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Simona de Silvestro will never sit behind the wheel of a Sauber

Simona de Silvestro will never sit behind the wheel of a Sauber

Simona de Silvestro will never sit behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car due to contractual disagreements between management and Sauber, but, apparently, retain the current status of the sponsored racers Swiss team.

"We have completed the programme of work of Simone on the highway out of her financial problems, - said the representative of Sauber in interview magazine Autosport. - Everyone who was involved in her last six months, very disappointed in this outcome, because they liked to work with Simona. We are now looking at other options for a career racers in the Sauber, but it will take time".

Simona de Silvestro conducted several tests behind the wheel of the Sauber C31 in Fiorano and Valencia, but the three-month period, for which she could get a superlicense after the test program has expired. In addition, she had to abandon plans to test Sauber C33 free races in the Grand Prix of the United States.



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Arif Rahimov I Want to make something special

Arif Rahimov I Want to make something special

In 2016 the Formula 1 for the first time will come to Azerbaijan. The contract for the Grand Prix signed, future highway project has been developed and will be presented next week in Baku. Arif Rahimov, head of the promotion company Baku Grand Prix, visited Singapore Grand Prix, where he held a number of meetings with representatives of the FOM and the local organizers. There'd talk to him and correspondent

Question Arif, first of all, what is the purpose of your visit in Singapore

Arif Rahimov it was Necessary to get acquainted with the organisation of the race and various operations related to it. Our Grand Prix will be similar to the stage in Singapore. We also have a street circuit race held on the streets of Baku. Except, perhaps, that here she is in artificial light, the differences are not so much. It was important to see how it all happens here, to talk with local organizers to meet with the leadership of the Formula 1.

Question What are your first feelings work to more than imagined

Arif Rahimov Scope of work, frankly, will be outstanding. More or less than I imagined Expectations were met. This is my first visit to the stage of Formula 1, but I was on other sporting events on a large scale, at the Olympic games including. So the General idea of how held such events, of course, was. I pay more attention to the details.

Question What are your future plans Of course, this is not your last visit to the race, the future of Baku will come more numerous delegations.

Arif Rahimov Recently, we officially announced the signing of a contract, now start typing a command. In the near future we will form the backbone of the main structure of the company, and then we will prepare a more detailed plan.

Question When will be presented the design of the route

Arif Rahimov the Eighth of October, we will hold a presentation, show interesting moments of the track. In Baku, just before heading to the Grand Prix of Russia, will come Mr Ecclestone. There we will share more detailed information.

Question How long ago did you start working with Herman Tilke

Arif Rahimov the first time we met, when only began negotiations with FOM. It was in mid-2013. He arrived, we met. Then there was a small pause, while there were negotiations about the contract FOM, and as soon as it was signed, we immediately called Herman in Baku and began to discuss further steps. We worked with them to design the route and very happy. He has a professional team of architects, which is very pleasant to work with. They know what they're doing.

Question Grand Prix - part of the overall strategy for the promotion of Azerbaijan

Arif Rahimov we already are and will be many major events, including sports, in 2015 will be the first in the history of European games. This is a very significant event. The exact numbers will not call, but it's about 50 countries, thousands of sportsmen, athletes, delegates. Originally, we had planned to spend in 2015 and Formula 1, but including and because of this event decided to postpone the first race.

Question was the confidence that it was possible to hold the race in 2015

Arif Rahimov Yes, but we moved the race because I wanted to be 100 ready, wanted to feel the confidence that will hold the Grand Prix At the highest level. Otherwise, we would have to hurry, but this is not really wanted.

In addition, in 2017 we will conduct Islamic games solidarity, we have already held a contest, many different sports world Championships, European Cups and so on. The country is developing in this direction, we want to host large sporting events.

Question Why you opted for conducting the race, abandoning the construction of the stationary circuit

Arif Rahimov As in any sport, new players often criticized. If you want to come into this world to do something special. This was our idea. We want to do something special. The bottom line is that wherever in the world passed by race, if it is held on the street circuit, in any case attracts special attention. In the eyes of the fans it looks a little different.

Street circuit is always special, not like any other. We want to show the most beautiful places of our city. When we present the track, you will see that the race will pass through the most beautiful places of Baku. We will be able to represent our city in the best light.

Question was held In Baku racing GT, it will help to organize the stage of Formula 1

Arif Rahimov of Course, but it's a completely different scale. FIA GT and the number of visitors and the number of delegates is many times less. I think the first thing we need to help the experience of hosting large-scale events such as Eurovision, European games. We already have a strong specialists in certain areas, may not be directly related to the conduct of a Formula 1 race, but those will also be necessary for the organization of the event. For example, traffic management, accreditation, and other processes. They have gained a certain state of people who have learned or will learn from the experience of future events to work on major events. We will be able to apply the knowledge and conduct of the race.

Question For the first time - in particular, for a sports organization is certainly planned to attract third-party partners

Arif Rahimov of course, we will engage consultants. At the moment, one of the goals of my trip to Singapore to meet with certain people, to hold meetings. It is possible to find partners among the promoters of races in other countries, to gain experience. To find out what difficulties and try to avoid them.

Question how long will the agreement with FOM

Arif Rahimov the Contract has been signed for nine years.

Question the Race will receive the status of the European Grand Prix. Why

Arif Rahimov status Grand Prix of Europe was at the race in Valencia, now he has remained vacant. Our country is on the boundary of two continents, Europe and Asia. We position ourselves as a European city, European country. This is evidenced in the conduct of the European games. In addition, you know that we will take one of the quarter-finals of the UEFA European football championship 2020 - together with St. Petersburg. During the negotiations, one of the most important position was that we wanted to have the status of European Grand Prix.

Question it was Easy to find a common language when discussing this issue

Arif Rahimov Yes. To be honest, this question was approved very quickly, without much effort. All agreed and moved to the next agenda item.

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Bernd Maylander talks about his work

Bernd Maylander talks about his work

Bernd Maylander, the permanent driver of the vehicle security FIA, in the author's column on Motorsport-Total on the eve of the Singapore Grand Prix talked about his work during the race weekend.

Bernd Maylander "of Course, you are interested in what I was doing during the race, when sitting in car security. Because in Singapore working for me almost always, now is a good opportunity for all to talk in detail.

For me and my companion of Peter Tibbetts all starts in 50 minutes before the start of the warm up lap. Team racing Director FIA's Charlie Whiting and his Deputy Herbie Blache car safety should lap around the track, which is actually the official start of the procedure of formation of the starting field. Before opening drank lane remains for another 20 minutes, because riders can leave the boxes in a particular 15-minute interval, which starts in exactly half an hour before the start of the warm up lap.

When my companion and I are in the car safety, it is important to have a full understanding with the management of the race, so excited that all the information transmitted in the broadcast, the receiving party duplicates and confirms to eliminate errors. I have to constantly be near the safety car, after all, and besides, I constantly receive information from meteorologists from the center UBIMET to be aware of possible weather changes.

Ten minutes before the warm up lap I wear a helmet, wear seat belts, and together with a partner we check the operation of all onboard systems, in particular, GPS and monitors. Five minutes later we pass the inspection circle, again to ensure that everything is in order. First of all, it is a signal to the marshals that will soon start, and since then, they have to be very careful.

Then the safety car is original position. Usually it is located near the entrance to the boxes in Singapore, for example, this auxiliary track in the penultimate bend. Then if necessary we will be able to lead the peloton by the end of the first round, ideally, even before the first white line car security. If after booting the machine without problems overcame two first turn, then we change position, moving to the end of the pit lane.

On the debut of the Singapore Grand Prix erupted serious scandal Nelson Piquet Jr. crashed into the bumper through three rounds after the unusually early pit-stop Fernando Alonso, who eventually won the race. The fact that this was a premeditated fraud, it became known only after a year, when the Peak was fired by Renault, confessed FIA.

When working together, we sit in the car security, occupying the original position, then follow the events of the race on two monitors one is a normal broadcast, and the second displays a variety of information, for example, timing in real-time.

If on the highway there is a dangerous situation, which may require leaving the safety car, the first radio we received the preliminary report from Herbie Blas Islands, so we were ready. We put flashing beacon and other special signals, and the Director of the race at this time trying to choose the most suitable window for the appearance on the track the safety car.

At this point, the race direction more precisely does not know, whether will need our intervention. If the need is confirmed, we obtain the corresponding command and begin to act without asking questions, what exactly happened we leave the track and go so quickly, in so far as our Mercedes SLS, trying to catch the leader after the second white line car security.

When our car is on the track, the drivers of Formula 1 can we abovenet to the second line of vehicle security. After that, the already overtaking is strictly prohibited. You may remember the situation in 2010 in Valencia, when Lewis Hamilton managed to overtake me, and Fernando Alonso - no.

If the race takes place without incident, we always hope that together with Peter being in the car, we follow the events on the road monitors. This is an interesting exercise, because we both have experience of participation in the races, and we discuss what we see on the screen. He's an Englishman, and this year more a fan of Lewis Hamilton, while I for Nico Rosberg.

When the race ends and the last car crosses the finish line, we get the corresponding command that is supported by data from the GPS monitor. Then we start moving, and medical car, too, is a signal for the marshals, that all ended. Making a circle, we stop next to a closed Park, and after that my working day is over - if in the course of the Grand Prix did not arise situations requiring discussion with the management of the race.

Singapore for me is one of the brightest and most interesting events of the season. A distinctive feature of this weekend - an unusual routine, because we continue to live on European time.

In the previous three years in Singapore was won by Sebastian Vettel, but now the undisputed favorites of the season - racers Mercedes. However, let's see what will be able to take Red Bull Racing.

It is believed that Lewis is very cool on urban roads, and it's hard to argue. But let's not forget that Niko was already on the podium in Singapore in 2008, when he played for Williams. I think their chances are equal, so the fight for the title will only be exacerbated, and to monitor the end of the season will be very interesting".


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Novikov the Contract with Mary Caterham is a touchstone for us

Novikov the Contract with Mary Caterham is a touchstone for us

Roberto Mary is considered one of the main contenders for a place in Caterham in the remaining part of the season. This morning he got behind the wheel CT05 free races in Monza, in Singapore may be the main driver.

However, the most interesting point is that supports Roberto Russian company RMD Media, which owns the team160Zeta Corse in the Formula Renault 3.5, in which Mary and acts. If the Spaniard will get the contract, he will be paid for Russian investors. In an exclusive interview nonf1.EN negotiations, commented the head of the Zeta Corse and co-owner of RMD Racing Academy Roman Novikov.

Question a novel, Roberto Mary was in your team Because of the money he is not paying for it.

Roman Novikov Yes, now he acts Zeta Corse free. Initially he had a small sponsorship, but then we took him under his wing.

If we talk about how we appeared, we knew him playing in DTM, test in Barcelona. Before the season, the situation on the market of pilots was not easy, we were negotiating with Nigel Melker. He had the support of sponsors, we were nearing the conclusion of the contract. But at some point, Felix Porteiro suggested Mary.

Roberto had just lost his job as a primary pilot Mercedes in DTM and during our first official meeting was psychologically depressed, didn't know where to go next. We gave him a car for private tests in Valencia and. Mary showed them worse than Roman Mavlanov.

Question Why you chose it, and not experienced Melker

Roman Novikov Because we totally conquered his professionalism and understanding of the machine. Besides, he burned a great desire to return to the formula of the series, as we saw in him the potential of a large pilot. We gave him the opportunity to appear on the official tests in Alcalase and Jerez, but until the last day did not know whether he will be able to fight at least place in the top ten. And only the last day of testing in Jerez showed his potential.

We can say that our team gave him a chance to get back in the race cars with open wheels. Although after the tests with me his father called from the other teams won't say what, but talking about the leaders, and was offered a contract for the season, said that Zeta Corse - beginners, and they won't work. But he stayed with us, and I think it has paid off. In the future, we are very much involved in his training, training, training, spent a lot of energy out of a track that he and Roman Mavlanov could add. This close communication and training is not typical for other teams of the World series. So we should be grateful for his progress, and he is us.

Question How did the idea to put Mary at the wheel of a Formula 1 car already this season

Roman Novikov key role was played by the fact that people who work in the team, Caterham F1, have links with Mercedes. And these people came to see us on stage in Germany to see how it fit. Roberto there flashed - won second and first place. Soon he got a call from Caterham with a proposal to come to the base.

Question what is the situation with superlicense Say, Roberto, it is not given.

Roman Novikov It is not so. The superlicense he approved, but he had to travel a certain distance in free practice. If we all agree with the team, no problems with superlicense will not - he will be able to take part in the race in Singapore.

Question But is unlikely to Caterham ready to put him behind the wheel for free.

Roman Novikov Of Course. So we drew our investors from Russia.

Question what was the further development of events

Roman Novikov Management Zeta Corse, including me, went before the Grand Prix of Belgium at talks in Brussels that concluded a preliminary agreement, and are now at the stage of discussion of the contract. What happens next is hard to say. The main variant, which we are discussing is playing for Caterham already since the Singapore Grand Prix, and until the end of the season in all six races. But not everything is so simple, there are certain difficulties in the negotiations.

Question what are these difficulties

Roman Novikov some issues we have not found common ground. We are interested in long-term contract, we do not wish to Roberto's all over after a few races, we're not. If it will be about two or three races, it would not make sense - then it is better just to finish the season in WSR and in parallel to seek other options. We discuss the performances in all the remaining races and possibly a contract for next season. It is here that we have not yet come to an agreement. But the work goes on.

Question that is, the representatives of the Caterham to sign a long term contract not want

Roman Novikov it's not so easy, of course, there are many intricacies, but, apparently, the network until you have a vague idea what their situation is next year. This greatly inhibits our negotiations. However, it is important for us to Mary, after a few races this year, did not remain without a contract for next season. We intend to pursue his career and in the future, so consider all options.

Question what is the amount involved in the case Caterham The press reported 3 million for all race to the end of the season.

Roman Novikov I can't discuss the amount, but for Roberto less than for other candidates. On the simulator, he showed brilliant results.

Question But you also say about the performances next season

Roman Novikov Yes, we are interested and the next season. We took Roberto team Zeta Corse and seeing the results that it shows, decided to put it on. We want to work with him in Formula 1, and are now discussing the contract with Caterham. But if we didn't get to negotiate with them, we will work over the next year, to consider other options.

Question what's the interest RMD Media on this issue Assume that you will be able to negotiate with Caterham. The company expects to receive in return

Roman Novikov For us it's a business, and we certainly would like to get some feedback. What specifically will depend on the situation, with whom we agree. But in any case, we are planning to use the opportunities that opens the Formula 1. This is a huge world with crazy potential in terms of marketing, advertising is one of the best in the sport. Of course, we want to use it.

But do not forget that for us, this kind of mission is the development of the athlete. We want to help pilots from the very beginning of their career up to the top of Motorsport. Of course, we want to help Russian pilots, but it happened so that now in the sphere of our interests was Mary. We brought him back in the race formula has helped to gain the same form and want to continue. For us it is also a kind of school, this is our first experience in Formula 1.

Question In the future do you plan to help the Russian pilots

Roman Novikov Definitely, we will come to that, and if to speak about the great racing - I think in the next year. As for children's sport, we have already supported several Russian pilots, who perform in the Russian Cup karting, in the European series. We are just beginning the development of this program, but for the first year made a big step forward, and today we can safely say that we are ready to conduct the pilot from karting up to Formula 1. In addition, we have long supported the Novel Mavlanov. So Roberto is not only our pilot, but only overseas.

Question How would you assess the prospects of your talks with Caterham

Roman Novikov I would say that the chances of signing of the contract is 50 50.

Question do you Consider an option when Mary holds the end of the season in Caterham, and next season you are looking for a place for him in any other team

Roman Novikov the Problem is that vacant positions for next season not so much. The top teams in there, in the middle of the peloton contracts are now. Take, for example, max Verstappen - he has already signed an agreement with Toro Rosso, although before the next season even more than six months. We also want to determine as early as possible.

Question But you're now negotiating with other teams

Roman Novikov not Yet, but soon will start. Now we evaluate the situation.

Question How important is it for you to Mary began to speak in Formula 1 this year

Roman Novikov to Accurately assess the degree of importance, of course, difficult, but Roberto is a new machine, and for the remaining six races he could better explore it. Official tests for this clearly will not be enough. In addition, and others look at it, will see its possibilities. I see more pros than cons.

Yes, some experts believe that a combination of actions in the two Championships may have negative consequences from the point of view of the fight for the title in the Formula Renault 3.5, but in my opinion - this may prevent anyone, but not Mary. It, on the contrary, it will only spur.

Question Roberto is also a test driver for Mercedes in the DTM. Have you tried somehow to attract German company to resolve the issue with the contract

Roman Novikov We would not mind, but Mercedes in Formula 1 there are in no way connected with the DTM. Of course, many teams use Mercedes engines, it may help. But until some concrete steps in this direction, we did not commit.

Question Remarks Roberto on today's free practice associated with the need to obtain superlicense, or is there some other purpose

Roman Novikov in any case It will be good for him - and from the point of view of obtaining superlicense, and in terms of familiarity with the car, the team and the championship. It is better to go workout, than not to pass anything.

Question Could it be that Roberto this year will be a reserve pilot team and will act only on Fridays

Roman Novikov Hardly. We discuss only the main contract pilot, other options we uninteresting.

Question In your opinion, how much more will continue talks with Caterham

Roman Novikov I Think that some news will appear in the beginning of next week.

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Moniz, Kaltenborn driver Age is not important

Moniz, Kaltenborn driver Age is not important

At the meeting with the press in the Spa team principal Sauber Moniz, Kaltenborn talked about the upcoming race in Sochi, Simone de Silvestro and the debut of max Verstappen in 2015.

Question Moniz, to race in Sochi remained little more than a month. Is there a command problems associated with obtaining visas, customs and so on

Moniz, Kaltenborn we haven't had any problems. Personally, I have a long-term Russian visa, so for this race I don't need to get it laughs. But from what I heard, the other problems is much less than in some other countries, where they spent the Grand Prix for the first time.

Of course, everything was different, when we went there last year at the festival "Formula Sochi". It was harder. Partly because the show took place simultaneously with the investment forum.

This year we haven't had any problems. All processes are the same as with any other Grand Prix. The main question is the flights. The route with convenient flights to choose is difficult. So from a logistical point of view there are some difficulties, but otherwise all right.

Question We heard that there were some problems with the financing of test programs Simone de Silvestro. Could you share with us

Moniz, Kaltenborn Program Simone planned, we work in accordance with this plan. We started with physical training and test in Fiorano, then passed the tests in Valencia. After the first tests we spoke with FIA, explained to them what is our purpose - that is, in obtaining her superlicense. We were given recommendations, and we follow them. I expect that she will get a superlicense very soon. Then we will see what is the next step.

Question With her hand met all financial obligations

Moniz, Kaltenborn You know I'm not talking about the financial Affairs of the team.

Question nevertheless, were there any changes in the plans, in the General direction of the development of her relationship with Sauber

Moniz, Kaltenborn No. We have always acted according to the situation. No one knew how it will manifest itself in Fiorano, so to test anything specific we had not planned. Then we did not know, what will be the results of the tests in Valencia and so on. So far everything is progressing very well. And if the movement in this direction will continue, we hope, she will get a superlicense.

Question In theory, what would be the next step

Moniz, Kaltenborn If it gets a license, we will consider the opportunity to put her behind the wheel operating the machine. This may be the first training session in Austin. But for this she needs a superlicense, and while it is not. We have submitted the documents, they are treated, we are waiting for the result.

Question It shouldn't take much time.

Moniz, Kaltenborn We continue to work, you need to settle a few more details. Not so obvious. You can't just say that she drove 300 kilometers. Not everything depends on us - from the national Federation, from sports authority. They should give their recommendations.

Question were You involved in the process of obtaining superlicense for Kimi Raikkonen, who before debut spent the entire season in the formula. What was your reaction to the news of the signing of 17-year-old max Verstappen

Moniz, Kaltenborn it is Clear that he is very young. But the age today may not be such an important factor. We see it in other areas more and more young people begin their professional career. For me age max is not the main issue. I'm more concerned with his experience of playing in mys the series. No matter how fast and talented. In any profession you need time to learn, you must learn some things to pass through certain stages. And Formula 1 is no different. 20 years ago it was the same thing.

Well, if the learning process takes place when you are young, worse, when it does not. In any case, it's all about character, personality. Do him the strength to cope with pressure, with the situation It can achieve early success, but after several failures to go into depression. To cope with such emotional stress, you must have experience, be strong. I won't judge him. Because it is impossible to say that someone is bad or good, just because he is 17 or 18 years. This is not characteristic. But I think we should be careful with such a young racers.

When you hear the rumors that a Formula 1 car is not as fast as ten years ago - we need to understand that it really is not so important. The speed of vehicles is not the most important thing. With the speed they can handle. More important, how he mentally prepared as he can cope with pressure. The paddock is not the place where we used to smile at each other and cuddle when things one of us don't go as well as we would like. This is a very difficult environment. And much depends primarily on the nature of man. It's always been. Pilots must be strong mentally.

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Alonso Looking back, I remember only the good

Alonso Looking back, I remember only the good

In the second part of the interview to the press service of Scuderie the Spaniard told about the brightest moments of his career and the sacrifices had to go for success in Formula 1.

Question Looking back, what do you think about the sacrifices I had to make to succeed

Fernando Alonso Looking back, I see happiness, joy, and moments before I could only dream of. For me it was a great honour through all of it. Of course, I had to sacrifice something, something failed to do. I could have a normal life, school and College friends, but, as I said, I got a unique chance, have experienced what has brought great satisfaction. In General, looking back, I remember only the good.

Question At what point career did you realize that to become a strong rider

Fernando Alonso Never. I remember his debut season in the Minardi. Once in the Formula 1, I was thinking about the race and talked about them with my family, tried to succeed, because if I could not continue speaking or left without a contract, at least, could all his life to say that he spent the season in the Formula 1. At the time I thought about it. I never imagined that I could do better. When I won the title, my approach has not changed one day I will tell myself that became world champion in Formula 1.

Question What race are ideal for you do you prefer to lead from start to finish, or to win at the last moment after a few fights, in which you were a bit lucky

Fernando Alonso the Perfect Grand Prix is the one that brought victory. No matter, lead you from start to finish or in the last corner overtake rival in the fight for the victory. The most important thing is the victory.

All victories different taste, they give a different feeling in that particular moment, but they are very bright. Victory is important much more important than how she conquered.

The question of whether speech for Ferrari differ from playing for any other team If Yes, why

Fernando Alonso Ferrari - legendary team, she has always been involved in Formula 1 and was special. This is the Ferrari legend, she has a unique passion and approach to racing. It constantly strives to victories and dedicated. This can be said not only about mechanics and engineers. The whole of Italy supports a Ferrari, and a very strong brand. Therefore, to pilot these machines are always more interesting and it gives more emotion than playing for any other team. That is the charm of the team.

Question What day in your career in Formula 1 you would call the best And what day do you remember five years in Ferrari

Fernando Alonso the Best day in my career in Formula 1 was during the Grand Prix of Brazil in 2005, when I first won the title, because the first victory in the championship - it is an unforgettable moment.

During these five years in Ferrari the best moment was, in my opinion, the Grand Prix of Valencia 2012. This is my home race, I spoke in front of the Spanish fans and family. I took 11th place in qualifying and did not expect to win, starting from such a low position, but on Sunday it all came together perfectly. I was so happy.

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Arthur Peak Fernando Alonso is one of my heroes

Arthur Peak Fernando Alonso is one of my heroes

Arthur Peak - the brother of former F1 driver, and now a test pilot for Lotus F1 Charles Peak. Career younger Peak is a mountain in Hungary it was his first victory in GP2, up to the seventh place in personal offset of the championship. In an interview with the official journal racing series young driver told him a little bit160 about yourself.

Arthur Peak "in the Beginning I was interested in motocross. I was doing it together with his brother, but when Charles was about ten years old, he was involved in a serious accident, breaking his legs. Then mom decided that any motocross is no more, so we went over in Motorsport. Eric Bernard, the godfather brother gave him a card, and when I saw Charles driving, of course, I also wanted to go-carting. At first I raced for fun, but when I started to win the race, you have a desire to dedicate their entire life. Father also loved Motorsport and share our passion. Since I was five years old, he every year took us Grand Prix of Monaco. And when I first raced in Monte Carlo, it was a special moment.

I always liked Ayrton Senna, but Fernando Alonso is also one of my heroes. Fernando is a very strong racer and not make mistakes, always plays at 100 behind the wheel, regardless of which machine at his disposal. It is admirable.

I have many rituals before the beginning of each session, I always do the same. For example, always sit in the car on the left side, and go to your right. I just can't do the opposite Even if I need to quickly leave the cockpit, I always do it right. I also have a separate pair of gloves that I'm in the race, and a separate pair to Friday's session. Before the race I prefer to talk to my physiotherapist Emil or with someone from the team that as late as possible to get in the car.

I train for two hours five days a week - a total of ten hours. I like to ride a bike - I've been at this for two years. I also love tennis as, however, and other sports where you need to act on tennis or paddle. When I played for Campos, in Valencia rowing on kayaks. Racers have a lot of training, because it is part of our work. I like that."


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Kaltenborn discussion on the suspension does harm to the image of Formula 1

Kaltenborn discussion on the suspension does harm to the image of Formula 1

Head Sauber Moniz, Kaltenborn believes that if some technical developments are banned in the middle of the season, it does not benefit Formula 1.

Question Your team changed its suspension on C33 after the British Grand Prix

Moniz, Kaltenborn laughs No, as far as I know, the suspension we did not change.

Question So, in fact, you will still suspension

Moniz, Kaltenborn I didn't say that laughs

Question How do you think, can expect a protest from any of the teams

Moniz, Kaltenborn I don't know. As I just said, we did not change anything. Everything was fine until then, we're all right now. But if someone is going to protest, let served.

Question But if you become aware that any of the commands uses some system that you deem illegal, Sauber will file an objection

Moniz, Kaltenborn I Wonder how can I know, legal systems that use other commands, or not Our team has no possibilities to conduct an inspection, except that I'm from someone else to get information about what use rivals.

In my opinion, the FIA did everything right. The Federation has sent a technical Directive, it is in power, and now each one to decide how to act. As I understand it, the FIA has tried to achieve consensus on this issue, but of course, it turned out that it is impossible. Now each team must determine its suspension meets the regulations or not, to take risks, or not.

Question do you think your team is at risk in this weekend

Moniz, Kaltenborn I'm not going to go to any risk. There is no such need, because we all legally.

Question have you Received from Charlie Whiting any concrete explanation concerning the suspension Sauber after was sent to the technical Directive

Moniz, Kaltenborn No, because we got such explanations before this.

Question In the technical Directive States that the legality of all systems FRIC in question.

Moniz, Kaltenborn All right.

Question do You think, your suspension may be questions in this weekend

Moniz, Kaltenborn Look, I don't know.

Question How do you think, will the Sauber opportunity to exploit the situation and to anticipate some of the teams who had to abandon the system FRIC

Moniz, Kaltenborn 't judge it. We can only guess. It is very difficult to estimate, how much this or that team will play or lose. I believe that such assessments need to be very cautious.

Question do you think that any protests may be filed in this weekend You are so evasive comment on the situation.

Moniz, Kaltenborn No, my comments are not evasive I'm not saying that we are going to file a protest. From my point of view, all of this discussion does not benefit Formula 1, and that worries me a lot more. We understand that this is a highly complex systems, and we know it by experience of own developments. And it is not clear why suddenly they find themselves outside the law But again we walk away from the main, because exactly because of these systems, no one will win the championship and will not lose. But the team again become involved in the discussion, which is not interesting to most fans. They have one question why we just can't bring order to the rules and regulations

If in the middle of the season, it appears that we are doing something wrong, it puts us all not in the best light, you see It turns out that the sport is not able to achieve clarity.

Question Maybe it's the fault of the FIA

Moniz, Kaltenborn Federation is responsible for the formulation of rules, monitors, but this is not the fault of the FIA, if commands create some system - the Federation can not influence.

Question This is a pendant that allowed Sauber increase the speed of the machine

Moniz, Kaltenborn I Think, Yes, like all the other teams, but it is not a secret that our system was probably not the best. Therefore, if we lose, it will not have a noticeable effect.

Question But, apparently, it is a waste of money if the team something was developed, and then suddenly the FIA announced that it does not comply with the regulations

Moniz, Kaltenborn exactly, and that is what I'm talking about. But this is not the first such case, you can remember the double diffuser or exhaust system, peered with diffusers, and so on. In all cases these systems were outlawed in the following season, though they were effective, and all they were used. It's really a waste of money, then if it turns out that they are illegal.

Question Can you tell us about the progress of Simone de Silvestro

Moniz, Kaltenborn Its preparation is going on for the first time she sat behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car in the Fiorano and it coped with the task. Recently it has been tested in Valencia and showed very good speed, traveling 1200 km, which means that its serious physical training.

In addition, she never flew off the track, there were no serious accidents, so now she has the necessary experience, so we applied to the FIA to receive temporary Superlicense. Next we need to check how Simon cope with the machine this year, and then it will be fully prepared. Our plans associated with it will consist of several stages, so we'll see how it goes.

text Andrew Elk


2014-07-04 14:54:04

Kaltenborn Sale of the team is not planned, but.

Kaltenborn Sale of the team is not planned, but.

Head Sauber Moniz, Kaltenborn at the meeting with journalists at Silverstone told about the current situation and prospects.

Question this year the works Sauber are not so far. What are you planning to take to save the season

Moniz, Kaltenborn it is hard, because in search of a solution, we must return to the events of last year when we worked on the development machine. Given our limited resources, we made the most of it to better finish last season and earn more points. I had to make a number of compromises that affected the situation with the new machine. Of course, in the period, when there is so much technical change, it affects especially painful.

The second point is that this season, the main factor is the power of the motors. The difference in power between the power plants of different manufacturers is very high. It's not an excuse, but we cannot influence the situation. In Ferrari do all in their power, and have already made some improvements, but the difference remains.

Like last year, we will try to implement a number of technical innovations that will improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the machine, as the case not only in the power installation and features of the previous season - of course, we must also improve our chassis. And it is very important to avoid errors, such as those that were committed by the team in Austria.

Question What are you going to take in order to prevent errors during pit-stops

Moniz, Kaltenborn it is Necessary to work in two directions. First, it is necessary to analyze the procedure pit stop errors sometimes occur, and it is important in everything in detail to understand. And the second point is a misunderstanding, related with the failure in the transmission of information. If to speak about the actual pit stop, we had to make some changes in the equipment that we use to eliminate the recurrence of similar accidents.

Question You mentioned the power units the team is not planning to change their supplier

Moniz, Kaltenborn No.

Question last week Sergei Sirotkin said Simona de Silvestro more of a marketing ploy and it does not claim to a place in the team. What is the real situation with the squad for next year for two cars you have five racers

Moniz, Kaltenborn We have someone to choose from. smiles We do that, when the time comes.

Question But everybody has a chance

Moniz, Kaltenborn we were saying that We intend to work with those drivers, who have already signed contracts, primarily with Sergey Sirotkin, which we are preparing to the Formula 1. But while he has to concentrate on this season last week in Moscow, he has achieved good results, winning the race. This work continues, and we have nowhere to hurry.

If to speak about Simone, it should our program. She had a great test in Valencia, after 1200 km, if I'm not mistaken.

Question the Team was in contact somehow with Sergey after he won the race at the Moscow Raceway You personally congratulated him, maybe You had some conversation

Moniz, Kaltenborn We are in constant contact with his managers, regardless of the situation, good or bad. So we not only choose pleasant occasions - during the season we discussed with its management of all races and all technical problems. Of course, we congratulated Sergey, as soon as I got the news of his victory.

Question Therefore, everything is going in the right direction, and he has a chance to drive the car Sauber on Friday this season

Moniz, Kaltenborn This is one of the variants, let us see how things will develop.

Question Why can't we see some results of cooperation with Russian partners, which was announced almost a year ago

Moniz, Kaltenborn Because for realization of this cooperation takes time. Not all and not always depend on us. With respect to approach the other hand, that's all. Hardly something I can add. We cannot rush partners, it's not done, and if they need time, and for good reason, we must respect it. It is important that we know what we want to achieve from this cooperation.

Question Caterham F1 sold.

Moniz, Kaltenborn I learned this from the press.

Question Swiss fans do not fear that the same fate may expect Sauber

Moniz, Kaltenborn We have always said that the team is not for sale. But, as in previous years, when large companies, such as Red Bull or Credit Swiss, was a part of shareholders Sauber, we are ready to consider offers on cooperation. If their conditions will suit the team if this partnership will contribute to its strengthening, as it was in the time when the owner Sauber was the company BMW, you have to be open to such proposals. The main task - this should make the team stronger. And in such partnership for us nothing new.

Question so, are you ready to work with new investors, but the sale of the team is not planned

Moniz, Kaltenborn Not planned, but if there is an investor who wishes to purchase the team and will have a long-term plan of its strengthening and development need to be open to such proposals. The team has accumulated extensive experience and knowledge, we have modern technology and Peter Zauber, the founder of the team, always wanted to keep. It remains our goal, then nothing changes.

text Andrew Elk


2014-07-02 21:44:02

Simona de Silvestro hold tests in Austin

Simona de Silvestro hold tests in Austin

We wrote about that last week Simona de Silvestro held a three-day test session at the wheel Sauber C31 in Valencia. The next time the Swiss pilot will sit behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car in August in the Austin - American circuit became the official partner Simone, and will assist her in preparing for his debut in Formula 1.

Jason Dial, President and CEO of the circuit "We are glad to help Simone on her way to becoming an F1 driver. How can you find the best place for training than Circuit of The Americas - house in North America for the racing series world level. Besides that we have become an official partner, we will help her in training and practical skills - two necessary Simone components".

Simona de Silvestro "My racing career was formed in America, so I can't imagine a better route for training than Circuit of The Americas. This circuit the world level, one of the best in the calendar of Formula 1. Can't wait to be able to travel on this route".

Details for the upcoming tests Simone de Silvestro will be published later.


2014-06-30 14:24:02

London will host the Black Book Race Forum

London will host the Black Book Race Forum

The future of Formula 1 and motor sports in General will be discussed at the business formula Black Book Race Forum with participation of representatives of the teams, circuits and sponsors. A similar event will be held for the first time and will take place on July 3 at London's Central Artillery Gardens.

Among the participants of the forum will be the Deputy leader of the team Lotus Frederico Gastaldi, former Secretary-General FOTA Oliver Weingarten, former Executive Director of the Jordan and Cosworth mark Gallagher and the head of the consulting company Meet the Crowd mark Alexander. The meeting will come Ruslan Razali, Executive Director of the Malaysian circuit of Sepang, Sakhir Salman bin ISA al Khalifa, who heads the international racing circuit of Bahrain, and Gonzalo Gobert, head of the Spanish track in Valencia, taking steps MotoGP.

The afternoon will be devoted to discussion of the questions connected with attraction of sponsors. Planned meeting with chief marketing Lotus Christian Vinom, head of the Department Sauber work with sponsors Heike Grunwaldem and Vice-President of Motorsport company Rupicom Nigel Hichem. They podelyatsya views commands on the situation on the market sponsors, as well as on challenges and prospects of investment in Formula 1.160


2014-06-28 12:44:03

Simona de Silvestro worked three days on the tests in Valencia

Simona de Silvestro worked three days on the tests in Valencia

In the beginning of the year the Sauber team announced the signing of a contract with Simona de Silvestro, which became the participant of the program on training of young pilots. On Friday in Valencia, Spain, Simon has completed a test session for three days driving Sauber C31 Swiss racer drove 313 circles.

Simona de Silvestro "Good day. I drove a few short series of circles, and then worked with full tanks. It was great. All three days were successful - I drove a long distance and now better understand the features of the machine. I already feel comfortable behind the wheel, and this is important.

Paul Russell, test engineer brigade "in the Morning we conducted a simulation of qualification that has proven useful to assess the speed, and figured out which of the sets of tyres proved to be more effective. We tried various settings, and in the second half of the day focused on working with full tanks.

In General, three days of tests can be considered productive team saw steady progress. This does not mean that at first everything was bad, on the contrary, Simon learned to make the most out of the machine and rubber, both for long and for short series of circles".

Next time Simona de Silvestro hold tests in August. Date and venue Sauber promise to call in the near future.


2014-06-26 19:44:04

Simona de Silvestro started tests

Simona de Silvestro started tests

Student youth racing program Sauber Simona de Silvestro started tests in the framework of the contract with Swiss comandati are on the track Ricardo Tormo in Valencia. Simon will manage the car A31 version of the 2012 season. Completion of tests on Friday.

2014-05-09 16:24:02

Simona de Silvestro dream debut in Formula 1

Simona de Silvestro dream debut in Formula 1

Simone de Silvestro, which passes training in the team Sauber, dreams of next year to compete in Formula 1. More than 25 years of Swiss racers four seasons in IndyCar, and she recently conducted a two-day test in Furano driving Sauber C31, machine 2012. This work will continue in summer in June Simon wait three more days test track in Valencia.

On Friday at the meeting with the press, she said that she intends to get a place in the first team in 2015.

"My goal is to compete in the races next year, - quotes de Silvestro British magazine Autosport. - This is still far away, but if I'll do everything correctly and show good speed driving a race car, do not see what can cause this to fail". told about the Indian sponsor who provides financial support de Silvestro, and racer stressed that companies whose logos were by car C31 during the tests in the Fiorano, working with her since 2008. According to Simone, sponsors have always known that the main goal of Formula 1, and help her to get into the world Cup.

However, while the racers no superlicense FIA, without which it could not take part in Friday's training during race weekends, but de Silvestro hoped to receive in the near future.


2014-05-01 16:34:02

Jean Todt We are indebted to Ayrton and Roland

Jean Todt We are indebted to Ayrton and Roland

In the twentieth anniversary of the death of Roland Ratzenberger and Ayrton Senna FIA President Jean Todt said about the impact of the tragic weekend in Imola on safety in Formula 1.

Jean Todt "the Untimely death of two great athletes was the signal for all of us. Perhaps the greatest legacy of Ayrton and Roland that after the tragic events racing weekend in 1994, in Motorsport happened more than ever breakthrough from the point of view of security. In fact, the actions taken over the past twenty years, had the greatest influence on the Formula 1.

The hard work paid off. Since 1994 in Formula 1 was not fatal accidents. Cars and the tracks have become much safer than before. Even if the case of serious incidents, such as Michael Schumacher Silverstone in 1999, Robert Kubica in Montreal in 2007, Felipe in Budapest in 2009, mark Webber in Valencia in 2010 and other technologies used in Formula 1, has allowed to avoid fatal consequences.

This became possible thanks to the legacy of two riders, whom we remember today. Both were devoted to their work, had a passion and desire to beat them. Their great races and thrilling victory will never be able to Eclipse the sadness from the fact that they are no longer with us. However, we can communicate with those who are now piloting a racing machine and goes on ordinary roads, because their lives are allowed to keep security measures adopted after the death of Ayrton and Roland. We will always be indebted to them".


2014-04-29 02:34:04

Simona de Silvestro helped Indian investor

Simona de Silvestro helped Indian investor

Indian sponsor Simone de Silvestro Imran Safiullah put a tidy sum to the training of young pilots, which recently completed a two-day test track, Fiorano. But this is not the only possibility Simone to sit behind the wheel of race car Sauber. Already in the end of July it will sit behind the wheel in Valencia."Tests turned out to be expensive, " said Safiullah. "But this is a great opportunity to invest your money in the future".

2014-04-28 09:54:02

Indian investor paid for the tests de Silvestro

Indian investor paid for the tests de Silvestro

Many young riders, in recent years, which made its debut in Formula 1, would envy program, which will work out this year Simona de Silvestro. Yesterday the Swiss pilot has completed a two-day test at the Fiorano, at the end of June she will sit behind the wheel in Valencia is planned not less than ten test days driving Sauber C31 2012.

According to the information Blick, tests paid for Indian investors ' Imran Safiullah, for several years funding career Simone.

Imran Safiullah "These tests cannot be called cheap, but they will allow us to prepare for the future".

text Dmitry Bukharov


2014-04-27 19:44:02

The following tests de Silvestro will hold in Valencia

The following tests de Silvestro will hold in Valencia

Simona de Silvestro completed a two-day test driving Sauber C31 two years ago on the track in Fiorano. Today, the 25-year-old Swiss pilot drove 68 circles, and in just two days - 180 laps without any problems. Now she will be back behind the wheel Sauber C31 in Valencia, where the tests will be held from 25 to 27 June.

Paul Russell, test engineer brigade "Today, we continued yesterday program. At night, Simon was able lot to think about and changed the approach to driving. Yesterday she learnt the track configuration, so we can get to the settings. Simon did a great job, stable driving circles at a good pace. In General, two days of tests were very positive."

Simona de Silvestro "Another good day today me everything was familiar. We have adjusted the settings, and I felt the effect, understood, how does the machine. It is very good that I felt more confident behind the wheel. I am satisfied with what we have achieved.

I am grateful to the team, which has done an incredible job - they pretty much told me, and given time to think it over. The questions were many, and I received answers from engineers without rush, they provided me with the necessary data, discussing all the details. I look forward to the next opportunity to get behind the wheel A31".


2014-04-24 20:24:03

Guido van der garde answered questions from the fans

Guido van der garde answered questions from the fans

Former racer Caterham, now a test pilot Sauber Guido van der garde answered questions from fans on your page in Facebook.

Question Hi, Guido How you think, whether there will be in the Netherlands is your race

Guido van der Garda Zandvoort is a great track, but it is too small for the Formula 1. Hopefully in the future we will have its own race

Question Which country that you visited, did you find most interesting

Guido van der Garda a Difficult question. But if I had to choose, I would have stopped at Singapore

Question What cuisine do you like

Guido van der Garda Japanese.

Question What is your name

Guido van der Garda Guido means "fast and attractive."

Question Guido, greetings from Poland What kind of DJ you like best

Guido van der Garda Now it Cedric Gervais, but I don't forget any Dutch DJ

Question Where is the best place to watch the British Grand Prix

Guido van der Garda At Silverstone or in the pub-

Question What are your plans for the future Do you have a chance to become the main driver of some team

Guido van der Garda I always strive for it.

Question What kind of machine do you have

Guido van der Garda Mini Cooper S and Sauber s.

Question what is Your favorite car

Guido van der Garda Ford Mustang Shelby Classic

Question What do you think of the new V6 engine

Guido van der Garda he Has a great sound, especially the whistle of the turbine.

Question Who or what inspired you to participate in Formula 1

Guido van der Garda of Course, Ayrton Senna - I think he is the best racer.

Question What is the track on the calendar this season do you like

Guido van der Garda Spa.

Question Do you have a ritual before getting into the car

Guido van der Garda Yes I always sit in the car on the left side.

Question what do you dream

Guido van der Garda to Achieve maximum during the years of career.

Question What gift fan did you enjoy the most

Guido van der Garda Orange sweatshirt for my dog.

Question How would you describe your style of piloting

Guido van der Garda Smooth, but slightly aggressive.

Question What race you think is the best

Guido van der garde Stage GP2 in Valencia in 2011.

Question Favorite dish of Indian food

Guido van der Garda Chicken in the Indian.

Question do you think that racing games closer to reality To pilot a real machine harder or easier

Guido van der Garda Simulator is not particularly close to reality, but it's a great workout. In addition, it helps to remember the track configuration.

Question do You like Moto GP

Guido van der Garda Yes I am a fan of Marc Marquez.

Question You remember when given a first autograph What was the situation, and what you felt

Guido van der Garda I Got an autograph after a go-cart race in Canada. It felt very strange.

Question do You play video games

Guido van der Garda Sometimes. This is usually racing or football.

Question What point in your career in Formula 1 did you enjoy the most

Guido van der Garda While this qualification in the Spa, but I hope that the most memorable moment is yet to come.

Question If you could go back at any period in the history of Formula 1, which you would choose and why

Guido van der garde the Seventies. Lauda, hunt they were serious contenders

Question What do you think about the "24 hours of Le Mans" about racing and endurance in General

Guido van der Garda "24 hours of Le Mans - beautiful race. I would like to take part in it.

Question are You from the first attempt got right

Guido van der Garda Yes. It took less than a month.

Question What would you like to do in your spare time

Guido van der Garda I love to play sports and have fun spending time with his wife.

Question Dog or cat

Guido van der garde Dogs I have two dogs Lucky Chucky.

Question How do you prepare for the race

Guido van der Garda I warm up a bit. I also like to play with a tennis ball - it improves your reflexes.160

text Tatiana Belsky


2014-04-23 15:14:02

The prize for the teams increased revenues decreased CVC

The prize for the teams increased revenues decreased CVC

After the entry into force of the new Treaty Agreement, increasing payments to teams, income from the Luxembourg championship Delta 2, a subsidiary of Delta Topco, through which the Fund CVC manages Formula 1, fell about 136,7 million to 285,9 million dollars.

Prize teams grew by 6.1 to a record 797,5 million, and their share - from 59.6 to 63. Four times increased and charges in the address of the FIA - about 40 million dollars.

On the income Delta 2 has affected the abolition of the European Grand Prix in Valencia - the company lost about 4.3 of revenues. However, the disappearance from the calendar of the championship stages in India and South Korea will not affect the financial condition of the company, as they will be replaced by the Grand Prix in Russia and Austria.

Despite these losses, financial Director Duncan, Lovech positively assesses the situation in conditions of economic crisis in the countries where the group conducts business, and where are the stages of the championship. Last year in Delta 2 32 new employee, the company grew up to 325 people.


2014-03-22 18:54:02

Olivier Panis will comment WTCC on Eurosport

Olivier Panis will comment WTCC on Eurosport

A former pilot of the Formula 1 Olivier Panis, speaking in Formula 1 since 1994 and 2004, will try themselves in the role of commentator this season he'll be talking about races of the world touring WTCC on French television channel Eurosport.

Interest in WTCC in France is growing not by accident in 2014 in this championship debuts famous Sebastien Loeb, nine-time champion of the world rally championship. Loeb went in the ring races, probably permanently changing roles, and now we'll see him behind the wheel of a racing saloon Citroen C-Elys233e WTCC. At yesterday's tests in Valencia circuit name of Ricardo Tormo he showed the best time, by the way, ahead of the two former pilots of Formula 1 Gabriele Tarquini and Thiago Monteiro, has been successfully performing in the WTCC.

The first race of the season will run through the month of April 21 on urban routes in Marrakech.


2014-03-02 15:24:02

Roman Novikov We have created a team from scratch

Roman Novikov We have created a team from scratch

In December of last year RMD Racing Academy team was acquired World series by Renault Zeta Corse, which will act under a Russian license. In an exclusive interview team leader and co-owner of the RMD Racing Academy Roman Novikov talked about how there were formal tests on the highway close to the motor city Aragon, and as formed a new team.

Question Richard, are you satisfied with the results of the first tests

Roman Novikov We failed to pass the distance, which we planned - there were many technical problems that had to involve specialists from Renault and Zytek. Because of this, Nigel Melker couldn't work out the first day, and the novel Mavlanov at the end of the tests went in normal mode. In General, everything is a bit messy, but it happens.

Question What tasks do you set before them

Roman Novikov first of all it was necessary to assess the form Roberto Mary. After two years in the DTM and we, and he wanted to see his progress before continuing cooperation. We are satisfied with his work. Similarly, we wanted to look at the work of the Novel Mavlanova. Managed it in the least, because the Roman drove a much smaller distance. But in General we are satisfied with.

Question Nigel Melcher was invited as a guide

Roman Novikov No, I can't say so. We are conducting negotiations with him regarding speeches this year. But, unfortunately, he failed to pass a sufficient number of laps.

Question let us Return to the events of the recent past. How long has the idea to buy a team in one of the youth series

Roman Novikov Two years ago, and our goal from the beginning was exactly the World series Renault. We like this championship, like the approach of the organizers. In addition, the roll forward of the riders here more and sponsors of the search a little easier. Therefore, when we learned about the sale of the Zeta Corse, we started negotiations with the Italian owners. They were not easy, we talked with them about four months before they are able to make a deal, and 13 December 2013 we have become the 13th team championship.

Question You only bought the right to speak in WSR, or the whole team as a whole, together with personnel and base

Roman Novikov From the staff of our team in the last year worked in the Zeta Corse only three people. All the others were invited us over time. In fact, we have created a team from scratch - we have not entered into a contract with any already existing racing team with staff ready, we have made our team built a new base in Valencia, where they moved the entire team, and these tests have worked only one day on the private tests. So that we can safely say that the tests in Alcance became the first official tests for this command.

Question Could achieve mutual understanding

Roman Novikov we Can safely say that the team from the start of the tests worked well. Technical difficulties that we had, absolutely not dependent on the preparation of the machine - it was a problem on the side of Renault.

Question it's No secret that the company RMD associated with Roman Mavlanov. Can we expect that he would be the pilot Zeta Corse in 2013

Roman Novikov if no contract is signed, all depends on the test results and other factors. For us the novel of the same candidate as any other pilot, any advantages over other contenders.

Question do you Have a goal to invite command of Russian drivers or for you it is not important

Roman Novikov of Course, we would like to see in our team of the Russian pilot, but will it succeed - it is hard to say. For us is important and level racer, the financial factor, so unknown, gather together all the pieces.

Question do You plan to determine the composition of the pilots on the results of these tests, or after the end of the next series of tests in Jerez

Roman Novikov it is Difficult now to say to 100, but we plan to in Jerez work with his two pilots, with signed contracts for the season. I think in the end of next week we will announce who is for us to go this year, and will start preparation.

Question With racing engineers you also decide later

Roman Novikov No, engineers we have already decided on contracts signed. One of them - Markus Koch, who cooperated with Mikhail Alyoshin in 2010, when Michael became the champion of the World series Markus Koch was a race engineer Zeta Corse last year, approx. Second - Humphrey Corbett, who used to work in the GP2 series in Caterham Racing. Today, our technical staff is fully formed, and it was very combat - it is only necessary to work together, and all will be well.

text Elmir Valeev


2014-02-24 20:04:02

The will take part in the tests WSR for Pons Racing

The  will take part in the tests WSR for Pons Racing

Tomorrow, February 25, on a Spanish highway close to the motor city Aragon will start a two-day tests Formula Renault 3.5. We already wrote about the fact that many teams still not signed contracts with the pilots for 2014, and they use these tests as the opportunity to show the possible candidates.

So, behind the wheel of cars Pons Racing in sit The . The Frenchman last year competed in a series GP2 for Russian Time, and counted on a contract extension, but after the death of the leader of the team of Igor Mazepa preliminary agreements were terminated.

«The first call of 2014 wrote on his Twitter page . - Going to Spain for tests Formula Renault 3.5 for Pons. Looking forward to the opportunity to return to the car and work with the band».

Together with the tests in in Pons will also work Dutchman van Buren already car in Valencia a few days ago.


2014-02-07 17:24:04

Paddy Lowe confident in the safety nose cones

Paddy Lowe confident in the safety nose cones

Bright characteristic feature of the new machines began to nose cones. In addition to their appearance chassis some of the team concerned about the safety of such a decision. However, the technical Director of Mercedes Paddy Lowe sure that in the regulation would never have strict limits on the nose fairing, if in doubt, have the security of such a decision.

Paddy Lowe «Technical working group several years studying this question under the leadership of the FIA Institute, which conducts research in this area. They decided that the lower nose fairing is the best option because it compensates for the consequences of accidents of various types.

Perfect common solutions for each type of effects does not exist. In addition you need to take into account the influence of the mechanical effects of different directions, especially contacts with the back wheel, as in the incident between mark Webber does and Heikki Kovalainen in Valencia, where the Aussie seriously risked when the car flew into the air. In such a case, especially helps low nose fairing.

Having analyzed and considered various options, the Technical working group came to the conclusion that this is the best solution. I respect that choice.»



2014-01-28 21:04:03

Adrian Newey We must create a fast cars

Adrian Newey We must create a fast cars

Technical Director of Red Bull Racing Adrian Newey - one of those who do not like the appearance of new machines. At the meeting with journalists the day in Jerez Briton told about changes in the rules, the possible problems with the reliability and on how engineers teams will take place in the near future.

Question What do you personally think about nasal fairings new machines Is a widely discussed topic, it is suggested that the rules should be changed. You will make some effort to rules were rewritten

Adrian Newey L, the audience already expressed its opinion on this. Disappointing that regulation forces the user to create ugly forms - what we have seen on several already shown machines. We must first develop machines that are as fast on the track, without paying attention to the style. But I think the form of cars, the sound of a motor - are important components of the success Formula 1. And very sorry if the machine does not look attractive.

Question can You say that the current period - the last few months, have you been working on a new machine is the most difficult and interesting period in Formula 1 for your entire career

Adrian Newey Big changes in the rules always represent a serious challenge for the teams. The changes, which occur now, can be described as very serious. It concerns and aerodynamics including I would say they are not so large as it was in 2009, but is still significant. Especially taking in new power units - in our case, together with partners from Renault.

Winter was very hard, we worked incredibly tight schedule. Last year we were fighting for the title. When some competitors have already completely switched to a new project in the second half of the season, we continued to work with the previous chassis, which by itself, reduced the time that we can give a new project.

Question the Team won four Championships in a row, but now the rules are changing. How do you feel about that It's good for the Red Bull Racing

Adrian Newey If you look at how we ended last championship, then the answer is probably obvious we would be happy if the rules remain the same. But the reality is that the rules changed. This is normal. Rules should change from time to time - this allows the team put in equal conditions. This winter a little more nervous, compared with the previous. We are satisfied with the work done, but have no idea what they have achieved rivals.

Question have You seen any solutions other commands that appear very interesting, unusual Lotus Ferrari

Adrian Newey If you need a truthful answer, I have not had a chance to look at what others have done. But I can say confidently among the machines, there are a couple with ugly noses laughs.

Question What is the main priority in the first races, speed or reliability

Adrian Newey I think the first race, the main attention will be paid to reliability. While difficult to predict, but I think during the tests, we will often see the red flags.

Question What are you most complicated with the new power plant

Adrian Newey Electronics. Turbocharged engine was designed not yesterday is not new in Formula 1, so in that respect it is not that difficult. But electronics, work with ERS puts before the teams of several complex issues, it requires extensive research. If in the past when you had problems with KERS, you could continue the race, now the battery is integrated into the propulsion system and if you have any problems with ERS, you will need to stay on the sidelines.

Question How much will depend on the alignment of forces from the difference in motors The role of aerodynamics will become less

Adrian Newey I think in the first races of the engines will be really can depend on many things. Because the motors at this stage are still in an early stage of development. Over time, manufacturers will optimize power engines and motors will become closer in their characteristics. Then the alignment of forces will again depend on the combination of chassis-engine.

Question After four consecutive victories, you can call the favorites of the upcoming season

Adrian Newey I don't see any favorite this year. Everything is so new and openly that predict anything is almost impossible.

Question Mercedes has already held run the machine at Silverstone, they drove most of all circles today morning. In your opinion, the reason that until you assign to them, if only to speak about the passed distance It has something to do with Renault engine or something else

Adrian Newey It definitely has nothing to do with Renault. Our task was to manage to build a car to the beginning of the first day of the official test, and I am glad that we managed to do that. As I mentioned earlier, we had a very busy schedule. At night, we are faced with the same stupid problem, but be sure to accomplish it.

Question do You think that the new shape of the nose cones safer than the previous one

Adrian Newey the Rules have changed after the FIA research, when it was decided that a decrease in the height of the nose fairing will reduce the risk of take-off machine into the air when an accident, as happened a few years ago with mark Webber does when he crashed into the back of the machine Heikki in Valencia. Frankly, I am concerned and I think that now the consequences can be even worse. Now when the accident due to the low nose fairing machine can «about to plunge» under the rear safety structure that is much more dangerous.

A few years ago Schumacher launched in Abu Dhabi and someone hit him - it was pretty dangerous. Low nose this is unlikely to happen. But much depends on the circumstances. This solution can help under the same conditions, but others will only worsen the possible consequences. Personally I don't think it was a right choice. I think if pursuing the machine will touch wheel that goes ahead, it will anyway fly - even with low nose. We have seen examples in the past.

Question According to the new rules, you lost a part of freedom in the issue of allocation of individual components within the chassis - in particular, elements of the power plant. How serious is affected

Adrian Newey, under The new rules batteries ERS should be located below the fuel tank, and I don't understand why this is better than placing them behind the engine. It should be noted that it is unusual to us technology. The Boeing company had been experiencing a true nightmare with batteries on the Dreamliner could not solve the problem.

In the event of a strike the batteries can quickly heat up, predict their behavior is very difficult, as it will be difficult to cope with the fire, if as a result of fire the fire. In addition, the high voltage direct current is much more dangerous than the variable, so that security issues during the operation of these batteries will be a great challenge for the pit lane.

Question In recent years, blow diffuser was the area that you worked the most. In your opinion, which of the elements of the machine in the next few years will be a key in the process of revision of the chassis

Adrian Newey I think in the beginning, the team will focus on how to make the machines more reliable. Serious attention will be paid to interaction of the chassis with the power plant, fuel savings. When engineers will understand this, one of the main topics will again become aerodynamics.

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2014-01-28 17:54:03

Newey concerned about the problems with security

Newey concerned about the problems with security

At the meeting with journalists after the presentation of the new machine head of the technical Department of the Red Bull Racing Adrian Newey critical has responded about changes in regulations. Briton believes that the measures aimed at enhancing the safety, may have the opposite effect.

Adrian Newey «the Rules have changed after the FIA research, when it was decided that a decrease in the height of the nose fairing will reduce the risk of take-off machine into the air when an accident, as happened a few years ago with mark Webber does when it hit the back of the machine Heikki in Valencia. Frankly, I am concerned and I think that now the consequences can be even worse. Now when the accident due to the low nose fairing machine can «about to plunge» under the rear safety structure, and it is much the worst scenario.

Extremely sad when regulations disfigures machines, as happened with some of the people that we saw in the presentations. I believe that the appearance of machines and the sound of a motor - are the terms of unique magic Formula 1, which is dissolved, if the machines are no longer attractive.

Under the new rules, battery ERS should be located below the fuel tank, and I don't understand why this is better than placing them behind the engine. It should be noted that it is unusual to us technology. The Boeing company had been experiencing a true nightmare with batteries on the Dreamliner could not solve the problem.

In the event of a strike the batteries can quickly heat up, predict their behavior is very difficult, as it will be difficult to cope with the fire, if as a result of fire the fire. In addition, the high voltage direct current is much more dangerous than the variable, so that security issues during the operation of these batteries will be a great challenge for the pit lane».


2014-01-26 20:14:03

Alonso "I Hope, one of the racers Ferrari will achieve success"


As promised, the press service of Ferrari, after a presentation of the new machine Fernando Alonso answered the ten of the best questions sent in by fans.

Question Fernando 2014 year you are driving F14 T, and at number 14. How do you think, if you can get to the end of the season lead in the championship with advantage to 14 points

Fernando Alonso it would be good to end the season lead in the championship with advantage to 14 points, but it's cool, even if I will have at least one point more than our opponents. The matter is that when you are working to combat and strive for such an ambitious goal, as the title of Formula 1, figures and matches don't matter. I hope season will be successful, and we better finish the championship.

Question do you think the new regulations will affect your style of piloting Change the manner of work with tires

Fernando Alonso the New rules will affect the style of piloting all riders. Although more important to remain working with buses, as it was for the last three or four years, when we cooperate with Pirelli. However, this year it will be important not only to monitor the wear and tear, but also pay attention to other technical aspects, so, of course, during the winter it is necessary to adapt to this style of piloting.

Question do You know how many people are rooting for you at every turn and every track You think about them, passing by

Fernando Alonso actually, I don't suspect how many people support me in the stands. On the road you are fully concentrated on their work. In addition, you constantly waged radio interchange with the team or try as best as possible to participate in a rotation. Even on straight so you have time to rest or different thoughts, but, of course, I appreciate the support from the fans. This is a big plus, not only for me but for the team, sponsors and even for those who support us at home.

Question what are some of the major changes that cause you the greatest concern on the tests in Jerez

Fernando Alonso this year has seen many changes that, say, we were a bit worried, but all this we learn only on the tests. One of the problems - other characteristics of turbo engine, which will have to adapt the style of piloting. Secondly, we are concerned about the behavior of tyres for the past three or four years had to pay a lot of attention to wear as long as possible to keep it in working condition. All this creates serious problems for the driver, but I am looking forward to this call.

Question As is known, on the road you are flying an Ferrari, but what cars are in your garage

Fernando Alonso Yes, on the road, I Ferrari, but in everyday life I don't every day I sit behind the wheel of cars of this mark, since it would be too. I have one Ferrari in the garage, but I have it only on weekends or in Sunny weather, to get pleasure from the journey. I usually drive a FIAT 500 - this machine is ideal for the city, with no Parking problems. In addition, I have a Jeep on it I carry bicycles, and it is convenient to ride on the road. I have different cars in the garage, and I try to travel on each of them depending on the circumstances.

Question What advice would you give , who wants to achieve the same heights as you

Fernando Alonso of Course, go - karting is the best school for any racer, but I don't know what to advise. I think the best - enjoy the pleasure of driving. No special tips on how to become a pilot of the Formula 1 you just need to show their talent, practice at every opportunity to get the pleasure of driving.

It seems to me, go - karting is the most interesting racing category in terms of adrenaline and the control over a machine. I like carting, and I think all who are engaged, should enjoy this pastime. Great if you has ranked the talented racers, and you can climb up a notch, but it all depends on you.

Question In what areas racer can help the team with the machine. What is the role it plays in determining the direction of improvements chassis

Fernando Alonso of Course, the racer must navigate in the technique. Our comments help the team to move in one direction or another refinement of the machine. We are constantly seeking ways to increase its highway and speed. Struggling with the rivals on the track, we can determine the machine's shortcomings and we celebrate its strengths, and therefore, our comments on briefings before or after the race, either after the test help engineers find the direction of improvements machinery and fix its flaws. One needs to have a technical aspect as well as the art of piloting. In addition, it is necessary to give all the best and more or less effectively monitor the work of the different systems, tires, fuel consumption factors are numerous, so it is important to follow engineers who control these settings on the computer and report data for the radio. All this must be done without losing the circle and thousandth of a second. This is the most difficult task.

Question are you Going to do with Kimi join forces to win the title for Ferrari

Fernando Alonso Working with Kimi motivates me, and I think the whole team, because he is a very talented driver who won the title in the composition of Ferrari in 2007.

Working with new companion always opens up new opportunities. Speaking with the same driver for several years, you constantly learn from him and adopt a lot of useful information. When a new partner, you discover a completely new things - this is normal. I look forward to working with Kimi. I hope one of the racers Ferrari succeed.

Question Earlier, after the victory you climbed on the machine and then portrayed, and now this tradition disappeared somewhere. Are you going to return to it

Fernando Alonso Really, I used to brighter celebrated the success over the past few years the celebration of victory was more modest. However, in some cases, it was very emotional, for example, Valencia and Barcelona, when I took the car flag.

Every victory has their own taste. Any celebration difficult to predict or to prepare. For this we need to win a lot of races, not to doubt the success of a particular race and making plans how you check this success. Now we are not as firm confidence - we just crave victories and want to earn more points. When you celebrate the victory, you just want to mention a success together with the team and think about the next race.

Question If you had a choice, Ferrari which epoch would like to fly

Fernando Alonso I don't know. The fact is that all the machines are different and will remain unique for their time. Personally, I flew the technique only three times at the beginning of the career until 2005, spoke at a car with an engine V10, from 2006 to 2010 - with the engine V8, and after the appearance in the championship of Pirelli tires in 2010, had to change the style of piloting. In any case, these three eras I would chose the first, when we were very fast and lightweight machines, weight often been at 150 or 200 kg less than now and power reached almost 1000 horsepower.

If to remember the history of Formula 1, difficult to choose the specific time period in the 90s machine good look, but I don't know how they behave on the road. And if you look into the future, say, 2030 or 2040-e years of the appearance of machines will change again, so make a choice not so simple. Personally I was always attracted to the era of the V10.

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2013-08-05 15:34:03

Valencia is not included in the calendar of the championship 2014

Valencia is not included in the calendar of the championship 2014

Spanish newspaper El Mundo calls the situation of the Grand Prix of Spain «dangerous soap Opera», but said that her interchange is already close. According to the newspaper, in the calendar of the championship 2014 will include only one Spanish stage race in Barcelona, tentatively scheduled for may 11.

Thus, the hopes of the organizers of the European Grand Prix return race in Valencia's not going to happen. As the newspaper writes, the contract about carrying out of the Spanish stage alternately in Valencia and Barcelona is not signed, and in Catalonia is already more than a month ago they started preparing for the race next season. Moreover, in June started selling tickets for the Grand Prix of Spain2014. The promoters, too, has a contract c FOM, however, as is known, these agreements come into force only after the inclusion of the stage in the FIA calendar.

Given that the circuit, are ready to accept a Formula 1 race is clearly more than stages in the calendar of the championship, the holding of two races on tracks Spain is almost impossible. Even more obviously this was after it was announced the return of the Grand Prix of Austria, which next year will take place on the reconstructed road in , now called the Red Bull Ring. In addition to Austrian race, in 2014 must pass debut Grand Prix in Sochi and in the American city of new Jersey.

The most recent Valencia hosted the Formula 1 race in 2012.

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2013-08-05 14:34:03

Mark Webber "Father always taught me not to offend the little"

Mark Webber

Last Sunday's mark Webber was a guest column «Star budget car» program Top Gear, where driving Suzuki Liana ahead of Sebastian Vettel and took second place in the Protocol racers of Formula 1. The pair drove round 143,1, losing just two tenths Lewis Hamilton. In an interview with Jeremy Clarkson 36-year-old racer told about , about some of the most spectacular accidents and to part with Formula 1, which will happen at the end of this season.

Question mark, we have much in common. For example, the occupation of Cycling.

Mark Webber Yes, I've heard. This is your new hobby I'm Cycling in several years.

Question Some say that you are in better shape than other160 racers of Formula 1.

Mark Webber I'm in good shape. I think all the guys are in good shape, but.

Question If you are the strongest in Formula 1, it should be the best athlete.

Mark Webber Given that we are confronted with very different challenges, I think, Yes. How many miles you rode a Bicycle

Jeremy Clarkson Three.

Mark Webber yeah, three miles 4,83 km.

Question I must say that Cycling is dangerous. For several years, you have got in the accident.

Mark Webber If you are racing, be sure to get in accident.

Question do we have a picture of your accident at Le Mans in 1999. Driving a Mercedes you are the first experience of Mark Webber in the 24 hours of Le Mans ended accident due to mistakes in aerodynamics at high speeds on a straight machine has become uncontrollable and flew up in the air. It happened

Mark Webber actually, at that time, the machines were extremely dangerous. Many cars rose in the air, partly it was due to the peculiarities of the regulation.

Question what were you thinking at the moment

Mark Webber I've thought about. of Course, I could not control the machine. Believe it or not, but it is true. Like all racers, I am quite self-confident man, and I decided that I could regain control over the machine and thought about what will happen next.

Question are You retarded

Mark Webber Probably the brakes worked.

Question In Formula 1 hit you with the famous accident in Valencia 2010 Red Bull Racing's Mark Webber came on the back wheel Lotus Heikki and flew into the air. Again, what is going on in your head at this point

Mark Webber you gotta keep away from Lotus. Everything is simple.

Question have You received any injuries in the first accident

Mark Webber Yes, I had problems with my neck.

Question But after the accident in Formula 1 was all right.

Mark Webber Yes, I was lucky. Actually, I broke the brake pedal, that's all. I have too much leaned on the pedal that not typical of me.

Question the fact that you are not hurt in both accidents, and Biking in 2009, you are in an accident and broke his leg

Mark Webber Yes, and collarbone.

Question that's what we have to give the children no bike - he's dangerous. Let's return to Formula 1. As I said, this year will complete a career Grand Prix. Why What will you do

Mark Webber I think I chose the right moment. I'm going to relax a bit from what been doing for the last 14 years. Actually, I will continue racing career in a Porsche.

Question are you sure You leave Formula 1 at the right moment Now there is an interesting situation with tires. You are in great shape, perfectly know the track, happy with the behavior of the machine, but realize that if you maximum use of its potential, the tires will lose efficacy.

Mark Webber things have changed a lot compared to what it was before. We must understand this, learn to cope with the situation and continue to attack. From the racers of Formula 1 and expect that they will constantly to compete hard. Next year will change dramatically regulations. We have to save fuel.

Question interrupts With an engine displacement of 1.6 liters You'll miss mate

Mark Webber after a long pause Will I miss Sebastian. Perhaps, not so much. To be honest, we had a lot of bad stories.

Question was it in Malaysia, when he suddenly lost the ability to hear what you say It asked you not to overtake, and he heard all but the negative particle «not». Didn't you have a desire to take revenge on him

Mark Webber shakes her head My father always taught me that I must not offend the little ones.

text Tatiana Belskaya