock «Grand Prix of Germany for my compatriots in Formula 1 is one of the brightest events of the season. For me, this day has always been particularly pleasant. Family and friends in such cases are able to be close, we can finally meet with the local fans, plunge in a familiar environment with a delicious meal and casual conversation along that much easier, even though in such weekends a little more normal.

Many fans think that we are familiar with such tracks as Nurburgring and the Hockenheimring, performances in the youth categories, and know them better than their foreign racing tracks. This is half true. Of course, Formula BMW and German Formula 3 more often pass on domestic routes, but also the lower categories of Motorsport seek international status. There you can meet with Spa and as fast as with or . In short, the performance of the building gives the rider advantage, but not too much.

Based on this, I want to make your predictions for the Grand Prix of Germany. I firmly believe in the further success of the Mercedes. I am sure that Lewis Hamilton will win, and Nico Rosberg will take second place. Although Niko now speaks very much, I think Lewis better adapt in a team and be able to add to speed. This can been seen already in Silverstone, until he's having problems. I very much hope that the tires more explode will not, as such things are really dangerous.

I think that Sebastian Vettel will be able to confirm its leadership in the world championship, having won the third place in the Eifel mountains. In the fourth place, I see Fernando Alonso, who often speaks at the Nurburgring very much, but it F138 can't seem now to claim victory. I think, as in Silverstone, Ferrari qualification will not look too great, but in the race will go much better. So I think that Fernando can win back a lot of positions.

So, here is my forecast the results of the race on the Nurburgring

1. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

2. Nico Rosberg Mercedes

3. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull

4. Fernando Alonso Ferrari

5. Mark Webber Red Bull

6. Kimi Raikkonen Lotus

7. Felipe Massa Ferrari

8. Paul di Resta Force India

9. Adrian Force India

10. Jenson Button McLaren

Pole Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

Fastest lap Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

The largest number of the performed positions Fernando Alonso Ferrari

I wish all the fans who come to watch the Formula 1 race on the Nurburgring, enjoy, and it is very important that the weather was good. I hope we meet typical for this area the rain, after all the teams have to work with a new set of tires. To learn necessarily need good weather conditions during all workouts. I myself am also very soon I will sit behind the wheel».


2013-06-28 15:34:02

Glock predicts dominance Vettel at Silverstone

Glock predicts dominance Vettel at Silverstone

On the eve of the Grand Prix of Canada, former Formula 1 driver Timo Glock has forecast the results of the race in Montreal. If Timo participated in a competition of forecasts nonf1.ru then at the last stage, he would have earned 114 points for finishing in 1906 place among all participants. Before the start of the British stage of the German racer has a new forecast.

Timo Glock «Pause between the races ended, every day is felt all the tension. The main issue is which team is better used the time after the Grand Prix of Canada, having achieved the greatest progress I believe that all the teams made a similar step forward, preparing novelties. I don't think we'll see any drastic changes in alignment of forces.

Legendary Silverstone - another track, where great importance is aerodynamics. A new sector has not changed anything in this regard. The victory can expect the team which is all right with downforce. In this aspect, the Red Bull - benchmark for many, so I put on their victory. I am convinced that Sebastian Vettel will conquer the pole and Sunday will fourth victory and increase the gap in personal offset.

Interestingly, as will hold a weekend of his team mate mark Webber. For the last three years he has won twice at Silverstone. Australian like the track, but the current machine he doesn't quite fit. Sebastian this year there is an advantage, let's see whether the situation will change in the next races. Perhaps, signing a contract with Porsche, mark will act in a more relaxed look. However, I do not think that at Silverstone he finishes higher than the fifth place.

Suppose, Mercedes will hold a strong weekend in England. The team clearly, progress has been made in the rubber, and the speed they had before. In the beginning of the season Nico Rosberg was faster than Lewis Hamilton, but I think at home for Lewis highway situation will change. I guess he finishes second, Fernando Alonso third, and Nico Rosberg fourth. Outside the top five of the struggle, as usual, will go between Lotus, Ferrari Force India and McLaren.

So, my forecast for the British Grand Prix Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Nico Rosberg, mark Webber, Kimi Raikkonen, Felipe Massa, Paul di Resta, Jenson button, Adrian Sutil. Pole Sebastian Vettel wins, he will show the fastest lap in the race. Most places on the grid will Sergio Perez».


2013-06-21 22:04:02

Booth "We expect a classic British Grand Prix"


The Marussia with enthusiasm for the home event and hope to succeed in Silverstone, although the team had never shone on this route. The best finishing position in the British Grand Prix remains 16th place Timo Glock in 2011.

Jules Bianchi «I am looking forward to this race home for team. According to the experience of the Grand Prix of Monaco I know how it feels, realized her dream, to be in Formula 1 and appear before the compatriots, so my companion, max , waiting for a special weekend.

In addition, the British Grand Prix is important for the whole team, and I hope to achieve its objectives - to contribute to the success of the team and continue the fight against direct rivals. The Grand Prix will come many members of the team, which is usually not present at the races they are important and pleased to see how we struggle on the track situated not far from our base. I like configuration Silverstone, I spoke here in different youth formulas and find it one of the best in the championship calendar. It is very fast, complicated and technical. I much has been preparing for this week-end, so look forward to Friday's training session».

Max Chilton «the British Grand Prix is a special competition, and there are several explanations, so great to be able to call this race home. Of course, it will be one of the highlights of my debut season. In addition, it is a home race for the team - Silverstone is situated 29 kilometers from the spacious rooms, so we literally stand on the outskirts of the base, feeling fantastic support team and partners. It changes nothing except when we can achieve high results and will strive towards this. The previous race in Silverstone I know that there's a great atmosphere and a whole sea of British flags, besides from the stands are dealt a rousing cheers. I am sure that this year will be bigger, because the race involved four British racer.

If we talk about the highway, it was always considered a pilot and has a special character. Here it really interesting to fly due to the high-speed turns, especially Copse, Becketts and Stowe. To this race, we have prepared some small new features, and will also continue to work with those details, which are tested before, so I'm confident in the successful weekend. If to speak about what will happen outside the track, we'll face tense, but interesting time - I often have to communicate with journalists. In General, I look forward to the beginning of the weekend».

John Booth, head of the team «At the British Grand Prix always interesting race and one of the highlights of the season for the teams and fans. We are proud that Marussia is the only English-Russian team, and next year we have two home race. Now, we are in spacious rooms, so we believe Silverstone home motorway. In addition, we are pleased that for the first time in the short history of the commands we have a British driver. Max is very happy to play for the first time in front of the home stands as a racer of the Formula 1, and because the local atmosphere is unique, it enjoys the support that viewers have all British racers.

In the UK stunning fans they are very well versed in Motorsport. The public is actively supported not only by his countrymen and all those who next weekend will succeed, because they want to see a good race. We hope to contribute to the events on the track and strive to achieve the maximum result at the finish, which allowed to continue to fight for position in the Cup of designers, and thank the team and our partners, many of whom come to the race. We look forward to an excellent weekend and classic British Grand Prix».


2013-06-09 21:04:02

Jules Bianchi "to Be an F1 driver is great"

Jules Bianchi

Jules Bianchi took only a few races to win the paddock. Despite little experience in Marussia the winter tests the contract was confirmed in the beginning of March, the Frenchman with the first Grand Prix steadily ahead of team mate and often found himself ahead of the Caterham. In-depth interviews for German site Motorsport-Total, he talked about how, how were these six months in Formula 1.

Question Jules, what it's like to be an F1 driver Shortly before the beginning of the season we had doubts about your debut.

Jules Bianchi to Be an F1 driver is great You are absolutely right the off-season turned out complex, but I was preparing for Formula 1 and negotiated with Force India. Long time I was not sure in success, but in any case, I was ready for a debut and still coping with their work.

Question you signed a contract with Twitter Whether preliminary talks

Jules Bianchi No. Contract became a big surprise for me. In Ferrari asked me to come to Barcelona to observe the tests. There I was told I was going to be a pilot Marussia. This is amazing

Question If I'm not mistaken, the contract was signed in Ferrari. What was the role of the Italian team Is there a connection with the supply of motors in 2014

Jules Bianchi Delivery of engines - it is quite another issue. I racer, also member of the Academy of Ferrari, but this team is important that I was in the Formula 1. She supported me and helped me to find a place. They were negotiating with Marussia, and it worked. A contract with me and delivery of engines for 2014 is two different topics.

Question Marussia cannot be called a top team, and the first race of the season you had no experience piloting their machines. You never doubted the validity of this choice

Jules Bianchi When we signed the contract, I was happy that became an F1 driver, and tried as best you can do your job. We with the team was little time to prepare for the season, but I am a little surprised that this year we had a nice car. For me it was a plus and minuses yet.

Question Tell us a little about yourself. Is it true that your grandfather too racing and granduncle even won the 24 hours of Le Mans

Jules Bianchi Yes. My grandfather and his brother were professional riders in the 60's and 70 agricultural My great-grandfather finished third in the Grand Prix of Monaco and won the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1968. My grandfather won a lot of races GT.

Question In your home many reminders about this Videos, pictures

Jules Bianchi I Have many memories of my grandfather. My great-grandfather died in 1969, I did not know him. But my grandfather is still alive.

Question You talk a lot about motor racing on it and your career

Jules Bianchi Of Course. Of course, cannot be compared to that era, but we often talk and talk a lot about motor racing.

Question did it have an impact on your arrival in karting, or the decision to make a career in Motorsport associated with it

Jules Bianchi greatest influence, of course, had the fact that he owned a go-cart course. I was there every day, my whole life revolved around karting. From the very beginning I wanted to be involved in Motorsport.

Question When you learned that your family such achievements in Motorsport

Jules Bianchi About 10 or 12 years old when I began to seriously go-karting. Then I learned that my grandfather was a great racer.

Question After carting everything for you successfully Formula 3, GP2, the work of a test pilot with Force India, participated in the Academy of Ferrari. Perhaps you could assume such a.

Jules Bianchi so far career was very successful. After the Formula 3 I wanted to win GP2 and a little angry, when it twice took only third place. On the other hand, it is a good result. Before the debut in Formula 1, I regularly found himself in the top three by the end of the season, and it is very good. Not everything went according to plan. As I said, in the GP2 series and World series by Renault I wanted to win the title, but in these Championships enough to take second position. In General, everything went well. There were several difficulties, but there were pleasant moments.

Question you've spoken about GP2 how important today competitive machine Your predecessor in Marussia Timo Glock failed appeared in a team BCN, but after the transition in iSport won the title. The difference between the teams of great

Jules Bianchi of Course, the commands are different, but not so much. Perhaps the difference between the best and worst machine does not exceed half a second.

Question How debutant you have made an excellent impression on many of the paddock. How do you feel about that Please tell us, how was your season.

Jules Bianchi In essence, everything went very well. I did not know the command when you came to Australia, but I had a good feeling about this. This is a big plus, the race was successful, I took the 15-th position. In the second race I finished 13-meters of Course, we were a bit lucky due to accidents, but still, this is a good result. In China I was again occupied the 15th position, held an interesting fight with Caterham and was even able to attack at the end of the race. In Bahrain had to be more complicated, but we again managed to finish. The only accident occurred in Monaco. I am satisfied with the start of the season and I hope it continues that way. There can sometimes be problems, but we give maximum and hope for good results.

Question You are in a difficult situation. On the one hand, we need to help the team achieve progress, on the other - in the ordinary course of events in the race you have no chance to earn points. In the end, your main goal is to concentrate on ourselves, attract attention. Is there a contradiction

Jules Bianchi as For me there. I always try to give everything, as it did in the Force India. Approach does not change. I want to achieve maximum results for the team and do not think about the glasses - I was more interested in how to increase the speed of the machine and overtake an opponent who goes in front of me.

Question it Should be easier not to think about the glasses - so the pressure becomes less.

Jules Bianchi Yes, it so, but the pressure is always there. You want to get ahead of the other and to the pilots of the Caterham is important for the team. If we managed to get ahead of this team in the Cup of designers, it is important to keep the position, because there are a lot of races in which we will not that fast, as they. Sometimes we give them in speed, but the position in the Cup of designers is very important for the team, so we need some good results.

Question You are max are in the same situation as pilots Caterham you do not have much experience. Now Charles Peak and Guido van der garde helps Heikki Kovalainen. Do you think that you could use the help Timo Glock as the third racer

Jules Bianchi I don't think we are max assistance was needed in the first races, because we coped with their work. We have not had a problem with the settings, if they appeared in the first training session, we were able to solve them in the following two sessions before qualification and race. Of course, I have far less experience than Timo and experience is very important in Formula 1, but on the other hand, we are max - good racers and fought well in the Junior series. I think we don't have so many problems.

Question did you Find any areas in which it should be added

Jules Bianchi Always have something to add, even if you have perfected.

Question For Example

Jules Bianchi Hard to say. From race to race everything changes, because on the one line you a good deal, and on the other the need to adapt your style of piloting.

Question Is there a specific type of tracks that fits you

Jules Bianchi Rather, it is a route type of Barcelona, where there is high-speed turns. Tracks with slow turns, for example, in Bahrain, I like.

Question What do you think of tyres Pirelli Now a lot of talk about it.

Jules Bianchi I am happy with these tires. All in the same situation.

Question In the race still wins the fastest racer Is it true that you are attacking in turns, so as not to burden the tires

Jules Bianchi In the race, you cannot pass circles as well as in qualification, but necessary to use the potential of the machine and the control tyre wear. If this succeeds, then the winner is the fastest.

Question In GP2.

Jules Bianchi No, in GP2 the same thing. You can help spread throughout the race, because it has only one pit stop. If you constantly attacked, they would have had to spend two pit stop, and this is a big waste of time.

Question What is the result of the season you would be satisfied

Jules Bianchi As in the first race, we must achieve good results and finish in the maximum number of races. This is extremely important for us.

Question next year you hope to be in a more competitive team

Jules Bianchi I don't think about the next season.

Question But do you dream someday find yourself behind the wheel of a Ferrari

Jules Bianchi this is the dream Of any driver, but now I'm in the Marussia.

Question Your boss at the Academy of Ferrari was Luke , who used to work with Michael Schumacher. He still helps you in the race weekend

Jules Bianchi Yes. He was on the road in several Grand Prix. Besides, I can always call him if I had some kind of problem.

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2013-06-07 20:24:04

The Marussia not intend to invite Glock

The Marussia not intend to invite Glock

Signing a contract with two young pilots, the team Caterham periodically invites dismissed Heikki - experienced Finn helps engineers with the machine. In Canada, the journalists of the German Motorsport Total asked the head of Marussia John buta - whether she plans to have the same aim invite Timo Glock acting now in the DTM.

John Booth «We are pleased with the feedback from and Bianchi. Timo helped us in the past three years, but we must find their way in this business.

Glock for three years performed on the terrible machine, but now we have made progress, the machine became much more competitive, so to compare them does not make sense. Timo is a great guy, and I believe he will succeed in the DTM».


2013-06-06 15:54:03

Timo Glock puts on the victory of Fernando Alonso

Timo Glock puts on the victory of Fernando Alonso

On the eve of the Grand Prix of Monaco ex-Formula 1 driver Timo Glock has forecast the results of the race in Monte Carlo. If Timo participated in a competition of forecasts nonf1.ru then at the last stage, he would have earned 139 points, taking 49 place among all participants. Before the canadian stage of the championship of the German racer, with this season speaker in the body DTM championship, made a new forecast.

Timo Glock «it was Finally beginning to take shape On the road in I earned the first podium in the DTM, and my prediction to win Nico Rosberg in Monaco come true. Niko had a great race and achieved a well-deserved success. But if he can repeat this result in Montreal Doubt. Canadian track doesn't look like Monaco, she absolutely different characteristics.

In Montreal much more important than a high maximum speed and perfect compromise between speed, direct, good acceleration at the outlet of the turns, manageability when changing the direction and stability on the brake. Also it is important to protect the tyre. In addition, the island of Notre Dame lot of depends on weather. Meteorologists promise rains in the next weekend, and then the situation would resemble a lottery. So making predictions is very difficult.

In recent years, in Montreal, acted successfully McLaren racers. Now, however, expect more difficult because the MP4-28 is still inferior to machines of leading teams. I think it is best for the canadian route with all its features suitable vehicle Red Bull Racing and Ferrari. It seems to me that according to the qualification results racers of these two teams will fight for the pole, and few of them will concede Kimi Raikkonen.

I think, in Canada must succeed Fernando Alonso, because his car has well shown themselves on the routes requiring low downforce. Also Ferrari F138 features good adhesion of wheels with asphalt during acceleration. I think that the Spaniard wins Grand Prix, the second finishes Kimi, and the third place will get Sebastian Vettel. Behind him the checkered flag will see Felipe Massa and mark Webber.

Outside the top five of the possible surprises. I think that I may speak for Force India. At least if the track conditions are normal, the machine VJM06 will show themselves quite well. I think Adrian Sutil and Paul di Resta can take 6-th and 7-th place, having outstripped the security Button. I foresee that the team Mercedes may have problems with speed, so, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton closed prize in the top ten.

So, my forecast for the Grand Prix of Canada Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen, Sebastian Vettel, mark Webber, Adrian Sutil, Paul di Resta, Jenson button, Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton.

Pole position to win Fernando Alonso, he will pass the fastest lap. And most of all positions during the race will play Kimi Raikkonen.

I am sure it will be a thrilling race. When in Montreal motors, Wake up all local marmots. In General, I always liked the trip to Canada. This city is always full of life, always something going on, there is no excess of glamour, and just reigns good mood.

However, this route is the famous Wall of Champions. I wonder who first it hurt Personally, I already have a candidate.»


2013-05-23 10:54:06

Timo Glock Monaco wins Rosberg

German ex-pilot of Formula 1 Timo Glock fully convinced that in Monaco wins his compatriot Nico Rosberg."This the race will be very intense, incredible and traditionally interesting, " said Glock. - Every year we observe here the most interesting race, I think that this time the show will be stunning. Victory in this prestigious stage expensive teams, pilots and sponsors, because everybody is trying to be here . will win this difficult track This will Nico Rosberg My forecast is that Nico is a pilot rarely belongs to fallible people on the road. He is able to pass unmistakable fastest lap in qualifying, win it and then draw the correct race. He may again face problems with the rear tires, but the trick is that it will not be able to overtake. The opposition will try to, but only stronger wear out its rubber. Their only chance of error by Rosberg, but, as I said above, it very rarely wrong, because has a chance of winning this Sunday".

2013-05-22 21:44:02

Glock puts on victory Nico Rosberg in Monaco

Glock puts on victory Nico Rosberg in Monaco

On the eve of the Grand Prix of Spain ex-Formula 1 driver Timo Glock has forecast the results of the race in Barcelona. If Timo participated in a competition of forecasts F1News.ru then at the last stage, he would have earned 100 points, taking 2856 place among all participants. Before the start of the Grand Prix of Monaco German racer has a new forecast.

Timo Glock «it will be a unique Grand Prix of Monaco. This is an important step for all the teams, their sponsors, and of course, the pilots. The fact that the Formula 1 every year in Monaco, pays tribute to traditions. One can argue about how good this track is compared with modern , but personally I am glad that race still held here.

I will say frankly that stage in Monaco is good, until you do not need to get behind the wheel of a racing car. Pilots have to make a difficult job should turn-by-turn, has to work the pedals, the transfer switch on the steering wheel and think about how not to touch a protective barrier.

Exactly on such narrow and challenging runs visible difference between the competitors. Among the pilots are the real experts in Monaco. The last few years have convinced me that they include mark Webber and Nico Rosberg. I even predict a victory to one of them - Niko. He grew up in Monte Carlo and knows every part of the route. In addition, the qualification machine Mercedes very fast is a good basis.

In several previous stages pilots Mercedes were incredibly fast on Saturdays strength of their machines can be called acceleration, which is especially important in Monaco. So I think that Rosberg would win the pole position. On the streets of the Principality of victory in qualification for success in the race, even the introduction of DRS could not change it. If the machines Mercedes again start to have problems with the rear tires, rivals will be difficult to overtake them, if the racer does not admit a mistake, and Niko almost never wrong. In Monaco, it is important to carefully spend race as barriers located close to the highway, and the slightest mistake can lead to accident and crash.

So, my forecast for the Grand Prix of Monaco Nico Rosberg, Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, mark Webber, Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen, Felipe Massa, Adrian Sutil, Jenson button, Paul di Resta. Pole wins Nico Rosberg, best of show mark Webber, Fernando Alonso will play most of all positions».


2013-05-10 10:54:04

Timo Glock the Changes will not be - Red Bull win again

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Timo Glock, now acting in the DTM, believes that at the Spanish Grand Prix win pilots of Red Bull."Let season for many of the teams begins precisely with the return to Europe, all the same changes in the alignment of forces will be insignificant, - considers the Glock. - Of course, after such a long break, some commands will bring with them serious packages of modernization, which started to be developed since the winter testing, but all the same, seriously this is the position of the leader will not be affected. Personally, I have no doubt that in the race of The Grand Prix of Spain will win the pilots of Red Bull. With a high probability I can assume, that the winner will be again Sebastian . assumptions are based on the fact that Adrian once again able to create a car with perfect aerodynamics, to which so far no one has succeeded. And this aspect could still be not so important in Monaco, but it is in Barcelona efficiency of aerodynamics is on the first place. Yes still the same, it seems, that the Austrian team sorted out more than the rest of the work to the rubber. I'll bet that they will work on the double victory all weekend.

2013-05-08 22:24:02

Timo Glock designates the victory Sebastian

Timo Glock designates the victory Sebastian

On the eve of the Grand Prix of Bahrain of the ex-pilot of Formula 1 Timo Glock made a forecast for the upcoming race. If Timo participated in the contest forecasts F1News.ruthen at the last stage, he would have earned 95 points and took 2939 place among all participants. Before the start of The Grand Prix of Spain German racer, now acting in the DTM, again shared his expectations.

Timo Glock «Finally, the season begins in earnest Formula 1 returned home in Europe. It is likely that after a three-week break in the alignment of forces undergo some changes. Most of the teams arrive in Barcelona serious technical novelties. Let's see what will come of this. But, to be honest, in my opinion, these changes will not be quite so big. I suppose, Red Bull Racing will remain a leader, and the Sebastian Vettel will have good chances to fight for the victory.

Machine Red Bull differs perfect aerodynamics, and in Barcelona is an extremely important factor. The fact that the winter tests on this route RB9 not surprised by the speed, still nothing said. The temperature in this weekend will be absolutely other, machine since then has changed, and the team already kind of figured out the peculiarities of rubber. Ready to assume, that Red Bull will set the tone and on Saturday and Sunday.

The Adrian , of course, there are good ideas, and he will be able to test them in the days of the Spanish weekend. In addition, Pirelli has changed the composition of the Hard. This may mean that now the Red Bull will again be able to fully demonstrate his strength. In my opinion, the Vettel good chance, and I'm ready to put on his victory. However, it is worth paying attention to the Mercedes.

In this season we've seen that in the qualifications racers of the team to demonstrate a very decent speed. It can be assumed that now, when everything has already found a more correct approach to tires, the Mercedes able to achieve a more sustainable pace in the race. I suppose, Nico Rosberg finishing second, Lewis Hamilton will take the fourth place, and Fernando Alonso put between them. I do not think that McLaren be able to demonstrate some definite progress, but, perhaps, this command us another surprise.

So, my forecast for the Grand Prix of Spain Sebastian Vettel, Nico Rosberg, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, mark Webber, Kimi Raikkonen, Felipe Massa, Roman , Jenson button, Adrian .

Pole also get , but he drove the fastest lap. More than all the positions on the race course will be playing Fernando Alonso».


2013-05-01 10:04:03

Marussia Chilton was to speak with the Glock

Technical consultant Marussia Pat Symonds said that the pilots in the stable was to be different."More a year ago we planned to sign a contract with max Chilton, " said Symonds. "However, we wanted to we stayed experienced Timo Glock. But the problems with finances have forced us to sign a contract with the newcomers that I personally do not like. Max and Jules had a lot of experience of performances in other racing series that helps them compete in Formula-1, but so far they do not have the knowledge, which are necessary for strong performances, which could show Timo".

2013-04-30 01:24:03

Symonds the Next season promises to be very interesting

Symonds the Next season promises to be very interesting

In an interview with Sky Sports Online a veteran of the Formula 1 Pet told about the difficulties he faced, working as the technical Director of the team Marussia F1.

Question let us first in the recent past when you started to cooperate with a team of Marussia

Pat Symonds for the First time I started something for them to do in February 2011, but it was at the level of consultations. The team wanted to, so I appreciated the organization of all processes and gave some recommendations - this work took only two days a week, and I have it combined with other classes.

Question And what do you recommend

Pat Symonds First of all, the team should change the place of deployment and move to his motor valley» i.e. in the area of . But most importantly, they had to assume full responsibility for the fate of the project. In my opinion, it's strange, when a technical Director Nick Mildred at the same time was the owner of the company, was the main supplier of the team. I proposed to make all of this some changes. And soon the path of Marussia and the company parted.

I made a plan, the aim of which was to create a car for the season-2013. In my opinion, the plan all liked, and they asked me if I was ready to take over its implementation, although at the time I wasn't gonna do it. I must admit, I liked the people, liked the team, and I thought, Project is much more interesting than what I'm doing for the last years in a large team. I was already thinking about retirement, I did not want to go back to work seven days a week, but 18 months I still could stand.

Then I made a plan, how to prepare the car for 2012, and himself engaged in 2013. Then it was supposed, that we will continue to cooperate with the Nickname , but it did not. Therefore, in Monaco in 2011, we have decided to speed up the implementation of our plan and come to grips with the machine 2012. So the plan for 18 months, was actually implemented in 37 days. After 37 days, on July 4, 2011, we carried base Marussia in .

Engineering approaches have changed, we started to cooperate with McLaren and use their wind tunnel. For the team it was really a new beginning, and I thought, that's when it started for real.

Question In its time you won Championships with his former team when it was called Benetton, and then Renault. How the work of the technical Director of the Marussia is different from your previous experience

Pat Symonds the Differences are, and they're interesting. Renault everything was based on the fact that we provide trouble-free work of this well-adjusted mechanism. There were a lot of excellent, very experienced professionals, many of whom worked in the team for many years. In addition, the team was well equipped. In short, she had all the Essentials that you need a team of Formula 1.

Question And you were in it from the very first day, right

Pat Symonds " I came to this command on 2 January 1981 of the year, so I was witness to all stages of its history Toleman, Benetton and Renault.

I think, that the state, which we have today in the Marussia, more characteristic for the teams of the early 90s. But the situation now, all the same, different, because we expect that we in a condition to cope with the work carried out by large teams. In the 90s you could work 200 people, and that was enough to apply more or less scientific approach to the development of the machine. And the fact that we were not in a position to do, we just do not do. But now account for much more work because you have a very strong rivals.

In the beginning of 90-ies of the machines often broke, but now it is unacceptable we simply can't afford this. So much has changed, but the morale of the largely remained the same. And I was attracted by the opportunity to achieve just such a result, what you want to achieve.

Renault had a great team - now it is the Lotus, but all the traditions remain. But when you have an opportunity to reflect on your actions, you know, that's a lot you can do better. Nice to yourself to start everything from scratch and achieve real improvements. It is nice that people come to us from other teams. I think they like and our approach to work, and our approach to the business.

Question What can achieve Marussia in Formula 1 She is sitting in cramped the very modest budget.

Pat Symonds Now the Formula 1 is experiencing a difficult period. Economic problems there at all except four of the top teams. In this case, Mercedes, which has no financial difficulties, there is the excitement of a different kind - they do not want to repeat the destiny of Honda and Toyota.

So worried all. But the difference between the rich and the poor commands enormous - the situation is not getting better. The latter Treaty the Consent of the guaranteed the new commands, including Marussia, certain payments from the FOM. It was not so much the money, but they constituted a significant part of our budget, because he is very modest. And when we are deprived of this money, it is felt.

I have already said that I like the people working in the Marussia. They are real racers, especially team boss John Booth and its President Graham Loudon. They refer to the same type of people, and that Frank Williams. They will not leave the team. So that we will survive, and if we have to be more money wisely, they manage, as used to save.

I think, it can be seen as the pace of our progress in the past year. If we compare the results of qualification in Malaysia in 2012 and 2013, respectively. with the exception of Lotus and Force India, which are now used more than a soft tyres, the rest of the commands added to the speed of about 0.75. Marussia as added by 2.5. This progress suggests that we are able to play a few places.

Question It happened not because Marussia with this year uses KERS

Pat Symonds This is just one of the reasons, but, of course, it is not enough to explain the substantial progress. In the car there are a few other novelties.

Question So what is the goal for the team in this season

Pat Symonds I've always preferred to set higher goals than those that we can actually achieve. Of course, we wanted to take the 10th place in the Cup of designers, but it seems to me a particularly exciting, I would like to do more. Want our machine cracks in the second part of the qualification. Of course, I also wish that we had scored first points. But most of all to people followed the success of the Marussia and respected her. In my opinion, this process has begun. I could take our car and Park it in front of any of the boxes. If we talk about the quality of engineering work, our car was really good.

I know that in almost every garage in the pit lane there are people who look at MR02 and say «This is a beautiful and well-built machine». I am very pleased. Steady progress is respect for others, and hence to the first points is not too far away.

Question can You earn them already this year

Pat Symonds it is Unlikely that we will succeed. Changes of the regulations on the motors in the next year may be a few equalize the chances of commands, but cannot say. Let's see.

Question Let's talk about . You have worked with several great pilots, but due to financial difficulties in Marussia now two novices. Lack of experience is a hindrance

Pat Symonds, the Situation is not ideal. Well, if you have the opportunity to work with great racers, because working with them is a pleasure. But most of all I would like to stability, and while the us acted Timo Glock, I felt that the team have a guy who is very contributed to its development. I knew that in 2013 we will be able to make a step forward, and wanted him to stay with us as a point of reference that we understand how well worked.

But we were not able to save it - it was a commercial decision. I'm ready to say publicly that Timo good not only for our team - he is a great guy and good at his job very well. So I was very concerned about we have so many changes, and the two drivers-beginner. But in fact it's even more difficult for the team in General quite a lot of young guys.

But I can't say that disappointed. Jules Bianchi showed exceptional results in the first couple of races. Max Chilton on tests and under favorable circumstances almost departed not from the partner, so that in his speed, I don't doubt. I know that the press is more interested in the Jules, but Max is also doing well with his work. In fact, since we were able to give them this year, the nice car, the problem was not as big as I expected.

Question on The other hand, it must be nice, to see how the young racer evolving and gaining confidence

Pat Symonds Oh Yes, that's for sure. I have seen the emergence of many drivers in Formula 1. and now I can see their sons, this is great

Question In 2014-m seriously change the rules. For the engineer such changes are always of special interest, but now you are one of the staff team working in the conditions of a limited budget. How do you manage to combine these two aspects of

Pat Symonds Yes, now I'm on the other situation. When we talk about such changes prior to my departure from Renault, I was convinced of their necessity. In fact, if you try to elicit a reaction to the public, then we are already too late. I am skeptical of the theory of climate change, but many believe it. I do not think that this initiative will increase the audience of motor sport.

This «syndrome fur coats». In our time you can no longer wear it, and soon there will come times when you will not be able to burn fuel in large quantities. I like the pragmatic approach of the FIA to this situation the Federation made an accent on the recovery of heat and kinetic energy, but it is really very interesting for engineers.

The new engines will be costly. Recent debutants used Cosworth engines. I remember very well, how much cost motors, when I worked with Renault, and do not understand how Cosworth managed to cope with the decision of a difficult problem at a much lower cost they perfectly coped with the task. We rush from one extreme to another. I think, for Caterham engine and KERS is much more expensive than for us, and in 2014-m they'll pay even more. For our team to these payments will take a significant part of the budget.

In addition, a very high load on the engineers. It is immense and for the top teams, but we have an even worse. In any case, after a few weeks we will have to end the process of modernization MR02. We are working in a wind tunnel is not continuously, but two-week cycles, and after a few weeks we will stop the process of completion of the current machine to switch to the project 2014 year. We do not have a large staff to postpone the solution of this task, because it is extremely complicated. The new machine will not be similar to those that are used today in many areas of the us is to conduct fundamental research.

Question When exactly you will complete the work on the car this year

Pat Symonds Now I think that the final update MR02 appear on stage at Silverstone. The larger the team stop the finalization later than us, but I hope that a few of the aerodynamic novelties will appear on the machines Marussia and after that - we are talking about the decisions that we will prepare for the 2014-mu.

Question But engineers will have to solve the most complex tasks

Pat Symonds Certainly. For many years I felt good strategist, probably, I was one of the first who thought about the strategy of the race, but now in the paddock many clever specialists, which are similar decisions - it ceased to be interesting.

In the next year the situation may change. Much will depend on the effective use of fuel and electric energy on the distance - the strategy will once again become one of the most interesting factors. I would like to hope that the audience all this does not seem boring, people do not like too complex scripts.

I'm in love with Formula 1, but more like the development process. At the same time I very much appreciate the fact that we are talking about the sport, which is based on the fans. So the first thing I want to achieve is to give people the sight, for which it is interesting to observe. I think, in the next year and so good, but I'm afraid that someday all of us will find the perfect scenario of race, fans will once again become boring. Perhaps, in this case I'll have to change something.

Again, in the next year season will certainly be very interesting, because one of the factors interesting race - different approaches to the tactics of the race, which will be used commands. Imagine some machines are fast in the beginning of the race, but will lose speed in the end, the other - on the contrary. The guys in the boxes, there is a computer, which allows to predict the development of events, but those who are watching the race on TV, waiting for surprises. I like this idea.

Question Race have changed, we often hear how the riders are asked to save fuel.

Pat Symonds the Machine is always tucked a minimum amount of fuel, we are accustomed to the fact that the race taking place in the «save mode». Some of the engineers of «old school» can assume that in the next year we will see something new, but in this case it is not so. Now we have very good control over this factor, so the fuel in the cars does not end at a distance, but in Formula 1, you're at the limit and sometimes go for it.

Question What is your position about the saving tires and fuel You agree that the race Grand Prix are not the same, that before

Pat Symonds I have already said, the most important of all provide a spectacular show, and it hardly anyone would argue. In the last few years of spectacular growth, in large part because of the Pirelli, but the case and the ban on refueling. Yes, as a result, Fernando there is no possibility in full force to drive all the 56 laps. This is bad No, just a little different.

Nothing new in it. I have long been in the race and remember a time before we have to change rubber and refuelling machine - then everything had tried to save the resource tires. And the question fuel economy was active in the «».

Question the Main focus of future changes in the regulations - the transition to a new power plant, but aerodynamics will change too. The FIA decided to take a step back

Pat Symonds the Regulation on the aerodynamics reached the extremes, so had to retreat. Apparently, in 2014-m's regulations in this area would be different from those that operate now. At first glance, it seems that the changes are minimal - front fender will become more narrow, and in the rear will not lower plane. The casual observer it may seem that nothing has happened, but these changes are fundamental effect, because the front fender forms a structure of the air flow around the car - he begins right there.

With such fundamental changes will have the opportunity for experimentation. We found an interesting decision in 2009-m then all spoke about the «double diffusers,» but even more significant was the effect, if you are able to understand in the front wing.

Now this is the real riddle. We stubbornly trying to him to unravel, I am sure, so are rivals, and they have more specialists, working on the solution of this problem. A lot of changes, and very seriously. Machines will have less frontal resistance, lower the presser force, but it's not so bad.

Question Aerodynamic efficiency of the machines remain a key factor

Pat Symonds Certainly. When we first discussed the new regulations, the idea was to get a machine with a very low drag resistance, then it turned out that it is too much, although there were discussed various ideas, including the return of «ground effect».

Question How close are Marussia came to the signing of the contract on the engines of the 2014 year

Pat Symonds Close.

Question the Choice is between Mercedes and Ferrari

Pat Symonds actually, Yes. Renault has made it clear that it is enough of those clients, what they have now. And Ferrari and Mercedes very positive attitude towards us. I say «close», because if it were not so, we simply will not be able to create a machine. My initial goal was to conclude a contract on the supply of engines for 2014 until the end of may. but it was about may 2012. So, we are lagging behind schedule.

Question the Appearance of this team Jules Bianchi at the last minute, apparently, was to influence the negotiations

Pat Symonds This is absolutely no harm, just a little draw us with Ferrari. In the Ferrari sincerely want to conclude contracts with a large number of commands, because everything is so new. I hesitate to call us laboratory mice or something like that, but to find out what went wrong, better feel immediately some samples of your product. I think, in Maranello way or another wanted to get yet another command, and contact with Jules in this sense only helped.

text Andrew Elk


2013-04-29 20:04:02

Symonds Marussia is progressing faster than other teams

Symonds Marussia is progressing faster than other teams

The Pat a unique career in Formula 1 in 1984 in Toleman he worked with hay, and a few years later, when the team was called the Benetton, became a race engineer Michael Schumacher and at the same time headed the research Department. In 1996, when Schumacher moved to Ferrari, and followed him in Maranello moved several of the leading specialists of Benetton, he took up the position of technical Director, exempt Ross brown, and remained one of the leaders of the team from another 13 years - up to the infamous story with the falsification of the results of Grand Prix of Singapore 2008.

As a result of an investigation undertaken by the FIA, Symonds was a three-year excommunicated from the Formula 1, but already in 2011 became a freelance consultant Marussia F1, and now finally returned to the paddock in the role of technical Director of the team. In many respects it is thanks to his influence, she was gradually progresses and in the beginning of the season is far superior in speed Caterham, their direct and immediate competitors.

In an interview to the site jamesallenonf1.com Symonds says about the progress of Marussia, about the prospects of the team and on the situation in the championship of the world in General.

Question this year Marussia demonstrates clear progress a confident 13th place in Malaysia, a pair of 15-x-places - and 10-th line in the team classification according to the results of four races. Season started so, as you expected

Pat Symonds " I came to this team as a technical Advisor to help her decide on the choice of ways of development. And I'm pleased with the results we have achieved in the beginning of the season Marussia is progressing much faster than any other team. Compare at least the results of the qualifications in China this year and in the past.

All this, of course, is very nice, although it is early to make final conclusions about how the situation will develop further. But at the same time we have before us a tremendous in the complexity of the task of preparation for the 2014-th year. Engineers will develop absolutely new car, make use of new technologies in this case we have to have the right to distribute the efforts and resources between the modernization of the existing equipment and the development of a new chassis is a difficult problem even for the top teams, and only for Marussia - all the more.

Question can you Talk about your the team is very late signed a contract with the 23-year-old Jules Bianchi, but now commentators very highly of his speeches. And what do you think about it

Pat Symonds Jules - racer high level, and it is not by chance I was a student of the Racing Academy of Ferrari. By the way, a pleasure to work with , helping one of its pilots gain experience. Although to give it back don't want to, I hope, he will play in our team for a while yet.

Question what can you say about max Chilton

Pat Symonds 's Decision to sign a contract with max we have taken in the middle of last season, though, and hoped that he would become mate Timo Glock. In the end it so happened that in the team are two beginner, but I don't like this word, because both rich racing experience, and they are novices only for Formula 1. In General, both are very good.

Question At this moment you get ahead of Caterham, with that on your machines are Cosworth engines. But Cosworth will not build engines for the 2014 year how are you going to act

Pat Symonds One of the factors behind our progress, consists in the fact that on the machines Marussia with this year are KERS system. The company Cosworth really will not develop V6, for her this project is not justified economically. Of course, we have to find a new supplier, choosing between Renault, Mercedes and Ferrari. We have held talks with all and clearly inclined in the direction of Ferrari. Decide to be fast, to soon sign a contract for the supply of engines.

Question What can you say about the situation with the tires, which are subject to such rapid wear Someone considers, that in Pirelli had gone too far, for example, Red Bull Racing wants to tires were changed, someone argues about how all of this affects the entertainment races.

Pat Symonds Disputes about what is the Formula 1 - sports, show business or go on forever. Unfortunately, three of these parties may not be combined harmoniously. I believe that this sports show, although eventually any sport is a spectacle. Football on a world scale is more popular than cricket, because cricket in some measure an intellectual game, then as in football, the main thing - dynamic action. From my point of view, in the Formula 1, too, all should be based on dynamics. In General, I think that in Pirelli have achieved excellent results.

Went whether too far May be, but just a little bit. And all are in an equal position. If you want to sport show was really great, the element of unpredictability is needed.

Question Your attitude to the command tactics

Pat Symonds If someone declares that he is against the team tactics " then applies it in secret. There is nothing easier, than to disguise the orders of the team, by using these or other tactical decisions, conducting pit foot in the non-obvious point, and so on. It is life. And if so - let it be clear.

As someone enjoys it - is another question. I applaud that, as in the McLaren worked in Bahrain it was a pleasure to watch as Jenson button and Sergio Perez struggled on the road. On the other hand, a team of experienced not best times, wouldn't you agree It is not surprising that after the race Jenson was indignant, because it has gone too far.

Personally, I always proceed from the fact that the racers - hired staff and shall act in the interests of the team. If they are to pursue their own interests - this is wrong. By the way, the same applies to the race engineers I would not work with the engineer, who cares only about his pilot to the detriment of the interests of the team.

But the command tactic is inevitable, and let us honestly say about this.

Question let us Return to your team speaking realistically, when Marussia will be able to earn their first points

Pat Symonds Of all the questions this is the most difficult. You always do everything in your power to raise the speed of the machine, but also competitors don't stand still. Let's admit, that while for Marussia chance to achieve some result is directly linked with the percentage of retirements stronger opponents. In our time racing technique became very reliable, and if we look, for the account of that small teams in recent years managed to show their best results, you will see that all of it was connected with the other, and there was always an element of luck. In General, you want me to predicted unpredictable This is not fair laughs

text Andrew Elk


2013-04-25 15:54:03

DTM in Russia 100 days before the premiere

Countdown went before the long-awaited first in the history of the Russian segment of the most popular international "body" DTM series on the route Moscow Raceway is exactly one hundred . the season series DTM will start very soon - the first stage of the championship of 2013 will be held on 5 may in the German Hockenheim. Factory teams of three giants of the German automotive industry - Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz is once again lead the fight for the prestigious title. At the start of the season will come out of 22 of the rider from ten different countries of the world. Audi and BMW will this year for eight cars and Mercedes-Benz will be presented to six cars.The participants of the coming season strong as ever among them - the acknowledged masters of the DTM, including five Champions of previous years, talented and fast young people, as well as a former pilot of Formula 1 Timo Glock, who is preparing to debut in the series. In the past year, the League ended with the triumph of the canadian Bruno , which brought the title of mark BMW in the first year after the return of the Munich group in the DTM. In 2013 their principal competitors from Audi and Mercedes-Benz will make every effort to take . this season the DTM promise to be even more exciting due to the introduction of two new products - the system of DRS and the optional tyre type. The possibility to change the angle of attack of the rear wing to increase the number of overtaking, but a rule of mandatory use of in the course of the race two different rubber compounds hard and soft diversity strategy and will make the fight sharper not only on the track, but also in the boxes. Both of these innovations have been successfully tested on the official pre-season tests DTM, held in Barcelona and . regulations series of frozen - this means that manufacturers can't make serious changes in the design of machines. Therefore, the main task of the teams in the pre-season tests was the optimization of settings of their racing car - the Audi RS 5 DTM, BMW M3 DTM and the Mercedes C-Coupe DTM in pursuit of a fraction of a second. The testing of the all worked on various programs, so the alignment of forces will become clear only at the first stage of the season. But one thing is for sure - the fans waiting for the incredibly exciting and intriguing . 2013, it will consist of ten races, which will be held in Germany, Austria, great Britain, the Netherlands and for the first time in the history of Russia." Stage on the route Moscow Raceway will take place August 2-4, and open the second half of the championship. Before the premiere left one hundred daysPilots DTM on the stage in Spangler, the driver of the BMW "I Urge all to come in the first weekend of August in Moscow Raceway Do not doubt that Russian fans will enjoy our show. In the DTM are very fast machines, they look fabulous and great sound. In the race spectators expect a lot of interesting things overtaking, pit-stops, hard and uncompromising struggle. DTM - this is the best "body" series in the world. And all of us, DTM racers, looking forward to the stage in Moscow and meetings with Russian fans"Timo , the driver of Audi "the First international race at the Moscow Raceway in the past year have collected a decent amount of spectators and, hence, the interest in Motorsport is. Russia is not only interesting country, but also an important market for automakers. Motor sport in Russia is on the rise, and the stage of the DTM is the ability to demonstrate excellent racing series in a good country. I was very much looking forward to his visit to Moscow. Russian fans were waiting for an excellent and bright sport event"Christian , the driver of the Mercedes-Benz "the Racers DTM in conjunction with impatience wait for the chance to get acquainted with Russia. For all of us route Moscow Raceway is unknown - for the first time we will be able to test it only on Saturday morning during a single workout. Without a large amount of data qualification promises to be very difficult. Sure, DTM in conjunction with uncompromising battles of pilots on the powerful and entertainment machines, contact the struggle and thick, the results will not leave indifferent spectators in Moscow Raceway. So come to the podium, and you will see that the DTM interesting Formula-1".

2013-04-18 16:44:03

Glock In Bahrain will have the advantage of Red Bull, Ferrari and Lotus

Glock In Bahrain will have the advantage of Red Bull, Ferrari and Lotus

On the eve of the Grand Prix of China ex-pilot of Formula 1 Timo Glock made a prediction on the outcome of the race in Shanghai. If Timo participated in the contest forecasts F1News.ruthen at the last stage, he would have earned 101 point and took 2778 place among all participants. Before the start of The Grand Prix of Bahrain German racer made a new forecast.

Timo Glock «by Giving a forecast for the last race, I proceeded from the fact that the team Mercedes good performance in China. During the free races and qualifications they were really fast, but the race for them was not the best way. Unpleasant topic with the tire again came to the fore.

There is no doubt in Bahrain bus again will play an important role. On the track, situated in the desert, many had any problems with the rear tires. Taking into account the results of the Mercedes in China, I do not think that the pilots of the team will be able to much to qualify for the coming weekend. I suppose, in Bahrain ahead will be representatives of the Red Bull, Ferrari and Lotus. Three of these commands is not only fast, but also capable of carefully work with rubber.

Feature race track in Bahrain - the state of the route has changed noticeably in the course of the weekend. On Friday due to the high temperature of the path is covered with a layer of waste rubber, but the wind brings the sand and the track again becomes dusty. Sand in Bahrain is a sensitive subject, he gets into the eyes, nose, falls under the overalls, and, unfortunately, remains on the pavement - as a result of on the road quite slippery. The engine can be protected with the help of special filters, but with the tire is nothing to be done.

This time the name of the winner even more difficult than in previous races. Ferrari have a good stage in China, as Kimi Raikkonen. In the past year in Bahrain from Lotus was a very fast machine. However, I did not forget about the race in Malaysia - in was too hot, they used the same compositions of rubber, but the pilots Lotus looked not in the best way. Nevertheless, I think that Kimi won the race and go out to the leaders of the individuals. I think that Kimi is ahead of Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso, because Lotus carefully works with rails. In the fourth place, I put Felipe Weight - in this season he made a good impression on me and traditionally strongly in favor in Bahrain. I think, once again we will see an exciting fight for a place on the podium.

Followed by a Mass of finish pilots Mercedes and Force India, because in Malaysia Adrian and Paul di Resta were quick, so I can imagine that they both will earn points in Bahrain. See, but, again, everything will depend on the durability of rubber. However, I do not think, that someone should complain to the bus, because all are in the same conditions, and should seek to approach him.

So, my forecast for the Grand Prix of Bahrain Kimi Raikkonen, Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton, Adrian , Jenson button, Paul di Resta, Nico . Pole wins Sebastian Vettel, the best circle will show Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa will be playing most of all positions».


2013-04-11 20:44:12

Timo Glock In China McLaren must add

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Timo Glock, believes that China should add the speed McLaren, since a three-week break was this team as it is impossible by the way."Break, which for three weeks stretched out between The Grand Prix of Malaysia and China, many teams like a breath of fresh air, " said Glock. - Teams are able to review all their data, to understand the causes of the failures or increase the speed of the car new . successfully break time had to McLaren, after two failures on the stages of the start of the season they have a chance to achieve progress and again to fight for the victory. I personally will be interesting to watch how this command will cope with their difficulties".

2013-04-10 19:54:03

Timo Glock In China, I'm waiting for the significant progress from McLaren

Timo Glock In China, I'm waiting for the significant progress from McLaren

On the eve of the Grand Prix of Malaysia ex-pilot of Formula 1 Timo Glock made a prediction on the outcome of the race in . If Timo participated in the contest forecasts F1News.ruthen at the last stage, he would have earned 94 points and took 3001 place among all participants. Before the start of The Grand Prix of China German racer made a new forecast.

Timo Glock «I can't get rid of the feeling that in China 2013 season of the year starts again. In the first two races, it seemed that some of the commands, including the leaders, were not able to fully Express themselves. In the three weeks between the stages in Malaysia and in China, the teams had the opportunity to change things.

From my own experience of performances in Formula 1, I know that three-week pause in the beginning of the season gives the opportunity to analyze what happened in the first stages. Everybody needs a few quiet days, to have a rest after the intense weekends in Melbourne and in Kuala Lumpur. Pilots can once again make out some of the situations, and the engineers have time to develop new solutions.

First of all, in China I'm waiting for the significant progress from McLaren. In Malaysia they were better than in Australia, but, in my opinion, in a greater degree it was due to the weather conditions and the characteristics of the track. It is curious, what novelties will appear on the machines Button and Sergio Perez in Shanghai. I think they will be in the first ranks, but still not be able to fight for victory.

I will make a daring prediction and put to victory Lewis Hamilton. In the last race Mercedes made a strong impression on me, but I do not think, that in they had chances in the first place. The second in Shanghai finishes Sebastian Vettel, Nico Rosberg will confirm the success of the «Silver arrow» and rise to the podium. In Malaysia, I just guessed the names of the riders finishing the first and the third.

In Shanghai, the weather plays a prominent role. The forecast promises to dry the race, but the air temperature and wind direction are often important factors. If it is cool, the Kimi will have good chances. I think, in Shanghai, he will finish fourth, perhaps at a very high place. It is interesting, what are the novelties of the race in China invented Adrian for Red Bull, and that prepared in the Ferrari.

So, my forecast for the Grand Prix of China Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, Nico Rosberg, Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso, Jenson button, Adrian , mark Webber and Nico , Felipe Massa. Pole wins Lewis Hamilton, the best circle will show Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso will be playing most of all positions».


2013-03-21 17:14:03

Marussia and Caterham could unite

Three years after its debut, one of the three "new" command - HRT - ceased to exist. The other two, as it turns out, considering the Association. This told himself Bernie Ecclestone."in the Winter Marussia and Caterham talks about combining the efforts, " said Ecclestone in an interview with The Times. - But the talks ended unsuccessfully. Now two teams are fighting for a share of the prize".IN the off-season both teams have relied on the beginners with the money, having refused from the services of experienced pilots. So, the place of the Formula-1 lost Heikki Kovalainen, Vitaly Petrov, and Timo Glock.It is known that Marussia is still not signed a new agreement with . At the current "Contract agreement" to share in the allocation of prize money can count only those commands that steadily occupy in the Cup of designers spots in the top ten. So, Caterham ex-Lotus for three consecutive seasons occupied 10 place, and Marussia ex-Virgin twice occupied 12 place and only in the last season was able to climb on the 11-th line. Accordingly, no prize-winning Russian team did not rely, and this state of Affairs it is not . the Ecclestone gave to understand, that there is still waiting for a response from Marussia "Commercial agreement ready for signing. We are waiting for the response from the team".

2013-03-20 16:44:03

Timo Glock In Malaysia, the advantage will have the Red Bull and Ferrari

Timo Glock In Malaysia, the advantage will have the Red Bull and Ferrari

Before the beginning of the second stage of the season of the ex-pilot of Formula 1 Timo Glock in his column in Motorsport-Total told about their expectations from the Grand Prix of Malaysia.

Timo Glock «In Melbourne we saw a stunning start of the season. After the winter testing was clear to me that Kimi Raikkonen will be able to fight for a place in the front ranks, but I did not expect that he will win the first race. I thought favorites pilot of Red Bull, and in the qualification my forecast was justified, but the same cannot be said about the race. Rubber and weather - two factors which can always influence the course of the struggle, and in Australia once again, we see this.

Ahead one more unpredictable stage. not like to albert Park, in Malaysia even asphalt another, so the question of the effectiveness of rubber re-released on the first plan.160 Taking into account the characteristics of the tracks, I think, in the qualification of the leaders will be of Red Bull and Ferrari. As a week ago, I put on the fact that the pole wins Sebastian Vettel. Most likely, these two teams are the leaders, and during the race, but in much depends on aerodynamics. If the leaders can drive more distance on one set of tyres, than in Australia, then the greatest chances to win the first victory of the season will be the Vettel. I think Alonso finishing second, as Hamilton - third.

It is difficult to say what will be the results of the outside of the first three, and the weather may make the necessary adjustments. In the second half of the day the rains here is a normal phenomenon, we have already witnessed how the race not only stopped, but does cancelled - I dealt with it on their own experiences.

Judging by the weather forecast, all waiting for the rain weekend, so don't rule out that we will once again see an unexpected result. I think this time Kimi Raikkonen finishes fourth, as my compatriot Adrian - fifth, Jenson button - sixth. I think, it will be several weeks before McLaren be able to fight for the podium.

So, my forecast for the Grand Prix of Malaysia Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton, Raikkonen, , the button, Webber, di Resta, , Rosberg. Pole wins Sebastian Vettel, quick circle will show Adrian , Jenson button will be playing most of all positions».


2013-03-15 10:14:04

Timo Glock In Australia Vettel wins

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Timo Glock considers, that in the first race of the season-2013 will win Sebastian Vettel."I would put most of their money on the victory Vettel in the first race of the season, " said Glock. - In addition, SEB certainly will not start from the first place. The only ones who can compete - pilots of a Ferrari. They are the same and will fight with Red Bull for the title of champion. More meritorious I do not see. For the third place in the championship will fight Hamilton and button. That's such a deal".

2013-03-13 14:34:03

Timo Glock I'm betting on a victory Vettel in Melbourne

Timo Glock I'm betting on a victory Vettel in Melbourne

Before the start of the new season of the ex-pilot of Formula 1 Timo Glock in his column in Motorsport-Total told about their expectations from the Grand Prix of Australia.

Timo Glock «to Try to predict the results of the Grand Prix of Australia's difficult - the results of tests in Jerez, and in Barcelona complicate matters even more, than in previous years. Regulations remained stable, so I don't expect that some of the team will achieve significant progress. Sure, among the leaders again are Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, and Lotus - they have a large staff, excellent technical and financial capabilities. In the Red Bull Racing for sure will be able to quickly modernize the car during the season, so I think the favorites Vettel and Webber. I think, Sebastian is again ahead.

I put on the victory Vettel in Melbourne, and on Saturday, he is likely to win the pole. In the race struggle for victory will unfold between Red Bull and Ferrari. It seems to me that these two commands will lead between the fight for the title. The second in Melbourne finishes Fernando Alonso, and for him Lewis Hamilton at the Mercedes.

The«silver arrows» produced on the tests of a really strong impression. However, they will be among the leaders in the in the course of the season It is difficult to say, but I don't think so. In the past year on the tests they also were quick, but in the race, at a high temperature of asphalt, lost speed. I suppose, in 2013 Mercedes achieve progress, but I don't think that will be at the head of the championship.

Outside the top three of the struggle in Melbourne is dense. I think that the Sauber will again be a fast machine, and Nico will be able to qualify for a high result, but I believe that he will finish seventh. I think he will race with one pit stop. Thanks to the tactics he can succeed and win back more positions. I have a feeling that this year the machine McLaren will not be as fast as in 2012, at least in the first race.

My prediction is the Grand Prix of Australia Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton and Webber and Rosberg, Raikkonen, , Weight, , the button. Pole wins Sebastian Vettel, quick circle shows the novel , Nico will be playing most of all places»


2013-03-12 20:24:03

F1' Theory draft pick

F1' Theory draft pick

some of the English words strikes. Take the word of the draft. You can believe me or if you want to, look in the dictionary, but the noun it means a lot of things. For example, this draft, and draught beer, and a SIP of a fresh air, though of the same beer, however, these values have no relation to the topic of our discussion today. We are interested in another. Draft - more and plan, sketch, draft, as well as " attention - the process of selection and distribution of the players of the teams, which is practiced in a number of sports.

But first, let us recall some significant facts. In 2013 as part of the seven teams of Formula 1 changes have taken place in the League came five newcomers, and the same number of experienced and interesting racers of the world Cup parted. Name Vitaly Petrov, Heikki Kovalainen, Camuy Kobayashi, Bruno Senna and Timo Glock.

In all five cases the team, producing replacement drivers, guided mainly financial reasons, and such things as the experience and skill, relegated to the background. However, it can be argued that the commercial factor in F1 always taken into consideration, and the rider, who had significant sponsorship of the budget, of course, is always more interesting team, than comparable with him on the level of the pilot, who has a soul there is nothing, except for the talent. So whether or not to dramatize

It's all all right, but it is in last few years the situation develops in an alarming scenario and threatens to get to the point of absurdity - this is the opinion of Dmitry Sapgir, Moscow entrepreneur, a passionate fan of motor racing and at all not indifferent people. Perhaps he could calmly, not knowing all these complexities, do your tourist and hotel business and lead the company KMP-Group, however, in his time, nine years ago, Dmitry started to support young Russian pilots and help them break into the world of big races. In 2009-m together with partners became the owner of the team of the World series Renault, of which the first two seasons was called KMP-Racing, and then was renamed the RFR.

From the «our» in different years in the team Sapgir went Mikhail Alyoshin and Anton Nebylickiy, but he also helped the Novel , acted in the 2-litre Formula Renault, and the other pilots. It is worth mentioning, that the partner of these racers were very bright Western young talent, such as the Frenchman Nelson , Finn Vainio, Italian . Now the team has already other owners and another name, but Dmitry Sapgir continues to support the new generation of Russian racers, becoming Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the project «Our Formula», and still spends his own money on that.

In a word, the situation he is well known from the inside. And it really bothers me that for the last seven years of the winners of the World series Renault in Formula 1, almost no one was hit. Is that only Guido van der garde, although Aleshin, and Bertrand Baguette, and Robert , and Robin is a very talented racers. By the way, the same Dutchman became the champion of the WSR else in 2008-m, but in F1 was only four years later, and then in virtue of a certain combination of circumstances, of course, good for him the team Caterham need the money, but at the van der garde rich relatives. But a win from this world motor sport Let's see.

According to the logic of things all of these pilots were supposed to be in F1, but alas, their fates have changed. And when the best and the most promising representatives of the young generation racers do not fall in the highest League, this in itself is wrong. In any other sport such a situation is excluded in the world tennis, football, basketball for talent there is a real hunt, and Formula 1, it turns out, they don't really need.

Return to the sport sport

In dialogues with Dmitry Sapgir we spent more than one hour, and here is a picture emerges. In the circle of owners and managers of teams in the youth Championships, and their sponsors more doubts in the effectiveness of the existing system of the organisation of the European Motorsport, and the enthusiasm and desire to continue to engage in this difficult matter less. It turns out that to raise and educate the young racers, invest money in them, and, very serious, it becomes meaningless exercise. This is the nature of the trends, which will only deepen, at least, until the whole system will not come to the normal state, or will not change at least something. Every year the chances of young pilots get into Formula 1 is steadily declining, since the money to do this more and more.

If bring the situation to an absurdity, then soon enough in Formula 1 will be hit by the children of the very rich parents, and already do not millionaires, and billionaires, or pilots, who have very generous sponsors, or very lucky, became participants of the youth program of Red Bull. And it is a direct way to lower the General level of skills of the riders, participating in F1, and the degradation of the sport in General.

By the way, in the opinion of Europeans, the global economic crisis is not over, and it is also one of the reasons, which hinder the search for sponsors. If to summarize all of these negative factors, it becomes clear that the situation is really alarming. The eternal question what to do Can anything be done to reverse all these unhealthy tendencies and return to Formula 1 old in the eyes of the sporting tradition, return to the championship of the fading romance And that's what invented the employer Sapgir the extension of the Motorsport practices draft pick.

How do we arrange the Formula 1

It is proposed to introduce the system of the draft, which would encompass the highest League of world motor sport and several youth series. For example, in addition to the Formula 1 in it is appropriate to include two of the most respected European category GP2 and the World series Renault. The idea is that 5 of the best racers from these series 3 of GP2 and 2 of the WSR in next season is guaranteed hit in Formula 1, annually in the mandatory order, replacing five of the weakest of the drivers of the world championship.

And then the pilots and their sponsors will have real motivation to engage in motorsports the best will be able to really show themselves in F1, and the worst will be lowered down to the Junior classes, or just leave, if they are really weak in a professional sense. Moreover, if the racer of the Formula 1 for some reason «fell out of the cage», they will be able to return there. However, in order.

Conditional name of the project - F1 Draft. The following are proposed at the end of season five of the best racers of youth series - three of the GP2 the winner and two runner and two of the WSR champion and Vice-champion - each year, replace five of the weakest racers of Formula 1.

The system works like this each year, the leaders of 11 teams of Formula 1 put on the draft of 11 persons. In addition, each team has the right to protect one of the rider, which is free to do as he sees fit, and, no matter objectively, he is the best or the worst of the two pilots of the basic structure.

Let's just take an example in the Ferrari can protect Felipe Mass, and then it does not fall on the draft. And gets Fernando Alonso and another 10 racers from the rest of the teams, which their employers «not protected». This is the first round. In the second round of 11 riders are arranged in a particular order, of which we now relate, and the five members who will be on the last few lines of this rating, will be replaced with the 5 best racers of youth series.

Here is how prepared the rating. First, they take into account their qualification results, shown in the last season. If Alonso, for example, won the Masses 17 qualifications of 20, that Fernando is charged 17 points. The same accurately take into account the results of races Alonso was ahead of team-mate in 18 Grand Prix, except for two, which went down due to accidents. So, the Spaniard has yet 18 points.

The third factor the leaders of all the commands, knowing all the 11 racers, exhibited at the draft, shall be calculated them points based on your own preferences. It turns out 11 variants of a kind of «hit parade», in which for each of the pilot is determined by the grade point average it we add to the results of duels in qualifications and races. Thus, each of the 11-minute receives a total score, which determines its position in the draft rating.

Five of the weakest racers from these eleven out of the world championship. It's the law. The above example with Ferrari allows you to understand how can act the top command, if it is interested in preservation of the staff. This can be achieved, «defended» Weight and sticking to draft Alonso, who guaranteed occupy one of the first places in the draft rankings and stay in the team.

You can anticipate the objections that with such an approach in the case of approximate parity between the racers of the top teams on the results of the season, one of them gets to draft and is out of Formula 1, while the pilot weak team, outright partner and drew attention to himself, can stay in the championship. Yes, there is a probability of the occurrence of such situations, but this is sport suppose, according to the results of 2011, when Lewis Hamilton at the end of the season yielded to his McLaren , he was in the bottom of the rating. So, the next season he spends in GP2, but, as Lewis professional extra-class, he is in a state without problems to win the League and return to Formula 1 in a year on the same system. Most importantly, he is not without driving practices.

Agree, sounds unusual, but the most important advantage of the proposed approach in that it is based on a purely sporting principle, on the real results.

And one more nuance, which can be illustrated by the example of the Red Bull Racing. At the end of the season mark Webber is not a very convincing looked at the background of a running mate Sebastian Vettel, once again won the title of world champion. Nevertheless, the team of «protecting» it was an Australian, and to draft puts Vettel. Clearly, Vettel takes one of the first lines rating, remain in Formula 1, and the same Red Bull signed with him a new contract. And with Webber picture this nobody obliges the command to leave him, even if he's on the draft have not exhibited. Consequently, if the contract with him will not be extended, any other team, interested in the services of such professional, may invite an Australian veteran, given his experience, skill level and a well-deserved popularity. If this does not happen, Webber is eliminated from the championship for natural reasons, simply because his contract has expired.

If some fairly strong and experienced racers of Formula 1 year will be returned in GP2, so that in the next season to win the right to return to the big leagues, it is at the same time raise the level of competition in the Premier League, and, accordingly, the interest of the audience to the Junior series will noticeably increase. At the same time will increase the interest to the situation in commands-outsiders F1, since the draft, on the one hand, encourage competition between the partners, on the other, will make the work on the track as reasonable as possible and perform the installation team, because of this, too, depends on whether the driver put on the draft or remain in the team.

It's a statement of General principles laid in the basis of the system F1 Draft. Of course, much depends on the details, which can be different, but they, according to Dmitry Sapgir, we can discuss and search for the optimal combination of approaches and rules governing the functioning of the system. The implementation of the project, first of all, depends on the FIA, on the good will of the leaders of the Federation, because only they can help all the participants of this scheme to agree among themselves.

The fundamental point is that even in the off-season after the end of the regular championship will be supported by the strong interest of the audience to the events in the world of Formula 1, because everything that is connected with the theme of the draft - it is a separate intrigue. Its outcome can be timed to the traditional annual gala-ceremony of the FIA, and, as any intrigue is accompanied by increase of the audience's attention it is possible to assume, that all it will be interesting to serious sponsors.

You can argue, but.

And here the time has come for the very serious thesis as he came out of the mouth of man, personally invested a lot of money in motorsports, some of his words inspire confidence. If the sponsors will know that owing to the system of the draft of the most talented young racers, winners and prize-winners of the Junior formulae, are virtually guaranteed the chance to get to the world Cup, Premier League, they will be willing to pay for their pilots are much more than now, when that there are no guarantees. And these additional resources can be effectively used at the implementation of the proposed programme.

It is worth adding that «the Duma about the NBA draft» - nothing more than a scheme, the basic principle, on the basis of which can be carried out reform. It should be further detailed discussion with participation of all interested parties, which will help fill the structure of the necessary parts. For example, to define the principle, on the basis of which the racers Junior series are distributed between the teams of Formula 1. One of the variants of such commands, of which dropped out of the racers, receive the right to choose the pilot in order of priority, respectively, the first choice goes to that which above all is located in the qualification of the Cup of designers " and so forth.

In General, it turns out that such a design. Yes, the unusual, maybe even fantastic, but, on the other hand, it seems that it is common sense. At least, its implementation is indeed an opportunity to sort through natural processes, which are going on in the international motorsports and indeed can lead to crisis and stagnation, if not already have. Skeptics will say that all this is unrealistic in principle, but argued so - is simple enough. The author of the concept agree that implement such a plan - means, to commit a kind of revolution, albeit in a peaceful way. And now let us recall the classical definition of a revolutionary situation the masses don't want to live the old way, and tops can not operate in an old fashion. On the one hand, today in Formula 1, no revolutions, it seems, is not expected. And tomorrow.

Meanwhile alarming signals of youth formulas continue to come it was recently announced the sale once the Champions ' team iSport, competed in GP2 - is precisely in its composition Timo Glock won the title in 2007. Now place iSport in this series took a new Russian project of Russian Time.

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2013-02-28 17:44:03

In Marussia refuse to comment on the situation

In Marussia refuse to comment on the situation

We wrote that Louis may part with the team before the first race of the season. Its sponsors had not paid the bills, and while 23-year-old Brazilian has so far worked only two days on the tests Marussia at Jerez last week in Barcelona it is not put at the helm, and if money will not be listed on this week, the team will vacancy.

Among the possible candidates called Heikki and Jules Bianchi, who could not agree with Force India. There was talk about the return of Timo Glock, but the experienced German signed a contract for the performance in the DTM.

In Marussia refuse to comment on the situation. Formally - the contract with Luis signed, but its implementation will commence after the conditions on the part of the rider, or it may be terminated, when the deadline for the payment delay. Some details should be found already in the next few days.


2013-02-27 18:54:03

Charles Rush I don't want to look into the distant future

Charles Rush I don't want to look into the distant future

On the eve of the final series of tests in Barcelona Charles Peak stated in an interview that believes in the success of Caterham, but it has no specific goals for the season. His only desire is to make progress together with a team of.

Question Behind two series of tests, what are your impressions of the new machine

Charles Pic Now we continue to test basic systems - from this point of view, all went well. We collected the necessary information and during the final series of tests more time be devoted to the preparation for Grand Prix of Australia. While it is difficult to understand how it was - wait for the race in Melbourne.

Question You otherwise feel in comparison with the previous year, when the Marussia not worked on tests with a new car

Charles Pic of Course, participate in the pre-season tests much better than miss them.

Question Now you more comfortable behind the wheel

Charles Pic Yes. In the past year, I spent a debut season, and now I have much more experience, and, of course, I'm ready for the first race.

Question You spend a second season in Formula 1, but changed the command. You feel confident in the success of before the start of the new season

Charles Pic of Course, because I see that in this year's team is trying to do its work and to achieve progress. The first task is to understand what position we are in Melbourne. Then we must make progress on the course of the season - for me it is very important. Great, if you get a chance to earn the first points for the team.

Question do You hope to compete for points in this year

Charles Pic I know that it is extremely difficult, and for this we need the changeable conditions are the same as in last year's Grand Prix of Brazil. Let's see.

Question You spent a year in Formula 1, and for Guido van der garde a debut season. You must be happy to be able to lead the team

Charles Pic No, I'm on a different view of the situation. My goal is daily do all the best to help the team, to try to achieve progress and to improve the car.

Question How are your relations with Guido

Charles Pic Excellent. We had been partners in GP2, so I know it perfectly well. We both motivated and striving to maximum give everything to help the team achieve progress - this is the most important.

Question are You hoping that this year the experience of Formula 1 will provide you an advantage

Charles Pic I don't know. Guido - a great racer. Of course, unlike him, I already have an experience of performances in the Formula 1, but it is much longer than me is in the race. Let's see how events will develop. No doubt, we both have fulfilled their work.

Question What is the most important lesson of the last year's experience, which can be useful to you in this year

Charles Peak For the debut season in Formula 1, you need very much to learn, because, in contrast to GP2, there are many means and ways to optimize the machine. You can learn a lot. I believe it is extremely important the fact that there is opportunity to learn all of this and use in practice.

Question In General, this knowledge helps you to concentrate more on the race

Charles Pic No, because every time new problems arise, so the thinking must remain flexible - the only way to find different solutions. It seems to me, in this year, no one had expected from rubber of such characteristics is one of the most interesting questions, we will try to find an effective solution.

Question are You satisfied that for you this long-term project The main attention is paid to the preparation for the 2014-th year.

Charles Pic of Course, I am glad to long-term contract. Suppose we have two goals. The first, as I have already said, is to understand what positions we take in Melbourne, progress in the course of the season and try to earn the first points for the team. Secondly, I have to prepare the team and himself for the next season, where we are waiting for new car and a new engine. Much will change, and it seems to me, this is our chance to improve results.

Question the impression Is, that this year between Caterham and Marussia again unfold the thick of the struggle. Having worked in both teams, what you feel, if Marussia overtake Caterham

Charles Pic I don't know. Now the most important thing to concentrate on their team and are well prepared for the race in Melbourne, and in Australia fully realize the potential of the machine. Let's see how it ends.

Question Among the speakers at this year pilot you are the only driver who worked in the Marussia. After the departure of Timo Glock this command completely changed the composition of the pilots. Do you think this fact is a proof of how difficult it is to stay in the sport

Charles Pic Yes, the Formula 1 is a very difficult sport. Young teams, and racers difficult to progress, because here the high level of competition, and you need to get ahead of the strongest. Of course, achieve the goal of a difficult, but it is part of the Formula 1, historically.

Question This is due to the fact that the pressure is too great

Charles Rush I Think, you have to use pressure to become better, and not Vice versa, use it for good.

Question What results Caterham to the season could meet you

Charles Pic We should progress. I think that this is extremely important. The most important thing is to move forward, then we will get the possibility to earn the first points for the team.

Question Will you be able to fight for points in every race in 2014

Charles Rush I don't want to think about next season to succeed in 2014, we should in this year all do right. In its time we move on to 2014-th, and now I need to concentrate on the present and to achieve progress.

text Tatiana Belskaya


2013-02-26 04:44:03

Korea'10 Charlottesville

Korea'10 Charlottesville

Race 792 June 8, 2008. Grand Prix Of Canada. Montreal

Pole - Lewis Hamilton McLaren MP4-23 - 1.17,387 202,871 km/h

The best round - Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari F2008 - 1.17,886 201,571 km/h

The winner is Robert Kubica BMW Sauber F1.08 - 136.24,447 189,987 km/h

The first in the history of the Grand Prix of The F1 on the Korean Peninsula for a long time remained under the threat of failure. Many of the Commission of the FIA, who came to the wastelands near the small town of , stated that the work is going, but are increasingly lagging behind the schedule. In the end, the last construction work ended already in the Thursday before the start of the weekend, and after the training path required some modifications.

But all the same, the start of the race was given in time. However, on Sunday Lil such a heavy rain, the pilots managed to pass all three circles for machine safety, after which they had good 40 minutes wait for natural disasters will not abate. But this helped the fans, who firmly stuck in a traffic jam on the surrounding narrow lanes, still have time to take their seats in the stands.

Then the car drove off again, and on the radio was kindled part-time discussion some pilots called again to stop the race because of too difficult conditions, while others hardly been called to pereobuvatsya in , exhausted behind the judges ' Mercedes.

Only the 18 th round of the struggle started for real, but almost immediately over again. If the first turns marked and local changes, then a little later in the course of the next round of the leader of the championship of the world mark Webber, who occupied the race in second position behind his partner on the RBR Sebastian Vettel, caught crude side of the road, lost control and smashed to pieces the car, damaging the race yet and emanating followed Nico from Mercedes.

And again for a few laps of the race turned into a ride in a circle. The rain had long since ended, and it was clear that someone must be the first to go to the intermediate rubber, so that others could understand, how it is safe. Risked Sebastien of Toro Rosso. And this is not the risk was justified.

Trying to win back lost in the pits of a second, the Swiss first spun the car Heikki , and then, not having to repay speed at the end of a long straight, and bumped into Marussia Timo Glock. Safety car went out again, and then went for interim rubber.

Sebastian Vettel was left first, and that's pursuit of his Fernando Alonso stuck in front of boxes from the jammed wheel nuts, and missed Lewis Hamilton. However, as it turned out, that the Briton from McLaren failed to dispose of this gift of fate. During one of the by now it last restart it too widely picked up in the first turn, and could do nothing, when Ferrari rival dashed forward.

Meanwhile, late afternoon. Vettel rode to the finish line in the status of a confident leader, as suddenly, when up to a tiled flag was already quite close at hand, his car has lost its course and almost immediately stopped with a dead engine.

So Fernando Alonso -out of the blue became the first in the history of the winner of the Grand Prix of Korea, which became a leader of the General set-off. Lewis got the second place, and closed the first three of Felipe Massa. Brazilian from Ferrari and could not imagine that the next time will rise to the podium only after two and a half years.


After that, as none of the riders RBR could not get to the finish Grand Prix of Korea, consultant of the company Red Bull Helmut Marko said that the season is lost, and he sees no other option but to leave the occupied post and leave with Formula 1.160


On the 14-th and 15-th places race in finished the team HRT. For the original Spanish project this very modest result was the most successful in the debut season.

When the FIA decided to involve in the Formula 1 new participants and announced in 2009, the contest for the teams, it was expected that the greatest chances to get the already proven and firmly stand on the legs of the representatives of the "Junior" class, like DAMS, ART Grand Prix or iSport. However, in the end, the first Troika was represented by the American project of the US F1, British Manor and the Spanish Campos Meta.

Adrian Campos, in due time he played in the Big Prizes, went with his team the way from the national Formula 3 to the leading positions in GP2. Then the Spaniard has sold most of the assets of their compatriot Alejandro , and he began to prepare for the conquest of new heights.

The business model is simple to bring together the resources of the country except for those, which are aimed at support of Fernando Alonso. The paddock had called, inviting to his Spanish engineers and technicians from all of the teams managed to sign a contract with the managerial Agency of the Meta and wealthy businessman, the owner of the land Jose Ramon .

It all looked at least in theory are highly efficient unit. The chassis for the season 2007, ordered to build the company's Dallara, motors for the first time acquired the Cosworth. The first pilot was to become Bruno Senna.

But smoothly, as it is known, happens only on paper. Lack of experience, lack of funds, resources and personnel led to the fact that, at first, had to skip all the winter tests. and for a few weeks before the start of the championship, the question arose of what to go team has simply not on it. As a little earlier already crumbled project US F1, the leadership of the Formula 1 it is important to keep afloat project Campos.

Intervened in the matter personally Bernie Ecclestone, through which bought all the shares of the team, renamed it in Hispania, and the post of the head was called an old friend of the head of management - the fat man Colin Neuve University. His mechanics and collected the car for two more days in a row in Bahrain, to Senna and his partner Karun could still go to the start.

Talk about a certain speed in such a situation is not accounted for. The car drove slowly all - looking ahead, it is necessary to recognize, that this picture had not changed during all the time that the team played in F1. Nevertheless, it is already the third attempt managed to achieve double finish, and in Monaco Senna and at the start ahead of the rivals of the then, Virgin and Lotus. Bruno'll come down, and that's Karun and lasted almost to the finish line, while Jarno Trulli not tried to pass through it thoroughly.

In the summer of changes started in the pilots. First of performances removed Sennou it is said that he wrote a dirty letter about Colin and mistakenly sent him the German, then one of the cockpits took Sakon Yamamoto, on a couple of races flashed and Christian Wedge. The best results were three 14-x space, but it was enough to beat the poor people of the Virgin in the Cup of designers.

Along the way, Hispania quarreled with Dallara the Italians would the money for his work, and when they are not transferred, the team simply refused to issue documentation on the car. Failed to come to an agreement with Toyota like, have been built for the new season of the machine could be a good help, but for some reason they also did not burn with the desire to give for free. In the end designer Jeff Willis built something on the grounds of Toyota on the basis of the old chassis.

The pilots in the 2011-meters were Tonio and almost forgotten Narain , but the start of the year as well as last missed tests and feverish Assembly of new cars in the first Grand Prix. Yes, and the season has not brought anything new, except that cool drove the rain canadian Grand Prix, thanks to the 13-th place in which managed to once again beat the Marussia in the Cup of designers.

In parallel, the team management was replaced. The all of the shares bought some Foundation Thesan Capital, whose representatives have decided to make the project "still more Spanish", for which they transferred him to a database from Murcia to Madrid, have entered into a contract with Pedro de La Rosa, and on the balance of 2011 sold one of the places in the cockpit of the company Red Bull, so that she could get very far with the young Daniel Riccardo.

The team was renamed once again, now in Charlottesville, and her head was still one of the ex-pilot F1, Luis Perez-Sala. That's just not the speed or reliability of, or the money to the account it is almost not added. And for the third time in three years the new machine not had time to test, the first stage is practically not given opportunities to travel on the highway, then failed to qualify.

In a word, the old bleak picture continued, this is the only work around Marussia this time already failed, and HRT went to, and quite deservedly, the bottom line of the Cup of designers. Not finding a new buyer, the late autumn of 2012 in Thesan Capital decided to turn off the unprofitable project.

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Europe'09 Heikki Kovalainen

Europe'09 Heikki Kovalainen

Race 814 August 23, 2009. Grand Prix Of Europe. Valencia

Pole - Lewis Hamilton McLaren MP4-24 - 1.39,498 196,068 km/h

The best round - Timo Glock Toyota TF109 - 1.38,683 197,687 km/h

Winner - Barrichello Brawn BGP 001 - 135.51,289 193,344 km/h

The first half of the 2009 season was held in Formula 1, under the leadership of Brawn GP. However, from the very beginning it was clear that money to the finalization of the car at the Ross brown almost none, because the second half of the championship gave the competitors a chance to try to catch the leaders. However, six victories the Button in the first seven Grand Prix complicated task, but to surrender or in the McLaren, nor in the Red Bull Racing, or in the Ferrari never intended to.

Grand Prix of Europe on the city roads in Valencia, the button started only seventh. Sunday was a suffocating heat, and the weather in the conditions of a race played the hand of Brawn GP, but to be faster on the streets of the city160- not at all the same as overtake.

From the first row in the fight went pilots McLaren. Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen were chosen for the first part of the bus SuperSoft, which allowed better opponents off the place. However, build on the success proved to be more difficult the British leader, Finn kept in a couple of seconds behind, and then rode racer Brawn GP Rubens Barrichello.

With more than hard rubber, of the Brazilian preferred not to take a risk and had evidently been waiting for pit-stop. And as soon as Kovalainen went to the boxes, a veteran of the immediately added in speed, so that after his stop already be ahead of the opponent.

On the second leg of the pattern remains the same. Hamilton did everything to break away, but he couldn't. And once on the radio sounded a word of what you need to just reset due to overheating of the brakes, it became finally clear everything will be decided on the second and final pit stop.

Change my pilot tires, knowing, that depends on the name of the winner, is always difficult. Here and mechanics McLaren, despite all his experience, in this time made a mistake under pressure. Lewis had already arrived to the boxes, but they only went out with fresh tyres to meet him. A second of hesitation160- in conjunction with a couple of different circles of Rubens160- enough to have a race followed the leader of the.

However, in the final segment already have Barrichello was rubber SuperSoft, and Hamilton quite actively pressing on the opponent, but the track in Valencia has confirmed its status overtake someone here can only be in case of an error or serious differences in speed. To Rubens none of these options have not walked, and he climbed to the top of the podium160- for the tenth time in his career, but for the first time, speaking not for Ferrari. Since the last victory of the rider passed already five years.

Lewis in the end remained second, and third place in a dispute between two Finns at the final pit-foot conquered Kimi Raikkonen of . Jenson button again, as in the previous race, finished seventh, preserving the leadership in the overall standings.160


Stage in Valencia was marked by two openings. Firstly, after parting with the hopes to win a title in the series GP2, behind the wheel of the Renault sat 23-year-old Roman . The Frenchman took to replace the dismissed the scandal of Peak. And in the Ferrari instead implicated in an accident on the qualifications in Budapest Felipe Massa to start out veteran Luke . What happened was that the two pilots faced in the first turn, and then remained near almost to the finish line. Both finished the race in the second ten.160

Europe'09 Heikki Kovalainen

Grand Prix of Europe was the most successful in the season for Heikki . Finn started the second, was the leader during one of the circle and has finished the race fourth. At the end of the 2009 he left the place in the McLaren, and similar results are going to be a racer's just a dream.

Heikki Johannes Kovalainen with small years showed that has an outstanding talent. Wide racing the public learned about the Finn in the end of 2004, when at the Paris Bercy arena, he has consistently defeated in the Race of Champions David Coulthard, Jean Alesi, Michael Schumacher and Sebastien Loeb, to climb to the top of the podium.

But prior to this, the young pilot had already been a lot of successes. Being a recognized the best native Finland, he in 2001 he moved to the British Formula Renault. A year earlier, winning the series, Kimi Raikkonen went straight to the paddock Formula 1 - and Heikki, of course, I would like to repeat such a way. But his path a Big Prizes proved to be much more of a long and winding.

Kovalainen from the very beginning drove quickly and consistently, regularly won, but that's to win any title he could not quite for a long time. However, very quickly the rider noticed, and he became a participant of the youth program Renault. Through the Formula 3 Finn came into the World series of Nissan, and so there is something in 2004 for the first time beat all the competition.

Given the triumph in Bercy, not too bright results and the defeat of the Finnish racers from Sebastien Loeb, it is Kovalainen was recognized in the season the best racers of the country of Suomi. Along the way, in the framework of the youth programme he has already tested Formula 1 - the first in the Minardi, and then and in Renault.

This work continued in 2005, when Finn was not one of a few pilots it obviously was made rate. In total, by the moment of the debut he drove on the technique of Formula 1 for 28 000 km modern beginners, having behind shoulders of three-four test day in winter Barcelona to first in the life of The Grand Prix, about this remains just a dream.

In the same 2005 Heikki inscribed his name in history, becoming the first winner in the GP2 series. For a long time he was in the lead in the overall standings of the championship, but in the end all the same could not find the arguments against Nico . But the fate of the Finn was already known. The next year he consecrated in General, only one test, but when in September Fernando Alonso said about the transition from Renault to McLaren, no one was surprised when the announcement came - the place of a Spaniard in the Champions ' team it will take Kovalainen.

The beginning of the season was quite nervous, first of all, because of the forms of Renault and there is no sign. The team moved out of the group of middle peasants, and although Heikki got to the final classification of the first five races in Monaco in the last few laps burned the engine, he never managed to rise above the seventh place. But then there was the Grand Prix of Canada, error and crashed car in the qualification, the latter starting position - and a breakthrough in the fourth place.

Kovalainen apparently began to find himself in Formula 1, and was going faster all the time. In summer and early autumn, he issued a series of gaining points in seven races in a row. The culmination, of course, became a stage in Japan, where in the rain splashes of Heikki finished second, having brought the team the only podium of the season.

Finn significantly, nearly twice, beat on points of an experienced team-mate Giancarlo . And again160- the next step on the career ladder came as no surprise. McLaren boss Ron Dennis has traditionally enjoyed working with the Finns, so that in the Wake of kekeh , Micah and Kimi Raikkonen in the uniform of the team donned and Kovalainen.

It is clear that the leader of the team was Lewis Hamilton, the first steps have shown that Heikki able to demonstrate the same speed, but he had no luck. In Australia bad timing out on the road safety car in Malaysia, the rider was discharged quite a controversial penalty for the lock, sliding on the eighth position of the lattice which did not prevent him to come to the podium.

In Bahrain Kovalainen almost immediately damaged at braking the bus, because of which he lost in speed, but in Spain, a leader, got from the exploding rim in a serious car accident. Lewis same hadn't wasted any time, noticeably gone ahead on points. By this time already was found out that my partners very different style of piloting. The British preferred to drive aggressively, and Finn - smoothly. But in a situation, when finalizing it was necessary to conduct in some one direction, the interests of Heikki was decided to ignore.

Who knows what would have evolved in the event, if not misfires in March and April, as well had to be content with the role of the second number. He consistently earned points, but on the podium visited only twice in Hungary, where in the last few laps down Felipe Massa, but in Italy, where the second place Finn caused rather bewilderment he was not able to overtake the Toro Rosso daring boys Sebastian Vettel.

Another seventh place on the background of title partner's perceived is not so, as a year ago.160However, in the McLaren knew how fast the pilot, because prolonged the contract with him. Heikki with joy involved in the preparation for the new season - only to find that the new McLaren MP4-24 is not strongly wants to do what he requires.160

It took to the car went a little bit of decency. But this the first eight races brought only one finish in the top ten. The season has been lost, and with it the pilot lost and place in the team. Good results in the second part of the championship160- if established, of course, can be considered as a few of the fifth and the sixth places160- have not been able to correct the situation.

In the yard was late in the autumn of 2009, the global economy was in a fever, and Toyota team, where Heikki no time was called prior to this, have already left the paddock. Yes and with other offers, the winner and the prize winner of the Grand Prix was sparse. In addition, without a place was not he the one160- at that time many really strong pilots had to search for any sort of continuation of the career.

So Heikki and was in the project, now bearing the name of Caterham. The first season was remembered an incident, with mark Webber in Valencia160- the pilot of Red Bull Racing just didn't expect yellow-green machine goes so slowly, " Yes status of the best pilots of the new commands. A year later, this title was awarded already Jarno Trulli, but the Finn was simmer sparked a car in Singapore and hope that at least in 2012-m promises Tony Fernandez and two years of his own labor160bring some fruit.160

Does not have. At this time Heikki couldn't beat Vitaly Petrov, and in Caterham finally came to the conclusion that the main virtue of the pilot is not the ability to play hundredths in the corners and provide feedback to the engineers, and the thickness of the wallet. Kovalainen never paid for their performances and remained faithful to this principle. The driver left160- but, I want to believe, not yet said its last word on the motor sports arenas of the world. 160

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Charles Pic I am ready to become the leader of the team

The pilot Caterham Charles Peak believes that its last year's experience in Formula-1, should be enough to in the season-2013 to become the leader of the new team."In last year I spent my debut season with an experienced Timo Glock, who taught me many things, " said Peak. "I managed to adopt his style of work, and now I'm ready to become the leader of the Caterham. I have to work, giving myself to the team, lead a good and informative feedback to the engineers, mechanics, with respect to the direction of development of the car - but that's my job, and I am ready for it. I was in an excellent team, which works by helping each other. Together, we are sure to achieve success.

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Charles Pic Pressing should add motivation

Charles Pic Pressing should add motivation

After completing the tests in Barcelona, Charles Pic went on a frosty Moscow to the traditional Race of Stars «za rulem». In an exclusive interview nonf1.ru the Frenchman told about the impressions from the car Caterham and tasks for the new season.

Question I Think the off-season has been quite tense getting to know command, a trip to the base of Renault. Is the opportunity for a little rest and tune in to the new season

Charles Pic I rested quite a bit two weeks at Christmas, and then went back to work. I was in the UK on the basis of the Caterham and went to the base of the Renault.

Question Command Caterham productively spent the first two series of tests. What are your impressions from the machine

Charles Peak the Tests were successful. While early to speak about our speed - wait for The Grand Prix of Australia, but Caterham - young team, we really do have a lot more work. Need to understand what position we take in Melbourne, and then make progress on the course of the season.

Impressions from the car Some of what we managed to do well, but many aspects require more attention. However, first impressions rather positive.

Question what is The difference between Caterham CT03 and last year's car Marussia

Charles Rush I Think, the most important difference is that in my last year's car did not have a KERS, as in the work with this system has its own peculiarities. You need to find the optimum brake balance, avoid locking the rear wheels - adapt was not easy, but we need to get a good deal with the work of the system, to make maximum use of its potential.

In addition, the car Marussia MR01 stood motor Cosworth, and now I'm working with Renault engine, which can be called more universal - it is easier to adapt to the car, to the style of piloting of the rider, but it also requires additional attention.

Question last year you had an experienced partner, and the new season you start with the debutant. Are you ready to lead the team

Charles Pic that's Great, that in the last year I worked with Timo Glock, because it was my first season in Formula 1. I learned a lot from him. Of course, I feel that I was ready to lead the team. I must do all the best and to provide for engineers effective feedback. In the end, it's the teamwork is the only way progress can be made.

Question was it Hard for you personally and the team as a whole to work with the debutant

Charles Pic it seems to Me, the Caterham had his own reasons to choose Guido van der garde - a well-considered decision. I think we'll work fine.

Question the Head of the Caterham Cyril and your Manager Olivier appreciate your fighting spirit. It gives you the confidence or creates additional pressure

Charles Pic neither one Nor the other. It seems to me, must learn to cope with pressure, and if we talk about the race, a sense of pressure must positive - add you strength and motivation, and not Vice versa.

In order to make progress and move forward together with the team, it is important to achieve mutual understanding. So far all is going well. However, this process requires time, we are talking about human relations. I try as best you can learn staff Caterham, and they are better acquainted with me. I have developed excellent relations with the race engineer, with whom I started to work in January. All excellent.

Question What results at the end of the season could meet you

Charles Peak you Need to understand how fast we will be in Melbourne, and then steadily progress, starting with the Grand Prix of Australia, to move forward in each race. Would be great, if we have the chance to earn the first points for the team.

Question In the past year Caterham persistently struggled with Marussia the tenth place in the Cup of designers. Who, in your opinion, now will be victorious in this fight

Charles Peak In the past year, I hoped that the 10-th line will take Marussia, and now will do everything to this position inherited Caterham laughs

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