In 2010, Formula 1, the annual world championship ring on the racing open-wheel cars are included in their team debutant Virgin Racing. In June 2009, published a list of FIA Formula 1 teams for the upcoming championship. At the Grand Prix would have been born four new name, the most high-profile and a complete lack of information among the fans of Formula 1 was accompanied by a team called the Manor GP. Six months later, this unknown team changed its name to Virgin Racing car and took part in the test rides at Jerez and Silverstone, where he became the first among the absolute beginners Formula 1 season 2010. Head of the Virgin Racing team is John Booth, who loved the race back in 1977, was a champion in Formula Ford, and, putting his gloves in 1989, became the owner of the team that made its debut in Formula Renault, in his first season, won a three wins and in 1991, 1994, 1997, became the champion of the competition. When the team moved on to Formula 3, the first attempt riders have won the title of champions. The team Manor Motorsport, the team then known as John Booth, he spent his school stars of Formula 1 drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton. But in an attempt to participate in the Grand Prix Formula 1, John Booth could not decide - too seemed out of reach as possible. However, budget cuts in 2009 in the cost of Formula 1, opened the door to newcomers. So a team that is now called Virgin Racing (owned by businessman Richard Branson, owner of the corporation Virgin), under the guidance of John Booth and Nick Wirth (former technical director of the formula team Simtek) was a participant in the Grand Prix championship in 2010. The team will be known drivers Lucas di Grassi and Timo Glock. Formula 1 team Virgin Racing Grand Prix engine uses Cosworth, and, of course, hopes to win the race. Official Partner of the team is a Russian company sports car manufacturer Marussia, whose president, Nikolai Fomenko, has signed a contract for three years and hopes that over the years will see the race car driving Russian pilot.
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Formula 1

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Trulli, Berd, Heidfeld and D Ambrosio entered the club Formula E

Trulli, Berd, Heidfeld and D Ambrosio entered the club Formula E

The promoters of the new series equation E announced the names of four pilots Club racers - membership means that pilots are ready to compete in the championship.82328232 Among the new members - former pilots of Formula 1 Jarno Trulli, Nick Heidfeld and Jerome D Ambrosio, as well as Vice-champion series GP2 2013 in structure of the Russian Time Sam bird.

D Ambrosio competed in Formula 1 in 2011 for the team Marussia Virgin. In addition, he spent one race for Lotus in 2012, replacing disqualified Roman Grogan. Currently, the Belgian 28 years. 39-year-old Jarno Trulli his last season in Formula 1, held in 2011 for the Team Lotus Caterham, and since then has not acted in Motorsport.

Nick Heidfeld also left Formula 1 in 2011 after a not too successful performance in Lotus, and the last two years spent in endurance races, speaking for the Rebellion Racing. In may, he will be 37 years already. The 27-year-old Sam bird in recent years was a racer series GP2 and WSR.

The total number of pilots, consisting in the club, has reached 40 people. Among them, 16 - ex-racers of Formula 1.


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Daniel ABT and Lucas di Grassi - first racers of Formula E

Daniel ABT and Lucas di Grassi - first racers of Formula E

As it was announced earlier, the team ABT Sportsline called riders, who will perform in for her first championship on races on cars Formula E. Composition was quite predictable the riders, the team began Daniel ABT, the son of the owner of the team, Hans-Jurgen ABT, Lucas di Grassi, until recently acted as test pilot for the series.

Daniel ABT in 2009 won the German Formula Masters in part ABT Sportsline. Last season a 21-year-old German held in the GP2 series, where he played for ART Grand Prix and took the 22nd place in the championship, gaining 11 points.

Lucas di Grassi in 2010 competed in Formula 1 team Virgin, but no points scored. Last two seasons he spent in the race , speaking for the factory team Audi partner ABT Sportsline. Championship Formula E starts in September, and until then the di Grassi will continue performances in the WEC. The beginning of the season in the Formula E Brazilians will have 30 years.

Hans-Jurgen ABT «the Signing of contracts with Daniel and Lucas made us absolutely perfect pair of pilots. I am grateful to Audi, which let Lucas for participation in the Formula E. It from the very beginning participated in work at the machine and was one of the most popular candidates - we are proud of the fact that he chose us».


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Williams of the first visit to Silverstone, Virginia and Claire

Williams of the first visit to Silverstone, Virginia and Claire

This weekend Williams conducts 600 race, and in some sense it is symbolic that the anniversary fell on the British Grand Prix. The head of the team, sir Frank Williams still remembers his first trip to Silverstone back in 1958, when Stirling moss started from pole position, and Peter Collins won the race the Ferrari 246. In those days, Frank was 16 years old.

A big fan of Motorsport, he hitchhiked to all the races of Nottingham, where was the school for children with disabilities, the Director of which was his mother.

Frank Williams «In those days, I hitch-hiked to all races. I remember that wonderful summer day left home around six in the morning and arrived on the racing circuit at 1415. Eight hours to overcome 112 kilometers I was in awe of what came to be there.

I got on the Silverstone free, since all inputs were opened - by the time they had no control. I went, it seems, in the Copse. Yes, the first turn after Woodcote, and there found a gap in the fence. It was bliss»

However, in the day of Frank Williams is more satisfying to return home on a pickup Morris 1000 together with the participants of the race «It was a racing car with an engine capacity of 500 cubic meters I brought home by the A4 motorway and 614. I was so proud of yourself, because all the way rode in a small pick-up truck together with people from Motorsport»

Frank Williams kept the joy of children in relation to everything that is connected with racing. Although after the accident on the way to nice airport in 1986, he's confined to a wheelchair, nothing can deprive him of this passion, even the fact that the team failed to score points in the last eight races, and the start of this season was the worst in its history. However, in Williams not lose heart, because for 38 years, the team was more complicated periods. One of the last sad news from the Williams was the death of the spouse Frank Williams - Lady Virginia, or «Ginny,» as it was called.

«I miss her, admits Frank Williams. - I've been thinking about it. I am not a sentimental man, but I was very sad. This is a big loss for us - the children loved her very much. It was an interesting life. She wrote a book called «Another life». I think she liked this way of life - it was eventful and successful. Earlier Djinn went to all races. In The UK, Monaco, Watkins Glen. She loved America and could at some time to settle in new York. Yes, I loved very much, «Ginny». Her death was a shock to me».

Several months after the death of Virginia, Claire Williams became Deputy leader of the team, so in Williams preserved the succession of generations.

«In motor racing, you can't hide from the truth, " continued Frank Williams, commenting on the unsuccessful start of the season. - To my surprise, Clare great for team leadership. It is similar to his maternal grandfather. Perhaps she was a little taken from him, a little bit me, a little mother. At Ginny was not commercial mind, but she was a very organized person. Claire is a real fighter. She's gonna do».


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For new investors, Lotus are Brunei money

For new investors, Lotus are Brunei money

According to the information of British journalist Adam Cooper, «representatives of the interests of the Royal family of an unnamed oil-producing countries, which are included in the consortium of investors Infinity Racing Partners who acquired a 35 stake Lotus F1 representatives of the Sultanate of Brunei.

Adam Cooper «The results of a small study found that the three companies that are part of the consortium, is a Crescent Investment Management registered in new Jersey, Al Manhal International Group Abu Dhabi and Universal Sports Group Brunei. Package of shares, inherited by them, shares in proportion 20-20-60.

Behind this project are Mansur , the head of the company Crescent, and al , President Al Manhal.

51-year-old of Pakistani origin, but was born in Florida and educated in Virginia. He is not only engaged in investment business, but also well-known in the U.S. as a journalist and commentator of the events of political and business life. Quite often, he appeared in the newscasts of the TV channel Fox News.

52-year-old al - a former pilot. On the website of the company Al Manhal it says that it's «a diversified group with diverse interests in the field of investments, structured Finance, project management, telecommunications, renewable energy, motorsports, oil and gas production and processing, construction and real estate».

About relations with Brunei know a little while, but in time this country has had close links with Ferrari».


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Claire Williams "We need to re-win the race"

Claire Williams

27 March Claire Williams took office as Deputy head of the Williams F1 team, almost 40 years ago her father founded, Frank Williams. On the eve of the Grand Prix of Canada Montreal newspaper La Presse devoted Claire separate article, where, in particular, contained the terms of its current responsibilities now it is responsible for the budget for the team and for all contacts with the organizers of the championship of the world, i.e. with the FIA and controlled by Bernie company FOM. However, the post of the head of the team still takes sir Frank.

«I'm very lucky that I can every day to communicate with the father, - said Claire in an interview with La Presse. - We have a very close relationship. We work together and trust each other. I like to work hand in hand with him. I think when the idea that I took this position, the father of a little nervous, but not as much as my mother Virginia Williams passed away in March of this year. She knew what sacrifices will require this work is to understand that I can handle it, but still, more worried father.

Formula 1 is predominantly a male occupation. But it is important that women have started to occupy a strategically important positions. We will prove that the work in the Formula 1 us on the shoulder. My appointment was welcomed in the paddock. Williams is a special team, where all employees are committed to success and know how to enjoy».

Recently, however, the once glorious team is not experiencing the best period in their history during the 10 years of its riders only twice climbed on top of the podium.

«The victory is always something fantastic, it always causes a storm of emotions which then want to experience again and again, - continues Claire Williams. -80-s and 90-s brought the team a real sports glory. And when we are not able to fight for victory, when we suffer defeat, all the worry it's very painful, and we strive to change the situation. Williams participates in the championship, not to occupy the 8th place in the Cup of designers as last year. You need to change this trend.

To do this, have to work hard not to panic, to seek solutions to the problems and save the passionate desire to succeed. We need to re-win the race - a different future for Williams I can't imagine. But it is a long and difficult process, because the competition in the Formula 1 very aggravated. We do not like the results of this season, we are not going to remain in these positions and must make progress».

According to the results of the six stages of the season the team Williams is 9-th place in the Cup of designers, and its riders, Pastor Maldonado and , have been unable to earn any points.


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Richard Branson has completed a flight attendant on flight AirAsia

Richard Branson has completed a flight attendant on flight AirAsia

British billionaire Richard Branson still fulfilled the conditions of the long-standing bet, lost Tony back in 2010, identifying the uniform of a stewardess airline AirAsia.

Three years ago, two of the businessman argument about which of the commands take a higher place in the Cup of designers in the debut season Virgin Racing, now Marussia, which Branson provided financial support, or Lotus Racing, now Caterham, owned by Tony Fernandez.

Under the terms of the bet loser had to work out in the role of the flight attendants on Board the aircraft of the airline of the winner. Because in the 2010-m Virgin was on the last line of the command set-off, had to pay off the debts.

For various reasons this interesting event not once postponed, but on may 12, the famous British, dressed in the uniform of a stewardess airline AirAsia, got on Board the plane, the next from the Australian city of Perth, in the capital of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur.

«For me it was the first experience of this kind, but I enjoyed it, " said Richard Branson after the flight. "I have always said that I keep my word and I am glad that, finally, has fulfilled the conditions of the bet.»

After the flight the owner of AirAsia Tony Fernandez said that Branson bad coped with its duties and immediately after landing was dismissed.


2013-05-02 18:14:03

Joe saver, Investor Marussia believe in your command

Joe saver, Investor Marussia believe in your command

British journalist Joe saver comments on recent reports that the owners of Marussia F1 bought a package of shares of the team, previously owned by the investment Fund Lloyds Development Capital LDC, division of Lloyds banking group.

Joe saver «the News that the company Marussia acquired a stake in the team, previously owned by LDC, caused mostly negative comments. It is not clear why.

LDC is a private investment Fund, a division of Lloyds Banking Group. Its participation in the project, connected with Formula 1, has been exclusively financial, oriented to earn money. As far as I know, LDC managed to do it. Perhaps they have earned not so much, but from reliable sources, I learned that these investments have not been unsuccessful.

The controlling package of shares of the team, at the time called Virgin Racing, belonged to the LDC from the very beginning they say that the Fund had invested only 15 million. The leaders of the team began to John Booth and Graham Loudon of the company's Manor Motorsport. The challenge then was to use a commercial power of the Virgin brand to attract interest to the new business-project, and the company Marussia became the first sponsor, and then her co-owner of the team.

LDC reports that at the end of the 2010-th year of a part of shares was sold, than was provided and return of investment, when the Fund remained among the shareholders of the team. Control passed to the Marussia, although the manual as a whole remained the same. The share of the shares remaining under the control of the LDC, declined to almost 25, plus the Fund also provided a team of loans, however, that duty gradually repaid.

Analysts, situation, missed the point despite the fact that in the period of formation of the team suffered certain financial losses, the loss of the company itself, and not its shareholder, therefore, if the buyer is ready to take on its debt, the holder of the shares may part with his share, receiving some income. That and made LDC, losing their 25.3 and having received the net profit, taking into account that the team regularly service their loans.

In the end, the heads of LDC satisfied, and the company Marussia obtained full control over the team. Conclusion such the owner and the investor of the Marussia Andrey Cheglakov believes that there is a meaning and further invest in the team, but it is good news.»


2013-04-08 13:24:02

Richard will have to become a flight attendant AirAsia

Richard  will have to become a flight attendant AirAsia

British billionaire Richard Branson in the next month all the same will try on the uniform of the stewardesses, as required by the terms of a long-standing bet, lost Tony still in 2010.

Then the two businessmen were arguing which of the commands take a higher place in the Cup of designers Virgin Racing now Marussia, which Branson provided financial support, or Lotus Racing now Caterham, owned by Tony Fernandez. Under the terms of the bet loser had to work out in the role of the flight attendants on Board the aircraft of the airline of the winner.

Because in 2010 Virgin was on the last line of the command set-off, losing even Charlottesville, then sooner or later Branson was to «give the favor.» For various reasons this is not the time was delayed, but now announced that the 12-th of may the famous Briton, disguised as a flight attendant AirAsia, boarding the plane, the next from the Australian city of Perth, in the capital of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur.

«Finally, for sir Richard came the day of reckoning, - quotes Agency Reuters. "I even somehow awkward to remember that there were times when I worked at Richard. But I amuse myself at the thought that now he would work for me in the role of cheeky stewardesses».

Tickets for this flight AirAsia may freely acquire all comers. Announced that 100 Australian dollars from the cost of each ticket will go to the expense of the Australian children's charitable Fund Starlight Children's Foundation.

It is indicative, that Richard Branson firmly intend to fulfill the condition bet, even though he had nothing to do with the Formula 1.


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Claire Williams became the Deputy of the head of Williams

Claire Williams became the Deputy of the head of Williams

Daughter of the founder and co-owner of Williams Frank Williams Claire became Deputy leader of the team. In Williams planned to make this statement before the start of the season, but it had to be postponed because of the withdrawal from the life of Virginia Williams, her mother and wife of sir Frank.

Claire Williams began her career in Williams in 2002 as the spokesman of the command. In 2010 she became the head of the public relations Department, and after placement of the shares of the commands on the stock exchange in 2011 took the post of the Director of relations with investors. After the entry into a new post it will retain the post of commercial Director on marketing, public relations and working with the sponsors, and also will remain in the Board of Directors of the command.

Frank Williams, the head of the team «In the last ten years, Claire worked tirelessly for the benefit of Williams. Her knowledge of our sport and love to the team is not in doubt, so I am proud to see that it has proven its right to be considered one of the most valuable employees.

Now, when Claire took the position of Deputy head of the team, I am sure, that the future Williams in very good hands. This appointment also received the blessing of my wife Ginny, and I know she would have been proud of the fact that Claire becomes my closest assistant.

Claire Williams «to Take up the position of Deputy head of the team is a great honour for me, and now I'm ready to do it together with him, to help him to manage the team in this season and in the coming years.

I grew up in Formula 1, and all she studied with the legendary team leaders. As a result, I feel well prepared for the new task. I understand that everyone in the team every day is devoted to work, in order to see on the route of our car, and I determined to secure the return of Williams in the number of leaders.

Realizing the complexity of the tasks that I have to decide, I feel the full support of the Board of Directors Williams and the Executive Committee of the company - this is an invaluable aid, and she was the one I need, when I will be assimilated in the new role.

It was a sad month for our family and for the company Williams in General, since gone from the life of my mother, but as the season begins, we must think about the future.»


2013-03-21 17:14:03

Marussia and Caterham could unite

Three years after its debut, one of the three "new" command - HRT - ceased to exist. The other two, as it turns out, considering the Association. This told himself Bernie Ecclestone."in the Winter Marussia and Caterham talks about combining the efforts, " said Ecclestone in an interview with The Times. - But the talks ended unsuccessfully. Now two teams are fighting for a share of the prize".IN the off-season both teams have relied on the beginners with the money, having refused from the services of experienced pilots. So, the place of the Formula-1 lost Heikki Kovalainen, Vitaly Petrov, and Timo Glock.It is known that Marussia is still not signed a new agreement with . At the current "Contract agreement" to share in the allocation of prize money can count only those commands that steadily occupy in the Cup of designers spots in the top ten. So, Caterham ex-Lotus for three consecutive seasons occupied 10 place, and Marussia ex-Virgin twice occupied 12 place and only in the last season was able to climb on the 11-th line. Accordingly, no prize-winning Russian team did not rely, and this state of Affairs it is not . the Ecclestone gave to understand, that there is still waiting for a response from Marussia "Commercial agreement ready for signing. We are waiting for the response from the team".

2013-03-14 13:24:03

Mike temporarily will lead a team of Williams

Mike  temporarily will lead a team of Williams

Technical Director Mike Williams in Australia will take on the role of the team leader after the death of his wife Frank Williams and his daughter Clare, responsible for marketing and work with the media, were not able to come to Melbourne.

In a sign of mourning for the Virginia Williams in the day of the race the team to wear black armbands, and already today in the paddock Williams appeared a memorial book for entries in the memory of his late wife of sir Frank.


2013-03-08 22:54:03

Ron Dennis mourns Virginia Williams

Ron Dennis mourns Virginia Williams

The press-service of the McLaren published a statement by Ron Dennis about the death of his wife of Frank Williams.

Ron Dennis «I was extremely saddened heard about the death of lady Virginia Williams. «Ginny,» as we called it, was a really great lady, friendly and fun, but a strict and intelligent - it many years supported my friend Frank in the days of triumphs and failures - in this pair has been a long and happy marriage.

On it will miss not only the family Williams, of which we offer our condolences to in this difficult hour, but community of the whole world».


2013-03-08 16:44:03

The wife of Frank Williams died at the age of 66 years

The wife of Frank Williams died at the age of 66 years

Command Williams reported about the death of Virginia Williams, wife of the founder of the team, Frank . She died of cancer last night at the age of 66.

Press release team

With great sadness we report the death of lady Virginia Williams, wife of the founder and the head of the team of sir Frank .

Lady Virginia, or "Ginny," as she is better known, died peacefully in his house last night, in the circle of his family and Frank . Ginny bravely struggled with cancer for the past two and a half years.

Ginny will always be an integral part of the history and success WIlliams, and today we pay tribute to the memory of a beloved member of the family Williams, on which will be very bored.

End quote


2013-03-07 14:34:03

CNBC has become the information partner of the Lotus F1 Team

CNBC has become the information partner of the Lotus F1 Team

One of the largest media companies, specializing on the news from the business world - CNBC, became the official business Lotus F1 Team. Logos will appear on the nose fairing of the machine, and also on the overalls of racers and uniform command.

Eric bouillet «CNBC - a wonderful partner, cooperation with which emphasizes the weight of the Lotus F1 Team in global business. We work with well-known brands, in particular with Microsoft, Unilever and Coca-Cola - the companies, the shares of which closely in the business world. Cooperation with CNBC expands our presence in the business sphere, and helps to flourish interaction «business to business».

In the past two years CNBC collaborated with Marussia Virgin Racing / Marussia F1 Team.


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Korea'10 Charlottesville

Korea'10 Charlottesville

Race 792 June 8, 2008. Grand Prix Of Canada. Montreal

Pole - Lewis Hamilton McLaren MP4-23 - 1.17,387 202,871 km/h

The best round - Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari F2008 - 1.17,886 201,571 km/h

The winner is Robert Kubica BMW Sauber F1.08 - 136.24,447 189,987 km/h

The first in the history of the Grand Prix of The F1 on the Korean Peninsula for a long time remained under the threat of failure. Many of the Commission of the FIA, who came to the wastelands near the small town of , stated that the work is going, but are increasingly lagging behind the schedule. In the end, the last construction work ended already in the Thursday before the start of the weekend, and after the training path required some modifications.

But all the same, the start of the race was given in time. However, on Sunday Lil such a heavy rain, the pilots managed to pass all three circles for machine safety, after which they had good 40 minutes wait for natural disasters will not abate. But this helped the fans, who firmly stuck in a traffic jam on the surrounding narrow lanes, still have time to take their seats in the stands.

Then the car drove off again, and on the radio was kindled part-time discussion some pilots called again to stop the race because of too difficult conditions, while others hardly been called to pereobuvatsya in , exhausted behind the judges ' Mercedes.

Only the 18 th round of the struggle started for real, but almost immediately over again. If the first turns marked and local changes, then a little later in the course of the next round of the leader of the championship of the world mark Webber, who occupied the race in second position behind his partner on the RBR Sebastian Vettel, caught crude side of the road, lost control and smashed to pieces the car, damaging the race yet and emanating followed Nico from Mercedes.

And again for a few laps of the race turned into a ride in a circle. The rain had long since ended, and it was clear that someone must be the first to go to the intermediate rubber, so that others could understand, how it is safe. Risked Sebastien of Toro Rosso. And this is not the risk was justified.

Trying to win back lost in the pits of a second, the Swiss first spun the car Heikki , and then, not having to repay speed at the end of a long straight, and bumped into Marussia Timo Glock. Safety car went out again, and then went for interim rubber.

Sebastian Vettel was left first, and that's pursuit of his Fernando Alonso stuck in front of boxes from the jammed wheel nuts, and missed Lewis Hamilton. However, as it turned out, that the Briton from McLaren failed to dispose of this gift of fate. During one of the by now it last restart it too widely picked up in the first turn, and could do nothing, when Ferrari rival dashed forward.

Meanwhile, late afternoon. Vettel rode to the finish line in the status of a confident leader, as suddenly, when up to a tiled flag was already quite close at hand, his car has lost its course and almost immediately stopped with a dead engine.

So Fernando Alonso -out of the blue became the first in the history of the winner of the Grand Prix of Korea, which became a leader of the General set-off. Lewis got the second place, and closed the first three of Felipe Massa. Brazilian from Ferrari and could not imagine that the next time will rise to the podium only after two and a half years.


After that, as none of the riders RBR could not get to the finish Grand Prix of Korea, consultant of the company Red Bull Helmut Marko said that the season is lost, and he sees no other option but to leave the occupied post and leave with Formula 1.160


On the 14-th and 15-th places race in finished the team HRT. For the original Spanish project this very modest result was the most successful in the debut season.

When the FIA decided to involve in the Formula 1 new participants and announced in 2009, the contest for the teams, it was expected that the greatest chances to get the already proven and firmly stand on the legs of the representatives of the "Junior" class, like DAMS, ART Grand Prix or iSport. However, in the end, the first Troika was represented by the American project of the US F1, British Manor and the Spanish Campos Meta.

Adrian Campos, in due time he played in the Big Prizes, went with his team the way from the national Formula 3 to the leading positions in GP2. Then the Spaniard has sold most of the assets of their compatriot Alejandro , and he began to prepare for the conquest of new heights.

The business model is simple to bring together the resources of the country except for those, which are aimed at support of Fernando Alonso. The paddock had called, inviting to his Spanish engineers and technicians from all of the teams managed to sign a contract with the managerial Agency of the Meta and wealthy businessman, the owner of the land Jose Ramon .

It all looked at least in theory are highly efficient unit. The chassis for the season 2007, ordered to build the company's Dallara, motors for the first time acquired the Cosworth. The first pilot was to become Bruno Senna.

But smoothly, as it is known, happens only on paper. Lack of experience, lack of funds, resources and personnel led to the fact that, at first, had to skip all the winter tests. and for a few weeks before the start of the championship, the question arose of what to go team has simply not on it. As a little earlier already crumbled project US F1, the leadership of the Formula 1 it is important to keep afloat project Campos.

Intervened in the matter personally Bernie Ecclestone, through which bought all the shares of the team, renamed it in Hispania, and the post of the head was called an old friend of the head of management - the fat man Colin Neuve University. His mechanics and collected the car for two more days in a row in Bahrain, to Senna and his partner Karun could still go to the start.

Talk about a certain speed in such a situation is not accounted for. The car drove slowly all - looking ahead, it is necessary to recognize, that this picture had not changed during all the time that the team played in F1. Nevertheless, it is already the third attempt managed to achieve double finish, and in Monaco Senna and at the start ahead of the rivals of the then, Virgin and Lotus. Bruno'll come down, and that's Karun and lasted almost to the finish line, while Jarno Trulli not tried to pass through it thoroughly.

In the summer of changes started in the pilots. First of performances removed Sennou it is said that he wrote a dirty letter about Colin and mistakenly sent him the German, then one of the cockpits took Sakon Yamamoto, on a couple of races flashed and Christian Wedge. The best results were three 14-x space, but it was enough to beat the poor people of the Virgin in the Cup of designers.

Along the way, Hispania quarreled with Dallara the Italians would the money for his work, and when they are not transferred, the team simply refused to issue documentation on the car. Failed to come to an agreement with Toyota like, have been built for the new season of the machine could be a good help, but for some reason they also did not burn with the desire to give for free. In the end designer Jeff Willis built something on the grounds of Toyota on the basis of the old chassis.

The pilots in the 2011-meters were Tonio and almost forgotten Narain , but the start of the year as well as last missed tests and feverish Assembly of new cars in the first Grand Prix. Yes, and the season has not brought anything new, except that cool drove the rain canadian Grand Prix, thanks to the 13-th place in which managed to once again beat the Marussia in the Cup of designers.

In parallel, the team management was replaced. The all of the shares bought some Foundation Thesan Capital, whose representatives have decided to make the project "still more Spanish", for which they transferred him to a database from Murcia to Madrid, have entered into a contract with Pedro de La Rosa, and on the balance of 2011 sold one of the places in the cockpit of the company Red Bull, so that she could get very far with the young Daniel Riccardo.

The team was renamed once again, now in Charlottesville, and her head was still one of the ex-pilot F1, Luis Perez-Sala. That's just not the speed or reliability of, or the money to the account it is almost not added. And for the third time in three years the new machine not had time to test, the first stage is practically not given opportunities to travel on the highway, then failed to qualify.

In a word, the old bleak picture continued, this is the only work around Marussia this time already failed, and HRT went to, and quite deservedly, the bottom line of the Cup of designers. Not finding a new buyer, the late autumn of 2012 in Thesan Capital decided to turn off the unprofitable project.

text Alexander


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Canada'04 Timo Glock

Canada'04 Timo Glock

Race 721 13 June 2004. Grand Prix Of Canada. Montreal

Pole - Ralf Schumacher Williams FW26 - 1.12,275 217,220 km/h

The best round - Rubens Barrichello Ferrari F2004 - 1.13,622 213,246 km/h

Winner - Michael Schumacher Ferrari F2004 - 128.24,803 207,165 km/h

After the first seven stages of the 2004 season, in which Michael Schumacher five times started with the poles and won six victories, Grand Prix of Canada, it seemed, may present a surprise. The leader of the Ferrari is not the best way spent qualifications, gaining only the sixth position on the grid.

On Saturday the German lamented that tyres Bridgestone not want to work at the Montreal pavement that it would be difficult race, and even the podium will be a good result. Similar songs second voice played on the door and Rubens Barrichello.160

The beginning of the race cost almost no surprises. Only Jarno Trulli of Renault, which showed in the qualification of the third result suddenly pulled from the place, almost went out in leaders, but then slowed down and parked the car on the roadside collapsed suspension. Schumacher and Barrichello in the first few metres of no one passed, and a Brazilian, on the contrary, more and missed McLaren's Kimi .

The group of leaders was very tight, even after ten circles of the winner of the qualification of Ralph Schumacher from Williams ahead of the first six Barrichello is just seven with small seconds. Soon the racers started one after the other, make a pit-stops. That's when it all fell into place. Then like all the rest, on the basis of the length of the first segment, was to attend the boxes three times, in the Ferrari planned only two visits to the boxes.

That is why in the qualification of the scarlet of the machine did not go so quickly in their tanks was just more fuel. The only one in such a scenario could compete vanilly, it Fernando Alonso. The young pilot Renault also didn't need a third pit stop, and after the launch of the Spanish held the third.

However, during the first pit-stop there was a long pause it took to replace the filling machine, and a little later Fernando and all we had to Park on the roadside after a failure of the drive shaft. For Renault, by the way, this was the first double a meeting in the season.160

Meanwhile, Michael Schumacher has already led the race on the eve of the final visit to the boxes. Ralph lost brother approximately five seconds, and the only thing that could count, although it would remain the second. The pilot Williams was lucky the Rubens Barrichello, who until then had followed close behind partner on the , brakes, and a few small errors have led to a rather significant loss of time.

After the final refueling two Schumacher continued to lead the race, Barrichello was the third, significantly ahead of BAR Button. He started on the second, but finish in the end could only fourth. Yes, and in the first three of the reshuffle was not up to the finish.


Technical inspection conducted after the race, noticeably redrew the final Protocol. The air ducts of brakes of enlarged diameter of the team Williams and Toyota were in full excluded from the race. As they are all finished in the top ten, the changes were significant. Only with the victory of Michael Schumacher nothing happened. But Barrichello went up to the second position, and the button - on the third.

Timo Glock

Benefited from the disqualification and the other pilots, who managed to reach the finish line. One of them in Montreal was Timo Glock, the young German newcomer, who conducted the first in the life of the race behind the wheel of Jordan. He finished 11th, but eventually proved to be the seventh, he started his career in Formula 1 with the points earned.

Unlike many other racers Grand Prix, German does not dreamed of in the younger classes that will be engaged in motorsports. His first card he bought only in 13 years160- as confessed later, the Timo, it was done purely for the sake of fun and the money that parents provide him on the organization of the school holiday.

But joking aside, and the results of the Glock on the highway were such that he was advised to do carting seriously, because in this case the boy was obvious talent. He did160- all my life and have associated themselves with the world of speed.

Starting his speech at the professional level in 15 years, Timo already in the 18 won his first championship title in competitions. It was followed by another, then the series of victories in the F3160- and here already in 2004 the German wore a pair of overalls on the third pilot Jordan. The contract even provided for the participation in the training on Fridays, the benefit of, at that time, was allowed to stand for the third car.

The young pilot gradually gain experience, so when on the eve of the Grand Prix of Canada Manager Giorgio quarreled with his father pilot, after which Eddie Jordan refused to place a man in the cockpit without the next payment160- had no choice.

In Montreal Timo only lost one position in the qualification of his partner nick , and in the starting managed to slip from 16th place on the tenth. Later, however, several rivals ahead of yellow Jordan, but the result still the result was positive.160

It was a very useful experience, but then the cockpit had to cede to the rightful owner. Services Timo again demanded only at the end of the season, when the money run out completely, but three of the final Grand Prix ended the same way the 15-th place.

After this racing career took a sharp turn failed to agree on the performances with one of the teams series ChampCar. "What to do if in F1 was not interesting options," he later told the driver. The ocean from was the best newcomer of the year, took the podium in the already familiar Montreal - but to continue performances in America are not included in the plans of pilot in Formula 1 about him slowly started to forget.

Fortunately, at that time only-only was created series GP2, and Glock rushed there. His first command, BCN, not pulled even the title of the middle peasants, but when in the middle of 2006 Timo moved to iSport, things are improving. He competed in the group of leaders from Lewis Hamilton and Nelson Piquet, sometimes overtaking both.

The pilot had taken under the wing of fellow countrymen from BMW. And when the summer is involved in an accident Robert Kubica, it is Glock was named the main candidate to replace him. However, in the end, the choice fell on the young Sebastian Vettel. Glock also won the League title in GP2, had a good tests160- and received an invitation to play for Toyota F1, and the contract was signed immediately for three years.

The first full season started with an accident in Melbourne, after which the rider for a long time, despite the good speed, has not managed to earn points. Only with the arrival of summer, things are improving first Glock finished fourth in Canada, then160- the second in Hungary.

And at the final Grand Prix of Brazil Timo apart from his own will was at the center of attention. Staying at in the rain, he went on to the final round of the fourth, but for a couple of hundred meters to the finish missed Lewis Hamilton, which allowed the rider McLaren become a world champion. They say, the Germans then advised him to leave the Interlagos in the trunk of the car, to avoid the wrath of , aching for Felipe Mass.

Next 2009 began with a fourth place in Melbourne, then was the third in Malaysia "If the race was stopped only on the circle later under the tropical rain160- I would be the winner",160 ' sighed the Glock and a series of good racing. But the relationship with the team began to deteriorate. The pilot did not like too atmosphere, created by Japanese managers.

Not helped even the second place in Singapore when the training in Japan Timo got into an accident the session he spent with a high temperature and hurt his leg, it is immediately written off on coast", to make room for Camuy Kobayashi. The German offended and left, saying that all is not going to further advocate for Toyota, And soon the team ceased to exist.

Before the beginning of the 2010 season of the year competition for the good places in Formula 1 was particularly high. The best that could be Mediocre160- to agree with the young team of the Virgin. And that's something, I think, Timo looked a little different to past complexity of the Toyota. Now he has at the disposal of there was only a slow red-and-black machine, the gas tank which was so small that it is not left chances to get to the finish line.

The German tried to change the situation for the better, he was spending hours briefings with the engineers, gathered the data. For 2011 and 2012-th years he didn't finish all five times But the old truth that in F1 with no money there is no result, once again proved his innocence. It is difficult to imagine what kind of metamorphosis took place with the prize-winner of The Grand Prix, if the 12-th place at the finish he almost began dancing.

When in 2010 in the Formula 1 come three new commands, each of them tried to strengthen the experienced racers, having high achievements. But with every new season, their number decreased. Left HRT , left Caterham Trulli. Timo held on to the last. But in the end, after more than a transparent hints from the bosses Marussia, too, decided to part with the team. But at the same time and with the Formula 1.

He returned to the camp BMW and now is being prepared iron slopes of the German DTM championship. And while this is certainly not once returned to the events of 2007. And what if to start in Indianapolis, and indeed it was released, but not the boy Vettel.

text Alexander


2013-02-08 17:24:03

Louis I had the opportunity to declare itself

Louis  I had the opportunity to declare itself

On Wednesday on the tests in Jerez Louis first sat behind the wheel Marussia MR02. In an interview with the Brazilian TotalRace young driver told us about his impressions about the car and plans for the upcoming season.

Question how do you feel about becoming a pilot of the Formula 1

Louis This is incredible feeling. For many years I went to this goal and will do everything possible to take advantage of this chance.

We started to work on the tests in Jerez, I tried out a new car. Before I participated in the tests, but with other teams, so that in this procedure, for me, nothing new there. My task - as soon as you can get used to the team and get used to the wheel, which is different from those that I've had to use.

Question Signing of the contract with the team in Formula 1 - the most important step in your career

Louis I think, that for this purpose it was the perfect moment. Last year's results helped me to sign a contract, but I am grateful to my managers, who all the 2012 the year worked on, so that this is possible. Now I have to prove that I'm not just got this site, I have to progress. Hope to be able to adapt quickly, and the experience gained in GP2, will help me in this.

Question What tasks you set for the forthcoming season

Louis My goal is to squeeze the maximum out of the car and to achieve progress. It is quite achievable. First you need to understand, which is capable of MR02, but the team is confident in the fact that we have made a step forward compared with the previous year.

Question What are your first impressions from MR02

Louis This machine is different from those that I have ever fly earlier. I am glad that the team from the very beginning created the atmosphere in which engineers I listen, I can configure the machine to your style. In the past year, I worked on the tests in the Toro Rosso and Force India, and I can tell at once, that it did lower the presser forces.

Question In the 2010-m you were a reserve driver Virgin. You feel that you have returned to your command

Louis Yes, I have a feeling, as if I had come home. In the manual and technical staff are the same people. Cool, I will act in a team, which is good to know.

Question What do you expect from the joint work with max Chilton

Louis We are both beginners, so we find ourselves in an equal situation, so for me this is a good opportunity to declare itself. In recent years, Max has repeatedly demonstrated its speed. I think the fight will be equal.

Question What progress do you expect from the machine

Louis Marussia continues cooperation with McLaren, we use them simulator and some of the technical solutions. In the past year the team has progressed in the course of the championship, although we have not had KERS. It is still too early to speak about our velocity relative to rivals, but scheduled a big test program, we are preparing new products for The Grand Prix of Australia. The team will continue to invest in the finalization of the machine, so we will progress throughout the season.

text Mikhail Smirnov


2013-02-05 16:44:05

New car Marussia received a KERS system

Since then, as a team of Marussia then still a Virgin in 2010 debut in Formula-1, on its machines are not used KERS. Only in this season's novelty MR02 got such a . Booth, the head of the team "MR02 is an evolution of last year's car. That's only now we have a system of KERS. In the past year, we have achieved remarkable progress in many areas, but the absence of such a system is not allowed us to get ahead of their main . fundamentally, we refused to KERS, in order to concentrate on aerodynamics. Now we have the opportunity to introduce such a system. For a short period prior to The Australian Grand Prix of us will have to adjust the operation of the KERS".

2013-02-01 10:04:04

Louis - the second pilot of the Marussia

The Brazilian edition of the Total Race has stated that the second pilot of the Russian team Marussia in 2013 will be the 23-year-old Brazilian Luis . recent seasons held in GP2 and in 2012 became the Vice-champion of the series. Periodically, the pilot was brought to the tests in the Formula-1 in the composition of the Virgin now Marussia, Lotus now Caterham and Toro Rosso. In 2011 Louis twice worked during Friday . the Finnish media reported that negotiations with the Marussia leads Vitaly Petrov.

2013-01-31 18:44:03

The second pilot Marussia will be Luis

The second pilot Marussia will be Luis

Brazilian TotalRace argues that the second pilot of the team Marussia in 2013 will be Luis . According to unconfirmed information 23-year-old Vice-champion series GP2 has already signed a contract with the Russian team, and join max Chilton.

the last years spent in the series GP2, speaking for the Rapax, Caterham and Arden. In the past year, he scored four victories, and five more times up to the podium, which gave him the Vice-champion title.

In addition, several times he took part in the tests of Formula 1 for Virgin Racing now Marussia, Team Lotus and Scuderia Toro Rosso, and in 2011 served as backup pilot Team Lotus, and twice took part in Friday's training in China and Brazil.


2013-01-25 14:44:02

In the BMW officially confirmed the contract with the Glock

In the BMW officially confirmed the contract with the Glock

The BMW serving in the German DTM championship, has officially confirmed the contract with Timo Glock in 2013 the year. Thus, Glock filled the last vacancy in the list of pilots of the Bavarian concern. Earlier, the BMW have already signed the agreement Bruno Spengler, Augusto Farfus, Hand, Andy Priaulx, Martin Tomczyk, Dirk Werner and Marco .

«We are very pleased that Timo Glock returned to the BMW Motorsport, " said Director of BMW Motorsport Jens . "Throughout his career, Timo has proved more than once, as far as it is valuable for the team, thanks to the talents of the rider and openness.160The fact that he returned to the family BMW after six years of his work as a test pilot team BMW Sauber F1, makes this event even more pleasant. I am sure that Timo't need much time to get used to the DTM, and he will give the fans a lot of fun».

Glock started on his racing career in the youth programme of the Formula BMW. In 2000, won the Cup's series BMW ADAC Formula Junior Cup, and a year later added to his collection of titles and victory in the Formula BMW ADAC. In 2004 at the age of 22 years, he made his debut Formula 1, replacing the Grand Prix of Canada Giorgio in the team of Jordan and typing in the first race of 2 points. Then, in 2005, Glock switched on the North American series Champ Car, where he took the eighth place in the League and was recognized as the best rookie of the year. After returning to Europe Glock made his debut in the series GP2, and in 2007 at the second attempt, won the title.

In the same year, he returned to BMW, standing in the middle of the season test-pilot of the plant's team of the Formula 1 instead of Sebastian Vettel. In 2008 signed a contract with Toyota F1, for which the three years and three times up to the podium. In 2010 joined the team Virgin Racing, now known as Marussia. In total Glock spent 91 Grand Prix.

«I'm very excited to be back in the BMW after all these years, all the more, in such a prestigious racing series, as the DTM, " said Glock. - In Formula 1 was a lot of fun, but now I'm looking forward to the moment when I will again fight for the victory together with my old friends of BMW Motorsport. For me this is a new interesting task. Of course, I understand that I will have to adapt to some peculiarities of the series. Not all racers of Formula 1 have managed to show himself in the DTM. But I use this fact as an additional motivation. After last season this team won the title, there can be no doubt that the BMW M3 DTM allow us to fight in the first rows in 2013.»

New season of the DTM series starts in Hockenheim on may 5, 2013.


2013-01-21 15:24:04

Timo Glock leaves the Formula-1

German pilot Timo Glock made an official announcement that he is leaving the championship of Formula-1. News for the many fans of the German was like thunder from the blue sky, but some analysts attribute this decision with the fact that Vitaly Petrov decided to give the site it is in the Russian stables."My career is over and the Marussia, and in Formula-1, " said Glock. "But this does not mean that I will stop doing the races. In the world there are many different Championships, where my skills can come in handy. The main thing that I am leaving Marussia in good relations with the management of the team, I am satisfied with my career and years, carried out in the yard".Glock was in the team in 2010, when it only made her debut in Formula-1 under the guise of the Virgin. For three years the best result of the pilot, and the team became the 12th place in Singapore-2012. Separation occurred early, because the German into the hands of a contract until the end of 2013 . rumors, Timo received an invitation season in the DTM. It is possible that already this week the German will conduct tests at the wheel of the car plant's team BMW. for Marussia, then in this time, the team has a contract with the young and monetary max Chilton. Among the contenders for second place are Vitaly Petrov and Bruno Senna.

2013-01-05 00:14:06

Lucas di Grassi I want to build a successful career

Lucas di Grassi I want to build a successful career

Career Lucas di Grassi in Formula 1 lasted only one season in 2010 he served in the Virgin Racing, but stay in the championship could not - the Brazilian was not a serious sponsors, although many positive talent of the pilot.

2011 was actually lost, and in 2012-m Lucas concentrated in the race for endurance and in the middle of December signed a contract with Audi. In an interview with the British Autosport Brazilian spoke of his plans.

Question What does it mean for you the signing of a contract with Audi

Lucas di Grassi Audi proposed contract, which can only dream of - much better than any of the options that were with me in Formula 1, I'm happy. The reason for the contract have just become my results - in it there is no commercial or political factors, which are so important in the Formula 1.

Question What is your goal

Lucas di Grassi I want to build a successful career as a professional racing driver, and for this there is no better option than the contract with Audi. I want to become the first Brazilian, who will win the Le Mans.

Question have You passed the Brazilian stage of the world championship race in endurance. How have you managed to implement the results of this race in the contract

Lucas di Grassi After the finish we discussed options for the future, gradually progressed, and in the end I was offered a contract, of which one could only dream of.

Question You're hoping to drive more races than Le Mans and the preparations for it

Lucas di Grassi don't know Yet, but surprises are possible.

Question What are your expectations from the «24 hours of Le Mans»

Lucas di Grassi I've never been there, me a lot to learn, understand, how to be a fast, how to work with the strategy.

Question You haven't discussed with Audi opportunity to performances in the DTM

Lucas di Grassi My speech at the stage of the WEF in became a reason for talks on the LMP. I had the opportunity to conduct tests in the DTM with another manufacturer, but I refused, because he conducted negotiations with the Audi.

Question are You disappointed in Formula 1

Lucas di Grassi I am aiming for a long-term program with Audi, but in Pirelli offered me to continue the work on the tests. It is possible that something is going to happen.

text Dmitry Bukharov


2013-01-01 00:34:02

New year's horoscope 2013 What promise the stars

New year's horoscope 2013 What promise the stars

New year's eve is the time to make a wish. You can have different attitudes to horoscopes, but the forecasts are always very interesting. What promise star racers in the coming year

Aries 21/03 - 20/04


Roman - Paul di Resta

The year of the dark Snake will require the Rams serious tension and concentration of attention even in small things. Thanks to the energy of the patron they Mars in 2013, the representatives of this sign will have a competitive advantage in many areas of life, and their characteristic endurance will help quickly to reach their goals. By February, they will receive the reward for their excellent work.

The snake is favorable to those Aries, who work on themselves and change their attitude to people and the world. In the work with the team will have to exercise judgment in the words and actions, as well as the friendliness and attention. Representative of this sign is to win the colleagues, to then have a reliable support. Year promises a radical change in career and personal life.

Black water Snake does not like excessive vanity, and even more reckless actions, therefore Aries should be smart about their work. Only reasonable tactics combined with flexibility of the mind, subtlety, and intuition will bring the best result.

Taurus 21/04 - 20/05


Felipe Massa - Jean-Eric


Daniel - Max Chilton

For the Bullocks 2013 will differ high activity in all directions. They will have the opportunity to tell about themselves, to get acquainted with new people and to conclude new contracts. Representatives of this sign will be lucky if they continued to thrust and slow work, not trying to embrace the unembraceable. The bulls expects inflow of vital forces and enthusiasm, and efforts will lead to concrete results.

In 2013, will come to the fore not the most distinctive features of the Bull - determination and courage. This year it will be useful perseverance, friendliness and ease in communication with the team - it is these qualities will be a kind of key to unlocking the secret of the door. The year of the Black Snakes can determine the prospects of career development. In the first half of the year Calves may be faced with a certain pressure, but starting from July, it will be success, and in spite of the difficulties, they will do for his future more, than for the whole previous year.

Gemini 21/05 - 21/06


Rubens Barrichello - Mikhail Alyoshin

The new year will be very important and quite productive, but this does not mean that all the events will proceed without any problems and will lead to success. The twins have to fight for a place under the sun, but they do not miss a chance to achieve their goals, or the special positioning of the planets, will be able to start a new business.

The year of the Snake, as the last year of the Dragon, bring to life the Twins many changes and new ideas. Although Snake calls on the representatives of this sign in and concentration of the active work, in the beginning of the year they can afford a little rest, to restore forces. Returning to work, they will do much more, than for the whole previous year. The stars will favour the Twins, who will move ahead and act without looking back.

Cancer 22/06 - 22/07


Nico Rosberg - Sebastian Vettel


Riccardo Daniel - Jarno Trulli

In the beginning of 2013 Cancer will feel a small decline forces or even a depression it frightens taking place around processes, and habit, he will try to hide behind the backs of others, to the security wait time of troubles. However, this year will not bring Cancer nothing wrong. Moreover, he will have a chance to change your life for the better, and when it begin with yourself. He should be strong-willed qualities and get rid of panic. Determination, self-discipline and motivation will be useful Cancers in the second half of 2013 - they will help to overcome the possible complications at work.

Under the influence of the dark Snake in 2013 Cancer is fully immersed in the case. The most productive months of the year will be April and may. There is the possibility of the change of command, but in a new collective possible problems. Against Cancers will play their impulsiveness, preventing the build business relationships. In the whole year is expected to be fickle, will be UPS and downs, but in the end everything will be the same.

Leo 23/07 - 23/08


Fernando Alonso Nico


Jules Bianchi - Esteban Gutierrez


Robin - Lucas di Grassi

The stars promise lion luck, but only to those members of the character, who is ready to do adventurous things, because of the Serpent patronizes a strong and fearless people. At the risk, they will remain in a prize.

Life will put in front of the Lion is complex and seemingly insoluble problems, but there was nothing to keep him in the way of his plans, and he will come out of the difficult situation the winner. The new year may become a turning point in the fate of the representatives of this sign, but they shouldn't be too actively take on any matter - Snake requires purposeful, but very painstaking work. Showing arrogance in relation to others, a lion can be alone, and this has a negative impact on its work. The success will bring excellent organizational qualities, ability and desire to work well. Closer to the New year, with the Lion appears the long-awaited opportunity to have a rest together with the whole family.

Virgo 24/08 - 23/09


- Mark Webber


Vitaly Petrov - Camuy Kobayashi

Virgins may seem that the year of the Snake starts to them very calmly, but this is misleading impression - they have to get ready to overcome the difficulties and associated with this stress. In addition, during the first three months, the representatives of this sign should not wait any bonuses. They will have to use all of its merits, in order to achieve the location of the command. The most adverse months are March and may, a bit of luck in October, but the rest of the time you will be lucky.

Dark Serpent pleasure Virgins, because they are thin strategists planning in advance for the whole year, not only in their careers, but also in relations with others. In General, 2013 year promises to be rich in events, and the reward for labour will become good luck in many cases.

Scales 24/09 - 23/10


Kimi Raikkonen - Bruno Senna


Heikki Kovalainen - Dani Clos

The new year will be a serious test for the Scales he will bring serious changes, which may turn out to be for them, the most different consequences. To preserve the harmony, it will take patience and firm belief in luck. The weights should not be afraid of changes - on the contrary, one should treat them with optimism. To survive in such a difficult situation will help wisdom and caution the Scales of a Snake. The decisive will become the first half of the year in the spring becomes clear, as will be the year, and how successful it will be for the Balance.

In the second half of the year the stars promise to representatives of the sign rise of vitality and growth of activity. In September in the constellation of Libra enters the planet Jupiter, which will provide them with energy. Representatives of this sign immediately feel that the complexity of the left behind - the problems with the team to be resolved themselves, there will be new opportunities for career growth, and also prospects get to know the right people.

Scorpio 24/10 - 22/11


Sebastien - Alexey Vasiliev

For Scorpions 2013 year promises to be quite controversial and promises not only interesting acquaintances, but parting with the old illusions. However, the year of the Snake can give a chance to implement a long-standing dream - it is important not to miss.

In 2013, the career of a Scorpion, will go on rising, and the hard work will give good results even in the long run. The activity and vitality of Scorpions to be envied - they will be always in time.

Sagittarius 23/11 - 21/12


Robert Kubica - Suzy Wolff

Streltsov waiting for a very successful year, although the representatives of this sign does not have to be bored. Although all projects will be promoted without particular difficulties, it is important not to be distracted by little things and all the time to devote to the main activity.

From the first days of 2013 Sagittarius is a lot of work - from the beginning of January to they can collapse the wave of unexpected events. It may seem that the Sagittarius quickly win the location of the Serpent, but this is not true in the period from the beginning of March to mid-June can be complicated relationship with others. This time should be quietly wait, after all, already by the beginning of September, the situation will improve.

Capricorn 22/12 - 20/01


Lewis Hamilton - Jenson Button


AI Qing Hua - Jerome D Ambrosio


Narain - Karun

The stars promise Capricorns a lot of achievements and changes that will occur closer to the end of the year. Representatives of this sign should not take hasty decisions and blindly execute his desires - all actions should be carefully verified. Especially important for the professional sphere will become January and February - it was then that should be the basis is laid for major projects. Thanks to independence in decision-making and the ability to keep in my head all processes, not relying on others, Capricorn will win the location and patronage of the Snake.

Many representatives of this sign will appear ease in communication with others, which in turn will positively affect the development of the career. Capricorns can rely on intuition, thanks to the representatives of this sign do not miss a chance to establish mutually beneficial relationships with others. Nevertheless, Capricorns don't forget about the rest, otherwise the decline forces can spoil the plans.

Aquarius 21/01 - 20/02


Sergio Perez - Charles Pic

If in the past year, the Aquarius were active and active, the beginning of 2013 they will be met in full combat readiness. This period promises to be very successful provided that the representatives of this sign remain vibrant. If in the past year, you allow yourself to a bit lazy, now you will have to quickly make up for lost time, to win the favor of the Snake.

In the beginning of the year the representatives of this sign will be successful and pleasant surprises. Aquarius will be able to efficiently organize your time and up everywhere. Even if the impression that winter and spring are not as you would like, you should evaluate the situation from the outside - you will find a lot of useful things in their environment.

Fish 21/02 - 20/03


Pastor Maldonado - Timo Glock

The year of the Snake would be for Fish successful and productive. They have long and systematically went to the purpose and to embody it in life it in this year. From even the most ambitious plans do not give up - you have the power to implement them.

Already in the spring of Fish deployed the activities of, to show their abilities and talents. Eccentricity and egocentricity Fish can cause conflicts in the team, but the representatives of this sign is unprofitable to be alone, so all of their steps should be carefully thought out. In this year will not be carried away by the spur of the moment, because it can bring the Fish to the right way.

The new year starts for Fish quietly, but in the summer there may be small complexity, requiring immediate solution. In some situations, the Fish will have to go with the flow, but in most cases - against.

text Tatiana Belskaya


2012-12-09 19:34:04

Jerome d Ambrosio I want to stay in Formula-1

Spare the pilot of the Lotus Jerome d Ambrosio fights for the opportunity to be a combat pilot of one of the teams, where there are still vacancies for a season-2013." yet today there is a real opportunity to become a pilot of one of the teams, which do not yet decided on the composition of the pilots for the next year, - commented on the situation d Ambrosio. "I can't say that the perspectives of the rainbow, but so far, everything looks not so bad. I do not claim to a place in the teams of the mid-odurzonego delight, I agree to the last place, if only I was given this opportunity. Everything depends not on me, but from the decision of the people who manage this . this year I showed all that capable of in the race at Monza, remember me by performances of the season-2011, so it remains only to hope for the best"., that in 2011 Jerome played for the team Marussia-Virgin. Last season he worked as test-pilot of the Lotus and one day came on as a substitute disqualified Novel .

2012-12-04 00:04:04

Results of the season Marussia F1 Team

Results of the season Marussia F1 Team

Marussia F1 Team for three years, several times changed its name and was deprived of the consoles Virgin, but the last League was the most successful in its history - if assess progress in the course of the season. Sports objective - 10-d place in the Cup of designers, had not been achieved, the team missed it in the final Grand Prix of the season.

Marussia F1 Team

Grand Prix



The best start

The best finish













Timo Glock






Charles Pic






Before the start of the season representatives of Marussia again prepared that this time they managed to get rid of the failed heritage nick , the car only on computers CFD, without the use of a wind tunnel. In 2011, the team has agreed on cooperation with McLaren Applied Technologies and restructured, getting rid of the complex decision-making chain, not to promptly finalize the car, but the new MR01, let the already , again was developed in the laboratory of the CFD. Only in the middle of the season, the team brought on the route of the decisions prepared in a wind tunnel McLaren - the process took a lot of time.

The team participated in the pre-season tests, but with last year's chassis - MR01 managed to try out only after their completion. In the day of the presentation, March 7, Timo Glock conducted a preliminary run in Silverstone, the next day he was replaced by debutant Charles Peak, but the full-fledged work with the machine began with the start of the championship.

In the design of MR01 without innovative solutions, the team refused the use of KERS, again focusing on reliability, and this approach was justified. In the first Grand Prix racers without problems overcome a boundary of 107 and they were able to finish, as in the following two Grand Prix.

In the fourth race of the Timo Glock had serious problems with balance, the solution of which took some time. In Bahrain, Barcelona and Monaco he couldn't finish, with every blast pressure grew, in addition to the machine Peak everything was in order. However, measures have helped the - new products returned Timo former confidence, and in Singapore, he finished 12th, returning a team of 10-th line in the Cup of designers.

For a Peak, which held a debut season in Formula 1, no accidents, the best result, too, was a 12-th place in the final of Grand Prix. Expect more did not allow the machine - two drivers complained that because of the lack of KERS it was very hard to fight even with their closest rivals.

The solutions developed by the team in the wind tunnel, make it possible to achieve progress, and in the end of the season Marussia and Caterham were heavy fighting between themselves, which eventually ended in favor of Caterham, thanks to the 11-th place Vitaly Petrov in , but the team hopes for more serious progress in 2013.

The wind tunnel is working on a new machine, this time with the use of KERS, the team hopes to take part in the winter tests with MR02, and shortly before the end of the season, there was talk of finding investors. No, «the team is not for sale», at least, so says its leadership, but to achieve the goal set - to claim the significant results in the year 2014, when the team with the Russian license will arrive at the Grand Prix of Russia, we need a more serious tools.

Timo Glock «the Season has been difficult from the very beginning, when we arrived at the first stage in Australia without preliminary tests. However, since then the machine added, " I don't think we could so seriously reduce the lag. If in the beginning of the season we were behind Caterham a second and a half of the circle, then at the end fought on equal terms. Work in the wind tunnel has allowed to achieve the desired effect. Our main goal - to increase the budget, and the team is now working on that. If all goes well, we will make a big step forward».


2012-11-24 00:24:03

Charles Rush "I made the right decision"

Charles Rush

From the moment of creation of a team of Marussia/Virgin its second pilots after only one season does not managed to gain a foothold in the paddock - first left, Lucas di Grassi, then - Jerome D Ambrosio. And only at the third attempt unpleasant tendency seems to be broken - Charles Peak announced the beginning of a long-term cooperation with Caterham F1.

Although the continuation of the career when all you wish not to call a big step forward, the pilot sure that it was true. «They have a great potential for the future, " said Peak on Friday in a paddock . "This is a young team, and in the next year we will make progress together. I have good connections in France, and this move opens up excellent opportunities. The Caterham is a strong hand, say, the engine Renault».

Also Charles admitted that does not set specific goals for the coming season «Right now I don't want to do this, because you need to take into account many parameters, some of them are not yet known. Most important of all, that we were moving forward - don't doubt that I will.»

Nevertheless, in the last race of the season Charles, on his own admission, will do everything possible to make good-bye to help Marussia defend the tenth in the Cup of designers «For me, everything is still the same. I am the pilot of the Marussia in the forthcoming race and on 100, to bring her the best possible result».

In this season the Peak never managed to finish above the 15-th position.


2012-11-22 02:24:03

Timo Glock the End of the season promises to be interesting8232

Timo Glock the End of the season promises to be interesting8232

During the three years of the short history of the Virgin/Marussia command twice finished the season on the last line of the Cup of designers, but in 2012-m was able to get ahead of direct competitors and arrive at the final race of the season leader among the outsiders. The main goal for the upcoming Grand Prix - to 10-th position in the standings of teams.

Timo Glock «Ahead of the final round of the season - it's unbelievable. Brazilian race always is rich in events, anything could happen, so that the end of the season promises to be interesting.

For us, nothing has changed, the task team is to retain a position in the Cup of designers and end of the year, a maximum of realizing the potential of the machine. It seems, we are waiting for an exciting weekend»

Charles Rush «I can Not believe that ahead of the final race of my debut season. In the middle of the year, our team has achieved serious progress, and since then has always strived for more - this is what we hope and in Brazil.82328232In Austin, we also managed to make a step forward, but not all went smoothly, but the race turned out for me a difficult because of the damage of the machine at the entrance to the first turn.82328232we Have a good machine, but I believe that it can achieve more. I hope we will succeed, which is so we need - it will be the best reward for the team».

John Booth, head of the team «We're reluctant to leave the hospitable Austin after a positive weekend for the new American highway, but with a great looking forward to the Grand Prix of Brazil - this is the best race for the conclusion of the season.

We have our own struggle - we fight for the 10-th place in the Cup of designers, but we want to spend a weekend so to prove the obvious progress of the team. We took the 10-th position after five races of the season, and the steady progress, which we have demonstrated, will not only bring her back, but confidently hold. This is a positive factor, and although we were waiting for the end of the season, in fact, this is only the beginning of the future path Marussia F1 Team».


2012-11-19 20:04:04

Grand Prix of the United States an Interesting statistic

Grand Prix of the United States an Interesting statistic

After a stage in Austin Michele - an employee of the well-known encyclopedic database Forix, published a few interesting statistical collections.

The third Cup of designers of the Red Bull Racing

Grand Prix of the United States brought the Red Bull Racing early victory in the Cup of designers. For the first time a team won the title three years in a row after a series of six victories won by Ferrari in the 1999-2004 year.

Before that three of the victory in the Cup of designers in a row were won by Williams 1992-1994, and with the Red Bull Racing have them in this series of two General factors - Adrian motors and Renault.

In addition to Red Bull Racing, Ferrari and Williams successful series is, and the McLaren - four of the Cup of designers in a row from 1988 to 1991-th, and the Ferrari was still a series of three Cup winners ' Cup in 1975-1977.

Red Bull Racing takes the fifth place in the rating by the number of victories in the Cup of designers. Leads Ferrari with 16 cups, the Williams - 9, the McLaren - 8, at the Lotus - 7.

Red Bull Racing took eight years to win three of the Cup of designers. The McLaren it took 20 years, the Ferrari - 18, the Williams - 12 and the Lotus - 11.

Racers, Vettel

Sebastian Vettel started from pole in the Grand Prix of the USA, but in the distance it ahead of Lewis Hamilton, who won the race. Only five times in his career Vettel finished second after the start of the poles

- in China'11 ahead of Hamilton for four laps before the finish

in Canada '11 on the last lap ahead of the button

- in Hungary'11 preceded him two drivers McLaren, but Vettel back one position due to a mistaken strategy Hamilton

in Brazil'11 he let to come forward and win the race

- in the United States'12 Hamilton stepped forward, and won.

Overtaking on the part of Hamilton in Austin became the seventh Vettel in this season. From the beginning of the season 2010 57 races ago Sebastian only 16 times inferior position in the struggle on the road - six times , four - , three - Alonso, two - and one - time - to restart after the safety car in China'10.


In Austin Vettel won the 36-th pole in his career and sixth in the season. He was the leader of the six sessions of - three trainings and three qualifications - it happened for the first time with the appearance of a format for the weekend.

In 47-th time in his career starting with the first series, Hamilton caught up with Damon hill on the eighth line in this indicator. Was the 15th time in this season Hamilton and Vettel have divided the first row of the starting field.

The fifth time in a row the Floor di failed to start in the first ten - this is a repeat of the worst series of Grand Prix of Turkey to the Grand Prix of Europe in the past year.

American damn continues - not once in three attempts, he failed to qualify in the top ten of the Grand Prix of the USA. Nico has never earned points in the United States.

For the first time in the history of both the rider Marussia formerly known as Virgin outstripped the qualification of the two racers Caterham previously known as the Lotus. For the first time in this season Timo Glock was the best in the qualification among the representatives of the three «new» commands in previous races in this confrontation has always been the strongest racers Caterham.


After a pause of five races, Lewis Hamilton came up again on the top step of the podium, winning 21 consecutive victories in his career. For the third time from 11 attempts he was ahead of Vettel at the finish of the race, in which he started on the second, and Sebastian - the first.

Just six-tenths of a second separated Vettel from the 27-th victory after a hundred Grand Prix - in this case, he repeated to the number of wins Michael Schumacher after a hundred Grand Prix. But without the significant achievements of the not cost - podium Vettel became the 80-m for the Red Bull Racing and a 400-m for cars with motors Renault.

Because of the failure of the generator mark Webber broke a series of 59 races without mechanical gatherings. The last time he came down from the race because of breakage of the car in Singapore'09, when refused gearbox.

Fernando Alonso again took the podium after starting with a modest seventh position, repeating the record Alena Simple, established in 1986-m - nine podiums in the season when starts outside the top three.

In Austin Hamilton 49 podiums, Vettel 46 podiums and Alonso 85 podiums for the first time rose to the podium together.

On the second round of the Grand Prix of the USA Michael Schumacher broke the record maximum distance in the races of Formula 1, which belonged to the first of Rubens Barrichello - 80585 kilometers.

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