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Formula 1

2017-12-21 11:04:03

Nico Rosberg replaced Lauda on RTL

Champion 2016 Nico Rosberg has officially replaced Niki Lauda as an expert on Formula 1 for German TV channel RTL.It was also announced that RTL has retained the rights to broadcast the championship for the next three years.The head of RTL Frank Hoffmann "This is really good news for RTL and especially for our viewers".Nico Rosberg "I agreed. My father was a precursor to Nicki on RTL, so I continue the family tradition".

2017-09-12 11:04:03

Liberty We need new stars

The representative of the Liberty said the new Formula 1 wants new stars.Liberty "We think it's right. That's what we want. It would be great if we could have a new star, young boys, who first shone in Formula 3, then Formula 2, and then began to act at the level of Verstappen in Formula 1.That's what we want to see in the future. Plus we want the viewers and fans were able to chat with their heroes. It has many advantages, from a commercial point of crap, and with sports. We need to make it all work.

2017-09-10 17:44:03

A system of fines incomprehensible

Pressure is growing on the leadership of the Formula 1, because the current system of fines for technical failures of machines incomprehensible to the General public.In the name of reducing costs, pilots are punished by penalties of deprivation places on the starting grid. This happens when they overstep the limit of the permitted number of engine parts during the season.The ex-pilot Jochen Mass "Moving down the grid for the replacement parts - it is unclear to me. This part of the car, and when they break, they need to be replaced. We've all seen the chaos in Monza, where many pilots were punished.Sports Director of the Formula 1 Ross Brawn "We will consider it in upcoming meetings. So we promised Zhat Todt. To find a solution will be difficult, but by 2021 we have time.We hope to find a solution before the introduction of the new generation of engines in 2021. Why Because I think the current system is very unpopular with the viewers. We need to find a better way".

2017-05-09 12:54:04

The head of IndyCar I understand chase Carey

The head of the IndyCar mark miles said he understood the criticism of chase Carey's address Fernando Alonso.Mark miles "I would think the same if a month ago our champion Simon Pagenaud asked me if he could spend one race in Formula 1.But now I see the situation differently - it helps to expand the sphere of influence of both sports. This will have a positive impact on the viewer, as the financial background here is minimal. But many viewers will be interested in this race. Only tests for Alonso in the network watched by over two million people.We didn't expect that translation will have such an impact. Some even thought that no one will watch it, but it was an impressive result, and we haven't even started the race".

2017-05-06 08:34:03

Sochi Autodrom will host the first stage of the SMP Formula 4 Championship

May 19-20, Sochi Autodrom will host the races in two racing series. Just three weeks after the Grand Prix of Russia on the modern highway of Europe come out the other "formulas", class younger, the participants of the first stage of the SMP Formula 4 Championship. Also this weekend will be the first stage of the Russian Cup Mitjet 2 L. SMP F4 NEZ Championship will begin its third season. Two successful years of existence of the championship starting grid continued to grow, and at the start of the series at Sochi Autodrom on may 19-20, will be released twenty pilots, including seven Russian riders Mr gorges, Nikita Volegov, Alexander Smolar, Milen Ponomarenko, Ivan Berets, Gulhuseyn Abdullayev, Michael Belov. Mr gorges and Nikita Volegov in 2016 already played in the championship, for others it will be their first full season in formula series after karting. This season for the first time in the list of participants have a girlfriend Milen Ponomarenko.The race will be held in the format of a half-hour of qualifying and three races, one of which will take place on Saturday, two Sunday. All the drivers are on a unified chassis of the firm Tatuus, identical to that used in other Championships of category F4.The first stage of the Russian Cup Mitjet 2L will gather on the track, the Sochi Autodrom 20 participants, including the winners of the race supporting the Grand Prix - Mitjet 2L Arctic Cup, which was held on 29 and 30 April Ivan Lukashevich and Alexey Karachev, as well as the winner of the last Cup Mitjet Dmitry Gvazava.For series Mitjet Sochi Autodrom is the home track and training base, and this year performances sportprototipov viewers will see in different Russian regions. The series finale will be held in Sochi on September 15-16. Note that the first time will be held on six stages of the Cup, Mitjet - this is a record to date, the number of races in the season for the series.

2017-02-06 10:44:06

The President of Ferrari clarified its position on chase Carey

The President of Ferrari clarified its position on chase Carey

The President of Ferrari Sergio Marchionne talked about some of their considerations about the development of Formula 1.Sergio Marchionne "I think Cary needs to understand that a team will leave the championship if the audience will continue to fall. Most importantly, what should Liberty Media, - promotion of the championship. It should be made available.I expect that the new management already has a clear idea of how it should look like the championship, to return to the past viewers.There is still a lot of work that needs to be done. We undertake to do their work with maximum efficiency, the same I expect from Cary".

2017-01-30 13:14:03

Ross brown We could conduct a 21 race season

Sports Director of the Formula 1 Ross Brawn believes the championship could pursue 21 race during the year.Ross Brawn "We must ensure that we conduct not just a race, and quality and interesting to the viewers, in unique locations. Just to increase their number - not the best solution.We must also think about the frequency of races, as a good balance in the race and the break between them is an important constituent element in the work of the teams.Now there is no reason which could prevent you from spending more races, but we can't do that just because of the team structure to that just neprikosnovenny.20 or 21 of the Grand Prix - a fairly rigid framework to teams, their engineers and mechanics. But if we learn from NASCAR, where teams have two teams of engineers and other staff, so it is possible to significantly remove the pressure from the people in the team".

2016-11-23 16:04:05

Head of Mercedes the New machines will be faster for a few seconds

Head of Mercedes the New machines will be faster for a few seconds

The head of the team Mercedes Toto Wolff, assessing the results obtained on the simulator, stated that the 2017 car will be much faster.Toto Wolff "it's Hard to say exactly how the new machine will be faster, but we are talking about a few seconds. The data that we obtained on the simulator are impressive.Due to the increase downforce significantly increase speed in the turns. At the same time operate the machines will become harder because of increasing congestion. It is a pity that it will not feel the viewers".

2016-11-19 12:14:05

Carlos Sainz Nobody understands modern Formula 1

Carlos Sainz Nobody understands modern Formula 1

The pilot Toro Rosso Carlos Sainz believes that the Formula-1 in recent times it has become too difficult to understand.Carlos Sayn "I or other pilots it is not easy to understand, not to mention those whose opinion is important fans, viewers, my parents and grandparents - they are watching the race, and have no idea what's going on.We had a family dinner last Sunday, and the family now understands the Formula-1. I'm sorry that I can't explain to them the rules. So it is difficult to understand why you give a particular penalty. Difficult situation, which is not fun.Outside the track there is a lot of talk about sanctions, their absence, even during the race we're talking about this wait for the fine or not. Such situations should not be".

2016-10-17 12:04:04

David Coulthard believes in the championship Rosberg

David Coulthard believes in the championship Rosberg

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 David Coulthard believes that Nico Rosberg this year, there are wonderful chances to achieve the title of champion.David Coulthard "the previous Two years, Lewis played well in the team, he could become a champion. But this year the destiny of the title is decided again in a tight battle, and Niko is a lot more convincing. He counts nine victories, and the few who dares to hint that he doesn't deserve the title.I am also happy that everything will be decided in the last race in Abu Dhabi. For the championship, and viewers is great news.

2016-10-09 10:42:08

Niki Lauda, Three years in a row we become Champions

Niki Lauda, Three years in a row we become Champions

Mercedes non-Executive Director congratulated the team with a third consecutive victory in the team standings.Niki Lauda "It's unbelievable - three years in a row, we become Champions, and that's great. It's hard work, but we team worked to achieve these results. Thank you the employees and our viewers.What happened when overtaking Verstappen Lewis, may be reviewed by the stewards. Otherwise, it was an incredibly exciting race and the team gave their all to achieve victory".

2016-09-26 11:44:02

Lewis Hamilton welcomes American leadership in Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton welcomes American leadership in Formula 1

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton was pleased with the fact that the new leadership of the championship come from the United States.Lewis Hamilton "I'm sorry, that Formula 1 is only once a year arrives in the United States. American viewers to follow all the races very difficult, because they are at an awkward time for this part of the globe.I am very pleased that the new leadership of the championship from the USA. I understand that Formula 1 is an incredible business with limitless possibilities. Ecclestone and his people did a great job, but they have not used media to the fullest.Take, for example, the social network. I was strictly forbidden to shoot on the track, even though I secretly did. I think that now many things will change".

2016-08-08 08:34:04

Chapter Sauber Season too long

Head Sauber Moniz, Kaltenborn believes that the season from 21 races is too many.Monisha Kaltenborn "For our team 21 Grand Prix - a huge gap, that's a lot. We clearly get more viewers with such an increase in the number of races. The main reason for the extension, calendar - additional income for the owners championship. But then the question arises, how long this process will continue. Now the number of races is too much, so with this issue you need to contact the Ecclestone".

2016-06-09 13:05:06

Jacques Villeneuve My father was passionate about passion

Jacques Villeneuve My father was passionate about passion

Jacques Villeneuve, son of legendary driver Gilles Villeneuve, and he became the least popular pilot in different racing series, told me that his father was an ardent racing fan.Jacques Villeneuve "When father died I was still a child and little understood in the races. But as we grew older, more delved into how my dad has penetrated into the hearts of viewers, fans.I was surprised by the fact that my father was not keen on technique, racing, race cars, he was fascinated by the passion that give the race. He loved to take risks, to feel the limit, find it. Every time, he gladly went on the road and thought "And if I can break this technique or not, I will find another tenth of a second" Each risk has been the subject of cold calculation. It every time and throughout his life searched for the limit of the possible".

2016-04-22 13:24:02

The week before the Grand Prix of Russia

After seven days at Sochi Autodrom start of the third Russian leg of the world championship Formula-1.A week ago a large-scale work on the organization of the Grand Prix was probably not noticeable to the view of a reasonable observer, now at Sochi Autodrom and in the Olympic Park are hard at work already it is impossible not to notice.Security zones, service roads and the track brought to full compliance with the requirements of the FIA. This training for several weeks was engaged in service of the Sochi Autodrom and contractors.These days in the eyes transformed the territory of the Olympic Park grow tents, which will include a cafe and shops, construction sites entertainment zones, erected a stage on which in the framework of the racing weekend will be held concerts and fan-favorite motorsports autograph session with the pilots of Formula-1 and racing support - Mitjet 2L Arctic Cup and SMP F4 NEZ Championship.The construction of the temporary infrastructure - technical boxes for the teams racing support, of buildings the Paddock Club, dining rooms, offices, checkpoints - already over. Now all these rooms filled with equipment.Completed the construction of the TV compound, where there are 42 cabin television companies. The other day visited the site the General Manager of broadcasters, and on Friday at the Sochi Autodrom began to receive accredited representatives of TV companies and install their equipment.Experts of the German company WIGE carried out work to configure, debug and training systems special racing electronics that is necessary for the success of the Russian Grand Prix 2016.10 days before the start of the Grand Prix began arriving volunteers. In 2016 the number will reach 1000 people, 80 of which will come to Sochi from other cities and regions of Russia. More than half of the number of volunteers 600 people will coordinate public events in the Olympic Park. The area of responsibility of volunteers includes such key areas as transport logistics, which will employ about 200 people, viewers in the locations of the turnstiles you pass on Sochi Autodrom and coordination of a passage to the audience 120 people, as well as informational support of athletes and media representatives.Immediately after the third stage of the world championship Formula 1 - Chinese Grand Prix - Sochi airport began arriving cargo flights of airline "AirBridgeCargo", which bring racing cars and equipment to carry out. First flight on the route Shanghai-Sochi, landed at the resort city at night on April 19. 20, 21 and 22 April from China arrived five Charter flights. At the moment all the cars that will participate in the Grand Prix, delivered in Sochi.As the cargo arrival teams transformed the paddock a couple of days ago containers were waiting for unpacking only have three or four command boxes, now the whole paddock and the grounds for stationary homes teams filled with rows of containers with equipment boxes that are waiting for the arrival of the technical staff of the teams of Formula 1. By 28 April, when in Sochi will bring together pilots of Formula-1, everything will be in place - tools, electronics, cars.- Everything really goes according to plan, says the promoter of the Russian Grand Prix Sergei Vorobyov. - Now we have entered the stage when preparation of all infrastructure and activities in General is at the finish line. You only need to complete the processes begun the arrival of the goods, the clearance and preparation of the premises for reception of commands of the Formula 1 - managers, team members, pilots. An important stage will begin next week - come employees of the sports organization it's about a thousand people, including representatives of the RAF, marshals, medics, firefighters and other highly qualified specialists. Everything else is ready.

2016-01-02 17:34:05

Mercedes We are constantly looking to Ecclestone in the future

The head of Mercedes Toto Wolff said that his team is constantly negotiating with Bernie Ecclestone on the subject of the prevention of domination of one of the teams in the championship.Toto Wolff "We have clearly distinguished between the goal of the championship and are now trying to find a way to address this issue. Yes, we often views on the same issues at first, because it is pleasant for us to dominate, and Bernie to sell their goods. It is difficult to sell the viewers the race, if it is clear who will win.We are winning because better than the rest did their job, but in the future will be very much to equalize the chances of teams to fight for victory. Especially brightly it will be in season 2017".

2015-12-24 15:04:08

David Coulthard will become co-host of Top Gear

David Coulthard will become co-host of Top Gear

According to information published in the newspaper The Sun, the main presenter of Top Gear, Chris Evans will return to the channel in the spring of 2016. To help him in entertaining the viewers will be ex-Formula 1 driver David Coulthard and German racer Sabine Schmitz.However, as is evident by the negative reviews in the press and the Internet, a huge number of fans of the popular TV program against this composition.

2015-12-01 11:54:03

December 4 will start selling tickets for the Grand Prix of Russia 2016

Tickets for the third Russian leg of the Formula 1, which will be held from April 28 to may 1 next year at the Sochi Autodrom, will be available from December 4 at the box office and on the official website Vorobyov "In preparation for the third Grand Prix we have combined the experience of the previous stages and the results of the satisfaction survey, of fans the level of the competition. Visitors to the race we will offer advanced services for viewers and a new ticket program, which I am sure will please not only fans of Formula 1, but fans of first-class events".

2015-10-24 09:54:04

Nico Rosberg I drove a good circle

Nico Rosberg I drove a good circle

Pilot Mercedes Nico Rosberg showed the results of only one practice United States Grand Prix the best time.Nico Rosberg "I just this morning was able to work with the settings of the machine and drove a good lap. It's a shame I only for viewers who shelled out big money for tickets, but saw nothing except the rain. Very sorry.Perhaps tomorrow everything will change and we will be able to delight people with their presence on the track, although again it might rain".

2015-09-18 09:54:03

Entertainment in the days of Grand Prix of Russia in the Olympic Park

In the days of Grand Prix of Russia in Sochi's Olympic Park fans will find large-scale entertainment program and a series of evening concerts in the Central square.The headliners of the concert program of the event will be Russian pop group "Disco Crash" and "A STUDIO", and as the main guest star will perform Australian singer Natalie Imbruglia, three-time Grammy Award nominee and winner of the MTV Music Awards.A series of concerts in the Central square opens Friday, October 9. At 1840, guests can enjoy a one-hour concert of the group "Disco Crash", the winner of awards "Muz-TV" and MTV Russia Music Awards. Begin the evening with DJ Legran, the official disc jockey of the Russian Olympic team at the Games in Vancouver in 2010.Saturday's show will begin on 10 October at 1800. First on stage will DJ Legran, after which the audience waiting for the performance of the Russian Triangle Sun and the pupils of the Academy of cinema and show business Yana Rudkovskaya. The Natalie Imbruglia concert will begin at 2010 and conclude the Saturday part of the entertainment program.Sunday, right after the finish of races of Formula 1, on the stage of the Central square will return DJ Legran and then, at 1800 will start the presentation of the pop group "A STUDIO".Concert in the days of Grand Prix of Russia Formula 1 will complement a variety of other recreational activities. In the F1 Village area fans will be able to buy official Souvenirs of the Sochi Autodrom, Formula 1 teams and sign their favorite pilot in the traditional autograph sessions.From 8 to 11 October in the Olympic Park will host the freestyle show performed by team FMX Red Bull, which includes the Russian athlete Alexei Kolesnikov. The main star of the drift show will become Vice-champion of the Russian drift series 2012 Nikita Shikov. In addition, the area will demonstrate their art professional stand-riders.In the days of Grand Prix of Russia will be a title fight for the championship belt Featherweight title between current champion M-1 Challenge Slovak Ivan Buchinger and champion in lightweight Monocrom "Tarzan" Barnawi from France. The tournament will be attended by Russian athlete Adam "Beard" Yandiyev - one of the best light heavyweights in mixed martial arts new wave. In total, the fightcard will include about ten fights with participation of Russian and foreign stars.In Extreme Park guests the "Royal races" will be able to enjoy demonstrations and competitions of the best athletes in BMX, as well as attend workshops on skateboarding and a Playground for Street Workout. For young viewers will open Playground, where during the weekend will be bubble show, workshops animation, view cheer-leaders and classes children's dance Studio.In other areas of the Park fans waiting for the show masters breakdance and martial arts, as well as a field for mini-Golf and a pavilion with radio-controlled cars. F1 Village, guests of the Grand Prix of Russia will be able to try your hand at the wheel of a simulator of a Formula 1 car and drive a few laps on a virtual version of the Sochi Autodrom and other tracks of the world Cup.In addition, the center "Ice cube" will be a series of concerts of filming the show, Comedy Club, for the second year in a row coming to Sochi in the midst of the peak season. The Large ice Palace on October 9 and 10 will be screenings of ice Ilia Averbukh's "Carmen", on October 2nd open international music festival "New wave", which will last until the eleventh.The schedule of concerts in the Central square in the days of Grand Prix of Russia9 Oktyabrya00 - 1840 DJ Legran1840 - 1940 Disco Avariya40 - 2110 DJ Legran10 Oktyabrya00 - 1840 DJ Legran1840 - 1940 Triangle Sun1940 - 2010 Performance of children Academy of film and show business Yana Rudkovsky10 - 2110 Natalie Imbruglia Oktyabrya00 - 1800 DJ Legran1800 - 1900 Studio00 - 1930 DJ Legran.

2015-07-31 09:34:07

Alain Prost In Formula 1, people just want to see the race

Four-time champion Formula 1 Alain Prost believes that in the modern Royal races people want to see only race, and the advanced technology they don't need.Alain Prost "It's very frustrating, because the advanced technology, the development of new systems none of the viewers of Fomrula-1 not interested. Royal racing bet on the older generation, and he doesn't care what engine and how much more efficient and economical, they consume fuel.This viewer is not very interesting speed and chassis, it is important the competition on the track between drivers. I feel bad for the designers, because Formula 1 has always been a platform for the development of new technologies, but the viewer doesn't need it".

2015-03-25 10:24:03

Helmut Marko scares the departure from Red Bull Formula 1

Helmut Marko scares the departure from Red Bull Formula 1

Sports Red Bull consultant Helmut Marko has intimidated the public the fact that the Austrian team are ready to leave the championship.Helmut Marko "We analyzed the data, and they consistently tell us that the viewership dropped during last season's 26. It is on so many fewer viewers in Formula 1. In that case, maybe we should think about, then what's the business interest of Red Bull in the championship If things remain as they are, you should generally leave the Royal race.

2015-03-07 20:14:03

Aki Hints I could not refuse Raikkonen

Former doctor McLaren Aki Hints, once worked with Kimi Raikkonen, told us an interesting episode of the 2013 season, which viewers know only superficially.Recall that at the Grand Prix Singapore 2013 season Kimi Raikkonen complained of severe back pain and asked for help to Aki to Hints. He helped Kimi, who finished in the end on the 3rd place. MW, then the head of McLaren, made a real spanking his doctor stating that he had no right to treat another pilot.Aki Hints "I told Martin that he has no right to tell me who to treat and who not. I, first of all, doctor, so treat everyone who needs my help. I could not refuse the person who wants my help. I don't care what kind of man is, first of all, the patient".

2014-10-27 15:44:02

Quat Austin I have pleasant memories associated

Quat Austin I have pleasant memories associated

Pilots Toro Rosso in a good mood waiting for the upcoming Grand Prix of the United States. A year ago in Austin Daniel Quat first sat behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car in the framework of the racing weekend, this time in the Toro Rosso on Friday training debuts Max Verstappen.

Jean-Eric Verne "I love to come to Texas. I like this place, and at the Circuit of the Americas interesting to fly. Speaking in the United States, have special feelings, and in the paddock in a pleasant atmosphere. The fans are enthusiastic, and stands on a lot of viewers from Mexico.

Don't know how fast our car in Austin, but I hope that we will be competitive enough and carry out a successful weekend. If you look at the 1st turn with the pit lane, he makes a strong impression, but when you sit in the cockpit of the machine, it doesn't seem strange. In order to be competitive at this track, as usual, requires a high level of clamping force and a powerful engine, because there is a long straight. In order to perform well in Austin, don't need to know any secrets".

Daniel Kvyat "I Have very pleasant memories associated with last year's visit to Austin. For me it was a very exciting time, and now I can't believe that after a weekend in America a year has passed. I feel like a veteran

Austin is a special place for me since I first took part in the race weekend of the Formula 1, although piloted only in the first session of the free races. I was fast enough, just a few tenths of a second behind Daniel Riccardo, although it was not really pleased with the result.

It's great to come back to Austin. Here is a very interesting track with a large number of fast and complex turns, and I like it. A lot of UPS and downs, and some turns of the first sector resemble Silverstone. I liked playing in America last year, and now I look forward to the opportunity to eat a steak".

Max Verstappen "I am delighted to be back behind the wheel STR9 for the first time after the stage in Japan. I was not in Sochi, because I participated in the penultimate race of the season in the Formula 3 in Imola. Then in Hockenheim I won one race of the three, which allowed us to finish the season in third place in the individual competition. I have yet to get back behind the wheel of the machine of Formula 3, because I will start in Macau. This is a unique street circuit, which I really want to win, especially after the victory this year in Zandvoort, where is another classic track calendar Formula 3.

Before you go to Austin, I worked on the simulator, preparing for Macau and the Circuit of the Americas. It seems that there is fun to fly, and there are some interesting twists, such as the first. I never was in Austin, although in kart racing in the United States and held in this country vacations.

After I took part in free practice at Suzuka, I had to quickly return to Europe, but this time I will stay with the team to the stage in Brazil. Because of this I will be able to learn a lot, will attend all briefings and generally become more familiar with the team".


2014-10-14 16:24:02

Sergei Vorobyov This is the happiest week in the life

Sergei Vorobyov This is the happiest week in the life

The first ever Grand Prix of Russia will be remembered for the victory of Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes AMG double, brought the team to the Cup of designers, and excellent organization. The team of Sergey Vorobyov and Richard Cregan not had a single serious claims or from the command or from the FIA or from members of the press. Stage in Sochi managed.

Sunday night, when the audience has left the podium and the team began packing the equipment before shipment to the U.S., in an interview Sergey Vorobiev was talking about the first results of the Grand Prix, about their own emotions and experience with the team of organizers of the Formula 1.

Question Joe, how many hours you slept since the beginning of the week of the Grand Prix of Russia

Sergei Vorobyov Now just say. Starting with Tuesday night from 7 to 8 October, never longer than two hours. This emotion, and joy, and understanding that for this week I personally spent more than two years if you count only on this project. Everything was done just for this event. Without exaggeration, this is the happiest week of my life.

Question What moments will sink into the mind particularly hard

Sergei Vorobyov several of Them. This hymn at the moment which I will always remember the view filled the main grandstand, the picture on the screen with pilots, ready to race. Just then came the final understanding that we have prepared well. The second point is the podium, when the second stage is the actual carrying out of the race - was also essentially completed.

Now we don't relax. There is an important stage associated with logistics activities, sending loads of teams, departure of the participants. Right now the concert of the group "the Animals", the audience after the concert should be a comfort to leave - as it was left in the previous days. I have a feeling that things will go smoothly. Somewhere in the environment finally you can put the "inner check". I think today Sunday I will start to sleep a little longer.

Question the Most pleasant words that you have heard during this weekend.

Sergey I always tried to be very careful in previous days racing weekend. Starting from Thursday pilots and team members started to arrive on Wednesday, regularly approached and told how everything is organized, what an amazing have the object, what a cool city, as the performance of our team. Each time, listening to these reviews, I was really pleased with it, but I was trying to let these emotions in any case do not affect the approach to work.

In fact the combination of all these words that we heard throughout the week, inside left a very pleasant impression. It is difficult to single out just one. This is a holistic feeling that in the whole week we were supported by those for whom this event happens - the audience, the team pilots.

Question What did the Bernie Eccleston

Sergei Vorobyov He has repeatedly affirmed that we get the job done successfully is to organize a Grand Prix qualitatively. His assessment, actually knowing that he wouldn't hide dissatisfaction if it were very important. He is a leading expert, he is the one who knows exactly how you want or as it is unnecessary to arrange the Grand Prix Formula 1. Its evaluation shows that we are on the right path.

Question is There something, what went wrong What would you like to correct that obvious right now

Sergei Vorobyov Our final goal is the lack of viewers dissatisfied with what is within our control. Up to each individual. We know that there are a number of current issues that need to be considered. Detailed analysis we will hold in light of all the feedback. On Wednesday, for us, the event will end completely. We all analyze, draw up a concrete plan of improvements for next year, which is then run. Internal I want to see more spectators at the Grand Prix of Russia.

Question We noticed that you have three phones. Why

Sergei Vorobyov No such logic distribution phones to organise an event would be very difficult. One phone is the long-standing personal number for friends, family, loved ones. The second is a work room, Krasnodar. Know a significant number of people. On it is often difficult to get through. The third phone.

Question Black.

Sergey Yes, black. It is in order at any time of the day or night, regardless of level meetings, where I am, I was contacted. You know, a project of this level, with this government support has meant a significant number of very serious meetings, but during them, too, sometimes have to make quick decisions. I tell everyone that if black phone calls - this means that regardless of the situation I have to answer it. This room know no more than fifteen people. This room was also very helpful in organizing the Grand Prix Formula 1.

Question How often is this the phone rang during the week of the Grand Prix

Sergei Vorobyov this weekend he has largely turned into the main. The amount of information, concurrent processes has led to the fact that most of the coordination was conducted with a limited number of key lieutenants in different directions, which are managed by a team of organizers, partners and contractors.

At the same time, those with whom we do event management Formula 1, Mr Ecclestone, his assistant Pascale and other key individuals - they also had constant communication.

It was a pleasure to work with them. Their attention to detail, as they arrived for another week before the event, took all the object, discussed with us all pay-per-minute plans, brought a vast number of recommendations, as they, with us, with glowing eyes day and night participated in the organization left a very pleasant experience. Were night correspondence, phone calls at three or four o'clock in the morning, spontaneously appearing ideas. This level of synergy with the international organizers of the Formula 1 was very pleasant. As the understanding of what style of work, usual and normal in pure Russian team that we have built, fully coincides with the way the family lives of the Formula 1. This was done last week, the happiest week of my life.

text Oleg Karpov and Alexander Romanov


2014-10-12 11:44:02

In Sochi, you are ready to start

In Sochi, you are ready to start

Throughout the race weekend of the Grand Prix of Russia in Sochi viewers happy good weather. Was no exception and Sunday - 11.00 the air warms up to +19 degrees, light wind, cloudless sky.

The organizers expect today, the full house - the audience gradually arrive at the track, in the air feels a sense of celebration. Start the warm up lap the first ever Formula 1 race in Russia is scheduled for 15.00.

text Mikhail Smirnov


2014-10-11 17:14:05

Hamilton Perhaps we are waiting for one of the best races

Hamilton Perhaps we are waiting for one of the best races

On Saturday, Lewis Hamilton was the fastest on the Sochi track, ahead of training partner of Mercedes AMG, Nico Rosberg, 0.2 seconds.

Lewis Hamilton "of Course, pole position is a great position for the start of the race. First of all, I must commend the excellent work of our team, we have been making steady progress throughout the season. We are thus able so often occupy the entire first row.

Sochi is a very beautiful place, beautiful weather, and I really like to travel on this route. Qualification was not so simple, the opponents are strong, and for some reason continue for a good circle was more difficult than training. So I am very pleased that for the first time will start from pole position on this route. But I foresee that the start will be difficult, because the first corner is very long straight. Let's see how everything goes.

The track is just great. It is very smooth asphalt, but it provides a good grip. In addition, curbs made very correctly. And, of course, there are the picturesque surroundings, the mountains and the Olympic Park - it all looks amazing. In the stands a lot of viewers, and I hope that tomorrow there will be more.

Today we saw the riders have committed many errors, but I think that it's not some special configuration turns - we just attack to the limit. But in General, if you make a mistake, you can return to the track in General is easy. The configuration of the ring is very organic, speed - above average, and I sincerely hope that tomorrow the public will see an interesting race. Long straight will enable the efficient use of DRS, and the track is quite wide I hope it will be possible to actively pursue opponents. Perhaps tomorrow it will be one of the best races for the last time."


2014-10-10 18:34:04

Sergio Perez In Sochi there are places for overtaking

Sergio Perez In Sochi there are places for overtaking

Sergio Perez showed 14th time in the second session of free races of the Grand Prix of Russia. Summing up the day, the pilot Force India said that he liked the track in Sochi, and on Sunday, viewers will see a lot of overtaking.

Question What do you feel back behind the wheel after what happened with Jules Bianchi

Sergio Perez We participate in the race because we love to do. Personally, I have no idea what could be doing something else. We know that racing can be dangerous, and Jules is demonstrated. All racers realize that sitting behind the wheel, we may never return. I hope we will hear good news about it, but in the meantime we just have to support him.

Question What do you think of the track in Sochi You liked it

Sergio Perez Great place, interesting track. Suppose, on Sunday we will see very interesting race, because there are places for overtaking. Tire wear is not too high, so I don't think we will see a lot of options strategies. In any case, I hope that we will show is a great show to the Russian audience.

Question I Think the FIA should reconsider the approach to the evacuation of cars after what happened in Suzuka

Sergio Perez I think we should draw conclusions from what happened. I hope we will see some changes in the future.

Question Back to the Sochi track. There are turns where there is a danger all four wheels to be outside of the track

Sergio Perez actually, no. If you find yourself all four wheels outside the track, this will mean that you have problems. In Sochi there are no particularly difficult turns, this route is a pleasure to speak.

Question the Third turn you can go with the gas pedal to the floor

Sergio Perez Yes, on the Soft tyres. Some managed to do it even with full tanks. However, it is not as easy as it may seem.

Question Some people believe that Pirelli was worth the lead on this route softer compounds - Soft and SuperSoft. Do you agree

Sergio Perez I Think, Yes. I guess SuperSoft would suit this track. I hope that next time the tire will make more daring choice of rubber.

Question In which rotation is possible overtaking

Sergio Perez Probably the first turn is the best place for overtaking.

Question Today is not experiencing technical problems with the machine

Sergio Perez No, no problem.

text Mikhail Smirnov


2014-10-09 14:14:03

Sparrows on sale a little more than two thousand tickets

Sparrows on sale a little more than two thousand tickets

On Thursday in Sochi hosted a press conference, which was attended by Deputy Director General of JSC "Center "omega" Sergey Vorobiev, international consultant Sochi Circuit" Richard Cregan and Vice-Governor of Krasnodar region Alexander Saurin. At the meeting with journalists discussed the work done in preparation for the Grand Prix of Russia. The organizers expect nearly complete the podium on race day from 55 thousand tickets at the box office just over two thousand.

Sergei Vorobyov "the Total capacity of the stands of the circuit - 55 thousand places. At the moment we have sold almost all tickets unsold little over two thousand. For those who have not yet purchased tickets, but going to do it, was the last opportunity.

If we talk about the number of foreign viewers, I'll be honest - we were expecting more. According to our estimates, in Sochi will arrive approximately 10 of the foreign fans of the total number, but I am sure that in the coming years their number will grow."

Organizers expect in Sochi, in addition to the Grand Prix Formula 1, will undergo stages and other racing series.

"We had set a clear objective on the Monday after the first Formula 1 race, the course should start earning money, " says Richard Cregan. "So we had to carefully think through the business plan. The goal is to use the route year-round.

We are already negotiating with promoters of different racing series, and most importantly, see interest from their side. Our goal is to spend five or six major competitions per year. In addition, in Sochi will open a driving school, work training programs - we will do everything to track the maximum was used throughout the year. While I can't call series, with whom we are negotiating, but as soon as contracts are signed, we immediately to declare".