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Russian drivers in Formula 1

Russian drivers in Formula 1

Daniil Kvyat temporarily suspended from participation in Formula 1, but now we have Sergey Sirotkin, who signed a contract with Williams. It's time to remember who the Russians managed to at least touch the Formula 1.Sergei Zlobin the middle of 2002, the company Gazprom has suddenly become the sponsor of the weak Minardi team now Toro Rosso. The load in the role of test driver has appeared 32-the summer Sergey Zlobin, frankly, did not Shine in other racing series. In the autumn of the same year, Zlobin spent four of the test session in Fiorano, Mugello and Valencia, squeezer on last year's Minardi PS01 car a total of 400 kilometers.In mid-2003, Gazprom also suddenly refused to cooperate with Minardi, but he remained in the team, although behind the wheel never sat down.

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Kubica is confident that he is able to pilot the car of the season-2017

Kubica is confident that he is able to pilot the car of the season-2017

Robert Kubica, who, apparently, back in the championship Royal races, said that he is able to pilot a modern car.Earlier, the pole has already conducted tests with Renault, piloting the car of the 2013 season. Now he is preparing to take part in the tests of modern cars after the Grand Prix of Hungary.Robert Kubica "the Differences are mostly associated with turns, but it is only a question of habit and work. If others can do it, why I can't repeat or do even betterSo if Renault have the courage and confidence to let me drive, I'll be able to test all on personal experience.I already know that I can get back to the level that was shown previously. I'm quite able to show the speed that was shown in 2010. When I saw that I can fly on the verge of the car of the Formula 1 in Valencia, I thought, "This is a passion I have always felt, it's my life".I knew I didn't need to worry about missed about six years. All that is happening now, like magic".

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Robert Kubica is testing the car, 2017 in the simulator Renault

Robert Kubica is testing the car, 2017 in the simulator Renault

Robert Kubica has made another step on his way to return to Formula-1.Earlier, the pole tested the car 2012 Renault in Valencia, and the French team now wants to give him a full evaluation.Robert Kubica "I was able to try the car in the current configuration. The day went very well, but I don't want to go into details. I was happy as a team.As for my hands, in my life there were days far worse than this. The current situation is good, I think everything is stable. Many things have changed in my head. I have certain restrictions that have been before.If something happens, I will be very happy, but I just need to keep head cool.The step that I took in Valencia, was huge, and I have to go step by step to your goal. I hope I will be able to approach the fulfillment of your dreams".According to reports, Kubica will spend the real test driving car in 2017 after the Hungarian Grand Prix.

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Robert Kubica could take part in new tests

Robert Kubica could take part in new tests

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Robert Kubica is ready to carry out new tests to take the next steps in his career.The head of Renault, Cyril Abiteboul "He ran tests because I wanted to. The Enstone family is very loyal Alan Berman, Bob bell, Nick Chester - they all wanted to give Robert the opportunity to try their hand.The opportunity came when we planned a work day in Valencia with Sergey Sirotkin. While the idea of back there, so I don't want to exaggerate this theme.Robert tries their limits, test their skills, and only he can decide on his career.We didn't talk about the tests because Robert is dearly loved by a huge army of fans, we didn't want to put him under additional pressure. We just wanted to have Robert enjoyed the tests.Of course, there is no limit to perfection, but Robert was well prepared physically. We had to move some of the switches on the other side, so he could use them, but it is not hard.Too early to talk about new tests, but we keep in touch with Robert. Plans for the continuation of the tests there, but it is possible in the future".

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Robert Kubica lost weight

Robert Kubica lost weight

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Robert Kubica, it seems, is serious about the opportunity to return to the Royal race.So says the edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport after last week in Valencia, the Polish pilot suddenly ran tests in the part of Renault.Luigi Perna, a correspondent for La Gazzetta dello Sport "I Think Kubica was faster official test driver Sergey Sirotkin. The limitations associated with hand, Kubica managed to overcome. The only modification of the car Renault had a system shift to Kubica could change gear with one hand.Robert started training like crazy on the bike. He lost 10 kg. Next goal, hopefully, is another test or work on Friday in practice, one of the Grand Prix. The sensational return of Robert Kubica in Formula 1 - this is not a dream".

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Kubica thanked for the opportunity to get back behind the wheel of a Formula 1

Kubica thanked for the opportunity to get back behind the wheel of a Formula 1

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Robert Kubica thanked Renault for the opportunity to participate in the testing of the car Royal races, which were held recently in Valencia.Robert Kubica "I would like to thank all that made this possible, I hope it was a good day for everyone, and maybe people saw something out of my performances of the 2010 season. For me it was an important day from an emotional point of view.Much time has passed since then, as I was forced to leave the championship. I went through some rough times. I worked hard on myself, and a couple of years ago it would have been simply impossible. I have mixed feelings I'm proud of what we have achieved during the tests, but these races also showed my shortcomings."Recall that in early 2011, Kubica was involved in a serious accident during a rally race and has seriously damaged his hand.

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Sergey Sirotkin ran tests on the car Formula-1

Sergey Sirotkin ran tests on the car Formula-1

Sergey Sirotkin, who listed a test-pilot of Renault, held a test day in Valencia behind the wheel of a Lotus E21 2013 and shared their impressions.Sergey Sirotkin "It was a rather quiet day. In the morning we drove a few basic sessions and worked on balance. Before lunch spent qualifying simulation on both types of rubber. In the second half of day worked with full tanks on long distances. In all cases the results were very good, so that we can be satisfied with the work done. Thanks to the team and SMP Racing for the opportunity - it was really useful and necessary experience".

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Lewis Hamilton Today I liked to race in Baku

Lewis Hamilton Today I liked to race in Baku

Pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton showed the best result in the first and second practices for the European Grand Prix.Lewis Hamilton "Good start of the weekend. The route here is complicated, but it is complex not because of its configuration, and because of the slippery coating. Due to the proximity of the barriers she kinda reminds me of Monaco, only much faster. But rather it is a mixture of Valencia and Sochi.I think this weekend everyone will be difficult. Require high concentration, but I like it. Today I like to race in Baku"Previously, Hamilton was named the track in Baku boring.

2016-04-11 10:14:03

SMP Racing pilots participated in the test sessions, two Championships

SMP Racing pilots participated in the test sessions, two Championships

The two-day GP3 Series test was completed on the track in Valencia, Spain. Pilot SMP Racing Matevos isaakian, acting in this series for the Finnish team Koiranen GP, showed the 10th time on the first day and 12-th result on the second day of tests."On the first day managed to show good speed, said Matevos isaakian. But we still have a lot of work to do, including on the car. The entire first day we tried different settings to choose optimal. And on the second day, I conducted a simulation of the race, losing only a little more than half a second the first time, which in General is a good result".In those days, and at another Spanish circuit at Alcaniz has passed the tests of the youth championship of the Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0. They have attended four of the SMP Racing pilot Robert Schwartzman, Nikita Troitsky, Alexei Korneev, Nerses Isaakyan.In the final evening session of SMP Racing pilots showed their best results Schwartzman became the second Trinity showed the 4th time, Isahakian Korneev and is located on 13-th and 17-th lines.The first race of the season GP3 Series kicks off on may 14 race at the circuit of Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Spain. Season Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 opens on April 16 at another Spanish track of Aragon motorland racetrack.

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Konstantin Tereshchenko conducted the first pre-season tests GP3 Series

Konstantin Tereshchenko conducted the first pre-season tests GP3 Series

Russian driver Konstantin Tereshchenko took part in the first pre-season tests GP3 Series, which took place at the Portuguese autdromo do Estoril on March 22-24. Constantine successfully completed a program outlined by Campos Racing team tried a new car, after 174 laps with different settings.Konstantin Tereshchenko in 2016 will continue playing for the Spanish team Campos Racing in the international "youth" series GP3 Series. Partners Konstantin at Campos Racing were the Spaniard Alex Palou takes and Dutchman Stijn is Schothorst. The previous year, the Russians spent three final stage of the season GP3 Series driving a car of the same team. Campos Racing earlier in his racing career began Vitaly Petrov.On the eve of the first test day of the GP3 Series, March 22, at the circuit of Estoril was raining, and by morning the track had dried. This was the reason for the departure of the car of Konstantin Tereshchenko in the gravel. However, the Russians showed 10-th result in the morning session 131.202, 001.410 from the leader. After lunch, with different settings, Constantine has become the 15th among the twenty-three pilots 129.763, 001.118.Weather on the second day was cooler, compared to the first, but the dry asphalt temperature was optimal to pilots improved their results. Konstantin Tereshchenko for the day was 61 the circle and worked a lot with the suspension settings. In two test sessions he showed 18-th and 20-th results, respectively, close to the time of his teammates who tested the same elements of the vehicle.On the final day of testing engineers Campos Racing continued to try different settings and only at the end back to the already found options. Konstantin Tereshchenko showed 18-th and 15-th time among the twenty-four pilots in the morning and afternoon sessions, again ahead of one of the teammates Stein of Schothorst.Just the first tests Series GP3 in Estoril was attended by twenty-four pilots from seven teams Campos Racing, Arden International, ART Grand Prix, DAMS, Jenzer Motorsport, Koiranen GP Trident.Konstantin Tereshchenko "the First tests went well for us we worked with the car settings, tried different options and have not sought to show the high times. We worked on the selected settings of aerodynamics, suspension and many other items that will allow us to be competitive on the other tracks. Besides a new car at the autdromo do Estoril't run the race the GP3 Series, and it was important for us not to take the lead, and focus on solving certain tasks. During these three days we were able to get a lot of information, including the work of tyres Pirelli, find their strengths and at the same time understood what moments it is necessary to pull on the following tests in Valencia. I think all will be well, and in two weeks we will achieve new results."The second session of pre-season tests GP3 Series will be held April 7-8 at the circuit Barcelona-Catalunya.Konstantin Tereshchenko born. 17.06.1994 - Russian pilot, acting in the international GP3 Series Vice-champion of the Euroformula Open 2015, champion of the Spanish Formula 3 2015.

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Our in Formula 1

Our in Formula 1

Recently Oksana Kosachenko, former Manager of Vitaly Petrov, said that this year in the championship will have one Russian driver. One can only guess whom she meant, but for now we have decided to recall from whom the Russians failed even to touch the Formula 1.Sergey Zlobin mid-2002, the company Gazprom has suddenly become the sponsor of the weak Minardi team now Toro Rosso. As the load in the team as test driver appeared 32-summer Sergey Zlobin, frankly, not so hot in other racing series. In the autumn of the same year, Zlobin had four test session at the Fiorano, Valencia and Mugello, skating on last year's Minardi PS01 car a total of 400 kilometers.

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Gastaldi We hope soon to confirm Grogan

Gastaldi We hope soon to confirm Grogan

Before the weekend in Austin, Deputy Director of Lotus F1 Team Federico Gastaldi answered the questions of journalists, the press service of the team.

Question you Recently announced the transition to the power plant of Mercedes next season. This is the beginning of the revival team

Federico Gastaldi Yes, that's our plan. We decided that we needed some changes and are very pleased to confirm this move officially. Propulsion Mercedes has proven effective, we believe that they will be a key component of our future success.

This year it became obvious that their decisions are the most competitive. Together with our ideas in 2015 they will form a powerful Union - E23 Hybrid. In addition, this partnership is very important for the long-term future of Lotus F1 Team.

Question Who will sit behind the wheel E23 Hybrid next season

Federico Gastaldi you Can say that Roman Grosjean on the pole, if we talk about the contenders for a place at the wheel of the second car, but need to clarify a few more details. We hope to make an announcement in the near future. Working on a new project continues, the team has good prospects.

Question Tests Esteban Okona confirm commitment to team work with young talents

Federico Gastaldi it is. We have a rich tradition in this respect - in commands from Enstone got a chance Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso and romance.

Esteban is a member of our youth program, a very talented driver that has proved once again this year, having won a record number of victories. In the debut season of Euroseries F3 he won 15 races and won the championship title - a unique achievement given the strength of his opponents - one of them was Max Verstappen. We recognized his achievements, providing the first opportunity to get behind the wheel of a Formula 1 this week in Valencia, where he made an excellent impression on the tests.

We hope to work with him further, as he makes his way to the top. This proves that the youth program Lotus F1 is one of the best in motorsports.

Question Ahead of the third race on the circuit in Austin. How do you assess the track and towards the Formula 1 in the United States

Federico Gastaldi Great track, fantastic fans - mainly from the United States and Mexico, but not only. Configuration is very interesting, the track like the racers and fans, in addition, the USA is the main, but not yet used market for Formula 1. This goes a long Grand Prix in the United States to be fully covered, but the Lotus F1 Team have something to offer to American fans of racing. We hope for a great show in Austin next weekend.

Question What do you think about the preliminary version of the calendar Next year's Formula 1 will return to Mexico.

Federico Gastaldi Mexico - racing country. Since the days of the brothers Rodriguez and racing Carrera Panamericana sport in their blood. I'm sure the Mexican stage of Formula 1 will take place with a fantastic atmosphere, because Mexicans love to race. Many of them we see in Austin, where they very clearly manifest themselves.

In Mexico, a strong economy, in Formula 1 there is a good economic base. I think. this race will be one of the main points the next season.

Question in Front of the three final races all thoughts are still associated with Jules Bianchi.

Federico Gastaldi Yes, all Enstone, as in the world of Formula 1, are praying for him. Recently, we received the terrible news about the death of Christophe de Margerie, a close friend of the team. We condole with his family members and relatives of other victims of the plane crash that took place on Monday.

text Dmitry Bukharov


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Race weekend with the team World Series by Renault

Race weekend with the team World Series by Renault

At the end of September correspondent upon the invitation Zeta Corse, went on stage Formula Renault 3.5 on the track Paul Ricard and spent a full weekend with the Russian team, which at that time led the battle for the title in the individual competition.

Step on the track Paul Ricard was for Zeta Corse unusual is the second pilot of the team, Roman Mavlanov missed the weekend, as performed in the GT Open race, where he fought for the title. As a result, all of the team's efforts were focused on a single pilot, Roberto Mary, who fought for the victory in the championship with Carlos Sainz Jr. However, despite the fact that the pilot this time was the only one on the track came the entire technical team of 11 people, not counting the guide and the driver.

Five work directly with the machine Roberto Mary. Chief among them is the race engineer Spaniard, Humphrey Corbett is one of the most respected professionals in the paddock for the World series. He has experience of working in Formula 1 with Olivier Panicum in Toyota, as well as in GP2 and GP3. Right hand Humphrey - telemetry Miguel Jose Clara, he receives and processes data from the machine, providing Humphrey necessary information. Directly with the machine work mechanics Sebastian Sandina, Salva Navarro and Peter Hayes Peter Hungarian, but the whole team calls him Pedro.

In General this structure is typical for most teams in the series, but there is Zeta Corse and differences. For example, the team is racing coach Felix Porteiro. Felix not so long ago was a racer himself, played in the World series by Renault, GP2 and WTCC, and now helps Mary and Mavlanov. In addition, he played a major role in the formation of the team in the past season.

Another five people typically worked with Roman Mavlanov, but this time helped the engineers and mechanics Mary. Among them race engineer, Australian Marcus Koch. For Koch this is not the first season of cooperation with Russian pilots Marcus was an engineer Mikhail Aleshin in 2010, when he became the first Russian champion of the Formula Renault 3.5. Also in the team Mavlanov - telemetry Jaume Jimenez and mechanics Miguel angel Aragon, Home Check and Marco Lozano. In both cases, the third mechanics Peter Hayes and Marco Lozano - and even truck drivers team.

Trucks at Zeta Corse two in one motorhome, together with kitchen and rest room pilots, the second - machines, parts and everything you need for equipment boxes. In Le Castellet trucks came directly from Budapest - so it was easier from a logistical point of view, than to return to Spain, and thence again to go to France. Most of the mechanics and team Manager Marco Rodriguez and logistics specialist Jose Luis Sinister arrived at the track on Thursday morning at the vans - they are the team also two. Roberto Mary and the team leader Roman Novikov - the evening of the same day from Valencia.


Unlike Formula 1, not only the operation of the machine, but even the procedure of Assembly boxes in the World series strictly regulated. On all routes to start these activities can be no earlier than eight o'clock Thursday. "To be honest, at one point we flew great from the organizers for what we have collected the boxes and motorhome too early - before the rest started assembling, laughs Roman Novikov. "Now try not to break.

Motorhom Zeta Corse - the largest in the paddock for the World series however, half of the teams tent-motorhome not at all. He is joined directly to the truck with kitchen and lounge, and is separated from the rest of transparent panes of acrylic glass, not plastic like some other teams. Going plastic floor, equipped with tables, chairs, sofas and a large TV - here will be to watch the races guests of the team.

The arrangement of the boxes is not only unload all tools and equipment. Before beginning work boxes - it's just an empty concrete box. To turn them into the area where the work will be done with machines, it is necessary to build a special frame supporting structure frame principle allows to make the design foldable and very compact, to bring electricity to hang monitors. On the floor of the orange paint are applied with special tags for the wheels, then to accurately adjust the ground clearance, suspension settings and stabilizer.

Finally, the boxes appear on the machine. The first thing after installation on a label to them is connected electricity - own battery with the engine off Formula Renault 3.5 only enough for 2-3 minutes offline. Then comes a series of checks.

"First of all we check the machine settings and the engine try to start the engine, test the operability of the transmission, radio communication, " explains Miguel Jose Clara. Then the car inspected by representatives of Renault Sport. In the future, we Refine the angles of attack spoiler and so forth." To check the settings, Miguel connects his laptop to the car - wireless data transmission, except for the telemetry is prohibited.

On Thursday held the first training pit-stops - in the future, the team performs them regularly, two to three times a day. Pilots, meanwhile, go for a walk on the highway. In Zeta Corse to the racers always attached and Felix Porteiro. The main objects of attention - bumps, the height of the curbs, the adhesion to the asphalt. All this information can significantly affect the trajectory chosen by the pilot, and the braking points. Then walk turns into a fitness workout - Mary ran along the four circles in a very decent pace.


If Thursday can be considered a relatively calm day, then Friday is one of the most stressful. All employees Zeta Corse, regardless of their status, he lived in the same hotel, a few tens of kilometers from the road. On the track the entire technical staff and management went quite early, at 7 am. An hour later he left and Roberto Mary before him on the track to do nothing. Together with Mary in the location of the team arrives and another member of the team chef Zeta Corse Elena Ramsden. She is from Russia, but have many years of living in Spain, Nerja, where she and her husband own a restaurant. Not so long ago, Elena became a member of the first season of the Russian version of the TV program Gordon Ramsay MasterShef.

Meanwhile mechanics started up the motor and checked the gearbox. 1050 begins the first session of the free races. In a team everyone is pumped to the traditional excitement that is present at any event, added concerns about this particular track. Zeta Corse is in fact a new team, and therefore largely forced to rely on the expertise of its engineers. However, Paul Ricard - not the most popular place for racing, although the tests are held here often. As later admitted engineer Humphrey Corbett, the last time he worked on the race here. 1972.

In the first session of the pilots don't get new tires. During the first exit on the machine are tires that have already passed in a previous step from 40 to 100 km 10-20 circles. These tires engineers classified as "used". During the session, they are usually brought to the stage of the "old" tires, past 100-160 km Many youth series tires with the same resource can still put on the car, but in the Formula Renault 3.5 speed is too high, so they are sent for recycling.

In the second half of the session on the machine is equipped with the so-called "fresh" tires - break of not more than 40 km less than 10 laps. On these tyres pilots start in the second free practice. And only at the end of the evening session, they finally get new tires in order to evaluate the maximum speed and prepare for qualification.

After the first session begins working with telemetry. Miguel takes the data and discusses the change settings with Humphrey. Recommendations and gives Marcus Koch - the final decision, however, still Humphrey. Mechanics meanwhile, remove the fairing and carefully study the status of each node of the machine. Making sure everything is in order, collect the car and refuel. For the filling use a special mobile refueling machine. E, the mechanics have the ability internally to measure not only the quantity flowing into the tank, but also its temperature.

Roberto Mary, meanwhile working with Felix Porteiro. Felix compares telemetry best lap Meri data machines William Buller and Carlos Sainz. This might seem surprising, but the solution is simple - in fact it is last year's data, because a year ago at this track for Zeta Corse in Paul-Ricard spoke exactly the Buller and science, and Porteiro worked with them. The machine since then has not changed climatic conditions close, so that the results are quite comparable.

Roberto had already acted on this route, but the last time was a few years ago, in the Formula 3. It is much more powerful machines of the Formula Renault 3.5 this experience is hardly applicable, so that he will actually have to learn the track again. When comparing the graphs, Felix found several weaknesses in aerobatics Mary relatively Sainz and especially Buller. In the second session Roberto tried to make adjustments in their technique, and the results gradually grew.

Between sessions of all members of the team were waiting for lunch in motorhome. Thanks chef Elena Ramsden, the menu is very refined that "mobile kitchen" racing team rare. However, as admitted by Elena, after the previous stage in the selection of food they had to make adjustments and found that the Spanish mechanics unaccustomed to spicy foods, although she really liked engineers, Markus Koch and Humphrey to Corbett. Roberto Mary eats with the rest, a special diet. Of course, it monitors the amount of calories, but not as hard as some of the other pilots. However, compensates for this very serious exercise - trained Roberto is also more than other riders.

After the second session of the engineers for a long time discussing the matter, trying to find the optimal settings for the next day. Mechanics again check all the elements of the machine, and then restoring order in the boxes. Gradually darkens, after completion of all works on the track team in an organized manner is sent to the hotel, where ten minutes after arrival all gather again for dinner. In the same hotel and mechanics of some other teams, but sitting at different tables, little talking among themselves. In Zeta Corse not all tables are combined and dinner turns into a noisy gatherings, with an endless stream of jokes in English and Spanish.


The first race day also begins at seven in the morning. Qualification starts at 940, but until then we have to make adjustments to the settings. Like most other tracks, the qualification data is different from racing. Paul-Ricard requires medium or high clamping force, and in the qualification of the angle of attack spoiler increase. This allows for greater speed on the same lap, but the race will lead to increased tire wear. Therefore, the aerodynamic configuration is closer to the average values.

In addition spoiler, changing the value of the ground clearance and adjustment of the stabilizer bar. As the product in the Formula Renault 3.5 Smoking, and to warm up the tires, it takes time, usually in the qualification of pilots passing two long series of circles. In both pilots use the new rubber. The first attempt is rarely perfect - pilots, as a rule, are very cautious, trying to show160 basic result. The fight for pole position takes place in the second series, when all racers receive a set of new rubber and attack at the limit.

Changes in settings are bearing fruit if on, check Mary showed fairly average results for the circle, the qualification has risen to fourth place. However, his main rival, Carlos Sainz, was on the pole. In the boxes Roberto returned on foot machine at the entrance to the pit lane took the inspectors WSR for thorough review. As Mary contender for the title, his car check with enviable regularity.

At this point in the team have mixed feelings - on the one hand, the progress from session to session obvious, the other for title Challenger fourth place at the start can hardly be considered a good result, and the advantage of science is large enough. Roberto studied with Felix Porteiro telemetry his circle, goes into the rest room to focus before the race. Then, like many other pilots, going to the workout. Here the riders approach is different - some, like Carlos Sainz or will Stevens, are right near motorhome and talk ball with the coach. Mary prefers together with the coach to get as far away from the eyes, and generally performs stretching exercises and warm-up of muscles.

For half an hour before the race pilots are starting to travel on the track, trying the car and back in the boxes. Then they go on the starting grid. In Zeta Corse traditionally release their pilots were one of the last, though much work with the machine no leads - to make changes to the settings already too late. In order to be in direct start-finish line, you need to make a circle. During this time, mechanics and engineers are moving there from the boxes through a special gate in the pit wall, which will be closed before the start of the race. When Mary reaches its starting position, the telemetry Miguel Jose Clara connects to the car to spend the last check. Roberto discusses with him and Humphrey Corbett last detail, making sure that all systems are functioning properly.

A few minutes before the start of the race everyone is being asked to leave the starting grid. Humphrey Corbett and team Manager Marco Rodriguez is sent to the command post on the pit wall. Here is the same mechanic that shows the pilot information displays during the race. The command post is equipped with monitors timing and technical information. The same monitors are in boxes, so the engineers do not need to be present on the pit-wall information mechanics can be transferred and on the radio. But sometimes you need to act quickly, and direct contact is more reliable. The other members of the team returned to the pit in order to keep track of what is happening there.

In the race pilots will start on one of the sets of tyres used in qualifying. The second "fresh" set postponed for tomorrow - it will be placed in the first qualifying series. The racing itself, oddly enough, one of the most peaceful moments of the weekend for the team. Internal tension, of course, great, but at this point it all depends on Mary or mechanics or engineers may not affect the result. However, emotions enough - due to an overheated clutch Roberto started poorly, conceding Sergey Sirotkin. He was a little lost in the pace of the leaders, losing at the finish of the Sines 17 seconds.

Immediately after the race begins "debriefing". Although no particular problems with the machine not in the team decide to replace the clutch and go through the gearbox to 100 guarantee the performance on Sunday. Roberto frankly upset - not so much the victory of science and the increased gap in the championship, but about the lack of pace. It is a long time telemetry studies with Felix Porteiro, Miguel Jose and Clara Humphrey Corbett. Those, in turn, are looking for a solution, hoping to win tomorrow. Eventually coming to the conclusion that it is necessary to soften the settings.


At first glance, the schedule for the race weekend on Sunday is almost identical to the Sabbath. Some differences, however, are still there. They begin already in qualification during the first series of circles riders use the bus, which has already worked one attempt a day ago. This means that you can show them a really good time is almost impossible, and the whole struggle unfolds in the second attempt. Here, however, Roberto little unlucky - he was gradually added with each circle, but the session was completed ahead of time, because of the departure of Coele Amberg. In the result, Mary was the fifth and science second.

In the boxes Roberto returned without a car inspectors WSR made another test. The Spaniard admitted that changing the settings did not like Saturday's version was closer to him. However, the pole was Fading leaves Roberto chance to compete with Sainz - usually Carlos is not too great holds races in which he is forced to fight for position. Before the start of the race mechanics wear helmets during the race Sunday there is a mandatory pit stop. It also gives the team some hope - there is a possibility something to play when using the strategies.

Depending on the flow of rubber and other circumstances, the scheme of the pit stop may vary significantly. Most often, the car changing either the rear wheels or all four. In these cases, mechanics occupy different positions - all the options are processed, and as schematically represented in the figures displayed on the stand. By the way, these schemes are applied regardless of the pilots who spends a pit-stop. The most complex circuit - replacing all four wheels and nose fairing. In this pit stop participating at least eight people - all mechanics and both telemetry.

Before the race, already at the start line, the settings have changed - they have become a little softer. The launch was held for Mary good - he was ahead of Sirotkina Sergey faced the same problem with the clutch that Roberto - Saturday, and after a couple of laps and Jazz Jafar. To try to win, the team decided to change only the rear tyres - as, however, did most of the rest. Pit stop went rather well, but the comparison has shown that only on this was lost second. A couple of seconds lost due to the fact that Roberto called for one or two laps later than necessary. As a result, he lost two positions.

Command to change anything already could not, but could Mary. Roberto has done everything that is possible - he was again ahead of Jafar very bold maneuver in a long arc. To achieve more was hardly possible. Sainz again won easily, beating Faded even at the start. Chance at the title is not lost yet, but very much reduced. And Roberto, and engineers, and mechanics are upset by the results of the weekend, but not suppressed. After the mandatory analysis telemetry, we talked with Humphrey Corbett about how passed this weekend. "Honestly, if I had the opportunity to go back to the beginning of the weekend, I would have gone the other way, " said Humphrey. I would choose other, more rigid configuration. And, of course, prevented what we worked here with only one machine. If we had a second pilot, the progress would be much faster."

However, sad team once. Almost immediately after the finish begins assembling equipment and boxes, and in this work involved everything - including engineers and telemetries. Team leader Roman Novikov, meanwhile, helps to collect motorhome. All work quickly and smoothly, increasingly heard jokes, and laughter. The mood rises.

To load the machine, they have to manually roll through the pit lane to gate out to the highway - in boxes passage is too narrow. Then through the paddock - up trucks. Here the car rolled onto the platform-lift and raise to the top tier. After one machine and there goes the second. Meanwhile, Miguel Jose Clara is a list replacement parts - give it to the World series by Renault. In another list describes the work that will be held at the base.

The sun is on the wane, trucks collected, the teams are starting to disperse. Employees Zeta Corse, including Roman Novikov, immediately go to Valencia, others go back to the hotel. In the evening, with the remaining members of the team we're going to the restaurant. Despite not the best weekend, everyone's mood is quite positive.

The telemetry Miguel comes in a little dispute with engineers, Humphrey and Marcus. Humphrey argues that the decision to bring Marcus to help him was wrong. "Possible ways of selecting settings always a lot, and the information that gave Marcus was already too much, it only complicated choice," said Humphrey. The same opinion is Marcus. "Not in vain in Motorsport there is a rule one rider - one engineer, " he said. Miguel a different opinion on his opinion, the benefit of that decision was. However, the dispute is difficult to call hot - rather, it is a friendly discussion.

Soon the conversation flows smoothly on abstract themes. Marcus talks about his homeland Australia Adelaide, where once was the Grand Prix of Formula 1, as well as his passion for surfing. Humphrey no end of jokes and parades knowledge of the French language in the French provinces, where Paul Ricard, this is a great advantage, even the waiters here don't know English.

We, meanwhile, talk with Miguel - he is one of only three people including Marcus Koch and Felix Porteiro in the team, who worked at Zeta Corse year ago, when she belonged to other people and was registered in Italy. According to him, the change is very serious. "The difference is very great, " says Miguel. - Now we really are a team. I don't want anything bad to say about those people that worked in Zeta year ago - this is a great assistants. But they just came, did his job and went. This year it is exactly the opposite - we are together all the time, all help each other, the relationship is very good. This is a single United team.

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2014-10-23 20:44:02

Esteban Windows held a prize tests in Valencia

Esteban Windows held a prize tests in Valencia

Together with Sauber two-day test in Valencia held and team Lotus.

Participant of the youth program Lotus, champion of Euroseries F3 Esteban Windows tested driving a Lotus E20 2012. These tests became a reward for the title, earned in his debut season.


2014-10-23 20:24:02

Roy Nissany made his debut behind the wheel of a Formula 1

Roy Nissany made his debut behind the wheel of a Formula 1

We wrote about the two-day test session Sauber in Valencia on Wednesday at the wheel of a machine C31 2012 sat, Adderly Fong, and today it was replaced by the Israelite Roy Nissany passed 99 laps or 396,495 kilometers.

Roy Nissany "Amazing day - the first time I had driven the car of Formula 1, and it was great. In the beginning I was a little nervous, but now I feel that I have gained some experience. It was not easy to adapt driving style to a high level of clamping force of this machine and high speed cornering. However, I did well.

I am pleased with the result - not only themselves, but the team all worked very professionally. I knew the track in Valencia, but these tests have become an interesting challenge."


2014-10-23 18:54:02

Adderly Fong tested driving a Sauber

Adderly Fong tested driving a Sauber

Chinese racer, Adderly Fong, acting GP3 races and endurance, on Wednesday took part in the tests of driving a Formula 1. On the track name Ricardo Tormo in Valencia he sat behind the wheel of the Sauber C31 2012 - the same machine that the previously conducted tests Simona de Silvestro.

Adderly Fong "awesome day My first experience with the machine Formula 1 behind. Thanks to all those who made this possible. I hope we will repeat it again and again I drove 400 km, showing good results.

I was allowed to experiment with the DRS and I was able to experience the work of the blown diffuser. The machine runs smooth as silk, it is impossible to compare with one of those machines that I have flown before."

For 24-year-old Fong tests on completed today with the machine running pilot European Formula 3 Roy Nissany.

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2014-10-17 14:54:02

Fong, Nissan will test with Sauber

Fong, Nissan will test with Sauber

22 and 23 October 24-year-old Chinese man, Adderly Fong, acting GP3 races and endurance, and 19-year-old Israeli Roy Nissany, finishing the second season of Euroseries Formula 3, will conduct the tests in Valencia behind the wheel of the Sauber C31 two years ago. Adderly will sit behind the wheel in the first day, Roy will replace him in the second.

Adderly Fong "I am very excited to try out the Sauber C31 in Valencia, this will be my first test driving Formula 1, I with impatience wait."

Roy Nissany "I am delighted to get the chance to sit behind the wheel of a Sauber and will do anything to accomplish his work".


2014-10-14 15:14:03

Esteban Windows will conduct tests with Lotus F1

Esteban Windows will conduct tests with Lotus F1

18-year-old Frenchman Esteban Windows 22 and 23 October will conduct tests on the circuit name Ricardo Tormo in Valencia driving E20 - machine 2010, which was made by Kimi Raikkonen.

The tests will be a prize for the title in his debut season in Euroseries Formula 3, where he early became a champion, ahead of max Verstappen, who next year will play for Red Bull Racing. Before tests of Windows will work on the simulator in Enstone.

Gerard Lopez, the leader of the team "Esteban is a very talented racer who demonstrated their potential in our youth program. He has earned the right to take the next step in his career. This week he will work on the simulator in Enstone, and later will sit behind the wheel of E20 in Valencia".

Esteban Windows "I want to thank the management team and the company Gravity Management for this opportunity. Their support helped me to win the title in the Formula 3 in the fight against very strong opponents. I always wanted to sit behind the wheel of a Formula 1 and are looking forward to it".


2014-10-10 21:14:02

Vettel We are waiting for one of the most difficult weekends in season

Vettel We are waiting for one of the most difficult weekends in season

After the end of the free races in Sochi Sebastian Vettel was talking about leaving Red Bull Racing, measures to improve the safety of Formula 1 and the track in Sochi.

Q Sebastian, your future is a lot of talk - is that you will play for Ferrari. But you haven't told on this - are there any difficulties

Sebastian Vettel Yes, but the situation as it is. Fortunately, I have a lot of work to do, so I don't miss and I don't feel that I need someone to talk about it. laughs

Question When you start to get upset about leaving Red Bull Racing We remember Lewis Hamilton, when he left McLaren almost came to tears.

Sebastian Vettel Not now, but the final race will probably be very emotional. While we focus on the fact that we lack speed - it takes all my attention.

Question active discussions about ways to prevent incidents like what happened in Suzuka. One possible solution is a closed cockpit. What is your opinion about this

Sebastian Vettel obviously, after such an incident, there are many proposals, closed cockpit is one of them. In my opinion, we should accept the situation - even if it is very difficult, and later learn that you can change. Hasty decisions - not the best option.

Question But the discussion about the safety should never stand still.

Sebastian Vettel .and never will be. But just think - if someone said riders fifties that the seat belt would allow them to avoid serious injury, I'm sure they would have immediately started to use it. As well as a helmet instead of leather caps. We have already come a long way - but it certainly does not mean that we should stop thinking about what else can be improved. We now have a very high level of security, but the sad incidents, as unexpected as this can always happen.

Q You drove a few laps around the track in Sochi before this weekend. Today it help you

Sebastian Vettel No, of course not. I think this track similar to the track in Valencia and Korea, so that all who were there, know what to expect. This is not a street track, but not the circuit in the classical sense. This is a very special race on the Olympic Park, among all these incredible buildings. The configuration is quite simple, basically it is a right 90-degree turns. High-speed third rotation around the Olympic area, probably the best place. Of course, when you find a setting you need to find the right compromise between cornering and straight.

Question the Entrance to the pit lane looks very narrow - it doesn't bother you, from the point of view of the race

Sebastian Vettel No, but it's a bit funny. Everything here is so great - why do such a narrow entrance to the pit lane When conducting pit stop will have to be careful.

The question is How many tracks do you like more

Sebastian Vettel When I came here, I knew what to expect, but I must say that the experience on the track is much better than on the simulator. Adhesion to the asphalt good enough, so the choice of Pirelli tyres was correct.

Question it seems that this track will be a favorite for Red Bull Racing machines. It will be tough

Sebastian Vettel Seems like it. This is a good track but it's probably not suitable. We are not as rapid as we would like, but on a long series all looked better, which should help a bit in the race.

Question What can you do to increase your chances

Sebastian Vettel To Work. This is the only answer that I have. To work on the settings and on the track. You can't change everything with a wave of a magic wand, so it looks like we are waiting for one of the most difficult weekends in the season.

At the same time, I think that the qualification of tomorrow will be very interesting, as the pilots McLaren took here those items that typically takes riders Williams. So, let's see whether what you're doing, and if we can find a solution.

text Elmir Valeev


2014-10-10 13:44:02

Nico Rosberg We have the advantage on any track

Nico Rosberg We have the advantage on any track

In an interview with the official website of Formula 1 Nico Rosberg told about what qualities should help him to win the title, and what will be its approach to the four remaining races of the season.

Q Nico, you said that the title will win the one who will keep calm. How are things with your composure now, after two difficult races

Nico Rosberg I really said that I don't think. The main thing is stability, from the first to the last race of the season. Over it I try to work hard to win. There are still four races, the gap is small, you just need to do it.

Question Lewis won eight races and you are only four, but you yield only 10 points. This proves how important stability, but also gives you hope

Nico Rosberg I don't think about the past, I concentrate on the current moment. As I just said, there are still four races, the gap is small, everything can happen, anything. Need to work on these four Grand Prix.

Question do You change your approach in these final races

Nico Rosberg No, I'll still go to the track, including here in Sochi, to try to win the race. I'm not going to try just to earn points or to do something similar.

Question that is, there is no strategic approach All or nothing

Nico Rosberg victory

Q You won the pole in Japan, but failed to win. Can you tell us about the race, about the emotions that he experienced on the road

Nico Rosberg intermediate tyres have problems. Our team was incorrect settings for intermediate tyres - tires wore out quickly. Machine Red Bull Racing were faster than us. There is a strong oversteer, in my opinion, I had more problems than my companion.

It was very difficult to find the balance, I felt uncomfortable in the car. The rear of the machine has lost stability, and on a track like Suzuka, it's very frustrating. I couldn't fly the way I like it. We were not ready for it, because the rain during the weekend went for the first time. But what happened is what happened.

Question were You disappointed

Nico Rosberg Immediately after the race - no, I was not thinking about the result and about the accident Bianchi. But now, in hindsight - Yes, I'm disappointed.

Question You fought with Hamilton and many other racers of Formula 1, when you were a teenager. Do you have a feeling of "deja vu" Grand Prix

Nico Rosberg Yeah, it's weird. Fifteen years ago, together with Lewis were on vacation in Greece, and said "Imagine that one day we will fight for the title of best team in Formula 1 against each other". And now it is doing that. It's incredible

Question You then foresaw, how difficult would this fight

Nico Rosberg Then, too, it was difficult, but now the fight more intense.

Question But to fight the same opponent or opponents year after year.

Nico Rosberg No, it's an interesting challenge.

Question ideally, the champion of such notable sports like Formula 1, must have the quality of real stars. What is your "quality of this star

Nico Rosberg to Be a unique person. To be able to compare ourselves with others - if you're a real star, you always have your own opinion.

Question What is the situation in the team Is it possible to avoid separation into two camps - or is it an inevitable part of the internal team fight

Nico Rosberg it could happen, of course. But in our team, effective leadership, and they know that this should not happen - it will be the beginning of the end. The team must remain United, the only way you can dominate Formula 1 for a long time. The whole team feels it.

Question do You grow vegetables. Watching how they grow, serves as a contrast to the hectic life of an F1 driver

Nico Rosberg No, I don't need such a contrast. I just like to live a healthy life. My wife Vivian is an excellent cook and it's so nice to go with her to the garden to choose what you want, and cook incredible food from self-grown products.

Question On the road to Sochi nobody spoke. How do you prepared

Nico Rosberg simulator, like most of my colleagues. I walked along the road, that's all.

Question what is Your impression of the track

Nico Rosberg It's Good. A bit like Valencia, at the end of the long straight, you can overtake. The race will be interesting.

Question will there track cars Mercedes

Nico Rosberg I Think now we have the advantage on every track, so no matter where we are. But, of course, long straight is always a good thing laughs

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2014-10-09 21:34:03

Nico Rosberg I don't think about the past, I live this

Nico Rosberg I don't think about the past, I live this

Four races before the end of the season, Nico Rosberg inferior companion ten points, but the focus is on the fight for the title difficult after the events of the Grand Prix of Japan. In Sochi, the German spoke about his attitude and appeared in Suzuka problems.

Question After what happened in Suzuka difficult to concentrate on the fight for the title

Nico Rosberg of Course, I am shocked by the incident. Here it all starts again, meet different people that are close to Jules more than I do. It's difficult, but it is necessary to carry out their work. Sitting behind the wheel and lowering the visor, I have to leave everything aside, and shut off all thoughts and emotions, focusing on the work. That is what I will try to make this weekend.

Question How do you explain that racers tend to struggle on the road and to do their work, knowing about the existing danger

Nico Rosberg Interesting question. You just have to not think about it, once behind the wheel. I'm doing it.

Question You are easier, because you grew up in a family of racer

Nico Rosberg I don't think it makes any difference.

Question for Example, David Coulthard spoke with parents, preparing them to such incidents. Since you are from a racing family, all already know about this.

Nico Rosberg Yeah, but I can't answer this question. I don't think it plays any role. For my own awareness of the dangers of not.

Question have You already seen the track configuration You liked it

Nico Rosberg It is much like Valencia. I think this is a good track, and I'm sure that everything will be okay. Apparently, on a long straight, you can overtake, and therefore, the race will be interesting. Everything should be in order.

Question do You think inevitable that sooner or later the cockpits will be closed

Nico Rosberg We are discussing this option for many years. To increase the security level is not easy, otherwise the cockpits would have long since closed. It is an ongoing process of analysis and revaluation of the sport, trying to make it safer in all aspects.

Q Lewis, won several victories in a row. You pay attention to it, or is it just statistics

Nico Rosberg It's not the issue that I thought would last several weeks. I don't think about it and believe that if successfully cope with their work, you will win on Sunday. I don't dwell on the past - I live in the present

Question do You analyze the race in Suzuka Managed to find an explanation for lagging behind Lewis

Nico Rosberg Yeah. We picked up not quite right setup, but it does not matter that we have not done their job, and that because of the unpredictable conditions we for the entire weekend were not able to be prepared.

The team prepares for the race, tunes the car for qualifying, and then it rained. We knew he was coming, so he was not a surprise to us, but we did not expect that the balance of the car will change that way. Rain machine lost stability, there were serious problems with the excessive maneuverability. In result I have a much stronger wore rubber than, for example, Red Bull Racing - they looked much better on intermediate tyres, which is very unusual.

The only conclusion to which I come - my partner is much better familiar with the change in the balance than I do. I lacked confidence in the car and in Suzuka, it is extremely important. As a result, I was not able to give.

Question Sergio Perez has called on the FIA to review the rules evacuation of the damaged machine. What are you going to do racers

Nico Rosberg we have the Association of the GPDA, have a lot to discuss. Its Chairman recently became Alex Wurz - we are fortunate to work with him, he coped with his task. We will meet tomorrow night to discuss further steps and measures necessary to improve the safety of the sport.

Question is There some ready-made ideas

Nico Rosberg Yeah, but I don't want to disclose details.

Question After the accident, Jules Bianchi has been a lot of questions to the wreckers. Do you think that something needs to change in this area

Nico Rosberg we Should analyze everything. The sport must continue revaluation of values. Not to say that you need to pay attention to some separate region. This is not something new in the FIA constantly analyze every aspect that you can do better. On this, we need to focus. I don't want to talk about something in detail, because first you need to assess the whole situation.

text Tatiana Belsky


2014-10-09 20:34:02

Daniel Quat I am grateful to Red Bull for this choice

Daniel Quat I am grateful to Red Bull for this choice

Less than a week had passed since that moment in the Red Bull Racing has announced the signing of a contract with Daniel Cuatom for the next season. In Sochi, the Russian racer talked about the fact that it means a transition into one of the strongest teams.

Question About the contract with Red Bull Racing for the next season it was announced before the Grand Prix of Russia. There is something symbolic

Daniel Quat I Think, Yes. For me, it was a pleasant surprise. Red Bull Racing has achieved a lot to play for this team is a privilege. The fact that the contract was announced before the Grand Prix of Russia - another nice fact.

Question When did you find out about the contract

Daniel Quat last Saturday.

Question So for you, it also was a surprise It was rumored that you can take the place of Sebastian Vettel, if he will leave the team.

Daniel Quat the Rumors were, but I did not give them much importance.

Question You've discussed the track in Sochi with other pilots

Daniel Quat Yes, we all have very good impressions. All comfortable here of the same, as in other countries of the world, nice, clean airport, convenient transportation. While we only pay attention to these things, and as for the track, it will be only tomorrow.

Question You have already passed the circle on the highway

Daniel Quat Yes. Though time was short, but I got a good impression. At first glance, everything looks fine, but when flying machine, it is important to find the right rhythm that I can do tomorrow.

Question the fact that the track is located on the territory of the Olympic Park, gives the race a special flavour

Daniel Quat Yes, the environment makes a strong impression. I believe that the Olympic objects add beauty to the circuit.

Question the Track in Sochi characteristics closer to the city

Daniel Quat Yes, it is closer to the city, something like Valencia or Abu Dhabi.

Question How Daniel Riccardo reacted to the news that next season you will be playing in the same team

Daniel Quat we Have Daniel good relationship, next year we will be companions. Naturally, all riders one goal, and there is only one winner, so we will fight, but this fight will be with a smile on her face - we both love to smile laughs

Question What are the difficulties to decide on the Sochi track

Daniel Quat I still find it difficult to answer this question, but here challenging the 13th turn, before which is very hard braking after the long straight. However, how difficult it is actually, will become clear after I probuy track in fact. The last sector looks pretty winding - 'll have to work the wheel.

Question This track is suitable machines Toro Rosso

Daniel Quat Hard to say. This year is especially difficult to make predictions based on the configuration. I think the track suits us, but to qualify for points, we have to compete hard.

Question You have always said that the Grand Prix of Russia - it's just one of the races in the calendar, but in the 2012 Formula Renault 2.0, you have won two in Moscow. Houses and walls help

Daniel Quat If the walls will help me, I'll be glad. Nice to be back in Russia, especially because we have such a reason. To participate in the stage of Formula 1 in Russia, twice as nice - I feel special emotions. The only unpleasant thing is the fact that we are all in the paddock are going through because of what happened with Jules Bianchi. This is the only thing that upsets me in this weekend.

I will be glad if the race will be a lot of fans. I have heard that there will be almost complete. If the audience will like race, that would be great. As for me, my approach to work in the race will remain unchanged.

Question How difficult is it to beat in Sochi

Daniel Quat I Think the track is very freewheeling. There are long straight where you can use DRS, so I guess this weekend we will see a tight struggle. At least, here is wider than in Monaco.

Question this season Daniel Riccardo ahead of Sebastian Vettel. For you it was a surprise

Daniel Quat this year I was not involved in the internal Affairs of Red Bull Racing, I don't have access to their telemetry. In the beginning of the year Sebastian had a lot of problems, obviously more than Daniel. However, the results were very tight. Some qualifications Vettel was ahead of Daniel, but in the race Riccardo was able to come forward. It is difficult to say what Riccardo was ahead - now I am not particularly concerned.

Question have You already seen the developments of the machine Red Bull Racing next season

Daniel Quat not Yet. I just flew in from Japan. I think soon I will introduce in the course of the case.

Question Tomorrow free practice will take part Sergey Sirotkin. So you would recommend

Daniel Quat Need to do their job to act the way you do, nothing will come up and show their maximum. That's the only thing I can say, but I think he doesn't need my advice.

Question You are more likely to communicate with Christian Horner

Daniel Quat No, almost nothing has changed. I was told that I would perform in the Red Bull Racing, said "Welcome to the team, however, until the end of season five races, I have something to fight with Toro Rosso.

Question have You already realized the fact that the replace command four-time world champion

Daniel Quat I was very happy when I heard this news. This is a huge opportunity, I need to use it. Some time I felt even euphoria, but it passed quickly because he had to prepare for qualifying. Then I realized that only work can bring results. I'm not going to change its approach and to relax. Victory will come only in that case I will continue to work hard.

Question From whom did you learn about the transition in the Red Bull Racing

Daniel Quat First, from Franz Toast, then from Helmut Marko. In Japan I talked with Christian Horner, and he said he trusts me.

Question Your relationship with Jean-Eric will Refund has changed after it became known that you will go to Red Bull

Daniel Quat We must respect Jean-Eric for the work done in recent years, because he is a very good pilot. In the end it turned out that we fought for this place in the team, though we did not expect this. Red Bull Racing has made its choice, and I thank them for that.

Question have You prepared a special helmet coloration on your home Grand Prix. Can you tell us about this design

Daniel Quat I expressed my wishes regarding the design of the helmet. I wanted to see it the Russian coat of arms and flag, as well as the inscription "Sochi 2014". In front of the predominant red color - I really like this shade. In addition, this weekend we supported Jules Bianchi, so the helmet appeared sticker. Please note that my room at the top of the helmet is painted in the colors of the Russian flag. The design was developed by GMD - Red Bull all pilots use it.

I'll be using this helmet in the weekend in Sochi, but the design I liked it so much that I plan to use some elements in the future.

text Mikhail Smirnov


2014-10-09 19:14:02

Rob Smedley warming up the tyres can be difficult

Rob Smedley warming up the tyres can be difficult

Preview of the Grand Prix of Russia in Williams detained until Thursday evening, the team is already preparing for tomorrow's training, as the press service of the Williams quotes their representatives.

Rob Smedley, chief engineer "the Race will be held on the new track, so in preparation we paid particular attention to modeling. The configuration resembles the race track in Valencia, slow turns quite a lot, so warming up the tyres can be difficult, as with the wear on the braking. Formula 1 expands the boundaries, all the teams hope that the race will be interesting".

Valtteri Bottas "Race in Russia is great, the track is brand new, so everything is in equal conditions. Long straight linked medium-speed turns - this should be approached our car. It is always interesting to come to a new track, looking forward to drive on the highway and get acquainted with the country.

Felipe Massa "the Stage in Russia is a great step forward, and the track looks great. I drove a few laps on the simulator configuration is interesting, with several long straight - our car should be competitive. Remember the configuration was easy, but flying on a real track differs from the work on the simulator. I hope we'll have the race and will please fans of the Russian team".


2014-10-09 18:34:02

James Allen about possible tactics teams in Grand Prix Russia

James Allen about possible tactics teams in Grand Prix Russia

On the eve of the 16th stage of the season, the British journalist James Allen talks about possible tactics teams in Sochi.

Sochi Track is a new track built in the Olympic Park that hosted the winter Olympic Games 2014. It's a street track, somewhat reminiscent of Singapore or Valencia, but with more high-speed sections and curious protracted left turn at the first sector, where large load on the right front tire.

The circle is the third longest in the season, this indicator Sochi second only Spa and Silverstone, the configuration includes 18 turns and 12 zone of inhibition is almost perfect for energy recovery. In the era of V8 engines, the fuel consumption would be high enough, but the new power plant will easily fit into the limit of 100 kg of fuel for the race.

Without lingering left turn could be talking about a relatively average tire wear, but it is on Friday the team will try to gather maximum information to understand how well the behavior of cars on a real track meet their calculations and what distance the race will withstand the tires, especially the front right tire.

For the sixth time during the season, the Pirelli will offer teams the "average" couple of trains - Medium and Soft, relying on two pit stop in the race. The question is whether this strategy is the fastest, provided that for each standard pit stop will take about 21 seconds. Check in the boxes rather tricky, so this factor requires clarification.

Two zones DRS will provide racers two possibilities for overtaking on each circle with two lines, before the second and the 13th turns.

Features tracks

Sochi. 53 circle on 5853 m 309.732 km 18 turns. Aerodynamics is configured at a high level of clamping force.

The maximum speed of 320 km/h, the average speed of 200 km/h With a fully depressed accelerator pedal riders passing for 56 of the distance of the circle. Time for braking - 10 range. 12 zones of inhibition. Brake wear is medium.

The balance of power

Grand Prix Russia - 16th stage of the 2014 world Cup. Racers Mercedes has won 12 of 15 last Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton won eight victories, Nico Rosberg - four. This weekend the team can advance to win the Cup of designers for the first time since 1955.

Weather forecast

Weather in Sochi is relatively warm and stable, on race day, it should be around +20C. Nights are cold, as in Austin, so that the first and third training will be held in several other conditions.

It is important not to miss the moment when the asphalt temperature on Sunday will start to fall, because the race starts relatively late - in 15 hours local time.

Tires and other factors

In Pirelli chose the compositions of the Soft yellow markings and Medium white markings - this year, this combination has been used five times.

Asphalt in Sochi mildly abrasive, but since it is brand new, the surface will be oils - this is normal, but at first the machine will slide. In winter, these oils will leave next year grip will improve. On the road quite a lot of acceleration, therefore, possible degradation of the rear tyres due to longitudinal loads.

One of the key factors in developing the strategy of the race - the difference between the compositions according to the time of the lap. When was the last time you used a pair of Medium - Soft, it was in the Grand Prix of Belgium, softer tires were faster at 1.6 seconds and became the main race of the race. At a longer range in the Spa, they withstood 16 laps in Sochi must be able to withstand more.

The condition of the road during the weekend will improve dramatically. On Friday the team stronger grip the car to the track, and then will gradually reduce downforce. On Friday, the difference between the compositions may exceed two seconds, so in the second session many people may refrain from traveling in the first half of the session to pass a series of laps on the soft compound tyre at the moment when the track condition will improve.

The number and the probable time of pit-stops

In Sochi is very tricky-in boxes, but the simulation says that the pit stop will take about 17.5 seconds plus the service time of the machine. It is difficult to judge about the tire wear, probably, the race will take place with two or three pit stops.

The probability of driving safety

Stages of Formula 1 in Sochi Circuit has not yet been conducted, there are no statistics, but after the accident Jules Bianchi in Suzuka FIA can more closely approach the decision to exit the vehicle security if incidental, moreover, that in some areas the trail is surrounded by barriers, which complicates surgical evacuation of cars. As a result, the probability of driving safety on Sunday is very high.

The material is published with official permission

text Dmitry Bukharov


2014-10-09 18:14:02

Niko Hulkenberg about the accident Bianchi and the track in Sochi

Niko Hulkenberg about the accident Bianchi and the track in Sochi

Before the weekend in Sochi Niko Hulkenberg talked about the accident Jules Bianchi in Suzuka and first impressions from the circuit in Sochi.

Q Nico, what conclusions pilots Association GPDA made after the accident Jules Bianchi

Niko Hulkenberg you Need to learn how to come together all these specific circumstances of the accident. I really think it's a coincidence. The Jules are very unlucky.

Question How do you keep connected

Niko Hulkenberg Riders exchanged e-mail addresses. Now we all must wait for the results of the investigation.

Question What were the conditions in the seventh rotation in the time of the accident

Niko Hulkenberg This is a tricky turn. It is easy to make a mistake, especially on machines of this generation, as they quickly wear out the rear tires.

Question On the place of the accident were double yellow flags - however, the incident has occurred. Stricter speed limits in areas of accident could help

Niko Hulkenberg This is one of the possible options that we will consider. Technically this is not a problem.

Question What do you expect from this weekend

Niko Hulkenberg Hard to say, until I drove along a single circle. I don't even worked on it on the simulator. Externally, the track reminds me of Valencia - here too a lot medium speed turns. How we will be competitive is still hard to say.

Question How are you preparing for the race, if not using the simulator

Niko Hulkenberg the same as before go out of the boxes and look at the track.

Question so you have not studied the video and computer games

Niko Hulkenberg No. Earlier too, all of these is not used, there were no simulators, you just went to the track and tried to remember everything. In the Formula 3 and GP2 are all arranged just so.

Question What is the place on the track you would be noted

Niko Hulkenberg the Second turn is preceded by a very long straight. And, of course, it should be noted infinite left turn around the Olympic area. Everything looks very neat, but will track the rhythm - we'll see.

text Elmir Valeev


2014-10-09 17:24:02

Roman Grosjean Accident Bianchi was a heavy blow for us

Roman Grosjean Accident Bianchi was a heavy blow for us

The problem of improving security has become one of the main after the accident Jules Bianchi in Suzuka. Before the weekend in Sochi Roman Grosjean talked about the mood in the paddock and possible actions FIA.

Question What do you think about what happened last Sunday

Roman Grosjean It was a difficult race. The incident was a heavy blow to all of us. Nothing like this has happened quite a while ago. We Jules trained together, he's a great racer and a great guy. He was very unlucky.

Question You went to the hospital to visit him after the race

Roman Grosjean unfortunately not. With him his family and loved ones.

I don't sleep since then, constantly think about him. On the other hand, if he had anything to say, it would be "Guys, go ahead You will find Grand Prix"

Question the Incident was the result of circumstances. Is it possible to identify the main problem

Roman Grosjean Two meters to the right and nothing would happen, the four left - serious accident. I believe this is destiny. This is hard to accept.

Question Sergio Perez has called on the FIA to review the rules in his opinion, it is necessary to send on the track the safety car every time when leaving the tow truck, regardless of the conditions on the track. Do you agree

Roman Grosjean I don't know. Recalling this incident, we can say that all you could do as well or otherwise. You should receive a decision, then we will make some conclusions. I have no ready-made solutions.

Question would you Like to hit the road vehicle safety, given the conditions

Roman Grosjean EA was an accident. He was not lucky in this situation.

Question Now go back to the idea of closed cockpits. What do you think about this

Roman Grosjean I raced in the GT machines - it is very hot. I like open cockpits.

Question Can something be done for the sake of the safety of cars of Formula 1 Needless to return to the decisions, from which in due time refused

Roman Grosjean Honestly, I like the open cockpits. I know that we have a dangerous job. Last time crashed Ayrton Senna. Felipe Massa incredibly lucky in an accident in 2009-m Machines as safe as possible, and a similar incident, it seems to me, can not change anything.

Question what do you think About getting back behind the wheel after this incident You fight with yourself, to continue to chase

Roman Grosjean you Cannot say that our mood has improved, but we know that we were at risk. My wife understands this. My son is beginning to realise it. We love this sport. It is obvious that were previously fatal accident. We know that racing is dangerous, but once you start to experience feelings of fear, you need to stop. I love Formula 1 and racing, I understand its risks.

Question Continuing the conversation about risk it is possible, in a situation with yellow flags should make all rode in one lower rate

Roman Grosjean You Can. In FIA analyze the situation, and I am sure that they will prepare a decision on the improvement of the sport. In these few years, we have made incredible progress. This sad incident will help us to move on.

Question I'm sure you would like to change the subject. Have you had a chance to look at the track You worked on the simulator What do you think of her

Roman Grosjean When I first saw the scheme of the route, I did not like it - it seemed boring, but that all changed when I drove it on the simulator. We hope that our machine is not less effective than on the simulator.

In the morning I walked around the track - it is not bad. Pretty smooth, reminiscent of Singapore and Valencia - two tracks, which I always liked. To overtake here is not as easy as we would like, especially on braking, but two zones DRS should help. This is part of the Olympic Park, and my grandfather participated in the Olympics in 1948 and 1952 It is very important to me.

Question What results he has achieved

Roman Grosjean In one Olympics he was the eighth, another 11-m is a Good result. I love skiing, in the childhood was engaged in this sport, and then switched to the race. I'm glad to be here.

Question because Of the long straight and twisty sections not so obvious what settings are required.

Roman Grosjean Judging from what I've heard, there should be special problems because of the level of clamping force. I think the engineers are quite sure you have configured it correctly.


text Tatiana Belsky


2014-10-09 14:44:02

The German press about the Sochi Circuit

The German press about the Sochi Circuit

International Motorsport press arrived at the Sochi Circuit, and a journalist of the German Motorsport-Total Christian Nimmervoll shared their first impressions on the track of the Grand Prix of Russia, with which he was acquainted together with Bernd Mailander, the driver of the car security FIA.

Christian Nimmervoll "Because of the race in Suzuka and Sochi hosts the butt, very few teams manage to send previews of the Russian stage. Partly influenced this, and news about the upcoming separation of Sebastian Vettel with Red Bull, so on Tuesday night at the airport many colleagues looked really tired.

First impressions Sochi quite fit into the stereotypes women are really attractive, and volunteers working on the trail, do not speak English or do not speak at all. But the community of the Formula 1 provided a very warm welcome, so all minor organizational problems, of course, will be fixed shortly.

The circuit, located in the Olympic Park, produces a very modern impression. Paddock sizes are not too big, but not small, the press centre equipped with the latest technology, and the Internet is very fast at least not yet. The track, of course, not the most interesting configuration, but the architect Hermann Tilke had to lay her among the sports facilities built for the Olympics, and he had little room for manoeuvre.

Actually, the Sochi Circuit is reminiscent of the urban ring. Perhaps it is more like a Korean Ions and Abu Dhabi. However, one of the engineers of Mercedes AMG, walk along the road, categorically said Valencia. In General, with all these comparisons, we can agree. But the difference is that in Sochi for concrete barrier of the circuit are opened much more scenic views.

Last night the second time I was on the highway. It was already dark, but on the start-finish straight and was still a rehearsal of some of the children's choreographic ensemble, which, apparently, will take part in the cultural program before the race. All the buildings of the Olympic Park beautifully illuminated, and the General atmosphere is just wonderful. The perfect place to spend a night race."


2014-10-08 16:24:02

Remy Taffin about the features of the track in Sochi

Remy Taffin about the features of the track in Sochi

Chief engineer Renault Sport F1 Remy Tiffen told about the peculiarities of the preparation of the power plant to the first Grand Prix of Russia on a new track in Sochi.

Remy Taffin "Race in Sochi will be held for the first time, but the configuration of this circuit is very similar to the route that we had visited in the past or this season. The greatest similarity he has with Singapore or street race in Valencia, where we played from 2008 to 2012 is the fastest street-legal track with sharp turns.

According to our calculations, the average speeds of around 200 km/h, and approximately 56 of the lap, the riders will pass with a fully depressed accelerator pedal, which is significantly higher than traditional street tracks.

Long range begins with a short segment where the engine is running at full throttle. Starting direct transfers into the right turn, where pilots will retain a high speed to the point of braking before the second turn - in total for 14 seconds. This is a very demanding place for engine and turbine, but on the track there is only one place where they are subjected to the same loads - the area between 10 and 13 turns.

The second sector consists of rectangular turns and short straight, which MGU-K has the ability to store energy. The point of the most severe deceleration are two turns around the Olympic venues, the second and the fourth, where the machines lose 100 km/h and braking lasts 2.5 seconds. Similar places there and in the second half of the route - for example, the 13th turn where the speed drops to 85 km/H. This complicates the task of riders, but gives a chance for overtaking.

Although new routes require more extensive training, we were able to effectively work with data from other routes with similar characteristics. He really helped us, for example, that we recently held the race in Singapore, where the track has the same combination of steep turns and straight. Therefore, we believe that our power plant will be here to look good, such a configuration is suitable Energy F1-2014. As we saw in Singapore, the distance will be small, so the race must pass interesting."


2014-10-08 13:34:02

Eric Bulle it is Important that race fans liked

Eric Bulle it is Important that race fans liked

Team McLaren progresses and gradually narrowing the gap with Force India in the Cup of designers - in front of the stage in Sochi they are separated by only one point.

Eric Bulle, race Director "the appearance in the calendar Grand Prix Russia - this is an important moment for Formula 1, is expanding in new regions. This is a very important step for the sport, but it is equally important that the upcoming race fans liked.

In Sochi, the first-class circuit, the track is built around the sports venues that hosted this year's winter Olympic Games, and is reminiscent of a street configuration includes several 90-degree turns, which will take place at approximately the same speed.

I wonder how popular the fans will be this stage. The McLaren team has participated in the Moscow City Racing show, where it was always a lot of spectators. Would be cool if in Sochi support will be equally significant. I hope we will have a successful weekend for Formula 1, and for McLaren.

Jenson button "it is Always interesting to meet new tracks to explore their features, borders, security zones - things that cannot be estimated in advance, until you arrive at the circuit. This task will be a priority for me on Thursday.

Judging from what I saw, Sochi Circuit resembles the track in Valencia and Korea - a lot of a long straight walled, many medium-speed turns, evaluating the efficiency of the machine.

As with any new highway, truly they are revealed only when you first leave the boxes. I have not lost my enthusiasm for travel in new places, looking forward to Friday when I can try out the new circuit.

Kevin Magnussen "the Track in Sochi reminds circuit in Abu Dhabi-direct are narrow turns, in which accuracy is important. As in Yas Marina, the track has no UPS and downs.

It is difficult to immediately call possible for you to pass in Sochi no serious braking or obvious places where you could stop your opponent on the inside radius. Perhaps there is a chance to attack in the 11th or 13th turn.

The new track is always interesting. As a beginner, I would like to compare myself with more experienced rivals in relatively equal terms. This should be an interesting weekend".

text Dmitry Bukharov