In 2010, Formula 1, the annual world championship ring on the racing open-wheel cars are included in their team debutant Virgin Racing. In June 2009, published a list of FIA Formula 1 teams for the upcoming championship. At the Grand Prix would have been born four new name, the most high-profile and a complete lack of information among the fans of Formula 1 was accompanied by a team called the Manor GP. Six months later, this unknown team changed its name to Virgin Racing car and took part in the test rides at Jerez and Silverstone, where he became the first among the absolute beginners Formula 1 season 2010. Head of the Virgin Racing team is John Booth, who loved the race back in 1977, was a champion in Formula Ford, and, putting his gloves in 1989, became the owner of the team that made its debut in Formula Renault, in his first season, won a three wins and in 1991, 1994, 1997, became the champion of the competition. When the team moved on to Formula 3, the first attempt riders have won the title of champions. The team Manor Motorsport, the team then known as John Booth, he spent his school stars of Formula 1 drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton. But in an attempt to participate in the Grand Prix Formula 1, John Booth could not decide - too seemed out of reach as possible. However, budget cuts in 2009 in the cost of Formula 1, opened the door to newcomers. So a team that is now called Virgin Racing (owned by businessman Richard Branson, owner of the corporation Virgin), under the guidance of John Booth and Nick Wirth (former technical director of the formula team Simtek) was a participant in the Grand Prix championship in 2010. The team will be known drivers Lucas di Grassi and Timo Glock. Formula 1 team Virgin Racing Grand Prix engine uses Cosworth, and, of course, hopes to win the race. Official Partner of the team is a Russian company sports car manufacturer Marussia, whose president, Nikolai Fomenko, has signed a contract for three years and hopes that over the years will see the race car driving Russian pilot.
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Formula 1

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January nomeromania 24 - Timo Glock, 2012

January nomeromania 24 - Timo Glock, 2012

In 2012, the British team Virgin has become Marussia in Russian, and her first pilot was German Timo Glock, who under the number "24".Before the 2010 season, the FIA has announced a tender for participation in Formula 1, the results of which were selected three new teams, including Manor. Before the start of the first season she turned into a Virgin, and under this name lasted only two years. At the end of 2011 the team was bought by Russian company Marussia, which was ruled by Andrey Cheglakov and Nikolai Fomenko. Marussia was going to sell supercars and the team of Formula 1 was very well suited for commercial high-speed machines.Inherited inherited Marussia motors and Cosworth Timo Glock, who has had two full seasons in the Toyota and two of the season in the Virgin. Alas, weak engines and unexamined chassis design allowed to fight only with HRT. In qualifying Glock never rose above 18th place. In the race Timo experienced consistently getting to the finish, leaving the race only once, but the best result was a 12th place in Singapore, nearly in the points zone.

2018-01-22 15:34:05

Manor will return, if there is a limit of budgets

Manor will return, if there is a limit of budgets

Graham Loudon, one of the leaders of the company Manor previously presented in Formula 1, said that the possibility of returning to the championship will be considered only if it is a limit of budgets.Graham Loudon "If there is no change, if there is no limit on budgets, we will not be back, because you can not deal with the rich teams.Recently, however, the FIA and the new leadership of the Formula 1 says a lot about reducing costs. If this happens, we will consider the possibility of returning to the championship - we are in Formula 1 remains unfinished business".Company Manor came into Formula 1 in 2010 under the guise of Virgin Racing. In 2012, the team played under the name of Marussia, as his last season in 2016, has held under its name to the Manor. Now in Manor are actively engaged in the project LMP1.

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Richard Branson Formula E will overtake Formula 1 in ten years

Richard Branson Formula E will overtake Formula 1 in ten years

The owner of the team DS Virgin, Richard Branson and its leader Alex tai believe that Formula 1 will no longer be the Queen of sports in ten years.Richard Branson "one day Alex came to me and said that we really should no longer participate in Formula 1, Formula E will become a pioneer in the technology of pure energy, and I agreed with him.It was incredibly exciting. The League is growing very fast, each season they bring new initiatives. I'm willing to predict that in 10 years if Formula 1 will continue on its own, the Formula-E will catch up with her.And so it should be, because the world needs to use clean machines. We all need to wean ourselves from dirty petrol cars, and Formula E should lead the process".In 2010 and 2011 Branson owned Virgin team, speaking in Formula-1. Later it evolved into Marussia.

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Williams is preparing to release a new film

This summer will see the premiere of a new documentary film from Director BAFTA Morgan Matthews, which tells the story of Williams F1.The film is based on the book by Virginia Williams 1991 "a Different kind of life." The movie will reveal to us the secrets of one of the most iconic Formula 1 teams and highlight the people behind its success.Frank Williams, the founder of the team "I hope the fans will enjoy the film as much as I like to do the races. I am glad that the people behind the team and my family look real heroes of history Williams".Deputy team principal Claire Williams "This film is a story about two great passions in life is my father. Everyone knows about the pure love of Frank to motorsports, but not everyone knows the wonderful story of my parents 'marriage and how those two things co-existed together during his racing career".

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John Booth - Director of racing Toro Rosso

John Booth - Director of racing Toro Rosso

At the end of last season John Booth has left the Manor, headed since 2010 when it was called Virgin/Marussia. But 61-year-old Briton returned to Formula 1 as a race Director of Toro Rosso.John Booth "it is a great honour for me to be part of such a competitive team like Toro Rosso. Over a short period, she was able to achieve a lot in Formula 1. Looking forward to the start of work at the Grand Prix of Russia".

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For auction a machine Virgin/Marussia

For auction a machine Virgin/Marussia

For auction four car team at Virgin/Marussia, owned by a private collector.We are talking about cars and MVR02 VR01 Virgin, MR01 and MR02 Marussia, used in 2010-2013 None of them never were able to finish in the points zone.

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Jean-Eric Vergne I understand the decision Haas

Jean-Eric Vergne I understand the decision Haas

The pilot of the Virgin Jean-Eric Vergne, along with the performances in Formula E test driver for Ferrari, said he was sympathetic to the Haas refusal to give him the job for 2016.Jean-Eric Vergne "I would like to return to Formula-1, because this is now the best racing series, but I respect the decision of Haas. I wish them luck in beginning the path they have chosen. They have a chance to gather a good team of pilots and experts, in order to succeed".

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The Manor team will change its name

Team Manor-Marussia next season will be performing under a different name. It is known that the request submitted to the leadership of the Formula 1. According to the regulations, the name change must approve all participants.For team this is the third name change. In 2010, she debuted in Formula 1 under the name of Virgin, but two years later turned into Marussia. At the end of last year the team was bought by Stephen Fitzpatrick, and turned into Marussia Manor, although in the Cup of designers, and the results of the races the entire year appeared the old name.It is known that the Fitzpatrick owned energy company Ovo. But there is no doubt that this brand will be used in Formula 1.

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Beijing ePrix maximum result for Buemi

Beijing ePrix maximum result for Buemi

Sebastian Buemi sensationally started the second season of the FIA Formula E, earning maximum points - in the Bank of a pilot of the team Renault e.dams 30 reward points. After winning the pole position in the new procedure the super-pole position the Swiss did not leave opponents no chance in the race SWUSP Beijing ePrix, setting also the best time for a circle. Thus, Buemi gained a unique hat-trick during the weekend."It was a good race, nice to win with such a margin - I'm happy The team did a great job and Renault have a good powerplant. We are looking forward to the next races. We also managed to set the fastest lap, what had problems in the past year",- says the winner of today's race.Buemi admitted that started not the best way, but he managed to repel the attacks of the Mahindra Racing rider nick Heidfeld in the first turn, thus preserving the lead. From the moment the race was led by the Swiss. However, his efforts to break away from the peloton twice failed because of the appearance on the track Full Course Yellow. This system was first used in Formula E and has earned high recognition from riders.Di Grassi said "It is very good from the point of view of a sports component, as it allows you to quickly clean the track. In addition, we follow the same procedure in the other categories, where are the racers of Formula E".However, Buemi was in the lead not the entire race. He was the first pilot who changed the car during the race, which enabled Loic Duval, driver of the team Dragon Racing, a circle to be the leader before the visit to the pits.Pit stop was a little unsettled by Heidfeld his team did not immediately coped with the fastening of seat belts in the car the driver, from-for what the German fell back two places ago, leaving the track behind di Grassi and Nico Simple. Bold maneuver allowed Heidfeld Simple to get around, and two pilots are remembered in the first season of spectacular duels and a spectacular collision, again pleased the audience with a dense struggle on the track in the Olympic Park of Beijing.Just got out in the first place, but this time the Frenchman did not get to the podium. For unknown reasons, until a broken element in the protection of the right rear wheel of the car of the Frenchman damaged the prop and rear wing. Despite the fact that Simple can continue to go to race pace, the car acknowledged dangerous for other drivers. Simply the command came to return to the pits, which meant the completion of the race for the racer.The incident returned to Heidfeld third place, where he eventually finished, having won thereby the first ever podium for team Mahindra Racing"I am delighted for the whole team. We really worked hard in the summer, and it was a very tense race. The guys who followed me, ran a circle more on the first interval, they had more charge, and so I had to defend. It was very interesting, especially on the last lap. At least this time I managed not to break the car for a circle to finish"On the last laps the spectators were able to enjoy a fantastic battle between Heidfeld and racers team Dragon Racing - Duval and D'ambrosio. At the finish line they were separated for more than two secondsSixth place went to Oliver tervi team NEXTEV TCR. The Briton, along with Sam Byrd and Nelson Piquet Jr., received a bonus from the fans FanBoost, which allowed him to break from 15th place on the starting grid to the best finish of his career in Formula E. For the Peak, everything went worse last season champion finished outside the points zone due to mechanical problems with the car that has set him from ninth to fifteenth place.The race was intense and Sam Byrd who managed to break through to the seventh line. Nathaniel Burton, driver of team Aguri, in his debut in the championship was able to take eighth place. Stefan Sarrazin of Venturi took the ninth position after the penalty of Daniel ABT for unsafe leaving after a pit stop. New to the championship Robin frijns was able to earn one point, despite the fact that by the finish of the race he spent all the energy to the motor.The new era of Formula E is already here. The race was exciting and was the first in a new season of Formula E. Buemi, the Opponents hope to reverse the outcome of the struggle at the next stage of the championship, which will take place on 7 November in Putrajaya, Malaysia. The ninth stage of FIA Formula E will again be held in Moscow on 4 June 2016 at the Kremlin walls.Team standings1. Renault e.dams - 302. Dragon Racing - 223. Schaeffler Audi Sport ABT - 184. Mahindra Racing - 155. NEXTEV TCR - 86. Virgin Racing DS - 67. Team Aguri - 48. Venturi - 29. Amlin Andretti - 110. Trulli - lichnyy standings1. Sebastian Buemi, 302. Lucas di Grassi, 183. Nick Heidfeld, 154. Loic Duval, 125. Jerome d'ambrosio, 106. Oliver Tervi, 87. Sam Bird, 68. Nathaniel Burton, 49. Stefan Sarrazin, 210. Robin Frijns, 1.

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Formula E Moscow brings good luck Piquet Jr.

Formula E Moscow brings good luck Piquet Jr.

Nelson Piquet Jr. celebrates his victory at the Kremlin walls and strengthens their chances for the championship in Formula E. the Pilot team NEXTEV TCR scored 25 points this means that in the final season race in London, he will arrive with a margin of 17 points from nearest rival, who was also a native of Brazil, Lucas di Grassi 128 and 111 respectively. Audi Sport ABT to finish second, ahead of Buemi, who was demoted to ninth position as a result of a penalty for unsafe exit from the pit stop. Swiss currently ranks third in the standings and has 105 points. The prize for third place in the race, so the team got the Venturi and its pilot nick Heidfeld, which first appeared in the top three.The decisive turning point in the race occurred a few seconds after launch. Jean-Eric Vergne started from pole position, but take advantage of it failed Piquet Jr., who started the race from second place, made every effort to beat the Frenchman and enter into the first turn leader. Gradually, the Brazilian was able to secure an advantage in a few seconds ahead of closest pursuers, namely Return, di Grassi and Buemi, and got the ability to comfortably complete the first segment.The next di Grassi showed more speed than Vergne, but have not been able to get around last. Buemi was holding back, ready to attack at any opportunity. Had to wait for a series of pit stops to see will change if the balance of the main contenders for victory. Leading the pilot went to the pit stop first, the next round did Vergne and di Grassi, while Buemi, who planned a shorter second length, chose to pit the 19th lap. Unfortunately for the Swiss rider, as his team-mate's Simple, command error in part a minimum time for pit stop cost him precious seconds, although the pilot and managed to stay in fourth place. However, another mistake, as it is unsafe to depart from the pit stop, caused even more unfortunate consequences - penalty after the race.At the beginning of the second segment, Piquet Jr. was still in the lead, while Vergne and di Grassi are reversed. The Brazilian is understood that you may count on a greater amount of energy than his compatriot, and tried to minimize the gap in the hope to circumvent the latest on the last laps. He managed to reduce the difference to 1.5 seconds, but the pilot of the Audi Sport ABT was not able to get into the slipstream of the leading car, including the fact that he had overheated the battery is meant to finish with a high speed will not work. As a result Piquet Jr. crossed the finish line first with a margin of 2 seconds, with the second win after the stage in long beach, bringing the number of prizes in the season to five."To arrive at the race to London as the leader - it's worth it, " said the pilot NEXTEV TCR after the stage. - We know that you have no rights to silly mistakes that in preparation for the double race in Battersea we have to work just as well as we have worked so far. We always show great results in qualifying, and I had shown decent speed. The exception was Berlin, but here again our performance was no less strong than in the previous stages".Although the gap from the leader grew to 17 points, di Grassi is confident that the fight is not over yet. "There's still 60 points, so that can happen anything. Today we were able to show that we have extremely high-speed machine".In the fight for third place Buemi won over will Refund most impressive way. In the last round of the Swiss pilot has made a determined attack, and also used for a maximum of FanBoost. Two cars collided several times with Buemi when passing through the Chicane, allowing Heidfeld to catch up with both. Stiletto German slipped between the two of them, leaving Vergne in fifth position. The Frenchman received a consolation prize in the form of the fastest lap times, but after the race lost him, because it was recognized that on this lap he cut the Chicane, and in the end, 2 points for fastest lap went to Buemi.The touchdown also came Daniel ABT, Salvador Duran, Antonio Felix da Costa, Nicolas Simple and fined after Buemi, rookie Justin Wilson. Undoubtedly, the race was a disappointment to the team Dragon Racing after the triumph in Berlin according to the results of the Moscow stage DAmbrosio dropped in the standings due to problems at the pit stop, and Duval finished only eleventh.After touring the world, " Formula E is preparing to return to his native England last summer where it all began test runs with the Donington Park. Closing the season the weekend will take place on the London circuit Battersea Park. During the last weekend in June there will be two races on Saturday 27 June and Sunday 28 June. For the title are six racers Piquet Jr., Buemi, di Grassi, Simple, EtcAmbrosio and bird. As for the team event, e.dams-Renault will arrive in the English capital, with 187 points - 44 more than the Audi Sport ABT. In third place NEXTEV TCR with 132 points.The results of the 9th round of the championship of Formula E in Moscow1. Nelson Piquet,Jr., NEXTEV TCR, 43.18.867 sec.2. Lucas di Grassi, Audi Sport ABT, +2.012 sec.3. Nick Heidfeld, Venturi, +11.548 sec.4. Jean-Eric Vergne, Andretti, +12.416 sec.5. Daniel ABT, Audi Sport ABT, +25.626 sec.6. Salvador Duran, Amlin Aguri, +28.960 sec.7. Antonio Felix da Costa, Amlin Aguri, +30.529 sec.8. Nicolas Simple, e.dams-Renault, +31.556 sec.9. Sebastien Buemi, e.dams-Renault, +40.058 sec.10. Justin Wilson, Andretti, +46.320 sec.11. Loic Duval, Dragon Racing, +49.763 sec.12. Jerome d'ambrosio, Dragon Racing, +51.474 sec.13. Karun Chandhok, Mahindra Racing, +52.493 sec.14. Jaime Alguersuari, Virgin Racing, +55.810 sec.15. Stefan Sarrazin, Venturi, +56.715 sec.16. Bruno Senna, Mahindra Racing, +1 sec.17. Vitantonio Liuzzi, Trulli, +1 sec.18. Jarno Trulli, Trulli, +1 sec.19. Antonio Garcia, NEXTEV TCR +3 NC. Sam bird, Virgin Racing, not kvalifitsirovannyi standings1. e.dams-Renault Formula E - 1872. Audi Sport ABT Formula E - 1433. NEXTEV TCR Formula E - 1324. Dragon Racing Formula E - 1165. Andretti Formula E - 1066. Virgin Racing Formula E - 987. Amlin Aguri Formula E - 628. Venturi Formula E - 499. Mahindra Racing - 4610. Trulli Formula E - any standings1. Nelson Piquet, Jr., 1282. Lucas di Grassi, 1113. Sebastien Buemi, 1054. Nicolas Simple, 825. Jerome d'ambrosio, 776. Sam Bird , 687. Jean-Eric Vergne , 578. Antonio Felix da Costa, 519. Daniel ABT, 3210. Jaime Alguersuari, 30.

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The second victory of Sebastien Buemi in Formula E

Sebastien Buemi became the first driver Championship Formula E, who managed to win two wins this season the Swiss was the fastest on the race in Punta del este and has now repeated his triumph at the first ever Formula E European stage in Monaco.This victory was the third for team e.dams-Renault in Miami, the first place went to teammate Buemi, Nicolas Prost, which further strengthened its leading position in the overall team standings. The race in Monaco has collected an incredible number of spectators - more than 23,000 fans of motorsports is located at the stadium and the fan zone, thus confirming the popularity of Formula E and in this part of the world.In an exciting qualifying Buemi took pole position in the fight with championship leader Lucas di Grassi, Jerome dAmbrosio and Nelson Piquet Jr. took their seats in the second row on the starting grid. At the beginning of the race the leaders were able to get ahead, but just a few seconds after the start of Daniel ABT provoked the collision, which damaged cars of several drivers Bruno Senna, Jean-Eric Vergne, Loc Duval, El Salvador Duran and Vitantonio Liuzzi. Jaime Alguersuari was eliminated in the first turn.After the departure of the safety car the race resumed, however, as a result of the accident of fighting has left Senna, Alguersuari, as well as Duval and Daniel ABT. After the restart the leaders headed Buemi, followed immediately by di Grassi, followed by dAmbrosio, Peak, Stephan Sarrazin, Nicolas Prost and Sam bird.In the sixth lap of the Brazilian team pilot NEXTEV TCR Piquet Jr. seized the acceleration FanBoost and effectively ahead of the Belgian dAmbrosio from team Dragon Racing, finishing in third position. Intense fight took place between the leaders of the race - Buemi and followed right behind di Grassi. Di Grassi went to pit stop earlier on the 25th lap, trying to beat the opponent. But it was not to be after a pit stop two laps later, Buemi was able to hold the lead in the race.On the second stinte" di Grassi again joined the fight for the lead with Buemi, although I knew that the second one will have more energy. The Audi Sport ABT also had to defend second place until the end of the race in the fight caught up with his Peak. Despite the incredible efforts of the pilot-the winner ePrix in long beach, di Grassi managed to hold on to second place, finishing two seconds after the leader Buemi. But his countryman Piquet Jr. still had to fight for the podium with Sam bird. As a result, the Brazilian has won this confrontation, leaving the fourth Briton.After Sam Byrd racers crossed the finish line in the following sequence dAmbrosio, Simple, Sarrazin, Charles Pic, Antonio Felix da Costa and Nick Heidfeld.Fastest lap in this race 55.157 C showed not reached the finish Jean-Eric Vergne, largely due to the acceleration of FanBoost. French pilot got two points and the award from VISA for the fastest lap " Visa Fastest Lap Award". This award was first awarded at the Monaco ePrix, marking the beginning of cooperation between Formula E and one of the world leaders in the field of electronic payment systems VISA.After seven races in the drivers ' championship remains the leader Lucas di Grassi with 93 points. Four points from him behind Nelson Piquet Jr. to win Today Buemi will allow to compete for the title of champion is now the Swiss pilot in third place 83 points, which is six points more than his teammate Nicolas Simple.In the team event e.dams-Renault has strengthened its leadership ahead of nearest rival Audi Sport ABT 45 points. NEXTEV TCR behind just one point which was in the third position of the Virgin Racing team 93 and 94 points respectively. Also worth mentioning is the fact that in this race to earn points managed by both the team drivers Venturi - Sarrazin finished seventh, and his partner Nick Heidfeld - tenth.Monaco ePrix gave a great start of the European part of the Championship FIA Formula E next race will be held in Berlin in two weeks, on may 23, in the territory of the closed airport Tempelhof, June 6th race electroblade will be held in the Russian capital, in the historical center of Moscow near the Kremlin walls.The results of the 7th round of the championship of Formula E Monaco1. Sebastien Buemi, e.dams-Renault, 4805.2252. Lucas di Grassi, Audi Sport ABT, +2.154 sec.3. Nelson Piquet, Jr., NEXTEV TCR, +4.634 sec.4. Sam bird, Virgin Racing, +4.801 seconds.5. Jerome d'ambrosio, Dragon Racing, +5.881 sec.6. Nicolas Simple, e.dams-Renault, +11.032 sec.7. Stefan Sarrazin, Venturi, +26.472 sec.8. Charles Pic, NEXTEV TCR, +49.538 sec.9. Antonio Felix da Costa, Amlin Aguri, +52.658 sec.10. Nick Heidfeld, Venturi, +52.936 sec.11. Jarno Trulli, Trulli, +58.984 sec.12. Scott Speed, Andretti, +114.13813. Karun Chandhok , Mahindra Racing, +1 NC Vitantonio Liuzzi, Trulli, not NC Jean-Eric Vergne, Andretti, not NC Salvador Duran, Amlin Aguri, not NC Loic Duval Dragon Racing, not NC Daniel ABT, Audi Sport ABT, not NC Jaime Alguersuari, Virgin Racing, not NC Bruno Senna, Mahindra Racing, not fynyshyrovaly standings1. Lucas di Grassi, 932. Nelson Piquet, Jr., 893. Sebastian Buemi, 834.Nicolas Simple, 775. Sam Bird, 646. Jerome d'ambrosio, 527. Antonio Felix da Costa, 458. Jean-Eric Vergne, 349. Jaime Alguersuari, 3010. Bruno Senna, nomandy offsete.dams-Renault - 160Audi Sport ABT - 115Virgin Racing - 94NEXTEV TCR - 93Andretti Autosport - 82Dragon Racing - 76Amlin Aguri - 48Mahindra Racing - 46Venturi - 16Trulli - 12.

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Peak wins the race Long Beach ePrix

Peak wins the race Long Beach ePrix

Brazilian pilot Nelson Piquet Jr. celebrates symbolic victory for himself, for the first time won the first place on the stage of Formula E. 35 years ago, the Brazilian national anthem sounded here in honor of his father, for whom the victory in the California track became the first Formula 1. And third place also went to the Brazilian pilot then it was Emerson Fittipaldi, today the third ascended to the podium Lucas di Grassi. The second was the Frenchman Jean-Eric Vergne.Starting fifth, Vergne by a vote of fans won the right to use the increased power Fan Boost. Except he got that right Sam bird and the race winner Nelson Piquet Jr.More than 20 thousand spectators gathered in this picturesque place not far from Hollywood to witness the thrilling race. Among the guests were such stars as Leonardo DiCaprio, Adrian Brody, and model Irina Shayk.Each of the six stages Formula E is your winner, demonstrating the unpredictability of the championship. Today the winners ePrix on six different urban roads are Piquet Jr. long beach, Di Grassi Beijing, bird Putrajaya, Buemi Punta del este, Da Costa Buenos Aires and Simple Miami.Brazilian rider deserved to win he walked in front of the other pilots throughout almost the entire race. Starting from second place on the starting grid, Nelson managed to get ahead of starting from pole position Daniel ABT, after the first turn and keep the lead until the end phase. Not done at this stage and without incident first time on the track the safety car left after the second turn his car broke California native Scott speed, the second time - after an unfortunate accident of Charles Peak and Jarno Trulli, which resulted in the Italian veteran racing was forced to stop the race.The ABT was able to continue prosecution Peak, Jean-Eric Vergne after the first restart was able to get ahead of Buemi, becoming the third. After a pit stop to the French pilot team, Andretti Autosport managed to win one more position and start the fight for first place with Piquet Jr., but the Brazilian did not leave him any chance. ABT was third until Ho lap when he was fined for exceeding the limit energy use. He had to drive through the pit lane, thereby losing third place to his teammate - Lucas Di Grassi. The fight for third place turned serious Sebastian Buemi, who showed the best time in qualifying, but devoid of the decision of the judges could start from pole position for exceeding the limit energy use, and he strove to overtake Di Grassi.Only shortly before the finish flag Jean-Eric Vergne was able to slightly reduce the lag from the Peak. Buemi also failed to overtake Di Grassi, who was ahead of Swedish pilot by a few tenths, coming third. This race was particularly successful for Brazilian pilots fifth place went to Bruno Senna. Unfortunately, American racing driver Scott AIDS failed to please the good result of their compatriots at the home race he dropped out of the fight due to mismanagement at the very beginning.Today is the first victory in the FIA Formula E championship for team China Racing team. Thanks earned 25 points in long beach Piquet Jr. ranks second in the drivers ' championship with 74 points behind his compatriot Di Grassi just one point. To the stage in long beach championship leader was Nicolas Simple, which this time got only two points. In the team competition the first place was retained command e.dams with 124 points, the second - Audi Sport Abt - 97 points, and the third position is located Virgin Racing with 82 points.The results of the 6th stage of the championship Formula E in long beach1. Nelson Piquet Jr., China Racing, 4601.9712. Jean-Eric Vergne, Andretti, +1.705 sec.3. Lucas di Grassi, Audi Sport ABT, +2.994 sec.4. Sebastien Buemi, e.dams-Renault, +3.518 sec.5. Bruno Senna, Mahindra Racing, +8.844 sec.6. Jerome d'ambrosio, Dragon Racing, +13.460 sec.7. Antonio Felix da Costa, Amlin Aguri, +16.171 sec.8. Jaime Alguersuari, Virgin Racing, +17.975 sec.9. Loc Duval Dragon Racing, +18.436 sec.10. Stefan Sarazin, Venturi, +20.418 sec.11. Nick Heidfeld, Venturi, +21.326 sec.12. Karun Chandhok , Mahindra Racing, +32.917 sec.13. Vitantonio Liuzzi, Trulli, +38.592 sec.14. Nicolas Simple, e.dams-Renault, +42.375 sec.15. Daniel ABT, Audi Sport ABT, +44.361 sec.16. Charles Pic, China Racing, +58.125 sec.NC El Salvador Duran, Amlin Aguri, not NC Sam bird, Virgin Racing, not NC Jarno Trulli, Trulli, not NC Scott speed, Andretti, not fynyshyrovaly standings1. Lucas di Grassi, 75 ochkov. Nelson Piquet, Jr., 743. Nicolas Simple, 694. Sebastien Buemi, 555. Sam Byrd, 526. Antonio Felix da Costa, 437. Jerome d'ambrosio, 428. Jean-Eric Vergne, 329. Jaime Alguersuari, 3010. Bruno Senna, nomandy standings1. e.dams-Renault Formula E,124 occa. Audi Sport ABT Formula E, 973. Virgin Racing Formula E, 824. Andretti Formula E, 805. China Racing Formula E, 746. Dragon Racing Formula E, 667. Amlin Aguri Formula E, 468. Mahindra Racing Formula E, 469. Trulli Formula E, 1210. Venturi Formula E, 9.

2015-01-27 13:24:03

Haas bought the base Marussia

Haas bought the base Marussia

American Haas officially confirmed that bought the base team Marussia in Banbury. Once again, it was stated that gene Haas is not going to buy the team.So if Marussia will be saviors, and, more recently, talk about Indian investors, the new owners would have to find a new base. However, there is still a little old base in Dinnington that was used during debut in Formula 1, when the team played under the guise of the Virgin.

2015-01-10 17:44:04

Sam bird No money - no Formula-1

Sam bird No money - no Formula-1

Pilot Virgin championship Formula E, and a former test pilot Mercedes, Sam bird enough went through tough realities of the Royal race.Sam bird "If the pilot has no money, if he had at least seven spans in a forehead, he becomes the pilot of the Formula 1. Perhaps he will pay attention, but do not take the team due to the fact that everything in Formula 1 is unreasonably expensive and the team are forced to seek money bags.I think that Formula 1 should come talented young people, because when I leave Alonso, Hamilton, Rosberg and button, who will remainBig teams spend huge sums of money to achieve high results and become even richer, but it makes small team to look for new sources of income and, therefore, to invite the rich, but not the fastest pilots. We urgently need to solve this moment".

2014-09-11 17:24:02

Formula E Before the start of the first season

Formula E Before the start of the first season

September 13, will begin a new era in the history of Motorsport. On the streets of Beijing will host the debut race of the Formula E - the first global racing series using the fully electric machines. In anticipation of this momentous event, we will tell about the peculiarities of the championship and its participants.


The idea of professional racing series using machines with electric motors was in the air for a long time, because for the past couple of decades the global automotive industry pays the electric cars more and more attention. And if twenty years ago it was mainly focused on experimental machines today are sold worldwide each year hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles.

It is not surprising, since theoretically the electric cars more efficient than gasoline counterparts. The efficiency of the motor is significantly higher than that of the internal combustion engine. While it is lighter, smaller, easier, smarter, more reliable, safer and quieter. And the only problem hindering the development of electric vehicles, was the battery.

Lead-acid batteries, no motors of any chance to fight with internal combustion engines - they were bulky, weighed a lot, was getting a little energy. As a result, the electric car was heavy, slow, require large maintenance costs and had limited power reserve. At the dawn of the automotive development of electric vehicles and vehicles with gasoline engines was parallel, but as soon as the efficiency of internal combustion engines has reached acceptable values, they rushed forward.

In 1990-ies on electric cars appeared Nickel metal-hydride batteries, in many ways superior to its predecessors. However, the difference with lead-acid batteries was not large enough. In addition, the Nickel-metal hydride batteries had its drawback, a very serious from the point of view of the automotive industry - a high rate of self-discharge, causing the car standing for several days, it was impossible to get.

The revolution occurred after the introduction in the early 1990's lithium-ion batteries. They are lighter and more compact than lead with more energy. Virtually no they and many other disadvantages inherent in the batteries of previous generations - self-discharge and memory effect and so on. These batteries are used on most electric and hybrid cars in the world, as well as in machines WEC, Formula 1 and, of course, Formula E.

The fact that the creation of a fully-electric formula lithium-ion battery is quite real, it was demonstrated a few years ago, after creating racing electric car Formulec - Russian viewers had the opportunity to see him at Moscow City Racing in 2011. It Formulec became the basis for the future of Formula E.

About creating a new championship under the auspices of the FIA announced in August 2012. Then it became known that the first race will take place in 2014, and the promoter of the series will be Alejandro Agag, team boss Addax GP2 series and son-in-law of the former Prime Minister of Spain Jose Maria Aznar. However, at first, in reality these plans are believed not all. At the end of last year, Bernie Ecclestone argued that the championship will not be. Now it is obvious that Bernie was wrong.

Features of the regulations

In the first season of the Formula E will be monasteria. Teams will receive identical machine, which was prepared by the company Spark Racing Technologies Frederic Vasseur. Vasser is well known in the auto, founder and co-owner of team ART Grand Prix. In fact, however, the contribution of Spark Racing Technologies in the construction of the machine is not so great, so the bet was made on the assistance of an experienced and reputable partners.

So, the chassis is designed by the famous Italian racing Atelier Dallara chassis of this company are used in the majority of European and American formula series, GP2 and GP3 to WSR and IndyCar. The motor, transmission, standard electronic control units ECU and all electronic components are supplied McLaren Electronic System. Batteries created Williams Advanced Engineering.

In addition, the building was attended by Renault company, supplier of tyres became Michelin, as the official technology partner of Qualcomm. This solution allowed us to create very high-tech, but not too expensive car, with recognizable, thanks to the fairing front wheels and low profile tires, appearance. Its technical characteristics correspond to those that can be seen in the Junior racing series. The motor delivers maximum power of 200 kW, which is equivalent to 270 HP, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds and a maximum speed of 225 km/H.

As in Formula 1, Formula E is sporting and technical regulations, but they are closely intertwined. So, one of the main features of this series is that during each race pilots will use two cars in the middle of the race the exact time for each route is selected separately racer will go into the pits and change to another machine. This decision is the result of insufficiently capacious battery, a charge which is not enough for the whole distance.

Another feature of the series is the use of the principle of FanBoost. Its essence is that three of the pilot received from the fans the greatest support on the website and in social networks, in the course of the race will have the opportunity for five seconds to use the increased power of the engine. The inclusion FanBoost will increase the engine power by 40 PS, which with a total output of motor racing mode 200 PS can greatly assist the pilot. However, to spend this increase will have at one time.

Another distinguishing feature of the Formula E - the place and time of the race. The calendar generated by the scheme "autumn-spring", the championship will end on 27 June 2015 in London. All races will take place on street tracks located in the heart of the largest cities in the world. According to the organizers, this is due to the desire to emphasize that the vehicle is primarily a city car, but in addition will help new championship to collect audience - after all, in order to see the race, spectators will not have to go to the racetrack.

It is also interesting that in the Formula E, in fact, is not the usual for the classical categories of Motorsport concept of "weekend" - instead, the series uses the term ePrix similar to Grand Prix. All races, ranging from training before the race, held in one day. So, for example, in Beijing the free races of the Formula E will begin early on Saturday morning, at 815 local time, the second session will be held at 1030, then 1200 to 1255, will be four qualifying session, and at 1600 1200 GMT start the race. While its duration is limited to one hour. Thus, between the first departure of the cars on the track and the winner will be less than nine hours.

Teams and pilots

Perhaps the most important achievement Alejandro Agag on the post of the promoter of the new season is that he has managed to attract in the championship a lot of strong teams and pilots. Suffice it to say that out of 20 riders championship debut more than half had previously acted in the Formula 1.

The main favorite of the first season will be the team e.dams, which is directed by four-time world Formula 1 champion Alain Prost. She is affiliated with well-known European teams DAMS, and the title sponsor will be the Renault company. Its pilots will be Nicolas Prost and Sebastien Buemi. It Buemi dominated in most pre-season test sessions.

A serious competitor for the Swiss can become another ex-pilot of Formula 1, Lucas di Grassi. He is no less a professional team Abt, supported by Audi. The second pilot is the son of the team owner, Daniel ABT, well known for youth series.

Another contender for the title - Jerome D Ambrosio, representing the American team Dragon Racing. This team is interesting in itself, as established by Jay Penske and Stephen Ivalice in 2006. Stephen Ivalice - the head of the world-renowned Seagate Technologies. And father Jay, Roger Penske, the famous American Director of racing for Team Penske. In addition to D Ambrosio, the team will be also Oriol Servia, and in some stages may appear Sebastien Bourdais.

In the Formula E there is another American team Andretti Formula E, a division of the magazine Autosport Andretti. However, while this team has only one pilot Frank Montagna, known for her performances in Formula 1, IndyCar and "24 hours of Le Mans". Who will be his running mate - is unclear. In the first race behind the wheel of the second car will sit Charles Peak, but his contract for the season is not yet confirmed.

You should pay attention to the Venturi team. To her the center of attention, primarily because its owner is a famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio, has been actively involved in environmental issues. But the team has something to boast of and in sporting terms it will be two former F1 driver, Nick Heidfeld and Stefan sarazin. This is a very quick and experienced pilots, on account of which many victories in a variety of series, and there is no doubt that they will be able to Express themselves and in Formula E.

Equally interesting composition and Virgin Racing is another attempt to win the racing side of the founder of the Virgin Empire sir Richard Branson. Here behind the wheel will sit Jaime Alguersuari and Sam bird, well known to European audiences with his performances in GP2.

There is in the League and a few Asian teams. So, for China Racing will perform ex-pilot of Formula 1 Nelson Piquet Jr., and Ho-Pin Tung, who have repeatedly taken part in tests of the Formula 1. And in the Indian Mahindra Racing will once again be reunited couple pilots team iSport series GP2 Karun Chandhok and Bruno Senna. Moreover, both have now the experience of Formula 1.

Worth a watch and Trulli team, which will act as Jarno Trulli. The Italian spent in Formula 1 15 seasons, on account of his victory At the Monaco Grand Prix 2004, and it is not only the oldest but also the most experienced pilot of the championship. Technical support team will have a Super Nova, one of the most successful teams in the European youth series. A mate Trulli will be the 27-year-old Italian pilot Michela, Cerruti, recently won the first victory in Auto GP.

In the championship will be another girl - Katherine Legge. She will sit behind the wheel of the machine Amlin Aguri - another team, whose founder was the former Formula 1 driver. Moreover, in Amlin Aguri from zero to full management team Super Aguri - not only Aguri Suzuki, and mark Preston. From the point of view of the sports results of the main hopes in Amlin Aguri connect with Antonio Felix da Kostas, but first he has to perform will not - it will be replaced by another pilot, familiar to our viewers on the Formula 1 - Takuma Sato and backup pilot will become champion GP2 2013 Fabio Leimer.

Calendar Formula E season 2014-2015

Date - City - Country

13/09/2014 - Beijing - China

22/11/2014 - Putrajaya - Malaysia

13/12/2014 - Punta del este - Uruguay

10/01/2015 - Buenos Aires - Argentina

14/02/2015 - will be announced later will be announced later

14/03/2015 - Miami - USA

04/04/2015 - Los Angeles - USA

09/05/2015 - Monte-Carlo - Monaco

30/05/2015 - Berlin - Germany

27/06/2015 - London - UK

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2014-09-06 15:04:04

Formula E Oriol Servia will replace Mike Conway Dragon

Formula E Oriol Servia will replace Mike Conway Dragon

British driver Mike Conway refused performances in the Formula E team Dragon Racing. Recently Conway, in this season on a regular basis competed in IndyCar, joined Toyota in the LMP1 category of the world championship WEC, and will not be able to combine performances in two Championships.

"I wish good luck to all the guys from Dragon, " said Conway. - Sorry, but I will not act in Formula E. I couldn't have a team full season, so we decided that I better focus on my program sportspromotion".

Conway Dragon Racing will replace the other pilot IndyCar Oriol Servia. He participated in tests of the Formula E for Dragon along with Conway, and only at the last moment was replaced by Jerome D Ambrosio.

The first race of the new Formula E, where pilots will fight on machines with electric motors, kicks off next week, September 13, in Beijing. It will be attended by 10 teams and 20 drivers.

The pilots of Formula E season 2014/2015 years

Team - Racer - Racer

Amlin Aguri - Katherine Legge - Antonio Felix da Costa

Magazine Autosport Andretti - Frank Montagna - 160

Audi Sport ABT - Lucas di Grassi - Daniel ABT

China Racing - Nelson Piquet Jr - Ho-Pin Tung

Dragon Racing - Oriol Servia - Jerome D Ambrosio

e.dams - Nicolas Prost - Sebastien Buemi

Mahindra Racing - Karun Chandhok - Bruno Senna

TrulliGP - Jarno Trulli - Michela, Cerruti

Venturi Grand Prix - Nick Heidfeld - Stefan Sarazin

Virgin Racing - Jaime Alguersuari - Sam Bird


2014-08-21 15:34:02

Formula E Pilots China Racing became the Peak and Ho-Pin Tung

Formula E Pilots China Racing became the Peak and Ho-Pin Tung

Team China Racing called the pilots, who will play for the team in the first season of championship racing cars Formula E. They were ex-pilot of Formula 1 Nelson Piquet Jr. and former test pilot teams Williams and Renault Ho-Pin Tung, the first Chinese rider, who sat behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car. The new series kicks off in early September.

Piquet Jr "I always liked to test themselves in various racing categories, so I'm glad to get the opportunity to speak in the Formula e to Be a racer the first FIA Formula E is a great honor for me, especially with team China Racing, which tries to establish itself in Motorsport".

Ho-Pin Tung "It's great to be one of the riders China Racing in Formula E, especially considering that the first stage of the series will be held in Beijing. I tested the car Formula E a few months ago, and to get used to electric racing car was really difficult. I look forward to a fantastic start of the season in Beijing."

The pilots of Formula E season 2014/2015 years

Team - Racer - Racer

Amlin Aguri - Katherine Legge - Antonio Felix da Costa

Magazine Autosport Andretti - Frank Montagna - 160

Audi Sport ABT - Lucas di Grassi - Daniel ABT

China Racing - Nelson Piquet Jr - Ho-Pin Tung

Dragon Racing - Mike Conway - Jerome D Ambrosio

e.dams - Nicolas Prost - Sebastien Buemi

Mahindra Racing - Karun Chandhok - Bruno Senna

TrulliGP - Jarno Trulli - Michela, Cerruti

Venturi Grand Prix - Nick Heidfeld - Stefan Sarazin

Virgin Racing - Jaime Alguersuari - Sam Bird


2014-08-19 22:34:02

Formula E Buemi was the best on the last day of tests

Formula E Buemi was the best on the last day of tests

In the UK, on the track Donington Park, ended the last session of pre-season tests of the new world championship for electric cars Formula E. Look at the final testing of the new series came 5000 people.

The tests were performed on dry track, but with a strong gusty wind, which made adjustments to the work teams. The best time, as in most previous sessions, showed the pilot e.dams Sebastien Buemi. This time he drove a lap around the track in 131.792, confident ahead of his team-mate Nicolas Prost.

During the lunch break on the line there were two cars BMW system equipped with a wireless charging Qualcomm Halo. Technical experts series evaluated the potential of this system that could allow in the future to significantly increase mileage electrical formulas.

In the second half of the day on the track also went ex-pilot of Formula 1 Heinz-Harald Frentzen, who spent ispytanija promising machine Formula E.



The Time - Difference

1. Sbmmi - e.dams - 131.792 - -

2. Npost - e.dams - 132.117 - +0"325

3. Fontani - magazine Autosport Andretti - 132.143 - +0"351

4. BSANNA - Mahindra Racing - 132.249 - +0"457

5. Sbert - Virgin Racing - 132.292 - +0"500

6. LDI Grassi - Audi Sport ABT - 132.293 - +0"501

7. Coanchor - Mahindra Racing - 132.369 - +0"577

8. D Ambrosio - Dragon Racing - 132.646 - +0"854

9. Sarrazin - Venturi - 132.663 - +0"871

10. Nailfold - Venturi - 132.775 - +0"983

11. Npike - China Racing - 132.808 - +1"016

12. Hangersware - Virgin Racing - 132.821 - +1"029

13. Spec - magazine Autosport Andretti - 132.841 - +1"049

14. Debt - Audi Sport ABT - 132.867 - +1"075

15. Atruly - Trulli - 132.892 - +1"100

16. Oserve - Dragon Racing - 133.411 - +1"619

17. Agarcia - China Racing - 133.469 - +1"677

18. Tsato - Amlin Aguri - 135.425 - +3"633

19. Scerrati - Trulli - 135.444 - +3"652

20. Clegg - Amlin Aguri - 138.112 - +6"320


2014-08-05 17:24:02

Timo Glock I don't want to Formula-1

The ex-pilot of Formula 1, now he is performing in the DTM for the team BMW, Timo Glock has admitted that he does not want ago at the Royal race."I satisfied with his work in the DTM, where the championship healthier than in Formula 1, " said Glock. - In Formula 1, only four stables able to pay their pilots to the salary, the rest should look for money. This is not the rainbow present for the championship and not very bright perspective for his future. So I do not even think about returning IN the Formula-1 Glock advocated Jordan, Toyota and Virgin-Marussia.

2014-07-22 21:34:02

The formula E D Ambrosio signed a contract with the Dragon Racing

The formula E D Ambrosio signed a contract with the Dragon Racing

Former Formula 1 driver Jerome D Ambrosio will take part in the debut season of Formula E. Belgian signed a contract with the Dragon Racing, where it will perform together with Mike Conway. After the announcement of the contract with D Ambrosio, in the Formula E were only three vacancies.

Jerome D Ambrosio "I am incredibly excited about the fact that I will perform for Dragon Racing in the historic first season of Formula E. In recent months I have watched closely, as in a team approach to the organization of all processes, and feel now, that together we can achieve excellent results in the debut season".

JC Penske, the owner of the team "I am very glad that Jerome will be one of two riders Dragon Racing. Watching his performances in Formula 1 and the last tests of the Formula E, I'm sure Jerome together with our other racers will be a formidable force".

The pilots of Formula E on the season 2014/2015 years

Command - Racer - Racer

Amlin Aguri - Katherine Legge - Antonio Felix da Costa

Andretti Magazine Autosport - Frank Montagna - 160

ABT Audi Sport - Lucas di Grassi - Daniel ABT

China Racing- 160 - 160

Dragon Racing - Mike Conway - Jerome D Ambrosio

e.dams - Nicolas Simple - Sebastien Buemi

Mahindra Racing - Karun Chandhok - Bruno

TrulliGP - Jarno Trulli Michela Cerruti

Venturi Grand Prix - Nick Heidfeld - Stefan Sarrazin

Virgin Racing - Jaime Algersuari - Sam Bird


2014-07-10 22:34:02

The formula E Sebastien Buemi again the fastest on the tests

The formula E Sebastien Buemi again the fastest on the tests

On Thursday in the British road Donington Park has completed the second formal session of tests Formula E. As in the first day, the best time showed pilot e.dams Sebastien Buemi, more than 0.8 seconds improving yesterday's result - 131.083 seconds.

The second day showed the representative of the ABT Audi Sport Lucas di Grassi, ahead of Jerome D Ambrosio. Unlike environment, today on the track worked 19 pilots. Among the participants were joined by Nick Heidfeld, who replaced Stefan Sarazzin as part Venturi, and the China team Racing put a second car, at the wheel which sat Argentinian Jose Maria Lopez.

Sebastien Buemi "We had a very good day. In the morning the team focused on working for the racing distance, trying to reach as many circles, and find the optimum temperature of operation tyres and batteries. During the day the work was continued, and then I drove a few laps in the qualifying mode.

I thank the team because she is well-prepared car. This instills confidence and allow you to hit " let's see if we can improve next time".




1. Sbome - e.dams-Renault - 131.083

2. LDI Grassi - ABT Audi Sport - 131.282

3. D Ambrosio - China Racing - 131.651

4. SSPE Andretti magazine Autosport - 131.810

5. Sberg

Virgin Racing


6. Debt - ABT Audi Sport - 132.080

7. Nproc - e.dams-Renault - 132.124

8. N. Heidfeld - Venturi - 132.126

9. Atruly - Trulli - 132.479

10. BSANNA - Mahindra Racing - 132.506

11. Fontanyi Andretti magazine Autosport - 132.512

12. Hangersal - Virgin Racing - 132.583

13. Coanchor

Mahindra Racing


14. Oserve - Dragon Racing - 133.083

15. Hopes - China Racing - 133.425

16. Cherruti - Trulli - 133.544

17. Convey - Dragon Racing - 133.692

18. Clegg - Amlin Aguri - 133.778

19. Fleiner - Amlin Aguri - 138.988


2014-07-09 21:04:03

The formula E Buemi showed the best time on tests

The formula E Buemi showed the best time on tests

In English Donington Park started the second series of the official tests Formula E. on the first day the best time again showed the pilot e.dams Sebastien Buemi, who rode the range 131.910. He 0.063 seconds exceeded the previous record set by Lucas di Grassi on Friday.

Pilot ABT Audi Sport di Grassi this time was the third, conceding more and Gerome D Ambrosio who is struggling for a place in the composition of China Ricing. This time the test was attended by 18 riders - two commands, China Racing and Venturi, put up for tests only on one machine.

Sebastien Buemi "Good and very productive day, but we did not try to show the best time, and tried to better understand the car and tried different settings of the engine. The machine is reliable, the team worked fine. Great to operate the machine on which you can rely on, and in which at any moment can be added. We still have some work to do, but overall it was an enjoyable day."




1. Sbome - e.dams-Renault - 131.910

2. D Ambrosio - China Racing - 132.035

3. LDI Grassi - ABT Audi Sport - 132.260

4. Sarazzin - Venturi - 132.462

5. Hangersal - Virgin Racing - 132.495

6. Nproc - e.dams-Renault - 132.671

7. BSANNA - Mahindra Racing - 132.809

8. Sard - Virgin Racing - 132.858

9. Debt - ABT Audi Sport - 132.875

10. Atruly - Trulli - 133.165

11. Oserve - Dragon Racing - 133.844

12. Coanchor - Mahindra Racing - 134.249

13. Cherruti - Trulli - 134.538

14. SSPE Andretti magazine Autosport - 134.871

15. Convey - Dragon Racing - 135.643

16. Clegg - Amlin Aguri - 135.936

17. Fleiner - Amlin Aguri - 136.184

18. Fontanyi Andretti magazine Autosport - 139.568


2014-07-04 23:44:04

The formula E di Grassi was the best on the second day of tests

The formula E di Grassi was the best on the second day of tests

Racer Abt Audi Sport Lucas di Grassi showed the best time in the second day of a two-day test equation E on the track Donington Park. The Brazilian drove the lap in 131.973 ahead of Sebastien Buemi of e.dams-Renault and nick Heidfeld of the Venturi.

Di Grassi worked on two machines, in the absence of Daniel ABT that this weekend is in the GP2 series. The Brazilian 3.5 seconds exceeded yesterday achievement of Buemi. This significant improvement was due to the fact that after several accidents was removed temporary Chicana, located at the outlet of the Old stud.

However, before the riders showed better results than the first day of the tests, in the morning Jerome D Ambrosio in the car of the China team Racing was able to lap in 134.554, nearly a second faster than yesterday's achievements.

Lucas di Grassi "I first worked behind the wheel of this car in full force and a very happy with the performance. Since Daniel is now at Silverstone because of performances in GP2, I used both machines and was able to work in racing conditions. We have almost no problems, and I am very pleased with how the team worked on Abt. I look forward to the moment when will again be in the car next week".



The Time - Difference - Circles

1. LDI Grassi - Abt - 131.973 - -


2. Sbome - e.dams - 132.089 - +0"116


3. Nailfold - Venturi - 132.373 - +0"400


4. SSPE Andretti - 132.632 - +0"559


5. BSANNA - Mahindra - 132.960 - +0"987


6. Agarcia - China - 132.966 - +0"993


7. Nproc - e.dams - 133.040 - +1"067


8. Sard - Virgin - 133.072 - +1"099


9. D Ambrosio - China - 133.178 - +1"205


10. Atruly - Trulli - 133.299 - +1"326


11. Fontanyi Andretti - 133.754 - +1"781


12. Fleiner - Aguri - 133.792 - +1"819


13. Sarrazin - Venturi - 134.006 - +2"033


14. Clegg - Aguri - 134.071 - +2"098


15. Cherruti - Trulli - 136.064 - +4"091


16. Hangersal - Virgin - 136.962 - +4"989


17. Coanchor - Mahindra - 137.415 - +5"442


18. Oserve - Dragon - 143.239 - +11"037


19. Convey - Dragon - 144.698 - +12"725



2014-07-03 23:24:03

The formula E Buemi showed the best time on the first tests

The formula E Buemi showed the best time on the first tests

In the UK, on the track Donington Park, concluded the first day of the official two-day test session of the Formula E. In they took part in all ten teams of the future series.

Unlike held in June of sendaune, on which the riders and teams were able for the first time to evaluate new cars, this time without rain, and the pilots were able to attack with full force. The best time eventually showed Sebastien Buemi of e.dams-Renault, half a second ahead of the racer ABT Audi Sport Lucas di Grassi.

Sebastien Buemi "Frankly speaking, I am more than happy. The machine was not absolutely no problems, so that we could do well to study its behavior. Always nice to be on the first line, so let's hope that tomorrow everything will be the same".




1. Sbome - e.dams-Renault - 135.475

2. LDI Grassi - ABT Audi Sport - +0.537

3. Sard - Virgin Racing - +0.895

4. BSANNA - Mahindra Racing - +0.910

5. Sarrazin - Venturi - +1.223

6. Nproc - e.dams-Renault - +of 1,232

7. Atruly - Trulli - +1.494

8. Debt - ABT Audi Sport - +1.737

9. Hangersal - Virgin Racing - +1.970

10. Coanchor - Mahindra Racing - +2.057

11. Fontanyi Andretti magazine Autosport - +2.587

12. Ada Costa Amlin Aguri - +2.604

13. D Ambrosio - China Racing - +2.611

14. Agarcia - China Racing - +2.729

15. Nailfold - Venturi - +5.269

16. Convey - Dragon Racing - +5.693

17. IDE Ferrand Andretti magazine Autosport - +9.497

18. SSPE Andretti magazine Autosport - +10.434

19. Clegg - Amlin Aguri - +12.821

20. Cherruti - Trulli - without time


2014-07-02 20:34:02

The formula E Antonio Felix da Costa - pilot Amlin Aguri

The formula E Antonio Felix da Costa - pilot Amlin Aguri

Backup and test-pilot of Red Bull Racing Antonio Felix da Costa will take part in the debut season of Formula E. the Portuguese, who last season played in the World series, and in 2014-m continued his career in body series DTM in the composition of the BMW Motorsport, has signed a contract with Amlin Aguri. Previously joined a British pilot Katherine Legge.

Thus, Amlin Aguri became the fifth team of the Formula E, fully declared the pilots. Earlier it has already done Audi Sport, Virgin Racing, Mahinda Racing and Venturi Grand Prix.


2014-06-18 17:34:02

Jarno Trulli will perform in the Formula E for your own team

Jarno Trulli will perform in the Formula E for your own team

Former Formula 1 driver Jarno Trulli will take part in the first season of the championship on the electric cars of Formula E, which starts in September. Finn will act in their own team TrulliGP, which will replace in the application list Drayson Racing, refused to participate in the series. This Drayson Racing will be the primary technology partner team.

Jarno Trulli "I am glad that the FIA has chosen TrulliGP as a participant of the championship of Formula E. In Formula 1, I bought an amazing experience as a driver, but I saw a new task, as I'm not only a pilot, but the owner of the team. And the fact that I'll be playing at such a high level of motor racing on environmentally friendly cars with the support Drayson Racing, makes this task even more interesting. I am very glad to become a pioneer of this new project is the Formula E".

Trulli became the eighth racer who has a confirmed place in one of the commands of the new championship. But he has already signed contracts Daniel ABT and Lucas di grass with Abt Audi Sport, Sam bird and Jaime Algersuari with Virgin Racing, Bruno and Karun Chandhok with Mahindra Racing and Frank Montagna with Andretti magazine Autosport.


2014-06-05 16:34:05

Sam bird Rosberg is a plus

The pilot of the Formula E command Virgin and a former test pilot Mercedes Sam bird told that Nico Rosberg have one distinct advantage over Lewis Hamilton."Rosberg very different from Hamilton, and in every way, " said bird. - Niko knows how to work with engineers, it is much better than the Hamilton-versed in the car. Lewis feels good car, but this is not enough, we should examine in detail. Niko meticulously works from stage to stage, while Hamilton depends on my mood. This can be decisive in the battle for the title.

2014-05-13 14:04:02

The formula E Algersuari and bird will play for Virgin Racing

The formula E Algersuari and bird will play for Virgin Racing

Former racer Toro Rosso's Jaime Alguersuari and Vice-champion GP2 Sam bird will have a debut season in Formula E in the British Virgin Racing team.

Alex tai, team principal "James and Sam - talented racers, has already proved its mettle. They will bring to the team experience of playing at the highest level.

The Virgin has always distinguished technological innovation and support of young talents, so we look forward to the opportunity to give both cars machine that they deserve, so that they can realize their full potential".

Jaime Algersuari "I am delighted to play for the Virgin. I will work in a great team and look forward to the opportunity to try out a new car on urban roads".

Sam bird "Formula E promises to be an amazing experience, ahead of very interesting stage in my career. I know that you sit behind the wheel of the car that used the latest technology, and look forward to the opportunity to try themselves on the tracks that ran through the streets of the most beautiful cities of the world."



2014-04-29 23:14:03

Nick Wirth recalls of Roland Ratzenberger

Nick Wirth recalls of Roland Ratzenberger

This week's Motorsport world remembers not only the great Ayrton Senna, but Roland Ratzenberger, whose life ended 20 years ago on that fateful weekend in Imola.

In 1994, 33-year-old Austrian pilot signed a contract for five races with Simtek, a new team of Formula 1, the founder, owner and technical Director of which was Nick Wirth, later technical Director of the Virgin Racing. Wirth told Sky Sports memories about your first meeting with Ratzeburger.

Nick Wirth "I will never forget our first meeting, when Roland first came to the base Simtek in Banbury. I lived in a small village close to Silverstone. 't remember how or why it happened, but he was called to throw me home. It turned out that he came to our office on one of the smallest cars which could be rented he was the size of a Fiat 500, maybe it was a Ford Fiesta with the engine volume of 1 litre.

All who live in those places, know the road that leads from Banbury to Silverstone. And we raced along this road with insane speed, perhaps a little breaking the rules. And there, at the end of a long straight section, there is an eerie right turn is the one who did understand what I mean. Now there is established a police camera to control the speed regime.

And when we're at full speed approached the place, I warned him Roland, be careful, this is a very tricky turn. And he just looked at me with his special opinion, which I even had time to get used to. And we have overcome this turn, did not reduce speed, flying into the oncoming lane, on this small Ford. Anyone who has tried to do the same, clearly, would not be able to stay on the road and would be in a ditch in an upside-down car. Before my eyes managed to zip all my life, but somehow Roland moved out, using and the curb, and the side - in my memory it was the most incredible example of skilful driving.

And when he came out of this turning on his face shone with a wide smile, but I was white as snow. But that case I will remember for a lifetime. Although it is clear that Ford Fiesta - not the machine of Formula 1, I thought, this guy knows something about the art of driving"