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Vitaly Petrov Sergey, show them all there

Vitaly Petrov Sergey, show them all there

The first Russian Formula 1 driver Vitaly Petrov congratulated Sergey Sirotkin with the signing of a contract with the Williams team.Vitaly Petrov tweeted "Congratulations to Sergey Sirotkin with the signing of a military pilot with Williams. Show them all there"Petrov competed in F1 from 2010 to 2012 for Renault and Caterham. At the Grand Prix of Australia, 2011 Vitaly climbed to the third step of the podium.

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January nomeromania 10 - Vitaly Petrov, 2011

January nomeromania 10 - Vitaly Petrov, 2011

In 2010 in the Formula-1 there was a Russian pilot - in-part of Renault debuted Vitaly Petrov. In 2011, the Russian has maintained a place in the French team, having the number "10".In 2010 Petrov scored 27 points and took the 13th place - the results are, admittedly, not very good on the background of Robert Kubica, who finished the season in 8th position with 136 points. However, with Vitali renew the contract for one year. Of course, not without the help of Russian sponsors.To the 2011 season, the Renault engineering headquarters, headed by James Allison has prepared a unique car R31 with forward exhaust. Suddenly, after the first tests, which showed serious potential innovations in a serious accident Kubica, and most of the work in preparation for the new season fell on the shoulders of Petrov. This has borne fruit already in the first Grand Prix of Australia Vitaly climbed to the third step of the podium.

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BR Engineering has introduced a new sportprototip BR1

BR Engineering has introduced a new sportprototip BR1

The Russian company BR Engineering has introduced a new sportprototip BR1. Track Bahrain International Circuit in the final stage of the FIA WEC season-2017 the global Motorsport community and journalists first saw the car, whose creation was announced a year ago. Car LMP1 was created by Russian company BR Engineering together with the famous Italian automaker Dallara to participate in the new superstone of the world championship FIA WEC.In the presentation BR1 participated Boris Rotenberg, founder and Director of the BR Engineering Pierre Fillon, President of the Association ASO Gerard Neveu, head of the FIA WEC Luca Pignata, chief designer Dallara Dmitry Samorukov, Director of SMP Racing pilots of the program of development of Russian Motorsport SMP Racing Mikhail Alyoshin, Vitaly Petrov and Matevos Isahakyan Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation in the Kingdom of Bahrain Qarayev, Vagif DragonSpeed team principal Elton Julian and Russian engineers and students of technical Universities who took part in the development of the prototype. The music for the premiere of BR1 was written by Russian composer and producer Victor Drobysh.The presentation was opened by Boris Rotenberg. According to him, the engineers managed to create a completely new car, which used the most modern technologies and materials"it is Symbolic that on 17 November, during the final stage of the FIA WEC season in 2016, we announced the signing of an agreement between BR and Dallara Engineering to start work on a prototype BR1. Today, exactly a year later, we proudly present you the result. During the work on the car we used the best international experience, achievements one of the best companies Dallara. At various stages in the development of the car was actively attended by Russian specialists, and also worked on the simulator the current pilot program SMP Racing Vitaly Petrov, Sergey Sirotkin, Mikhail Aleshin, Viktor Shaitar and Kirill Ladygin. Their task was to from the point of view of experienced riders to make suggestions in key aspects of the prototype, from the ergonomics to the behavior of the car on the road".Prototype BR1 passed all the necessary tests and homologation of the FIA, a number of tests on race tracks under the control of SMP Racing pilots. Ahead of the Russian car the new season of the world championship on races on endurance 2018-2019, where SMP Racing intends to put the two Russian crew in the highest category of the championship, LMP1, to fight for the highest results in the overall classification.While the company BR Engineering, the first manufacturer of the chassis presenting to the public the car are ready to participate in the FIA WEC next season, already signed a contract for the production of a prototype BR1 for team DragonSpeed, also announced recently its intentions to move into the LMP1 category of the FIA WEC."I must say that the rate BR1 on the track is impressive, - said the pilot program SMP Racing Mikhail Alyoshin. - Impressive and how well made the prototype, and how sensitively it responds to changes in preferences that we do. To work with such a machine is a pleasure. Now our task is to spend as much time behind the wheel, to detect the different nuances, to work with the settings, because even in the ideal technique is always better. I am sure that next season prototype BR1 compete with rivals".One of the main innovations in superstone 2018-2019 world Championship on races on endurance will be the merging of hybrid and non-hybrid prototypes in one of the LMP1 class with defined capacity limitations. This will allow private teams, including the Russian team SMP Racing and DragonSpeed team, to compete for a championship titles FIA WEC.Facts ABOUT the prototype of BR1-CLASS LMP1 the process of creating aerodynamic elements of the new prototype was held 16 sessions in the wind tunnel, the total length of which was 600 hours, during which it has produced 1000 trials.In tests on the simulator and on the finished prototype was attended 5 professional pilots SMP Racing programme, including Vitaly Petrov, first Russian Formula 1 driver- Mikhail Aleshin, the pilot of the American series IndyCar- Sergey Sirotkin, the reserve pilot of the Formula 1 Renault- Kirill Ladygin, a multiple champion of Russia on go-karting and road racing, the bronze prize-winner of the race "24 hours of Le Mans- Victor Shaitar, world champion, winner of the race "24 hours of Le Mans", FIA WEC.On the simulator prototype BR1 pilots had a total of 64 hours, which amounted to 173 session or 870 laps.TECHNICAL characteristics of the PROTOTYPE BR1AER V6 twin turbo 720 HP Possible to install motorsGibson V8 LMP1 Spec 700 HP.Message other proizvodyaschuyu Le Mans Sprint body kit on the back 6-speed robotic transmission Xtrac lock differentialbaselsn TILTON Brembo brake system LMP1 UPRAVLENIE with power production Kayaba.Userrepository pilotado the foot pedal accelerator and timesmachine disciminate, production OZ specifically for Michelin Radial LMP1 18 dumontadriana 930 kg.

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Vitaly Petrov, Daniil Kvyat must earn his place in the team

Vitaly Petrov, Daniil Kvyat must earn his place in the team

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Vitaly Petrov believes that just because nobody will give you a place in the team Daniil Kvyat.Red Bull hopes that Pierre went Out will receive a place in the Toro Rosso, while the head of Toro Rosso Franz Toast Kvyat warns that he is too emotional at the beginning of the race.Vitaly Petrov "In Formula 1 no one is immune from the risk of being replaced at any time. Therefore, even if Christian Horner says he wants to extend the contract, Kvyat could not calm down. I remember that the wheel of Renault's Nick Heidfeld was very strong, and yet the team changed their preference in the direction of Bruno Senna in the middle of the season.So I think Daniel needs to relax, reboot and prepare for the second part of the championship. If it continues it will make so many mistakes, it could end badly for him".

2016-12-04 15:14:02

Chapter Mercedes did Not call, only Kvyat and Raikkonen

The head of the team Mercedes Toto Wolff said that he had called almost all the pilots of Formula-1 to find out about the vacancy.Toto Wolff "Call the pilots, who already have contracts. Did not call, only Daniil Kvyat and Kimi Raikkonen. Called even Pastor Maldonado. Everyone wants to be driving a MercedesWe have a few options. Now we find out how things are going with contracts, we have appropriate pilots."Meanwhile, it became known that made itself felt and Vitaly Petrov, who sent a TEXT message with the offer of their services.Vitaly Petrov "Wolff Sent the message, so you do not regret the missed chance."Recall the last time Petrov went to the start of the Formula 1 race in 2012.

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Mikhail Aleshin will participate in the 24 hours of Le Mans

Mikhail Aleshin will participate in the 24 hours of Le Mans

Pilot SMP Racing Mikhail Aleshin will participate in the race "24 hours of Le Mans in the composition of the crew of the 27 SMP Racing along with Nicolas Minasian, and Maurizio Mediani. Another crew of the Russian team at number 37 will be Vitaly Petrov, Viktor Shaitar and Kirill Ladygin.In the championship of FIA WEC, which is a legendary marathon, SMP Racing pilots act on Russian cars - the prototypes BR01 LMP2 class. Day race kicks off on 18 June at 1600 Moscow time. Qualifying will be held 15 and 16 June."I am very pleased to participate once again in this legendary race, - said Mikhail Aleshin. And doubly glad to make it for the Russian team SMP Racing, the Russian prototype of the BR01. We will fight only for the victory is a very realistic goal for us. Just a week before that, I will take part in the "500 miles of Indianapolis", where also is set to fight for the highest positions".We will remind, the main championship Mikhail Aleshin in this season is the North American IndyCar series. Today Michael is in it, 14-th line of the final standings. Ahead of the Russians still 11 races, including the "Indianapolis 500", which, along with "24 hours of Le Mans is one of the most prestigious automotive events on the planet.

2016-05-09 12:24:03

In SMP Racing finished the next stage of the world Championship on races on endurance

Two of the crew of the Russian team SMP Racing finished the next stage of the World championship endurance racing, held on the Belgian track of Spa-Francorchamps. The crew at number 37 in the composition of Vitaly Petrov, and Kirill Ladygina, Viktor Shaitar completed the race in ninth place, and the machine at number 27, under the direction of David Markozov, Nicolas Minassian and Maurizio Mediani finished 11th in their category LMP2."It was one of the most interesting and unpredictable races in the last time, - said Vitaly Petrov. - There was a lot of overtaking, accidents, retirements and reshuffles of power. I'm sure the audience had incredible fun and plenty of emotions.As for our team, alas, we were not lucky from the start. At the exit of the first turn one of the contestants kicked me in the rear right wheel, causing it damaged the exhaust system and the underbody. Over 10 laps the car had to spend in the pits. After the release of the track Viktor Shaitar another blow this time the rival was trying to overtake him, but not calculated. Again the pits, again a waste of time. In spite of that we continued to stay on track, working on the machine on its settings.We see problems, we see the main reasons that do not allow us to rise to the podium is the lack of speed and degradation of tyres. We make every effort to resolve them. Before the race at Le Mans we will have two days of tests, which we also use to deal with the situation. Also in the European series our rides the same machine on which we also plan to make some changes and see them on stage at Imola.I want to reiterate the prototype of the new BR01. Yes, now in this championship, he plays for speed rivals, but we will deal with this problem, and until the end of the study the work of Dunlop rubber, which this year was changed.The most important thing that our machine is reliable. In the upcoming race at Le Mans it can play a crucial role. Maybe by that time we will be able to fix all the issues and we show the result that we expect from all Russian fans."The next stage of the world Championship on races on endurance will become the famous daily marathon "24 hours of Le Mans, which starts on June 18 in the French Sarthe ring.

2016-04-22 12:44:03

Three Russian podium

Three Russian podium

The podium Daniil Kvyat in China has become the third for pilots from Russia. The first prize champagne Vitaly Petrov tried five years ago.Grand Prix Australia 2011, Petrovichi Vitaly Petrov became the first Russian pilot of the Formula 1, when in 2010 he signed a contract with Renault. Striking episode of the debut season was the final Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, where due to impassable Petrova had actually lost the title to Fernando Alonso. And next race, which opened the 2011 season brought the first podium.

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Konstantin Tereshchenko conducted the first pre-season tests GP3 Series

Konstantin Tereshchenko conducted the first pre-season tests GP3 Series

Russian driver Konstantin Tereshchenko took part in the first pre-season tests GP3 Series, which took place at the Portuguese autdromo do Estoril on March 22-24. Constantine successfully completed a program outlined by Campos Racing team tried a new car, after 174 laps with different settings.Konstantin Tereshchenko in 2016 will continue playing for the Spanish team Campos Racing in the international "youth" series GP3 Series. Partners Konstantin at Campos Racing were the Spaniard Alex Palou takes and Dutchman Stijn is Schothorst. The previous year, the Russians spent three final stage of the season GP3 Series driving a car of the same team. Campos Racing earlier in his racing career began Vitaly Petrov.On the eve of the first test day of the GP3 Series, March 22, at the circuit of Estoril was raining, and by morning the track had dried. This was the reason for the departure of the car of Konstantin Tereshchenko in the gravel. However, the Russians showed 10-th result in the morning session 131.202, 001.410 from the leader. After lunch, with different settings, Constantine has become the 15th among the twenty-three pilots 129.763, 001.118.Weather on the second day was cooler, compared to the first, but the dry asphalt temperature was optimal to pilots improved their results. Konstantin Tereshchenko for the day was 61 the circle and worked a lot with the suspension settings. In two test sessions he showed 18-th and 20-th results, respectively, close to the time of his teammates who tested the same elements of the vehicle.On the final day of testing engineers Campos Racing continued to try different settings and only at the end back to the already found options. Konstantin Tereshchenko showed 18-th and 15-th time among the twenty-four pilots in the morning and afternoon sessions, again ahead of one of the teammates Stein of Schothorst.Just the first tests Series GP3 in Estoril was attended by twenty-four pilots from seven teams Campos Racing, Arden International, ART Grand Prix, DAMS, Jenzer Motorsport, Koiranen GP Trident.Konstantin Tereshchenko "the First tests went well for us we worked with the car settings, tried different options and have not sought to show the high times. We worked on the selected settings of aerodynamics, suspension and many other items that will allow us to be competitive on the other tracks. Besides a new car at the autdromo do Estoril't run the race the GP3 Series, and it was important for us not to take the lead, and focus on solving certain tasks. During these three days we were able to get a lot of information, including the work of tyres Pirelli, find their strengths and at the same time understood what moments it is necessary to pull on the following tests in Valencia. I think all will be well, and in two weeks we will achieve new results."The second session of pre-season tests GP3 Series will be held April 7-8 at the circuit Barcelona-Catalunya.Konstantin Tereshchenko born. 17.06.1994 - Russian pilot, acting in the international GP3 Series Vice-champion of the Euroformula Open 2015, champion of the Spanish Formula 3 2015.

2016-01-08 21:44:08

Our in Formula 1

Our in Formula 1

Recently Oksana Kosachenko, former Manager of Vitaly Petrov, said that this year in the championship will have one Russian driver. One can only guess whom she meant, but for now we have decided to recall from whom the Russians failed even to touch the Formula 1.Sergey Zlobin mid-2002, the company Gazprom has suddenly become the sponsor of the weak Minardi team now Toro Rosso. As the load in the team as test driver appeared 32-summer Sergey Zlobin, frankly, not so hot in other racing series. In the autumn of the same year, Zlobin had four test session at the Fiorano, Valencia and Mugello, skating on last year's Minardi PS01 car a total of 400 kilometers.

2015-12-24 10:34:04

Oksana Kosachenko Soon you will know the name of the pilot of Formula 1 from Russia

Oksana Kosachenko previously said that next season will have another Formula 1 driver from Russia, he admitted that he did not expect such interest in this topic.Oksana Kosachenko in an interview "Soon you will know the name of the pilot and the team that he will represent.You know, if there is any one route that some racer reached the top of the, say, Formula 1, this does not mean that all other pilots have to go the same way. Therefore, there are different options was the route that passed Vitaly Petrov, was the route traversed Tributes Kviat, and will be the routes other pilots. Now in Motorsport there are many talented young people. And if you take a look at guys down from 17 to 21 years, we will see that these pilots show decent results and can establish itself in Formula 1.I honestly didn't expect the topic to a new pilot from Russia will be such an interest. Ask me about it not only in our country the calls are coming even from New Zealand. This suggests that our racing is gaining popularity".

2015-12-20 16:04:03

In the season-2016 in Formula 1 will appear another pilot from Russia

In the season-2016 in Formula 1 will appear another pilot from Russia

Next season in Formula 1 will appear another Russian pilot. In an interview with TASS said Oksana Kosachenko, a former Manager of Vitaly Petrov, the ex-pilot of Renault and Caterham.Oksana Kosachenko "a few months later we find out that another Russian driver signed a contract with the team of Formula 1. It will be a long-term contract, because the pilot is still quite young. He is absolutely the right way, starting with performances in other racing categories. But it will work in a team, as a reserve pilot, a pilot for the development. I hope that soon Dani Kvyat will have a good company. Next season he will be in the MAG Formula-1".Now Russia in Formula 1 is Daniil Kvyat. This season at the Grand Prix of Hungary he was able to climb to the second step of the podium.

2015-10-09 12:34:04

Vitaly Petrov hopes to return to Formula-1

Vitaly Petrov hopes to return to Formula-1

Ex-pilot of Renault and Caterham Vitaly Petrov has admitted he is looking to return to Formula 1.Vitaly Petrov "I have been working hard to return to Formula 1. But for this I need a team of managers, agents. Sponsors are necessary. And now I am actively looking for them. Formula 1 is a constant investment, this is an endless production, this new technology. Because of which more are experiencing financial problems".Petrov played in the championship in 2010-2012 Best result - third place on Grand Prix of Australia 2011.

2015-09-05 10:54:03

Vitaly Petrov became the Deserved master of sports of Russia

Vitaly Petrov became the Deserved master of sports of Russia

The Minister of sports of the Russian Federation Vitaly Mutko has signed the decree about assignment of a rank of the Deserved master of sports of Russia, three riders, including ex-Formula 1 driver Vitaly Petrov.In addition to Petrov, the first in the history of Formula-1 pilot from Russia, the title was awarded to the winner of the 2015 Dakar Ayrat Mardeev and won the world Cup for rally-raids Konstantin Zhiltsov.Petrov competed in Formula 1 in 2010-2012 for Renault and Caterham. In the Grand Prix of Australia 2011 Vitaly climbed the third step of the podium.

2015-07-26 17:04:03

Chronicle of the race Grand Prix of Hungary

144955 - Before the start of the race pilots honored the memory of Jules Bianchi, gathered in a circle in front of the starting grid.145109 - And from pole position today, for the ninth time this season ten races, and will start Lewis Hamilton.145129 - the British pound this is the fifth pole position in Hungary.145257 - the Second will start on Mercedes Nico Rosberg.145431 - the Second row of the starting field Sebastian Vettel and Daniel ricciardo.145548 - I Wonder what Vettel four times became the champion, but never been able to win in Hungary.145600 - Ricardo, by contrast, won last year.145650 - Third row Kimi Raikkonen and Valtteri Bottas.145749 - Dannil Kvyat will start the seventh. Russian Friday showed the second time, but in qualifying, unfortunately, lost a few positions.145818 - Completing the top ten Felipe Massa, Max Verstappen and Roman Grosjean.145858 - Next Hulkenberg, Sainz, Perez, Maldonado, Alonso, button, Ericsson, Nasr, Mary, Stevens5943 - McLaren Drivers looked good on Friday and during Saturday practice. Alas, in the qualification of any problems, and in the end Fernando Alonso will start 15th and Jenson button 16th.150025 - to Overtake on this track is difficult, therefore, the results in qualifying is very important.150119 - At the same time, over the last ten years, only three times has won the race winner pole position. However, in all cases, it was Hamilton.150153 - the Pilots are sent to warm up Krug0251 - All except Maldonado will start on softer Sofa0306 - Pirelli predicts the tactics of the two pit stepow0318 Machine back to the starting resetco0359 - And there were some problems at the Directorate of the race.150412 - the Pilots are sent to the second warm-up lap.150526 - the distance of the race is 70 laps. At the disposal of the pilots will be two DRS zones with a single point of measurement interval.150546 - looks Like the Weight incorrectly took the position at the start.150605 - Meanwhile, the machine resumed their places on the starting grid.150613 - All ready start0618 - START150648 - Sebastian and Kimi passed Hamilton.150658 - And Rosberg passed Luisa0739 - Hamilton tried to pass Rosberg, but made a mistake and ran over graviy0743 - Lewis 10-I0952 - 1st lap Vettel, Raikkonen, Rosberg, Bottas, Kvyat, Hulkenberg, ricciardo, Perez, Massa, Hamilton, Sainz, Alonso, Verstappen, button, Maldonado, Grosjean, Mary, Ericsson, Nasr, Stevens1014 - Hulkenberg passed Quata1148 - 3 laps Vettel - 1.6 - Raikkonen - 2.3 C - Rosberg - 3.4 with - Bottas - 1.6 with - Hulkenberg - 1.2 C - Kvyat - 0.5 C - Riccardo - 1.4 C - Perez - 0.9 with - Weight - 0.5 to - Hamilton1205 - Massa received a 5 second penalty for a mistake at start1254 - 128.067 - best lap Fettes1442 - 5 laps Vettel - 1.8 - Raikkonen - 2.3 C - Rosberg - 6.2 C - Bottas - 2.1-with - Hulkenberg - 0.8 C - Kvyat - 0.3 C - Riccardo - 2.5 s - Perez - 1.2 with - Weight - 0.3 - Hamilton1528 - the First three goes at about the same pace, but Lewis loses two secundi1613 - Hamilton tormented a Lot, but not to come forward udaetsa1621 - Mary in boxoh1737 - 7 laps Vettel - 2.3 with - Raikkonen - 2.5 C - Rosberg - 8.7 p - Bottas - 1.9 with - Hulkenberg - 0.8 C - Kvyat - 0.4 - Riccardo - 3.6 - Perez - 0.9 with - Weight - 0.9 to - Hamilton1809 - Kvyat at the request of the team skipped forward Riccardo2024 - Rosberg 3 - 20.4 - Hamilton 10152049 - Riccardo passed Hulkenberg2125 - Hamilton attacks the Weight on the outer side of the first turn. and comes forward. Was the contact of the rear tires.152239 - 10 laps Vettel - 2.3 C - Raikkonen - 3.8 C - Rosberg - 12.3 p - Bottas - 1.6 C - Riccardo - 1.8 with - Hulkenberg - 1.2 C - Kvyat - 3.1 - Perez - 0.6 to - Hamilton - 2.3 C - Massa2302 - Hamilton easily caught up with Perese2337 - Lewis is attacking Sergio, but so far without uspeha2404 - Riccardo caught Bottas2446 - Verstappen passed Alonso2514 - ricciardo overtook Bottas2531 - And Hamilton easily passed Perez on braking before the first powrotem2610 - Bottas and Kvyat in the pits after 13 kruga2647 - Bottas remained at the Software, and Kvyat moved to Medium2854 - Mass, Verstappen, Grodan, button and Nasr in the pits after 14 kruga2904 - 14 laps Vettel - 2.2 with - Raikkonen - 6.2 C - Rosberg - 13.8 C - Riccardo - 5.3 with - Hulkenberg - 2.7 - Hamilton - 4.1 with - Perez - 2.6 - Sainz - 1.5 C - Alonso2944 - Hulkenberg, Sainz and Alonso in boxes after 15 kruga2949 - Alonso overtook Since3017 - 127.913 - best lap Fettes3059 - 127.695 - best lap Hamilton3111 - Perez and Ericsson in boxoh3138 - On the Psychic now Kvyat, Maldonado and Massa3220 - 17 laps Vettel - 2.7 C - Raikkonen - 7.2 C - Rosberg - 14.6 C - Riccardo - 5.5 - Hamilton3245 - Hamilton is one second faster Rosberg3352 - the Order on the track Vettel, Raikkonen, Rosberg, ricciardo, Hamilton, Bottas, Hulkenberg, Kvyat, Maldonado, Perez, Verstappen, Alonso, Sainz, button, Grosjean, Massa, Ericsson, Nasr, Stevens, Mary3433 - Kimi told that he had lost a piece of the front wing. In the pits preparing a new deal3440 - Reversal Perez153513 - Perez attacked Maldonado, but there was contact, and he lost a few pozici3524 - Hamilton in the pits after 19 kruga3552 - Lewis went side by side with Bottas, but managed to stay vperedi3608 - Rosberg in boxes after 20 kruga3629 - Niko chose the Medium.153733 - Vettel in boxes after 21 laps - Soft3818 - 127.013 - best lap Hamilton3828 - Riccardo boxoh3904 - Riccardo on Mediume3915 - Raikkonen in the boxes after 22 laps - Soft3943 - Maldonado and Stevens have not been in the pits. First started on Mediume4006 - Hamilton's tail Riccardo4040 - Verstappen and Alonso were Maldonado4053 - 126.877 - best lap Fettes4146 - 23 lap Vettel - 5.8 s - Raikkonen - 6.3 C - Rosberg - 17.1 C - Riccardo - 0.4 - Hamilton - 7.2 C - Bottas - 2.4 with - Hulkenberg - 3.8 C - Kvyat - 4.4 - Verstappen - 4.2 - Alonso4156 - Sainz was Maldonado4339 - Maldonado received passage through the pit lane due to a collision with Pericom4403 - Maldonado in the pits is penalti4439 - the Second pilot of the Lotus received a 5-second penalty for dangerous exit from the pit stop4550 - 25 laps Vettel - 6.4 C - Raikkonen - 9.6 C - Rosberg - 16.3 C - Riccardo - 0.8 to - Hamilton - 8.2 - Bottas - 2.5 with - Hulkenberg - 5.3 - Kvyat - 2.3 C - Verstappen - 4.9 C - Alonso4610 - Rosberg 3 - 17.1 - Hamilton 5154624 - Niko goes to the Psychic, Lewis - Softe4657 - Vettel on lap overtook Maldonado4759 - Ericsson overtook Massa in the battle for 15th positiu4806 - race is Not Felipe4822 - leaders will Soon overtake it on crug4852 - Hamilton passes ricciardo154943 - Nasr ahead Massu5051 - 29 laps Vettel - 7.3 with - Raikkonen - 11.7 C - Rosberg - 15.3 C - Hamilton - 2.3 C - Riccardo - 10.2 C - Bottas - 3.3 with - Hulkenberg - 6.4 C - Kvyat - 0.6 C - Verstappen - 5.8 s - Alonso5116 - Hamilton is faster than Rosberg for a second, but he has a softer resin5201 - Vettel on lap overtook Massa5219 - Perez in the pits after 31 kruga5337 - 31 lap Vettel - 7.0 with - Raikkonen - 12.6 C - Rosberg - 13.0 C - Hamilton - 5.4 C - Riccardo - 11.3 C - Bottas - 3.0 - Hulkenberg - 6.9 C - Kvyat - 1.2 C - Verstappen - 4.9 C - Alonso5437 - Massa visited the pits and returned on Soft5528 - Vettel overtook Mary on the second Krug5546 - 126.801 - best lap Hamilton5637 - Kvyat in the pits after 33 laps - Soft5724 - Kvyat 13-I5752 - Rosberg 3 - 8.8 C - Hamilton4155907 - 35 laps Vettel - 8.3 C - Raikkonen - 14.9 C - Rosberg - 8.0 - Hamilton - 9.0 - Riccardo - 14.5 C - Bottas - 3.1 with - Hulkenberg - 9.0 - Verstappen - 4.5 - Alonso - 3.3 C - Sync5944 - button in the boxes after 35 kruga5951 - Jenson was 11-M160045 - hlkenberg in boxoh0051 - And Alonso0107 - And Sins0132 - the Last two are switched to the Medium, Hulkenberg on Site0205 - Alonso and Sainz missed the race leader on crug0227 - Verstappen in the pits after 37 kruga0336 - Bottas in the pits after 38 kruga0406 - 39 laps Vettel - 9.4 with - Raikkonen - 17.5 C - Rosberg - 5.8 s - Hamilton - 9.3 C - Riccardo0434 - because Of the extra warm up lap distance was reduced to 69 laps. So there is still 30 laps.160532 - the Order on the track Vettel, Raikkonen, Rosberg, Hamilton, ricciardo, Bottas, Hulkenberg, Kvyat, Verstappen, Alonso, Sainz, button, Grosjean, Perez, Massa, Maldonado, Ericsson, Nasr, Stevens, Mari0609 - Hamilton loses the pace - it seems that the Software on ishade0627 - there will be a final cut on the Medium and Rosberg, by contrast, will go to Site0737 - 41 circle Vettel - 12.7 C - Raikkonen - 14.4 C - Rosberg - 7.4 - Hamilton - 10.0 C - Riccardo - 38.5 - Bottas - 0.9 with - Hulkenberg - 0.4 C - Quat0822 - Hulkenberg and Kvyat pressure Bottas0840 Alonso, behind the circle, easily outperformed Raikkonen0915 - Kimi complains about the loss monosti0922 - Hulkenberg took off in the first corner160939 - Mode virtual machine security160952 - Rosberg, Hamilton and ricciardo in boxoh1015 - Perez, Maldonado and Ericsson for the third time in boxoh1056 - Vettel and Raikkonen in the pits around spusta1106 - Grosjean and Stevens in boxoh1144 - On the track the safety car161210 - Kvyat also decided to visit boxoh1228 - 43 circle behind, there is still 26161250 - Alonso in boxoh1344 - the repetition can be seen as Hulkenberg on the line fell off the front anticrime1411 - On the road a lot of the debris from the Force India161502 - Interestingly, Rosberg remained on Mediume1540 - the safety Car leads the peloton through the pit lane161613 - 45 laps pozadi1715 - the Order Vettel, Raikkonen, Rosberg, Hamilton, ricciardo, Bottas, Verstappen, Kvyat, Sainz, button, Alonso, Massa, Grosjean, Perez, Maldonado, Ericsson, Nasr, Stevens, Mary1754 - Marshals literally sweep starting pryamoy1803 - And pilots again pass through the pit lain1848 - Perez and Verstappen at this point made a pit stope2133 - 47 laps pozadi2146 - Pilots who are lagging behind in the circle, allowed to overtake a car bezopasnosti2231 - Machine security is preparing to leave trass2245 - RESTART162307 - Rosberg passes Raikkonen and ricciardo - Hamilton162329 Kvyat ahead of Lewis162334 - And Bottas Procol2404 - Bottas in boxoh2453 - Alonso passed Button2502 - 49 laps Vettel - 1.1 - Rosberg - 3.0 - Raikkonen - 0.4 - Riccardo - 0.9 p - Kvyat - 4.8 - Hamilton - 0.8 to - Verstappen - 16.1 C - Sainz - 1.1 - Alonso - 1.9 - Button2547 - the Order on the track Vettel, Rosberg, Raikkonen, ricciardo, Kvyat, Hamilton, Verstappen, Sainz, Alonso, button, Massa, Grosjean, Maldonado, Ericsson, Nasr, Perez, Bottas, Stevens, Mary2552 - 20 laps before finish2609 - Riccardo easily passes Raikkonen for Pramoj2716 - the repetition can be seen that during the restart was contact between ricciardo and Hamilton, whereupon the latter turned out trassy2721 - Hamilton in the pits162753 - He changed the nose cone and put the tires Soft2804 - 126.508 - best lap Riccardo2829 - Verstappen has exceeded the speed of the machine bezopasnosti2849 - It's the same with Maldonado and Raikkonen2902 - Hamilton 13-a2922 - Raikkonen in boxoh2946 - Kimi almost a minute stood in the pits, but returned to trass3106 - Hamilton got the penalty in the form of travel on the pit lane due to a collision with Riccardo3135 - Massa and Hamilton in the pits. For the latter, it's a penalty.163234 - 55 laps Vettel - 1.2 C - Rosberg - 1.2 with - Riccardo - 3.4 with - Kvyat - 12.1 C - Verstappen - 0.5 s - Sainz - 19.7 C - Alonso - 1.6 C - button - with 1.2 - Grosjean - 1.8 - Maldonado3300 - Perez in the pits is shod3341 - Raikkonen again in boxoh3405 - Verstappen got travel on the pit lane for exceeding skorosti3430 - Alonso passed Sainz Fernando 6th163443 - 125.871 - best lap Hamilton3451 - Lewis now 13-I3504 - And for Raikkonen race zakonchilas3555 - Verstappen in the pits - strap3703 - Grosjean passed Button and Sins3715 - 57 laps Vettel - 1.2 C - Rosberg - 0.7 - Riccardo - 2.1 C - Kvyat - 31.2 - Verstappen - 6.0 - Alonso - 4.6 - Grosjean - 0.8 s - Sainz - 2.7 - button - 0.3 s - Maldonado3734 - the button has passed Since3748 - Maldonado in boxoh3801 - penalty3820 - For the Pastor this is the second penalty during gonki3927 - Eriksson passed Sainz. Yes, in vain, Carlos decided not to change tires in the mode of the safety car.163937 - 59 laps Vettel - 1.1 - Rosberg - 0.6 - Riccardo - 2.5 C - Kvyat - 32.6 - Verstappen - 5.6 C - Alonso - 4.6 - Grosjean - 4.0 - button - with 2.5 - Ericsson - 0.5 C - Sins4009 - Hamilton 12th, while without ochkov4050 - Nasr and Hamilton passed Since4055 - Sainz in boxoh4104 - shod4216 - Hamilton passed Nasr and entered the first Desyatka4225 - 61 lap Vettel - 1.0 - Rosberg - 0.7 - Riccardo - 2.1 C - Kvyat - 34.5 C - Verstappen - 5.6 C - Alonso - 5.4 - Grosjean - 4.8 - button - 1.6 - Ericsson - 1.4 C - Hamilton4230 - 8 laps before finish4247 - Hamilton passed Eriksson and already attacking Buttona4342 - Hamilton overtook Button4517 - 63 lap Vettel - 1.3 - Rosberg - 0.4 - Riccardo - 2.3 C - Kvyat - 35.4 s - Verstappen - 5.5 - Alonso - 6.6 C - Grosjean - 3.3 C - Hamilton - 3.5 - button - 1.3 - Ericsson4537 - 125.839 - best lap Hamilton4604 - Riccardo tried to pass Rosberg, but eventually punctured the rear Koleso4617 - ricciardo and Rosberg in boxoh4623 - And Kvyat second164702 - Rosberg returned to the track behind Hamilton164710 - 4 laps to finish4815 - 65 laps Vettel - 5.6 C - Kvyat - 27.4 with - Riccardo - 7.9 p - Verstappen - 5.5 - Alonso - 6.1 - Grosjean - 0.3 - Hamilton - 7.4 with - button - 0.5 to - Eriksson - 0.9 p - Rosberg4855 - And Kvyat were given 10 seconds because he overtook Hamilton off the track. It was during restart.164905 - But there's 27 seconds Riccardo4924 - Hamilton passed Grogan4937 - And Rosberg went Eriksson and Batton5009 - 125.016 - best lap Riccardo5109 - 67 laps Vettel - with 5.7 - Kvyat - 22.5 with - Riccardo - 13.8 C - Verstappen - 6.1 C - Alonso - 6.2 C - Hamilton - 2.3 C - Grosjean - 3.1 C - Rosberg - 4.4 - button - with 1.5 - Ericsson5114 - 2 laps to finish5145 - And by the time Maldonado will add 10 seconds - this is the third penalty for the Pastor during this Genki5235 - 124.821 - best lap Riccardo5242 - Vettel takes the last Krug5319 - Stevens cosel5342 - Rosberg's tail Grogan5417 - And Vettel crosses the finish line first This is the 2nd win of the season and 41st in his career.165437 - finishes Second Kvyat. And a penalty of 10 seconds will not affect its result.165509 - Third result from Ricardo. Two pilots of Red Bull on the podium and not a single representative of Mercedes.165538 - Fourth Verstappen, the fifth - Alonso.165556 - This is the best result for McLaren. Besides, the button was able to finish 9th. 165613 - Hamilton finished sixth, Rosberg eighth. Between Grosjean.165652 - Rounded out the top ten Eriksson.165851 - FINISH subject to the penalty Kvyat Vettel - 15.7 - Kvyat - 9.3 C - Riccardo - 19.1 - Verstappen - 4.8 with - Alonso - 2.9 - Hamilton - 6.5 - Grosjean - 0.2 C - Rosberg - 8.1 - button - 2.1 C - Ericsson5914 - 15 cars got to the finish line Vettel, Kvyat, ricciardo, Verstappen, Alonso, Hamilton, Grosjean, Rosberg, button, Ericsson, Nasr, Massa, Bottas, Maldonado, Meri0020 - Congratulations to Daniil Kvyat's first podium in Formula 1 Second place - the best result for the Russian pilots. Earlier, Vitaly Petrov managed to finish third in Australia-2011.170038 - see you at the live broadcast of the Grand Prix of Belgium in four weeks.

2015-03-31 09:34:02

Petrov fault in a collision with Kviat lies entirely on Hulkenberg

Petrov fault in a collision with Kviat lies entirely on Hulkenberg

The first Russian driver Vitaly Petrov F1 described the attack Nico Hulkenberg on Daniil Kvyat, GP Malaysia as arrogant."Just want to say, that the collision Kvyat with Nico Hulkenberg and I want to support FIA judges who fined Hulkenberg.Blame for the collision it, there's no doubt about it. While Kvyat still would not so strongly "to shut the gate".Next time, maybe Daniel will not be as much cutting trajectory.He's not exactly your fault, but in the future should still look the opponent in the mirrors. Maybe I'd leave a meter and a half of asphalt - let it go, but the contact will not be exact. To recoup the position back Nico already can't anyway. Speaking of all this, again I note claims for Daniel to not be. Fault lies entirely on Hulkenberg.He hoped that Kvyat is such a simple guy that will give him quietly open the gate to go and then feel like home. Definitely, he got confused. Here Nico is not exactly controlled the situation. He attacked too aggressive and blatantly trying to win a position that was lost irretrievably. For this he paid in the end, receiving a fine", - quotes the words Petrova Motorsport.

2014-12-15 14:04:03

Robert Kubica missed the Formula 1

Robert Kubica missed the Formula 1

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Robert Kubica admitted that much he misses the Formula-1 cars.Robert Kubica "I don't miss the Formula 1, its intrigues and other moments. I miss the cars, the capabilities of these machines, the performances in the races. Formula 1 has always been my dream, so now without it very hard. All my life I have spent in order to realize his dream, but the tragedy occurred. And I'm sorry that you have to watch for the race from afar".Recall that in the beginning of the 2011 season, then the driver of the Renault and partner Vitaly Petrov, had an accident during a rally race and suffered serious damage to his hands. Now the pole is in WRC.

2014-11-18 10:34:03

Sebastian Vettel I understand Niko

The pilot of the Red Bull Sebastian Vettel believes that the Nico Rosberg need to think less about the fight for the title and just work on the victory in the final race.Sebastian Vettel "I too was in a situation which is now Niko. I knew that I have a chance at the title, but you must win. I did everything I could, and won the race, while not paying attention to where my opponents. It turned out that Webber and Alonso finished below them, so the title got me, what was amused. The same advice I give and Rosberg less thinking, more doing".Recall that in the race of 2010, which told Vettel scored Vitaly Petrov, otbivki all attacks Fernando Alonso.

2014-10-13 01:24:02

Interview readers Sergio Perez

Interview readers Sergio Perez

This year in category "Interview with readers you can ask questions to the racers. In Melbourne they replied Daniel Quat, in Barcelona, Niko Hulkenberg, Monaco - Kamui Kobayashi, Silverstone - Valtteri Bottas in Germany, Jenson button, in Hungary - Daniel Riccardo, in Milwaukee - Mikhail Aleshin, Spa - Jean-Eric Verne, in Monza - Felipe Massa in Singapore - Pastor Maldonado.

In Sochi on the readers ' questions replied Sergio Perez.

Question Zail Sadoyan, Novosibirsk Sergio, on behalf of all of your fan club in Russia I send greetings What would you like to say to your Russian fans

Sergio Perez First of all, thank you very much for such an organization, it's nice to know that I've got a fan club. I am very glad that we came here, in Russia. I like country people. Very friendly, which, frankly, I didn't expect. I came here for the first time and have already noticed that I recognized on the streets. This was a very pleasant surprise.

Question Ivan, Togliatti What Russian words do you know

Sergio Perez Yes. I know one thing. But I forgot. after a long pause I knew how to say in Russian, "good", but forgot.

Question DimaF, Kotelniki Sergio, what are your first impressions of Russia How do you like our girls and if you enjoy the food

Sergio Perez About food, to be honest, I almost have nothing to say. I had not much chance to try local dishes. During race weekends we must adhere to a strict diet, but on Wednesday we were in the mountains and I tried one traditional dish of beef in the restaurant.

Girls. I Have no words. The most beautiful in the world Maybe even better than in Mexico. Although there. At least very close laughs.

The question Alex Ignatiev, Samara You were in the same team with Vitaly Petrov in GP2. What you did he learn

Sergio Perez Yes. When I moved in GP2, he was already very experienced, and I was able to learn from him. We spent time together, became friends. He is an excellent pilot. It is a pity that he is not already in the Formula 1. I think it's a loss for the championship.

Question Evgeny, Moscow is it True that you are now working physical therapist that worked before and with Petrov

Sergio Perez Yes Cave. Here he addresses the physiotherapist cave Let's get a picture with you for the article.

Question Arthur Adler Sochi hosted a football match with the participation of Formula 1 drivers. You, unlike other racers, played two halves. So much love football

Sergio Perez I love football. It's my second passion. I like to play, to watch. Me in Sochi, have given the prize as the best player of the match. I always try to arrive when the pilots play football. But sometimes sponsored event is not allowed to take part in such matches.

Question Nikita, Saratov last summer hosted the world Cup in Brazil. Among the participating countries was Mexico. Watched you for the performance of his team

Sergio Perez Yes, of course. I think the Dutch are very lucky with that penalty in the 1/8 finals There was no penalty

Question Eugene, Chernogolovka What is your favorite football team

Sergio Perez In Mexico - America. In Europe I support real Madrid. I am a big fan Chicharito Mexican footballer - Approx. as amended. Honestly, I did not like "real". Moreover, in Spain I always was rooting for Barcelona, but when Chicharito moved to Madrid, I became sick and this team too. We know he was born in the same city as me.

Question Anton, Nizhny Novgorod In the past, the pilots of Formula 1 had to work with a manual transmission, with three pedals. Now this is no longer there, but you have to deal with numerous switches on the steering wheel. How in your opinion, who are harder - to your predecessors or you

Sergio Perez I think it's equally difficult. Now the machine is very high-tech, they are a vast number of different systems. Formula 1 has always been a very complex and unique in all areas, and control of the machines has never been easy.

Question Ludmila, Tula You said that Nico Hulkenberg is your strongest partner in F1. What is he so good

Sergio Perez Niko very fast in qualifications. He constantly brings the result to the finish. It is very difficult to win. I would have made him one of the best pilots in modern Formula 1.

Question Sergey, St. Petersburg How hard are you a Mexican, had in Berlin after moving

Sergio Perez Very hard. Personally for me it was especially difficult because I was only 15 years old. I had to leave everything. Family, friends, school. I have lived in Berlin for only a year, and then moved to a small village near Munich and lived there for another year.

Question Stepan, Moscow Sergio, You were born in Guadalajara, one of the largest cities in Mexico. What advice would you give me as a tourist to see in your hometown

Sergio Perez First of all in the neighborhood ought to go to see our girls. They are very beautiful. Also try the dish "cake of ahogada". You can go to the best shopping center of Mexico - it is in Guadalajara, the largest in the country. Many places. Come.

Question Andrew, Chelyabinsk In one of your interviews for readers when you have just started to compete in the Formula 1, you said that after graduating from career planning to return to live in Mexico. You been living in Europe, have not changed your plans

Sergio Perez Yes, nothing has changed. I will go back to the neighborhood, and I live an ordinary life, when you finish his career. Mexico is my home, my friends, my family. When I get married, I'm going to live with his wife in Guadalajara.

Question Svetlana, Kursk do you See yourself in the paddock after the end of your career And if Yes, in what capacity

Sergio Perez No, I don't think so. Now I'm pretty sure that as soon as you end my career, immediately move back to Mexico. But you never know what might happen in the future. I'm only 24, I hope, I have yet to come at least ten years in Formula 1. During this time you a lot to think about. But now I think I will return home.

Question Reznik, Volgograd how Often do you remember the Grand Prix of Malaysia 2012, when nearly won

Sergio Perez Honestly, Yes. I often return in thought to this race. This was probably my best chance to win. Maybe in Canada this season I also had a chance to win, but there were problems with the brakes. But what happened happened.

Question Igor, Yerevan Tell us about your charity.

Sergio Perez We started it in 2012. He's already big enough, I'm glad we have the chance to help many children. We're at the end of each year, hold an auction, raising funds. Everything develops. I love to work on this project.

text Oleg Karpov


2014-10-08 22:54:03

The riders held a charity football match in Sochi

The riders held a charity football match in Sochi

The racing team Formula 1 held in Sochi in a charity football match with the national team of Russian pop stars and sports "Rosich-stark". The match was played at the stadium, southern Federal sports training center, in charity "Together let's help children Sochi" and the all-Russian action "Under the flag of good"

Team riders made Daniel Kwiat, Vitaly Petrov, Sergio Perez, Kevin Magnussen, Marcus Erickson and the other pilots. For "Rosich-stark acted Vlad Topalov, Pierre Narcisse, Viktor Zinchuk, Igor Vernik, Ilya Averbukh and the President of the Russian Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov.

The match was a tight fight, though, as admitted by Daniel Kwiat, racers were not working at 100, because ahead of the Grand Prix. Quat and Perez scored two goals, and one was on the account of Vitaly Petrov. However, the riders lost with a score of 65.

Team Caterham has published a video with scenes of the match.


2014-10-07 19:24:03

Gastaldi We will meet with Russian fans

Gastaldi We will meet with Russian fans

The head of the Lotus F1 Federico Gastaldi in an interview to the press service of the team summarized the results of the Grand Prix of Japan and talked about goals for the race in Sochi.

Question the Track in Sochi unknown to the riders and teams. What do you expect from the upcoming weekend

Federico Gastaldi Everything Formula 1 is waiting for a new and exciting adventure. Formula 1 is a global sport, and the first race in Russia will be a great experience for all of us. Most importantly, we will meet with fans. We need to make sure that Formula 1 will take a strong place in their hearts. In the championship is very good Russian rider - Daniel Quat. The team from Enstone debuted the first pilot of the Formula 1 from Russia is our friend Vitaly Petrov. It would be great to meet him again and see what he thinks about the attitude of his countrymen to this sport.

Question Russia is an important market for Formula 1 in the future

Federico Gastaldi Certainly. We must act in the greatest country in the world. In the last twenty years, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, we saw that the country has huge potential. The rapid growth of the economy and the hosting of major sports events will lead to the fact that in the next decade there will be many new opportunities for business development. Team Lotus we are always exploring new markets and seek to expand the audience of the Formula 1.

Question the Track is located in the Olympic Park, and the Formula 1 and the Olympic games two of the biggest sporting events in the world. Do you think the championship will soon appear more similar stages

Federico Gastaldi Between the Olympic games and Formula 1 are the Parallels, because they attract large companies and brands. This is only for the benefit of the championship. In Formula 1 there are many attractive to large companies. New technologies and the efficiency of the machines in this season are exciting prospects, so we need to promote Formula 1. Ultimately, I believe that we have a strong relationship with the Olympic movement, because we race in Montreal and Barcelona, where in 1976 and 1992, the years of the Olympic games were held. So we already have a similar heritage.

Question How do you assess the results of the weekend in Suzuka

Federico Gastaldi For all Japanese weekend was difficult because of the accident with Jules Bianchi. The team wishes him all the best in the coming days and weeks, we all hope for a positive outcome.

It is difficult to draw conclusions about the efficiency of the machine because the race took place in difficult conditions. I must say that both drivers performed well, especially considering the fact that due to spray the visibility was low. On the other hand, we could earn points, but the finish is two machines in such a complex environment can be considered a positive result.

Question How do you assess the decision of the FIA production car safety and the appearance of red flags during the race

Federico Gastaldi This is a fairly difficult job, but in hindsight that any of us looks expert. I must say, given the progress of the race, all decisions about the release of the safety car were correct. From the outset it was clear that on the road too much water, so it was the right decision to leave the safety car for a few laps. Then, when it started to rain again, the race was stopped by the red flag after the accident. We should learn from such a serious incident, but in General, I believe that the race direction has performed well in a very difficult and arduous conditions.

Question How is the preparation for 2015

Federico Gastaldi We are doing a lot in preparation for the next season, and it's positive. However, I continue to insist that we still have opportunities to earn points this year. We should focus on achieving this goal, but hard to prepare for the new season. The team is working to return to the high position. In Enstone all focused on achieving this goal.

text Mikhail Smirnov


2014-09-20 16:24:02

The circle on the Sochi Circuit" with Vitaly Petrov

The circle on the Sochi Circuit

During the opening ceremony of the Sochi Circuit Vitaly Petrov drove on road car journalist and told about the features of the route configuration, if he flew behind the wheel of a Formula 1.

Vitaly Petrov "After a long pit lane we go on a long straight. Limiting the pit lane, the line continues for a very long time - almost before the first turn, because the speed will be up to 320-330 km/H.

The first turn will be absolute to take place on the second pass. It is seen that it is very narrow, and in the first laps the riders will be really difficult to deal with it.

The third is a long slow turn with a slope, the car constantly blows a little. Following the long arc of the curve must also take place on the second or third gear. In principle, this is an ordinary rotation, it is not complicated. After it starts small straight. At the end of the turn, which takes place on the third or fourth gear. I would not say that it is quite slow, but not very fast - it is something. Followed by a relatively long straight.

The sixth turning right, very Satigny", but to pass it will be very interesting. Here, too, use second gear.

For double left him. The main thing here - it's good to slow down, to properly Park the car and as soon as possible to drown the gas pedal. The second part of the rotation can easily be done at full speed.

The next right turn you can drive in third gear, this medium-speed rotation. There is nothing difficult - I think he's ordinary. Here the important work at the exit of the turn, as he begins the long straight.

This is a very interesting piece, straight ends with a complex curve, where you have to brake during the turn. There will always be blocked wheels.

Then comes "Eska"that needs to go into second gear, and under the bridge start turns, very similar to Abu Dhabi. In the left turning too negative slope, so the machine is constantly driving out.

For him "Eska"using second gear. It is necessary to go not too far, and then immediately rebuilt right - if you make a mistake, you can very much time to lose to a straight.

Behind it is the entrance to the pit lane. This is a very complex part - turn is quite steep.

Two of the last turn on the track - right. In principle, there's nothing complicated - this is the standard curves. But the pit lane difficult. It is not very narrow, but it will take time to find the suitable speed at the entrance".


2014-09-20 14:54:02

Sochi Circuit" has officially opened

Sochi Circuit

In the framework of the XIII International Investment Forum "Sochi - 2014" was held the solemn opening of the Sochi Circuit - the most modern Motorsport complex in Russia, where 10-12 October 2014 will be the first ever Russian Grand Prix Formula 1.

Guests of the opening ceremony saw the demo rides and shows with participation of stars of the Russian series of circuit races. The opening was held in a solemn atmosphere with the participation of officials, guests and participants of the Forum.

In exhibition races attended Vitaly Petrov, Russia's first Formula 1 driver, Vice-champion German Formula 3 Artem Markelov, who ruled double machine GP2 team Russian Time. In addition, viewers saw on the track pilots RSCG Michael Kryvorizkogo, Andrew Sevastyanova and Anton Zakharov.

Sergey Vorobiev, Deputy General Director of JSC "Center "omega", the promoter of the Grand Prix of Russia "I am Glad to welcome all the participants at the opening of the Sochi Circuit. Very soon he will take the Russian leg of the Formula 1, we hope that this event will be held at the highest level.

Our team worked long and hard over the organization of this event it brought together the best Russian and international experts, professionalism and energy were the main driving force for the development of Sochi Circuit. I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the organization's success and future events.

Sochi Circuit has the most modern infrastructure in the country. I am sure that the circuit will become a popular destination for Motorsport fans from around the world. On the circuit it is planned to arrange the annular racing, track days, demonstration races, courses of counter-emergency driving and test-drives of new products in the automotive industry, as well as to open a school karting and implement various social projects.

Invite all the guests to not only enjoy the atmosphere of the "Royal races", but also to cheer for the Russian pilot of Formula 1 Daniel quata in his honor we named tribune T4. Come and support the young racer and spend a great autumn weekend in the style of Formula 1.


2014-09-08 00:44:03

Interview readers Felipe Massa

Interview readers Felipe Massa

This year in category "Interview with readers you can ask questions to the racers. In Melbourne they replied Daniel Quat, in Barcelona, Niko Hulkenberg, Monaco - Kamui Kobayashi, Silverstone - Valtteri Bottas in Germany, Jenson button, in Hungary - Daniel Riccardo, in Milwaukee - Mikhail Aleshin, Spa - Jean-Eric Verne.

In Monza to the readers ' questions replied Felipe Massa.

Question Eugene, Saratov Felipe, as you was born the idea of the go-cart race

Felipe Massa It was a long time ago. At first I just wanted to organize a go-kart race. Then came the idea to make some event with famous pilots. The result was to combine the two ideas, and we race for ten consecutive years.

The question Alex, Tashkent Felipe, please tell us how is the selection of participants for your go-kart tournament

Felipe Massa I invite riders. Just asking who would be interested to come, trying to understand who has the desire, and then we send them an invitation, and deal with their accommodation, buy tickets. The organization is very complex. But everything is possible, if you want.

Question Gunay, Astana, Kazakhstan Felipe, you have a beautiful son. Please tell me, whether all Grand Prix wife and son accompany you

Felipe Massa We try to distribute race smiles. I would like to take my wife and my son were with me always, in all Grand Prix, and they try not to miss a lot - especially in Europe. However, for each race they can't come, too many flights, it's hard. When they cannot be with me, visit my parents, my brother. I like to spend time with family. It allows me to feel better. Of course, when I'm in the car, I don't think about them. But I'm glad they are there when I am not driving.

Question Alexander, Moscow Felipe You and your son are big fans of football. Even you said that you wanted to see his player in the future

Felipe Massa I don't know yet. We haven't thought about what will happen next. But honestly, I'm impressed. He has a great talent. I have no idea who he'd been, but I assure you - just not from me laughs.

He is very passionate about. He likes cars, but we focused more on football. Watch the game together, we rejoice in the victories of the national team of Brazil together experienced failures together. He's a fan. He knows all the players, know all the teams, all the colors of all clubs, absolutely everything about football. I really like to watch it.

Question Sergei Stavropol Roberto Carlos is your friend. How did you meet and did he talk about Makhachkala

Felipe Massa the first time we met him in Brazil, but have become friends already here in the paddock. He loves cars, he often came to the race. We met, became friends. Especially at a time when he played for Real Madrid, and then in Turkey, we were very close. We still talk sometimes, but now to communicate became more difficult. He's a great guy, who loves Formula 1. If he talks about the time he spent in Russia Probably Yes, but I can't think of anything specific.

Question Ilya, Voronezh Who pilots the best of all plays football

Felipe Massa I'm trying to play in the team of pilots, when they arrange the matches, but for the game on Wednesday Bologna, could not come. The best player of the pilots Many play well. Fernando Alonso, Giancarlo Fisichella, probably the best.

Question Ignat, Togliatti How do you Vitaly Petrov on the football field

Felipe Massa He is good, Yes.

Question Vitaly snoring, Moscow Important for you to transition in Williams Rob Smedley

Felipe Massa I think it is very important for the team in the first place. He became one of the key members of the team. It helps to change the mentality of the people who work here. He motivates them, puts in the right direction. Definitely, Rob has become one of the key employees. And not only he. We have a lot of new people, which allow the team to move forward. But much more remains to be done.

Question Anatoly, Kursk That sir Frank said to you after signing the contract

Felipe Massa He was very happy. I know he wanted to see me in the team, what has always said. For me it was very important, because I also wanted to play for Williams. I am glad that everything turned out so.

Question Roma acorn, Moscow When you saw your first Grand Prix

Felipe Massa First race, which I saw on TV I don't remember. Live I first got the Grand Prix at Interlagos, but I don't remember exactly what it was a year. In 1987 or 1988.

Question Linar, Usinsk Felipe, after several years at Ferrari, whether you have a little Italian

Felipe Massa I have a "little Italian" My family is from Italy. I have an Italian passport. But I really became more Italian in times of performances for Ferrari.

Question Irina, Grodno Three of your best victory in the Formula 1.

Felipe Massa it's Hard to choose. I would say that this is my first victory in Turkey, the first victory in Brazil, and probably win in 2007 in Barcelona - it was a great race. But I would also say one for me to win failed. One of the best races I had in Hungary in 2008 I blew up the engine in the back, but still it was a fantastic race.

Question Taras, Izhevsk Rubens Barrichello running now on TV. What is it like to give him an interview

Felipe Massa In the beginning when he came to interview, was a bit strange. But I was used to. I understand that it's his job. I think he's doing a great job. I saw him on TV - he's a really good expert smiles.

Question Ivan, St. Petersburg do You see yourself in the paddock after a career in F1 The team leader The journalist

Felipe Massa Journalist rather no than Yes. Team leader - definitely not. In some other capacity - also, probably not. But let's see what will happen in the future. I haven't finished.

Question Artem, Moscow If you had to bet 100 to win the championship, who would you bet Hamilton or Rosberg

Felipe Massa I think Niko. I before the start of the season for some reason I thought so. Maybe. you Know, if you don't remember what was in the Spa, because what he did there was wrong, but in General, I think he's just more stable. And in this championship stability will be the most important factor. It is more important than to be just faster than the other. One who will score more points, he will win.

Question Alena, Kaliningrad have You ever been in Russia

Felipe Massa not Yet. Come for the first time on the race.

Question Alexander Nikolaev Now you are the only Brazilian driver in F1. Brazil without the Brazilian Formula 1 is a disaster. What is the reason

Felipe Massa Yes, our racing through difficult times. This applies not only to Formula 1. Those who's goal is to reach Formula 1, those who are capable of it, now it is very little.

I remember when I was still quite young, he moved to Europe, then in each event in each series was Brazilian, who fought for the title. Now it is not. Now sometimes in these Championships no Brazilian pilots - not to mention the winners. The situation is very complicated, but the Federation does not help us, and, I think, quickly it is impossible to correct.

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2014-08-28 12:24:02

Vitaly Petrov I don't like unfinished business

Vitaly Petrov I don't like unfinished business

With Vitaly Petrov we met at the Moscow international automobile salon - the first Russian driver in Formula 1, and now the DTM racer, takes part in the action AVITO. In an exclusive interview Vitaly told about how it is the season why in the German touring championship is not yet able to demonstrate their speed, and in any series he may be in the near future.

Q Vitaly, DTM you do not get anything. What is the reason

Vitaly Petrov Yes, there are still difficulties are unable to cope. I know what the problem is, but it will take time to understand. All the matter in difference DTM cars from the techniques that I've flown all my life. In the formulas, even in the GP2 series, I could make a difference and be reconfigured in the car, and in particular this applies to the steering column. In the Formula 1 and GP2, the sensitivity of the steering is quite different when you turn the steering wheel even at large angles, the wheels are turning quite a bit. Because of this rotation, you can precisely control the behavior of the machine. Throughout life I have learned to manage these machines. In DTM everything is different here when the wheel is turned just a few degrees of the wheel is greatly clear of the sides. So, you work in a very narrow range, move the wheel to literally millimeters. And my problems are not with the machine and not with the settings, and it is this. We even have experimented with engineers, leaving the machine settings the same, but changing the settings of the steering column to those to which I am accustomed. And in the circle immediately improved.

Question why not use these settings in the races

Vitaly Petrov Because the DTM is, in fact, monasery. There are many limitations, including the same steering columns. Speed in cornering and braking points, I the same as all other pilots, but I lose in stability, clarity of action. Due to the very sharp steering hard for me ideally to go full circle, constantly occurs oversteer. I little more work the wheel than the other, and every extra movement is a waste of time. We compare telemetry, and, say, five turns I drive exactly the same as my companions, but then one mistake and time on the range deteriorates. You lose a tenth, and at this range it will not play. This is not Formula 1, you can't take a turn better than all the others, because it is perfect passing one and all just try to be as close as you can.

Question What are you planning to do with it

Vitaly Petrov We tried to change the settings of the machine so as to increase downforce at the rear, but then appeared so strong understeer that lap with a good time, too, was impossible. If you want to stay next year in the DTM, I will specifically train for the tests on the simulator it work with the steering wheel to try to adapt. If it will I be able to make progress.

Question What is the probability that you will be You are considering switching to another category

Vitaly Petrov We will soon begin negotiations with Mercedes, it will show. Suggestions there - I am in the world championship on races on endurance FIA WEC, and in the rally, but I don't like unfinished business. 'll see.

Question And no desire to try myself in new projects, such as Formula E

Vitaly Petrov Can open a secret - we negotiated with one of the teams on performance in Formula E, in parallel with the DTM championship. However, two phases are superimposed on each other, but this is not such a big problem on them instead of me behind the wheel could get another pilot. We have almost agreed, but at some point due to the pads with a visa, I was unable to attend the tests, and they called another pilot - in General, did not work. Formula E is an interesting option, and there are strong pilots, many famous racers. The sound, however, is funny laughs. Let's see how they will succeed in the first season, and it is likely that he would try his strength in the second. Moreover, it is possible that in a year or two later, one of the stages will be held in Russia.

Question Formula E is an alternative DTM, or you want to perform in parallel

Vitaly Petrov It was, of course, about parallel performances. Frankly, I cannot understand why in the DTM only ten races. This is very little, and all the while you sit and do nothing. I would like to spend more time on the track, or to do other things associated with sports - something to do.

Question You said your name in world championship races on endurance. Talking about the GT

Vitaly Petrov No, LMP. I can't tell you the details, because only two weeks will go to the base of the team, will hold talks. I will show the car, we will talk, and then we will see.

Question You this championship more interesting DTM

Vitaly Petrov I don't like unfinished business. This season I have not a lot has happened, a lot hasn't, and I want to prove that it's just a lack of experience. Knowing the reasons, I can deal with these problems. I hope that we will be able to change already in the remaining two races and on to the next season will be much better prepared.

Question Theoretically, performances in DTM and WEC can be combined, because there is too little racing.

Vitaly Petrov it is Possible, but much depends on the calendar. Although, of course, even if some races are the same, this is not a problem because the wheel will just sit another pilot. The most important thing that Mercedes were not against it. But I must say that until they go everywhere with us, and were not against performances in Formula E. we Have a very good relationship, and I'm glad they support me so.

Question And if we talk about the rally You were once at the rally and track racing, in fact it was there that he started his career.

Vitaly Petrov Yes, played for several years, and I am sure that now I will succeed. I know how to operate the machine and sports spikes and normal. Of course, there is a particular need to fully trust your Navigator, for example, so there is something to work on, but it is interesting. At the end of the season will talk about this with Mercedes.

Question Mercedes understand the reasons for your failures in DTM

Vitaly Petrov it is Important that everyone understands my engineers. When we started to work on the simulator, engineers said, "Yes, now we see that you need to manage. Because in the car DTM have cameras that allow you to see the pilot wheel, and on the simulator everything is perfectly visible.

Question how Much time you will need to adapt to this steering wheel

Vitaly Petrov I Think in the next season, the situation will improve. On the pre-season tests this year I worked on understanding the machine, tried to understand this series. But now that we know what the problem is, we'll focus here on steering. All say that the DTM is not important settings of the machine, and that the pilot was the most comfortable driving, so he could take the turns without making unnecessary movements.

Question Theoretically, it is possible to work on the simulator

Vitaly Petrov actually no, because the simulator gives you only 20 of those sensations that they experience driving a real car. It cannot simulate such oversteer. Yes, it is possible to change the settings, different turns, but there are nuances that can only be dealt on the tests. On stage we on this too, of course, work - let's see if I will be able to show some progress on Lausitzring.

Question How do you like the DTM championship in General

Vitaly Petrov It's a good League, but, as I said, in my opinion, there are a few stages. Besides the only thing that I don't like about them is very narrow scope for tactical combat. There is a rule according to which the soft rubber you can drive no more than 50 of the distance of the race. And a soft rubber at two seconds per lap faster than a hard and wear out very slowly. In the end, it is all go in the boxes on the middle distance, no matter what rubber did not start, and strategy all exactly the same. I would like to here something has changed - maybe the distance of the race increased, or wear rubber decreased to two pit-stop, and there's some kind of tactical combat. But otherwise all good.

Question "body" size and the review you are already accustomed to

Vitaly Petrov in the Beginning, when only sat in this car, it was certainly unusual. But now I feel comfortable, I even like it. Probably now have the formula to get used to laughs.

Question Thoughts on the Formula 1 you have left

Vitaly Petrov We are watching the situation, I know what places in teams free, but today it's all about money. If I was a sponsor, I am sure that next year would be appearing in the Formula 1. But such a sponsor I don't have.

Question And yet, you are pleased with your present life

Vitaly Petrov I'm not satisfied with their results. Because I understand what the problem is, but can't solve it overnight. The thing is that if you cannot change the settings of the machine, and in my case rail steering, you just need to skatyvaetsja in this championship, to get used to the car. It's real, but it takes a lot of time.

Question aren't you afraid in the end just to lose these few years

Vitaly Petrov I'm Afraid. Therefore, if you continue to act in DTM, test spend all your time on solving problems with steering - I don't want anything more to do on the test, yet do not understand. But most likely, next year everything will be much easier and better. Yes and the machine should be stronger.

There are quite specific rules, they are not the same for all, and designer, who took the lead, clamp, do not allow to develop the car. And his competitors, on the contrary, their cars can be improved. The result is that Audi and BMW have added so seriously that far ahead of us, and this year, unlike Formula 1, DTM Mercedes performs poorly. But now we got the opportunity to modify the car, and next year will greatly improve. Much is already evident in Lausitzring, where we will bring updates - however, it's unknown whether all of them machines, or only some.

Question DTM machine leader receives additional ballast. How do you feel about the possibility of the emergence of such rules in Formula 1

Vitaly Petrov it's Hard to say. Of course, if now the machine Rosberg and Hamilton would be heavier, a little bit equalise the chances. But on the other hand, I am not a fan of such solutions is still better when all are on equal footing. And then, we are in the championship cars BMW now the most difficult, they have 20 kg of ballast more than we do. Nevertheless, Marco Wittmann still all ahead - it feels great machine and test it.

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MIAS 2014 the eyes of an Amateur motorsports

MIAS 2014 the eyes of an Amateur motorsports

From August 29 to everyone in the IEC "Crocus Expo" will open the door leading automotive events of the year - the Moscow international automobile salon. About the total exposure we have already told you, it's time to focus on what MIAS 2014 can please160 motor racing fans.

If you love racing, you will definitely be something to look at MIAS 2014 - this time the exposition of the auto show motor racing fans hardly more interesting than160 motorists. On the territory of international exhibition center "Crocus Expo" presents a sportscar almost all key racing, rally and DTM to WEC and Formula 1. In addition, in the next three days, visitors will have a rare opportunity to get an autograph from Vitaly Petrov and take a picture with him near racing Mercedes DTM at the booth AVITO.

Cars of Formula 1 motor show two last year's version of the Toro Rosso STR8, which can be found on the stand of Renault and Mercedes W05 2014, with a short nose fairing and a hybrid engine - this machine is, of course, presented in the exposition of the Mercedes. Infiniti company at this time the car Red Bull Racing is not brought, but on its stand, you can buy branded stuff with attributes commands similar to those that are themselves riders. It is symbolic that the Infiniti stand is located next to the Jaguar, because the team this particular manufacturer was bought by Red Bull in 2005, creating Red Bull Racing.

Very interesting for fans of Motorsport exposure Audi and Mazda. Audi came to Moscow with his famous Audi R18 e-tron quattro, protruding in the LMP1 category of the world championship on races on endurance FIA WEC. On account of this machine three wins in the race "24 hours of Le Mans for the last three years. In turn, Mazda has also shown sportpalace for endurance racing, SkyActiv Diesel LMP2 category, which can be seen at competitions only in the United States, as the European rules in this class do not allow the use of diesel engines.

Honda demonstrated racing Civic WTCC at the wheel in thuringowa the world Championships are Thiago Monteiro and Gabriele Tarquini. You should pay attention to the concept car Acura NSX. This machine should be the heir of one of the most famous sports cars of the 90's, Honda NSX, a development which did Ayrton Senna. The new NSX in different markets it will be sold under the brand Honda or Acura will get a hybrid powerplant and should appear on the market in 2016, but now it is one of the most anticipated products that are fans of sports cars.


If we talk about the WTCC, MIAS 2014, of course, well represented and the other team in this series - Lada Sport Lukoil. She demonstrated her car and riders team champion 2012 Rob Huff, two time winner of the British championship BTCC James Thompson, and Russian Mikhail Kozlovsky, took part in the presentation of the new AVTOVAZ Lada Vesta. In addition, the exhibition presents and Citro235n-Total C-Elys233e WTCC, similar to the one on which to perform sbastien Loeb and John Mueller.

At the stand of Volkswagen racing fans will be able to see the Polo R WRC rally car current championship leader sbastien Ogier and exposure Subaru - Impreza WRX STI. You can find in the vastness of the IEC "Crocus Expo" and several cars participating in the rally-RAID "Dakar" - in particular, Opel Mokka, Great Wall Haval Dakar, as well as promising Peugeot 2008 DKR.

In hall 12 visitors will be able to find three cars international series Formula Student. According to the regulations of the championship, the machines in this series are created by University students on their own, without the assistance of professional engineers and teachers, and the scope of the regulations is wide enough, and then the students themselves participate in them in races. On MIAS their cars 2014 presented students MAMI Moscow, MGTU im. Bauman and Nizhny Novgorod NSTU. The projects are quite different from each other, and in all three cases, these are machines that participate in races. The stand MADI uses the experimental car with low fuel consumption, participated in the Shell eco-marathon. There, in the 12th hall, you can visit the stand of the Moscow Raceway circuit.

Nissan has brought to Moscow sports Nissan GT-R series Blancpain. Here you can meet and one of the most promising young pilots, Mark Selickogo, the Russian winner of the Nissan Nismo GT Academy, which allow gamers to take the first steps in Motorsport. By the way, try your hand at this program right there on the Nissan stand, where there are just four of the simulator, and two exhibited on the street, in the tent of the company.

In General, the number of racing games MIAS 2014 broke all national records. They can be found not only in the exposition of Nissan but also stands Citroen, Lada, and many others. The most advanced simulator, of course, is on the stand "Sochi Circuit".

Here you can drive a Formula 1 on a new track in Sochi - the software created by the famous company for RFactor. This simulator simulates not only the process of piloting on the track Grand Prix Russia, but the resulting overload. However, you need to be prepared for the fact that the management virtual machine is very simple, and gross errors it does not forgive. However, to pass on Sochi's track160 and otherwise using the application for the tablet.

Of course, it's not all machines and exhibits Moscow international motor show, is directly related to motorsports. The theme of the race is traced there at every step, and all manufacturers are trying to use their success in the competition for attracting attention and demonstrate the level of their technology. Many participants came to Moscow with their riders besides the already mentioned Petrova, Selickogo, Thompson, Hoff, and Kozlovsky, this four-time world Formula 1 champion Alain Prost, and three-time European champion in rally cross Timur Timerzyanov. In General, there are lots of places, be sure to come

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DTM Wittmann won the race, Petrov 18th

DTM Wittmann won the race, Petrov 18th

Racer RMG BMW Marco Wittmann won a landslide victory at the next stage of the German touring series DTM, which was held at the nrburgring. Since its main competitor, Mattias ekstrm, dropped out of the race, this success is almost guaranteed to Wittmann title. Three stage before the end of the championship, he is ahead of the Swede on 64 points.

Numerous successes of Wittmann led to the fact that, in accordance with the rules of the series, before the stage, his truck was loaded with the maximum amount of ballast. Because of this she was 20 pounds heavier cars Mercedes, and 10 kg - Audi. However, Wittmann became the sole representative of the BMW, which was able to break in the final part of qualifying, and won the pole there.

In the race he had no equal, taking the lead for almost the entire distance. The two remaining places on the podium was taken by the representatives of Audi. The second was Mike Rockenfeller ahead even at the start Edoardo the Mortara, who eventually finished third.

The best representatives of the Mercedes was Paul di Resta, who finished the race in fourth place. Throughout the greater part of the course he pursued the Mortara, but couldn't overtake. At the same time he stopped behind another representative of Mercedes, Daniel Juncadella.

For Mattias Ekstrm weekend at the nrburgring was extremely unsuccessful. In qualifying on podsypaya track he has not had enough time to improve your score, resulting in the Swede has not passed the second part of the session and started the penultimate. But in the race he was forced to retire due to mechanical problems already after the first round, and now has only a mathematical chance at the title.

For Vitaly Petrov qualification at the nrburgring was the best in the season, and he started the race 21-M. Finished Russian in 18th place.




1. Wittmann - RMG BMW - 10942.802

2. Mergenthaler Phoenix Audi - +1.286

3. Abortar - Abt Audi +12.019

4. PDI Resta - HWA Mercedes +12.815

5. Dhundale - Mucke Mercedes - +13.717

6. Clitoris - HWA Mercedes +24.918

7. Mmartin - RMG BMW - +28.921

8. Mtomcat - Schnitzer BMW - +38.521

9. Rwilkins - HWA Mercedes +43.197

10. Buerlein - HWA Mercedes +45.377

11. Atamba - Abt Audi +48.071

12. Bsingle - Schnitzer BMW - +49.834

13. Ada Costa - MTEK BMW - +50.150

14. Dhand - RBM BMW - +20.955

15. Dgrin - Rosberg Audi - +52.771

16. Gaffet - HWA Mercedes +57.056

17. Thlok - MTEK BMW - +58.557

18. Vitaly Petrov - Mucke Mercedes - -1 lap

Not classified - 160 - 160

Apertus - RBM BMW - 35 laps

Nmueller - Rosberg Audi - 10 laps

Taider Phoenix Audi - 8 laps

Molina - Abt Audi - 4 laps

Mextram - Abt Audi - 3 circle

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2014-07-27 13:54:02

Steve Nielsen I am doing all that does not concern techniques

Steve Nielsen I am doing all that does not concern techniques

Formula 1 team organization, staffed by several hundred people. Good management is one of the main keys to success in this sport, and the role of the team of managers, if not familiar to the General public, is actually very important. Occupying this position in Toro Rosso Steve Nielsen told about his work and how he changed Formula 1 over the last 15 years.

Question Steve, few people understand, than in the Formula 1 actually Tim managers.

Steve Nielsen Sometimes I don't understand laughs.

Question nonetheless. What you meet in the team

Steve Nielsen team-Manager many duties. I am responsible for ensuring that all team members reached the road, so we had all the equipment. This is only one of the roles. Logistics personnel, communication with the stewards, consultation team about sports regulations. In essence everything that has nothing to do with technology, outside the scope of my duties. Today I can work on the transfer of staff from Spa to Monza and tomorrow to communicate with the stewards. We tried to make so that those responsible for the technique and results on the track didn't think about anything else. If they have problems, my goal is to solve these problems.

Question What is the most important in your work

Steve Nielsen everything is Important. Depending on circumstances during the race weekend, the nature of work is changing. On Wednesday, the most important thing - logistics, then - observance of the sports regulations. What is important on Sunday, not to care about me on Monday and Tuesday. It all depends on what happens with the command whether we're moving from a line on the track, are we working on a database or on the tests.

Question You almost his entire career he worked in Enstone, the team, which is now called Lotus. What is the reason

Steve Nielsen I spent in the team for 12 years. When I got there, it was called Benetton, then Renault. When Renault decided to leave the championship, they sold the company. It was the right step because the team continued existence. But I felt that I wanted to change something. After twelve years in Enstone 12 years, during which the team thrice changed the name, I thought that I wanted to do something else.

Question What made you leave Caterham, in which you have passed after the Lotus

Steve Nielsen well. you Should carefully choose the words to answer this question. When I was negotiating the transition to the company, it seemed to me that the plans and goals of the team for me. But when I joined the team, I could see that they had expected. Let's just say I got there what in my view, was to engage in Motorsport. So early on, I realized that not stay in the team for a long time.

Question Lotus after your departure changed the structure of the team, and now at the meetings of the team of managers on Thursdays there is Alan Permane that the Manager is not.

Steve Nielsen Yes, when I left the team, they decided to distribute responsibilities between staff differently. In my day, Alan was the chief race engineer, then became the head of operations in the sphere of obligations entered and responsibilities of the athletic Director. So he goes to the briefings of the FIA. In McLaren uses a similar scheme.

Question Tim managers team is basically the people who work in one place for a very long time. Why

Steve Nielsen If you follow careers of these people, you will see that they often started his career mechanics. In my case it started as a truck driver.

Mostly these are people who have built up a career within the company, so perfectly know its structure. For team-Manager it is important to be familiar with specificity of work of each employee. I am not an expert in anything, but I have a rough idea of what you are doing engineers, mechanics, truck drivers, men who work with composite materials, or with transmissions. I have an idea about what they are doing, because I started with "small" position, and then he changed several departments. For team-Manager is very important to know the specifics of the work of different departments. And that is why it is often people with experience in several different positions.

Question How has the change in the role of team Manager in recent years With the growing number of staff, with increased budgets and so on.

Steve Nielsen on the one hand, everything remained as it was. On the other, the work was quite different. If you look at the command pictures of 1986, some of them in addition to the pilots are only four people. Since then, the sport has become much more money. With their appearance, a growing number of employees and number of operations. Sport has become more professional. Everything has changed. From motorhomes in which we spend most of the time now, before the situation in the boxes.

Question Your timetable became much denser than 10 years ago

Steve Nielsen I would not say. Because in the old days we moved off the track, on which is conducted the race, the track where were scheduled tests. The race was constantly changed each other. Now, even though we became under 20 races, we go not so often. Logistics - although probably not all will agree with me - it became easier in comparison with what it was 15-20 years ago.

Question Toro Rosso is based in Faenza, while most teams in England. How does it affect your work

Steve Nielsen There are pros and cons. One of the main advantages is that based in Europe, it is easier for us to reach other European circuit, than from England. Distances much closer. Our trucks go from the base later than trucks with a database of teams in the UK and returned earlier.

One of the minuses - flights. If you are based in England, near Heathrow airport is a large international portal, where you can fly directly to almost anywhere in the world. The nearest airport to Faenza is located in Bologna. One of the main difficulties " we have to fly with transfers. We have to get first to Frankfurt or Paris, in order to change flights. It may not seem so serious problem, but when you have already at least 50 flights per year, each additional flight adds fatigue.

Question You moved in to Faenza with your family

Steve Nielsen Yes, my work is very important to live near the base of the team. I moved the family. We live next to Ravenna, near Faenza, on the coast. We like it very much.

Question I was always interested in this question. Perhaps you have an explanation for this phenomenon. In recent years, you literally pursuing Russian pilots. You worked in the Lotus there was Vitaly Petrov. Passed in Caterham - he has followed you. Now were in the Toro Rosso, and the team has signed a contract with Daniel Cvetom.

Steve Nielsen Yes, it's true. Don't know why, I have no answer. But I'm not too worried. I always liked to work with Petrov, Daniel, this year has been just great season. He has good prospects for the future.

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2014-07-25 21:24:03

Daniel Quat The usual Friday

Daniel Quat The usual Friday

In conversation with Russian journalists Daniel Quat summed up the results of Friday's training, watching in parallel during one of the sessions GP3 series from which switched to Formula 1.

Question Today, as far as is clear from your release, in the morning there were problems with the settings.

Daniel Quat Yes, the car was not feel very well, we really had to change the settings, so it was a good fit my style of piloting. We managed to do it, and I hope that tomorrow we will make another step forward.

Question what were the changes

Daniel Quat I will Say this in the morning the car was being a bit nervous, so I had to calm her a little. Seems to be managed. Will see what happens next.

Question today was Quite hot.

Daniel Quat .just as in the past few races. Nothing special. Of course, this affects the behavior of the machine. Rubber harder, especially the back. So it is important for her to properly track.

Question If you look at the results, there is a feeling that there will be tougher than in Germany

Daniel Quat I think Friday we have about the same for several races in a row. We are again in the area of the tenth place. Or directly in the top ten or outside it - today we eleventh. The most usual Friday. It will be important to try to understand what we lack.

Question the Hungaroring is one of the favorite tracks still Even driving a Formula 1

Daniel Quat If the machine is fast, any route will be like.

Question When Vitaly Petrov moved from the GP2 in Formula 1, he often watched the race of his former championship went to the paddock, talked with all of them. How are you

Daniel Quat I followed too, but only when on the road you find the TV. But we continue to communicate with the team in which I participated, with Koiranen and Arden. With the team Manager, with his former engineers. I have them a good relationship, because we have suffered much, much has been achieved.

text Oleg Karpov