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Quat In Russia the Formula 1 can find a lot of fans

Quat In Russia the Formula 1 can find a lot of fans

During the press briefing for the international press on Thursday Daniel Quatu first had to answer questions about the future of the Grand Prix of Russia, and only then - about the upcoming weekend in Budapest.

Question What do you think when people say that the race in Russia can be cancelled

Daniel Quat I don't pay attention to it. I hope very much that it will take place.

Question You were already on the road

Daniel Quat No, not yet. With our schedule is quite difficult to find the time to go there. So I think that for the first time get there even then, together with the other.

Question How important is this event for Russia

Daniel Quat it is Very important that we will be there to chase, because for our fans - this is a great opportunity to finally see a Formula 1 race in Russia live. This is another step for the country towards Formula 1, and for the Formula 1 this is a huge step forward. This is a country where she can find a lot of new fans. So I think this is very important.

Question Russian pilots becomes more international series In Formula 1 was Vitaly Petrov, now you. Someone else may appear in the championship in the coming years

Daniel Quat Yes, now much more pilots from Russia in the younger categories than in previous years. This is a good sign. This means that the interest of motor sport in the country is growing. But I can't say who will be next. The level of competition in the Junior series is very high, this means that you must be at least a little bit better than rivals to get to Formula 1. I can't say when and who will make it to the championship. Anything can happen unexpectedly. The main thing is to choose the right approach.

Question Hungarian track reminds of the city. What do you expect from the upcoming weekend

Daniel Quat I like the track. It is interesting. I would not say that it is like a city. It is true that there are a lot of turns. Very twisty, hard track. Speaking about expectations - I'm not. I just try to work out as best as you can.

Question do You prefer a slow or a fast turn

Daniel Quat Fast. Definitely, fast.

Question Here it is only one.

Daniel Quat I would say two. There are many medium-speed corners, but the pilots must like all the turns.

Question on Sunday rain is expected.

Daniel Quat Yes, I heard about it. In Germany was about the same forecast in the beginning of the weekend, but we have no choice to do, how to work. What will happen will happen. This does not change our schedule.

Question do You expect to earn points on this weekend

Daniel Quat I don't expect to be honest. Just hope that if we work it out the best way, the result will come. Got to have a good qualification, to make a good start, to overcome the first round without problems. Then see where we will be, and will try to improve the position. That's all. If so will be able to earn well.

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2014-07-13 19:54:03

Vitaly Petrov We had to start on the soft tyres.

Vitaly Petrov We had to start on the soft tyres.

According to the results of the Russian stage DTM, held in Moscow Raceway, Vitaly Petrov took the 18th place, becoming the latest who managed to reach the finish line. After the race he commented on her event for Russian journalists.

Question What can you say about the last race

Vitaly Petrov In principle, I had a good start, given that was the hard tyres, is not lagging behind, and to the first turn came at the same pace as the rivals started on a soft rubber. I did not "butt" with anyone, thinking that race does not end, because for me the important mileage, it is important to understand the behavior of a machine on the Moscow highway, especially the second and the third sector, because this is the only track where we have no particularly harsh braking and only one line.

I just wanted, as usual, to enter into his rhythm and see how everything goes. Of course, we are very prevented the appearance of the car security, because on the option tyres we passed only 8 laps and never had no one to fight. But this race. If return everything back, I of course started least on the soft tyres, and before the safety car would be hard.

Question What is your impression about Moscow Raceway, because you first rode it in combat mode

Vitaly Petrov the Route is good, quite technical, and it is very good that there are a race of youth series - Formula 3 and World series by Renault, as it allows you to try different settings, especially the 2nd and 3rd sectors where there are multiple turns. And I would not say that they are simple. Before qualifying and the race we long thought, what kind of settings to choose, and basically guessed, but we had not enough.

Question You all the races started on the hard rubber - maybe it was worth all the same to risk and to fight at least in the first half of the race

Vitaly Petrov We had to take the risk, but decided on the home track to play safe as usual, we start on the hard, if, for no incidents all goes by without a car security, change to the soft and the second half of the race go and see how things go.

Question Ahead of teammate, Daniel Juncadella was real

Vitaly Petrov No. Sooner or later he would have me still ahead, because his rate was higher as other pilots Mercedes, and in the race, and in qualifying. Even when we switched to soft rubber, I could not go at the same pace that they are. Today is the day, although he was very informative. Next time we'll know what to do.

Question you also at the pit stop was some kind of problem

Vitaly Petrov Yes, there was, and my mechanic immediately after the race came to me and admitted that it was his fault. According to him, there was something wrong with the puck. But they are training for the sake of it every day. Need that, although this is the first such a serious mistake I lost three seconds, and in the DTM it very much. However, I'm not particularly upset, as if I was fighting for a place in the top ten, then I would have been disappointed. But until we have such a high tempo. Happy or upset will be only when you are riding in the top ten.

Question And when you get in the top ten At the next stage can promise

Vitaly Petrov No. I think that it will be possible to try for two stages before the end of the season, because we will have technical novelties. When Mercedes will say that everything is ready, then we'll see.

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2014-07-13 00:04:02

Mailander this year I saw a lot of interesting races

Mailander this year I saw a lot of interesting races

Bernd Maylander - virtually unchallenged driver car security FIA, it works in the Formula 1 is already fifteen years. In an interview with Bernd has shared his opinion about the changes that happen in the world championship in 2014.

Question Do you have a unique opportunity for many years to observe the development of Formula 1, constantly being in the heart of the action what can you say about the season 2014, because many have criticized the new technical regulations Whether this criticism is fair

Bernd Maylander of Course, I'm not going to criticize the modern Formula 1. If to compare the new power plant with the engines that were used earlier this year made a huge step forward. And when I flew to Australia for the first race of the season, I expected to see these changes, and I saw them both in terms of aerodynamics, and aspects related to safety, because the nose cones are much lower. Of course, the sound has changed too.

Now I can say - it was very important changes, which allowed to create a Formula 1 car of new generation. In my opinion, everything is very cool

Question Indeed, the impression is that the Grand Prix going better and more interesting.

Bernd Maylander Absolutely I am absolutely sure the development of Formula 1 is in the right direction, and now this championship has become the absolute leader in the field of modern racing technology. As it should be. I am pleased that this year saw a lot of very interesting race. Yes, in the championship dominates Mercedes, but the tense struggle goes all over the peloton, let's say, for positions, starting with the third. That's what it takes Motorsport.

In previous years was dominated by Red Bull Racing, until this one year - Brawn GP, which then became the Mercedes AMG, before season two consecutive victory in the championship got Renault, and before that was won by Ferrari. Formula 1 is constantly changing, but what we saw this year is a step in the right direction.

Question You certainly know the opinion of the President of Ferrari Luca di Montezemolo - or its not like the Formula 1 of the new generation because his team does not win

Bernd Maylander you Know, not for me to criticize other brands, but changes occur in any sport, for example, in football will be a new champion of the world - who will win, Germany or Argentina, look, but change is clearly needed. When they occur, it is good for any sport.

Question on the one hand, you are FIA, on the other cooperating to Mercedes, and perhaps you have some opinion about what is happening in this team now, because after the victory Lewis Hamilton at Silverstone advantage Nico Rosberg was reduced to 4 points

Bernd Maylander to be honest, during race weekends I work on the FIA, because I am the driver of the car security, and have nothing to Mercedes AMG. I collaborate with our factory team serving DTM - at the stages of the championship roll guests on the track on the DTM-taxi. So what I'm happy when on Sundays we find truly interesting race. The main thing that won the best and fastest racer, and to avoid accidents. And for me not so important who will get the victory, the pilot Mercedes or someone else. It is important that in sporting terms it was all good, because I love race.

If you win Mercedes - so, they are great But if victory is Ferrari, Red Bull - I'm not upset, because the most important is the very Formula 1.

Question And yet, deep down, who do you support more Nico or Lewis Or are you trying to remain neutral

Bernd Maylander I know Lewis, since those times, when it only took in a McLaren. Niko I know even longer, because in the DTM at the time I competed with drivers who competed in the team, which belonged to his father. Can't say that I support one or the other. Ready to repeat once again I just want to see a great show.

Of course, if the title win Niko, it will be good for the German team. But if Lewis won his second championship is too great. 'll see. Still, we have not even got to the second half of the season.

Question next year there will be changes in the regulations related to vehicle safety, because now restarts will be given. How do you feel about those changes

Bernd Maylander For me, nothing will change. See if such a rule is introduced, but I think this will improve the entertainment races. In any case, I make no decisions. But the procedure governing the appearance on the track car security, will remain until restart.

Question Can you say that Russian driver Vitaly Petrov this year was your colleague, as he is in the DTM with Mercedes. And some drivers engaged in this championship, for example, Timo Glock, immediately warned that he would have hard. Why is it so difficult to ex-racers of Formula 1 success in the DTM

Bernd Maylander I've never been driving a Formula 1, so it's hard for me to judge what's the difference, but, for example, technical regulations in the DTM so that machines from different teams are very close in their high-speed capabilities. Therefore, the fight here is more dense than in Formula 1, and young riders quite difficult to learn to use 100 of the capacity of the machine. The matter is that unlike F1, in the DTM at the starting field visits 21 machine, and each has the potential to win the race.

In addition, the machine DTM harder, and in the qualification of the holder of the pole from the driver showed last result, just one second. To overtake in the DTM is also more difficult than in F1, where virtually no contact fight. In the DTM between machines possible contacts, whereas in Formula 1 after you do this often you are out of the race.

Of course, all this is not easy, and Vitaly this year should learn and gain more experience to the next season to go on the attack. That is what he is doing now and progressing quite rapidly.

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2014-07-11 21:34:04

Vitaly Petrov Red Bull to Quatu place

Vitaly Petrov Red Bull to Quatu place

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 Vitaly Petrov, now acting DTM, said that Daniel Quat could make a good competition to Sebastian."Quat is the first class pilot, who does everything right and performs quite well from the first Formula 1 race, " said Petrov. He constantly struggles with the Return on an equal, and sometimes even better. If one day, Quat go into the Red Bull from Toro Rosso, it will be a real boon for the Austrian stables. Sebastian certainly not be good".

2014-07-10 23:04:02

Official Yearbook DTM first published in Russia

Official Yearbook DTM first published in Russia

German publisher Adrenalin Verlag and the Russian "Corsa Media" prepared an excellent gift for fans of motorsports for the first time in Russian published in the official Yearbook DTM on the results of the past season.

It is precise, well-published copy of a popular German edition DTM - Das offizielle Jahrbuch 2013, which can be considered as a sort of reference book for all fans of this body of the championship. High quality photos allow you to relive the highlights of the 2013 season. Experts DTM will appreciate the section "Statistics" in the last part of the book where you can find complete information about the results of each stage, the reasons for gatherings, the results of qualifications and training.

Author - journalist and commentator Sergey Bednaruk. Working on the Russian version of the book, he not only reproduced the original meaning of the texts, but also tried to share the unique spirit of the DTM for which this championship loved in many countries of the world.

The circulation of the Russian edition of the Yearbook - 1500 copies, to buy the book will be possible during phase DT only at the circuit Moscow Raceway, and then, from July 14 - sites and

Because in 2014 in the DTM is a Russian driver Vitaly Petrov, the work on the publication of 2014 year has already begun.

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2014-07-10 18:24:02

Vitaly Petrov DTM bigger fight

Vitaly Petrov DTM bigger fight

In anticipation of the Russian round of the DTM, which will be held in Moscow Raceway in the nearest weekend, driver Mercedes AMG Vitaly Petrov in an exclusive interview talked about the difficulties of adapting to this series.

Question Ahead of your first home DTM race, because you participated only in demonstration run. What are your expectations from the upcoming stage

Vitaly Petrov speaking of fans, I think, will be the excitement, a lot of the audience, and I will be hard to concentrate on the race. But you need to prioritize. Even my engineers understand that I have downloaded weekend, but the main thing is that we were not forgotten why he came here for.

If to speak about the race, I do this road not traveled in combat mode. We need at least 10 laps, to see what and how, and to understand. When I talk with other pilots who have already acted on this route, they say that the road adherence was much better, and it is for Mercedes very important. However, I think that that is not the route that suits us there are a lot of such curves, where we have problems. I want to warn everyone that not much is expected.

There's always a hope that something will happen, and there will be changes for the better, but it is unlikely.

Question But do you have a plan of action The track is narrow and overtake on it hard.

Vitaly Petrov Yes, but it used a short configuration, where he was a short, straight. Now the ring is longer, although also, probably, it will be difficult to overtake. However, I think this year it will be easier. So what's the plan we have is always the same to get ahead as much as possible of the guys from our team of Mercedes. They are all not for one year, they went and following this road, and on all others. If I get it, it will be possible to say that we did it.

Question On the previous stage was evident that cars Mercedes added, but your team reason behind what are the causes

Vitaly Petrov This is not the case. I think Norisring is the only stage at which Mercedes always looked strong, but we absolutely did nothing with the machine. Our team won, because the machine always looked good on the brakes, and on the road do not need a special downforce, there are some braking, cornering, acceleration and again braking.

Question they Say that the machine control DTM differs not only from piloting of formulas, but even other machines body series. What is the difficulty

Vitaly Petrov first, it is the weight of the machine. The construction itself is different, not the same as in the touring. The car is very sensitive, and when run, any movement of the steering wheel or something, affects the propagation time of a circle. You can either win, or lose a lot.

In Formula 1 is different, there you have the right to some small unnecessary movement, everything is clear, and we need another definition of piloting. In the DTM very light to the rear, and it is not possible to quickly attack in turns. We tried to find the correct settings, but I can't get rid of excess turnability - it is always there. Therefore, the need for high precision flying, and the racer must feel this face. However, it is not quite oversteer you enter in turn, waiting machine like "sit down", and then rule. I don't know how to explain it, it's very difficult.

I'm on many race cars went, but this is not seen anywhere else, so initially was surprised.

Question How would you evaluate your level of adaptation to these machines There is where to add

Vitaly Petrov of Course, and we must continue to work with options, because the car is very sensitive to such changes. You little change something, and behavior of the machine becomes very different. If you change two some settings, then get ready for the fact that everything will be either very good or very bad. Such a situation has already happened in the qualification we changed three things and thought in theory did everything correctly, but the car was being unpredictable.

While the qualifications I do not have a little of that feeling machine, so I can precisely tell engineers here need to be changed a little, and then everything will be as it should. In races easier you go and just work on your clarity of piloting, often passing circles faster companions. But in the qualifications do not yet have enough experience.

Question Many racers of Formula 1, having passed in the DTM has not achieved much success. What is the reason

Vitaly Petrov I don't know, probably not enough forward. I Timo Glock spoke with Gary Paffett, and both spoke "You will be hard, get ready". I never understood why it hard, but now I do. It is difficult to understand how to properly configure the machine as it is properly managed, how to get the missing fraction of a second, because in the DTM very high density results.

Question Maybe too early to ask this question, but still like this series, you would like to continue to act DTM

Vitaly Petrov pause .Probably don't like when something is misunderstood. In Formula 1, in principle, everything is clear with the controls and settings, you can change a lot, and I understand, in what direction to move. DTM is also interesting championship, there is a lot of struggle, conflict, contacts between machines, but of course, everyone is trying careful to go, because if you are someone will hook, be ready, that you too podvinut. But the density of the struggle, the voltage level - in the DTM, in my opinion, it is above.

Most of all I like that there are many experienced pilots of Formula 1, all the professionals of high level, and all deserve respect.

Question let's Talk about Formula 1 command Caterham changed owner. You played in this band, you know the situation from the inside why do you think that Tony Fernandes has abandoned his project

Vitaly Petrov Racers or even on your team's hard to judge what people like Fernandes, buy commands, such Caterham. He really loves the sport, but then, maybe he wanted to earn money or to expand its contacts - I don't know. Perhaps he hoped to attract many sponsors - can't say.

Question You mentioned Formula 1 the feeling that you still desire to return to the paddock

Vitaly Petrov In principle, why not I have everything in order with contacts, I know the conditions, so that at any time you can return to this topic, you can just find the budget, by the way, not so big. If you really want it, all things are possible.

Question speaking about the situation in the championship who bet on Nico Rosberg or Lewis Hamilton

Vitaly Petrov Lewis. They are both strong riders, but knowing Lewis in his speeches, the style of piloting, I think that for pure speed, it is ahead of teammate.

Question In recent years, Russia has seen many changes related to motorsports, appeared tracks are the stages of international Championships, soon will be the first Grand Prix. Obviously, this is your merit. How do you evaluate its role in the popularization of Motorsport

Vitaly Petrov I think that is still not enough is being done. You can work more efficiently. If we agree with Mercedes, may be, in Russia there are classes for beginner riders. In fact, I'm not many do, but ready to participate more actively - why not There are a lot of free time that I could devote to the work with children, youth. Would you have the budget, I would himself take a few talented young guys, maybe event, maybe from other categories, and would open its development program. I this way was passed, you know the situation from the inside, and if I am to talk about this young riders, they will be easier to achieve results.

Question What would you like to say to the fans on the eve of the Russian stage DTM

Vitaly Petrov don't expect anything fancy. Importantly, come on race, but do not expect me some striking results. Time is needed for this.

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2014-07-10 14:24:02

In Moscow hosted a press conference dedicated to the DTM race

In Moscow hosted a press conference dedicated to the DTM race

On Thursday in Moscow hosted a press conference dedicated to the upcoming Russian stage of body DTM championship, which will be held at the circuit Moscow Raceway in the coming weekend.

In press-conference took part the racers, the speakers on the machines of three famous German brands Audi represented Niko Muller, BMW Augusto Farfus, and Mercedes - Vitaly Petrov, the first Russian driver in the DTM, which debuted in this popular series in 2014.

The organizers of the Russian stage was represented by Ekaterina Belavich, head of the project "Moscow Raceway Speedway", acquainted the journalists with the program of the weekend.

Ekaterina Belavich "After last year's successful debut DTM on our line, we intend to hold the bar high, if to speak about the organizational side of the competition. By the way, the Russian round of the DTM 2013 was named the best debut throughout more than 30-year history of the series.

Certainly, the participation of the first Russian DTM racer Vitaly Petrov, the well-known for performances in the Formula 1, has only increase the interest of the audience, so we expect that the public will be more than last year. This year the weekend to be rich, because it DTM joins Formula 3, one of the main European youth Championships.

In addition, Saturday will be a demonstration race Cup Volkswagen Scirocco with participation of well-known pilots, including stars of Russian Motorsport. Entertainment program that will accompany the weekend, will build on our circuit atmosphere of the holiday and will be of interest not only fans, but also to the General public of all ages."

Vitaly Petrov Mercedes AMG "my Last speech in the home race was in 2005, and then really felt support, came a lot of relatives, friends, fans, and I just felt that because of me and support. And now all this has become all the more, and I am glad that finally we have such tracks that allow you to take the championship level DTM World series by Renault, and a Formula 1 race in Sochi. So start on the Moscow Raceway I look forward, but worried".

Niko Muller Audi Sport Team Rosberg "I know from the site, I like it. It is good that in comparison with last year, now we're going on a long configuration rings. I will try to benefit from their experience of performances at the Moscow Raceway, and, of course, we hope that the characteristics of the track will suit our car. I tune in this weekend to win their first championship points DTM".

Augusto Farfus BMW Team RBM "Moscow route is narrow, there is a lot of turns that require 2nd gear, but on the second sector, which last year was not used, there is really fast turns. Considering the dimensions of machines DTM think we need to act on the longer tracks, with quick turns, so I can't wait to start. On the back straight, we will be able to use the system DRS that will facilitate overtaking, and the more overtaking - the more spectacular".


2014-07-06 15:04:05

James Allen Quat - best rookie in many years

James Allen Quat - best rookie in many years

British commentator James Allen in an interview was critical of Lewis Hamilton and praised Daniel cveta.

Question After such an unusual results qualifications, probably, we will have a very interesting race

James Allen Absolutely Over 20 years working as a commentator in the Formula 1 I remember not too many qualifications, the ending of which would be so awesome. Nobody could expect that the results on the last sector of the route will increase by 4.5 seconds compared to the previous attempt Of course, Lewis Hamilton didn't expect it and broke his circle.

If to speak about Hamilton, what happened yesterday had me concerned. He was wrong on the first sector and broke the circle, back in the boxes. It is clear that he was very dissatisfied with himself, but he also underestimated the situation. This was not his day.

If he lost two-tenths in the first sector, of course, an attempt would be spoiled. But the situation was different, and we saw yesterday a lot of surprises, so I had to continue to fight. To predict how it will end, it was impossible. Moreover, he knew what hit the road Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel. Whatever they do, he had to do the same. But Lewis gave up.

I think that's what happened. He upominal previous two races, Canada and Austria, where the decisive moment made mistakes. Of course, he was trying to understand themselves, made some conclusions and at Silverstone wanted to do the right thing. But again failed. I think he just discouraged and lost the fighting spirit, it is very noticeable. I wonder how he is going to get out of it

To save the situation, he should do something unusual. If Lewis will not do it, then it is difficult to say how it might be possible for him the second half of the championship.

Question But Lewis was not the only one who yesterday made mistakes.

James Allen Yes, for example, the mistake made in Red Bull Racing with Daniel Riccardo Obviously, Ferrari and Willliams also made wrong decisions. It seems that Ferrari was thinking about how to save rubber, but I never understood why they are so missed. Skuderii and Williams had my own plans, but it didn't work.

Back to the finalists qualifications when Jenson button quickly drove the first sector of about four minutes before the end of the session, it became clear that it was time to go to the track on slicks. Agree, in difficult situations, it is Jenson often takes the right decisions.

And still I want to say about Daniel Quate. I watched his performances in GP3 and was already thinking that he deserves attention. Then we saw how successful he made his debut in Australia. But during the season, Quat impresses me more.

Jean-Eric Verne is a very good racer. If you remember last year, he was almost as big Riccardo, except in qualifications was a bit slower. And see how Riccardo acts Red Bull This year Verny able to conduct qualification, but Quat not only not far behind him, but even ahead. And that says a lot about the newcomer of the season. At Silverstone events unfold in unpredictable track conditions changing all the time, and variation in the laps reaches 8 seconds, but Daniel is always somewhere in the top ten, regardless of the conditions.

From my point of view, it is an indication that he was the driver of a very high level. I think that the Russian fans should be delighted. Don't want anything bad to say about Vitaly Petrov, he's a great guy, but Quat is a real professional. It is likely that in a few years he will be driving the car Red Bull and will fight for the victory. In my opinion, Quat - best newcomer for many years.

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2014-07-04 03:14:02

Kobayashi I'm proud to be returned to Formula 1

Kobayashi I'm proud to be returned to Formula 1

Kamui Kobayashi says that he is comfortable in any team, including network, because the Formula 1 - his dream. However, of course I would like that the car was quick.

Question Caterham F1 got new owners. What do you think, will there be any change to the status command

Kamui Kobayashi it is too early to judge what will happen next, but you cannot continue to act with such low results. In my opinion, Christian Albers very clear we must make maximum efforts to improve the situation in the championship.

Question have You met him

Kamui Kobayashi I met him yesterday, we talked for a few minutes. But I heard about it before.

Question In General, you are optimistic, because the last place in the Cup of designers can only go up

Kamui Kobayashi Yes.

Question When you were in a Toyota, you fought in the middle of the peloton, but sometimes in the forefront, the same situation was in Sauber, where you also managed to get ahead, and even to come to the podium. Not worse than it was in Ferrari, where you spent one season in the races of endurance in GT. But in Caterham, you were in a completely different situation is to fight Marussia more difficult than in his time with McLaren

Kamui Kobayashi No, but we had now another. From the beginning of the season we knew it would be very difficult, so I'm not surprised that we were in last place. Of course, if we had more money then you could upgrade the machine and increase its speed. But opportunities for small teams are always limited because of the small budget, so we are now in a difficult situation.

Question You spoke in Japanese team, Swiss, Italian and now appeared to be in English, although the hosts she's not British. Where do you feel more comfortable

Kamui Kobayashi I feel comfortable everywhere, in every command And in Caterham I am quite satisfied.

Question Can you tell us more about the car this year what is its main problem The deficit speed, thrust power, engine power

Kamui Kobayashi for us with all this problems, and not only in the clamping force. The machine is too heavy, and it looks no better.

Question But you continue to work together with engineers, do not leave attempts to change the situation

Kamui Kobayashi of Course, we try, but the problem is that really hard to do if a team does not have money. This is the main problem, so we're a bit stuck. But now, when you Caterham F1 appeared the new owners may, much will change for the better - we'll see.

Question You have already experienced racer can you come up with engineers to at least somehow to influence the situation

Kamui Kobayashi No, from the drivers and nothing depends. We just got on each track full use of the potential of the machine.

Question So, the second half of the season will be the same as the first Or are you a bit better

Kamui Kobayashi Hope it will be a little better if the team can bring at least a few of technical innovations.

Question what do you really expect at Silverstone Do I think will outperform Jules Bianchi Or maybe even someone from riders Sauber

Kamui Kobayashi Since we are in England, then, is always a chance of rain And if the race will be held on a wet road, the situation is likely to change completely, so nothing can be ruled out.

Question But in autumn it will be your favorite race at Suzuka, where you will support the amazing Japanese fans. Presumably, you'd like to re-start this route

Kamui Kobayashi of Course, I am proud I was able to return to Formula 1, and will again reach the start of the Grand Prix of Japan. As you know our fans are passionate about Formula 1, but the matter is not even in the Japanese racer - they all support. It's great that we will chase in Japan.

Question the Situation with the Japanese sponsors did not become better They are still not interested in Formula 1

Kamui Kobayashi No, we are not interested in, but maybe next year the situation will change when the world Cup will return Honda. Maybe it will play a key role.

Question Have you had any contacts with Honda

Kamui Kobayashi No, not yet. Now I am fully concentrated on my work network.

Question And do you consider that a return to Formula 1 even as part of a small team is better for you than endurance race, or, for example, DTM, where is your old friend Vitaly Petrov

Kamui Kobayashi Yes, because the Formula 1 - my dream. To compete in this championship, ride on these machines is nothing beats.

Question Finally, what do you think about this innovation, as restarts from a place that will appear in the Formula 1 next year

Kamui Kobayashi Nothing good. Because the edges of the track can be covered with fragments of waste rubber and tires will have time to cool down, and in this situation, the racers will have very hard. I've always adhered to this opinion, and in my opinion, all dissatisfied with the new rule.

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2014-07-03 17:44:02

The organizers of the Moscow City Racing told about the program of the show

The organizers of the Moscow City Racing told about the program of the show

Less than two weeks left until the next Moscow City Racing show, which will take place at the walls of the Kremlin. It is already known that in races will take part test pilot Caterham Robin Trains and test driver Marc Ferrari Wife and racer Citroen rally team Chris Mick. In another press release from the organizers unveiled a few secrets of the program of the event.

"10-12 July in the center of Moscow will take place the annual auto show Moscow City Racing. This year the event kicks off on July 10 and will be held in the format of this autofestival. July 12 in a traditional demonstration near the Kremlin walls will involve teams of Formula 1 and rally and body racing series. Viewers also will find an incredible extreme show performed by the best stunts in the world.

On the eve of the first in the history of the Russian stage of the Formula 1 in Sochi organizers Moscow City Racing prepared a surprise for all the fans. The audience will be able to immerse yourself in the history of Formula 1, to see how it looked and sounded Formula 1 in 60-s, 70-s and 80-s - route will sweep rare machine.

on 11 July, on the eve of the show, the most impatient of the motor sport fans will be able to approach the Holy of holies racing world - to the area paddocks teams Formula-1, located on Bolotnaya square, and to observe the work racing engineers and preparation of cars for the race.

It should be noted that not only October, but in July this year's rich racing events. On the next day after the show in the center of Moscow, July 13 on Sunday, at Moscow Moscow Raceway will host the Russian stage of body championship DTM Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters.

This year for the first time in the history of the DTM championship participates Russian driver Vitaly Petrov, the first Russian driver in Formula 1, the Ambassador of the Grand Prix of Russia in Sochi. To learn more about the DTM championship, where this season Vitaly is the factory team Mercedes AMG, at the presentation of the DTM, which will take place on Vasilyevsky Spusk on Thursday, July 10.

The organizers of the Moscow City Racing not forget about the social responsibility activities. Every second risk and very high speeds acceptable in sports, but not on the public roads. To improve the security of Russian roads can only instilling a culture of driving from childhood. It is the objective of helping to carry the all-Russian program "safety wheel" - the instruction of children in visual game form the rules of the road.

The next stage of the competition "Safe wheel" will take place on July 11 at the Friday within the framework of Moscow City Racing 2014 and will run for three days on Vasilevsky Descent.

As always, visitors of Moscow City Racing will be organized in the fan zone, admission free. Those who wish to comfortably sleep in the stands along the route will be able

to purchase tickets on the official site The event is held with the support of the Government of Moscow".

text Elmir Valeev


2014-06-27 19:54:03

Oleg Karpov My Formula 1

Oleg Karpov My Formula 1

Formula 1 is a strange organization. Despite its Imperial aspirations, this is a relatively small group of people, which brings together by and large, two things love for racing and. discontent other members of this group.

Due to objective reasons, I can not know for sure, but I have a strong feeling that the last time they were happy with what is happening in the championship of Formula 1 in 1949, when it did not exist. Since then, in the race Grand Prix was always either too little overtaking is either too much or too little - or too much or too little noise. and so on. But this year the arrow on the instrument for measuring the level of a General discontent in the Formula 1 paddock never comes out of the red zone.

In Austria me, not for one second left a sense of the absurdity of what is happening. Information coming into the brain through the ears did not confirm the information coming into the brain through the eyes. Formula 1 is not just back on one of the steep slopes of Europe. She returned to the Spielberg after the trip to Canada, where he arranged a Grand concert with fireworks from carbon under the curtain. But on arrival in Austria first began himself to fire.

Almost every second scheduled meeting of the pilots with journalists in Spielberg included a standard question about the fact that the Formula 1 you need to do to improve the show. It asked and racers, and all team at press conferences on Thursday and Friday, but, disclosing all these speeches at the press center of Red Bull Ring, it was easy just to lose your mind. For this, it was enough to turn his head to the side.

In ogromnyh display the Windows on the third floor of the complex, who grew up on Red Bull Ring next to the start line, broadcasted a stunning picture. Green hills, with uzlade on which it seems that they are now about to fall and cover your head, bronze statue of the bull and people, people, people.

The only more or less serious problem in this weekend as Spielberg remained traffic jams at the entrances to the Red Bull Ring on Thursday. But that was a pleasant bustle. Many campers spread to the Parking lots to ten in the evening, and by eight o'clock on Friday their guests have already reached a state in which arrived during the remainder of the weekend. They sang. So, how can sing only openly drunk and happy citizens.

Day by day they become more and more, so by Saturday on those hills, which allowed fans, not just impossible carrot stick - Sol is not normally distributed. But in that area, which was separated from it all holiday madness turnstiles, for some reason went on to talk about the bad.

Fan of Formula 1 to be very difficult. There are only talk about how quiet and neomelodici the sound of engines, much like modern riders on taxi drivers, and they race to the movement of trams on the same route. In Formula 1 are tested outlandish forms exhaust pipe and causing sparks pads on the bottoms. In Formula 1, I suggest giving repeated starts after exit onto the machine security, and then these suggestions world the word then what the Council claims. Watching this avalanche, Willy-nilly thinking maybe it really is something wrong with this Formula 1

Nothing, if I Formula 1 still like Here it is without sparks, with that sound and with the safety car, which actually for security and not for fun Or maybe it's me that something is wrong

Fan of Formula 1 is now saying about it in plain text it is the Formula 1 like it should. This is evidenced from the pages of your press release Ferrari, who for some reason the "world" survey on its website. About it is said Mr gray-haired Italian and even more white-haired Brit. "The fans that Formula 1 is not like", write the reason for all time journalists. Moreover, the word "this" refers to all the time something different.

Who then all these people that paralyzed the access roads to the Red Bull Ring on Thursday a week ago Who are these crazy that dare tickets for the Grand Prix Austria 48 hours Who are these crazy that sing at eight o'clock, and at ten, go into the stands Masochists

On Saturday morning, during the third session I did something that no longer worked - went on for a whole hour to stand up to the highway, look at the cars. To me that has never happened since then, as in 2010 in the Spa before my eyes Vitaly Petrov decided to check how wet after rain became a curb on acceleration before POON. After that - for the time - hunting repulsed. But now I begged.

It is important to understand I waited a few days, but still are in a state of affect, and therefore ask you to be my next statement, respectively.

In fact, it seems to me that with the Formula 1's all right. And it will be exactly as long, until the machine will remain the fastest in the world, and the race will be racing.

I think about this for a long time no one spoke. This is a fantastic machine. To look at them from the outside - a bit old-fashioned word, but fun. Forgive me my weakness, but I am more and more like the new sound. Or even the absence of the old. I do not have feelings language to describe to you everything that happened in the second turn Red Bull Ring, but because I can advise you or to plan a trip to Austria for the next year or sweep additionally printed seven thousand Sochi tickets to see and hear for yourself.

Now in Formula 1, clearly audible, as these machines are tearing the air. Hear how the bus. You will not believe, but there, on top of a hill near to turn Remus, hear how these machines shakes and moves on the bumps.

Now I for Formula 1 is a little scary. Scary because it suddenly hard rushed to repair. And the most strange that rushed to fix because it to me - "fan" - supposedly seems to be broken.

Probably, Formula 1 really should pay more attention to the new generation, to communicate with him through the usual channels, but I am surprised when the term "listen to the fans" refers to the posts and comments on social networks.

Perhaps it's the surest sign that I finally began to be old. But I can agree with Bernie Ecclestone listen to the people who within a minute the first post something touching with the hashtag that's the word KeepFightingMichael, and then a funny pic of Lisa of Suarez muzzled is at least strange.

That TV ratings Formula 1 fall, to argue, of course, impossible. How and what for access to the audience you want to use new sites. But I don't understand, why change the race. Grand Prix Austria is an excellent example of what the Formula 1 can still be a reason for a class party. Most importantly, how to present it. Dietrich Mateschitz after all, did nothing unusual. Weekend as Spielberg was just wonderfully organized.

It's hard for me to describe what in Austria was so special, but the news is unlikely that you will find at least one negative comment. On the contrary, as Spielberg even in that area, which is separated from the fans turnstiles, people talked to each other as stunning in Formula 1 is the weekend. Maybe the thing is that Dietrich Mateschitz - albeit often dissatisfied with something, but still loves the race

You know, I have my own recipe, how to fix the Formula 1. To do this, just need to everyone stopped redovalnica, but instead tried to cope with their work as well as we did Dietrich Mateschitz with the organization of the Grand Prix of Austria. For example, to the white-haired Italian man-the President did not polls on the home page of your team, and made sure that the red machine should be as fast as silver. Then I guarantee that all of us would have a little more fun.

New audience for Formula 1 is important. But in the pursuit of it would be nice to forget about the old one. Those who stupidly loves racing. For those who still prefer to come to gawk at the cars themselves, and not to fire F1 in social networks.

I do not take part in the online voting. I force myself to use social networks. But I'm a fan. And I think that with the Formula 1's all right.

It's not even start with a space after each go on the track machine security, not in sparkles from the bottom, and similar nonsense. Probably, they Formula 1 is not160 spoil. But all that I now really in it confusing is the degree of blame.

No matter how ashamed to admit, I really like the race involving the fastest drivers in the fastest machines. I from Formula 1 is not necessary. Zastite, please somewhere my voice, and leave my F1 for a while alone.


2014-06-16 14:54:02

Show Kazan City Racing is successful

Show Kazan City Racing is successful

on 15 June the center of the capital of Tatarstan has passed a large-scale auto show, which gathered more than fifty thousand fans of Motorsport. Impromptu road near the walls of the Kazan Kremlin drove the car of the Formula 1 - behind the wheel Caterham villages Robin Trains, acted as other stars of Motorsport, including Vitaly Petrov - he drove sports cars Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG.

The President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin visited a unique auto show, looked into boxes with machines participants and spoke with the pilots.

His skill was amazed spectators British stuntman Terry Grant demonstrated the unique tricks. Acted racers

the team "KAMAZ-master", demonstrating virtuoso management skills heavy machinery.

Charge drive and extreme would not be as powerful without a team PRT Moto. Together in the best Russian stantriding made and Kazan guys from the Big Kazan Extreme. Together with a team of over a Millennium square on his motorcycle flew the winner of many competitions in freestyle motocross, Swede Daniel Baudin, and St. Petersburg drifters of team Evil Empire showed class on their supercharged cars.

A team of Russian circuit rally was presented Lada Junior - special series, created in the framework of the program on support and development of Motorsport among young people.

For young drivers at the event was organized zone "Safe Wheel", where they learn to behave safely on the roads, participated in cheerful relay races and competitions. The most careful and attentive participants received prizes.

In addition, the speed fans had the opportunity to try themselves as pilots - international project Nissan GT Academy chose Kazan City Racing for the semifinal stage.

Kazan became the first city after the capital, where we held a demonstration race with participation of Formula 1, and now it is safe to say that this show was truly great Thanks to all the residents, who decided to spend this day with us in the square of Millennium. I hope that in the future we will be able to give the same bright emotions and energize Motorsport residents of other cities", - commented the results show Kirill Tegin, the organizer of the Kazan City Racing.


2014-06-04 15:04:02

The team Caterham and Robin Rains will come to Kazan

The team Caterham and Robin Rains will come to Kazan

aterham F1 Team will arrive in Kazan for participation in road shows Kazan City Racing, which will take place in Tatarstan capital on 15 June with the support of the Government of the Republic and city Hall. To represent team on the track will be the Dutchman Robin Trains.

"I look forward to opportunities to take part in the Kazan City Racing 15 June it is not only a great show for the fans of Motorsport, but also a great experience for me because I first will be in Kazan. Everyone would agree that to pilot Formula 1 car on the streets of Kazan - very cool", says Robin Trains.

Spectators and fans will see on the highway Kazan City Racing car Lotus T127, who participated in the race of the 2010 season. Entrance to the event is free.

Kazan City Racing is a demonstration race of the Formula 1 team, and also performances of famous Russian and foreign racers, which was first held in Kazan. A special guest of the show will become a legend of the sport, the first Russian driver in Formula 1, the German touring racing championship DTM Vitaly Petrov.

To surprise the audience by first class driving skills will also be the team "KAMAZ-master", the British record-stuntman Terry Grant famous Russian motorenteile Alexei Kolesnikov, team motorcycle and car stunts.

In the demonstration runs will also participate sports car Nissan GT-R, which will occupy an honorable role of the safety car in a high-speed laps on the track in the centre of Kazan.

In addition, guests of the show are waiting for leisure activities, among which a special area GT Academy, where anyone will be able virtual drive along the legendary routes F1.


2014-06-03 13:04:02

The organizers of the Moscow City Racing prepared a rich program

The organizers of the Moscow City Racing prepared a rich program

10-12 July in the center of Moscow will take place the annual auto show Moscow City Racing. This year we are waiting for real "autofestival".

July 12 in a traditional demonstration near the Kremlin walls will involve teams of Formula 1 and rally team and body racing series. Viewers also will find an incredible extreme show performed by the best stunts in the world.

On the eve of the first in the history of the Russian stage of the Formula 1 in Sochi organizers Moscow City Racing prepared a surprise for all the fans. The audience will be able to immerse yourself in the history of Formula 1, to see how it looked and sounded Formula 1 in 60-s, 70-s and 80-s - route will sweep vintage race cars.

on 11 July, on the eve of the show, the most impatient of the motor sport fans will be able to approach the Holy of holies racing world - to the area paddocks teams of Formula 1, situated on Bolotnaya square, and to observe the work racing engineers and preparation of cars.

It should be noted that not only October, but in July this year's rich racing events. On the next day after the show in the center of Moscow, on Sunday, July 13, at Moscow Moscow Raceway will host the Russian stage of body DTM championship.

This year for the first time in the history of the DTM championship participates Russian driver Vitaly Petrov, the first Russian driver in Formula 1, the Ambassador of "Grand Prix of Russia in Sochi. To learn more about the DTM championship, where this season Vitaly is the factory team Mercedes AMG, at the presentation of the DTM, which will take place on Vasilyevsky Spusk on Thursday, July 10.

The organizers of the Moscow City Racing not forget about the social responsibility activities. Every second risk and very high speeds acceptable in sports, but not on the public roads. To improve the security of Russian roads can only instilling a culture of driving from childhood. It is the objective of helping to carry the all-Russian program "safety wheel" - the instruction of children in visual game form the rules of the road. The next stage of the competition "Safe wheel" will take place on July 11 at the Friday within the framework of Moscow City Racing 2014 and will run for three days on Vasilevsky Descent.

As always, visitors of Moscow City Racing will be organized in the fan zones, which are still free. Those who wish to comfortably sleep in the stands along the route will be able to purchase tickets on the official site starting from 2nd of June.


2014-06-01 20:04:02

Vitaly Petrov Positive aspects anymore

Vitaly Petrov Positive aspects anymore

DTM - the most difficult championship with its laws and peculiarities, and to pilot 500-strong body of the car, much heavier than a car Formula 1 is a special art. To debut in the German series Vitaly Petrov all this was, getting my first experience on the tests, but after three stages of the season we can say that the results of harakterizuet certain stability three times he got to the finish, and all three times took 17 th place.

According to Vitaly, the weekend in Budapest he is satisfied, although we must admit that the complexity of the team Mercedes continue, because the best representative of the Stuttgart team finished in Hungary only 11-m

"Despite certain problems, we are moving in the right direction, - quotes the words of Vitaly press service of the racer. Skills are still imperfectly formed, I again failed to pass a clean lap because of traffic, but on Sunday positive moments.

I managed a good start, I played several positions in the first link, but in the third turn decided to go on an external trajectory, which by that time had already launched Gary Paffet. To break his car had outside of the track, causing all that was acquired at the start, we have lost".

In General we can say that the race was held in Budapest very spectacular, and 33 thousands of fans in the stands of the Hungaroring, received great pleasure in seeing a sharp struggle on the track.


2014-06-01 17:24:03

DTM the Race was won by Wittmann, Petrov again 17th

DTM the Race was won by Wittmann, Petrov again 17th

The DTM race at Silverstone has confidently won Marco Wittmann BMWthat started from the pole position. He and Miguel Molina Auditook 2-nd place, the first half of distance traveled on the option tyres was able to leverage the advantages of speed, which she provided to correctly build tactics, and were inaccessible to the rest of the peloton.

The struggle to narrow the Hungarian road went very badly, and not all drivers have managed to overcome even the first round the machine Gary Paffet received a blow from one of the opponents, the rear wing was broken, and Britain was forced to return to the boxes.

During the first phase of the race Marko Wittmann tried to chase the other pilot BMW, Timo Glock, although it was unable to exert significant pressure. But Goku failed to keep pace leader, he gradually fell behind, when he caught up with Miguel Molina Audi, which had to recoup after a bad start. On the 18-th circle, just before the pit stop, the Spaniard won the duel in the former F1 driver, and after a visit to the boxes he returned to the track before Timo.

At this point, the advantage of the first three was such that even after a pit stop all three crew kept their positions. But this situation did not last long Glock caught up with Edoardo Mortara, a representative of Audi, and soon was able to outstrip it, although between machines happened contact. However, the Germans did not lag behind, hoping in the future to win. He made several attacks, which is also accompanied by a power struggle, however, to return the third position Timo failed.

Vitaly Petrov, who started with next to last, the 22nd position, trying to control the more experienced competitors, but success he was not achieved, although some circles he passed pretty quickly. After a mandatory pit stop Russian rider rode 19th, and Christian Vitores, his partner on Mercedes and the winner of the previous stage DTM in Marienburg, to catch up with him could not. However, for a few laps before the finish of Vitores retired because of problems with the machine. In the end, Vitaly took 17 th place, and he managed to get ahead of another former pilot of Formula 1, Paul di Resta. And the best representative of Mercedes was Robert Wickens, finishing 11th, which confirmed the problem Stuttgart team machines which is clearly not enough speed compared with BMW and Audi.


2014-05-29 11:54:05

Chapter Caterham We work on the show

Chapter Caterham We work on the show

The head of the Caterham Cyril Abiteboul told about why his team is in Formula 1."Each the team, every detail, and all that is in the world of Formula 1, sold, " said Abiteboul. - Everything has its price, are all looking for new sponsors, investors, potential buyers. From the first days of my work we do not stop to look for new investors, it is part of our rabotyi know what they say about the purchase of our team Gene Haas, but the problem is that he is not interested in this purchase. Our task is to work on the show, we ischim thus investors who see the potential in their investments".For the fifth year, the team plays in Formula 1, but she has no points. Twice its pilots finished in eleventh place on the threshold of a spectacle zone. In Brazil 2012 did Vitaly Petrov, the last Grand Prix of Monaco - Markus Eriksson.

2014-05-26 13:34:02

Moscow City Racing-2014 will be held 10-12 July

Moscow City Racing-2014 will be held 10-12 July

10-12 July in the center of Moscow will take place the annual auto show Moscow City Racing. This year the program kicks off on July 10 and will be held in the format of this autofestival. July 12 in a traditional demonstration near the Kremlin walls will involve teams of Formula 1 and rally team and body racing series. In addition, viewers also expects extreme show performed by the best stunts in the world.

On the eve of the first ever Grand Prix of Russia in Sochi organizers Moscow City Racing prepared a surprise for all the fans. The audience will be able to immerse yourself in the history of the championship of the world, to understand how to look and sound Formula 1 in 60-s, 70-s and 80-s - on urban routes can be seen vintage racing cars of the past. Completes the program runs July 12 Grand concert on Vasilyevsky Spusk.

on 11 July, on the eve of the show, the motor sport fans will also be able to visit the area of the paddock on Bolotnaya square, where will be located Formula 1 team, and observe the work racing engineers and preparation of cars for the race.

This year for the first time in the history of popular body DTM championship takes part in it, Russian driver Vitaly Petrov, in his time performing in the Formula 1 teams Lotus Renault and Caterham. Now he racer factory team Mercedes, and fans will have the opportunity to find out more about the championship Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters at the presentation, which will take place on Vasilyevsky Spusk on Thursday, July 10. On Sunday 13 July at Moscow Moscow Raceway will host the Russian round of the DTM.

The organizers of the Moscow City Racing not forget about social responsibility. Every second risk and very high speeds acceptable in sports, but not on the public roads. To increase security on the streets and roads of our country can only instilling a culture of driving from childhood. It is the objective of helping to carry the all-Russian program "safety wheel", which essence in teaching children in visual game form the rules of the road. The next stage of the competition "Safe wheel" will take place on July 11 at the Friday within the framework of Moscow City Racing will be held over three days on Vasilevsky Descent.

As always for visitors of Moscow City Racing will be organized in the fan zone, admission free. Those who wish to comfortably sleep in the stands along the route in the near future will be able to purchase tickets on the official site

text Andrew Elk


2014-05-26 09:14:02

Interview readers Kamui Kobayashi

Interview readers Kamui Kobayashi continues launched last year a series of interviews in which questions are asked by our readers this year they meet the racers. In Melbourne it was Daniel Quat, in Barcelona, Niko Hulkenberg, and in Monaco - Kamui Kobayashi.

Question Nikita, Minsk Kamui, we all miss your overtaking in Formula 1

Kamui Kobayashi While with them very difficult. We need to get more from machine - to start focusing on this, though of course I want to show you some beautiful overtaking. As soon as the opportunity.

Question Sergei, Novomoskovsk, Russia do you think the Grand Prix of China this year specially reduced to two circles that your overtaking not be counted

Kamui Kobayashi I was a little surprised that they are excluded from the Protocol at once two rounds, after two laps before the finish no flag was not. But I was not angry, just a little upset.

Question Ignat, Moscow it Was sad to be in the paddock and not to participate in races

Kamui Kobayashi I used to be in the paddock and not to compete in the races, a couple of years I was a test pilot with Toyota. Nothing new was not in it, but of course this is not the most pleasant feeling.

Question Denis, Ivanovo Kamui, do you have a certain amount of frustration from the start of the season in the team, Tony Fernandez, because she did not come out from among the outsiders

Kamui Kobayashi No, no disappointment. We are making progress, just need time.

Question Maksimov Vladimir Tashkent, Uzbekistan If you were on a desert island, where they would have to live three years with two pilots of the current championship. Whom would you prefer to take with you

Kamui Kobayashi What Why should I bring pilots of Formula 1 I'll be there with them to do No, I would not take a single rider. I would have brought a Russian girl. One hundred Russian girls

Question Doniyor Nurakunov, Tashkent Hello, Kamui. What kind of car you dreamed of as a child

Kamui Kobayashi Honestly, I don't remember. Probably about Ferrari.

Question Sergei, Novomoskovsk You play the Formula 1 game consoles

Kamui Kobayashi No. Neither in Formula 1, in anything else. You know why I always get a very slow machine.

Question Murad, Makhachkala What genres of music do you prefer

Kamui Kobayashi I like dance music.

Question Eugene, Moscow What is your favorite film

Kamui Kobayashi I don't watch movies.

Question Julian, St. Petersburg Kamui, you started your career in the Japanese championship karting. This is something the approach to racing in your country from the European

Kamui Kobayashi I don't think there are any important differences. Japanese racing series is now rapidly developing.

Question Timur, St. Petersburg, Russia what is Your favorite place in Japan

Kamui Kobayashi Tokyo.

Question Ruslan, Zhitikara do you know Daijiro Isihara, and you tried to do drifting

Kamui Kobayashi No, I do not know, but I know a few pilots. I'm not following, not even seen drifting live, and not going to do it. Yes, it is popular in Japan. But I would not say that more than Formula 1.

Question Sergei, Novomoskovsk Why trains in Japan faster modern cars of Formula 1

Kamui Kobayashi I'm not surprised that they are faster. You know why When you build the train, you have no limits of the rules.

Question Victor, Moscow You participated in the demonstration runs in Moscow, did you like our country

Kamui Kobayashi I really liked, I have a few friends from Russia. In Tokyo often come girl model. Very beautiful.

Question Alexander, Petrozavodsk Hello, Kamui What three words would you describe Russia

Kamui Kobayashi Vodka. Whiskey. after a pause I don't know. Let me think, I will say later.

Question Andrew, Vorkuta Kamui, have you ever got along well with Vitaly Petrov. How often do you communicate now

Kamui Kobayashi Behold Exactly Vodka, whiskey and Vitaly Petrov Good idea He's a great guy, but we have not met. The last time - last year in Moscow I don't even know what he is doing now.

Question Sergey, Moscow Kamui, very glad for your return to Formula 1. As your fan I want to ask why are you collecting funds only from Japanese fans I and many of your fans worldwide with pleasure would help you to get back to the paddock.

Kamui Kobayashi It is very pleasant to hear such words. Truth is very nice. Thank you. But it would be much harder to organize. This is why we asked only Japanese fans. May be, we still need your help.

Question Ivan, Chelyabinsk Why don't you translate your tweets into English

Kamui Kobayashi Again I translate I always translate my tweets. Perhaps not always in the same order first, I write in English and then in Japanese or do the opposite. I put them almost simultaneously, and then pouring a lot of comments "Kamui, please translate what you wrote in English." I don't understand it In Japan I always say, "Kamui, translate what you write in Japanese". Nightmare

Question Basil, St. Petersburg Sushi or pasta

Kamui Kobayashi Sushi. No, pasta. In General I prefer Japanese cuisine. But in this case you would choose paste.

Question Eugene, Sergiev Posad the worst accident in your career.

Kamui Kobayashi I have nothing to answer. I never received injuries. So you can't single out any one accident.

Question Peter, St. Petersburg Which of your victories you think is the best

Kamui Kobayashi Victories No, I don't remember. It was so long ago that I win forgot.

Question Sergey, Moscow how Much do you drink after his first podium

Kamui Kobayashi laughs No. Why do you think that I had to drink

Question Ivan, Verbilki How you will celebrate its first victory in Formula 1

Kamui Kobayashi I immediately fly out of the country, where will this victory. Going on a plane and go to a desert island One. With the Cup and a bottle of good champagne. I will lie on the beach for two days, and then I will go to work again.

text Oleg Karpov


2014-05-23 18:44:02

Vitaly Petrov I want a different sound in Formula 1

Vitaly Petrov I want a different sound in Formula 1

Vitaly Petrov came on the weekend of the Formula 1 in Monaco. On Tuesday he participated in a charity football match in the team of pilots, and today spoke with former colleagues on Lotus and answered questions in motorhome Mercedes.

Question Vitaly, this year you first come to a stage of the Formula 1

Vitaly Petrov we Can say that Yes - for the first time in a year and a half.

Question Watch the fight

Vitaly Petrov Of Course. Follow all races, training results. Read the news and interviews, watch the races.

Question Who made the biggest impression

Vitaly Petrov one machine is faster, that and impressive. Now it is Mercedes, Hamilton. I always knew that he is quite fast, and now with interest for his fight with Rosberg.

Know that Vettel still unable to find the approach to the brakes, that for me it would be a problem. Riccardo quite justified all hopes of those who made a bet on it.

Question In the struggle of Hamilton with Rosberg you on whose side

Vitaly Petrov Hamilton. Not that I'm for it to hurt, I just think its really unique pilot. I have known and seen it. In recent years McLaren he was not as competitive machines, however, he always got the maximum out of it.

Question What impression debut quata

Vitaly Petrov Good. He's infallible, in the first race earned points. Another thing is that during the season to achieve this it will be harder - everything adapt, solve their problems, damage will be less, and eventually Toro Rosso move back, to the boundary of the feature dozens.

The main thing - he is ahead of his team-mate is going very stable - this is very important. He has a whole season to learn. The new machine, unknown trails, this weekend he first appears here in Monaco.82328232

On the football we were discussing this route. I was advised to raise the car and go as many circles. It is important that it is not "Circulo" for braking, otherwise you can lose a lot of time.


Question How do you like the sound of new machines

Vitaly Petrov 's Terrifying.

Question do you Not like

Vitaly Petrov No, absolutely.

Q This season compared with many legendary 1988, then motors too was not so loud.

Vitaly Petrov I don't know. Yes no cars go well, quickly, but when I came in Formula 1, I sound just shook -160I literally fell in love with it. And what I hear now is not that. I want a different sound.

Everyone on this occasion his opinion. It would be great to get behind the wheel, trying out a new car, to understand how it behaves, to feel the difference. Perhaps on the track she behaves even better though with a turbocharged engine is unlikely.

Question the thrill debut in the DTM coincided with your expectations

Vitaly Petrov Racing weekend in the DTM like weekends GP2 and other series, this difference is not much, but the approach to the management of the machine is very different from those series, where I made before. Need some time to configure everything properly, to adapt to this machine.

Question Mercedes dissatisfied with the beginning of the season - now we are working on in order to achieve more

Vitaly Petrov Yes. Seriously reconsidered the approach to the race week-end, to work, because the results that we saw in qualifying and the first two races no one is satisfied. In the second race can say that we were lucky, but for pure speed in qualifying we lose too much for such series, as the DTM.

Question some periods, when the Mercedes expect to add, were announced

Vitaly Petrov Concrete terms it is impossible to be all work, make every effort, but when and how it will affect the results difficult to say.

Question this year you will play in Moscow Raceway as a racer - before you came to Moscow circuit as a guest. What do you feel home race

Vitaly Petrov a Bit nervous, after all, come my fans will gather a lot of viewers, and I was not in the home race in 2005. It is difficult to talk about expectations, but I'll be glad to see their fans before they are always prepared many flags and banners, I hope there will be more.

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2014-05-22 20:04:02

June 15 Kazan City Racing

June 15 Kazan City Racing

on 15 June in Kazan for the first time will be a great show Kazan City Racing involving Formula 1 team and participants of other series. One day Millennium square will turn into a makeshift track where the riders will demonstrate their skills.

The main event of the Kazan City Racing will become a demonstration race of the Formula 1 team, the name of which the organizers are still a secret.82328232the show will take part and the first Russian Formula 1 driver Vitaly Petrov, this year the speaker in the body DTM championship. Will support the atmosphere drive and extreme performance drift teams of stantrayderov and famous Russian motopremiere Alexey Kolesnikov in Addition, viewers will see the races of the team "KAMAZ-master" and the breathtaking stunts British stuntman and champion Terry Grant.82328232Sports car Nissan GT-R will perform the role of the safety car in a high-speed laps on the track in the centre of Kazan.

Kazan City Racing is not only a spectacular demonstration races sports cars and racing cars, but also the chance to spend a day with the whole family. The event will be organized recreational activities, access to which, as on the main show will be free. So, the day of the show, its doors will open school "Safe wheel", where young motorists will be able to take the practical driving skills and to master the rules of safe behavior on the road.

The event will be held under the support of the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan and Mayor's office of Kazan.

The beginning of Kazan City Racing - 12.00, the main race on the route will begin at 14.00.

Official website of the show


2014-05-21 11:34:02

In Monaco there was held a traditional football match

In Monaco there was held a traditional football match

On the eve of the Grand Prix of Monaco at the Louis II stadium hosted the traditional charity football match with the participation of the team of racers "Nazionale Piloti" and command of Prince albert II "Star Team For Children".

For the team of pilots played Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, Sergio Perez and Giancarlo Fisichella, Daniel Quat and Vitaly Petrov. The number of replacements is not limited to, t-shirts Nazionale Piloti Tuesday wore 28 athletes.

The main star of "Star Team For Children" was Prince albert, who had about ten minutes at the beginning of the first half, and of the sportsmen - world number two tennis player Novak Djokovic. This team opened the score, then Daniel Quat equalized the score, throwing the ball over the goalkeeper, but in the end racers still lost with the score 32.

During the match on the Board along the perimeter of the field were displayed messages of support to the victims of floods in Serbia and Bosnia, and in the address of Michael Schumacher "Michael, we miss you. Hope to see you on that pitch next year".

The funds raised will be donated to the charity Fund "Fondation Princesse Charl232ne de Monaco", which supports talented young athletes who do not have financial opportunities for training.

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2014-05-18 17:14:03

DTM Rain race was won by Vitores, Petrov - 17th

DTM Rain race was won by Vitores, Petrov - 17th

The second stage of the season body DTM championship was held at the German highway in Marienburg, the distinctive characteristics of which are relatively short range, lots of turns and narrow asphalt road.

By the start of it was drizzling rain, but most of the pilots went on slicks, including Vitaly Petrov, who started the race with the 22nd position. On Saturday he showed 23rd result, but after the disqualification of the winner of the pole, Miguel Molina, moved up one position.

Already in the first circles, the rain intensified, riders went into the pits for rain rubber, and the situation on the track changed with kaleidoscopic rapidity. On the slippery asphalt machine kept not the best, but the struggle around the peloton was very sharp, which led to numerous contacts. Already in the first phase of the race on the route traveled twice car security, to be able to safely evacuate taken off the machine, and after the second restart became the top-Adrian Tamba, the Audi driver.

Vitaly Petrov was leading the race gently, trying not to make mistakes, but used the misses the opponents and to the 19-th circle was mixed on 17 th place. However, he, too, no luck machine Daniel Juncadella, his partner for Mercedes, suddenly veered across the road, Vitaly was unable to avoid contact, then his car was slightly damaged. Juncadella soon came down, but the Russian pilot was able to continue the fight and ran circles with almost the same speed.

To 24-circle Vitaly was riding on the 14th, and, once the best racers Mercedes, somebody came from the distance, someone went in the boxes for fresh rain rubber. At the same time in the race's leaders came Jamie green, representative of Audi, gradually by growing speed.

After departure Pascal Verlaine on the road again, for the third time, he went safety car - by this time Petrov climbed to the 12th position. After restart green immediately went away, and Vitaly had 11-m But mandatory pit stops continued, while Petrov rubber while I was allowed to stay on the track, so at some point he was 9 However, he also had to go to the pit stop, then Russian racer went to the 18-th position.

On a wet road speeds were not too high, in addition, the race has been suspended several times, so the number of circles was reduced from 51 to 44 to fit in the allotted time limit in 1 hour and 15 minutes. To the final stage of the race leaders suddenly came pilot Mercedes Christian Vitores started to rain tyres and competently built tactics is not in vain in the Stuttgart team hoped for rain. To the finish with him desperately fought racer Audi Mike Rockenfeller, but ahead of Vitoria he failed. Paul di Resta finished 4th, securing the success of the Mercedes. Here it is appropriate to remind that at the first stage of the season racers Mercedes failed to score any points.

Vitaly Petrov eventually took 17 th place, which, of course, very important because while the main thing for him is to gain experience, and each lap around the track in combat worth it.

The third stage of the DTM season will take place in two weeks at the Hungaroring, on the road which Petrov perfectly knows what's going to help him to act more confidently.


2014-05-17 19:44:03

DTM Petrov showed the 23rd time in Marienburg

DTM Petrov showed the 23rd time in Marienburg

Qualification on the eve of the second stage of body DTM championship was successful for Vitaly Petrov fail the complex piste in Marienburg he coped worse opponents, showing the 23rd result, and on Sunday he will start with the last item. In addition, during the qualification Vitaly made a mistake, and at some point lost control of the car.

The pole went to Miguel Moline, to the team of Audi Sport Team Abt, and the fastest racers Mercedes, colleagues Petrova, was Pascal Verlain he starts the 10-m But most of them, despite the experience of playing in this championship, which is not Vitali, took place from the 17th to 23rd, in particular, Paul di Resta, DTM champion of 2010, showed the 21st time. Now Mercedes hope that on Sunday may rain, that you may be able to compete with rivals exposed to Audi and BMW.

Head of Mercedes Motorsport extremely dissatisfied by such results.

"We absolutely do not like, " said Wolff Motorsport-Total. But one day the situation cannot be changed. We are lagging behind the pace of modernization of the machine, so to improve, but it will happen in the best case in a few weeks. No one is going to give up, on the contrary, all positive attitude".


2014-05-04 21:54:05

Vitaly Petrov I was able to impose struggle companions

Vitaly Petrov I was able to impose struggle companions

Vitaly Petrov held a debut weekend in DTM and remained, in General, satisfied with his work, which cannot be said about the results of the Mercedes team as a whole. In an exclusive interview Russian driver, who took in Hockenheim 17 th place, spoke about the first experience of playing in the popular touring championship.

Question unfortunately, during TV broadcasting of little has shown that occurred in the second half of the peloton, but, judging by the results, you fought, as much as possible.

Vitaly Petrov In principle, this weekend I am happy. In the race I was afraid that I was going to lag behind your rivals as from riders Mercedes and other teams. Initially, the main thing for me was to finish - I always put such a task, when you come in the new League. The first race is always necessary to bring to the finish, to learn, to watch the behavior of a machine, and how changes its balance during the race.

I will say that I have learned a lot positive, and now I will use this experience in the following races. Before that I do not fully understand the behavior of a machine, will I be able to keep the same battle pace as the other pilots. But I always kept at the level of the other racers Mercedes, was able to catch up, attack, and in one circle overtook two cars at once - there was Audi and some of the companions.

Question that is the task that you set ourselves, has been fully implemented

Vitaly Petrov Not that I set before myself the one particular task it was important to see that this racing weekend in the DTM. You can spend a hundred, at least two hundred tests, but the practice race weekend is still a bit different. And grip, and many other things you feel a little differently. It is a race I pretty much gave more than tests. So I can only talk about the positives.

And the key of them is that I have no trouble holding onto companions, and when I saw that I was absolutely in the same pace, I started to develop it started smoother to fly, later to slow down, to look for a better grip, and play for a while.

Question It was difficult, I had to give everything completely, or was relatively quiet

Vitaly Petrov to be honest, especially hard it was just the excitement, because I didn't know how to behave in a machine that will change after the start. In the first laps I was used to, and then tried to thoroughly understand the machine control, tried to feel it, to increase the tempo in one turn, in another later to slow down, to try different trajectory. And I have it all worked out, and then I was able to impose interesting fight his own companions and other rivals.

Question the Team has already conducted a situation analysis You already know the opinion of its leaders

Vitaly Petrov they said that They were pleased with me, praised that I held in the same pace as companions, and even went faster. But "debriefing" was yesterday, because already on the qualification was clear that almost all Mercedes took the last rows of the starting field. Of course, bosses team is not satisfied, held a productive conversation, and we promised that the next stage we will be able to improve. We will try to do it.

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2014-05-04 17:34:04

DTM Petrov took 17 th place debut race

DTM Petrov took 17 th place debut race

Vitaly Petrov well spent debut race in the body DTM championship, finishing in 17th place. According to the qualification results it started with the 22nd position, but was practically faultless driving distance, fought with rivals and by appropriate tactics ahead two more experienced riders, acting on cars Mercedes - Daniel Juncadella and Robert Wickens.

In General Mercedes in Hockenheim clearly not enough speed, so for a place in the top ten fought racers Audi and BMW, and victory in the first stage of the new season got Marco Witmann favor of a BMW Team RMG.

Former pilots of Formula 1 can also be noted Timo Glock, who spent bright race and finished fifth.


2014-05-03 20:14:03

DTM Petrov was the last in the qualification

DTM Petrov was the last in the qualification

Debut qualification in DTM ended Vitaly Petrov failed he took the last, 23-th line Saturday Protocol.

We cannot say that it was because of a lack of experience, after all, not the best performance of all the racers Mercedes. Faster than other colleagues around Hockenheim drove Gary Paffett, DTM champion 2005, but was only 15 the Majority of pilots, speaking on machines Stuttgart concern, showed results from the 19th Paul di Resta on the 23rd and not passed to the second qualifying session. Apparently, Mercedes collided with a clear deficit speed, and rivals from Audi and BMW prepared for the start of the season more efficiently.

By the way, not all newcomers championship were weak with a 3-d position in the race will start pilot BMW Antonio Felix da Costa, last year took 3-th place in World series by Renault.

Pole won Adrian Tamba, driver of Audi team Abt.


2014-05-01 13:54:02

The new site Vitaliy Petrov

The new site Vitaliy Petrov

Today at 12.00 started a new official website of Vitaly Petrov. Simple and convenient interface will allow fans to follow the news about the pilot, additional content is downloaded from the publications in the media and social accounts Vitaly.

"I am always very glad to chat with fans, the new website will help us to be even closer. Come and share your impressions" - Vitaly calls.

In honor debut Vitaly Petrov in the famous series of body DTM races the team Mercedes AMG on the website will be published useful and interesting information about the championship, sporting regulations, the elements of the race, the team and the backstage stage.

All 10 steps DTM 2014 will be presented in the form of interactive maps with fresh news and information directly from the highway in broadcast mode.

The portal unites functions of the press-site and resource for the fans, where first of all the official news media, and informal communication is possible to continue in social networks and on the forum.


2014-04-27 18:44:03

Nico Rosberg will test the car W196

The pilot of the Mercedes of Nico Rosberg, together with the pilot Force India Nico Hulkenberg will be guests of honour at the opening of the season of the championship of the DTM. And as entertainment, Rosberg will pass before the stands along the Hockenheim on historical car Mercedes W196, which is far in the 1950s played himself Juan Manuel Panchiao pure racing parts of opening, the pilots of Formula-1 will have a meeting with fans, during which will be signing autographs and taking pictures with all Galushkina that this year in the DTM debut Vitaly Petrov.